Tux-kun Hospitalier

Hannah, Homura, and Hiroko visit the wounded Mamoru Chiba!

Date: 2015-07-13
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Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-13 14:20:12 4421
It's a strange morning for Hannah Sharpe. Officially, Kasagami White is back at the office. In reality, it's just Boris covering for her. Luckily, after the news of her 'accident', those at the office have been content to leave her to rest.

So instead, the hospital room once holding the businesswoman is now instead occupied by a highschooler. There's a bandage on her head from the minor swelling still going on. She'd hit her head when falling in battle. 'Attacked by street punks' has been a plausible and valuable excuse. Not the first time it's happened. And indeed, the 'Princess' had acted exactly like a bandit in that way.

But the emotional scarrs run deep. The odd 'support' of Kyouko Sakura, alongside the many cards she received? She's still processing it all. People have been there for her at her weakest. Even as she's fallen. Even as she's failed in preserving her power, her ability to protect the girl she cares for so much. Instead, that same, sickly girl has been there.

But possibly most astonishing of all is that there's a card and /flowers/ from her lab partner of all people. She's touched it a dozen times. He's the last person that she'd expect to care. It's almost impossible to comprehend that he'd show real, true care for her.

She's tried to call him at least twenty times, but always hung up before she could speak. Dear god does she need to speak with the man.

But his words are compelling.

'We have real work to do'.

Her experiments. Her company. All of the irons in the fire she's laid down with her sweat, blood, and tears. Even her magic, with the help of those who care for her, is slowly coming back.

From despair and a hollow sense of weakness, determination rises. She's hurt, scarred, but the more she thinks, the more she comes to realize her own lies. It's no just about Ao.

Maybe she really /does/ care about the people in the rotting world she lives in.

And so, she gets out of bed for the first time in a while. Grabbing her cane, her steps are a little weak, but full of purpose. There's too many questions in her heart, but there's things she needs to finish. And to do that much, she at least has to keep moving.

So caught up in her thoughts, she very nearly flattens a poor nurse. Cue awkwardness on both parties.

"Ah...ah! Sorry, sorry! Are you alright?" Comes Hannah.

The nurse is pretty agile, especially knowing there's a blind person in the ward.

"No, it's my fault! I was just going to deliver some breakfast to mister...Chiba."

Hannah blinks.

"Ch...Chiba? Mamoru Chiba!?"

Two minutes later, there's the sound of a tapping cane, and into Mamoru's room bearing a plate of food with one hand like a waitress goes Hannah Sharpe.

"You know, Chiba-san, we /really/ do meet up in odd places sometimes!" Comes Hannah. Her voice is tired, a bit forced, but by god she's /trying/ for her trademark fierce cheer.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 14:36:22 4422
That pause in the nurse's voice is telling. Chiba's been nothing but trouble since he woke up, between demanding he be taken off painkillers until he got his way, not actually seeming to know what happened to him to get him there, steadfastly refusing to be touched, being generally irascible, and then that ridiculous ruckus yesterday that even upset a candy striper.

Today, he's sitting up in bed somewhat gingerly, a lot of flowers in the room now -- and rather A LOT of get-well cards, all standing carefully on the nightstand next to his water and a white pastry box. Glasses on his face, phone on the bed next to him, he's crankily reading a textbook. Apparently he wasn't planning on missing school today.

When the door opens and spits Hannah out, his eyes widen comically and he bookmarks the textbook with his phone (terrible form), then swings his legs down and moves a little too fast for what still hurts. Freeze-grimace. Ginger again. "Hannah-san, what are YOU doing here? What happened? ...why do you have lunch."
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 14:42:18 4423
If Homura had known that Hannah was literally one room over she would've visted her yesterday, too. Yet with everything that happened she had to leave, and it wasn't until this morning that she heard that Shapre-san was in the same hospital, literally across the hallway.

Oh well. What are you going to do? At least Homura and Kyouko didn't run across each other.

