The Lazy Grasshopper

Namakelder is up to his usual laziness. When he uses an unsuspecting mother to create a Spark Plug Terribad, He also causes the arrival of a New Pretty Cure... Guaranteed to have a Shocking ending!

Date: 2016-05-25
Pose Count: 30
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 01:03:36 42240
What a lovely day it is. The late spring sun is hanging lazily in the western sky. It is definitely warm out, It feels almost like summer has arrived. School is out for the day and at least one young lady couldn't be happier. Naomi Yomada is quite thrilled to be out of school this evening. Thrilled enough to have skipped out on electronics club. Why is today so important? Today is her mom's birthday and her other mom decided she wanted Naomi to meet her and go get a cake and a gift.

Happily the young girl made her way to the small mechanic's shop. Ami Yomada happened to be finishing up on an older cars oil change when Naomi arrived. Once done, she cleaned up and the two were off. First stop was a store to pick up a gift for her mom. She happened upon a pretty framed mirror which had a cute border around it. The words, 'Dear Mom, You will always be beautiful to me.' are etched into the border. From there, the two made their way to the Bakery to pick up the cake.

Once the basics of the day are done, the Mother/daughter team are headed home. Naomi spots the donut cart and instantly her sweet tooth kicks in, "Mom, can we get some donuts? Please?!"

"Sure! Lets get some donuts. We can take some home too for your sister and for your momma." Mrs. Yomada states with a grin. Quickly the two get in line for the donuts. Yeppers, can't ask for a nicer day!
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 01:15:15 42241
    Kat happens to be here as well. It's a pretty decent line at the barkey, and Kat had been there on her own, at least this time. She was definitely out of place there. Taller than everyone else, blonde and in a rock band type of T-shirt and blue jeans. In one of the fashion centers of the world, and this tall blonde girl seems to be the picture of rebellion.

She doesn't look mean though. As a matter of fact, she seems to be singing. not loudly, but just enough to be heard. "~Sittin' on top.......OF THE WORLD....for a little while. SITTIN' ON TOP....OF THE WORLD. And ain't never gonna now....~" She then stops and makes a face. "that doesn't sound right...."
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-25 01:27:29 42243
    Sayaka's been feeling oddly tired lately. Although she had gone on several patrols, searching far and wide for Witches, none had turned up recently. And her supply of grief seeds are dwindling dangerously low. Well. That should be a good thing..Shouldn't it? Maybe she can just retire..

    As she heads home after a long day at school, Sayaka cant help but catch the scent of freshly baked donuts as she passes Kaoru's Donuts. "Mmmmm, that smells soooo good! Maybe I'll just buy a few.." And she steps inside, peering at the strange blonde girl with the rocker shirt who's singing some sort of rock song.

    Sayaka makes a face. She much prefers classical music.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 01:37:40 42246
School is out. Workplaces are letting go and /people are still being busy somehow/. Namakelder doesn't get this at all. Of course, he doesn't get the school or work portions either, but you'd think, after being busy all day people would just nap wherever they pleased. This is what Namakelder thinks as he sort of lounges on a the branch of a tree, hat over his eyes, can crossed across his chest as he just listens to-- the rancor, the rancor of 'not napping'.

Oh then there's /singing/ and this gets him to his feet as he fixes his hat on his head and pushes it forward, grabbing his cane.

He gravitates toward's the strongest source of happiness. It's like the Phantom Empire is attracted to this 'wrectched' (or so, they'd say) feeling. Right now this happens to be in front of the Yomada family couple. For one, that happiness they're exuding is sickening. Secondly, Miss Youmada herself bleeds /business/ and /work ethic/.

He appears in a sudden phase of reality. It's strange. He sort of just appears in a flash in front of Naomi Yomada and her mother.

"Crankshafts, Carbouerters, Sparkplugs~" he says. "Doesn't that get tiring working with all that!?" he says as he taps his cane against the brim of his hat. "Lay back and take a break, yea?" he says.

