Heart Burn

A new Eclipse Puella Magi is stealing a special gem.

Date: 2016-06-18
Pose Count: 28
Cassandra Fontaine 2016-06-18 01:21:11 45420
It's very late on a Friday night, and the crowds have all left the Clover Tower's miryad malls and shopping centers. Ever since a storefront got caved in, though, the Clover Tower has put a light smattering of private security guards around the area. Blue eyes surveying the area, Cassandra points a long, perfectly manicured finger at the shop 'Sparkle!' a store that sells unique gems and jewlery.

"They said it's in there." she tells her partner in heavily accented Japanese. "So... you might as well have a snack from those guys who are supposed to be watching it, no?" she inclines her head at Norie with a smile. "They're in the way anyways. Probably kinder to let them nap. They're probably very tired from all that standing around, anyways."

She rubs the ring on her finger. The managers at Eclipse warned her that once someone started throwing energy around it seemed like a matter of moments before people would show up to try to stop them. But it's not like the two girls could just walk into the shop and pluck the gem from its case, so perhaps it was inevitable.
Lacrima 2016-06-18 01:32:39 45423
Magical Jewerly. Things that don't agree with Norie Okana or Lacrima. After all, it was a stupid necklace that cursed her and made her this thing. But she takes the job anyways, because--- really what's this thing gonna do? Make her MORE of a vampire anyways!?

She looks over to the girl with her and purses her lips. She's still 'Norie' right now, as far as anyone can tell. "Right. Let me do my thing. I think I can keep things silent until the right moment." she says straight faced and neutral before she puts on her best worried face and begins jogging a little 'worriedly' over to the guards in front of the store. she says. "Oh no...! Oh No...!" to the guards. She is clearly a maiden in trouble!

"Sir , something terrible has happened I need help!~" she says doe eyed as she moves to grip the hands of two of the security guards all so carefully.

The act is meant to catch them off guard. Appeal to a desire to help or come off as harmless. Someone who needs help. Until....

"Draneje." there's a sudden purple glow and a sudden shock of an energy drain as she begins to drain these two guards into hopeful unconciousness quickly- the flare of dark energy palpable as she grits her teeth. She says nothing else at all.

"Which one is it again?" she asks bluntly to the girl that should hopefully be behind her. Having done her job-- she shifts- letting the disguise fall off and her true nature flare out. Becoming Lacrima. For the moment.

She knows an energy drain attracts people. It always /does/ she thinks spitefully.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-18 01:38:58 45425
Rune has been taking in the night-time sights of the area, and by all rights she probably ought to have brought friends for that. Nonetheless, it serves as a time to think alone.

This brings her toward the tower and its nearby shopping sites. She's not terribly interested in them at first, but a flash of purple light in the distance does make her raise an eye. "What was that...?" A question to herself. She has a few ideas of what it could be, ranging from the benign to the terrible, and they're worth looking in to.

She doesn't transform yet, but does begin to walk in the direction she saw Norie's energy-drain flash. It wasn't recognized for what it was at this distance, and she may not have seen anyone involved in it just yet either... but Rune is on her way.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-18 01:44:30 45428
    Homura Akemi is certainly out late tonight, especially for a girl who doesn't have much to do. Well, she has plenty to do, but most of it is either homework or office work, and she's clearly neither at home nor at her office. She looks into the doors of the Clover Mall, scowling at the now empty halls. She was hoping to find something to take her mind off of things, buying something for Madoka maybe, but it's a bit too late at night for that.

    She sees a flash of purple, and senses the use of magic. She probably should just ignore it, no matter what it is. That'd be the smart thing to do, right?

    Or maybe it's a terrible thing. Maybe someone inside needs help or something. Or maybe it's nothing, but even if it is Homura would like to check and make sure.

    She approaches the door, henshin appearing around her. She notices Runealy out of the corner of her eye and nods to the alien princess, but keeps heading in Norie's direction.
Nicola Esprit 2016-06-18 01:53:47 45431
<Unwholesome Magical Signature Detected, Please Retreat> Ruby Rose pings, with a tone that suggests she knows exactly how Nicola is going to respond. "No. Ruby Rose, Set Up!" The girl is surrounded by a red glow, and when she comes out, she's wearing something else, holding a pair of flat revolvers, and has ribbons around her ankles and shoulders that serve as wings for her to fly towards the source.

