Ice cream and philosophy

A chance meeting at an ice cream parlour quickly turns into a philosophical discussion about what is good and evil.

Date: 2016-05-13
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Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 02:40:43 41326
    What better way to spend a hot and sunny afternoon, than by cooling off in an ice cream parlour? Actually it's the same parlour where a number of significant events had happened for Sayaka, and as she steps into the familiar and homely parlour once again, she cant help but wonder who she might run into this time..

    She heads for the line which is rapidly growing by now, mouth watering as she peers over the numerous flavors, pondering which to choose..
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 02:51:38 41329
    The afternoon finds Mikoto on her way back from the Infinity campus to her Lair, intending to get in a few hours of real work there. With the parts Chloe brought back from WPS, she's finally able to run some experiments she's been waiting on for months.

    On the way there, however, she spots the ice-cream parlor. And it is kind of hot out. Besides, she can get some to bring back for Hikari. The cat-familiar would love that.

    Her decision made, she heads on it, smiling as the coolth of the shop's air conditioning washes over her. And look! A familiar face!

    "Sayaka-chan! Fancy meeting you here. Feeling the need for a treat?"
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 02:56:30 41330
    Thankfully, Chloe happened to find her way to the ice cream parlor too. The look of universal relief is there when CHloe walks in, since the day has been scorching. "Uuuuuugh. Can I rest my face on your cooler please?" She says as she....does so anyways. It's obvious she really can't handle the head, just by the red on her face. "I forgot the sunscreen." She groans and orders a vanilla ice cream with some chocolate sprinkles, gummi bears and......and is probably the only person in the world that asks for magic shell topping. Strange girl.

She turns and waves to Mikoto once she spots her. "Hey Miko-chan. Always uncomfortable saying that, always feel I'm getting it wrong....."
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 03:01:57 41332
    "Just a few more..!" she murmurs, eyeing the icecream..And the lineup! Looks like a bunch of other people had the same idea! While she waits, she hears a familiar voice or two, and smiles cheerfully, waving Mikoto over. "Hey, Miko-chan! How's it going? Been a while. Guess a lot of people had the same idea as me, huh.."

    And then she spies the girl who accompanied the crazy Jack guy who nearly got himself killed. Her smile freezes, peering at her curiously, then back at Mikoto. "Oh..You guys are friends? Mind explaining all that mayhem the other day? I'm surprised you didnt land in the hospital like your friend.."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 03:03:49 41333
    "Well," Mikoto says, flashing Chloe a smile. "I am Miko, but I'm not a Miko. There's an important difference there." (If you want a miko, try Rei, or Hokuto.)

    She pads along the line, considering the flavors, eyeing the cookie dough. "It's a pretty good idea, yes," and then her eye is caught by the peanut-butter-cup...

    "I was kind of surprised to see her there myself, yes. Chloe, meet Sayaka Miko, Puella Magi extraordinaire. Sayaka, this is Chloe Stingray, now one of my several partners in not-exactly-crime."
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 03:15:13 41336
    "Don't.....even get me started on that." Chloe says as she rubs her cheek. "I'm a bit embarassed about that myself. I thought Sky Jack was just getting information.....until he kicked that blasted soccerball into the building. The way it sounded, he was trying to stop some evil and locate heart eggs. Then..boom."

She rolls her eyes and gets her ice cream, complete with candied top. Oh happy day! But her attention was on Sayaka and Miko. "I launched a few blasts too, but I made sure people weren't there, and no support columns. When that.......attacked. I just decided to, instead of attacking anymore....look things over myself."

She looks over to Mikoto, as she says Chloe's a partner of sorts....but well....So far Mikoto's been far.
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 03:23:08 41340
    "Heh, there's tons of flavors! I dunno where to even begin!" And when it's her turn, she takes a while to decide, eventually going for the blueberry mint chip swirl. "Ahh, I cant believe how hot it is outside, but this is the best weather for ice cream!"

    She grins as she hands over the cash, eagerly licking the frozen cone before it can melt. "How about we grab a seat and discuss it?" Sayaka peers around, arching a brow at the 'not-exactly-crime' title.

    "Oh? So, are you planning on joining WPS too then, or what? Cuz I thought after that little light show, you might have considered us enemies.."

    She relaxes visibly when Chloe explains herself, nodding and smiling. "Wow, and here I thought Virtue were the good guys. If they're all like that, then I'm having second thoughts about joining." Finally, she finds a table and nods to the others to join her. "Hey, here's a table. Let's enjoy our icecream, before getting too worked up.." And with that, Sayaka slides into the booth, waiting for the others to join her.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 03:26:07 41342
    Mikoto finally decides on a butterscotch sundae, laden with whipped cream, crushed walnuts, and a cherry. "That it is, Saya-chan, that it is."

