Fried Food Therapy

Hannah and Haruna MENACE RIVENTON. ... into eating something and actually having a conversation. Maybe sleep. There are sleep-related threats.

Date: 2016-06-04
Pose Count: 18
Takashi Agera 2016-06-04 23:42:55 43592
Takashi hadn't been going to classes - the school gave an excuse about him traveling to European country on some sort of ambassador program 'for the best and brightest' - but that was just Eclipse covering the tracks of one of their student-employees, yet again.

In reality, Takashi hadn't even been Takashi - he'd become Riventon somewhere near the mountain where Ami has met him last and hadn't actually unhenshin'd since. He's only rarely left his lab.

He also hasn't been sleeping, and it shows. The fact that he hasn't blown up either his lab, a section of Mitakihara, or a part of space with his work can be attributed as much to luck as keen intellect still functioning while his body is trying not to pass out on the desk.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-04 23:49:34 43595

That's the sound of a hand pounding hard on the door to Riventon's lab. Most people would either have to be insane or foolhardy to do so when Riventon's in his current state. Hannah Sharpe has been called both in her time. The white-suited woman has a large silver platter in her right hand. There's the scent of delicious, fatty southern cooking already wafting in towards Takashi's lab, daring to banish the darkness!

Or at least entice Riventon's stomach. What a /jerk/.

"Ohhhh mister shut-in~! Fee fie foe fum open this door or I kick it off its hinges~!" Sing-songs Miss White. Loudly. And she sounds entirely serious. Just ask Mamoru.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-04 23:55:54 43598
Haruna Kurosawa is here too, in her snappy employee suit, because when you go to another company you get professional, EVEN if it's technically a personal visit. She may have helped cook! (You cannot mess up Corn Bread too much as a novice cook.).

"White-chan is totally gonna boot that door down and force feed you in a moment, Riventon-san~" she sings out.

"Don't worry, it'll be a delicious hurt!" she insists.

Delicious, delicious hurt.

"Or you know, you can come out and eat!" she says. No insisting to ask what's wrong yet. That can come after they pry the tuna from the proverbial can.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-05 00:03:38 43600
A lot of reactions to this sudden turn of events jockey for space in Riventon's mind. Seal the door. Fire a darkblast at the door. Those are the first two, and neither would work - he doesn't underestimate Hannah's Barrier Break techniques, and knocking the door off the hinges with a blast would allow Hannah in and all of the darkness in here OUT.

His stomach rumbles between the words mentioned of food and the smell, and that's actually what sets him away from his desk as much as the threats. "Hang on." someone that sounds vaguely like Riventon says. "If I just open this door up normally you'll end up crazy like you did with that sword, or something." he calls, shifting to roll the dark energy and miasma away from the door so he can open it without contamination.

Only the person who actually opens the door isn't Riventon, not entirely. It's MOSTLY Takashi Agera, albeit with dark enough circles under his eyes it looks like Makoto came at them with a brick, and with a strange purple tinge to his hair that reminds of Riventon. And he looks from Hannah to Gull and realizes that yes, he heard Gull out there and yes, he still unhenshin'd anyways without thinking. Maybe sleep IS a good thing. "Crap." is all he says to her.

Then he turns to Hannah. "I'm not a Hikikomori, I'm just busy. Secrets of the universe and all that." he says, though now he's actually leaning on the wall less as attitude and more for support.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-05 00:14:24 43602
"Then all the more reason to hurry up!"

A Ta-kun that's at once Ta-kun and Riventon. A physical identity crisis. And he even unhenshins right in front of Gull. Siiiigh.

"Yeeeeah, about that. You're barely standing, bucko. C'mere. Hey, Gull, how many rings are under his eyes?" She'll start to physically haul him over to a non-Dark Magic table likely with Haruna's help.

"You haven't been out of your lab for a /week/! Even for you, that's not healthy. Seriously. If you work yourself to the bone that hard, you'll start screwing up. Like you just did." Off comes that tray, revealing mashed potatoes, ham, red eye gravy, grit cakes, steak fries (with sausage gravy), and corn bread. Lots of Gull-chan corn bread shaped into birds.

