Here Comes A New Challenger!

Round One: FIGHT!

Date: 2016-06-15
Pose Count: 35
Mint Chip 2016-06-15 00:32:19 44985
There are a lot of sneaky people in Eclipse, who use underhanded means to get what they want. Legal threats, theft in the night, subterfuge, hacking.

Tsukumo Yoshimasa, AKA Glitch Matrix, AKA Please Notice Me Sanjou-sempai, is not one of those people. That's why at the front doors of this software company late on Tuesday night, where the gates should be, there's a giant L shaped Tetris block that's slammed into the ground with great force, and there's Tsukumo, carrying some sort of strange sphere in his left hand and laughing. There's an aura of negative energy radiating out from him, and it's keeping the security guards who should probably be responding to this from doing anything other than passing out. He brings up his right hand and - it's some sort of glove with an NES style control pad, or at least, that's what it looks like - and with his right hand full, has no choice but to push the buttons with his nose.

I mean, nobody's watching, right?

And then from a midchildan Magic Circle, a pixlated jet of some kind forms, and then slams into the front doors of the software creation building. "Never could land that damn plane." he says as he walks inside.
Reiko Touyama 2016-06-15 00:40:34 44987
Somewhere a koi flails in a circle and smashes into Reiko's face and then begins tugging her away by the collar of her shirt as her Chroma Crystal demands she goes off and handles some sort of dark energy surge. It doesn't /feel/ like a shade but----

She calls Hoshi along the way if Hoshi isn't already on her way because she's flailing off the bus she was on heading home nearby.

She transforms along the way- to get her wings and fly up in the air as she looks around. "Alright.. you dragged me out here for something..." she mutters to her koi when the koi spirals downwards and she follows in front of!-- a fire.

...and some guy using dark energy to blow up a building--- with...

Pixel Art?

She blinks a bit. She frowns. Something really seems weird about this.

"Woah! Hey! Uh! What do you think you're doing!?" she calls out.
Kukai Souma 2016-06-15 00:46:04 44988
The business sector of Tokyo is not usually where Kukai Souma patrols and hangs out. However, Kukai is also super lucky from time to time. So, Chara Transformed into Sky Jack, hanging out on top of a nearby building, thinking idly about taking off for the night and calling Nadeshiko, Jack's eyes are drawn upwards into the sky from a small flash.

He blinks, perplexed, as a large - very large - L shaped Tetris block forms from what must be the stratosphere and disappears past the city skyline. That is absolutely not something you see every day. He mounts his flying snowboard (please, let it snow, it's so frigging hot.) to move that direction, sailing off to see what's going on, arriving just in time to see the figure walk inside the blown-open doors of the building. "Crap."

He can see Orange closing in from one side and that makes him think of Pink and that makes him think of - no, no, it's business time, come on, focus. He sails down towards the door as well, curious as to what's going on. "Hey, what's going on here?"
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 00:54:53 44990
    Fate Testarossa is out with Runealy and Arf, feeling a bit safer about being out of the house now that so long a time has passed. It's an odd hour for a walk, maybe, but Fate is used to being out late at night, and if they do want to be a part of Virtue then that does mean the occasional patrol. Though Fate is secretly hoping for ice cream or video games instead.

    Bardiche pings. Fate suddenly glances in a particular direction. Arf looks at her, questioningly. "Someone's using magic nearby, about a block away. It seems Midchildian. I think..." Fate holds out her hand. In a flash of yellow, Bardiche grows into an axe-like staff in her hands, and her black-caped henshin appears around her. Where a moment ago she was relaxed, now she is serious. "... there might be a fight nearby."

    Normally Fate wouldn't just up and fly away, but she's sure that Runealy can keep up. She lifts off the ground and flies overhead, finding... pixelated magic and jets flying into doors? What?

    Arf catches up a moment later. "Fate-chan! Wait for me!"

    Fate recognizes Sky Jack from an earlier fight, and she also notices PK Orange. She... doubts that either of them is the culprit, so that leaves the strange boy with the strange glove. She recognizes the feeling of that dark energy, too. It's familiar to her, and a dead giveaway that something is wrong. She aims her axe at him. "Stop! I don't know what you're doing, but it's probably wrong! You shouldn't use that energy! It's bad for you!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-15 00:57:39 44991
Rune follows with Fate and Arf, and looks puzzled at the sight of... downright unnatural visuals off in the distance. "This looks like something out of a cell phone?" And this time she's actually using 'cell phone' correctly to describe it, or at least close enough; the alien princess is not yet familiar with video games... perhaps Fate can show her later.