It looks like that's all the advice he's about to give--- but then, well. He still needs to fix the area.

"Let The Future Reflected In the Mirror Turn Terrible!" he calls out.

Miss Youmada becomes trapped in some sort of horrible coffin shaped mirror that finds itself suddenly firmly embebeeded in the ground.

"Come on out~ Terribad!" he calls out.

The mirror alights! Happiness and a good work either are transformed into!-----

Some sort of giant blade monster wearing red shades with a green scarf around it's neck--- and two giant spark plugs for hands that SPARK to life.

"TERRIBADDDDDD!" calls out the monster as he slams it's plugs into the ground and begins vibrating at a rapid pace- causing soft, green and musty smelling mold to begin to grow and spawn around the area!

In front of Naomi's family earlier was a tall man in a white shirt, with stark blue hair-- wearing a sunhat- sunglasses and reading a book. He is now mysteriously absent. Gone when no one was looking. Not that anyone would notice among the hubbub.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 01:47:53 42247
Naomi smiles and gives her mom a hug. Then she hears the music. She turns and gives a smile to the lumbering woman. She is huge compared to the young elementry school girl. She just listens for now, enjoying the sounds of the music. Thats when the Green haired man with antennaes shows up.

Mrs. Yomada gives the strange man a look. "Actually I enjoy it. Taking things apart and seeing how they work? Its a lot of fun..." Then things get wierd. Immediately she is trapped in the weird mirror and planted.

Naomi is distracted but the sound of the weird man talking to her mom gets her attention. She turns and looks between her mom and the grasshopper man. Suddenly her mom is entombed in a mirror! "Mom? MOM!!" She looks for a way to free her. Then things get worse.

A giant black creature appears. "No! Don't hurt her, you monster!" She cries out as she tries to stand between the terribad and her mom.
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 02:15:07 42258
    Just that suddenly, a little, well dressed fairy pops onto Kat's shoulder. "You come to the strangest....EEK!" the fairy says as Kat suddenly grabs her and runs around the donut stand. "Crap.....This must be why Dabble stays with Rena all the time. they could really be attacked anywhere!" "yeah, but they're usually expected Craft, not a bad edward scissorhands imitation."

Kat groans at Jihl. "Yeah, bad puns aside...we still need to help them." She then spins around her armband to reveal the watch that Jihl had given her. "Time to have a little fun at this youma's expence." She says as Jihl, the fairy, puts new face onto the watch.

Aether Spirit, SHINE!

A gentle breeze whips up, before it spins into a roaring whirlwind, engulfing Kat's body and obscuring her form. The whirlwind subsides after a few seconds to reveal a newly dressed girl with blonde hair.

The Wind that fans the flames of the heart, Sentinel Spirit!

She hops out from behind the stand, and whips up a nasty gust of wind....meant more to push the spark-blader terribad away from he girl....instead of harm it...yet.
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-25 02:28:16 42262
    One moment it was all smiles and happy-peaceful donut times..The next moment, there's a strange looking guy who's talking weirdness and randomness..Then suddenly..A Lady is trapped in a glass coffin, and a Youma appears!

    Sayaka's eyes widen, realizing she's never gonna get those donuts today. "Dammit..What terrible timing!" She doesn't even bother to duck for cover so she can transform. Hey, everyone knows Puella Magi dont have a secret identity, right?

    Bringing up her ring finger, she summons her soulgem, and spins around as magical blue ribbons of light wrap around her body, bursting in a shower of clouds and sparkly energy to reveal Puella Magi, Sayaka Miki!

    "Alright, freak! Whoever you are, this ends now!" the spores are coming at her, but fortunately, she's got insane healing abilities and doesn't let it phase her. Right, first things first, time to clear the air!

    Summoning her swords, she starts spinning towards the creature, specifically towards those nasty spores, generating a powerful whirlwind with her magic and spinning swords as she attempts to cut into the creature while using her whirlwind to try and redirect the spores out of the shop.