    She slides some cash over to the fellow at the counter, enough to cover Chloe's as well, and takes her sundae to head over to the table Sayaka has chosen. "Possibly, possibly. I'm sort of thinking of my own division, as it were. Separate from the big corporate stuff, just a small team of researchers and troubleshooters."

    She scowls a bit at the mention of Virtue. "Put it this way: They ditched Haruna. For falling in love. They can all go fart in null-space, for all I care." She settles in and takes a bite of ice cream, finally relaxing.
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 03:34:05 41345
    "I would have....if you were the one stealing the Heart eggs." Wow, Chloe's a blunt as ever. "Turns out this 'Miss White' thing did, and turned them over to another company without letting anyone else know. Haruna was Mortified as well as Mikoto here....and that's the reason why Sky jack attacked. he didn't believe Miss White. Can't say I blame him either, but that's why I investigated myself. Some of the researcher were hurt when the Soccerball went through the building, but I made sure the paramedics were notified."

Chloe then sits down and nods to Mikoto. "Haruna was there, actually, and, well....I heard Virtue was about feelings and doing things right, but.......when I heard Haruna was kicked out for 'loving the wrong person'......That just......Ugh. Love doesn't exactly have a barrier. The heart wants what the heart wants." She says before scooping a bit of ice cream up.

"That's the main reason I'm hoping to help Mikoto here. Do what's right....period, regardless of 'factions'. I mean...what Virtue did to Haruna? It just makes them sound like 'They're not part of we don' like 'em.'" She says it in a voice sounding like Marlon brandeau from the Godfather.
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 03:55:14 41352
    Sayaka nods and sighs, "Y'know, I never imagined the superhero business would be so complicated..I mean, I wanted to believe that WPS really was good, inspite of the rumours I had heard. And I really wanted to join Virtue, because they're supposed to be the ultimate heroes. But now, I've seen a darker side of WPS, and a worse side of Virtue. Even so, I've seen good in Miss White, at least enough to want to believe she can be a better person..."

    She does frown when they explain what Virtue did to Haruna. "Wait, wait..Are you saying virtue believes it's forbidden for magical girls to fall in love? The heck is that about?"

    Ugh, what a headache, "So yeah, now I'm pretty confused, because it always seemed so black and white, what's good and what's bad. Maybe it's less than just beating up the 'bad guys', and more about helping people..But more than that, I cant imagine Virtue would condone someone harming innocents, even if he doesn't believe what WPS said. That brat could have just walked in and looked for himself instead of putting people in jeopardy."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 03:57:15 41353
    "I don't know about forbidden, but apparently they were more upset about who she chose. Which is understandable, I suppose, if White-san really is playing the grey side. It's sort of what I want to do, but playing closer to the white than she is to the black."

    She takes a moment to eat some ice cream while Sayaka continues. "WPS was always supposed to be about helping Puella and the other fighters... hell, if Kook had asked, rather than just barging in, I'd've checked myself and handed the eggs right back to him."
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 04:04:34 41356
    "That's what I'm getting at, Sayaka. Just helping people because the bad guys aren't always so clear. Also, beadting up bad guys might make you look like a bad guy. Case in point....what Sky Jack did. From what I've seen, he was a pretty good guy....up until that point. We'll probably end up the same way too."

Chloe then sighs. "Admittedly, I don't see what Haruna sees, I think......but, if haruna has faith in her, perhaps I shouldn't judge 'TOO' harshly."
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 04:12:46 41359
    "Ugh.." She rubs her temples. "Is there really a 'grey' side? There's just black and white, people just like to split hairs..And Virtue are just hypocrites apparently, if they can decide who people get to love or not. What a load of rubbish!"

    Sayaka smirks at Chloe, "I guess I've seen Miss White's bad side too..Afterall, she apparently..Tortured, someone important to me. But she then claimed she had changed, and that she was remorseful for her actions. Since then, she's done alot to protect people against witches and their labrynths. But then this.. I suppose all we can really do, is try to stop her bad habits and encourage the good ones. They way she spoke though, made it sound like she was backed into a corner, so I dunno.."

    Glancing at Mikoto, Sayaka nods, "Well, I'd love to join a real group that is truly virtuous, and doesn't just claim to be. If all of Virtue are like that crazy Jack guy, then I dont want any part of them. To tell the truth, even my partner is hardly spotless. But I think I've had a good influence on her, and she's changing for the better."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 04:18:38 41361
    Mikoto can hardly claim to be spotless, after the things she's done.

    "I'm not planning to claim to be more virtuous, or anything like that, than anyone else. I'm just going to try to do what I see as the Right Thing. And if that means letting someone get hurt so that I can stop something bigger later... well, then, someone gets hurt. We do what we can to stop it, but if we can't, I'm not going to wallow in it."