For now though, there's enough of a problem to justify transforming even as Sky Jack and Orange arrive. "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Jeweled headwear appears in hand, "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to her other hand, "Transform!" And brought to her head in the same motion.

A flash of red light engulfs her, then Rune is in full magical garb and rushes over to join Fate. Well, as best she can; Rune has to stand under where Fate is flying, and looks a lot more confused than her friend. "What's going on here?" She's not fighting anyone just yet, but is definitely on-guard; this whole situation is /weird./
Hoshi Kogane 2016-06-15 00:59:44 44992
The feeling of dark energy catches Hoshi off guard, she stumbles as she gets off the bus, and then quickly finds a convenient alley to transform in. There, she goes through the usual transformation sequence, and jumps up into the air, landing on top of a building.

"I'm already on my way." Prism Keeper Yellow responds to her friend by text, and then she puts truth to the sentence by chasing towards the source of dark energy, standing atop a nearby building as people come rushing in. Unlike some, Prism Keeper Yellow has no qualms about purifying first, asking questions later.

Thus, the girl fires a beam of purifying yellow energy at the weird dark energy orb, "Drop that!" She shouts, trying to convince the guy to make this a little easier on everyone.
Mint Chip 2016-06-15 01:18:49 44997
Tsukumo turns around. He makes a very annoyed face. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he asks, sweeping a hand around, though all he shows is a busted up front door and fire which is actually pixelated. He looks at Sky Jack and the Orange Prism keeper. "I'm here on BUSINESS! You wouldn't understand. You're just kids."

Says the guy who is throwing 80s era pixel art around. And throw them around he does, pointing his glove out and sending a swarm of pixel-blasts at the two heroes - really no different from a light energy barrage, but visually striking. And multicolored! He turns to try to move through the building, right before the yellow blast comes in! It almost hits Tsukuomo, and he nearly drops the orb - which causes him to play a game of hot potato with it, bouncing it from clumsy hand to clumsy hand until he finally catches it and breathes a massive sigh of relief.

"Hey! You almost made me drop this! My bosses would be so mad! Do you even understand bosses? Jeeze, I'm gonna have to call for backup - this is gonna mean I don't get as big of a bonus!" he says before dashing inside.
Reiko Touyama 2016-06-15 01:24:52 44998
Prism Keeper Orange blinks. It takes her a moment to realize this is some sort of video game thing. Not just 'pixelated art'. This somehow invokes an even stranger response from her as she turns around to face----

Yellow and Kukai! ... and Fate and Runealy! Who she doesn't know. She waves her wand in the air. "Hi! Let's do our best!" she calls out.

She turns back to Tsukumo. "What!?" she calls out. "That's such an IGNORANT THING TO----"

And then Yellow is blasting. Oh. Right. She's the leader. She's the one that's supposed to try talking first. BUT that obviously went nowhere as Prism Keeper Orange raises her wand.

"JERK! DON'T YOU DISMISS US!" she calls out. "YOU WERE A KID ONCE, TOO!" she calls out as she blasts off orange energy into the building at the man as he goes inside.

That koi continues to follow her, swimming with all it's might. It gains some sort of elf hat and also a tiny wooden orange sword. It's better not to think about this too hard probably.

Hoshi Kogane 2016-06-15 01:30:46 45000
"Any boss that makes you do stuff like this is probably the worst." Yellow agrees without a hint of actually doubting the truth of that, "But if all you care about in a situation like this is the size of your bonus, you're probably just as bad, so shall we skip the formalities and get to the dance?" She kinda already did, but she seems like she plans to ignore that.

"Let's do our best!" She echoes Orange, and floats down from the building towards the group, sending five stars flying for the guy they're fighting. Blinking, stars that move at dizzying speeds, buzzing around him in unpredictable patterns. It's likely to be quite disorienting.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 01:31:45 45001
    Fate frowns at the boy, and then sideglances at Runealy. "I don't know, but property damage and dark energy don't really mean good things?" Maybe she's jumping to conclusions, but it seems like a fair conclusion, and at least one Prism Keeper seems to agree.

    Does Fate understand bosses? Yeah she does, probably better than most. They're people who don't work you hard as your mother does and are actually nice to you once in awhile, despite being villainous.

