Jiaying Meet Mara, Mara Meet Jiaying!

Guitar bonding time!

Date: 2016-06-21
Pose Count: 18
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 01:51:39 45804
    It is a nice afternoon, and of course if kids aren't attending clubs, or their club has already let out for the evening, they are at the arcade. There is one individual that sill stop by the arcade from time to time, and even brings an instrument of mass destruction! A Fender Stratocaster... An affordable six string guitar that can easily keep up with the quality of guitars three to four times it's price tag.

    One person is showing off at the moment, doing very well in just playing along with random songs as people are playing a rhythm guitar game. Mara is definitely doing much better than they are, but the ones playing the game actually seem to enjoy having her in the background, and no one really bothers her either. Of course, she had asked permission before she does this. She just watches the screen that the players are looking at, and people even seem to crowd around her as well.

    Mara's eyes don't even look at the strings on her guitar as she plays right along with the music. Her choice seating is her guitar amp, and of course she has her stand right next to her. Once the two playing the game stop, they take pictures of her with the camera on their phones and walk off. Of course, Mara can't let those pictures go without awesome guitar poses!

    Once the two walk off, Mara sets her guitar on her stand and stretches a little bit, "I bet that game is harder than what it looks.." She frowns a little bit, looking over to her guitar, not having played that rhythm game before. She stares at it for a couple of seconds, and tilts her head to the side. "Well... There's always a first time for everything!" She looks around and people have walked off since she stopped playing, and no one is watching her now. She simply lets out a sigh of relief, and pulls a couple of tokens out of her pocket, then puts them into the machine.
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 02:11:54 45810
Jiaying Maki is out and enjoying her after school thing! She's managed to change out of her stuffy uniform and into a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top with a hood. It's nice, comfy and it means she doesn't get recognized right away, which is sometimes nice when you want to focus on video games! Which goes out the window when she sees someone with a guitar trying to play the guitar rhythm game which.. fascinates her of course. She makes her way through the crowd of people, steps up to the other slot and looks over before offering a playful grin, "Any good?" she asks curiously.

Then she begins laughing before adding, "Because I certainly am not! Want to give it a shot solo first if you're worried about that kind of thing?" She's trying to be all cheerful. And maybe she wants a better look at the guitar because that's something she doesn't see in arcades often. She doesn't hide this either, her eyes keep darting over to it.
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 02:21:44 45813
    Mara stares at the girl that suddenly stepped up besides her, "Never played, but..." She jerks her right thumb back at the real guitar, "I am good at playing that though." She chuckles a couple of times, and wonders if she should just not even try now. Her eyes are locked onto Jiaying's, and she notes that the girl keeps looking back to her guitar. She sighs a little bit, then looks back to the screen, reaching forward to hit the button for herself to start. She quickly figures out the controls and picks the easiest song she can find.

    Mara starts to strum that switch in the middle of the guitar as she presses the four buttons on the neck of the fake, plastic guitar. "Hmm.. this isn't too....." She just messed up. "Okay..." The song suddenly seems to grow slightly more difficult, then dies back down, and when it does, she lets out a gentle sigh. "Sheesh! This song said easy.." She seems slightly irritated, but at least she isn't completely failing the song... yet... "
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 02:27:35 45815
Jiaying Maki leans forward to watch the other girl play the song, easy right? At the looks between the two she begins laughing and says, "It's not the same~ Not the same at all! One's about actually playing the guitar and one is like playing a fighting game with the goofiest controls." She sways from foot to foot while watching, the novelty of the guitar having worn off.

When the song is over, she fishes some coins free from her bag. Standing still suddenly, she tilts her head to ask, "Mind if I give it a shot? I bet I don't do any better and I'm a gamer nerd, not a musician." Maybe trying to sooth the other girl. Or just chatting because she can, either way she doesn't seem put off by too much.
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 02:31:23 45818
    Mara looks to the girl next to her, then shrugs a little bit, and fishes out a couple of tokens, handing them to the girl. "Don't use the coins, they'll jam up the machine... You'll make some people mad." She gives the other girl a toothy grin with that, which is almost creepy as she steps back. "I don't really care if you do better or not. I can say it is much easier for me to just play an actual guitar." Mara isn't in her school clothing either, and just has her hands placed behind her.