"But before any of that, /eat/!" There's enough for all three of them thankfully.

She'll then pull out a table for Gull.

"Now at least tell us what you've been working on."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-05 00:21:36 43603
Haruna Kurosawa steps back. She doesn't wanna A: Get darkness infused because she had enough of that as Scorn for like five lifetimes and B: She doesn't accidently let something purifying in-- she isn't transformed right now but she has no idea if like her PreChanMirror will react to that junk.

Then the guy who comes out mostly looks like Riventon-- but tired and baggy eyes. Something is really off. She taps her chin. "...Crap?..." then it hits her like a dumb sack of bricks. "Oh... OH! Nono. No worries. Um... Hi!" she says. "You're out! Good! I wasn't looking forward to going all Nurse Card and all that. Um..." she follows around and then sits her tush down smiling at Hannah with a grin. "Thanks!" she says.

She peeks. "I count like a bajillion." she insists with a frank and honest tone as she nods matter of factly. Though it's clearly meant to emphazie just how tired the guy looks rather than actual counting.

Indeed, lots of corn bread. "I helped cook. Don't worry! I've been learning and it won't be comically horrible." she insists. "But lemme know if the Corn Bread needs any work. For next time!"

She offers a friendly smile.

She lets Hannah take the lead, but does add. "That much working constantly can't be good for anyone." she says as she reaches for ham and gravy first.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-05 00:33:24 43607
Takashi doesn't really have much say in the matter, physically or otherwise, as he's hauled over to one of the tables in the larger rooms outside his lab. "You sound like my device." he notes grumpily. Axion pings, and it's amazing how much emotion a single tone can convey when applied at the right time.

"Well, Gull-chan's with you and she trusts you and I trust you so it's not really a big deal." he says, deflecting the idea that it was a mistake, because it obviously was. "Not like being anyone else has helped me anyways."

There's absolutly, though, no chance that tiredness, exhaustion, heartbreak, or any other feeling could stop Takashi from wanting to chow into that food though. It smells delicious, Takashi's starving, and he's a teenage (mostly-)human male. It doesn't take long for him to start eating the food - though sometimes it looks more like he's inhaling it.

"I told you what I was working on already, Hannah. Secrets of the universe. Energy. Oh, and the requests from the guys in the new Mitakihara tower, the ones who are working with the little white rat with the long ears. I filled those out recently. Crazy stuff going on down there, has to be." he mumbles. Then inserts more food.

"Thanks, Gull-chan, but I don't think I need a nurse. Can't fix what's wrong, anyways." he says, and then shifts conversation to the cornbread VERY RAPIDLY. "Cornbread's great." he says, and finds a smile somewhere. Yep, odd hair and dark energy and all that's still Takashi. "...thanks for both of you bringing it. But I've just been real... involved... in things that aren't my projects for too long."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-05 00:47:52 43610
She looks from Riv to Gull to Riv. A sigh of relief. For once, she doesn't want to see a fight. Not when Riventon is prone to doing something stupid.

"She's gotten a lot better. Argh. I remember the first corn bread she made..." Shudder.

Hannah snatches up a fork, and nibbles on some fries. Mmm, gravy. Clearly Hannah's evil plan is to seduce everyone with cooking. Aka the 'Mako Plan'.

"Well they can wait." Pause. Her gaze goes dark almost as soon as their new 'coworker' is mentioned. Straight to 'murder'. And then a sharp grin.

"Huh, so it /is/ true! Heh heh heh. I'll have to pay a visit. I want to see what they're up to. It might help my own projects out."

Then, silence as she lets Gull and Riv talk. It's almost uncharacteristic. She's showing /restraint/ and /consideration/.

"Okay, so, I'm going to say this just once, because otherwise I'll start sounding like those Virtue idiots. If you need an ear, or just someone to go a few rounds with to blow off some steam, you know who to turn to." Reeeach, a hard slap on the back.