    "I don't think his business is a good thing," she asides to Runealy, and dives towards the building entrance. She holds Bardiche up high, and it begins to transform. <Scythe Mode>

    "Your boss is just going to have to learn to handle disappointment!" Fate swings Bardiche wide, and a golden crescent flies at Tsukumo, possibly from behind.

    <Arc Saber>

    Has she ever attacked a member of Eclipse since leaving? Well, this is going to be a first, and it brings her defection to completion. She feels that, for a moment. The finality of her choice.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-15 01:33:13 45002
Despite some curiosity, Rune does NOT reach out to touch the pixel-flames. "You'd be surprised what 'kids' know." Rune talks as though she's not one. From her perspective, she clearly isn't. Adults would disagree.

Orange and Yellow's call to try their best is met with a simple 'right!', though she doesn't join in on the teacher/parent bashing. Instead, Rune starts to sprint after Tsukumo. "You're probably right about him! I'll back you up, Fate!" Wand aimed his way, she cuts loose with a pair of thin red energy rays!
Kukai Souma 2016-06-15 01:33:23 45003
Sky Jack dodges out of the way of the visual cacophony of pixel-type blasts, back behind the entry door again, and then follow in with Orange and the others, chasing the rapidly moving young man. "Hey, where do you think you're goin'?" He looks over at the others. "Any idea what he's here for?"
Mint Chip 2016-06-15 02:09:12 45009
Tsukumo runs inside. "Where is my backup?!" he shouts as the he narrowly dodges a beam of orange energy. Part of his labcoat is orange now. "Stupid crayon girl!" he shouts. "But yes, it's something like a parent. Like a parent that can fire you!"

Luckily, the inside of the office is somewhat open - must be some sort of new management style. Or a gaming company that isn't a division of EA. Tsukumo tries to get in more attacks, but just ends up trying to fire his at the stars and swipe them down.

He almost doesn't get his own mulitcolored barrier up in time. It's pixelated too. Of course it is. Arc Saber presses into it, and there's the energetic scratch of magic pressing against magic. The energy rays from Rune are what tips him over the edge, and the kinetic force of the barrier, while it protects him from Arc Saber, sends him through a doorway into the next room. Which is, apparerntly, where he thinks he's going.

Putting a hand up on the desk, he gets up and then tips it over, using it like an impromptu bunker.

And that's when a fireball comes from a flanking direction. This one isn't pixelated, it's a blue blast of energy fired from down the hall at the heroes - and it's pretty large. There's the sound of heels on tile before a girl in aqua-green comes running up. She doesn't much look like a villian, but she's begining to channel energy of the same color in her hands, before thrusting both hands forward, with a shout that sends a smaller energy blast down the hall.

Kukai Souma 2016-06-15 02:18:28 45010
Jack launches a soccer ball down the room at the weird guy, finally getting his head on straight and trying to circle around to one side, using various desks and tables and such as cover, keeping his head down before shooting a few soccer balls in his general direction and working on a better angle. "Wouldn't that be divorce? Oh, it's not important!"

The stars keep Tsukumo busy for a moment, but not long enough for Jack to put a soccer ball into his side before he can dive down the hallway and into the room and barricade it. "Dammit! You can't hide forever!"

And that's when the fireball comes from the other end of the hallway. Jack has just enough time to throw himself against the wall and peer down the hall after the second energy blast, letting out a little whistle. "Orange, when we're done here, remind me to ask you why the evil girls always gotta be pretty? Um. Crap, somebody's gotta go around the other side and come in behind her. Think it should be me or a couple of you lot?" Jack stares at the rest of the group for a moment. "I can get around faster, honestly."
Reiko Touyama 2016-06-15 02:21:03 45012
Prism Keeper Orange calls out. "THIS IS REALLY STUPID!" she calls out.


He flips a desk. "Don't hide behind desks you jerk! You can't hide anyways! Whatever you're here to do! WELL! WE'RE GONNA GET TO THE BOT----"

Then a blaze of blue energy piles past her and she eeks and flails and dashes to the right on her wings. She turns around. "Yellow, incoming!" she calls out.

She turns back to the table and then sends a flurry of koi shooting at the table--- they all make to explode into orange sparkles on impact.