    Seeing the girl running to protect her mother, Sayaka does her best to avoid hitting her, or the trapped woman in the glass coffin. "Hey, watch out! Get somewhere safe!" she calls to her.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 02:36:08 42268
Namakelder is already lounging into one of those big ol' mold growths, like he was in the tree earlier. It's partly tilted up so one eye peeks out. He almost seems like he could sleeping. "This would go a lot easier if you would just all....." a big yawn. "Calm down." he insists.

The Terribad calls out and stops it's spread of mooooold. Sayaka makes a big wide moldless area thanks to her efforts. The mold seems harmless, just...big and musty smelling. And awful feeling.

The beast swings around toward's the yelling Naomi but doesn't attack. This is just a girl afterall.

But then wind knocks it around--- from both powered opponents of Sentinel Spirit and the Puella Magi--- being cut into-- the beast calls out. "Terribad!"

Namakelder tips the brim of his hat up higher. "Ugh.. of course." he says. "Heroes-- or-- whatever you two are- always--- interfering, never taking a break." he mutters. "Terribad, gives these two a spark of inspiration!"

"Terribadddddd!" calls out the terribad from it's new location being wind pushed there from earlier as it raises it's two spark plug hands and touches them together, emitting a giant electrical spark as the two plugs alight in sparks-- it attempts to slam them down into Sayaka and Sentinel Spirit.

Naomi isn't a problem right now. Her mother remains in the mirror. Arms crossed-- red ribbons wrapped around the mirror. Unbreakable in more ways than one.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 02:43:18 42271
Naomi begins crying as she has no way to free her mother. The terribad is rampaging near her. Then, there is the bluenette who tells her to get to safety. "But... my mom..." She protests but deep down she knows its the right thing to do. She can not help her mother. So, she takes off running.

It feels like she's running forever when in fact she only runs a few hundred yards. Just far enough to get out of danger. At that point she breaks down. She simply begins crying, sitting down on the sidewalk against a building. She gets out the mirror she got for her other mom just a short time ago.
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 02:59:17 42276
    Spirit looks over towards the mirror and finds someone trapped inside. "that's gotta be that little girl's mother." Way to take your eyes off the terribad, Spirit. "SPIRIT! LOOK OUT!" Comes a call from the fairy, and Spirit dives out of the way....JUST in time. She rolls a couple of times as Jihl flits around Spirit. "I don't know how to get that woman out of the mirror. the only thing I can think of....." "Is to defeat the it keeps calling itself. That's what I was thinking." Spirit says to the fairy. "Well....if that sword girl is looking for an opening......maybe we can give her one." Spirit says as she holds up her right fist and wind begins to spin around her fist.

Phantom Gale! She calls out, and 'punches' at the terribad.....causing the spinning compressed air pocket around her fist to fly at the terribad.....hopefully to stun it momentarily for Sayaka.
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-25 03:05:30 42281
    Sayaka is aware of the lady still trapped in the mirror, and when she realizes it's probably the mother of the girl who runs away, she feels a bit bad..But of coruse, right now, there isn't much she can do about it. Perhaps her mother will be freed once this monster is destroyed.

    She glances over at the other Magical girl who joins her and nods slowly, "Cant help her right now, let's focus on the monster. Maybe when that's dealt with, she'll be freed." Sayaka nearly gets hit by the spark plug's electrical bolts herself, briefly distracted by the trapped woman in the mirror.

    At the last moment, she leaps out of the way, but gets nicked in the ankle, causing her to wince and stumble to the ground. "Ugh!" Sayaka winces, but tries not to get caught off-guard a second time. She doesnt have time just yet to healed her wounded ankle and decides to go on the offensive instead.