That's why Homura is storming down the halls, flowers and a 'get well soon' card for Hannah, and a notebook full of notes and homework for Mamoru. She hears, too late, the exchange between the Nurse and Hannah, and after seeing Hannah enter Chiba's room she decides to quietly follow her in.

"Sharpe-san, Chiba-san," she says to the two of them in greeting. "I suppose this 'get well soon' card is a bit late, Sharpe-san, but I'm glad to see you're alright."

Homura walks over to the side of Mamoru's bed to find a stand, placing his notes and homework on top. "Your classmates send their regards, Chiba-san. Here's the lecture notes and today's assignment."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-13 14:49:46 4424
"Part time job as a nurse! Here to mend bodies, and break a dozen hearts with my outstanding beauty! Like a goddess of mercy before the wounded!" She comes dramatically, her grin growing wider as she teases and even spins around.

Then she just laughs.

"Here, eat up. Actually, one of the punks that kidnapped Boris last time held a grudge, smacked me with a baseball bat on the way home." A little shrug, as if that happens all the time.

Awkward. "And the lunch is because I ran into the nurse on a walkabout. Heard you have been /quite/ the patient. Literally. What was with all that crying and running yesterday?" Scowl! One arm reaches...and really, the only thing that stops her, psychic visions or not, from noogieing the guy in an armlock is that he's injured. Arms cross.

It's a Homura! Part of her in relieved, and yet, utterly frightened. Her mind drifts back to what she told Kyouko. The thought of one of her employees, and she'd even wager something close to a friend, dieing by that little coward of a Princess boils her blood. Her fist clenches for a moment, then lets go.

"Akemi-san! Hey there! You...brought me a card?" She honestly sounds a little taken aback. Another person that really, truly cares.

She turns away. Is she running a sleeve over her eyes. When she speaks again, she can't quite hide her choked voice.

"Hanging in there. Takes more than a punk with a bat to keep me down!" It's more a pep talk to herself. Inwardly, she makes a decision. But not one she can do here. She needs to get Homura alone.

Should Homura venture close enough? Hannah will reach out, squeeze a shoulder, then reach back to flick Homura's hair! There's a smirk given to the girl for a moment.

What was that?

"You two are freaking peaches, you know that? What happened to you anyway, Chiba-san? Unlike me, you are not the type to attract the wrong kind of attention."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 15:06:27 4425
Mamoru brightens as Hannah teases; less worry is good and if she's teasing there's less to worry about, maybe. He brightens further when Homura comes in behind Hannah, and he looks even happier over what she's carrying than he looked at lunch. (Well. Given it's hospital food, maybe homework IS tastier.) "You are a lady and a scholar," he tells the black-haired girl with true gratitude. "Missing class on top of everything else is just rubbing salt in the wound, you know? Um-- and if you want to ask me things..." he trails off, then braces himself on the edge of the bed and tries to ignore the lunch, listening.

And then ducking an almost noogie from the reach with a scowl. "Hey! What happened is Akemi-san didn't know it's a terrible idea to touch me without warning. Like you almost just did again, good job. And if you tell me who hit you with a bat I'll hunt them down when I get out of here and--"

Self-interruption. The pause is an actual break in speech, catching himself. "Uh. Do Greek homework at them," he finishes lamely, then tilts to un-brace an arm so he can use it to run a hand through his hair and try to recover his cool. "They'll be really sorry." He glances toward Homura, eyes only so the aim of his voice doesn't change, and he says to Hannah, "What I've heard happened is that I got hit by a j-rocker on a motorcycle who was trying to run over a bunny crossing the street. When I went to go rescue it out of the way. Not sorry."

That's a 'she doesn't get the real explanation' emphasis, and it's followed up by his turning his head to address Homura this time, "If you have any questions about it, Hannah-chan got hit with visions too. So you can ask. It's fine."
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 15:18:58 4426
Homura is certainly close enough for hair flippings, especially when her back is turned. Homura turns to smile (to some this is actually a rare sight!) at Hannah, but her face goes back to a frown. She seriously forgets that Sharpe-san is blind sometimes, since Sharpe-san has such dexterity.