Then Kukai yells something at her. and then it hits her. And this is TOTALLY the right time to argue about semantics. "WAIT, ARE YOU SAYING I'M NOT PRETTY BECAUSE I'M A GOOD GUY!?" she yells out, offended!
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 02:24:06 45013
    Fate doesn't see the unexpected fireball coming, but Arf heard him talk about backup and has been watching. As Fate pursues him down the hall, Arf cuts her off and imposes herself between Fate and the magical attack, raising her hands.

    <Round Shield>

    The blue blast clashes against the orange magical circle, pushing Arf back, heels digging into the ground and dragging across the office floor. Some of it breaks through, burning Arf and passing through her as she lets out a yelp.

    Fate's mouth hangs open. "C-chip damage?! Arf-chan? Are you okay?"

    Arf whines. "I'm okay, really!"

    Fate sideglances towards Sky Jack. "I can get around fast too, but it's probably better if only one of us goes. If you think you have a route, go for it. I'll approach from the front and we can surround her."

    She lifts her feet from the ground, flying again down the hall and at the new challenger. Fate holds her scythe to the side, swinging it wide at the girl, but not going close enough for a deep cut. She isn't hard engaging yet. She's playing footsies, looking for an opening, and stalling for time.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-15 02:27:28 45014
The notion of a 'parent who can fire you' momentarily drags Rune's mind down, but she quickly shrugs it off. There's a fight at hand!

One that appears to be going well at first, as her one-two strike in conjunction with Fate had excellent results! "Great! Let's keep it up, Fate! We'll get him fast at this ra-- ah!?"

She spins to face the new attack, quickly realizing there's no room to dodge something that big from where she stands. Instead, Runealy encases herself in a red energy-bubble. The blast strikes, and...

...crashes through the barrier! The shield robs it of some of its power, but it's still enough to knock Rune onto her back with a startled cry! Wand planted onto the ground as a sort of crutch to stand up with, she stares at their new foe. "Who are you? What was that all about? You look kind of like..." Her mind runs through some guesses, made aloud: "One of the Sailors...? A Cure?" A... person Fate is taking relatively cautious pokes at and Arf was interfering with. Good enough for Rune, who nods to Arf's reassurances of being alright.

"Since you're not right on top of her...!" Rune feels it's okay to use her more explosive attacks, assuming the blasts won't hit Fate. Her wand launches its green orb-tip at their new foe, and another one grows to replace it. She's also trying to look PAST the newcomer, mindful of any attempts Jack makes to flank around; she doesn't want to hit him on accident.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-06-15 02:28:41 45017
Yellow lands behind Orange, and reaches out to wrap a comforting arm around the other girl's waist. "Now is not the time, Orange. Please focus?" She asks, softly and encouragingly. Then the Starry Prism Keeper points her wand at the person already there, the newcomer for the moment ignored.

"Maybe I should buy up the business you work for so I can fire you." She says with the casual consideration of someone who thinks that's pretty normal. She wouldn't, ever, even if she could, but she has acquaintances who have done that.

Then, she sends another pair of stars flying at the game guy, these ones are trying to rush him down. Well except for the last one, that one's going straight for the dark energy orb.
Mint Chip 2016-06-15 02:43:54 45021
"IT'S NOT STUPID YOU'RE JUST GETTING IN THE WAY OF IMPORTANT ADULT THINGS!" Tsukomo shouts. Because adults get into shouting matches with 5th graders. "JUST LISTEN TO YOUR ELDE-AHHH!" he has to duck behind the table to avoid the Koi. "I'm pinnedodwnwhatamIgonnado?" he says hands over his head. Then he remembers the glove. He jumps up from behind it, strikes a dramatic pose, and holds his hand out - only to get promptly whacked with the stars. He's back behind the desk again, now... but then something else comes from behind the desk! It's a pixel art ghost. It's totally a pac-man ghost. And it rushes for Orange and Yellow, because it's an /explosive/ pac-man ghost.

"Gods, now I gotta carry this scrub?" the newcomer asks. Fate's coming and, and she's wary of the scythe, but she's dancing very well in close combat too. "Come on, kid, I'm way out of your league." she says, before wheeling around and spinning forward in a kick. The kick is nowhere close to connecting, but the slicing blast of energy that comes out of her foot now is a much bigger problem.

