Four Puella converge on a rare labyrinth in the middle of the Witch drought. So how did Riventon manage to get there *first*? And who exactly is Elsa Maria?

Date: 2016-06-12
Pose Count: 35
Takashi Agera 2016-06-12 22:23:50 44749
With witches so scarce in Tokyo, it's not entirely surprising that there'd end up being a large number of Puella Magi who'd converge a newly-born witch's labrynth. What is surpising is the large number of Puella Magi who make it here all together - and all just a little late. The various ways of seeking out and detecting witches bring them all here, almost at exactly the same time - and just in time for the Labrynth to fade away and out.

Walking out of that strange otherspace dimension is Takashi Agera. Well, mostly. It's Takashi Agera with purple tinges at the tips of his normal white hair, one hell of a sneer, and a familiar Intelligent Device gauntlet on his right arm - well, familiar to anyone who's ever fought Riventon.

In his left hand he holds up a Grief Seed, turning it around slowly in the quickly-setting sunlight. "Well, I guess you were just born. That was rather easy, all things considered." he muses. Throwing it up in the air, catching it again, and then reaching to put it in his jacket pocket.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-12 22:31:22 44750
    Kyouko has been on high-alert for Witches. This is just good sense in most cases anyway, but on top of that she's managed to waste an entire Grief Seed (of Momo's, no less) in that ill-fated attempt to end the Fiore problem. The nagging sense of guilt over that (not over her actions, but over the fact that they cost Momo of all people a Grief Seed when they are so precious) has tuned her senses even more-so than usual to the faintest hint of a Labyrinth in Tokyo.

    She hadn't really expected to sense one, not with the knowledge that Kyubey was doing his best to make sure that none appeared. However, when that faint whiff of surrealistic evil does tickle her senses, it takes only a moment for her to decide to react. She had been on her way to work, walking down the sidewalk, when that scent had reached her. A brief tilt of her head, nose to the wind like a predator scenting a particularly sought-after and long-absent prey.

    Then, without even really considering whether she 'should' or not, she's off towards its source, henshining on the way and proceeding to take the Rooftop Route. If she can make it there first, maybe she can at least repay the cost she had incurred on those around her.

    Alas, too late. The sense of that Witch's den is already fading as Kyouko alights in a ruffle of white-edged coat and pink skirt atop a nearby building. Red eyes narrow on the location of the ex-Labyrinth.. one eyebrow raising at the sight of Takashi Agera, of all people. She remembers him (and not liking him) from encounters last year, but despite a warning from Kunzite recently, she hadn't expected to run into him here.

    Then her eyes fall on the Grief Seed in his hand, and narrow further. Well, kill a Witch, kill an asshole.. if they drop a Grief Seed at the end, it's basically the same in the long-run, right?
Momo Sakura 2016-06-12 22:33:32 44751
Dog's been left behind. A labyrinth is no place for a puppy!

She supposes that technically it's no place for a ni--er, thirteen year old, either, but it is what it is.

She's not with Kyouko when she arrives, too late as it turns out. The eldest Sakura is probably off doing some other world saving thing. Or playing DDR. Both, of course, are equally important.

There's a guy! He has the seed! He's probably Not Nice!


"Excuse me, BadGuy-san? How'd you get your hair like that?" She's hanging upside down from a fire escape, poised and ready for a jump if needed, but golly!

"Is that a thingy like Miss White has? Why'd you take the seed? Who was young?"
Homura Akemi 2016-06-12 22:40:07 44752
    Homura Akemi isn't one to waste time. She could be here pretty efficiently if she wanted to... but why would she want to? So she could get into a fight with the small army of Puella Magi desperate for Grief Seeds who would come here? No, that's pointless. No one would win that fight. Not even the one who takes home the Grief Seed.

    However, survival is always near the front of Homura's mind. Not only her survival, but Madoka's too, and the survival of as many Puella Magi as she can. So that means that she should be here, to break up fights, scream some sense into people, and generally try to stop things from getting as ridiculous as Kyubey would like them to be.

    What she finds here is... not what she expected. Takashi Agera, with a Grief Seed. Didn't he give up on being Frost Knight? ... wait, what's that Device? Is that... Axion? Riventon's device?!

    Homura peers at Takashi from a nearby rooftop, frowning as she considers the meaning of this. Purple eyes notice the approach of one Kyouko Sakura, since one would have to be a fool not to take note of her, but what really shocks Homura is when Momo decides to approach Takashi?!

    Homura doesn't have a reason to think of Takashi as a villain. Sure, he's a jerk, and he's been a bit upset lately, but he's killing a Witch. That's not all that bad, is it? Still, she can't help but wonder how the heck Takashi got a hold of Riventon's device.

    Homura hops down from her rooftop vantage point, slowly walking towards Momo and Takashi. "You're the last person I expected to find hunting Witches." Her eyes dart towards Axion, and then back to Takashi. "Last I heard you had given up the hero business."
Madoka Kaname 2016-06-12 22:49:30 44753
    Madoka isn't usually one to skip out on her volunteering duties at Mitakihara General, but when the first Witch in a long time is sensed even she finds herself begging off early. The fact she had missed a whole day earlier this week made her feel bad, but it did give her good excuse to say she still wasn't feeling all the way better. It's also true.

    She comes from the direction of the hospital in henshin, jumping along the tops of rooves like Kyouko. She's a little late to the party, having actually taken the time to explain she was going and leave the hospital before transforming. With a flutter of white ruffles and red bows she drops down from above, landing a few paces away from where the Labyrinth once stood. With a blink of pink eyes she takes in Takashi, a look of surprise on her expression, followed by a look of relief and a bit of happiness too, "Takashi-kun, you're safe! I heard you might be in trouble-"

    Her expression suddenly changes, her head dropping down somewhat abashed, "I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend. I don't know what happened but... if you want I can talk to you about it. I know it can hurt."

    Madoka Kaname tends to have different priorities than most Puella Magi.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-12 23:12:25 44757
Takashi's eyes fall on Kyouko - but then he's drawn away from the red Puella by an unfamiliar younger one. She has questions - but this really isn't a place for anyone. Not so close to Takashi. He knows enough to push that away - but the reference to 'Badguy-san' throws him. He doesn't answer the question about the hair, but he can't help but remember a different young girl who likes to hang upside down from things and asks too many questions. It at least makes him less likely to blast her.

He even decides to answer. "Yes, it's like Miss White's. I took the seed because it's a valuable experimental resource. And the Witch was young. She didn't put up as much of a fight as we were expecting."