    "Shooting Stinger!" Sayaka yells as she summons a miriad of swords, and sends them flying towards the creature.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 03:18:17 42285
Namakelder tsks. No one listens to him, as usual, so he sits there and watches from his mold covered perch. Maybe he'll take a nap while the Terribad takes care of bussiness. Yeah that seems like a good idea....


Meanwhile, Naomi runs. She isn't followed or chased. She isn't a threat. The other two heroes. They're threats.

The beast rears back it's spark plugs as it moves to go in for a strike with the sharp tips of those plugs as Sentinel Spirit calls out Phantom Gale--- causing the beast to be blown back a bit-- just in time for Sayaka's swords to hit home.

Thunk thunk thunck! Like toothpicks in a big black olive! Too bad it's not quite enough. Maybe there's just something about a mother's happiness that is going to make this one quite a bother to deal with as it attempts to level it's arms down at the two and fire a big bolt of electricity directly toward's Sayaka this time.


Naomi has run away. It's not a brave thing to do, but sometimes it's all you can do. If Naomi where to look up there'd be a man- the same one that in front of her earlier-- now minus sunhat and glasses peering down into the screen of what Naomi could only assume would be some sort of cellphone. The man-- blue hair, eyes-- gentle features, and wearing a white shirt- with baby blue pants-- and some pretty rocking black shoes- wears a worried expression. He's looking through names. Everyone is busy. Or far away-- or simply doesn't want to talk to him on the case of one name he scrolls by on the Cure Line. Surely. There's /someone/ he can call to help. But right now. There isn't. He'll need to really hope the two Mahou Shoujo who showed up can handle this on thier own. At least it's Namakelder. Not the most difficult General of the Phantom Empire to deal with, he thinks. He'd be more worried if it was Oresky.. or Phantom.

Blue always feels really bad in situations like this. He's a Guardian God of Earth, but he has very little power of his own. He can only empower others. His eyes move from the screen of the Cure Line down to the girl nearby.

He sort of haunches down, squatting a bit as he rests his hands over his knees.

"It feels really bad, to be unable to help. Doesn't it?" he asks the young girl. "To wish to be able to help...." he says softly.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 03:36:36 42291
Naomi is startled. She jumps but then looks up and is met with those amazing blue eyes. There is something about this man that sets her at ease. His words sting though. She simply looks at him and frowns. "Yes it does. If this was a lab or electronics I could actually do something but I can't do anything. It really stinks. I just wish. I wish I could save my mom. To help!" She laments.

The girl just shakes her head. "But what can I do against that?! That... thing... Its huge! Even if I knew some sort of martial arts I couldn't fight with it. Its just too strong.' She really wants to do something but what can she do?
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 03:49:46 42296
    As much as Spirit cheered inwardly at Sayaka striking home, she noticed it wasn't doing much damage. "Great. Something's missing here. it's like a band without a drummer." She says to the fairy that's floating next to her. 'What're you talking about?' says Jihl. "Like someone living without a heart. You hear the music, but nothing to set the rhythym." THEN Jihl gets it.

There is No way Spirit is going to be able to stop the lightning....because it's way too quick to stop. But wind usually started, and diverted, electricity before......why not try it now? Hopefully, if the funnel Spirit produces doesn't divert the lightning away from Sayaka, it'll blow her away from the lightning.....and maybe give her a ride in the funnel, until it curls back....towards the Terribad.
Sayaka Miki 2016-05-25 03:55:48 42299
    Sayaka grits her teeth, already panting a bit more than she should be as the creature hurls more electrical bolts her way. "Ugh!" she rolls out of the way again, but ends up getting zapped badly and a bit burnt by them. She screams in pain, shaking as the electricity jolts through her.

    "Dammit...Get ahold of yourself.." She grits her teeth, summoning her magics to heal her wounds, retreating a few paces from the monster. "Shooting Stinger!"

