Burying Hatchets In Ice Cream

Haruna invites Nephrite and Makoto over for Ice Cream, to bury a few linger thoughts Haruna has in her head about past events when she was 'Scorn' involving Nephrite.

Date: 2016-05-21
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Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-21 20:21:37 42046
The time was not lost on Haruna Kurosawa. In a few days, it'd been a year. A year since she met Corvus for the first time. She started attacking the city and she did a lot of stupid things. She still had a hatchet to bury with her sister, but that was going to be easy. Instead, there was something more harder she wanted to get out of the way.

Thusly, she's grabbed Corvus (for moral support), the former raven, now seagull, perched on her shoulder as she sits in an ice cream shop. She taps taps the table in a idle nervous rythm, bump bah bump bump bah!

Makoto got a text some point yesterday. It went something like this:

'Gull-chan: 'I'd like to talk to you... and Nephrite... soon. Tommrow? At the ice cream place in downtown. Frozen Beach!' then a pause, before she adds. 'kinda. Need to do this thing. Get it out of my head. You should know what about.' another pause before she adds, at the end when she wrote it. 'I'm not gonna be bopping him in the snootle, no worries!'

It should be obvious. Makoto was there, afterall, for some of that.

Corvus mutters in Haruna's ear. "Just relax." he urgers. "Yeah." says Haruna to herself.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-21 20:35:07 42047
"It's up to you," Makoto had said when she showed Nephrite Haruna's text. "But I think it might do you both some good to talk. Give you a chance to put some things behind you, you know?"

So, at the agreed time, here they are at the front entrance of the ice cream shop. Gull's text said both of them, but even if it hadn't, Makoto would have come along anyway. "It's a nice day for ice cream," she says cheerfully on her way inside - as though they were here for nothing more complicated than a date.

She just barely manages to stop herself from wondering aloud if this was the place that had the evil ice cream a while back. Wasn't that one of Kunzite's? No, definitely better not to ask.

It's not hard to spot Corvus where he's perched on Haruna's shoulder. Mako glances toward Nephrite, a look that's equal parts questioning and encouraging, before she starts over. "Haruna-chan, hi."
Nephrite 2016-05-21 20:41:28 42048
There are three things that Nephrite knows. One, that he really, really does not want to face up to yet another relic of his time in the Dark Kingdom, yet another crime he's technically responsible for committing. Two, that he's grateful for Makoto for being there to hold his hand, literally and figuratively, while he does.

And three, that he really likes ice cream. Thank heavens there is at least ice cream.

She is absolutely right, of course, that talking would be better than putting it off any longer. But still his smile looks a little strained as he follows her inside. "...Hey," he says, trying for casual and mostly coming up with awkward instead.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-21 20:48:05 42050
Corvus gives a wave to Makoto! He isn't talking in public so easily. But a seagull giving a wave looks weird enough. His eyes glance to Nephrite. He keeps on Haruna's shoulder. She smiles, best she can. "Mako-chan..." then a pause down to Nephrite and---ugh. She really hoped she wouldn't have it, but she has it, a shot of nervousness.

It's times like this she wishes Hannah would bust through the wall and whisk her away on some other adventure on the seat of her pants. Alas, that isn't happening right now.

Then she realizes she's been staring and not saying anything. "Oh! Hi! Um." she stands up. "Ice cream. On me. Whatcha both both want!?" she asks.

She waits patiently, ice cream first. Ice cream'll make this easier, she thinks.

"Tce cream, first then- then we can talk! Just talk, okay!?" she seems to be trying to drive the point home she isn't here to Gull Windy Punch anyone it seems as hard as she can.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-21 20:55:38 42052
Rather desperately Makoto wishes that there were some way she could make this whole thing somehow less uncomfortable... but that's not really happening right now. All she can do is squeeze Nephrite's hand just before they reach the table.

"It'll be all right," she murmurs.

