Accusations of a Shadow Witch

Shadow Witch Shiniko questions Lacrima's recent actions involving Sachiko...

Date: 2016-06-15
Pose Count: 11
Lacrima 2016-06-15 23:00:17 45105
Lacrima was trying to make herself feel... something. Just a few days ago she horribly drained someone she considered a friend. A cinnabun, sure, but also a friend. So thusly, she found herself releasing a boy who'd been tagging the back of a store. Back to the basics. Back to what she was doing before she met anyone.

Though this time there was a cold calculation to what she was doing. Not desperation. Not like before at all.

The boy slumped down to the ground in a pile. She leaned down and frowned a bit as she hrmphed.

He was okay. She wasn't draining out of control- but she seemed to then grow a little frustrated. Where did it go?

Where did that feeling go? Why was it upsetting her it wasn't there?

Why doesn't she feel bad about this anymore?

She was easy enough to find, otherwise. She wasn't hiding herself well to other magical types right now.
Sora Hisakata 2016-06-15 23:05:36 45106
The lack of feeling bad Lacrima possesses is augmented by the growing shadows, unnaturally so, as darkness spreads with them, and a cold, malicious giggle comes from behind Lacrima, accompanied by shadowy claws rising from the ground as they seek to grasp the vampire's feet.

"What a friend you are." She says with naked hostility, there's no pretending to be nice, no pretending to be a friend. "Should I expect to be the next one you put into a coma~?" Shiniko walks out of the shadows, orbs of cold flame already floating around her head, ready to strike.
Lacrima 2016-06-15 23:13:28 45107
Lacrima gathers her own shadows when others come and wrap around her ankles. This is surprising- she was just about to shift into the Dusk Zone. She frowns a bit and looks around. "This isn't smart, whoever you are." she says off into the darkness.

Oh, then it's Shinko. She frowns. She goes to ask what this is about but then Shiniko goes on about a coma. Then she knows what's going on.

"Hrm. Talking to Kukai and the Pink one I see." she makes a guess.

"How lovely you belive thier side of the story. Did they tell you I drained her mercilessly?" she asks.

"Or did they mention what really happened?" she snaps.
Sora Hisakata 2016-06-15 23:22:27 45108
"If you say I shouldn't believe their side, then why don't you tell me yours?" Shiniko answers with the kind of impersonal cold malice that might be a little more unsettling now that Shiniko clearly intends to harm Lacrima if the answer she gets is not satisfactory.

"And don't forget, I can chase you into the Dusk Zone if you try to flee~" Shiniko giggles, the cold fireballs around her head bobbing with the giggle. The Shadow Witch moves forward, one of her shadow hands reaching out, "Justice will be done, this I guarantee you."
Lacrima 2016-06-15 23:28:04 45109
Lacrima scoffs. "Sachi-chan had always given me energy freely. I did not attack her. But Kukai and her stupid little girlfriend with the purification magic don't like that very much. So they attacked me, despite Sachi-chan telling me to take what I wanted." she mutters.

"They attacked. She tried to purify me. I had to save myself. That energy came from Sachiko." she spits out.

"If those two would mind thier own bussiness, when there's no issue, no fight....." she says with a glower at Shiniko. "I'd taken what I wanted and left without so much an issue. Like I always had with her. But no. Kukai has to have his way. The pink one has to have her way."
Sora Hisakata 2016-06-15 23:52:38 45110
"So you say they interrupted a fair transaction, and you merely defended yourself, then~?" Shiniko asks to confirm, releasing the hold her shadowy claws have on Lacrima, and the orbs of flame fizzle out. "I'm still not happy with that, I don't like you draining innocents." She doesn't seem to think of kids who 'tag' stores as innocent, "But if they gave you permission, it's none of my business~"

Shiniko thus steps away, "I'll have to teach Souma a thing about complete information~"
Lacrima 2016-06-16 00:03:07 45111
Lacrima hrmphs. She presses her feet to the ground and brushes down her dress. She doesn't seem to take offense to Shiniko grabbing her. What she's going do? Fill her with more dark energy right now?

"Hrmph! That's right. It was between me and Sachi-chan!" she hrmphs.

"Why waste your time on that jerk? Power or Talking or Reprimanding or otherwise." she spits. "He lies. He only tells you what's convient. He always has to get his way." she frowns.

She turns to the boy and hrmphs. "I used to feel bad. Draining people." she says. "I don't anymore. It's stupid." she says.

"Sachi-chan danced with me. No one dances with me anymore. and I don't even feel bad about what happened." she frowns.

"I wonder what I'll loose next..." she says. "Maybe I'll stop caring all together!" she says.
Sora Hisakata 2016-06-16 00:10:33 45112
"If you ever turn into a true monster, let me know~" Shiniko doesn't make any kind of attempt to disguise what she means with that, 'so I can kill you before you lose control' but she doesn't say that out loud, she's polite enough to keep that implied at least.

"I know he is a problem, a butthole and an idiot, which is why I was willing to listen to your story." Shiniko giggles, "If he was someone I trusted, I wouldn't have believed you. I like you, but just as you can't trust me, I can't trust you~"
Lacrima 2016-06-16 00:21:08 45113
Lacrima scoffs. "I don't even trust myself right now, dunno why I'd trust anyone else right now." she says, a tone of frustration going along with it. "Riventon-san is the only one I trust right now, but he's been acting....." she trails off. "I'm sure it's none of my bussiness." she says softly.

She sighs a bit and walks over to a dumpster. She sits on it. She has no qualms about this. Maybe she can't smell the stench. Maybe she doesn't care. Maybe something in the Dusk Zone smells more like terror than this.

"So." she says gently. "You can shift into the Dusk Zone now, can you?" she asks. "How did you learn that?" she asks. "Do the creatures chase you there?" she asks.
Sora Hisakata 2016-06-16 00:28:00 45114
"I've known the theory since before we've met, I just hadn't gotten enough power to travel quickly and protectedly enough that the 'creatures' can't hurt me during a brief trip." Shiniko answers easily, completely ignoring the matter of trust.

"Now I have the power, and thus I no longer need to worry about that~" She smirks, and then adds in a stage whisper, "And I've only just began gathering power. Wait a few months to see just how strong I'll be then~" She giggles, the arrogance palpable.
Lacrima 2016-06-16 00:42:14 45115
Lacrima listens a little. "I've been able to do it since my earlier outings. It's always frightening at first." she says softly. "You get used to it. Nothing attacks me there- though." she says softly.

"I stayed there for about a day when I was hit with something awful once." she says. "I don't suggest that." she says.

"Do you know anyone that yells.... 'Open Heart' before attacking?" she asks softly at Shiniko.