    She yells a second time, leaping skywards and sending out another rain of swords towards the monster before leaping back and out of the store. "Sorry.." She says to the other magical girl. "I gotta go!" and she turns and flees, half limping until she vanishes from sight. Oh, how humiliating this has been.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 04:11:01 42301
Sayaka has run away. Leaving Sentinel Spirit to stare this thing down. Well. This just got increasingly more difficult. Namakelder continues to 'ZzzZzzzz' however, so there's not wittiness from his location. Just a well dressed man with grasshopper antenna and a top hat and tailcoat lounging in the afternoon mold growth.

The Terribad however, gets struck by more swords--- it's Sayaka's last attack and it does give Spirit some breathing room at least, as it slides across the ground.

"TERRIBAD!" calls out the beast--- it throwls it's hands upwards- touching them again, as sparks fly between the two appengadges like a jacob's ladder. It slams them down----

Lighting courses through the ground in a grandspark---electricity flying everywhere!

Still-- Meanwhile. Not Too Far Away.

Blue listens to Naomi talk. She talks about wishing to help. Despite how big and scary the monster was. How she'd go back in there if she thinks she could do anything. These are words Blue are used to hearing from a few girls.

"Maybe you can." surmises Blue. "Hold out your hand." he urges.

He waits until he does this-- and in her hands- he places a tiny bauble. It's round, about the size of a slightly oversized marble. This one just happens to be purple. A Love Seed.

Blue gives these out. Sometimes they sprout. If the feelings are true. If there's that true spark.... it'll bloom. If not. Perhaps later. Blue's given out love seeds before that took weeks, sometimes months for it's owner to fully realize. Sometimes-- they don't hatch at all. Sometimes it's immediate.

"If you feelings are true..." he says with a warm smile, closing the hand around that seed. "...I'm sure you can do. Right?" he asks.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 04:21:51 42303
Naomi listens carefully and nods. There is something very trustworthy about this man. She simply extends her hand. The seed is placed in her hand and her hand is closed on it. Quietly she smiles and closes her eyes. Her feelings are very true. There is a quick spark and then glowing. Maybe it's her curiosity or maybe its just the pure love she has for her family. Either way that crystal ignites and changes. What is left in her hand is a trio of cards and a prechan mirror.

Her eyes open and she looks down at the items, "Whoa, What the?" Ever curious, she begins examining the items, "This card looks like me!" She states as she continues looking things over.
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 04:28:26 42308
    Spirit tries her best to get out of the way of the spark blasts from the Terribad, but even her wind power can't redirect THIS lightning. SPirit's hair is singed a little as she's blasted backwards by the blast and still smoking when she hits the ground and rolls to a stop. She's not out, but it's going to take a little bit to recover.

And she doesn't have it.....
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 04:43:57 42314
Namakelder!---- is still snoring. Yup. That's one lazy grasshopper gentleman. He's even rolled over to his side and has his two hands resting under his head and is now openly snoring. He could really say something smary, but the fact he's sleeping so deeply and loudly probably is all he can do to throw an insult right now.

The Terribad hits true. Lighting smashed into Spirit and sends her flying back. She needs time to get up and her wits against her. The Terribad takes two steps forward and raises it's hands--- it's storing up energy for a final attack- mostly likely aiming to try to destroy Sentinel Spirit.


Blue steps back one. He nods a bit. That's good- he thinks- that it activated fast. It's a good sign. "There's no time for a full explanation." he urges. He motions into the air--- for a moment, one arm up right in a floruish motion. A summon for a fairy. They don't respond immediatly.

"My name is Blue." he says softly. "I'm a Guardian Deity of Earth. That strange man. Is Namakelder. He's a General of the Phantom Empire. They turn happiness into misfortune. Which takes the form of that creature." he says.

"Those are your PreCards and your PrettyChangeMirror." he says. "You know what's important to you. Place your cards into the Mirror. A friend will be along to help you in a moment. They'll be able to contact me later, too." he says, alluding to the fairy. "He'll show you more." he says.

"I can't help you from here. You have to find the strength on your own." he says a little sadly.