But she can't follow up with another foot kick, because she has to start rolling and diving out of the way of the sparkles. She might be the backup, but it's clear which of the two is more combat-effective.
Kukai Souma 2016-06-15 02:52:25 45023
Sky Jack gives Fate and the others a big, heartening grin and a thumbs up. "Yup, I got an idea." He shoots back into the larger room behind them and arcs up towards a higher floor, intent on shooting through and around and then down behind the mage girl. Unfortunately the doors on these higher floors are locked. "Dammit." Jack looks around for a moment, then sighs. "Subtle, Jack, like a brick."

The glass on the ground floor is big, pretty, and shatters nicely when someone puts a soccer ball through it. Jack launches himself on his flying snowboard through the newly made opening and zips alongside the building. "aaaannd... here!" There is another distant tinkling crash of glass, and Jack re-enters the building.

On this side of the door, nobody's bothered locking anything. In fact it's another large, open room. Jack gets some altitude just before the sea-green girl comes diving back out of the hallway. "Hey babe!" Jack waits a beat. "Justice rains from above!" Multiple soccer balls pelt down towards her, sizzling with electric energy and righteous intent.
Reiko Touyama 2016-06-15 02:54:07 45024
"Your Adult Things are stupid!" she calls out. "I know plenty of adults who don't burst into. Um. Software companies with stupid video game ghosts!"

Wait video game ghosts? Where has she seen these before.... one of those really old machines in the back of the game crown maybe. Munch Man was it!? She doesn't know, she's too young for this.

Regardless--- ghosts collide with her and there's probably some sort of pixelated explosions and she's thrown back through the air and off into the ceiling with a hmpoh!

White text might emit from her.

1000 PTS

She then falls down to the ground with a omphs! She crawls upwards slowly and hovers back upwards. "That's a dirty trick!" she calls out. She looks over her shoulder back at the other girl fighting Fate and Runealy.

She looks back to the table.

"Why the heck are you fighting with video game things anyways!?" she calls out. "This could be cool if you weren't being such a jerk right now!" she calls.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 03:00:31 45027
    Fate would normally coordinate a bit via device-enabled telepathy, but she doesn't have that option. Instead she spares a single glance --lasting only an instant, since she's focusing on her opponent-- and nods in acknowledgement. Fate is familiar with Runealy's fighting style, so when the explosive blasts come she knows when to dash back, avoiding the area of effect.

    The kick comes out, and Fate misjudges the reach, not of the foot itself but of the following energy blast. Bardiche's reaction is immediate, but Fate barely has time to yelp before a yellow bubble appears around her and clashes with the newcomer's magic.


    The slicing energy cuts into the shield, and Fate sweats as she pours more magic into the shield, having been pushed back several feet before the attack dissipates. She hovering low in the hall, panting heavily, the light of her scythe washing the surrounding hall in gold. "So... that's how it is."

    She looks up as Sky Jack rains electric soccer justice down on the fighting girl.

    <Staff Mode>

    Bardiche reverts to an axe, and Fate decides to keep her distance and use projectiles. She aims the tip of her device at the enemy magical girl. "Fire!"

    <Photon Lancer>

    Just in case the girl didn't have enough electric spheres coming at her, here's four more!

    As for Arf, she rushes down the hall, after the YOUNG ADULT WHO IS CLEARLY NOT A BOY AND IS TOTALLY DOING ADULT THINGS. She dodges past the explosive ghost, looking back apologetically as Orange gets hit with it, and charges at the desk. "Heads up, jerk!"

    When the familiar gets close she lashes out with a foot, kicking at the surface of the desk.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-15 03:02:24 45028
Rune is lost in all the modern Earth slang, but she understands something more important; this new arrival is going after Fate. "I don't even get what you're talking about, but you need to start explaining yourself! Preferably in words I can understand, instead of all this 'carry' and 'scrub' stuff!"

Then Rune's wand-tip deploys a thin yellow ray of energy, effectively turning itself into a weapon very vaguely like Fate's, albeit far weaker and with a straight 'blade'. This is not a new development; Rune has done it before in earlier battles. She just does so very rarely, as she is nowhere near as good at close-up fighting as many of her peers are.