"You're not getting away with this!" She yells as she lands next to the store, and looks towards her guns expectingly. <Wide Area Force Field> From her a magical barriet emits, meant to be catching magical types inside, while leaving the general public out of it.
Cassandra Fontaine 2016-06-18 02:11:47 45443
Cassandra gets up from her perch atop a nearby storefront as the barrier expands outwards and consumes her, Norie, and the area - but leaves the drained guards outside. "Well..." she calls in a singsong voice to Norie "...that didn't take very long." She hops off the perch and hits the ground, still playing with the ring.

"I don't suppose I could convince you to just turn around and walk away, no?" she says, her accented Japanese still clear. "I would actually prefer to get through this without any bloodshed. I won't even take any of the things other than what I'm exactly after. Nobody needs to get hurt, if you don't get in our way." she says, as the ring lights up and a red, heart-topped soul gem appears, and she cradles it in her arms, close to her.

"I'm not afraid to fight for it, and I know Lacrima-san isn't either. Stand down." she says, walking purposefully up to the door.
Lacrima 2016-06-18 02:23:33 45449
A young gunslinger mage appears. Lacrima blinks a little confusedly a moment because this as she frowns a bit. Lacrima is clearly the source of 'unwholesome energy signature number one'. She hrmphs.

"I'll decide wether 'I'm getting away with this' or not." she says. "Not you, or ANYONE ELSE." she snaps.

Unlike Cassandra there, who would rather talk--- Lacrima decides to answer with outstreching her palm and launching a jagged, twisted bolt of purple and black dark energy from her palm. A simple magical blast meant to try to knock Nicola's wind out hard and fast from the get go if it hits.

Lacrima isn't in a mood to play around tonight it seems-- and she has the extra energy to expend thanks to a stop in an alley earlier in the evening, even!
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-18 02:26:02 45450
Rune blinks as she spots Homura nearby. This is more a show of surprise than worry; there is much she doesn't understand about the gunslinger, but Rune knows enough to be largely sympathetic to her and even offers: "Did you want to stay with me? Looks like you saw whatever it was too, and if it IS something then you won't have to use as much of 'yourself' as you would on your own."

Nicola's arrival alarms her, and Rune looks up to this newcomer... this other gunslinger, it appears. "...Won't get away with what? Do you know what's going on?"

What's going on is they're being confronted. When threatened, Rune responds with: "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" The jeweled headwear appears in hand, energy-hum throbbing audibly from it...

...But she just holds it for now, eyes firmly on Cassandra. "Maybe. Maybe, but I don't know what the 'it' you are after is. That's going to influence how much I care to fight you. I know what that," she points at the Soul Gem, "is. I know that you're telling us you're willing to put your life on the line for it. All of us are if we fight, but Puella Magi risk it far more than the rest of us."

She gives that a lot of emotional weight, thus. Rune stands there pondering what Cassandra might have to say from here, tense as the tiara continues its energy-hum noise. This goes on even as Lacrima attacks Nicola, something that is rapidly pushing the weight of Runealy's decision toward 'transform and fight'... but she is hesitating for just this moment all the same.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-18 02:32:32 45454
    Runealy approaches her, and Homura nods. "Sure. Sounds good. I already intend to use as little magic as possible, but we'll see where that gets me." After all, while Homura has many weaknesses, inefficient magic use isn't one of them.

    Homura freezes when she sees the heart-shaped Soul Gem, staring straight at this girl whom she's never seen before. Her shock only lasts for a moment, and she shoots a pointed glare at Cassandra.

    "I don't know who you are, and that's pretty strange considering that you're a Puella Magi. Isn't it a bit reckless of you, using magic over petty theft at a time like this? Why don't you stop wasting magic and just go home?"

    Homura takes a step forward. "Any magic wasted is magic taken out of the system. It's magic that will need to be replenished by an ever dwindling supply of Grief Seeds. Grief Seeds that we need in order to live. Any magic you waste is only making things worse. If you can't understand something like that..."