"With a baseball bat? What a jerk. How dare they?! If I get my hands on them I'll---" Homura cuts herself off, but her tone is none too happy.

"Yes, that's right. I had no idea that touching him was bad. Also, regarding the bunny story, well, sure that's what I told them." says Homura Akemi. She glances to Hannah before glancing back to Mamoru. "So I guess she knows? It's alright to talk about that in front of her?" She asks, but from Mamoru's words she already knows the answer.

"Yeah, okay. I saw a hospital, but it's like I was shorter and younger. I saw a a beautiful palace and there was fighting inside that palace. I saw a sword pointed at me, stabbing me really. Well, not really /me/, but whoever's eyes I was looking through. It was like... a desperate battle was going on, and I don't think it went well."

She quietly frowns, looking at the floor.

"Whoever's eyes I was seeing through... I can't say for sure that they made it out okay."

Turning back to Mamoru, she adds, "What was that? It almost seemed like a dream, but it was pretty intense."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-13 15:31:06 4427
A brighter Mamoru has Hannah easing up. For all of a second. Then she's being yelled at. Typical american that she is, she's not holding back.

"Quiet! That only works once, so I should be safe!" Pause. Paaaause.

"R...right? I mean, that is how it works in anime? You adjust to it!"

A shake of her head.

"ANYWAY! That just means you need to start wearing a collar or something! Otherwise, I am going to have to start introducing you to a grande old american tradition! Swirlies! Gotta keep you boys in line!" That last part is in english, her southern accent roaring up.

Then she /peers/.

"Oh. Yeah. I am sure your greek literacy will just scare them off. Reeeealy frightening Mamoru-kun." Despite that, she's smiling.

Then he explains. She doesn't believe it for a moment, and not just because she knows who he is.

"Real rabbit lover, huh? Remind me to call you the next time the school gets flooded with lab animals." God, memories.

"Still. Glad you are alive. Those j-rockers are absolute jerks. Give me jazz or the blues any day."

Wince. Hannah turns to Homura.

"Eh, not the first time. They just caught me off guard. I will know better once I find them and introduce them to ye olde knuckle sandwich." Her fist clenches. Probably why she's angry, that.

The exchange, to her, is telling. It makes sense. They both know each other from what she's seen in magical person form. But she plays ignorant.

"Are you two part of some anarchist conspiracy or something?" When in doubt, use the ridiculous.

"All white, bunch of sounds, people dieing...did you see a beautiful girl with...eh, I guess..." She grunts in frustration.

"Mamoru-kun, what is that color that is kinda off-white?" She feels a headache coming on.

Then she huffs. "I swear! How /do/ you people deal with colors? Hurts to think about. So many of them!"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 16:06:48 4428
Mamoru smirks in Hannah's general direction, then readjusts the blanket so it doesn't fall off his lap. Hospital gowns are yet another reason to loathe hospitals, for real. Then he huffs. "I like bunnies. It was really cute. Still not sorry."

But he glances back toward Homura at the 'anarchist conspiracy', eyebrows raised, mouth twitching in a suppressed grin. "No anarchist conspiracies here, sorry. It's just -- you KNOW I don't like people knowing about that, I told you I don't, and Akemi-san knows too." Then Homura's speaking, and Mamoru starts fiddling with the hem of the blanket: even though he said it was all right, he never knows what people will see. He never knows. Someday someone might see something happy, someday someone might see something a little too telling. The mention of the hospital has him tensing, but he makes himself relax.

He keeps listening, stilling his hands and frowning, stacking up pieces in his head. Finally, he glances to Hannah again. "There are a lot of colors that aren't white but are close to it. The one you're trying to call up is silver. And-- I don't know what that battle is. I dream about it sometimes. More often now than before. Did you-- did you see a girl with long, long silver hair, who looked like she was made of moonlight? Because if you did-- that's who I'm looking for. She's my secret, the one I couldn't tell you. She's not just in the battle dreams, she's in all of them."
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 16:16:00 4429
Homura calms down a bit after Hannah asserts her own strength with a comment on a knuckle sandwhich. Good. Good. "As long as they end up looking worse than you."