Homura hops down and Takashi instantly steps back a pace or two. Homura and Kyouko. Fantastic. "Well, like I was just telling the monkey there..." he says, pointing at momo "...the seeds have value to me. And someone about a foot high has asked me to help secure em'."

And there's Madoka. The last time Takashi met Madoka in a place like this she didn't know who he was, and she tried to fill him with a volley of arrows. Trying to scare Madoka away from fights didn't work anymore - and in Takashi's mind, that meant he'd already commited to having to fight her. "What happened is that some people got in her ear and filled her mind with stupid damned ideas." he says, tucking the grief seed into that pocket with a slamming fist, ther whole issue setting him on edge.

Anyone who can pick up on negative energy, perhaps like one Kyouko Sakura, can feel it building in him at this topic of discussion. "I don't need to talk about it. The whole thing just ended up being a waste. I've spent too long trying to be something I'm not, so I'm done with that." he says. "I guess Akemi was right all along, I'm bad news, a terrible person, and a threat." he says.

"Now stand down and go away before I pay Homura and Kyouko back for the trouble they've caused me in the past."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-12 23:19:41 44759
    Kyouko often acts rashly, impulsively. But she also knows that sometimes it pays to stand back for a few moments and watch a situation before throwing yourself into it. This had been the plan here.. a plan thoroughly de-railed by Momo's entire lack of caution.

    Kyouko spits a curse upon seeing Momo appear and start talking to Takashi for all the world like they were standing together at a bus-stop. Oh well.. so much for the smart approach. Time for the Sakura approach.

    She's only spurred on by the sense of Dark Energy vaugely emenating from Takashi, but seeming to grow stronger. Last time she encountered him, she wasn't so sensitive to it... although it does remind her of the fight she had with Riventon, and the Nullheart Sayaka. And that glove looks familiar too..

    Still, thinking wastes time and there's no time to waste. Kyouko leaps down from the rooftop, landing on the sidewalk with an outward flare of dust and ruffles, straightening with her spear materialized in her hand, having appeared sometime between when she left the roof and appeared on the ground.

    "Momo." She snaps, her eyes hard, though someone who knows her well can tell 'protective anger' from 'violent anger'. "Get away from him. Takashi Agera.." She shifts, pointing with her speartip. "Hand over the Grief Seed. There's people here who need it more'n you." She doesn't say herself, and for once maybe isn't even thinking of herself. A brief glance to Homura, on the opposite side of Takashi, and Madoka. Madoka is noted, but not with concern. Homura is given a 'look'. A look the other girl likely remembers from the Old Kyouko. This is my Grief Seed, that look says, And if you claim otherwise, there's gonna be trouble.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-12 23:25:18 44760
"Ohhhh neat! Closest I have is my cell phone. He doesn't talk back to me, though, but sometimes I pretend he does. I call him Sammy. Does the seed hafta be full? Could someone trade it for an empty one? And wha--"

Momo winces hard as Kyouko calls to her.

Chastised, she lowers herself off the fire escape.

Before she goes over, she looks at Takashi with large, wide eyes as she hugs her gunlance almost like a teddy bear. "Thank you for answering, Badguy-san. Coming, Kyou-nee!"

She scuttles over to her bigger sister, giving her Wounded Puppy Eyes. "I was being careful..."
Homura Akemi 2016-06-12 23:30:15 44761
    Homura glances towards Madoka. Madoka's here. Madoka's here and Homura just frowns. For the sake of her girlfriend, Homura hopes that she's very, very wrong. Takashi couldn't possibly that cruel, could he? He couldn't possibly be that bad. He probably just beat Riventon up and took his device. Heck, Homura could even respect that. She beats up the Yakuza and steals their guns. Takashi doing that to Riventon is exactly the same. It only makes perfect sense. That's what this is, right? That has to be it, right?

    Madoka must be having quite the influence on her if Homura is so unwilling to see what's right in front of her... but a colder, more bitter, more cynical part of her is telling her the simple facts, and it won't be long before that nagging voice wins out. After all, how could Takashi ever fight Riventon without his device? It's not like Riventon is a wimp. The only way Takashi would have Axion is if...

    "How dare you." Homura's voice is cold. Her glare is ice. Beryl did not receive this level of anger from her. Walpurgisnacht did not gain this level of hatred. What boils underneath, what's starting to boil over right now, is deeper than any disgust, or hatred, or anger. "How fucking dare you."

    She barely even registers the reference to Kyubey. She hears it, and it will be filed away, but right now her focus is on something else entirely. She doesn't notice Kyouko glaring at her, and really she's already resolved not to waste her magic on that.

    "You KIDNAPPED her!"

    "You KIDNAPPED her and then pretended to save her and then DATED her! You sick, sick... How dare you take advantage of her? Just because she always sees the best in people... because she believed in you..."

    Homura... actually doesn't attack right away. Why doesn't she? She doesn't understand. Her body just isn't moving. She's just staring at Takashi, wide eyed. The Grief Seed may as well not exist. The Sakura family may as well not even be here. As far as she's concerned, the only thing standing in front of her is someone who dared to blaspheme the one thing that Homura considers sacred.

    A shotgun is suddenly in her hands, pointed at Takashi's head. "No. I wasn't right about you. I was jealous, and maybe a bit frustrated, but I never imagined that this was what was going on back then. You are far worse that I ever imagined."
Madoka Kaname 2016-06-12 23:48:41 44764
    Madoka frowns at the mention of someone a foot tall asking Takashi to help him retrieve Grief Seeds, and he might see her actually angry for the first time. "I was wrong yesterday. Kyubey is still trying to turn my friends against me." Of course he is? That's pretty much his modus operandi, why would it be any different now? "Takashi-kun, I know you and Hannah-chan can use those for experiments. They are valuable... but they're far more important to us than they are for you. If you need some I'm sure Hannah-chan can give them to you!"

    After all, Bob is probably still being harvested for familiars. Madoka isn't quite desperate enough to go to Hannah herself for Grief Seeds, but she hasn't discounted it as a possibility.

    She winces when he reacts so badly to her condolences; she realized too late that that was probably still a sore subject. People filled his girlfriends head with stupid ideas? "I'm sorry. That isn't very fair..." Then at the accusation that he Homura was right, that he's a terrible person?