"There, that's 'Big Sister White-chan's' nagging for the day."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-10 19:46:28 44373
Haruna Kurosawa purses her lips as she looks between Hannah and Riventon. She places her fork down as she frowns. "Trying to be someone else...?" she asks silently. She picks up a piece of cornbread and sighs a bit as she takes a bite.

"I quit Virtue because they wanted me to stop working with an associating with Hannah-chan. Also because Blue-sama apparently has some stupid rule about Pretty Cures falling in love. Stupid." she mutters.

"But..." she says. "I could say that you should just be yourself , Riventon-san." she insists with a smile. "I know I'm not changing for anyone except myself!"

"Right, same offer here. I mean. Talking. We could spar but like. Don't intelligent devices do the VR thing?" she wonders. "Right?" she asks.

"Sorry, not my thing usually." she insists.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-10 20:02:17 44381
Takashi already seems a little better - though tired, but tired is a default state for both Eclipse researchers in this room - perhaps not THIS tired though. "I mean it though, it's all good." he says. Takashi might be a lot of things that are bad, but he's very appreciative of good food - especially when it shows up free and unannounced.

"Well, I kinda wish someone had put that rule on me. About falling in love. Everything would be a lot easier then, for me..." he says, his eyes drifting down and very away for a moment. Awkward silence ensues. A very loud awkward science which he breaks by stuffing his face in gravy-coated fries and switching the subject.

"I've got some insights into what they're working on down at Sunset Tower, but even I don't know the whole picture. They just wanted some... for lack of a better word, 'parts' to make it all come together, and I've been on the outs for so long, so I helped out." he says. "I know most of the folks down there don't trust the white rat either. But I mean, most people down there don't trust their coworkers. You and I continue to be an oddity in this organization." And there's still the understanding that trust might not prevent them coming to blows at some point.

"Actually, having you spar with me - or with some of my projects - might be really good. You're a dangerous combatant and that data could be useful. Plus I have to admit, it's beautiful watching you fight. I never miss a match, you know." he says, smiling. "And Gull-chan, you could be good practice too - they're bound to engage... well, magical girls. So am I." he says, his eyes drifting to that same off and away place in sudden silence.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-10 20:37:04 44391
Fried chicken! Nom nom nom!

Grin. There's suddenly an arm pulling Haruna into a hard squeeze!

"You're darn right! Besides, if you changed, who /else/ is going to be the arrogant jerk friend in this little thing, huh? I'd be bored without you creating some sort of abomination to either salivate or be annoyed by."

Wow, that got awkward very fast. She looks to Haruna in the universal look of 'help me, how do we social out of this one!?!?'

Thankfully Ta-kun offers them an out.

She does punch him right in the shoulder for a show of solidarity though.

"Well, yeah, but there's a difference between 'distrust' and 'potential liability'. Oh well. It's still an opportunity. Hey, do me a favor: if you can pull a string or two, get me in the door. What they're doing is riiight up my alley after all. I'll owe you a favor or two."

Whump! Fist to palm. "You need only say the word! But after you've eaten, and had least twelve hours sleep. I'll tie you down to a bed if I have to!"

Then, oh then, is Miss White blushing. One can all but see her mixing pure embarrassment and her ego rapidly rising. Preeeeen. Preeeeen.

"That little bluenette is an idiot! Seriously. You know, you can actually be /witty and charming/ when you want to, Riv-kun." Whump! Seems she's distracting herself with possible violence towards a certain senshi.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-10 20:48:57 44395
Haruna Kurosawa makes a face. "Coobs is kind of a jerk." she says. This is the most accurate summary of Kyubey ever.

She grins at Takashi. "I'll help. I can fight some of your things for testing purposes. I owe you that much." she says softly.

Awkwardness, but she frowns. "Love....?" she asks, she leans forward. "...Did you fall in love with someone, Riventon-san?" she asks curiously, leaning forward. She seems a little sympahtetic here. She can only imagine how that must feel. "Was it someone... on the other side?" she asks a little curiously. "A coworker or..?" she purses her lips.