"Colors are just something you adapt to," says Homura, with a shrug. "There are a ton, and not all of them have distinct names, but if you deal with them all your life you just get used to it."

Homura listens to the questions of Hannah and the explainations of Mamoru. "The only girl I saw looked like she was a mile high, and she had red hair, not any kind of off-white or silver, and she looked pretty threatening." She pauses, and then after a moment she adds, "... but I did hear a voice, at the moment it looked like 'I'," she uses fingerquotes when she says the word 'I', "was being stabbed. Something like... 'Andy Mium'... except it was more like it was all one word. It wasn't the kind of name you'd hear every day. It kinda reminded me of something you'd hear out of ancient mythology, Roman or Greek or something like that."

Homura pauses to think back to that moment. "The voice sounded very concerned. It was certainly female, and whoever it was, I think the guy who's eyes I was looking through was holding her hand."

Homura flips her hair, saying, "So that's who you're looking for. That's your important person. I'm sorry to say that she seemed to be off screen, but she seems... pretty important."

Homura still isn't sure what to make of all that. Could that even be real? Has she ever seen a palace like that? It all seems so strange and alien. Yet, at the same time, she could see why it was so important to Mamoru.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-13 16:33:27 4430
"Yeah, yeah, I know." She starts.

"I just wanted to hear a smile in your voice." Sometimes, Hannah can be really blunt.

Then she's finding a chair with a bit of tap-tapping.

She nods at each mention of colors from both Homura and Mamoru. Huh.

"Weird! ...And kinda neat!" She stamps down on the curiousity.

"Still, not important right now!"

'Andy Mium'. A woman with red hair. A woman with silver hair.

"So we have a big threatening girl with red hair, some guy named Andy, and a mysterious girl that you keep seeing in your dreams. Plus a battlefield."

She leans in her chair, and thinks.

"It sounds like whoever that woman in red is, she is an ememy of the girl. Really, it must have been some kind of war or rebellion, maybe?" She posits.

"So maybe if you find that red haired person...if she still exists...you can find the silver haired one?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 16:53:01 4431
"Red hair?" Mamoru's truly baffled at this one. "I haven't seen her before. On the other hand, I haven't been stabbed before, either." He stops bracing his hands and scoots back on the bed a little more, then crosses an arm over his stomach and props his chin in his other hand, frowning. "Andy mium? Greek? No, -um is a Latin ending, but it's neuter -- maybe it was a warning or something instead of a name." He falls silent, considering Homura. "That's the important person I'm looking for," he corrects mildly. "It's a little confusing. It didn't used to be. I generally just follow my instincts when thinking things through doesn't work."

Puffing out his cheeks in thought, he looks at Hannah without focusing for a second, then exhales mightily. "Ha. No. The battle might be allegorical, who knows. But if the redheaded girl was being threatening and I got stabbed, and she's the Princess' enemy, then I imagine it'd be a better idea to avoid the redheaded girl entirely. I mean, unless she goes after the Princess directly. But considering I haven't seen anyone like either of them in the real world-- and you both retained much more interesting things than I ever do-- I might just have to wait it out."
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 17:09:00 4432
"It's interesting," muses Homura, "that I saw a different woman entirely... but whatever. She certainly seemed like an enemy, what with the malice and the stabbing and so on."

Mamoru corrects her guessing, and Homura shrugs. Despite technically being potentially older than Mamoru, counting all of the timeloops, she hasn't really taken any courses at his level. On the bright side, if she manages to get through the years, at least she'll have a solid grip on the basics.

"... it's interesting, then, that I also saw a hospital. The palace seemed old, but the hospital seemed fairly modern." Homura pauses for a moment, wondering what that says. Mamoru certainly seems to hate hospitals. To pry or not to pry...