    Mara steps back to sit on her amplifier as places her left elbow on her left knee with her chin in the palm of her left hand. "Lets see how the gamer nerd does." She says in a teasing tone of voice.
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 02:42:32 45822
Jiaying Maki returns the toothy grin with one of her own, joined with a laugh too! She holds out her hand, showing the same tokens, she already made that mistake earlier. Still, stepping up to the plastic guitar, she picks it up, lines her fingers up, changes her stance a few times before getting frustrated and just winging it and finally putting the tokens in. Tokens, coins, same thing either way.

She flips through the songs, going for something she enjoys... in the easy category and starts to play. Poorly. Not that it seems to bother her too much as she crashes and burns. There's a brief moment where she holds the guitar up, then she quickly shakes her head and sets it aside. Looking over her shoulder, she adds, "Told'ja I'd do bad. No ears for music! Playing it that is... even in video game form."
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 02:47:19 45823
    Mara tilts her head to the side a little bit, "It's all about rhythm anyways. If you don't got it, you don't got it." She then smirks softly, "Even for keeping up combos in a fighting game. Unfortunately, I can't leave my guitar unattended right here, otherwise I would go play one with you just for proof." Is this Mara getting a little cocky? Possibly!

    She stands up from her amp, and starts to disconnect everything, and pack away her guitar, and other things. Her guitar case seems to hold the stand as she packs things away. "I guess I can lug this stuff around, but oh well if people trip over it, right?" She doesn't seem to really care too much about the well being of others. "Why the hoodie?" She glances over her shoulder to Jiaying, and it was kind of a bit nice out to be wearing one of those..
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 02:56:47 45826
Jiaying Maki is wearing a sleeveless one! It's just got a nice hood on it because hoods. She makes her way out along with the other girl, waiting patiently for her to gather her thigs up and hurry along. Walking alongside, seemingly ignoring the negative aspects and just enjoying herself, she says playfully, "Fighing games aren't about the rhythm, it's about remembering how to maintain a juggle. It's less rhythm and more.." she pauses, shrugs a touch and says, "Rhythm I guess. I'm just bad with sounds in crowded areas really."

To the other question, she looks over, looks at her bare arms, looks bheind her for a moment then begins laughing and says, "I like the hood?"
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 03:02:24 45828
    Mara smirks a little bit, and after everything is packed up, she starts to make her way around to the other end of the arcade. "Oh? Well, rhythm should only be a small portion of a fighting game, and some the juggle isn't so much as important as timing."

    Mara sets her stuff down next to a popular fighting game... Well, not so popular, but one that isn't as popular for tournaments as it is more fun than the tournament one. "Some fighting games are over balanced, and there is no difference in characters.. This one at least has a bunch of characters that all play different, and balancing is done in a different way. Not just move sets.." She looks over to Jiaying, "What's your name? And I'm not judging you by your hood."
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 03:23:11 45834
Jiaying Maki settles down on the seat in front of the screen. Poking a few buttons to test the... springy-ness? Before fiddling with the joystick, she then sets a few tokens down and watches the screen for a moment, trying to remember if this is the one she's played or if it was another one, they've all got the same name with a marginally different addition tacked on. One even with a bizarre mix of letters that make no sense.

Resting her chin on her hand, she glances over and laughs, fingers of her free hand drumming on the cabinet, "I like it, I think this is the one I played, kind of have a hard time remembering all of the time. The more balanced ones are fun too, but that newest one that's all about fireball spam is terrible." She lifts her hood up and rests it on her hood, holding it about where her ears would be under other circumstances and says, "Jiaying Maki, waht's yours?"
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 03:29:37 45836
    Mara sits down at the other side of the cabinet and pokes at the buttons as well, then gives a confirming nod. She pulls out a couple of tokens, and slides one right into the machine. She picks a powerful, but quick character that she always plays. Then sits there, waiting for Jiaying to pick her character. "Fireball spam is pretty boring, and juggling isn't what this game is about... more like timing.." She sighs a bit as she glances off to the side, checking her belongings from the corner of her eye.

