Pocky and Puella

Liese meets Sachiko, and the younger girl tells her some creepy stories that are too weird to be made-up.

Date: 2016-05-05
Pose Count: 17
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 04:25:33 40483
School is out for the day, but not everyone's gone home. Most students have clubs after school, or at least something to do. One little girl, however--a second grader--is all by herself, seated on the ground beneath a tree in the yard, in the typical full white Seishou elementary uniform.

That little girl looks a little sad, staring off in the distance towards nothing at all. She reaches up to start playing with a small, braided necklace around her neck. It's red and blue and green: beautiful colours, but there's something ... off about it. Is it made of rope? Hair? Certainly not metal. Maybe it's some kind of coarse string.

Whatever the case, the little girl seems to be waiting. Periodically she looks towards the school building, but then wrinkles her nose and goes back to drawing with her finger in the dirt. Boredom and sadness are an unusual combination for a 2nd-grader. Why isn't she playing on the swings or the monkey bars while she waits for whoever?
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 04:36:49 40487
    And some students pretend to have clubs after school. Liese is nominally in the art club, but though her name is on the register, no one in it can put a face to the name.No, she's far too busy being a defender of justice! Or so she thinks. It's mostly just her running around and getting to things too late. But it's the thought that counts. One day, she'll be really needed!

    Today's not that day, though, and after doing a little bit of homework in an empty, peaceful classroom, Liese gathered her books and headed out toward the school gate. One earphone's in her ear, and the other dangles loosely as she walks. She's humming something, but she's awfully tone-deaf, and whatever it is sounds like a poorly-tuned cacaphony of brass instruments. As she walks, her mind's pulled from daydreams of heroism by movement in the shadows of a tree. She stops, tilts her head, and thinks for a moment. She doesn't have many friends, Liese. She's too busy, and what if something happened to her? How would she explain it? But... Kindness isn't necessarily frienship, and the girl looks so lonely.

    So Liese approaches, plucking the earphone from her ear and pausing her music. Chopin's probably not to everyone's taste. "Um, excuse me?" Liese's voice is soft, friendly and warm, if a little hesitant. "Are you alright?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 04:49:11 40490
The little girl blinks when the older girl in the middle-school uniform addresses her. She looks up to her, then blinks again. Carefully, she tucks the braided cord around her neck--definitely looks like hair, and why is it shaped like a noose!?--back into the top of her dress. "Umm," she says quietly, then shrugs slowly. "I'm okay," she says quietly. "I was just wishing Momo-chan's class would go faster, or that An-chi could come to school with me again. I dunno why she has to stay hidden when I go to school, now. She used to go to her own school. But she's been acting really weird since I brought her back from being dead. I guess maybe it's normal."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 05:00:23 40494
Liese frowned a little. What an odd charm! Still, she can feel the large, diamond-shaped amethyst brushing against her chest. There are plenty of weird charms around. "Ah, um..." Liese gives the younger girl an apologetic smile. She didn't know any of those names! One of the problems of having no friends, perhaps. They must be her friends. It takes a lot of effort to bring someone back from the de-wait. Liese blinks and lowers herself down, squatting and resting her backside on her heels. "Er..." How to start this conversation...? "I'm, um, Liese. I know you said you're okay, but... Well, you seem kind of..." Not weird. Liese can handle weird. "I don't really know if it's normal... I've never brought anyone back from the dead," she said, trying to sound serious as she played into the girl's game. "But, er..." Liese opens her bag and rummags around, pulling out a box of strawberry Pocky. It's already open, and she holds it out to the girl. There are a few sticks left! "I think everything is at least a little bit better with sugar."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 05:10:28 40498
The little girl opens her mouth in surprise when the older kneels down and offers pocky. "Th--thank you," she says, reaching up to take a stick from the box. "Strawberry's my favourite," she says, then chomps on the end of the stick, biting off a little bit of yogurty delicious.

"I'm Sachiko Hayakawa," she introduces herself, then frowns. "No, I guess ... Sachiko Kimura, now," she says, then sighs and rubs her forehead.

"Ugh, grownups are stupid and mean," Sachiko says unhappily as she nibbles on the pocky. "Are you a magical girl, Liese-senpai? An-chi was a magical girl before she died, but now the one who taught me how to bring her back said I'd have to be one instead, since she can't be one anymore."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 05:19:56 40502
Liese blinks again, blank surprise on her face. Was she ever this direct as a child? "Um..." What should she say? Isn't it supposed to be secret? Is it? No one told her! "Well, yes, I am," she says uncomfortably, taking a Pocky for herself and nibbling on it. "I... Don't think you have to be one." She cringes a little as she says the words, knowing it's not really her place to comment. But she can't help herself! "It's... It isn't something you should feel forced to do." Placing her books down, Liese reaches into her top and pulls out her soul gem, that big, diamond-shaped amethyst. "It's a lot... A lot of work, and responsibility, and..." Running around and arriving too late. "Umm... I guess it's something that I think you should decide for yourself, Sachiko-san."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 05:22:23 40503
Sachiko blinks at the soul gem, then widens her eyes. "Oh, you're a Pully-majee thingie-madooble," she says, looking up to Liese. Massive green orbs stare at the girl worriedly. "That's what An-chi was! She made a wish with the Kyubey, and then she became a Pully-majee. Sayaka-chan says Pully-majees have it really rough cause you have to work really hard to not die or turn into a monster or something."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 05:37:57 40507
"Oh, um, yes. Yes, I suppose we do," Liese says softly. She's never really thought of it like that, but it's certainly one way to look at the situation. "But it's okay! I get to help people. And, you know... It isn't all bad... Um, I have this," she shrugs as she wiggles the gemstone. "It's pretty." Lots of perks! "Um, this Anchi-san... Is she...?" Liese has to look away from Sachiko. Those emerald irises are intense! ...And Liese isn't entirely sure what to make of the whole zombie situation. "Is she alright? I mean... Coming back from the dead... It sounds difficult!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 05:43:59 40509
Sachiko stares at Liese confusedly. "W--well I guess?" she says uncertainly. "She still cuddles me at night, but she doesn't help me get dressed or make my lunches anymore. At least Kimura-san's nanny does that for me. But she also asks me to do lots of stuff she didn't, before, and some of it I'm not so sure about ..."