"I guess there isn't much to do. Even if this person you're looking for was around, there's very little to go on. I wish I could do more to help, but I'm at a a loss."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-13 17:16:38 4433
Hannah flops forward. Whump! Head to a corner of the bed.

Then she just shifts, sprawling from chair to bed like some kind of oversized cat. Personal space is a concept that Hannah clearly isn't big on. At least it's the other end of the bed.

She waves a hand in Homura's direction.

"Weird, weird, weird. I swear, I would have you two committed if I did not see it myself." She rubs her face in irritation.

"But I guess that is the point. Nothing to do until we get more clues. I mean, yeah, we could have you go around touching people to get more visions, but I think keeping this small is for the best. What if we end up touching whoever the red haired one was!? Or the girl? For all we know, there will be this psychic feedback loop and your heads will explode. Bang! Pop!" Someone might still be on painkillers.

Then she sits up.

"So we keep in touch, we keep our eyes and ears out, and if we find any clues, we let each other know." A fist claps a palm.


"AND YOU GET BETTER!" There's a cane, instead of a finger, poking his forehead and shoving him back down into the bed.

Then she yawns, and stands.

"Anyway, I should pass out myself. Chiba? No getting run over again. Homura-san? Thanks. We should talk a walk after I get a nap, okay? I need a favor or two." She waves towards Mamoru's homework.

Then she waves, just as she's caught by a nurse!

"Sharpe-san! Come on, back into bed with you! Your parents are here, and..."

Woof! woof woof!

"I think there's a fuzzy friend who misses you!"

Hannah brightens up.

"Mom! Dad! Boris!" Out in the hallway, there's hugs and doggie-tackles! Lick lick lick!
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 17:39:05 4434
"Yeah..." Mamoru trails off, unsure of where to go next with this, and then all of a sudden Hannah's on his bed and he looks extremely distressed, gripping the blanket like it's going to sail away from the environmental disturbances. He follows what she's saying, if just barely, and then she's jabbing him in the forehead with her cane. "OW! Ugh! Han-NAH--" he complains, hands on his forehead, flopped back on the bed, and sounding roughly as petulant as an angry eight year old.

He only actively sulks until she's out the door, and then he just rubs his forehead crankily and sits up again. "Sorry. I'm glad you already know her. I really like her but she's a hurricane in a bottle and has no idea what personal space is."

Not that he seemed to have any problem with Usagi in his personal space.

"Thanks for going through that, comparing it was helpful for me. And knowing about the redheaded girl-- at least that's someone to look out for when I dream later, maybe I'll get a better idea of her face than my important person's. I'm--" All of a sudden, Mamoru looks actually really horribly guilty. "I'm sorry you had to see any of it, though. It wasn't on purpose at all."
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 18:07:14 4435
Homura smirks as Hannah demands that Mamoru get better. So fiesty. When she hears Boris outside, and talk of Hannah's parents, Homura says, "See you later, Hannah. I'm glad to see you on your feet again."

.oO(Still gonna shoot whatever punk hit her with a baseball bat.)

Hannah has a heartfelt reunion outside, and Homura watches from a distance. Back to bed for Hannah? Homura considers grabbing notes for her, too. Not that she'd use that as an excuse to maybe run into a certain candy-striper again! No no not at all!

(Well maybe)

Homura listens to Mamoru as he talks about the visions. "Hannah's a good friend, though she's a few grades higher than me. Not unlike you in that respect."

Mamoru apologizes, and Homura looks away, "I probably shouldn't have touched you. I thought I was being playful, but I guess someone like you really needs his personal space. I'm also sorry for taking you to the hospital after you insisted on going to your apartment, but after you collapsed I didn't really have a choice."

There's a pause. Homura waits to make sure that Hannah is certainly gone, and even takes a moment to check the room for eavesdroppers, before turning back to Mamoru. "... You know, I'm a bit worried about some of the choices you've been making recently. I know you're the protective type, but you seemed /especially/ protective of Sailor Moon. I know what it's like to have a special someone you really want to protect, so don't act like it was nothing special."

