Unpleasant Necessity

Kyouko goes to talk to Miss White, Momo in tow, to try and find out where Takashi Agera is hiding. Things, as usual, do not go as she planned.

Date: 2016-06-30
Pose Count: 15
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-30 00:44:27 47040
    Kyouko Sakura is more familiar with this building than she'd like to be. She was, after all, held here against her will for upwards of a week while all sorts of horrible experiments were performed on her. And she escaped by blowing a huge hole in the wall (With Mami's help). These are the sorts of things that make you remember a building.

    That said, that was almost a year ago. Things have changed for Kyouko since then, chief amongst them the fact that she has people in her life to temper her anger and urge her to forgive.. although that particular trait is one which has never come easy to her.

    It's no surprise, given these facts, that she hasn't been hanging around this building much in the past year. It may be a surprise, then, that on this evening she walks right in the front doors. She's not in henshin, wearing simply her street clothes, which today consist of a pair of jeans and sneakers and a black t-shirt. Nothing fancy. She has her hands stuffed in her pockets, and a determined, if surly look on her face. She definitely doesn't look like she belongs around here, what with everyone else in the building wearing suits or whatever. But that sort of thing has never really bothered her.

    She walks right up to the reception desk, glancing over her shoulder to make sure Momo is keeping close. She turns her gaze upon the receptionist, then. "I'm here to see Miss White. Tell her Kyouko Sakura wants to have a word." And then she just steps back and waits. She assumes that'll be enough.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-30 01:01:43 47043
Momo is, in fact, keeping up! She has to skip, but she doesn't mind!

Part of it's also because she keeps looking around her! Buildings are so tall in Tokyo! She's so not used to this, even after the months she spent here on the streets. (Because she usually stayed in parks!)

Of course, while normally he would stay outside, Dog trots in with them. His tail isn't wagging, though, and he keeps looking and sniffing around.

"Hi!" She gives a cheerful wave to the receptionist. "And tell her Momo says hi, please!"

Then she remembers this is Serious Business! "Don't try pettin' Dog, though. He's gots rabies and is in protective mode!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-30 01:20:45 47050
Kyouko Sakura is on the shortlist of people Hannah trains her staff to recognize. The woman at the desk is very noticably reaching for the security alarm. Two of the suited, blank-faced youma that serve as some of the guards at the company are already in the lobby, 'gazing' at the two Puella. No weapons aimed. Yet.

"One moment." Comes the secretary. There's a low conversation, and eventually puts down the phone. She nods to the two guards that are already clunking over to the trio.

"Miss White is in the lab. She says you can come down. The guards will show you the way."

The two would be led down a hallway, into a very tight elevator. Up several floors, and then there's a shimmer of magic as dimensions shift, and the elevator dings. The lab hasn't changed much, except the equipment is a lot shinier and it's much bigger. The waves of despair from Bob and its familiars as well as the general misery produced in the place is almost a physical pal cast on the area, dripping from every inch of the place. There's a Familiar chained down to a table, with multiple green-tipped pins driven into its head. Hannah is sitting on a chair, frowning as she fiddles with her Device. The Familiar occasionally twitches.

"Bah! Still nothing!" She huffs, before spinning around in the chair to face the two puella entering.

"...YOu're the last person I'd expect here. Hey, Kyouko, Momo. You here to try to beat me down, or is this a social visit? Want some coffee?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-30 01:27:46 47051
    Kyouko looks over her shoulder at Momo again, then rolls her eyes. She leans towards the receptionist. "The dog doesn't really have rabies." She says under her breath, "Just humor her." She glances back to make sure Momo didn't hear, then leans back and waits. She feels the two youma watching her, and shoots them a loot, but since they aren't pointing weapons at her (yet, at least) she doesn't take her hands out of her pockets.

    Eventually they're told to go ahead, and Kyouko does so.. fighting down a feeling of sickly irritation at having to return to the labs, instead of some office or something. It's not helped by the feelings put forth by the captive Witch. The Familiar on the table is given a glance, but no more than that- other than perhaps a disquieting similarity to what was done to her all those months ago, Kyouko has no particular sympathy for Familiars.