    Madoka opens her arms wide and shakes her head, taking a tiny step forward, "That isn't true! I've seen the good parts of you, Takashi-kun! You were so good and sweet to me. If you were an awful person you wouldn't have been so gentle when letting me down... that's something a good person who cares about people does!"

    She looks about herself with wide eyes as Kyouko drops down and materializes her spear, "Kyouko-san, there's no need for that! We don't have to fight! This is exactly what Kyubey wants, he wants us to fight over Grief Seeds!" Her expression hardens a little, her eyebrows going from high arches to lowered straight lines, "What's the point of fighting for a Grief Seed if we use up more magic than it will give us, anyway? That just brings us all closer to death."

    And then Homura is behind her, shouting and really angry for reasons Madoka doesn't quite understand. She hasn't exactly looked at his weapon since she got here, focusing instead on his face. "Homura-chan, what are you talking about?" she asks with the confusion evident in her voice, only for it to start to sink in at 'pretended to save her'. Madoka's eyes go down to Takashi's Device now, and then up to the purple in his white hair, and things start to slip into place.

    Her exceedingly angry girlfriend and eternal protector suddenly holding a shotgun, aiming it at Takashi's face, and Madoka is turning pale and starting to shake a little. She stands confused for several long moments, looking between Homura and Takashi, only to shake her head.

    Is Takashi Riventon? On one level it's completely absurd to her. Takashi is arrogant and doesn't know how to interact with people very well, but he also shows a side that deeply cares about people. On the other hand he's known to have had dark energy his entire life and works for Eclipse, has even offered to get her an internship there, as does Riventon. Riventon is Miss White's lab partner, and Takashi and Hannah are pretty good friends. The most damning evidence though is the device he's wearing right now, Axion. Now that she's paying attention it very obviously is Riventon's weapon. As crazy as it seems, it must be true. And yet...

    "Stop! D-don't shoot at him, Homura-chan! This isn't going to help anything!" She turns and steps closer to the dark haired Puella, "He didn't kidnap me, it was that black foxgirl, remember? And when we were dating... that was real! It wasn't fake. He really cared about me! And then when he realized we weren't very compatible he was nice to me, and he didn't string me along. He never used that to get to me. I know there's good in him, I've seen it!"

    She walks over to Homura and tries to get her to lower the shotgun by setting a gloved hand atop the barrel, saying more quietly, "Remember what Kunzite and Mamoru-kun told us? He was trying to be better." She shakes her head from side to side and looks at Takashi with a pained expression, "I -know- he was! I helped him take care of a girl who was really, really sick!"

    Her eyes turn back to Homura, "Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has bad things inside them, sometimes even awful things inside them, but it's the good things that really matter."
Takashi Agera 2016-06-12 23:57:03 44765
"Hey, what makes you think you're the only one who needs grief seeds in this town. I mean, even all four of you aren't the only ones." Takashi says, though he's slowly giving up a little bit of ground. It looks closer to an organized retreat than a rout, the way he keeps making careful steps back towards an alley.

"We beat the witch, so I get to keep the seed. That's how it works. Unless you're really going to engage me." he says, as though finding the very idea laughable. In times of concern, Takashi's very good at covering any kind of concern or worry under twenty stacked layers of pride and hubris. "I mean..."

And then there's a Homura, and a shotgun, and Takashi isn't in henshin yet. So that's a pretty legitimate concern. If only he was taking it as such. It's not that he isn't worried, but that he can't allow himself to be seen as worried or weak. "Come on, that's not how it happened at all." he says, shrugging. "I didn't order her kidnapped... I did save her from someone else. Just because they thought they were working for me doesn't mean they actually were. People - and foxes - get confused."

And at that very moment, suddenly, from the shadows of the alleyway Takashi has backed into comes a girl. She's Western - possibly American, or European - and she has a long black and red dress on, with a strange symbol as a hairpin in her long black hair that makes her almost look like she's trying to rival Homura.

And in her hand is a blood-red soul gem. Takashi uses her arrival to unleash a pulse of Dark Energy to push everyone out of melee with him. "See, I told you - you're not the only one who needs these."

There's a glow from the Soul Gem, and above the girl rises a sphere of inky black darkness that transforms into an eyeless, serpentine form with a draconic head. It bites down and swallows the girl, and she erupts on the other side, coated in that black inky darkness. But as she dances, her form sheds the ink, revealing her to be dressed in a now far-less conservative outfit that looks like a tunic crossed with a hoodie with ribbons crossing over her thighs and legs. With her strangely white arm she reaches into /herself/ and draws out a massive mace with a spiked head - the same style as her hair ornament. And the inky pool remains, sprouting more of those strange dragonsnakes, some of which hiss eerily at the assembled Puella, and others who seem to be busy trying to bite each other.

"Thank you, Elsa Maria." he says, taking a short bow as he lets her get in front. His device bursts a blast of dark blue negative energy in front of it, which Takashi punches first one arm through, then the other. That energy continues to coat his arms and body, before he pushes himself through it completly - arriving on the other side as Riventon, though his facial features are far less distorted and extended by the henshin magic, since Takashi has largely given up hiding his identity. He's got Riventon's elaborate Barrier Lab Coat on though, and he's not hiding any sort of energy signature anymore like he does as Takashi.

"Yeah, I went out of my to be nice, and it got me nothing." Riventon says. "I went out of my and sacrificed my time and my energy and my experiments and I came out of it even more upset than before. I tried to keep you out of this kind of thing and it didn't help - and then you went from running away to attacking. So lets forget all of that mushy crap. This is a fight I've been itching to have and it sure looks like your friends are less forgiving than you are."

A couple of large black orbs of negative energy tear their way into existence behind him. "It was real. And yet it was such a mistake in so many ways." he snarls. "And even when it wasn't a mistake it all went south. So no. I'm going to change the world. I'm going to make it march to my beat. And you can either get in formation, or you can get on the chopping block. And when I'm done then I'll be able to get what I wanted without making comprimises that could kill me, and could doom us all, in the process!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-13 00:10:01 44769
    Kyouko squints as Momo scuttles over to her. There's a few moments of whispered, hissed conversation, during which Kyouko keeps her spear levelled at Takashi. Little bits can be heard, "..told you not to.." "..ain't sayin' you can't take care of yourself, but.." "..alright fine, but chocolate, and I get to pick.."

    This goes on while Homura and Madoka have their little revelations, and suddenly Homura is pointing her shotgun, and things are escalating.. which honestly suits Kyouko just fine. She has no idea what the other two are going on about- she wasn't even aware that Madoka and Takashi were ever dating, or any of that whole situation. But she always felt like he was bad news, so there's nothing shocking in this development for her.