Homura takes a moment to think about Madoka. She doesn't have to ask herself whether or not she'd take a shot for her. She already knows.

"Yet at the same time I see you flirting with that blonde girl... what was her name, Usagi?"

"I get that you're popular with the girls," no mention of Homura being attracted to Mamoru at one point, "but it's pretty clear which ones you're attracted to. You /know/ there's going to be trouble if the two of them get jealous of each other. Sailor Moon is a powerful girl, and Usagi /certainly/ strikes me as the jealous type. You're playing with forces I don't think you understand here, Mamoru-chan."

It's a coldly delivered lecture, but a lecture none the less. Probably the only reason she isn't yelling in a loud voice is that Homura isn't really that energetic. Yelling is still somewhat implied in her tone, however.

"You're going to have to choose. Otherwise you're just stringing one or both of them along."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 18:55:40 4436
Mamoru's about to tell Homura -- it's clear in his face -- that it's all right, that she didn't know, that it's really only if he's surprised, and that it's also really okay about the hospital: a string of forgiveness and platitudes both. But then she goes into room-check and Hannah-gone mode, and all he manages to get out is "It's okay..." before he's just watching her.

And then she starts talking again, and he freezes, unsure of how to react or where to start addressing this when he's not sure himself. His mouth opens, then shuts. He decides-- he's just going to let her finish, and so his face is schooled and blank and his hands rest motionless in his lap. He doesn't look away, and the only outward reaction he has aside from walling up tight and going unreadable is a twist downward of his mouth at the name 'Mamoru-chan'.

When it's clear Homura's finished, the upperclassman speaks, and his voice is calm and even, but his eyes are bright and hard. "I told you," he says, "that it's complicated. Part of that complication is that I can't ignore when Sailor Moon is in danger, when her life is threatened. I feel it, here," a hand to his chest, and then it lifts to his temple, "and here. Beyond anyone else, something ties me to her, and I admire everything about her, and I need her safe. You know what that's like, yes."

His hands are folded in his lap again. "Another part of that complication is that it's the same exact way I feel about the princess you didn't see, though there's been no pull, only company in my dreams from the night after that bleak morning you saw. That morning I woke up for the very first time. I was six. I've been devoted to her for literally as long as I can remember."

Then he looks away, and he steels his jaw, shutting his eyes tight. "Usako. If my life weren't one long stupid complicated incomprehensible joke, if I even deserved to be around someone as bright and giving and true as she is, I would choose to be with her. Every time. Instead, I tease her and she visits me anyway. I get her angry enough to stomp around and yell at me in public, and she cries for me here, and she takes time out on her birthday to make sure I'm okay-- after what happened in the library, she could *tell* something was wrong--" His hands are knotting in the blanket. He finally looks at Homura again, and his eyes are too bright this time, and the look in them is exactly like the look in them when he couldn't stand to see Sailor Moon crying over him.

Maybe he's in love with anyone who has their hair in odangos.

"But being with her would only hurt her. And-- no matter which of them-- I *know* they're different people, all three of them. It's ridiculous to think any of them could be the same. I mean-- one's a dream. One of them presumably has a secret identity, but hell if I know who she is. And the other--" He shakes his head. "She can find me. She always does."
Griselda 2015-07-13 19:12:29 4437
    Maybe Homura catches it, having hawklike senses that are accustomed to trying very hard to catch things. But Mamoru in his moment, right now? Maybe not. What might be missed is a pair of big gray eyes, young and framed by raven black hair, peering in through the barely-open door, waiting for some break in the conversation to announce her presence. And it takes some time for that moment to come. When Mamoru finally finishes, his statement is punctuated by a simple, polite double knock on the door, and a moment later, Homura waving someone in.