    "This ain't about you, as more's the pity." Kyouko says without preamble. She doesn't reply to the offer of coffee, coming to a halt nearby and crossing her arms. "Takashi Agera. I want to know how to find him."
Momo Sakura 2016-06-30 01:42:15 47056
Momo doesn't hear!

She also knows, on a less crazy level, that Dog doesn't have rabies. It's just that rabies seem to be a thing everyone fears, and it really helped while on the streets. It may be...a security blanket, of sorts, to claim that Dog does have it.

She tries to give Kyouko hugs and pets on their way up! It's okay if they're not reciprocated, but if Kyouko shoves her off like a mosquito Momo will pout forever!

She does, however, wave at Hannah! Hihihi!

But oh yeah, Serious!

Dog trots in and plops on the floor between his girls and Hannah's desk. There may be a look to Boris, if he's there, of 'These hoomins are mine, I'll bite you if you bite them. Apparently I have rabies.'

Momo perks up at the offer of coffee. "Can I try a soda or--" She trails off because Kyouko is Serious Business!

She sighs and sulks, just a little.

"Agera-san attacked us. And is apparently working with Kyubey, who is apparently evil, and apparently he made an evil Jupiter. Agera! Not Kyubey. I still haven't talked to Kyubey, but Agera isn't nice. I got stabbed in the arm!" She's almost cheerful! "I'd show you the scar, but it got healed all up!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-30 01:48:01 47058
Hannah almost immediately squints suspiciously. How does Kyouko know about Takashi? Does she know that he's Riventon? Hannah decides to play it safe.

"Huh? Why would I tell you that? I'm a business woman, not a P.I. for hire. What's he to you anyway, Kyouko? If you're trying to two-time Sayaka, I swear I'll throw you off the top of this skyscraper!" There's real annoyance at the mere thought, as much as it's a distraction tactic.

But it's Momo that seals the deal. Now she's fairly certain the pair know. Riventon hasn't exactly been stealthy with his identity as of late. Hannah sighs.

Also, Momo's hucked a soda. One of those fancy glass bottle ones made with real sugar and sold in six packs. There's at least a dozen in the fridge.

Kyouko gets hucked a beer.

"...I get it. Wait. Hold up. Evil Jupiter? What did I miss?"

Momo gets a smile though. "Glad you're okay though, Tiny-Kyou." She's reaching for a Momo ruffling!

Then she shrugs. "But yeah, that's all the more reason I can't tell you how to find him. Trust me, I'd love to help you take Kyubey down a peg, but...well, I'm in a bad situation right now. Kyouko. Momo. You probably already realize, but it's very dangerous to be a Puella right now. Protect each other. I don't want to see either of you two dead."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-30 01:54:43 47060
    Kyouko rolls her eyes at Miss White's attempted evading of the question, although she accepts the beer when its tossed at her, cracking it open with her fang and spitting the top out onto the floor carelessly with a clang before taking a sip.

    "You see, Miss White," She says after the woman's finished talking, her tone slightly sarcastic, "That's why we need to find him. He's working with Kyubey, and he seems to have some way of figuring out where Witch's are going to be before they show up. As you can imagine, given the present situation, that'd be real valuable to us."

    Her brows lower as she takes another sip of the beer.. and as Hannah ruffles Momo, it looks like she's just barely stopping herself from reaching out to snap the woman's wrist. The fact that all her friends continue to consider Hannah a friend despite the woman's crimes has never sat well with her. For the moment, though, she keeps her cool.

    "You're in a bad situation? Forgive me for not sheddin' a tear. It's clear you know what's goin' on with the Puella. You seem awful fond of my sister- witholding information from us now could be as good as signing her death warrant. And mine. I ain't askin' you to fight against him. Just tell me where I can find him.. and I'll take it from three."

    She then adds, just for the record, "He made an evil Sailor Jupiter clone while holding the real one hostage. Mamoru and the gang are none too pleased with him about that. Partly why I wanna find him before one o' them does.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-30 02:09:31 47065
Momo gasps at the soda. And giggles when she takes a sip! "It tickles my nose, Kyou-nee!"