Then they're at the table and she's sliding into a seat, offering Haruna a grateful and reassuring smile. "That's sweet of you," she says. "I'm kind of feeling like a hot fudge sundae." Brows lifting, she looks to Nephrite. Calm. Normal. "What do you think?"
Nephrite 2016-05-21 21:00:55 42053
Considering how many things from Nephrite's past have tried to hit him lately, it's a nice change of pace to be offered ice cream instead. He relaxes into a slightly less tense smile. "Hey, everybody likes ice cream, right?"

He glances over at Makoto's suggestion. They could split one--wait, no, maybe best not to be that grossly cute couple right now. Save that for someone he wants to make uncomfortable. Possibly Kunzite. "You always have the best ideas. I'll go for that too."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-21 21:18:41 42055
Haruna Kurosawa flusteredly meanders off to the counter and orders ice cream sundanes. Three Hot Fudge Sundanes and an Orange Sherbet. She returns with the tray and begins handing out ice cream. "Here you go-- and here and--- Corvus's Orange Sherbet." she says softly as she places the seagull down onto the table and places the bowl in front of him. She nods matter of factly and slides back in.

She shoves a spoonful into her mouth before she says ANYTHING to think her words over.

Then she talks. "Firstly...I'm not upset. I mean. I'm not here to-- to yell at you or chide you or make a threat at you..." she says meekly. She looks between Makoto and Nephrite a moment.

"Almost a year ago..." she says.

"I was very alone. I belived my sister was dead. She was the only person I'd ever really bothered to make a connection to. I was shy." she says. "Then on a field trip..I met a bird in a tablet who promised me a wish if I could gather 'soul energy' to free him. I was misled in a lot of bad ways. I wanted to wish my sister back." she says. "He could never grant a wish, he just wanted to unleash himself on the world because he was hurting too. On top of this. Another organization had promised me protection and help from others if they were allowed to study me. Corvus didn't like that. It interfered with his plans." she says. She does pat the seagull lightly as she talks. The bird seems lightly bothered, but the sherbet is obviously doing it's job and keeping him occupied.

"So he sought someone like you, connected to... that place." she says. "He knew what they'd do to me, so that I'd be easier to 'control'" she says.

"That's why we met at that dance. Do you remember?" she asks softly.

"It's okay. If you don't." she says honestly. Then quietly.

"Nephrite. Right?" she asks softly.

"How did you get, to where you were that day?" she asks softly. "You..." she says. "You don't need to answer." she says as she takes another bite of ice cream as she thinks her words over.

"But. I've no clue... as to you, or any of your---" she pauses. "or the others, like Kunzite.." she says. "Pasts."
Makoto Kino 2016-05-21 21:38:55 42057
"There might be someone who doesn't like ice cream," Makoto muses, pretending to look thoughtful, "but they're probably the kind of person who shouldn't be trusted." When Haruna brings back the dishes of ice cream and passes them around, she smiles warmly: "Thanks."

She digs in with enthusiasm, scooping up a generous bite of ice cream and hot fudge. Once Haruna starts to speak, though, Mako soon puts down her spoon and listens.

Most of this, of course, she's heard before. Some she hasn't. Either way, Haruna's question is not one that she can answer; with nothing to say, Makoto can only reach over to lay her hand on Nephrite's shoulder.

It'll be all right.
Nephrite 2016-05-21 21:49:25 42058
Nephrite shovels heaping spoonfuls of hot fudge and ice cream into his mouth like somebody is going to take the bowl away from him at any moment. But as Haruna speaks, his eating slows, and soon he's setting his spoon down in his half-eaten bowl of ice cream, appetite no longer there.

Makoto's hand is warm and reassuring on his shoulder. He sits back in his chair, watching the remaining fudge and cream melt together into a swirly soup. "I remember. At least, I remember that dance. My memory has some gaps in it. The Raven." He meets her eyes briefly. He hopes, in that moment, that what she sees there is understanding. He knows what it's like to have something like that manipulating him.

