Writing the Book On Evil Dating

Haruna catches Hannah on some stuff. Talk about Precures, Jerk Gods, Jerk Hot Guys and Puella Magi.

Date: 2016-06-24
Pose Count: 9
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-24 01:39:45 46163
Haruna Kurosawa had her arms crossed in front of her and looking kind of like a sourpuss in her bussiness suit. She was standing in the employee gym- closed for repairs- as some sort of team of works repaired the LARGE HOLE that a punching bag made when Haruna sort of raged transformed the other night and punched it through the wall. This is Haruna's first 'punches something through a wall moment'-- and she seems upset about it.

She sighs down at the clipboard she's given and signs it and then hamrrrrphhs down onto a weight lifting bench as she hrmphs as the worker's leave. She digs into her pocket as she begins rapidly pressing the on screen buttons.

Gull-chan: Hannah-chan, I'm in the employee gym. Where are you right now? I wanna talk. About. Things. Things. N' stuff.

Things and stuff usually meant 'I'm kind of sad and wanna talk but don't wanna say I'm sad because I don't wanna worry you because mad science is probably more important an investment at the moment.

She then rests her hands on her hands as she leans her elbows on her knees as she hrmphs to herself.

She looks over at the new wall. Ugh. You can /tell/ it's new because the paint hasn't dryed yet. Uggggggh!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-24 01:50:07 46166
It's not like this hasn't happened before. We're talking about /Hannah/ being the boss, after all. But Haruna flying off into a rage is a rare thing, and some of the employees have been worried.

As has the big bosswoman herself. That's probably wh the response to that text is near instant.

White-chan: Lab 2B! Come on down here, just gimme a few minutes to uh...clean up.

One five minute shower, lots of decontamination, and disposal of a Familiar later, and White is in her usual henshin at one of the labs, spinning around in a spinny chair while a computer nearby chunks through data gathered from the last dissection.

When Haruna arrives, there's a smile on her face. But not quite vibrant. It may as well scream 'I'm worried about my girlfriend right now'. "Hey Haruna. What's on your mind?" She's almost immediately suckered into a warm hug and a kiss! Not long and sensuous, but a loving short one.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-24 01:59:31 46169
Haruna Kurosawa is happy to move herself out of the lonely gym... but not before pausing, ripping off the 'Closed for Renovation' sign off the door and then tossing it into a bin that's past the cafeteria on her way down to the labs. The labs always kind of freak her out. It's not her enviroment.

Like at all. It's why she's Mistress of Accounts in Paperwork Land two stories below.

She arrives, a hug, a kiss, a smile, yeah she's happy now... and then she sighs and slumps into a chair opposite Miss White as she crosses her arms across her chest as she looks down.

"...so what are we going to do about Shiniko?" she asks, getting to the point. "That's been on my mind. She hasn't tried anything. Yet. But the death threat kind of has me worried. Something seemed kind of off about her."

"What's up with her anyways? She's always been weird and 'giggly' about stuff but..."

"...isn't going straight to killing people escalating fast there?" she asks confusedly.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-24 02:05:42 46171
A small frown from Hannah, and she leans back in the chair.

"I don't know, and it worries me. Really weird for how /quick/ it happened, you know? I mean I could see a slow change, but just 'I'm Now Shadow Magic Justice-chan' is...worrying. You think she's been hitting the dark magic?" She questions.

"And killing people is bad for business. Well, we can at least set down some ground rules. 'No killing unless it's absolutely necessary'. We keep an eye on her, and who she's been interacting with. Go from there. I don't like it if people mess with my employees." Cue a long knuckle crack.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-24 02:18:29 46174
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "Right..." she says softly. She sighs a bit. "I'm leaving it up to you if you continue to invite her along on things, but I'm not gonna sit there and deal with that garbage either." she sighs and scooches the chair forward and then just lets herself fall against Hannah's chest as she sighhhhhs. Yeah. She needs.. warmth or being held or anything right now.

"...so...." she says. "I spoke to Blue-sama finally." she mutters. "Because a new Pretty Cure made me." she rolls her eyes. She sighs. "Asked him about the angel thing. Apparently, it's some sort of... form that happens when a Pretty Cure reaches some sort of 'happiness peak'?" she asks. "Anyways. He said it's rare and not something he's seen for a long while." she says with a sigh.

"Right. New Pretty Cure." she says. "Cure Spark. Need to introduce you sometimes." She says as she grumbles.

She then pauses off. "So uh..." she leans up with a smirk.