Nonetheless, with this threat putting pressure on Fate... the princess rushes in with a wide swing of her own, trying to give Fate some room to regroup! She's not keen on sticking around long though, knowing this is not a smart move for herself and not wanting to get in Jack's or Fate's ways. "What's all this 'video game' stuff everyone keeps talking about, anyway!?"
Hoshi Kogane 2016-06-15 03:05:34 45029
Prism Keeper Yellow gets exploded. Oh no. She's thrown back against a wall, the dainty girl flops over, and above her head form in bright yellow a series of characters. 'K.O.' The girl certainly doesn't seem to be conscious, but she also doesn't seem to be too grievously wounded.
Mint Chip 2016-06-15 03:21:13 45035
Tsukumo shouts from behind his desk. "There's something in development here my bosses needed, and they needed someone smart enough to get it out without making a scene!" he shouts. Entirely oblivious to the fact that he made a scene before the heroes even got here. There is a reason he is passed up for promotions or reassignments.

A fist pumps from behind the table! "Yeah! One down... like... a lot to go!" he says, before making a rather undignified cry at the fact that the wolf-girl's kick into his table sends it flying.

The mid-childan circle over Arf and Yellow's heads is the warning they get before more Tetris-style peices slam into the ground where they are - or, if they move quick enough, where they were.

Rune helps to make some ground between the seagreen girl and Fate, but it's what Rune asks that really throws her for a loop. "What do you mean? Oh don't tell me you've never played a video-DAMNIT I'M TALKING NO FAIR~" she shouts as the electrical soccer balls begin to converge on her. She starts trying to 'block' them by stepping forward and using her energy glowing hands to delfect them - until Fate's barrage from the back puts a stop to that. And once one hits, the others connect in sequence, resulting in the girl being send tumbling and rolling across the floor, outfit a little bit less pretty due to electrical singing. She kips up, though. "I absolutly need to pick a better tag team partner next time." she says, and digs into her dress for something - a Grief Seed. She taps it to the now dim heart on her top and the darkness flows out, into the seed, and it glistens again, and she smiles and shakes herself back into a fighting stance. "Man, that's like cheating." she says. "Or maybe it's just Round 2?"

She brings her hands together and thrusts them out twice - one fireball for Rune, and one fireball for Fate. "herehavesomefirefrommyhands!" she says quickly. Then she frowns.

"Hey Tsukuomo! I'm sorry, but it's just way less fun when I'm not calling my attacks right! What are they gonna do, call the originality police on me?" she shouts into the room as she rushes forward. And then, somewhere in mid rush, she vanishes - to appear behind and a little below skyjack, jumping forward, fist extended in the air, tealgreen energy radiating off of it.

Reiko Touyama 2016-06-15 03:33:09 45036
Prism Keeper Orange erk!? A giant tetris piece!? she dashes out of the way and it comes crashing down near her--- she dashes away from it before it can explodes. She frowns.

"Alright. I've about had it." she says. "You might think I'm a scrub! BUT I PLAY VIDEO GAMES TOO! NOW I'LL SHOW YOU WHY I'M BEST AT THE CONSOLE SAILOR V Game!....."

She points her wand Skyward....

"....Up...Up...! Down! Down!" she makes motions, as if she was doing some sort of dance!? "Left Right, left Right!" shimmy shake back and forth! "B!" she bops a koi on a head that appears. "A!" she boops another one.


Nothing happens.



She decides to summon up her power regardless----


"ORANGE OUTBURST!" she calls out----then attempts to fire a rather large beam of energy at the device users hiding spot.

...Yes Reiko cheats at video games. Go away. :<
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 03:42:06 45039
    "I'll show you later," promises Fate to Runealy. "They're local to Earth," says one alien to the other. "They're games but you play them on a TV or a cell phone or a computer." At least, Fate assumes that Waldia has some concept of what a game is. Were there games when she visited? She doesn't remember off the top of her head.

    Fate glances back as she hears someone get K.O.'d. Ouch! That has to hurt. She winces sympathetically, before focusing her attention back on the girl in front of her.

    The young Midchildian mage hears the attack name, and sees a fireball coming at her. Bardiche turns back into a Scythe as Fate changes stance, and she slashes it upwards at the fireball, the two attacks clashing and cancelling out.

    "I don't actually know if the TSAB prosecutes plagiarism," says Fate to the Fighting Puella, knowing some big words despite a lack of public education. "... but if they did, would they have a Jigglypuff to put you under a Rest?"

    Seeing her opponent temporarily focusing on someone else, Fate goes in, this time using her scythe not to poke and keep her distance, but to strike, and hopefully unbalance her enough for the others to follow up.