    "Mara Brando.. Nice to meet ya, Jiaying." She turns her head to look back at the screen to see if the other girl has picked a character yet.
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 03:39:24 45839
Jiaying Maki is cycling through the characters quietly, seeming to go for the weirder characters really. Finally she settles on one and begins to fiddle with the inevitable options such as colors and play style and and and... Still, after, she leans back, taps the buttons a few times and looks over while waiting for the match to play, "Oh sure sure, timing is a big part of it, but there are other things to keep in mind too. If I ever get really bored I look up the frame counts and forget them twenty seconds after reading them!"

Still, when the intro's done she starts to play the game and she's actually not too bad at it! One gets the feeling she's playing the wrong version mind, after her joking about frame advantages she really isn't using the best moves all the time, but still!
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 03:46:13 45844
    Mara tilts her head to the side a little bit, "Yeah, yeah.. You don't need frame counts after playing something enough.." She sighs softly waiting for the game to start. As soon as it does though, she has her character come in for a low attack, that is only avoidable to start off with. A good solid strategy in most cases, but easily countered, which happens after Jiaying's character dodges..

    "Hmm..." Mara plays defensive for a little bit, blocking, and canceling. It doesn't seem to bother her any as she observes for a little bit to see how Jiaying plays. She may end up losing this round, but it is worth it. "Not bad.." After that comment when her character is down to about a quarter of it's health, she starts to fight back, obviously losing this round. She might get a few more hits in, but not enough to really do in Jiaying.
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 03:54:32 45847
Jiaying Maki honestly just seems to be enjoying herself. She knows her character well enough even if she's either out of practice or remembering the wrong game's moves. Still! She does kind of start to focus as Mara starts to fight back, relying more on her poke and footsie game! She's a touch on the aggressive side, forgetting to block more than she really should.

Glancing over her shoulder to her opponent, she asks curiously, "Who's your favorite character? This one or just.. uh." she kind of loses focus for a moment and probably gets hit a few times before resuming actually focusing again.
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 03:58:50 45848
    Mara chuckles a little bit as Jiaying starts to get aggressive, which isn't something to do against her character. She doesn't turn to look to Jiaying, "Nah... It's a character I normally play, but it's not my best. My best one is actually the weakest character on the game. Once you get used to her speed, she is quite fun to play." She took that time that she was talking to pull off a super attack on Jiaying, which probably brought them pretty close to even.

    "It's not good to turn and look away from the screen. You lost your advantage." Mara chuckles under her voice, as she can't cancel attacks anymore due to using a super. She tilts her head tot he side, just letting the poking happen, but avoides it none the less.
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 04:19:31 45853
Jiaying Maki watches Mara out of the corner of her eye, contemplating cheating, not to win, but mostly to just tease the other girl. Still, the second fight is a loss for Jia and for the third round? She starts out with a poke into a super of her own! Trying to go for something daring. Totally not just sitting on the bar when she realized the secon was a wash.

She peeks back over the top for a moment and says, "So? It's more fun! If I was really trying I wouldn't be playing this character anyway." She crosses her legs and settles back and resumes playing. And may secretly actually be trying to win after saying that. She hasn't cheated yet at least!
Mara Brando 2016-06-21 04:23:44 45857
    Mara isn't cheating at all, and doesn't really even try to.. Even if Jiaying was looking at Mara's screen, she wouldn't see anything more than what she would see on her own screen.
    Mara just keeps playing, then yawns a little bit, "Same here.. I wouldn't really be playing this character either. His attacks are easy to dodge, and easy to read.. I just have to..." She grumbles a little bit at the super right off, then shrugs a little bit. It took away a third of her health, but does a really quick recovery and follows up with a weak super to try and catch Jiaying off guard. To the last bit, the match was very close, but she ends up losing over all. She shrugs, "Well.. I think that is it for me. I think I will try and get home so I can work on homework." She stands up from the cabinet, stretching a little bit. "It was fun."
Jiaying Maki 2016-06-21 04:38:29 45858
Jiaying Maki wasn't watching the screen, she was watching the girl because it's funnier! People make the funniest faces when they focus. At the end of the match, she begins to shrug and says, "No rematch? Aw, but that's fine. We should totally do the rematch thing later!" She's already fishing for her phone to offer her number, much like she's done for pretty much anyone else. She's new in town, anyone that oesn't run screaming from her is a potential new.. erh, acquaintance at least? "It was fun though, glad I got to play a match at least!"