The little girl trails off, then shakes her head and looks up at Liese again. "Anyways, An-chi didn't do anything difficult to come back. SHe just waited, and then I was maybe going to make a wish with the Kyubey to bring her back, because he said I could, but then Momo-chan, and Kukai-san said I shouldn't, and Sayaka-chan said I should be really carful, and then a nice man came and said I didn't have to do that he'd just teach me how to bring her back, but only if I promised to do everything she says."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 05:53:28 40510
Liese nods slowly, trying to put together the maze of relationships. It all sounded really off. Liese nibbles at her lip, looking off toward the school gate before settling down on her butt and getting a little more comfortable. "Sachiko-san," she says gently, "I think... Um, have you told Kukai-san and Sayaka-san about this?" It seems the wisest question to ask, and she offers some more Pocky to the younger girl. It was all so eerie! All so spooky! To lighten the mood, she asks, "Do you get dessert, too?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 05:57:26 40511
"Wulllllll," Sachiko mumbles, "Kukai-san kinda lied to me about what happned to An-chi, and also he wouldn't understand. He thinks An-chi is his guardian angel, but ... An-chi says she doesn't even know who he is. I dunno if maybe he made that up, or if she forgot, or what. So I don't think he wants to know."

Then she frowns a little and admits, "I haven't told Sayaka-chan, because I think she only cares about me because the Kyubey was asking me questions."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 06:03:47 40515
Liese miles gently and shakes the box of Pocky. Avoid anxiety with sugar. It's one of the keys to being a Puella Magi. "You must really love Anchi-san... Um, I'm glad she came back... You said a man helped you?" There's a note of curious hope in the older girl's voice. If he could bring back one person from the dead, could he bring back another? Would her sister be the same? "Do you know his name, Sachiko-san? Does he go to our school?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 06:11:25 40516
"Well, she's my onee-chan," Sachiko says in a very, very quiet voice. "And since papa killed mama, she's the only family I got. Kimura-sama wants me to call him dad, but I just ... don't think dad's a good thing to call someone. So ... so I just call him Kimura-sama. An-chi doesn't like him, though." She sighs, sadly.

"Anyways, the man who helped me ... I dunno his name. He's old, though, so he doesn't go to school. I think he's maybe not as old as Kimura-sama, but he's still old. Like an adult, maybe."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 06:17:06 40519
Liese bites into her lower lip, a sharp inhale making her nostrils flare. Her purple eyes fill with tender compassion and worry. She jerks forward before jerking herself backward. It's not always appropriate to hug people you've just met, Liese. "Sachiko-san..." She's not sure what to say. She should be doing homework. "Um, can I bring you lunch sometime? I'll bring it to your homeroom. I'm a pretty good cook, I promise! It'll be yummy!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 06:20:02 40521
"Greta-chan promised she'd do that," because this confusing relationship web needed more names for Liese to not really know. "But she lied even more than Kukai-san, and also I haven't seen her in a long time. Maybe she doesn't care about me anymore," Sachiko whines at that news, then sighs. "You don't have to make me lunches, Liese-senpai. Kimura-sama's nanny does that. I just miss An-chi's lunches. They were special."
Liese Kanaki 2016-05-05 06:25:28 40522
Liese pulls out another stick of Pocky and hands it to Sachiko as she stands up. "I promise I'll make you something special, then," she says with a small, warm and worried smile. "I, um... Really should do this homework or I'll get in trouble, but..." She grabs at a little bell charm on her bag and slips it off... With a bit of trouble. "Here! You can have this! My big sister gave it to me. It has special powers!" She shakes it, making it ring quietly. It sounds kind of pathetic. "When you do this, it makes you a little bit happier!" It wasn't entirely a lie, at least.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-05-05 06:28:33 40523
Sachiko takes the pocky and nibbles on it, then pouts as Liese starts to get up. "Okay, Liese-senpai," she says quietly. She sounds a bit like she's not sure she'll ever see Liese again. But then, all big kids are liars, so this isn't really new to Sachiko. When Liese offers the bell, though, Sachiko's eyes widen again. "B--bell?" she mumbles, then reaches up with both hands to take the bell from Liese. She peers at it curiously, then rings it, and giggles. It's such a pathetic little noise, but it does seem to make Sachiko happier to hear it. "Bye, Liese-senpai. It was nice to meet you!"