    Arf, on the other hand, is not as nimble as Fate. What she lacks in speed, she makes up for in toughness, causing another orange magical circle to appear over her head. The Tetris block is too heavy, and tears through, knocking Arf to the ground. While prone, she sees PK Orange dancing. Her eyes widen with anticipation and... then her wolf ears wilt as nothing happens. Darn! That would have been cool.

    She gets up to her feet, and grins at the young adult Tsukumo with a glint in her eyes, punching one fist into her palm and cracking her knuckles. "So... you're the weak link on the team, huh?"

    With the desk barricade gone, Arf charges forward, swinging a punch at his face.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-15 03:45:15 45040
Rune doesn't know video games, but she does know Grief Seeds. "That's a...!?" Suddenly things make a bit more sense. The person before them is not a Sailor or a Cure. "...Puella Magi!" This shock lends some urgency to Rune's movements, boot wings flaring up to send her on a sideways leap aside from the latest fireball. She spares a brief, stunned look to... whatever the heck Orange just did with that odd dance - Rune lacks the background to understand the idea at all, idly wondering if it's some bizarre attempt at copying the Barrier Restoration Ritual which makes even LESS sense than any other explanation - and then Rune begins to seriously scale back her efforts.

"Tell me something," Rune is staring hard at the one fighting her, Fate, and Sky Jack. "Is what you're fighting for worth coming that little bit closer to death?" That's not a literally correct interpretation of the risks Puella Magi face, but it's the easiest way to put it in Rune's mind. "Tell us what it is. I'm not interested in making someone that desperate!"

There is no immediate attack. Fate's explanation gets a tiny nod; it's fascinating and she fully intends to follow up with Fate on it later, but right now there's the moral issue of what to do with a hostile Puella Magi. As well as what to do about the odd block that just nailed Arf. Arf seems to be able to get it off on her own, but Rune does rush over to try and make it easier with a shoulder-tackle attempt upon the block.
Kukai Souma 2016-06-15 03:50:48 45041
Jack cheers as the girl gets rolled across the floor. "Are you ok? Ready to give up?" He hears the commotion and loud slams elsewhere in the complex but knows Orange and the others can deal with it. Right now his attention is on the smoking (since, you know, her clothes are singed) girl.. who pulls out a small black seed and absorbs something from inside it, returning to full power. "You're a Puella!"

Jack gets some more altitude, preparing another soccer ball, as the girl launches more fireballs at the others - and then she vanishes before the sports equipment lands! "Did she ru~"

"SHORYUKEN!" It is only pure primal instincts that keep Jack from getting laid out, and even so he ends up leaping backwards in midair, spinning his board rapidly, and still the punch manages to scorch both board and pants. He dodges away from her, panting, then spawns in another soccer ball and punts it at the naughty Magi. ".... Dang it!" And yes, for once, Jack is lost for words, a little too busy trying to stay conscious and alive.
Mint Chip 2016-06-15 04:10:45 45043
The soccer ball Jack fires in response hits her right in the stomach, but with her renewed seed, she only doubles over for a minute before rising back up with a strange smile.

The teal girl is focused enough on trying to deal with her closer enemies that she almost doesn't pick up on what Reiko is doing.


"Hey look, if you cheat you can't get Achivements. You should really trying to find exploits those are differen-whoa." she says, cut off by the orange beam's intensity. "What? A jiggly... Oh, that's actually rather funny, kid." She expects to be poked at, but is caught off guard by fate's range. The scytheblade cuts into her and she bleeds red, grapsing at the injured arm for just a moment before she backs away, shifting quickly to the defensive.

Tsukumo, on the other hand, has been on the defensive the whole time, and his barrier is fractured like a shattered glass window from holding off the Orange Outburst. This makes it easy for Arf to dive in on him, and he takes the punch right on his jaw, even doing a little spin. And he's out like a light.

"What I'm fighting for?" She asks rune, a little confused. "Fighting is what I'm for. I fight, I win." she says, putting her hands on her hips in a proud pose even as the blood drips off her cut. "...Maybe not always cause sometimes I get stuck with TOTAL LOSERS FOR TEAMMATES!" she yells through the wall. "But I'm not desperate. Eclipse sponsors me. I fight, I get seeds, so I can fight more. Hell, pretty soon they'll probably have me rocking their logo like a racecar driver." she says with a strange, twisted grin.

"So look, you win this round, but the match is best of five. Tournament rules. So you know, next time, I'm gonna put you all in the garbage where you belong. But right now I think they'd be upset if I left my anchor here."

