Norie Okana talks to Ayana Tasogare about advice dealing with being kissed and what to do next. --- Ayana totally texts Ikiko about it.

Date: 2016-06-30
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Lacrima 2016-06-30 05:04:52 47116
At somepoint, in the evening, Ayana gets a series of text.

Norie: Ayana-chan. Something happened we need to talk!

Norie: I mean. I'm okay!

Norie: But we need to talk. :<. Please meet me at the church?... this evening?...

And there's Norie-- not 'apparently Lacrima' today-- black hair, blue eyes. She's sitting and nervously tapping her feet. She is eating these sort of peanut bars-- with a caramel center- one after another in her nervousness. There's like twenty wrappers at her feet.

"Dammit this always helps me... why isn't it working!? Stupid... vampire... stupid... stupid stupid..." she mutters to herself as she shoves the rest of one into her mouth.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 05:07:22 47117
Ayana's response was not very informative. All it said was: 'OMW'.

But how quick will she get here?! Is she coming alone!? Why do Foxes have multiple tails, anyways!?

No wait, not that one.

Ayana slinks into the church on silent feet, dressed in a simple white summer dress that flares out at her thighs. She makes hardly a sound as she glides up the pews towards Norie, until she leans over the back of the pew beside the vampire-girl with a smile. "Hi," she says. "You okay?"
Lacrima 2016-06-30 05:12:28 47119
Norie Okana is soooo obsessed with stuffing her face endlessly it seems. (She bought like /fifty/ of these things and they're in a bag next to her.) that she jumps and has to move to catch the bar she just grabbed from the bag-- and she grabs it just right that it goes flying into the pews in front of her and slides across the floor. She blinks and huffs and sulks down into the pew as she 'hrmphs' rather loudly.

"Nrg. Sorry it's been. A tough month." she mutters.

She doesn't go into details. She reaches back into the bag and offers one of the bars to Ayana. "They're peanut. They calm....." a pause. "They used to calm my stomach but I guess that stopped helping..." she says a little dourly.

"Um..." she says. She nrgs.

"...A...a girl kissed me..." she mutters in confusion. She doesn't elaborate on any details yet.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 05:18:53 47120
Ayana twists over backwards, then falls over the pew with her legs over the back and her back on the seat. It's a good thing she wears spats beneath her skirt, because there's no sacrificing the kitsune's dignity in this position. "Oh really?" she asks, eyes widening, ears perked up.

The kitsune tears into the candybar's packaging with her sharp fangs, then peers at the treat within before popping it into her mouth.

Chewing is an endeavour when it's peanuts and caramel, and Ayana crosses her eyes while she tries it. Mid-chew, she asks, "Divu wak ehf?"
Lacrima 2016-06-30 05:28:53 47126
Norie Okana listens to the muffled 'did you wife it?' she hears it as and she blinks. She has to process midtalk chewing talk. She eventually gets 'Did you like it' as the most reasonable attempt at what Ayana asked.

"...Did I like it?" she asks. She looks down and away. "I don't know." she says.

"...I do know. I blushed." she says with wide eyes. "And--and I haven't... blushed since.. since this whole vampire thing." she says with wide eyes. "Even when I know I would had. Or should be embarassed. or happy or--...." she just sort of bites her lip.

"It felt so weird...! Because I feel so cold and it was so warm." she says a little softly.

"Just. I don't even know if I can feel love yet. I know I felt really weird like.... it was a sinking feeling?" she asks.

"Is that what love feels like? like a weird sinking flutterly feeling?" she asks with wide eyes at Ayana.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 05:31:54 47127
"Hee hee hee," is Ayana's oh-so-mature reply, as her sapphire eyes focus in on Norie, wide and pure wicked glee. She's grinning like an idiot, and her tails--trapped between legs and pew--are trying desperately to wag.

"When Ikiko made me feel that way," Ayana explains, "I thought she was performing witchcraft on me. I thought she was tricking me, or something. I kinda hated her for it because I was worried she was making me not love Takash--" beat, pause, eyes-widen. The fox's mouth hangs open in uncertainty and confusion,a nd then she blinks at Norie. "--shi?"
Lacrima 2016-06-30 05:39:23 47129
Norie Okana head tilts at Ayana.

"Huh? Oh. Right. You were. Riventon-san's familiar. I remember that." she says matter of factly. She matches the name Ayana just said to Riventon at least. So. Does she know!? She doesn't elaborate.

"S--so it does feel like that?" she asks with wide eyes.

"Oh... um. She's. My friend. This girl. We talk about stuff and stars. Cuz she does like Horoscopes." she says. "N.. she knows about the vampire thing too." she says. "And what I need to do..." she says silently.