    Lacrima attacks Nicola, and Homura already has a shotgun in her hand. She levels it at the vampire, but she also chooses not to fire.
Nicola Esprit 2016-06-18 02:34:57 45456
"I don't, but I know it's bad." Nicola answers Runealy with clear conviction, "Because of the kind of magic they're using." Clearly to the little girl, that's enough of an answer. That's when she notices Lacrima's attacking her, and a magical circle appears in the air in between her and the blast to catch it.

It's a fairly weak shield, and Lacrima's attack punches through with little effort, hitting the already moving Nicola in the side. She grimaces, but she doesn't stop herself moving.

She's fast, and agile, changing directions at a moment notice to force others to keep guessing where she'll be next. If she knew the importance of that soul gem, she'd be shooting it, but she doesn't.

Instead, a pair of red balls form at the tip of her revolvers, the actual revolving mechanism appears to be for aesthetics only, or simply not activated right now. It might house a cartridge system that she's just choosing not to rely upon, hard to tell, but the balls fly and they zip straight towards Lacrima.
Cassandra Fontaine 2016-06-18 02:52:54 45461
Cassandra shakes her head rapidly. "You're probably still going to think something like that I didn't give you time to back up, or I forced you into this. Don't blame me - I told you to back away!" she says, holding that soul gem aloft. "You're wrong - I'm not risking anything, because I'm not going to lose anything - I'm going to get even more grief seeds for succeeding!" she says, and there's a blast of fire that radiates out from her Soul Gem.

That fire cosumes her, little licks of heart shaped flame coming off of her as she gets her henshin outfit - a red, white, and yellow suit with tall boots and a plethora of bows. It sure doesn't look like what a villian would wear. The smirk on her face says otherwise, though, as the last of the fire coalsces into the outline of a heart... which becomes a dull-red metal heart-shaked chakram, which she rolls casually around her armored wrist.

"The only magic I'm gonna waste is the magic I need to get past you guys. So if you want to keep magic in the system, you'd better stand off and move away. I need the gem because Eclipse needs it for a project." she says, shrugging.

"I don't know, to be honest, I don't really keep up. But the cute redheaded guy in glasses wants it, and the bounty's pretty good."

Then she hurls the chakram in an erratic pattern, where it sails through the air, glowing red hot with heat as it tries to knock the shotgun from Homura's hands, or cut through the barrel. It's hard to tell with the strange way it loops in the air. Either way, it'll come back to her hand after it's flight - even if it's been knocked aside or otherwise.
Lacrima 2016-06-18 03:07:48 45463
Lacrima eyes balls of red energy at the tips of guns. They fly into her--- and she takes the shots clear in the chest-- sending up a mist of black from the impact. She seems to recoil backwards before she uses some sort of levitation magic to throw herself back to the ground instead of flying the five feet backward she clearly almost did. She reaches a hand up to her chest and touches the two burnt blothces there. There's an actual 'dent' in her body. She purses her lips, rubbing something black between her fingers a bit.

That clearly hurt. Perhaps Lacrima wanted to make sure it wasn't positive energy. It doesn't seem to be.

Maybe she knows she has a little energy to burn- and wants to play tough!

She nods a bit.

"Oh. 'because of the type of magic they're using'." she says icly. "Yes, everything is so bad when it's dark energy." she says mockingly.

She looks between Runealy and Homura and back to Cassandra.

"She doesn't know you and surprised. Like it's possible to know everyone. Ever." she laughs almost cackles.

She frowns. "Turn around and walk away." she demands as she turns to the assembled heroes and raises her hand swkyward.

"Tormenta Oscura!" she calls out--- and with a flash-- beams of Dark Energy rain down from skywards around Lacrima and the general area of the heroes.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-18 03:11:11 45464
"...Can't argue with that," Rune admits to Nicola, and nods aside to Homura. Brief gestures, ones made because she can only afford those tiny lapses in focus before Cassandra is speaking again... and the decision is forced: It's a fight, the moment Cassandra attacks Homura.

"...The Line of Succession," tiara is passed from one hand to the other, brought to Rune's forehead, "Transform!" Finishing this sequence causes her to be engulfed in red light, and it fades to reveal the princess in full magical attire. Rune sprints toward the exterior wall of the building, leaping to try to land on a window-sill and aim her wand down at Cassandra. The princess' green wand-tip detaches, shooting down at her with intent to explode on contact!