"...We'll talk more later." he insists.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 04:59:35 42319
The young girl looks at the cards and then at Blue, she smiles almost in disbelief. "Wait. You mean to say, You're God." She almost laughs but she holds it in. "Okay, God, I will talk to you later." She blushes deeply." She closes her eyes and looks down at the mirror. "Alright. Time to Change!"

"Precure! Rolling Mirror Change!" Lightning wraps around her and her hair becomes much longer and the curls in her tails much more accentuated. She is wrapped in a cloak the cared flip in her mirror. Armbands, then boots and long stockings. A cute skirt and then the cloak vanishes revealing her in a precure outfit. A set of wings appear on her back. Then on her belt a Mirror pouch appears and her mirror drops in. A love Prebrace appears on her right arm and then she simply poses. "Curiosity sparking the fires of imagination! CURE SPARK!"

With that the transformation ends and she takes off towards the Terribad. It takes her a lot less time to get back then it did to get away. "We've got business. You like playing with electric? Me too!" She smirks and darts in to give a few solid punches to the Terribad.
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 05:05:17 42323
    Spirit is still on the ground. Still sparking, and still smoking. It's a good thing Cure Spark showed up.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 05:13:19 42326
Blue gives a cockeyed smile to Naomi. Off she goes! He doesn't say much and if she'd turn around again to look back- he'd be gone. If there's help.. if there's a Pretty Cure here to handle the situation then-- well he's unneeded from this point onwards, isn't he?

Meanwhile Nakamelder sort of snorts and grumbles and wakes up from his sleep- the prescene of a Pretty Cure has jolted him from his slumber as he crawls up to his feet in the mold.

"Ugh....a Pretty Cure." he says disdainfully. Namakelder oftenly wonders where Phantom when you need him. Probably 'anywhere but in Tokyo' right now- and for all the praise Queen Mirage gives her loyal lapdog- he's useless in these practical terms! Ugh!

Spark leans into the Terribad with punches! It breaks the charging of that grand spark it was gathering- causing it to disspate in a flash of light. It's enough to cause it to regroup a moment.

Namakelder ughs and shakes his head. "And here I was enjoying my nap." he says. "And now you're making me actually need to /work/..." he complains. "What a /bother/."

"Kindabads....!" he calls out.

Uh oh.
Katherine Tempest 2016-05-25 05:27:04 42330
    Spirit groans as she tries to get up again....she had to try and help Cure Spark out. But, in the more spark of electricity and Spirit faceplants into the ground. She's still breathing, but she's unconcious......

It's Cure Spark's show now.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 05:27:49 42331
Cure Spark backs off a moment, "You took an innocent woman from her child, what kind of creature are you to do that sort of thing?!" She comments to Namakelder before suddenly Kindabads!!!

The good news, The Kindabads are much smaller black figures with sunglasses. Weaker too. The bad news, there are a lot of them! They immediately charge, surrounding the pretty cure and are attacking hard.

"Cure Spark! Use your prebrace! Spin it and call out an attack! Do it Quick!!!" A soft and but very cute voice rings out as a soft pink fairy appears. "Introductions later, Fight now!" She exclaims.

"Okay sounds like a plan!" She spins the gem in the center and calls out. "Spark Beautiful Halo!" She reaches to the sky and a halo of lightning explodes out from her taking down a number of the Kindabads.

The rest of the kindabads come rushing in. A small handful now and they are quickly dispatched.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 05:32:13 42333
Namakelder looks to the unconcious Sentinel Spirit and looks back to Spark. He adjusts his hat. "One that thinks people should lovely breaks. For long times." he insists to Spark earnestly. Indeed! Naomi's mom is taking.. something like a break?

Regardless, a small voice comes along and Namakelder siiiighs. Always with the fairys.

He watches his kindbads fly off, over him somewhere- because that's just how it always happens.

He turns to his Terribad. "Terribad! Give this Pretty Cure a zap!"