    Before she can decide on her own move, though, a strange girl appears and.. henshins? It certainly appears that way, and the end-result is much the same. Riventon blows everyone back with a pulse of Dark Energy, and as she skids on the sidewalk, fangs are bared. The Dark Energy throbs around her, and she feels her Soul Gem trying to absorb it.. but she isn't desparate enough to go down that road yet. She pushes it away.

    A quick glance to Momo behind her as Riventon henshins as well. Then, telepathy. <<Momo.. sorry you had to see this kid, but Im gonna need your help. The dude in the lab coat is bad news, I fought him before. Keep your distance. But do your big sis a favor and shoot the crap out of both of 'em, huh?>>

    Then her eyes shift to Homura and Madoka. <<Listen you two- what say we fight over the Grief Seed after we teach this douchebag not to mess around in Puella business, huh?>> Her eyes narrow on Riventon, and on snakey-girl. "Hey, chick," She calls out, a sneer in her voice and lip curled to show fang. "Lemme teach you somethin' about snakes." She whips her spear forward, and in mid-motion it bursts into a whipcord length of chain-linked haft. It doesn't move the way momentum would dictate, but swerves in mid-air, aiming righ back around at the strange girl, and aiming to cut through a bunch of those snakeheads on the way.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-13 00:16:30 44771
While Homura and Madoka...argue with...people and...

Anyhoo, Momo argues with her sister! They seem to reach an agreement, more or less in both their favor.

Finally, things appear to hit the fan.

<<Okay, Kyou-nee. I got your six! And your four and five and three and -- I got all your clock hands!>>

Outward, Momo just looks at Takashi like he's the one with a few bats shy of a belfry. "You wanna take over the world...because your girlfriend broke up with you?"


"Are you frikkin KIDDING ME?!"

She loads up her gunlance. It takes time to warm up.

"My dad killed me! You don't see me trying to bend the world to my whim! If so! There'd be frikkin UNICORNS EVERYWHERE!!!"

Gunlance primed and ready, she takes a running jump onto some low walls for a bit more of a higher ground and--


Aim isn't always key here. There's a big radius of...radiance. Lasery radiance.

Mmmm radiation.

"Iffin yer gonna take over the world, at least change up the script!"
Homura Akemi 2016-06-13 00:29:00 44774
    "That was only the second time, Madoka!" Homura's response is almost immediate, and she's yelling. "Did you forget when I drove an ambulance into him? He was trying to kidnap you then, too! How about the copy he made of me, who wanted to lock you away in a lab forever? Hell, Riventon himself has threatened to do that multiple times. Seems to me like all of his minions had it in for you. Does that really sound like someone who cares about you?"

    "From the beginning, he's never cared about endangering anyone! He only cares about forcing his will!" Homura frowns, and her voice lowers. She is more sad than angry, at least at Madoka. "Why can't you see that? He's always been a monster. He was only ever just pretending. It's one thing to forgive a mindless Witch, but Takashi-san has chosen his path."

    It's really hard for Homura to see Riventon as anything but villainous. Between all of the fights they've had, and the things Riventon has threatened to do, and the things he has actually done...

    "This isn't just your friend from school. This is the man who hatched a Witch in my apartment while I was sleeping! This is the man who made copies of us in order to hurt us! This is the man who time and time again has committed so many wrongs. Those aren't mistakes! He did those very much on purpose! Are you really going to defend him after everything he's done to me?"

    Whatever Homura might have said next is cut off, because suddenly she's blown back by a sudden wave of force from Riventon. She raises her shield to absorb the rest of the blast, and then watches as a new Puella Magi makes herself known. Huh. A powerset she recognizes. This is someone she's only ever seen as a Witch. So this is what she looks like as a Puella Magi.

    Kyouko's prodding her mind. Trying to say something. Homura's only response is: <<Just shut the hell up.>> She's beyond caring right now. She's actually hurt, and she's not even sure how to process that.

    Homura raises her shotgun again, at Riventon, stares straight at him, and mutters. He can probably hear her.

    "Forget it. You're just too pathetic. You think strength will solve everything, but it hasn't fixed a damn thing for you. You can't make things work with people like Madoka-chan or Ami-chan because you cling too hard to things that heroic people find meaningless. As long as you think like that, nothing is going to work for you."

    She turns around and starts to walk off. As usual, Homura thinks that fighting is a waste of magic. She never felt bad about fighting monsters before, and she certainly classified Riventon as such, but it's different now that she actually knows him.
Madoka Kaname 2016-06-13 00:42:28 44780
    Madoka is still reeling a bit from the revelation that Takashi is Riventon, and at first misses the implications of the plural first person language he's using. Her biggest focus is, quite literally, keeping her girlfriend from shooting her ex-boyfriend. She nods a little when he says she didn't order her to be kidnapped. She believes it. Why? Because if he had he wouldn't have let her go. She really can't imagine Takashi kidnapping her in order to get close to her romantically, or Riventon either. He literally had the perfect chance to capture her and he went out of his way, even hurt himself, to make sure she got out safely.

    Suddenly her attention is drawn away as shadows appear out of the alleyway. She looks very worried at first, unsure if these are some dark energy Youma or perhaps a strange attack she hadn't seen before. Instead what walks out seems for all the world to be holding a Soul Gem.

    She's forced back by the pulse of energy, wincing a little though not resisting the actual force of it. She watches as the Puella Magi transforms, and her expression changes completely. It goes from scared and worried to... mildly disconcerted? A tiny bit upset? It's not very representative of what she's actually feeling because this Riventon reveal has her confused and reeling; the full implications haven't sunk in yet.

    But the reason she's here? The Witch and the Grief Seed? If it's going to be handed over to a fellow Puella Magi this is exactly as things should be. Just because she's never met this girl doesn't mean she doesn't have just as much a right to it as Madoka herself. Obviously she has even more, because she got there first. More than that, Madoka and Homura have managed to re-hatch and defeat a Witch. Unless that girl can do the same it means they have an advantage over her, and she needs it more.

    Looking a bit green on top of her white, Madoka gives Homura a very grateful and thankful look as she turns around and starts to leave. "Y-you're right. There's a lot of things I can't consider. The only thing I know right now is that most of that," not all of it, obviously, "happened before we dated." She gives a shake of her head, "Thank you, Homura-chan. I know this isn't easy. We'll have a lot to talk about, but fighting right now isn't the answer."