While she may not have had time to outright /say/ this, it appears she has taken some exception to Homura being targeted.

She definitely doesn't get time to say that right now for another reason: Lacrima just sent dark-beams her way. "Ah!?" So much for an elevated position; Rune's boot-wings flash with silver glow again as she's launched off to land back at ground level... but not before a few shots catch the back of her leg, causing her to land on her knees with a hurt cry!
Homura Akemi 2016-06-18 03:17:49 45465
    The chakram slices Homura's gun in half, and the barrel clinks down on the ground. She tosses the rest of it aside, pulls out another shotgun, and aims it at Cassandra. "Yeah I have a lot of these, actually."

    Eclipse? Project? Those don't sound like promising words. The promise of even more Grief Seeds has Homura raising an eyebrow. "Is that how it is? Kyubey creates a famine and then starts working with Eclipse. Then Eclipse becomes a source of valuable Grief Seeds." Technically they must have had some on hand regardless, but still. "So you're essentially forced to work for them, is that it?"

    Well, whatever Eclipse is doing has something to do with what Kyubey's doing, and Homura has no intention of playing along with whatever Kyubey's plan is.

    Lacrima attacks them with dark energy, and Homura nimbly jumps back, away, and to the side in order to avoid each blast, bouncing off of the ground almost as soon as she lands. It's a close shave, especially since Homura isn't using her timestop powers, and the dark beams burn through the ends of her long, black hair.

    Runealy isn't so lucky, and she gets hurt. Homura twitches and with another bounce on the ball of her foot she's launching herself at Cassandra. "You asked for this."

    She lands on just one foot, spinning around to aim her shotgun at Cassandra (avoiding her Soul Gem) and fires a spread of buckshot at her.
Nicola Esprit 2016-06-18 03:21:09 45467
Nicola is fast, like ... really fast. So while she manages to avoid being hit directly, three of the beams graze her sides, and the overall effect still stings quite a bit. She grimaces again, but keeps going. "If you didn't want us to assume you're bad, then maybe you shouldn't use magic that's made out of evil." She objects.

She doesn't quite listen to the details of what the others are doing, instead she's starting to get into a rapidfire pattern, a series of the same energy balls as before, coming rapidly after one another, and with her speed, from wildly different directions. They're about equally split between Lacrima and Cassandra.
Cassandra Fontaine 2016-06-18 03:31:22 45468
Cassandra tilts her head, sending her brown locks sprawling a bit. "What? Forced to work for them?" she asks, curiously. "I'd work for them if I had a treasure chest full of them, mon cheri." she says with a grin as she catches the chakram.

Runealy's attack requires her to jump forward, rolling, but still the blast of the explosion catches her back and sears it.

But then Homura's attacking her, and she has to press the heart-shaped chakram in front of her, where the center and edges fill with burning molten fire and metal, and soak the shotgun blast before she's off - the chakram was floating in the air, and then she calls it back to her as she's using her foot to kick a hole in the glass and jumping through. Seems like she actually believes in getting things done, too!

Nicola's energy orbs follow her in though, and one slams into her back, sending her sprawling over a display. Grimacing, she starts punching her bare hand through display cases, apparently heedless of the way the glass is digging into her hand, trying to find what she came her for, when suddenly, her other hand throws the Chakram in another looping arc - aiming to slice through the air, still burning hot, and the pattern makes a looping attack against all three of her opponents.

"Lacrima-san, be careful out there!" she calls as she keeps trying to search.
Lacrima 2016-06-18 03:40:57 45469
"Evil." drips Lacrima with that icy intent again. "I don't think you actually know what actual evil is, popgun." she says matter of factly as a rain of those energy blasts pepper her form. She's sent stumbling across the ground. Runealy and Homura target Cassandra.

She scowls at Nicola. "I think you're incapable of wielding power like this, so you're envious." she insists. She wonders if Riventon deals with people like this. She'll need to ask how he deals with it.

She turns around with a whip and rakes a beam of dark energy through the air- across Nicola's path-- down toward's Runealy. Homura is getting too close to target safetly. She burns extra energy to keep the beam going, leaving miasma in it's wake across the building.