"It's a long and complicated story, so I'll give you the cliffnotes version. We weren't supposed to be there. We were supposed to be guarding our Prince. Mamoru--you know him? But stuff went wrong. We made a lot of poor life choices. And somebody tricked us. Maybe a bit like you were. It all went wrong, and we served the wrong master."

He sighs, pushes his hand through his long hair. "We're back with him now. The four of us. But we did a lot of damage. We have a lot of catching up to do."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-21 22:16:29 42061
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "I know you guys are tagentially related to Mamoru somehow." she says softly. She listens, intently as she eats her ice cream. "Heh. I know all about making bad choices." she says softly, a slight smile.

"So you were tricked..." she says looking down. "Yeah." she says.

"Sometimes I wish I didn't need to go through all that." she says. "That I didn't do all those things I did. I hurt a lot of people- and there was this kind of fuzz numbing me to what I was doing, stopping me from seeing it as 'wrong'." she says. "Because I was willing to do most anything to have my sister back." she mutters then a pause. "And you, know, I had a raven god sharing my headspace.".

"But. Even though I did all those bad things. Everyone still tried to reach out to me. To try to get me to stop. To try to get me to understand someone cared." she says. "That's Makoto, and Rei and Mamoru and Tadase and Hannah and everyone else who was there that night, and even those that weren't. And when I realized people did actually care for me. That.. that I had friends, I was able to use those feelings to activate a love seed that Kami-sama gave me." she says softly.

"To save myself." she says softly.

"So while I could wish I never gone through that. I'd never had made all those friends. Or met my important person. Or even saved my sister." she says.

She shakes her head. "I'm sorry." she says. "I'm not trying to overwind myself." she says as she shoves more ice cream into her mouth.

"But that's what all that was about. Me and my stupid attempt to.. not be alone." she mutters.

"But-- what I'm getting at is--"

"All those things I did. Everyone in the end just. Forgave me. No questions. No explanations. You remember... don't you Makoto?" she asks with a smile.

She looks back to Nephrite. "What I'm saying is that. I forgive you. For doing what you did to me. I don't want you to think that. I'm going to appear one day and boop you in the snootle. Over that." she says softly. "You deserve a clean chance. Like I got. Right?" she asks.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-21 22:32:11 42062
"I remember," Makoto says softly. Her hand is still resting against Nephrite's shoulder, that supportive contact remaining steady for as long as he seems to need it. "You were desperate, and you were lied to. I told you back then, didn't I? If things had been a little different, I could've made the same mistakes. I can't blame you for that."

She looks from Haruna to Nephrite, and her bright green eyes are very serious. "You guys didn't mess up all on your own," she says, firm with conviction. "You should've had someone watching out for you, to pull you back when you started going wrong, but they weren't there. Or they were, but they were being lied to as well... or they didn't look far enough. Didn't keep asking questions when they realized something was wrong."

Something fierce has come into her expression by that last sentence, a hint of an edge that she has to stop to rein back. Makoto shakes her head, letting out a quiet breath before she looks back towards Haruna again. "Anybody can make a bad decision," she says, "especially if they're desperate. What's important is to make sure we keep looking out for each other, so we can pull each other back if we need to."
Nephrite 2016-05-21 22:45:23 42064
Nephrite swallows thickly. "...Yeah. I know what that's like."

His expression briefly softens. Makoto, Rei, Mamoru. "This is a pretty forgiving crew, isn't it? Must be something in the water around here."

Nephrite's hand crosses his chest to clasp over Makoto's as he listens to her speak. The conviction in her voice borders on an anger that he so rarely sees in her outside of an actual fight. He meets her green eyes. "We promised," he tells her. "Mamoru and the other guys and I, we promised we'd watch each other's backs. Maybe you're right. Maybe that's what we really needed."