"Um. She said she wanted to learn to dance and-- so we danced! n' then I mentioned there was a dance coming up and asked if she was going and if she wanted to go because I was going to go, but alone originaly and then she kissed me." she says.

She suddenly shoves a candy bar into her mouth to shutup the stream of thought pouring from her mouth.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 05:41:26 47130
Ayana lets out a giggle, then flips over and hugs Norie tight. "It feels exactly like that," she says confidently, then laughs and pulls her cell phone out of a pocket concealed in the seam of her dress. She begins hastily texting someone.
Lacrima 2016-06-30 05:51:38 47131
Norie Okana head tilts as she peeks over at the phone. "What are you doing...?" she asks as she sort of places her hands on her lap. "So.. so that's what love feels like? Like sinky floaty feeling?" she asks with wide eyes.

She nrgs and finishes the peanut bar she'd unwrapped.

She swallows a bit. "I.. I wondered if she kissed me again if I'd blushed again and then she kissed me again and acted like I was being coy trying to get her to kiss her again and I didn't really think about that." she says with wide eyes.

"I blushed again then too." she says.

She sort of wraps her arms around herself.

"...Now what do I do..." she says softly. "D..do I uh...?"

"Nrg.. um..."

"This is why I texted you, I'm so confused! Why is this so worse than-- than thinking of ways to /drain people of energy/." she asks. "Trying to figure out what I need to do next..."
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 05:53:54 47132
Ayana just gigles again, and pulls her knees up as she continues texting. Her phone barks--yes barks--as she gets an incoming message. She laughs and sends another one back then shrugs to Norie. "I dunno, I tried to steal my girlfriend's powers and protect her from me. She kinda kicked my butt and saved me from being evil. So um. Let it happen? Maybe she'll figure out how to help you?"
Lacrima 2016-06-30 06:06:29 47137
Norie Okana blinks it barks, what?

Well she guesses a fox probably has a phone that has bark sound effects for the rings and text sounds. Wait.

Text sounds!?

"W--wait, who are you talking to!?" she asks.

She nrgs. "Just let it happen...? Okay..." she says silently, sort of biting her lip a little.

Maybe... she can help her? She doesn't know that but...

She sure liked blushing. It's like... it felt almost like she was normal! Save for the uh. Being cold like a corpse and all that.

"...should I kiss her?" she asks with wide eyes. "O--or do I let her do the kissing?" she asks.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 06:07:53 47138
"Iki-chan," Ayana replies with a grin as she holds the phone up briefly, then drops it back into her lap--too quick for Norie to read anything. "I'm telling her your great news."

Ayana glances up at Norie, then grins, "Well do you wanna kiss her? If you do, then kiss her! If you don't, then let her kiss you, until you don't want that anymore, then ask her to stop. I mean, I like kisses a lot. Especially girl kisses. Boy-kisses are super gross because they're stinky and selfish. But girl-kisses are great!"
Lacrima 2016-06-30 06:20:21 47142
Norie Okana nrgs- again. She 'nrgs' a lot tonight. It's the confusion and feelings she's not used to. It's really easy for her to get confused. Hard for her to understand. "Do I want to kiss her....?"

She curls her legs up against her own chin.

"I dunno.." she admits. "It felt good. She liked it when she kissed me. She told me she liked me." she says.

"I'll try and see how I feel I guess..." she says softly.

"If she lets me." she says.

She looks to Ayana and blinks! "You really don't like boys..." she says with a wry half-smirk.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 06:23:57 47143
Ayana blinks owlishly at that observation, then shrugs slowly and reaches up to snatch another bit of candy from Norie's bag. She bites into the wrapper, tears it apart, and pops the candy into her mouth. Nope, she's just not going to talk about this topic.

So mature.

At least this time Ayana finishes chewing before she tries to speak again. "Can't hurt to kiss her again and see how it makes you feel. Maybe try holding her hand, too."
Lacrima 2016-06-30 06:30:00 47144
Norie Okana closes her eyes and nods a bit. "Alright..." she says. "So.. try kissing her again... hold her hand.. um...."

"Do.. do I buy her things?" she says with wide eyes. Working for UMBRA hasn't made her 'rich' but she most certainly has way more money than a kid her age should have.

"I can buy her things!" she says.

"....t..that's a thing I should do right?" she asks- still with wide eyes. She sort of scratches her head. "I feel I'm missing something.. um."

"Right! Dates! Do we do go on dates...."

Then there's a suden blink from her wide eyes. "Oh...."


"S--she musta thought... me asking her to the dance was a date! Maybe that's why she kissed me!?" she asks.