"I'll be just fine." she insists to Cassandra. "Keep on the goal. I'd rather not dissapoint someone." she says.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-18 03:42:55 45470
Rune manages what amounts to a 'flop-around' evasion of the chakram. Partially so, at least; it flies her way, and she contorts oddly on the ground to get out of its arcing path, though it catches her shoulder and slices the edge of it! This is still enough to draw another pained shout, then Rune gets to her feet.

Rushing in to chase after Cassandra, Rune calls over to Homura: "Follow my timing! I'll make openings for you...!" Then she takes aim and unleashes another wand-orb at Cassandra.

She's not expecting a direct hit. Instead, Rune is waiting for a moment when even a miss might impact nearby display cases and explode upon them or their housings. Runealy is hoping this will give Cassandra a rough choice: To stay nearby and risk getting hit by the detonation, or to move in ways that might possibly let Homura track and exploit it.

She doesn't get to attempt any further immediate follow-up though, as another dark-beam is scything her way from Lacrima! Rune makes a sharp, startled noise before encasing herself in a sparkling red energy sphere, one that cracks and ripples as it's struck... but holds for the moment.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-18 04:01:21 45472
    Homura makes a face at Cassandra. Really? "Well I see you won't listen to reason. You've brought this on yourself."

    Homura is close to Cassandra, so the chackram comes at her directly. Homura doesn't dodge, letting the chackram slice into her as she charges ahead, trying to keep the distance between them closed. She holds the shotgun up, the end of the barrel moving past the hostile bladed heart, hoping to catch the enemy puella in an unbalanced moment as she fires.

    Runealy starts talking about tactics, and Homura stares blankly at the Puella in front of her. She's going to create openings for her to use? Fine. Homura tosses her gun aside and pulls out another.

    As glass and things explode around Cassandra, Homura aims at the most logical place for her to dodge and fires, and when she runs out of ammo in her shotgun she throws it at the girl.

    Homura's wound, notably, doesn't heal. She's not going to use magic on it if she can avoid it. Fighting on a budget is a bit harder than she thought, but she has managed to block out the pain.
Nicola Esprit 2016-06-18 04:04:11 45473
The chakram is hard to read, but Nicola is fast and her movement erratic, so she's only clipped in her arm. Painful, but the barrier jacket ensures it's not debilitating. Every single wound adds up however, and at some point it'll be too much.

"I could wield power like that if I wanted to." Nicola replies to Lacrima with a surprising lack of concern about the idea, "To do that would be to yell at the world I'm a coward, that I'm not strong enough to rely on my own power, that I need to draw upon evil to accomplish anything." She smirks, "And I'm not that weak."

Nicola has an idea. An idea that merits a response by her device, <Don't> Her response is a simple, "Do it." And then she starts charging up two larger blasts, aiming in different directions, for key supporting frames of the wall. "Everyone, get out of here!" She warns.

And then she fires, the blasts should be plenty strong to collapse the walls and the building with it. She charges outwards, fast enough to hit the streets before the building can collapse on her.
Cassandra Fontaine 2016-06-18 04:33:05 45475
Cassandra can't quite make everything work out - She's still trying to find the gem. You'd think something this important would radiate energy or somethin- WAIT THERE IT IS! She raises it, and just before she can laugh in triumph, one of Rune's orbs hits it, sending it out of her hand and bouncing out of the storefront, near the heroes, by coincidence.

Diving out of the building after it is roughly when Homura judges her shot, and she gets cut in the side by a shotgun blast, which sends her BACK into the building.

She's in the building, then, and the small onyx-colored gemstone she was so concerned about is outside - when Nicola's blasts level the building - with her still trapped inside it.

There's plenty of time for the heroes and Lacrima do battle over the gem, because there's not any movement or work from Cassandra or the pile of rubble that's collapsed on top of her.
Lacrima 2016-06-18 04:39:32 45477
Lacrima eyes go wide. "Cassandra-san!" she calls out when Nicola decides she's going to drop the building. Oh, so /she's/ the monster. Yeah. Okay. She buys that now. She totally completely buys that now.

There's no movement and no words and no sounds but Lacrima does see the onyx-gemstone bounce out towards the ground.