    And suddenly there is Hiroko, unannounced, still in her school uniform, backpack behind her. Her eyes drift to Homura, but they don't linger overly long. Instead, she simply bows slightly toward the two here. "I apologize for intruding. Did I interrupt something personal?"
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 19:20:12 4438
Homura, ultimately, hears Mamoru out. She can't even pretend to understand parts of it... a strange pull, in his head and heart? The visions themselves are weird. The fact that they might mean something is even more strange.

Homura considers his words before deciding on an answer. "Chi-" She starts to say his name, and then gets cut off as Hiroko knocks. Homura lets out a sigh before she waves her in. Another visitor? How many friends does a guy like Mamoru have? She keeps her mouth shut, gritting her teeth slightly.

"Don't worry about it," says Homura, slowly letting go of that line of conversation. Her face is a very grumpy :|, but that's actually pretty normal.

He feels close to both of them? No wait, /all three/?! Is he insane? He is just /begging/ for trouble at this point, and he'll probably end up hurting all three of them. Assuming the silver-haired one is anywhere to be found, that is.

Whatever she thinks, Homura gives up on trying to continue that talk. There's no more headway to be made here. Not for that conversation.

"My name is Homura Akemi," says Homura to the 4th grader who just walked in. "Are you a friend of Chiba-san?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 19:36:10 4439
"Ah," Mamoru says, suddenly looking both tired and like 'wow how much CAN I screw up in three days?' long-suffering. He gives Homura a tiny grimace, a relic of the aggravating line of conversation, and then makes the effort to normalize himself, to stabilize. It would honestly be easier outdoors, but he's figuring he can get out of here by the evening--

--and he looks to Hiroko with a wry smile. "Nothing that can be resolved today, so it doesn't matter. Akemi-san, this is," he gestures toward the fourth-grader, "Hiroko Koumoto. I'm her tutor, but sometimes I'm pretty sure her study habits put mine to shame. She's also a better artist than I could ever hope to be. Koumoto-san-- as she said, this is Homura Akemi; she knows exactly how to put me in my place, and is--"

How in the name of all the gods does Mamoru say 'you know how I said I didn't really have friends before this year, but now there are a few people I care about' without sounding like a tool? Answer: he doesn't.

"--the friend who dispelled my boredom by bringing me my homework."
Griselda 2015-07-13 19:52:53 4440
    Hiroko's eyes drift back and forth between Mamoru and Homura, switching every time one mentions the other. It's very obvious that this girl tries hard to put forward an image of polite restraint, but it's far from polished or perfect. There's a hint of confusion somewhere in her eyes which grows progressively, the 4th grader clearly trying to puzzle out just how the two senpais in front of her are connected. And then homework is mentioned, and that . . . actually seems like all the explanation she needs. Yep. Believed and done. She bows in Homura's direction. "I'm glad you're such a good friend to Chiba-sensei, Akemi-senpai." She just might be the type to stand formality, at least with those older than her.

    "I have something for you, Chiba-sensei." She quietly unslings her backpack, kneeling slightly, deftly withdrawing what looks like an envelope of ostentatiously thick stock from it. Setting her bag to the side for the moment, she stands, handing it over to Mamoru without opening it. In it, he might find the seemingly obligatory get well card, though it's written in a script that's almost annoying to read in its fineness. It's from her parents. One of them, maybe, has spent too long practicing calligraphy. It might even be perfect, were it not for the blue-black inky fingerprint smudge marring one of the back corners, missed apparently in haste.

    And once the envelope is accepted, a look of realization slowly spreads across the young girl's face as if, only after this long, it finally occurred to her. /Hey. They weren't talking about homework./ She looks at Homura again, only to catch herself and quickly look back toward Mamoru. "Do you mind if I stay for a while?"
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 20:05:04 4441
"That's right," says Homura. "He seemed pretty worried about it yesterday, so I thought I'd help out." Makes sense. Infinity U is a pretty high-level school, and people generally don't get very far in it without caring about their studies. Besides if anyone were to question it, they could see the homework sitting on a stand next to Mamoru's bed.

So it's the truth, even if it isn't the /whole/ truth.