But then she's clinging to Kyouko and looking at Hannah with horrified eyes! "No don't throw her off a skyscraper!!! She's not two timing Sayaka-chan, honest!" Tears in her eyes and everything! Wibble lip included!!!

She sniffles, even as she leans toward a Hannah Ruffle! It's rather difficult when she's still holding onto a Kyouko seester! "I am! I only got poked real hard, but I got better!"

Purr purr. I'm sorry, Kyou-nee, I like ruffles D:

Then she looks real sad! And she unintentionally gives Hannah some puppy eyes. "It's just...Kyubey seemed real interested in me in the beginning. Now he aint. He may get that way with you." A sad sigh. "I haven't talked to him since before I found Kyou-nee! Which makes me very not happy! Even without everything else I hear!"

Sniff, sniff! "So I don't want Hannah-chan to be suddenly not liked by Kyubey, but it may happen!" Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiff! "And and and if I were a sailor person, I'd wanna beat up Taka lots! I still do because Kyou-nee got stabbitied a bit!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-30 02:12:59 47067
"Tears or not, my hands are tied. If I told you, I'd be going back on my word to him. And I don't break my word, whatever else I might be, Kyouko. Plus, the way things are right now, I'd end up in a body bag with everything I've built here at WPS up in smoke that quickly. I'd like to help you get grief seeds, but you're a very dangerous person to help right now."

A deep sigh. "...Still. I suppose I can give you a bone that won't betray him or my allies. Think about it. What's the common link to everything right now?"

Then she leans in to Kyouko, and whispers.

"Keep tabs on the little white rat, and you're bound to bump into a lot of people."

Momo gets a loooong ruffle. "Well, if that works, just promise you're not going to start any fights. Both of you two can't afford it right now. Oh, don't worry about that. Kyubey knows exactly how I feel about him and where we stand. He's just a resource to me for more power and knowledge, for right now." And, of course, a hated enemy. Best not to mention that right now though.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-30 02:23:31 47071
    Kyouko eyes Momo as the girl clings to her and goes on about not being liked by Kyubey and sniffling and all kinds of stuff. "I have no idea what she's talking about half the time." She asides to Hannah while this is happening.

    But her eyes narrow slightly at the denial the other girl puts forth. "I'm a dangerous person to help?" She laughs, a slightly bitter sounding, humorless expression, before she leans close, unmindful of Momo possibly still clinging to her. "I'm a dangerous person to say no to, too, Miss White, in case you've forgotten. Seems to me that you're signing up for trouble either way."

    Hannah whispers to her, and she rolls her eyes slightly as she leans back. "If it were that simple I wouldn't be here. He ain't exactly easy to track, you know." She sighs. "Well, alright then. You ain't gonna help me. That's what I expected, but maybe not what I hoped."

    She puts the half-empty beer down on a countertop, then turns to walk back towards the door. "C'mon, Momo."

    She pauses partway there and looks back over her shoulder. "Just do me a favor, Miss White. Stop actin' like your everybody's friend if you ain't gonna be there for them when they need it. Cause I'm gettin' real tired of seein' you tryin' to be all buddy-buddy with people I care about, then turning around doing nothing while my little sister starves."

    She shrugs. "I ain't got nothing against somebody who helps friends, or hurts enemies. That's what you do. But don't pretend to be one and act like the other.. or else sooner or later, I'm gonna have to do somethin' about it."

    That feels good for her to say, because she's been thinking it for a long time but hasn't been able to get up the patience or courage to say it to Mamoru, or Usagi or even Momo. But she can say it to Hannah's face. And maybe she can't do anything about it right now even if she were to reach a breaking point, because she has to pick her battles carefully.

    But that might not always be the case.
Momo Sakura 2016-06-30 02:31:54 47075
Momo sulks a bit at Kyouko. She knows she's crazy, but she thought she was making sense! Large sad Momo eyes...

She pulls back and curls into herself a little.

Kyouko puts her beer down, and Momo looks at Hannah for a moment.