She moves to sweep in on it with vengence--- bursting into an aura of black mist to try to increase her speed.

She has to get this gem. How is she going to explain both- loosing a Puella AND the gem?

Ugh this is the /worst/ first outing- she'd think if she wasn't suddenly in a wide eyed panic for the gem. Trying to keep aware of incoming- when she can.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-18 04:42:30 45478
"Get out...?" Rune repeats, puzzled by what Nicola has in mind. Then Nicola starts shooting walls, and the princess is able to piece things together. An alarmed "...ch!" follows, then she too begins retreating... albeit by a series of backwards jumps, as she intends to stay facing Lacrima and Cassandra just in case either of them intend to try knocking someone down in an attempt to ensure the building falls on those within. Rune isn't interested in doing that to either of her enemies, but she's aware it could be a prime thought on SOMEONE'S mind, possibly!

...Or it could happen somewhat inadvertently, as she watches in wide-eyed surprise when Cassandra is buried! She's not immediately interested in the spilled gem, instead focusing on putting distance between herself and the falling building. This also means she's not bothering to attack Lacrima at all.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-18 04:47:23 45479
    Homura watches as the gem that Cassandra was going after is suddenly launched into the street. Homura almost couldn't care less about it, keeping her eye on the opponent, but then it occurs to her that securing that gem might end the fight.

    Homura turns and runs towards the gem, suddenly a lot clumsier than she was before due to blocking out the pain, stumbling as she walks. That's probably a bad thing, since the building is collapsing around her. She stops dulling her nerves, which hurts, but improves her motor skills substantially. Just enough to stop her from being buried along with Cassandra.

    When she looks up, she sees Lacrima swooping down for the gem herself.

    "That's enough from you."

    A grenade is produced from her shield. Homura pulls the pin and throws it up at her. It doesn't have as much explosive force as a normal grenade, but it makes a bright, brilliant, blinding light.

    Granted, she's more focused on stopping Eclipse from getting the gem than she is on getting the gem itself.
Nicola Esprit 2016-06-18 04:55:58 45480
Has it been mentioned before that Nicola is fast? Well, she's fast, and she can fly. She hurries to swoop up the gem, and keeps flying, letting the barrier fall to ease her escape. This has the side effect of returning the building to its proper standing form, which may save the puella from further injury.

Before she can get far enough away, with her device's aid she sends a magical message back in that direction. "If this thing turns out to be important, talk to Fate-chan. I'll make sure she knows about it." And then more fleeing.
Cassandra Fontaine 2016-06-18 05:32:38 45482
There's a delay, and the gem is recieved, before the rubble begins to turn colors. First a dull red, then a bright orange - then it bursts into flames in a heart shape, and Cassandra - outfit beaten and bloody - rises from the flames which don't harm her and burn a bright pink. She staggers a little bit, though. There's magical healing, and then there's 'A building just fell on me'.

"Lacrima-san, we... should go." she says, staggered clearly. "We'll... let them know what happened." she continues, clearly not relishing telling Eclipse another peice of the plan failed. "And we'll make ourselves available. I'm sure there's a way we can find the thing." she says, before turning back to glare. "You wanted an enemy, you got it." she says before she shoots off.
Lacrima 2016-06-18 05:41:12 45484
Lacrima is all set to chase Nicola--- when this bright light explodes into her face and causes her to recoil-- a flash bang!? Ugh! This-- this isn't even /magic/, she spits. She furrows her brow-- she recalls.. some sense of familiarity? Not about anyone, but the situation. That Deja Vu. The same kind she feels in the church.

She looks down to Cassandra and frowns at Homura as she zips toward's Cassandra and then extends out that dark mist-- moving the envelope Cassandra in it, cloaking over her as she attempts to whisk both of them away back to a safe place that doesn't have crazy magic princesses and popgun girls.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-18 05:44:36 45485
    By the time Homura is sure that Lacrima is distracted, the gem is already gone. She frowns, watches as the vampire and puella magi vanish into the Dusk Zone, and turns away.

    "This was a wash," she mutters. Maybe she should go find someone to do something about her wound... That's about what she's thinking about when she leaves.

    The building being collapsed and then restored doesn't seem to faze her. This isn't the first time she's been inside a barrier.