"That musta been something. That one time. When I was sort of fawning over Riventon. And at the same time. Madoka was fawing over Takashi at the same time. In front of you. Now I wonder. If you got a kick outta that." she says with a wry smirk of sorts, trying to interject some sort of levity into her mood.

It's not working much as she sighs.

"Hey so. How goes research anyways? Are you running out of familiars yet?" she wonders.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-24 02:35:37 46179
"I'm going to take her along, but not when we're taking on anybody. She might go...a bit too far. We've done a good job of keeping the personal body count zero, I'd like to continue that. So we just gotta be careful."

The mention of Blue has her scowling. "...Happiness peak? I swear, your PreCure are /weird/. Still, if you can achieve that, it'd be good for us. So I guess I'm just going to have to cuddle you into more power~!" Speaking up! Hug time! Strong, warm arms wrap up Haruna, pulling her nice and close as she gently rubs along the girl's hair.

"I love you, Haruna. I don't say it nearly enough. You're with me. You're safe." She reassures, in a rather unguarded moment.

She smirks. "It was /hilarious/! Freaking. Adorable! Ta-kun might be a jerk sometimes, but seeing so many girls fall over him was funny. A shame his love life...hasn't worked out." Frown.

Wink. "We should fix that." Mischief grin achieved.

There's a devious smile. "...YOu know, I've been frustrated about the lack of progress ever since Homura left. But you know? I finally achieved something very, very special. I can't say what it is, gotta keep this under wraps until it filters down through the Higher Ups and my Mentor. But let's just things are going to get /crazy/ for us real fast." Her laugh is practically demonic.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-24 02:52:12 46183
Haruna Kurosawa huffs. "I'm writing a book!" she insists as she grins wryly into wrap of Hannah's arms. She grins. "It's called... 'Dating Your Evil Love Intrest: A Guide for the Confused, Bewildered and Weary.'" she insists.

She grins. "....I happen to be an expert on the subject, so I'm told~" she insists wrly with just a soft peck up to Hannah's cheek. "I figure that if there's one way to get through to Ami it's via a book." she says.

"Love ya, too Hannah-chan... you tell me enough." she smiles. "You don't need to tell me to get me to know that~" she beams wide.

"Erm. Yeah. 'Happiness Peak' I dunno." she scratches her head. and sighs.

She laughs a bit. "Erm. I kinda like. You know. Pretty boys when it comes to guys? Otherwise. I don't like guys. I dunno. Something about soft features and what not and---" she just blushes and shakes her head a bit. No need to explain herself there she figures.

"....you discovered something?" her eyes light up as she blinks a little, head tilting. She purses her lips. "Something good and amazing I hope. I worry for Puella sometimes you know." she says. "Thatttt's why I'm here." she says. "I mean...."

"Corvus got to me first, you know..."

"What if that little rat did?" she asks with a sudden horrendous shiver.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-24 03:16:37 46188
"Oh man, at this rate, the world needs it! You just better give me a signed first edition copy~!" A little laugh, and she boops Haruna's snootle affectinately!

Then a sigh. "...Still, I don't have much hope for that particular relationship. When Ta-kun blows up, he /BLOWS UP/! He's a...medium length wick attached to a nuclear bomb."

It's Hannah's turn to blush! "So you like 'em tall, soft, and Kunzite-kun like!" She tucks this away for potential teasing later.

Another warm squeeze. "You have no idea. We're talking revolutionary! Oh man, we're /all/ getting raises I'll bet once everything gets settled in! We are going to make an absolute /killing/!"

A more sober nod though. "Yup. That's our wheelhouse. Anything to help the Puella, especially if we can profit at the same time. Still. That's one thing I'd never tolerate."

A practical growlf rom the the girl. "I'm so getting a stuffed Kyubey one day. Need to practice my taxidermy. The little jerk."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-06-24 03:42:30 46192
Haruna Kurosawa frowns a bit. "Yeah. He looked like crap. We'll figure something out. I know that kind of stuff he uses can be a drag. Been there. Done that. Own the T-shirt." she says with a sigh azs she huffs out.

"W..what!? Kunzite!? No. Never." she insists as she crosses her arms and hrmmphs affectionately.

She nods and hrmphs as she listens. "Good. I'm glad, Hannah." she smiles. "Maybe we can make some lives easier now." she says as she blows her bangs a bit and just rests against Hannah. Yeah...

She can just live here for a bit. Just a bit longer until that computer finishes working...