    She turns towards the girl apperantly named Elsa Maria and takes a step closer, offering a quick curtsy, "I'm Madoka Kaname; I'm pleased to meet you. I'm sorry that it seems to have been on such bad terms." She then turns to Kyouko and gives her an apologetic look, <<My allegiance is to all Puella Magi, Kyouko-san. If he's helping a Puella Magi as an ally I'm not going to interfere. It's like I tried to tell you earlier, if we waste more magic than we gain from the Grief Seed it's only going to kill us faster. Now that's even more true, because we'd be fighting one of our own. I won't do that unless there's no other alternative, and there is.>>

    With a sigh she looks to Takashi- Riventon now, and gives him a small smile, tears showing in the corners of her eyes. "I'm sorry trying to get close to people only got you hurt. Please just know it doesn't have to be this way; we can change the world without having to hurt each other in the process. ...and thank you for helping one of us."

    With that she turns around and runs off, ribbons and hair fluttering as she passes Homura and leaps up onto a rooftop beyond.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-13 01:00:28 44785
Kyouko's got a plan, and she's got a snakey-spear! And Elsa Maria has crazy shadow-snakes everywhere that seem to disagree with each other about priorities. The spear wraps around and slices through them like they're made of inky shadows - perhaps because they are - but the massive mace the Puella Magi holds in her hand swings with impressive force and sends the head of the spear away, and then she closes into melee. Voluntarily. With Kyouko Sakura. Aiming to bring the mace into her stomach. The snakes are also trying to bite and snap at her now - attacks coming from all sides and directions.

Now that he's in henshin, Riventon is less worried about dying immediately - though Momo's brilliant blast of light is pretty close to on-target! Riventon puts up a circular barrier of dark blue energy to try to hold it off, but it's constant and powerful, and when the first crack in his shield appears, he ducks backwards into the earth (Through the Dusk Zone) and appears a good ten feet to the left of the blast. Before he can really attack her though, he feels the need to answer Homura's charges.

"Hey, the ambulance time was before I knew who she really was!" he shouts, sounding a bit like a berated child for a moment. "Maybe I was trying to scare her away so she wouldn't fight me and get hurt, did you ever think of that! I hatched a witch instead of putting a bullet through you." he says, and throws his hands out to his sides in a display of utter exasperation.

"This! All of this is why. Even when I go out of my way to avoid hurting people, all I get is insults and disdain. You need me - the world needs me - I've already saved it twice!" he shouts, and gestures, and the two large black orbs of negative energy rocket towards Homura, swirling in the air in indistinct patterns. "If you call someone a monster enough though, a monster is what you get!"

"Without the power you claim to look down on would you have been able to achieve your own goals? Could you do it as a normal person?" he asks, as the soar. Then he channels a surge of energy out of his gauntlet, which forms into a sword blade, only black and crackling with red energy along it. In anger, he takes flight and rapidly surges forward, and tries to bring it down on the last not-madoka Puella who hasn't been attacked - Momo.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-13 01:10:08 44787
    Kyouko's attack dispels many of the shadowsnakes.. but they are flimsy, insubstantial. The threat, it seems, is the girl hurtling towards her with the mace. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately depending on which side of the fight you're on, melee-fights with Kyouko are seldom a picnic in the park- ask Hannah Sharpe. The girl is fast, but Kyouko is faster; or perhaps it's more accurate to say that her spear's ability to simply no longer be where it was a moment before is faster.

    Even as the mace swings for her stomach, her spear intercepts it with a metallic clang, even though there's no physically possible way it could have gotten from where it was to there quickly enough. It simply is there. But there's no time to revel in her superiority, fleeting though it may be- already Kyouko is spinning back, spinning the spear around her, trying to gain some room both from the mace-wielding Elsa and the snakes snapping at her.

    Momo's attack is powerful, if less-than-precise, and it forces Riventon to dodge. Kyouko takes this in even as she attemps to fend off the incoming attacks. She also takes in the fact that Madoka and Homura just.. leave. (Or attempt to, anyway). Madoka's response she has no real reaction to: this is Expected Behavior from the pink-haired girl. But Homura...

    Even as she is walking away, Kyouko sends one last thought her way, only for her. <<I didn't realize you were a coward, Homura.>> Of course, then Riventon is shooting at Homura anyway, and more substantial projectiles than angry, disparaging words.

    And then he's leaping up to attack Momo. A spike of fear suffuses Kyouko's chest. Momo's gunlance is powerful, but her sister is inexperienced and Riventon is also powerful- she's fought him before, she knows this. "Momo!" She all but screams from where she still blocks incoming attacks from Elsa. "Get down here! We need to do this together, kid, not by yourself!"
Momo Sakura 2016-06-13 01:26:10 44788
If asked, her aim is off on purpose! Whether it is or not, who know.

"Stand still so I can getchya!"

Ug. These people. Homura telling Kyouko to shut the H E Double Hockeysticks up. Kyouko being Kyouko.

<<Would you guys just quit yer bitchin'? Jeeze, I'm the kid here.>>

This, of course, comes around the time Riventon decides to get all Riverdance in the air with dark magic.

At least she thinks its Riverdance. She's never seen it. She's just heard its evil.

Up comes the gunlance as a frantic Momo shrieks and lets out another attack! Unfortunately, it's undercharged by a lot.

Also, unfortunately, or fortunately, it still has quite a knock-back.

This helps her with the first dodge! It was totally on purpose!

She dodges, weaves, and basically just bounces around until there's enough charge again.

She aims in the general direction of Riventon, sure, but it's more for that backlash.

This time it is on purpose. She adjusts, jumps in the air, aims--


It's loud, okay? And bright. Very bright. Hard to miss.

The recoil sends her in the air and she skids toward her sister, using her momentum to aim a blow at the Not Frozen's Elsa lady with the gunlance. (Hey, so she snuck into a theater or two. It's been a boring few months!)

Though perhaps its stronger as a gun, the lance part is a bit pokey, too!
Homura Akemi 2016-06-13 01:30:15 44790
    Homura senses a great darkness coming at her from behind. It's a familiar feeling. Not familiar in exactly the same way that it would be to Kyouko, but Homura has been a Witch before. Aside from that, she's fought Riventon before too, and she more or less expected to be attacked while she was walking.