His hand still lingers on hers as he turns back to Haruna. His red-brown eyes are earnest. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry for the part I played in what happened to you. And I'm glad you made it out. Every time one of us breaks free from the darkness, it's a win for all of us."

He shrugs, a grin replacing his serious expression. "Anyway, don't speak too soon. You might still want to boop me in the snootle someday. Maybe just not for that reason."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-21 23:19:00 42066
Haruna Kurosawa raises a brow at Nephrite and smirks. "Given who's my girlfriend and---" she says. "---the people I like to hang out with. I don't think it'd be easy to reach that point." she says softly. "But maybe you're right" she winks a little.

She nods. "It's really easy to hate someone." she says looking down. "To want revenge." she says petting Corvus.

"Corvus here..." she says. "--was hurting too. He wanted revenge. That's why I forgave him." she smiles and leans down and gives the bird a smooch on the head and he prompty blushes and hides it by burting his face in the sherbet.

She looks down. "The only one watching out for me was my sister. And she was taken from me. She's back now. I still need to..." nrg.

"Fix a situation. That has nothing to do with any of this. But. She's doing well now." she smiles.

"Right. If you.. like either of you need help. I'm here. Always." she says. "I don't belive in 'owing' things. You just ask and I'll do what I can." she smiles. "Not just with, you know. Important things. Even if like I dunno, you're moving house and need someone to help you pack or--- just need someone to shop with stuff like that too. That stuff is just as valid as.. I dunno 'Evil bat creatures have Makoto and you need help rescuing her'." she smiles sideways a bit.

"Though I think those would be severely punched bat creatures." she says.

Then a pause she shakes her head. "I'm glad you're okay, too Nephrite." she says. She looks to Makoto and nods. "Right!" she beams, finally at the end of her discussion.

"It's why I.. go out of my way. To try to talk to anyone who seems like that now. And never give up on that. I've gotten through to at least ONE person like that." she nods matter of factly.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-21 23:32:49 42069
"Severely punched," Makoto agrees, not quite able to keep a straight face. "You're right, though - I'm glad you think of it like that. It's easy to forget, when a giant monster is running around Tokyo... or to get frustrated when somebody doesn't seem like they want to listen. It's hard to keep trying to get through to people like you've been doing. But it's important."

Then she's looking aside to Nephrite and grinning. "--And excuse me," she laughs, the hand on his shoulder giving a friendly little shove. "If anybody's going to be booping your snootle, I think I should have first dibs--"

Approximately as soon as the words have left her mouth it registers just how that sounds when taken even slightly out of the intended context, and Makoto's face very quickly begins blushing bright red. "Oh my god," she says plaintively, "why did I just say that out loud?" Grabbing for her spoon, she begins hastily filling her mouth with melting ice cream before she can say anything else embarrassing.
Nephrite 2016-05-21 23:52:44 42071
Nephrite turns a grin on Makoto, barely holding back a laugh. "Honey," he says," you always get first dibs on booping my snootle."

He nods at Haruna. "I appreciate that. That goes for you, too. Mamoru had to call in a lot of favors to get us out. I want to pay all that back. Or forward? That's a book or something, right?"

"Also," he leans forward on his elbows, "I know that stuff like this, even when you've already been healed and are trying to move on, it still... sticks with you. If you ever want to talk to someone who's been there, I don't know if that would help, but. Well, the offer's open. I live with Mamoru, and his place sees to be the destination of choice for everybody magical in this city, so you wouldn't be the only one swinging by at almost any given time."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-22 00:11:46 42073
Haruna Kurosawa blinks a bit. Then she smiles teasingly. "It's---it's okay Makoto." she laughs! "I can tell you half the things I've said to Hannah that could be taken as inuendos and I'd be blushing for maybe the next half hour." she smirks. "---and she doesn't /let me off the hook/ on them either, so you're lucky." she insists.

She looks back at Nephrite and nods. "Yeah..." she says softly. "I know it does. I don't really...."