"Ugh! I'm such an stupid idiot!" she whines. "Is that it!? D--did I give her a wrong impression!? But--but--"

She whinnnnnnnes and lets herself slide down out of her seat to the floor.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 06:31:28 47145
Ayana just giggles even more, then shakes her head. "Norie-chan, you liked the kiss. It's okay for her to think it's a date. And if you wind up not happy, just talk to her. But I think you'll be happy. Stop worrying about it so much, geeze."
Lacrima 2016-06-30 06:39:41 47146
Norie Okana pouts. "I wanna say 'but you don't know what this is like' but it sounds 'you know exactly what it's like.'" she says with a severe, severe super pout from the floor. While she's down here--- she picks up that candy bar she dropped earlier--- still in it's wrapper.

She places it back into the bag as she sighs.

"Sorry. It's just really easy to imagine hurting her..." she says silently.

"I've hurt a lot of people this month." she says softly. "...and I don't hurt another one of my close friends." she says.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 06:41:11 47147
"Mmm," Ayana mumbles thoughtfully, "I did hurt Ikiko," she points out gently to Norie. "It worked out. You can do it, Norie-chan. Just be honest with her about what you are, and make sure she doesn't do something dumb like let you drain her to death." Beat. "Okay, actually, Ikiko kinda let me do that," she says with a sigh. "Just ... don't kill her. Don't take her choices away. That's what matters."
Lacrima 2016-06-30 06:46:47 47148
Norie Okana thinks about this. "...did draining help you two bond?..." she asks softly. She seems to be thinking seriously about this. "Maybe if... I asked...." she bites her lip. "I mean, if it maybe helped you maybe it can help me with her?" she asks.

"Nrg. I don't wanna mess with her charm braclet though." she says.

A pause. "R--right she's. Um. Magical too." she says. She sort of shies away... "Her braclet senses me when we touch. It knows what I am. She doesn't care. She knows what I am. I told her everything." she says softly and sighs.

"How could someone even love me...?"

"/I/ don't even love me..." she says as she closes her eyes.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 06:50:18 47149
"NO!" Ayana says to NOrie, reaching up to grip the vampire gently on the shoulders and lock eyes with her. She looks terrified for a moment, then gets over it and leans away. "No. No it didn't help us. I wish I'd never done it. I didn't really have a choice at the time, but don't ... don't drain her. Don't do that to her," Ayana says quietly.

"Anyays you don't get to control what she thinks," Ayana explains to Norie. "If she wants to love you, that's her choice. All you get to do is accept it."
Lacrima 2016-06-30 07:00:59 47150
Norie Okana eyes go wide when Ayana suddenly grips her shoulder and looks terrified. "Oh--o--okay." she says, really unsure. "Alright.. um. I won't then." she says. She sighs a bit. She nods. "Yeah---I mean. I know /that/." she says. She sort of sighs a bit and shakes her head.

"Um... I guess. I'll try these things then." she says with a loud and deep breath.

"Um.. Ayana-chan. Thanks for... coming. On short notice." she says softly.

"I need to figure out what I'm going to wear for the dance then. I wanna ... look good?" she asks.

"Right! Look good!" she insists. She nods. "Um..."

She lifts the bag. "Want the rest of these?" she asks sheepishly.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 07:03:08 47151
Ayana glances at the bag, then snatches it up and smiles at Norie broadly. Then she pauses and furrows her brow in uncertainty. "There's a dance?"
Lacrima 2016-06-30 07:09:53 47152
Norie Okana nods. "Uh-huh." she says as she hops on her heels a bit. "Really fancy one too." she says. "Charity ball. My dad got two invites and he kinda wants me to go anyways..." she bleehs. "I'm sure you can bring Ikiko if you want?" she asks softly. "I mean if you wanna go I'm sure you can get in. Just it's fancy!" she says. "formal and fancy and I'm sure I'l have to be /extra snooty/ she insists with a nod.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 07:12:46 47153
"Oh, fancy?" Ayana says, looking a little downcast. She wrinkles her nose, then shakes her head. "Nah, it's okay," she says. "We're not very snooty. We'll just um. Have our own dance. In our socks," she declares loudly."
Lacrima 2016-06-30 07:21:19 47154
Norie Okana ahs and head tilts. "Ah. Well I'm sure that'll be fun! Like the dance Natsumi and I had..." she says tapping her bottom lip.

She head tilts. "Have fun, Ayana-chan. Thanks for your help, okay...?" she says meekly. "This talk helped a lot..."

"..Sorry I'm kinda dumb about this stuff." she says.

Then, she begins to take off- unless Ayana stops her!~
Ayana Tasogare 2016-06-30 07:26:13 47155
Ayana glances at Norie a moment, then looks down to her phone. SHe bites her lip, then texts out another note to Ikiko. It barks again in response, and she smiles, then puts her phone away. "Bye, Nor--" she starts to say, then realises she's alone. "O," she mumbles, then bites her lip again and starts to head home. The long way.