    Suddenly, she's gone. The dark orbs fly past where she once was. No, wait, she's over there now. She's standing on a lamppost, overlooking the fight. She has a little bit left to say to Riventon... Takashi... ugh, it's so weird to think that they're the same person. Sure, it vilifies Takashi, but it also humanizes Riventon.

    "So that's your excuse? You weren't trying to kill me, you were only waking me out of a dead sleep to participate in some experimental Witch?" Homura shakes her head. "You know what? I actually don't care about that. It was an inconvenience, especially since others happened to be in the area. I don't even care that you probably heard me talking about Puella Riders or what-the-heck-ever in my sleep."

    She vanishes, reappearing elsewhere, this time leaning against the corner of a wall. "It's not power that I disdain. We all make sacrifices in order to get what we want. That's life. We choose to pursue what is more important and forsake what is less important in order to do so. Just like I'm choosing to forsake this stupid fight so that I don't have to think of myself as a complete idiot." She focuses a glare at Kyouko for a moment, before looking up at the sky. "And please, don't presume that I don't know what it's like to be accused and hated."

    Homura opens her mouth to say something else, but what else is there to say? She doesn't even know how she feels about this, let alone how she feels about such grand philosophical ideals such as power and the state of the world and what needs to be done about it.

    "You know... I do want to say one thing, before I leave you to... whatever the hell it is you think you're doing. I spoke to Kunzite the other day. I told him what you said, about wanting to save the world. About wanted to drag it out of the mud, and needing strength to do so. He actually defended that. Maybe not the idea itself, but he seemed to think that it was to your credit that you'd even care about the state of the world, considering how much dark energy you channel. So those are the kinds of friends that Ami-san has, and that's what I heard them saying about you."

    Homura pushes off of the wall. She shakes her head. "I don't promise that we won't fight again. But this...?" She points her finger into the air, panning it around to point at... everything. "... this isn't worth it to me." She watches as Momo's gunlance fires, raising an eyebrow at the huge energy beam. Well, she's glad that she doesn't have to fight that today.

    <<'Kid' my undead butt. You're like a year younger than us.>>

    Then Homura vanishes, and doesn't reappear. Madoka gets a timestopped offer to leave with her, if she wants to take it.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-13 02:20:35 44798
Notably, 'Elsa Maria' hasn't said anything, hasn't made so much as a grunt. She has a wicked, angry, combat-loving smile on her face (like Homura may have seen Kyouko make in other times) but she says no words, makes no noises. It's eerie. The spear draws blood from her and she makes a face of discomfort, but there's no sound except her breathing and the snapping jaws of the snakes as she's pushed back. And then she hurls herself forward at Kyouko again, still trying to cave in her stomach or head with that mace - the winding, biting shadows are a dangerous distraction - but a distraction nonetheless.

Up near the roof, Riventon's inexperience with the wristblade means that he's less combat effective than he would be otherwise, but there's a special sort of toxic, dark energy lethality that draws him to it in his current state. Riventon's blade misses Momo just barely, and he gets his mage shields up just before her short blasts can connect. "Note to self: Sunglasses." he says, trying to chase her down - and bringing the fight back to Elsa and Kyouko, making it more of a chaotic melee than it was.

"Fair enough!" he shouts back to Homura. "Dead sleep is a funny term for you. But thanks for actually doing the smart thing for once. I admit, I'm unused to you doing it." And then she's gone.

Back to Kyouko and Momo. He sneers as they continue the fight. "She looks a lot like you. Is she as annoying" he asks her.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-13 02:29:56 44800
    "She's exactly as annoying!" Kyouko snaps back a Riventon as he pursues Momo down to where she still does her best to fend off Elsa. The girl's eerie quietness, even as blood is drawn and even as she closes in for yet another assault is beginning to grate on her, but she should have known from the beginning that something was 'off' about this girl- her mode of Henshin hadn't exactly been familiar, after all.

    Kyouko ducks as Momo skids by and her gunlance stabs towards Elsa. "Dammit, girl, watch that thing! Nearly took my head off!" She snaps, but it's more of a combat-banter jibe than an actual admonishment. She darts back, calling in her spear so it snaps back together into a single shaft longer than she is tall, ending up back-to-back with Momo as she watches Riventon close in from one direction and the eerily-silent Elsa from the other.

    "Don't worry, Momo-chan," She murmurs over her shoulder, her voice cool and steely with a confidence she's earned, even if she trusts it a little too much. "You and I both know death ain't nothin' to be scared of. How 'bout we show these two that same lesson? Take the girl- she's short range. Stay back an' shoot the hell out of her. Riventon's mine." She snarls the last word, increasing the volume of her voice at the end to make sure he hears it as he closes back in.

    "You like makin' copies of people, huh?" She then taunts to him. "Let's see how you figgin' like it!" She steps away from Momo, leaving her sister to deal with Elsa for the moment, and spins her spear over her head, then slams the butt into the pavement. She shimmers.. and suddenly there are two Kyoukos, each indistinguishable from the other. Then four. Then eight, in a semi-circle. They move independantly of each other, though each is wearing an insufferable smirk. "Well?" Says one to the left. "If you're so powerful, let's see you beat the odds."
Momo Sakura 2016-06-13 02:37:49 44803
<<...Oh yeah. Sorry, I'm used to being like...nine.>>

Riventon unexpectedly following her is unexpected!


"Eh, you'da been fine, Kyou-nee. I lost my head ages ago."

She looks up at Riventon and pants! "Probably more so! And sorry for being mean about your feelings earlier! That was rude!"

She heaves a sigh of relief! "That was gonna guilt me for years!"

She drops the used light cell and reloads as Kyouko murmurs. Her grin turns sly, almost a touch gleeful. "Death's only the beginnin.'"

As Kyouko moves, so does she, taking a step closer before taking a split moment to actually aim a little this time.


She actually agrees with Riventon. Sunglasses. She should find some.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-19 20:39:12 45578
Riventon just smiles. "All I've done my entire life is beat the odds - this is just another walk in the park." His smirk matches her own. Not knowing anything about his opponents, he can't guess if he's right or wrong. "I grew up alone and still found it within myself to excel. With nobody to watch over me, I took care of myself. Compared to that, some low-rent magic tricks don't mean a damn thing!"

Riventon holds out his gauntlet, and two small black orbs burst free of it, begining to fly around before hunting down the illusions, firing small but painful surges of black energy and generally making nuisances of themselves, while Riventon himself keeps trying to slash and stab at the illusions - and hopefully, one of them will hit the real Kyouko.