She pauses. "Remember anything. When I was taken away. I remember it was very dark. And then... nothing... until I was jolted awake on top of Clover Tower that night." she admits. "I remember everything prior. Vividly. Except my time in the Dark Kingdom. It's just nothing." she admits.

"Not even going back there jarred any memories for me." she admits softly. "If you know anything... about that. I mean. I'd like to hear it. But something tells me I'd not been much more than a 'yes girl' in that state anyways." she says.

"From what Hannah and others told me is that I didn't exactly have much of a personality in that state anyways." she chuckles nervously.

"That being said. I'll take you up on that offer. At the very least. I've gotten most of it out of my system but..." she shakes her head. "Sometimes I still have nightmares you know?" she admits. "Because you're right. It /does/ stick with you." she says.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-22 00:28:23 42075
Still red-faced, spoon in her mouth, Makoto makes a very put-upon face at Nephrite. Then she swallows, takes the spoon out of her mouth, and sighs expressively. "He's not kidding about Mamoru-niisan's apartment," she advises Haruna. "Half the time people don't even bother coming to the door." She gestures with the spoon by way of some kind of illustration. "Straight to the balcony."

The spoon clinks back down into her bowl and Mako settles back in her seat a little, looking from Haruna to Nephrite and back. Much of this, once again, is something that she can't answer. Nevertheless, she puts in gently, "If you don't feel up to braving the frat house, well... I can't really understand or help fill in the blanks the same as the guys can, but I don't ever mind listening."
Nephrite 2016-05-22 00:34:15 42077
Nephrite frowns. "I might not be the person to ask, to be honest. I avoided the main areas of the Dark Kingdom even when I was part of the organization. There was a lot that went on, lots of people coming and going, that I never really saw." The trade-off being that he once got trapped in a witch's labyrinth for five months before anybody noticed it, and the place he made as an alternate hideout to the Dark Kingdom proper recently tried to eat his girlfriend. All in all, it's hard to say whether he came out of that particular situation on top.

He shoots Makoto a smirk. "It is kind of a frat house. Maybe we could just meet for ice cream again instead." He finally returns to his own, scooping up what hasn't entirely melted yet. "Everybody likes ice cream."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-22 00:53:45 42080
Haruna Kurosawa has mostly finished her ice cream! Likewise Corvus has mostly finished his Orange Sherbet. She places her hands under her chin and smiles bemusedly. "I'm used to that enviroment. It won't bother me a whole lot." she says. "Besides, I need to thank Mamoru and Kunzite for thier help recently." she says.

"For helping with my own situation recently." she says.

She suddenly leans forward. "While I'm here." she says. "What do you guys think about coffee shops? What would you like to see in one?" she asks as she looks between the two.

"I'm thinking of opening a bussiness and--- that came up as an idea when I was talking it over with a few people." she says.

"I Figure, young person, opening up a shop, bound to be intrested people!" she says. "But... I'd wanna open it. Near the beach." she says.

"You know, fancy iced coffee drinks there." she says.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-22 01:13:24 42082
Haruna's question has Makoto perking up with fresh interest. "A coffee shop?" she echoes, and takes a moment to consider the idea. "I'm not a big coffee person, myself... it's pretty much got to be drowned in milk and sugar and stuff. Fancy iced coffee drinks sound about right, if they're the kind with chocolate syrup in them."

She's still thinking, fingers tapping lightly on the tabletop, seeming slightly distracted now. "It's pretty impressive that you're looking at opening a business," she says. "If you decide to go ahead with it, I'll definitely make sure to come by."
Nephrite 2016-05-22 01:15:32 42083
The brunette's eyes suddenly take on a sharp sparkle. It has been so long since Nephrite has flexed his business muscles. "Coffee shops are a solid market right now. Competitive, but there's so much growth that startups still have a good chance of breaking in."