    She gestures with the long spoon that accompanied her sundae. "The world is never black and white, Sayaka-chan. It's all grey. Beryl thought she was fighting for her love of Endymion and the freedom of Earth from the Moon Kingdom, at first. She wanted what she saw as good."

    She finally stops waggling the spoon and takes another bite of ice cream, giving people a chance to respond. "That's the thing. All these things we fight? There are no monsters. Just people. Some of them are thoroughly bad people, sure, and we step on those when we find them. Some are just jerks. And there's nothing about a white hat that says you aren't a jerk."
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 04:24:30 41363
    "Heh. I can claim that some are jerks. Even more so if they're family relations." Chloe says those last two words in a growl, and she jams a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth, which seems to calm her down. "Mmmf. I'm not a saint either. I mean, I did put a few bolts into the building myself....among other things." She then looks to Mikoto. "Depends upon the people too. I'm still one to protect my friends after all....or those proven to be my friends." She then gestures with her hand. "If you noticed, after Sky Jack put those soccer ball sinto the building.....I didn't help him?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 04:25:44 41364
    Sayaka sighs, "Oh, I dunno. Not all decisions are that difficult, and I think every life matters." She frowns, "If you're sacrificing someone 'smaller' for something you consider more important, is that really right? I think every life counts, and you shouldn't be only concerned with the bigger picture. Isn't that exactly what that Jack kid did, deciding it's okay to hurt the so-called 'villains', just to save a hundred stolen X-eggs? Two wrongs dont make a right.."

    Although the story of Queen Beryl and her true motives does give her pause. "Really...? Is that what her fight was all about? Heh, seems to me like it got pretty darned twisted somewhere along the way. And that's sad...Really sad. But, as long as my vision is clear to me, I wont lose my way!" Sayaka grins as she says that, taking another bit of her ice cream.

    "I suppose some of the bad things we fight really are people, but some of those people can be monsters too. And some of them really ARE monsters, like the Witches we Puella are destined to fight...Although, it seems they are starting to dwindle in number, lately.."

    Sayaka nods to Chloe, and smiles, "Well, it's good to see you have a conscience at least. I cant stand people who think little about their actions, and are just blindly self-righteous about what they do, even their mistakes!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 04:37:46 41367
    Mikoto has no clue what Beryl's original motives are. But it's a decent extrapolation from what she did, and it makes a good story, which is more important here.

    "I'm not saying that the little people aren't important, Saya. I'm saying that sometimes we have to make the hard call. If I can save them, and it's still possible to get done what I need to to actually beat the bad guy? You bet your cute little butt I'm going to save them. Because they're what we're fighting for."

    She nods to Chloe. "I did notice that, yes. And I appreciate that you stopped." And the other things you did that day. Although she's not going to mention it in front of Sayaka.

    She spreads her hands wide. "My point is, there's good and bad in all of us. Every researcher and janitor and secretary who was in that building is someone's father, son, mother, daughter, sister, brother. They love and are loved. They matter just as much as the kids whose Heart Eggs got stolen."
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 04:48:52 41370
    "Speaking of...I know where they went too." Chloe sound confident in herself, and she's been eating Ice cream the whole time too. "Well....ARE they 'little' people? or are they the most important people of all? The ones who can't defend themselves." Chloe makes a good point there. "I mean, sure...we have magical powers....they don't. If we don't defend them, we're no better than the people attacking them."

She then points her spoon at Sayaka. "Miko-chan's right. There is good and bad in all of us. It's when you think you're so virtuous in everything that you do that you start to dictate what people do. The path to hell and all that. It's just as bad when you start thinking of people as chess pieces. Every life is sacred to me.....well...most lives. I won't get into that. But, I also think that....if you're asking for're gonna get it."
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 04:49:43 41371
    "Huh..." Sayaka isn't sure how to react to that just yet, and so she nibbles some more on her ice cream in silence. "I suppose, but...I just dont think I'd be able to make those sacrifices. I dont think I'd be able to make such a terrible decision. To me, every life counts, and I dont think it'd be worth defeating the bad guy or completing the mission if it means a single life has to be sacrificed.."

    As for bad and good being in everyone, Sayaka just chuckles and shakes her head. "Nah, I think everyone's predisposed to good or evil. Sure, a person might have a family, but that doesnt necessarily make them good if they choose to go out and kill other people regardless. Of course, it doesn't justify us killing them either, if they choose to surrender."