"Hannah-chan...I'm not totally crazy. Kyubey will probably...not like you anymore. With no warning. And..." She looks at Kyouko before turning back to Hannah. "Kyou-nee doesn't want me talking to you again because of Kyubey. But she's serious. And if she attacks you and she loses..." Momo's face crumbles. "I'd hafta attack you because Kyou-nee's my sister and I love her more than anyone so I'm sorry but..!!"

Kyouko suddenly has a crying Momo latched onto her!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-30 02:38:39 47078
For once, Miss White doesn't bother to defend herself. Both hands are held out. "Well, I'll admit, from your perspective that probably seems to be the case, Kyouko. But appearances are strange like that. Keep your eyes open, keep an open mind, and...well, you might just find out everything in the end." What in the world is she talking about?

Then, a shrug. "Well, feel free to 'do something about it' whenever you'd like, Kyouko. Actually. I'll be counting on you to do that. Preferably soon."

Hannah laughs, and smiles to the crying Momo. "Hey, hey. I fully trust the both of you to do what you have to do. So if that's what you need to do, do it. No hard feelings. Kyouko there...has enough for all of us, hmm? Oh. Right. Well, Kyouko's definitely wrong on one point if she thinks I'm not about to help you out." She walks over to a little box, picks it up, and offers it over to Momo.

"Remember those papers I was talking about? Oh, and a little surprise too. Don't open it until you're at home, and make sure only you and Kyouko see it."

When that box eventually gets opened? There's legal papers enough to prove Momo's a full citizen, and even get a job or school. As well, tucked away in a corner, a delicious little grief seed present.

"You probably don't believe me, but I'm rooting for you two."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-30 02:46:31 47082
    Kyouko's threatening, badass exit is somewhat ruined by Momo suddenly latching onto her, all crying and stuff. "Hey, c'mon kid," She murmurs, putting her arm around her sister and squeezing her. "Stop that.. don't worry, there's no way I'd lose. Don't forget who your sister is. C'mon, never let the enemy see you cry." She ruffles Momo's hair lightly.

    Then she glances back at Miss White. "Does it soothe your conscience to act generous when it doesn't cost you anything?" She asks, acerbically. "Forgive me for bein' a simple person, but I believe what I see in front of me and I ain't too good at all this double-talk crap."

    She's not sure what Hannah means by 'counting on her to do it soon', and she narrows her eyes at the woman as if trying to figure it out.. then shrugs and turns for the door again. "C'mon Momo. Let's go." She pauses while Momo gets the box, then continues on her way.

    She didn't really expect help here, but a lot of her friends seem to like Hannah for some reason, and it was a lead, so she had to try. This was basically what she had expected to happen, though. You don't help your enemies, and despite months of truce, she and Miss White are enemies.

    Then again, she might have to revise her expectations, and her frame of mind, when they get home and she sees what's in that box...
Momo Sakura 2016-06-30 02:58:54 47085
Sniff, sniff! Be strong! But Kyouko's strong, why does she gotsta be right now?

And confusion! "But Kyou-nee's smart." It's murmured! But there!

Still, looking at Hannah, she wipes her eyes when she's told it's okay if they come out on opposing sides. Hannah gets a watery but genuine smile for that! And a gasp! "Oh, another box!" But wait! Large eyes jerk up to Hannah! "But I didn't give you..."

A squeezy, squeezy hug for Hannah! Even if it's not everything everything, it's still something! "Thank you!"

She goes over to her sister, though, because Sister. Then she looks at Hannah. "Can I keep the box? It's real pretty!" To Kyouko! "No peeking in it if I can!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-30 03:19:31 47091
As teh two head off, Hannah cheekily waves.

"Careful with thinking that way, Kyouko. If you trust your eyes too much, it might end up killing you one day."

She turns t Momo, kneels down, and chuckles as she returns the hug.

"Consider it an early birthday present, alright? Box is all yours. NOw go along with your sister. Keep her safe. No matter what. Can you do that for me? No matter who it is that's fighting her."

A laugh, and she gets up. "Now get on out of here. I need to get back to becoming a God."

Then she's back over to her experiment. Once the two are gone?

"...Good thing you're that simple, Kyouko. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to push things forward." She mutters to herself, Hannah's harsh laugh echoing out, as do the screams of the Familiar she toys with.