Elsa Maria's eyes grow wide at the surge of energy, the first noise made is a short gasp. The shadowy dragon heads that have been following her surge in front of her and make a barrier, though, and once the blast is done, on the other end of the barrier, there's no Puella at all!

That's when Elsa Maria, dripping with the ink-like energy like in her henshin, steps out of a shadowy corner near Momo and tries to bring that strange, spiked mace down onto her from behind!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-19 20:49:27 45581
    Two or three of the Kyoukos raise brows at Takashi's assertation about growing up alone, and how it made him strong. "That so?" Says one on the left. "Seems like we might have more in common than I'd like." One on the right seamlessly continues. "Only difference I see," says one in the middle, "Is that I ain't the one keeping 'food' from a starvin' kid." Of course, this is a highly biased way of looking at the situation- if Elsa is a Puella (which Kyouko honestly still isn't 100% clear on) then she needs the Grief Seed too, and Momo isn't exactly a baby. But hey.. family over foe any day of the week.

    The two orbs begin to buzz around between the various illusions. The copies of Kyouko don't stay put of course- once it's clear the talking is done, they fan out, leaping and manuvering to surround Riventon. Those black orbs are a nuisance though, because those zaps of energy are painful.. but only for real people, not illusions, no matter how convincing. The little zaps of energy flick out, and most of the Kyoukos don't even react, except for a slight shimmer as if the energy of the surges is disrupting Kyouko's own magic.

    The illusion-Kyoukos begin to launch attacks at Riventon as he slashes and stabs at them, hopefully forcing him to duck and weave, keeping him off balance so the real Kyouko can set up an attack.. though that plan is suddenly de-railed when one of the eight Kyoukos, one off to Riventon's left, gets zapped by the orb, and instead of no reaction, gives a sudden yep of pain. "Son of a-" She swears at the Orb, ducking away, then freezes as she realizes she just as good as held up a sign saying 'Hi, I'm the real one'. "Shit."
Momo Sakura 2016-06-19 20:56:03 45583
Kyouko's gasp of pain is enough to distract Momo for a few, precious moments.

Plus that her apology went unanswered, Jerk Face Riventon!

Her steps falter as she attempts to change trajectory, trying to zag when she was prepared to zig.

It's only a flash of something, really, out of the corner of her eye. That gives her enough time to turn to block.

But of course, distraction leads to sloppiness almost as much as inexperience!

There's a yelp as one of the spikes dig against her arm, breaking skin, and there's the sudden sensation of sticky wet.

"Hey, you jerk! That wasn't nice!"

With a yell, she charges forward, lance still trying to block the mace.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-19 21:06:30 45587
Riventon snorts. "Yeah, cause the western Puella over there doesn't need food too. Uh huh." he says, sarcastically. He keeps trying to block attacks that aren't real out of habit and overcare, and he grumbles internally about the idea of wasting his own magic this way, even if his is vastly less limited than the Puella's.

"Ah, but even if we did start in the same place, I've come so much further than you have." he says, grinning before the Kyouko to the left - not at all the one he was actively talking to - makes a screech of pain. His right hand with the blade is engaged in pushing towards one of the illusions, but he does generate a small black orb and hurl it at the noise reactively - the orb is a small one, but before impact it'll detonate and spray the area with small, dangerously explosive 'sparkles' of condensed negative energy.

Elsa Maria didn't appear to be expecting the response to 'got a hit' to be 'get charged' clearly though, and before she or her minions can react, the lance blocks the mace and slips forward, the point on the front making Elsa's arm as sticky wet as her opponent. She makes a bit of a hiss in more pain, and the shadowsnakes behind her merge into one /really/ big one and the larger form lunges forward, trying to snap poor Momo in its massive jaws!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-19 21:12:25 45591
    Kyouko had turned her gaze back towards Riventon the moment she realized she had revealed herself, expecting an attack, and even if he had been currently driving his sword at an illusion, too committed to the attack to turn towards her at once, another black orb comes her way. She tries to leap backwards to avoid it, but it detonates, spraying a wide area with stinging sparks of negative energy.

    Though she's ducking back, several of them connect anyway, causing Kyouko to hiss in pain, and further identifying her amidst the illusions. She realizes that she won't have time to 're-shuffle' the cups, so to speak, before Riventon is on her, so with a curse she simply banishes the illusions, the Kyouko in front of Riventon vanishing along with the rest. "Yeah, well, she ain't my problem!" She retorts, debating never having been one of her strong suits.

    Just then, Momo yelps, and Kyouko's head whips around, eyes widening. "Momo!" She exclaims, finding the girl as she trades blows with Elsa. Perhaps foolishly, or even perhaps to his surprise, at this point she ignores Riventon altogether, turning to leap towards her embattled sister, snarling as she whirls her spear around to thrust it at Elsa's back. In the course of doing so, she turns her back on Riventon.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-19 21:19:03 45593
Momo's eyes widen as she looks unabashedly afraid of the giant snake!

Scuttling back a bit, she brings the gunlance in front of her, giving it small bursts of charge before she fires a volley at the giant snake!

It probably would be better to aim at Elsa, but live and learn, right?

And it probably would be better to let out a single shot with more charge to it.

And it probably would be a lot better if she didn't gives Kyouko's position away to Else by, you know, looking at her.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-19 21:33:23 45598
Riventon smirks and looks dead at Kyouko. "Oh, and the people who you consider to be your problem regularly do so well." he says. "Certainly they never find themselves in a great deal of trouble." he adds, inclining his head towards Momo. And that's about when Kyouko turns her back.

Elsa's best line of defense has currently become her weapon, and the monstrous thing is busy leaning down and trying to chomp Momo when Kyouko comes back into her. The gunlance's volley keeps the construct off balance, and then Kyouko's spear slams into her back as she turns to try to see what Momo is looking at. Even then, she couldn't have both defended and attacked with the shadows. She goes flying to to the side, and the shadows don't seem to last long away from her, dissapating in the fierce light of the sun (and Momo's weapon.)

Riventon, though, is another matter, and he continues the conga-line of back attacks by thrusting that blade outward, trying to put it into Kyouko.

Near Elsa, the shadows begin to coalesce around her as she tries to get to her feet.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-19 21:48:04 45604
    Kyouko is an experienced combatant- her combat instincts are top-tier within the cohort of magical fighters in Tokyo. She knew that it was dangerous to expose her back to Riventon, and she knew that, if he was smart, he would take advantage of it. Unfortunately, knowing it and being able to do anything about it are two separate things.. especially when your little sister's life is on the line.