Channeling energy into her arms but in a different motion - and taking longer to do it - she turns to face the wall between her and Tsukuomo. "Haoh Shokoken!" comes the shout before a terrific blast of energy, like a drill, erupts. It carves its way through the wall - through part of the knocked away desk - just barely misses Tsukomo - and she teleport dashes to him, picking up her unconscious partner - and then through the windows Kukai noticed earlier.

"Can't wait for the rematch!" she calls as she runs with the unsconscious scientist in one hand, holding him under her arm like he weighs nothing.
Reiko Touyama 2016-06-15 04:14:32 45044
Prism Keeper Orange calls out. "Eclipse? WAIT YOU WORK FOR THOSE JERKS!" she calls out. "HEY YOU ..come...back...." she ughs, off they run. She looks over to Yellow and frowns... Yellows okay. Just knocked out like she nearly was. She sighs a bit and leans down and picks up Yellow into her arms and turns around.

"Hey you two over there and Sky Jack!" she calls out. "I need to get my friend someplace safer okay? Sorry..." she calls out as she begins to flutter away.. waiting just a moment for call outs.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 04:19:30 45046
    Fate... may have had too much fun with that fight. Sure, it was serious, but... something about facing a worthy opponent is nice, too. She doesn't really stop having fun until Runealy mentions something about death, and then Fate hears what the Puella Magi says and gasps. So... it really was Eclipse. Suddenly, she feels a bit guilty for having fun with it, since it actually is dangerous for Puella Magi to fight.

    "D-don't! They're not... they do scary things!"

    There's barely enough time for Fate to explain herself before the puella magi is rushing past her, past Arf (who sidesteps out of her way) and to the boy that Arf just punched in the face. Neither mage nor familiar stand in the way of the fleeing opponents.

    Fate frowns at the girls back, and then glances at Runealy. "Well... we win, I guess?"

    To Orange, Fate nods. "Good luck. I hope she's okay."
Kukai Souma 2016-06-15 04:22:44 45048
Jack hmphs, listening to the conversation, then pipes up at the best of five comment. "Yeah, you do that. Every time you pop up I'm going to knock you down again! And after the third time Eclipse is going to use you for fish bait!"

Then the two of them are drilling through the wall and blasting away, running for the hills, and Jack lets out a breath. "... Huh? Oh yeah. Yes, Orange, get Yellow to some attention. Get going." He looks over at Fate and Arf, then nods to the two of them. "You two did good." He sideeyes them for a moment. ".... Oh, now I recognize you two. I would ask what you're doing here fighting Eclipse when the last time I met you I.. ah... kicked your dog, so to speak - sorry." He nods apologetically to Arf. "But honestly I appreciate the help enough to not care too much. Everything all right in here?"
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-15 04:26:20 45049
Rune still doesn't get most of what's being discussed, but she is startled by what little she can follow of the newcomer's comments. "Is... is that all? You're putting your life on the line just for the sake of fighting?" This notion is completely alien to her; who could enjoy battle like that?

Any further response is stalled by their foe's next attack shout; Runealy doesn't get what it's a reference to, but she /does/ understand the component words involved and is expecting quite the vicious attack. Which it is. The poor wall never stood a chance.

Rune shows no interest in pursuing, instead moving to rejoin Fate and check over to Arf to make sure the familiar is okay too. "...I think so? We're walking away on our own, but I still have no idea what this fight was about. So at the very least, we didn't lose. And we learned we can team up just fine, so there's that!"

Then Jack meets them. "I think I could answer that better if I knew what any of what caused this fight. I'm okay," Favoring one side with her weight due to the hits she has taken, but not critically injured by any means. "They're both with us now, so don't worry about that."
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-15 04:33:40 45050
    Fate is actually a bit pale. She looks up at Sky Jack, with a wince. "I couldn't stay with them anymore. I joined Virtue instead. I... don't really think I'm cut out to be a villain. I couldn't really be mean enough to do what was expected of me."

    Arf scratches the back of her head and looks at Sky Jack. She shrugs. "Hey, fights happen. I can't really say that my heart was in it back then."

    Fate looks up at Rune, and then nods. "I think we worked pretty well together! I think that man was trying to steal something. I mean... that's the kind of thing Eclipse does." She looks around. "This looks like a software company, and he was into video games, so I think stealing does make sense here... I don't really know what he could possibly use here that would serve Eclipse."