He leans forward on his elbows, speaking rapidly. "Have you thought of a business model? Iced drinks near the beach, that's a good idea. Good positioning. Put together a line of iced coffee for the younger demographic, but keep drip coffee on the side for the middle aged and older crowd. That's a reliable demographic that doesn't like change. They will drink their hot black coffee no matter what the weather looks like. You'll need financing and a marketing plan--oh, hold on."

He fumbles to rescue his wallet from his back pocket without leaving his seat, and then pulls out a card and slides it across the table to her. On it is Masato Sanjouin's contact information. "The phone number is dead, but that email address is still what I use for business purposes. I've got contacts I can hook you up with. That may not technically be my identity, but that name still means something in this city's business community, and I can't think of a better use for it than helping someone nice get their own shop started."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-22 01:31:40 42085
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "Yup!" she says to Makoto. "I kind of have a lot of ridiciolous money sitting around doing nothing for me except by the occasional nice outfit or dress." she says bashfully. She obviously doesn't like talking about money. "Hannah pays me well and she'd be willing to help front half the cost for me." then she blinks. When....

Nephrite goes off on a large winded tirade about the coffee shop trade and some ideas and demographics even! This catches her by surprise-- then she's presented with the card....

'Masato Sanjouin'. Why is that name so familar...

Oh! A look of recognition flashes by her eyes and then a blush. "Oh...that was... the person hosting the dance where...." she mutters. "...that kind of makes sense now." she says. "About that." she says like this should had been obvious. Also you know, it's a name everywhere.

She smiles regardless as she puts the card away. "That'd.. actually be a big help!" she says softly. "If you'd be willing to help me figure some things out..." she says leaning forward. She smiles.

Then she places the card carefully into her wallet, and places it back into her pocket. Bussiness Cards! Important.

"So. You were Masato Sanjouin. Is that a name you still use? Want me to refer to you as?" she asks meekly. "Feel kinda bad calling you.... Nephrite now.. if-- there was another name I'd should been using." she says softly.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-22 01:41:42 42087
Makoto's brows lift as Nephrite flexes his expertise - it's not surprise, not really, but at the same time this isn't a side of him she's had a lot of chances to see much of. It's kind of hot.

So Mako is a bit distracted until Haruna asks about Nephrite's identity and she comes to a certain realization. "...come to think of it," she muses, "I don't think I ever asked what name you're attending school under." Not Masato Sanjouin, surely, someone on faculty would notice that. She's just assumed up until now that if there was a name he'd rather be called that he'd have told her, but... "It'd probably be good to know what name to use in front of other people, huh."

Wow, this feels awkward all of a sudden. Abruptly fidgety, Mako occupies herself with stirring the melted remnants of her sundae around in the dish.
Nephrite 2016-05-22 01:52:36 42088
He nods at Haruna's explanation. "If you've got the money up-front, that's half your battle right there. The rest is just good planning.

Nephrite sheepishly scratches his head. "It's not my real name, no. I keep leftovers from that identity for situations like this, but it's not really me. I don't really have another one--I mean, the only real name I actually remember having is Nephrite.

He raises his eyebrows at Makoto. "Wow, yeah, that would look pretty awkward if you looked like you forgot your boyfriend's name. We could just tell people that's because I'm so forgettable." He grins with the assurance of somebody who is used to being anything but forgettable.

"I registered under the name Mifune Wright. Half my classmates and a handful of teachers think I am foreign and exotic. So... you can pretty much take your pick on what to call me, I guess. Maybe don't say the N-word too loudly in public."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-22 02:16:13 42091
Haruna Kurosawa looks at Makoto again and blinks with a smile, it's a friendly one, at her confusion. No worries there. Sometimes she has to watch herself when she uses the names Hannah and 'Miss White' herself. For reasons.

"Haruna... Scorn or Cure Gull-- or 'Gull', really, are all names you can use for me. People don't call me Scorn very much except for a few people I still know from the organization I used to be with- who still choose to talk to me." she says softly. "I know they mean it as a term of endearment. No worries." she smiles. "The ones who don't talk to me. Those are who I worry about." she says.