"I know it can be hard if it was someone on the otherside." she beammmms into the Hannah squeeze. "Everyone comes at you and frowns at you and questions you." she looks down. "Not my real friends, at least." she says with a matter of fact nod.

Then there's a line about Hannah tying people to beds. And now Haruna is blushing but she also looks THOUGHFUL. You can really only imagine what's going on inside her head now. Uh oh.

She turns back to Takashi.

"Bluenette?" she taps her chin. She knows a /few/ Bluenettes. Including her sister.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-10 21:05:17 44402
Riventon mmms. "I don't know, you've done some abomination creation of your own - but I guess Gull-chan never saw you in your full White Witch Hannah glory, eh." he says, with a wry grin. "Too bad about the side effects."

"I'll see what I can do. I know it dovetails with some of your research in the past, so I'll see if I can get you access to the Sunset Tower basement. Maybe I'll say you're working on a bit of the project with me. Hell, maybe I won't even need to make it a lie - you know a lot about what makes them tick, and I have a suspicion there's some stuff you kept locked up in your mind rather than in the files you gave me..." he says with a conspiratorial elbow to the ribs.

"I rather think you would have a difficult time tying me to the bed. Not really my thing, and your Gull-chan might disapprove, too. At least, of you doing it to me..." he says with a smirk, completly taking that comment wrong and out of left field. Maybe he's been hitting the dark energy a bit much recently.

But then his ire is raised by something Hannah said, and he actually rises up and squares his shoulders and looks a little bit less like Takashi and a little bit more like Riventon in just stance and facial expression alone. "She's not an idiot." he says, sternly. "It's just that she relies on the opinions of her friends far too much, and they mislead her. Everything was fine for a while, but then she came at me claiming I was hazardous and she didn't love m-" and he cuts himself off there, mid-word, and just crosses his arms and SLUMPS.

And that's when Gull's questions come on that subject. "It's not past tense." he adds. "Or maybe the falling was but the being isn't. Hannah-chan knows who I mean. And yeah, her friends were... less than helpful. I didn't have a good relationship with some of the ones I knew before, and they were hostile from the start. And I was so happy... and I thought it could change. But I guess I didn't change enough. She wanted me to change more and step away from the power I was born with - the things that keep me alive and give me the strength to change the world."

Takashi's hands leave the cross and hit the desk, and he starts gripping it in anger. And starts crumpling it a little. The desk is metal, so this is notable, as is the black energy that begins to waft from his hands when he does so. "Everything was fine until they got involved and lied to her, I'm sure..."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-10 21:45:21 44414
Hannah looks to Riventon. Then looks slowly to Haruna. There's a long, loooong pause.

Why is Hannah both blushing and grinning like a very hungry shark?

"You are /awful/!" She protests. Very lightly! Whap! Right on the Riv-kun shoulder!

Both arms go up! "Huzzah! I knew I could count on you! You won't regret it!" Then she points to herself.

"Now, would I /EVER/ do an awful thing like that?" Heh heh heh! Devious Hanners sounds!

Welp, time to ride out Ta-kun anger. She crosses her arms, leans against Haruna, and just lets him /vent/. No snarky comments, just a concerned friend listening. Letting him get it all out. NOt a word until he's done.

A sigh. "Well excuse me for being angry with somebody who asked you to change a fundamental part of who you are. Heck, one that would LITERALLY KILL YOU if you did." A hard, fixed stare, then she lets Riv off the hook.

"But at least now you know what to avoid, huh? Lesson learned. C'mon, you're smart, leave the 'table crushing fits of homicidal rage' to me. I at least look awesome doing it." She jabs, just to throw him off balance and hopefully distract him a bit. She menaces horribly with a gravy-covered fry.

"And your food's getting cold by the way."

"You too, Gull-chan! We've got to eat so we can utterly humiliate whatever Riv has cooking up that he wants to test on us!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-10 21:54:39 44415
Haruna Kurosawa seems to somehow blush more and hunkers down when subject of bed tying comes up even more and she clears her throat, takes a deep breath and dispells most of that all. The blush is still there lightly, but she's continuing the discussion despite herself.