    She shrugs. "I think, a person chooses to be either good or evil. And, unless an evil person shows remorse, only then would I be willing to believe they're capable of good. Miss White for instance, who has shown the ability to be good. But I dunno her that well, and if she continues to freely choose evil over good, then I may just give up on her. Even so, I'd be a hypocrite if I didnt at least give her the chance to be good."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 04:56:44 41374
    Mikoto eats her ice cream while listening to Sayaka and Chloe debate it. Ironically she's not really taking either extreme, despite her companions arguing either point of view as if she had.

    "Chloe-chan, thank you. You're quite right, as I said, they are the ones we're fighting for. We have to remember that they're important individuals, especially when we have to make that call. If we don't, we're no better than the monsters Virtue would call Ms White and her friends."

    She lingers over another bite of ice cream. "Well, Sayaka-chan... I have to disagree, there. Almost nobody deliberately chooses evil. They choose to do evil things, generally because they have what seem to them to be good reasons. That's how Beryl got started, that's how Precia got started, and that's how the Waldians got started. Heck, that's how your blasted incubators got started, from what I hear. I don't know what their game really is, but they seem to think they're doing good."
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 05:02:33 41377
    "Some do, Mikoto and those are the ones you have to watch out for. because those are the ones that think they know it all." Chloe says before she puts another spoonful into her mouth. "It's also the influence on when they were growing up too. It can affect them negatively or positively, but it's still their a point." She then chuckles. "Differing view points, but that's hat balances people out, hmm?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-13 05:16:44 41380
    Sayaka hmms, "Well..I suppose that is true. They at least believe they're doing 'good'. But that doesn't mean they really ARE doing good. As long as lives are sacrificed, and people are getting hurt, that's what makes a person evil, regardless of what they think about themselves and their actions." She frowns, "And that is the job of the hero, to make sure that people are not hurt. That's the most important thing of all.."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 05:27:27 41383
Mikoto's spoon rattles against the glass, it seems she's finished her sundae while she was paying more attention to the discusion. Well, that happens. And that means it's time to order another!

    "True enough, Chloe-chan. And, to be honest, those who do it because they think they're doing good can often be more dangerous than the ones who do it for other reasons. Because they do have a reason to do it, to fight for it, to defend their actions."

    A new sundae is delivered, and Mikoto starts in on it while Sayaka speaks up. She's sort of enjoying the debate, although she's pretty well settled in her principles. She's unlikely to change her mind at this point.

    "And I don't say that they are doing good, Sayaka-chan. Just that they think they are. Tell me," she muses, drawing on one of her games for a bit of history. "Have you ever heard of the town of Coventry, in England? Back in the 1940's, during the War, the British had broken the German codes. They knew that Coventry was going to be attacked. They could have evacuated the people. Focussed fighter cover to beat off the attack. But doing so would have let the Germans know the code was broken. And they'd change the code, and it might well be impossible to break it again. So Winston Churchill gave the order... let Coventry die. Because saving it had a very high chance of costing them the entire war. Was that evil?"

    Maybe it was. In her heart, really, Mikoto does see it as evil. But war is evil in the first place, even when it needs to be fought. And she, herself, is a soldier in this war.
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 05:37:17 41385
    "That depends upon the point of view. Let a town die to possibly end the war, or save the town, announce that they know and possibly lose the war. It's a conundrum that I wouldn't want to make. But then I'm not very good at making those sort of decisions." Chloe opinion would definitely be devided on that one.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 05:42:05 41387
    "I don't like making them either. But sometimes..."

    Mikoto sighs, and jabs her spoon into the ice cream. Hard.

    "Sometimes they have to be made."

    Like defending Ikuto from the ones trying to stop him from stealing heart-eggs. Because she needs to get both Ikuto and Utau out from under Easter's thumb. And needs to be sure the corporation doesn't overreact before she's ready.

    "Some times there just is no easy, 'right' choice to make. So you have to do the best you can, with what you know. And that's why it's important to know as much as possible about what's going on, on both sides of the line."
Chloe Stingray 2016-05-13 05:45:05 41389
    CHloe finishes her Ice cream and smiles. "yeah. I agree with you. I may not like the decision, but it'd take me a little while to get over it." She then starts to stand. "I'd better make my way home, Miko-chan. I'll meet you another time, after my burn has healed. You know why." She says patting Mikoto on the shoulder....and makes her way out. "Thank you for the Ice Cream."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-05-13 05:47:21 41390
    Mikoto nods softly and reaches up to squeeze Chloe's hand, gently. "You're welcome. And I'll see you you-know-where this weekend?"

    She pushes away the rest of the second sundae, Sayaka can finish it, if she wants. She needs to get back to her work. There's too much to do, not enough time to do it in.

    She does, however, stop long enough to purchase several quart boxes of ice cream, from simple chocolate to butter crunch and strawberry swirl. Tucking them away in an insulated bag, she finally heads for the door.