"Mifune Wright... okay then." she says with a soft nod. "I'll remember that, for a more public place."

"It must be hard, to keep up with an identity you have some hard bad memories behind, even if it's for a good reason now." she says softly. "But I'm sure it'll help you do good now." she smiles wide.

Corvus hops back up to her shoulder done with sherbet. She sighs.

"I can't belive it's nearly been a year." she says crossing her arms.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-22 02:26:42 42092
Makoto promptly and indignantly sticks her tongue out at Nephrite. "If that happened I'd have just called you embarrassing nicknames, cuddlebug."

She tries to huff, but she really can't keep it up for very long at all before she has to crack a wry smile. "I know what you mean," she tells Haruna, resting her elow on the table so that she can prop her chin in her hand. "You know, it hasn't been that much longer since I started all of this stuff myself. It's so weird how much has changed since then."
Nephrite 2016-05-22 02:38:38 42093
Nephrite bumps Makoto's arm with his. "Embarrassing for me? Or embarrassing for anybody who has to listen to us, sugerbun?"

"How about Haruna?" He smiles across the table. "Might as well get used to calling you that now if I'm introducing you to contacts."

He nods. "That's why I keep it. To do good now. That's all any of us can do, right?" He pushes away his empty ice cream bowl. "Time to go? Shoot me an email when you get the chance. Next ice cream is on me."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-22 02:56:26 42096
Haruna Kurosawa grins. "Awwww. I think that's cute actually." she admits with a grin as she leans back. "I like it when Hannah calls me cute names, with no regard for who's nearby at least. Yeah know?~" she says.

She nods. "Time to go sounds about right." she admits bashfully. "There's. erm. Something hard I need to do tonight. But that's not related to any of this." she says softly.

"Haruna always works." she smiles. "I'm glad we got to talk, it's been.. on my mind for a while, since you guys go well... 'De-Beryl'ed'." she says. "--and I wanted to make sure you understood that I wasn't going to go out of my way to smack you for what you did to me in the past. I figure, it was worth the little awkwardness for some ice cream at least. And thank you, Makoto, for coming along with him and bringing him over." she smiles at the both of them.

"But yes, I'll E-mail you soon, when I figure out some specifics and get a trademark registered and all that." she says as she begins to stand up.

"Anything else before I pitter away?" she asks softly with a smile.
Makoto Kino 2016-05-22 03:08:03 42098
Makoto is blushing again, of course, a pink flush rising in her cheeks. "...Yeah, I should've known that would happen," she says, laughing as she pushes playfully back against Nephrite's arm.

Then Haruna's getting to her feet, and Makoto straightens up, getting ready to stand. She smiles warmly over the table at both Haruna and Gull at the thanks. "I was happy to," she says easily. "If it helps either of you two feel even a little better about the stuff that happened, then I'm glad to do what I can."

Her hands press against the table for a moment before she rises to her full height. Briefly, she looks thoughtful, but then shakes her head. "Nothing I can think of," she says, and turns a curious glance aside to Nephrite. "I wouldn't want to keep you from anything else that you need to get done. It was really good to see you, though, Haruna-chan."
Nephrite 2016-05-22 03:19:59 42100
Nephrite stands as well, drawing up to his full height before automatically slipping a hand around Makoto's back. "Thanks for the ice cream. And the rest. This was... this was good."

He nods at Haruna with a smile. "Just--take care of yourself. And good luck."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-22 03:21:43 42101
Haruna Kurosawa grins and nods. "Alright then. No problem! Ice cream is easy~ It's everything else that was difficult~" she winks. "You two have a nice evening then." she beams. She's already paid, so out the door she goes and she stops out the door and sighs and crosses her arms.

"Well that went well." says Corvus. She nods. "It did!" she says. "Now I just need to talk to Aki..." she mutters. And off down the road she goes, heading toward's Infinity!