--and something Takashi said just made her upset. "That's...." she bites her tounge a moment. "That's horrible. You should never have to change Riventon-san. Nor should anyone love you for who you can be and not who you are." she crosses her arms. "Yeah. Better keep names to yourself if you don't want me to start showing up to doorsteps and start ranting at them." she insists with a hrmph!

She nods in agreement with Hannah as she continues to eat. She's loooving this food a lot.

"Haw!" she says. "If it can beat us both then it's super effective." she insists.

"I won't pull punches though. If I do, you'll just get wrong results." she insists. "So I'm gonna give it my all!".

Oh, then there's hands slapped onto the desk and black energy wafting off from Riventon. She watches it to make sure it doesn't get on her food or anything. She doesn't really want to like. Become Scorn again on the spot. That'd be really awkward. She doesn't even know if it's possible. Probably not.

But she doesn't wanna test that either.

"Is it true you threw a desk through a wall once?" she asks Hannah. "I heard rumors about that in WPS. That you did that!" she smiles.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-10 22:34:23 44419
Takashi doesn't shirk -too- much from the whap, but it does kinda pull him out of the deathgrip he applies to the poor table. Looks like making a joke earlier may have helped him out. "Look, you can be angry, just be angry at the right people, ok?" he says with a smile. "Or be a little angry at her, just no punching her. It'd be really awkward if I had to come to the defense of someone who's made me a bit of a wreck, alright?" he says, with a half smile. He's not sure how much of any of this he's actually worried about.

"Look, just because I'm smart doesn't mean I'm not capable of my own fits of rage." he says, though she has effectively knocked his feelings around enough to pull him out of that. "It's easier to be mad than sad, and more productive." he notes, eyes shifting again - but then she's threatening him with the fry, and he leans over and snaps about half of it off with his teeth like some sort of ta-kun shark. Then returns to eating his food at the insinuation he's letting it get cold.

Mouth full, he adds. "I'm sure you two ladies wouldn't do me the disservice of pulling punches wether it's against me or a test subject." he says. "I dunno, maybe she could use with a good rant if it's not a Hannah Punching Rant." he adds glumly. He may be a little sore about the whole thing, for sure.

"I think Hannah and I have both had our share of launched furniture. At least hers was a little bit more quiet than mine..." he muses, referring a dance long ago.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-10 23:00:53 44422
As for desks?

"Eclipse-approved method of stress relief. It's in the 'Magical Employee Guidebook'!"

Soon enough, Miss White has devoured her own pile of food, and then leeeeeans back into her chair. Pat pat pat belly. Ahhh. She tilts her head.

"Well if you /do/ end up ranting at her, record it. It'll make a nice birthday present. ...When /is/ your birthday, Riv-kun, I don't think I've ever asked."

"Bah, you're no fun. I've seen her fight, she won't die from just a few love taps!" She protests, but then gives a tiny little sailor's salute.

Hmmm. "Yeah, I guess that's true. Still, you're more threatening when you're being smugly self-assured of your victory."

The Ta-kun shark is fed and no longer about to devour a table! They're saaaaved!

A grin. "Yeah, I heard about that one! Man, is it just me, or are school dances just absolute disasters in this town? A very glittery, elegant, fashionable train wreck. Maybe we could make a tv drama based on those. 'Dances of Death!'."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-10 23:05:41 44424
Haruna Kurosawa hehs. "My rants tend to be verbal and full of lots of pointing." she insists. "No punching or hitting unless they start first." a pause and then a blush. "Though there was that time I smacked Hannah silly for messing the ocean up..."

She however, grins a little with a smile as she taps the top of the metal top a bit as she ponders.

She giggles a bit as she shakes her head.

Then talks of furniture punching. and furniture punching at school dances and she muses on this for a bit...

Then her eyes go wide as she realizes what Hannah's talking about.


She suddenly shoots up. "Ahahahhahaha yeah that was a crazy dancecomeonHannahletsgodeforeIdieofembrassement." she quickly shoots off.