    Kyouko grunts in satisfaction as her spear-blow lands, hurling Elsa away from Momo, taking her out of the fight, at least for a few moments. As soon as she lands in front of Momo, blocking the younger girl with her own body, she's already spinning, doing her damndest to turn and meet the attack she's sure Riventon is launching at her..

    But she's not quite fast enough. Though she's faster than any human, Riventon is as well, and when it comes down to it, it's just a matter of tactics. Kyouko manages to twist, avoiding a direct impaling on the sword, but isn't able to dodge it completely- the sword tears through her side as she moves, rending both the fabric of her uniform and her flesh. She cries out, stumbling, and falls to one knee, pressing her arm to the wound.

    It's bad, a nice chunk taken out of her just below the ribs, and as she struggles to get back to her feet, in unconscious parallel with Elsa, blood wells between the fingers she has clamped to the wound. Teeth gritted against the pain, her eyes narrow on Riventon. "Now you've done it." She hisses, although exactly what he's done other than seriously wound her isn't clear, because although that sounds like a threat she doesn't look like she's about to launch another attack, her fingers of her free hand gripping tightly at her spear and her eyes darting back over towards Elsa as she seems unsure of what to do- any potential move leaves Momo unprotected, and this wound is going to slow her down even further.

    Her eyes dart back to Momo. She meets her sister's gaze for just a moment, and Momo can see the resignation there as she mouths, 'run'.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-19 21:56:50 45607
For a moment, she's frozen.


Blood is everywhere, and for a moment, she's not exactly here.

That 'run,' though...the resignation.

Like hell.

This is not why she came back.

She's screaming now, at first they're just random expletives, but soon they become wordless.

The light cell in her hand starts to glow before its even chambered, and the more she screams the brighter it is, and it's more herself than light going into it.

She takes aim -- which is just about 'in Riventon's general direction' -- and squeezes her eyes shut tight as she fires.

It's louder than normal, but with more bass undertones, and even if nothing is hit, the brightness of it is more likely to cause...a slight distraction.

Takashi Agera 2016-06-19 22:54:31 45626
Riventon's blade slices into Kyouko. Hopefully, the nasty, crackling weapon doesn't leave behind any fragments in Kyouko's body like they did to Usagi. If he'd known about this, he might or might not have used it. Still, the hungry blade digs out a chunk. "I guess this one is your responsibility, then?" he asks with a cruel snarl.

He watches her as she threatens, letting his eyes flit from Kyouko to Momo. "Don't make this too easy for me, now." he says.

Elsa Maria is trying to collect herself, and she's moving over to stand with Riventon, keeping it two on two as her snakes begin to reasser themselves in coiling strands of smoke behind her.

And that's when Momo starts to shout, and Riventon prepares himself for the attack.

    He doesn't prepare enough.

The barrier he puts up simply doesn't have ebough energy in it to soak the massive size of Momo's attack, and before he can strengthen it, the bass undertones meet the sound of cracking and shattering glass, and Riventon -and- Elsa Marie are caught in the blast, being knocked away and across the street. Both of them skid to a stop and Riventon rises up - Elsa looks much worse for wear and takes longer to stand.

Riventon's device makes a pneumatic sound as it chambers a cartridge, ready to load and juice him up again, and an open palm begins to glow with dark energy. "Nice shot, kid. You've got my attention now, no more playing around. I'm just not sure if that's what you wanted."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-19 23:10:01 45634
    Even Kyouko has to raise a hand to shield her eyes at the massive laser-shot that Momo fires off, and while it doesn't actually take either of their opponents out, it does knock them away and across the street, giving her precious room to manuver.

    A quick mental tally takes stock of the situation. She's injured, and while it's unlikely to be life-threatening, for a Puella anyway, it's also not minor. She can feel the wound slowly starting tingle as healing begins: Puella heal fast, even if she doesn't heal at the near-instantanous rate of Sayaka, but it will still take hours if not a day or two for a wound like that to vanish completely. However, it's also using her magic.. she can feel that as well, energy diverted to healing when it could have been used for attack. She has a finite pool of that energy- more literally than usual, since her stock of Grief Seeds is without easy repleneshment.

    Her eyes move to Momo, and she can see that her sister is shaken, and also wounded, if minorly. Eyes dart back to Riventon and Elsa- the latter appears in bad shape, but Riventon hardly seems winded. They need that Grief Seed.. need it even more badly now that they've wasted energy and taken wounds here. But.. is it worth it? She doubts her ability to both hold her own and keep Momo safe, and despite the younger Sakura's insistance that she is here to protect Kyouko this time, Kyouko isn't about to let her little sister take shots for her.

    As much as she hates to admit it.. Homura may have been right this time. Refusing to fight for self-preservation is not a concept Kyouko can handle easily, but now, in hidnsight, she is beginning to realize that the cost is going to be greater than the benefit. If there's any benefit at all. Maybe if she had just been able to snag the seed and run, but..

    Riventon and Elsa Maria had proven to be tougher than she was prepared for.

    All of this analysis is done in moments, even as Riventon is loading a cartridge into his Device. Decision made, Kyouko doesn't hesitate, though her movements have a limping feel to them as she turns and says to Momo, "We're leaving. Come on, we ain't gonna win this now. We'll get 'em next time." She snarls over her shoulder. "You hear that? You ain't heard the last of the Sakura sisters, douchebag!" Then she's leaping up to a nearby buildingtop, away from Riventon, in a clear retreat, trusting that Momo will follow.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-19 23:17:01 45636
Momo, still dizzy from her last attack, has to take a breath. Her knees are practically shaking.

Kyouko's right, of course. This fight is for another day, if it's to be continued at all.

Knees still shaking...

So, she passes along some biblical advice!

"But when his heart became arrogant and hardened with pride, he was deposed from his royal throne and stripped of his glory."

She nods and follows quickly after her sister.
Takashi Agera 2016-06-19 23:40:01 45641
Riventon watches the two of them leave before he lets his arm drop and settles back. "Shit, they're both tougher than they look." he says to no one in particular. Elsa just shrugs and runs her fingers alonng some of her bloody scars before she holds her hand out. Riventon places the Grief Seed in her hand, and she uses it to cleanse her Soul Gem before healing herself.

"I'm kinda impressed all around. Lets go. There's still research to be done. You keep that one." Elsa Maria nods wordlessly.