"Terribad!" calls out the creature as it holds out it's two spark plug hands and tries to zap Spark with it's own bolt of lightning while she deals with Kindabads.
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 05:39:39 42337
Cure Spark quickly launches herself upward and away from the lightning attack. Inside, the precure is fangirling over the fact that she is actually doing this! "Thats not how you do it! THIS IS!" She quickly touches her prebrace again and calls out as she flies towards the Terribad. "Spark Lightning Strike!"

Lightning hits Cure Spark as she goes flying at the Terribad, charging her up with electric. She unleashes a haymaker on the dark creature, charged with the power of a lightning bolt. It is in fact a Lightning Strike!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 05:49:22 42341
Namakelder frowns hasilty as he taps his cane down to the ground. He's unhappy, grabbing the top of his hat. The dark general isn't particularly happy at anything right now. He'd rather be napping and if his Terribad goes-- so does all his comfortable mold!

The Terribad gets blasted back by the lighting strike, finally- loosing it's footing and onto it's big butt. It needs a moment to get itself off from the ground.

If there was ever a time for a nice clean shot to finish it off, now seems to be a good moment!
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 05:57:15 42346
The soft pink fairy shouts, "Spark! Finish it off You've got this!!!" She hangs back, keeping clear of the fight and making sure that she is safe for the time being.

Cure Spark nods, "Right!" She closes her eyes having no clear idea of what she is about to do. She simply follows her instincts.

"Light of curiosity, Turn into sacred power!" Light and music pick up as they surround the precure. Energy is definitely gathering. "Love Prebrace! Pretty Cure Ball Lightning" A huge ball of electrical energy goes flying and slams into the terribad. It is definitely a very nasty attack.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-05-25 06:08:16 42348
Namakelder throws his hands up in front of his face. This is not the first time he's witnessed the true power of a Precure, it won't be the last, for sure--- as the ball of electrical energy slams into the Terribad---it begins to purify--and cause a sparkling effects of sorts----

By the time Cure Spark has called out her ending phrase to end the attack, the Terribad calls out---

"Soooo Relaxxxxing." before it dissapates upwards turning white in the process.

First, the mold fades away-- which causes Namakelder to stutter a bit as he falls a few inches to the ground as the mold dissapates under his feet- then to scowl a bit.

"Bother, Bother Bother--- no one here knows how to relax. I'm going /elsewhere/." he says. Then he teleports away into a jump.

Shortly after that, the Mirror containing Naomi's parent fades away--leaving her free!
Naomi Yomada 2016-05-25 06:27:26 42353
Cure Spark speaks out, "Spark of curiosity, Return to the heavens!" She lets out a little smile and hurries over to her Mother. "Are you alright? Do you remember anything?"

Mrs Yomada looks rather confused. There is a girl on the ground, her daughter is missing, and she herself is feeling just out of it. "Yes I'm okay. What happened? Where is my daughter?! Is she okay?" She asks curiously.

"There was an incident. She is safe. She was sent home. She will meet you there." Spark turns and glances at the unconscious mahou shoujo. "She will likely have a friend with her."

Mrs. Yomada nods and begins walking home. The pink fairy comes flying towards her now. "Hiya Spark, I'm Lilac! I'm here to help you out and... Ooof!!! I feel the warmth of a warm day on the beach inside of me!! My nose tickles!!!! Please rub my nose!"

Spark quickly rubs Lilac's nose. She giggles and then sneezes. Several cards appear. A Surfer set! A book appears as well and the fairy puts the cards in the book. "If you collect all the cards and fill this book, you will get one wish! Anything you want. Pretty cool huh!"

Spark is just overwhelmed at this. She smiles and nods, "Yeah! We will talk when we get home. For now, I think we need to get this other girl to safety." She walks over and picks up the girl... If she weren't in Precure form there would be no way she could do this. Her wings flash and grow a little larger as she takes flight, carrying Sentinel Spirit home to safety.