'Such a good friend of Chiba-sensei?' Homura mulls that over in her mind. Well, the two of them have been through some serious crises together. He was there when Masaka died, and helped Homura when she was otherwise cornered. It would be very difficult for Homura to not see Mamoru the same way soldiers see their war buddies. There is a closeness there that isn't easily found.

It's not easily talked about, either.

"I don't mind you staying if Chiba-san doesn't."

Homura may as well accept the younger girl's presence here. It's not as if they can talk about what they were discussing before. So what's a good next topic?

"So how are your studies going, Chiba-san? I noticed you were reading when Sharpe-san and I came in."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-13 21:01:17 4443
Mamoru's face doesn't show a lot of reaction to the card, though both Hiroko and Homura can see the corner of his mouth twitch upward when he spies the ink smudge; it makes him relax fractionally. "Thank you very much," the upperclassman tells Hiroko. He carefully, and without comment, places the card smudge-forward on the side table with the million cards from Usagi, the one from Motoki, and assorted other ones that people have brought in.

That dealt with, he gestures broadly toward a chair. "I don't mind at all," he says cheerfully. Maybe the presence of a fourth-grader will keep Homura from killing him. That would be really cool. After all, he's much more useful to Usa-- the Prin-- Sailor Moon?? alive, for serious. Also he's pretty sure some other people might be upset, too. Including Homura eventually. "Do you like fruit? There's this edible arrangement thing, and I absolutely can't eat all of it. Kaname-san-- she's a candy striper here-- snuck me a bunch of plates, it's all over there on that counter."

He lifts his eyebrows at Homura, then digs around in the unsettled blankets on the far side of his bed and pulls out the textbook. It's a little the worse for wear. "Physics," he explains. "It was in my jacket pocket, I was reading it in the park before the bunny happened. Just some collected supplementary journal articles for what we're covering in class right now. You brought the actually topical stuff."
Griselda 2015-07-13 21:22:52 4444
    Mamoru's reaction is carefully watched by the younger black-haired girl, her eyes then following the card as it's placed on the small side table, briefly taking stock of the others there, drifting afterward to look at the other gifts gathered in the room. It's hard to tell what she's thinking, though. Usually, most of the time, there isn't much feeling on her face. And then she quietly picks up her bag, moves to a far chair in the hospital room, and takes a seat. Only the briefest glance is given to the glow of the sun outside before her hand again reaches into the unzippered main pocket. Maybe not physics, but it's a textbook nonetheless that she withdraws, laying it open against her legs, head falling as she flips to the right page. Her finger briefly traces to the right point, and then she begins to read. It doesn't really seem like a shy or evasive action, though. Quiet as she might be at times, she has enough of an aura of confidence that she's probably neither of those things.

    No, with how readily she opened that book and turned away from the others here, this almost seems like what she came here to do. This, perhaps, is a very odd time and place to read or study, but with how she clearly doesn't feel awkward about it, she perhaps expects Mamoru to either understand or tolerate it. Still, if that was her goal, it's convenient for her. With Homura here, she might not need to say anything else for a while, especially if the two of them had something real to talk about, something beyond the assignments of the day.
Homura Akemi 2015-07-13 21:37:39 4445
Homura wouldn't kill Mamoru. Yell at, maybe. Get annoyed with, sure. Troll, totally. Yet Homura isn't so much thinking of killing Mamoru as much as worried that Sailor Moon might kill Mamoru. She's also kindof marveling at the insantiy of the situation that Mamoru has found himself in.

"Madoka-san is a very good person, so be nice to her. Try to remember your gentle, sensitive side," says Homura, pointedly, at Mamoru. Maybe she might kill him after all. Just not necessarily over his dating habits.

"She's like a 'princess' to me, if you catch my meaning."

Hiroko starts studying, and Homura wonders for a moment if that's what she came here to do. She /did/ call Mamoru 'Chiba-sensei'... is she hoping to study here in case she needs some tutoring? Well whatever, if she can read while others are talking, that's just fine.