Fire Escape Side Chat.

Lacrima and Jiaying talk relationships, parentage, and not falling out of windows. Also? Classes are important!

Date: 2016-07-04
Pose Count: 18
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 05:09:40 47570
It's the middle of the school day and only two days after the incident at the court house! She's home alone, having been scolded to stop doing such dangerous things by her father in a talk she's had more than once, but before this had never really held any weight. She's got a pair of notebooks and a sketchbook with her, a large jug of water, a few snacks and a blanket. Why she's crawled out of her window and is climbing the fire escape to the roof rather than taking the normal route is probably a valid question. Still, Jiaying seems determined to get to the high ground ona nice calm overcast day.

This isn't going very quickly though. As soon as she's swung her legs out of the window, she's already stopped and is just leaning against her windowsill, trying not to think too much about the bandages. She'll get up there in a moment! Should she feel this beat up?
Lacrima 2016-07-04 05:17:08 47571
There's a flare of dark energy somewhere on the top of Jiaying's apartment complex-- and Lacrima sort of appears from a cloak of black energy. She looks around and walks to the edge of the roof, and peeks over the side as Jiaying seems....

Outside already?...

She dissapears into another cloak of black energy-- and appears about five feet away, sitting on the fire escape steps not too far off from Jiaying.

"I though you were hurt. Are you trying to go out anyways?" she asks, head tilting a bit.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 05:20:34 47572
Jiaying Maki about falls back into her room when there's a flash of dark energy and a wild vampire appears. There's a string of Chinese that isn't very nice sounding and after she's sitting back up, she's quickly checking herself over. She finally replies, "I am hurt! I just don't want to be inside all day. It was stuffy and boring. And I wanted to see the city and enjoy the nice air!"

She points to Lacrima after that with a wince, "Wait wait, you should be in class!" She doesn't move from her perch now. Especially since she doesn't want to admit she doesn't want to bend back into her room to grab her books that are now on the ground. Don't show that you're hurt!
Lacrima 2016-07-04 05:26:35 47573
Lacrima head tilts as she 'ahs'. "I skip class often. What's the point...?" she says with a severe frown. "Teachers don't listen and just pretend, and it's not like I have any friends there." she says matter of factly.

She folds on leg over another as she leans her head forward. "The only reason I even go is because it makes my parents feel better about whatever they think is bothering me." she frowns.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 05:29:00 47574
Jiaying Maki crosses her arm and says, "Study is important though!" Which is why she never studied magic and look where it got her! Sure she learned, but she never practiced. She is changing though, pain is a good motivator! She frowns after the comment about the friend thing and says, "You're welcome here at least after school. Or now really since I'm here and... why are you here?"

She starts to look confused, then she looks embarassed and asks, "Were you coming to visit?" Now she feels really dumb about getting caught climbing out of a window and effectively getting stuck.
Lacrima 2016-07-04 05:33:25 47575
Lacrima blinks. "I knew you were staying home from school and wanted to check in, yes...."

She pauses. "Is that okay?" she asks softly. She sort of frowns. "If I go home I'll just hide in my closet or something until my parents come home." she says softly.

She blinks. "Do you need help with something? You look confused n' stuff." she says softly with that same neutral expression she always has.


She asks.

" you know what love feels like?" she asks. Well. That's an odd question.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 05:36:31 47576
Jiaying Maki struggles to get into a more comfortable position on the window without looking like it's a pain to do so. Giving up, she lets out a faint little whimper, but gets in the right spot and sighs. "Nono! I was just surprised to see you during school hours is all. I would have had more snacks or something you know?"

Feeling like a bit of an idiot, she leans back against the window frame and tries her best to look relaxed, "I just didn't think. That. I didn't think. That's all." Hey at least she's honest that she kind of stuck her foot in her mouth. That thought is rather quickly interrupted though and she asks, "What love feels like? Like... with parents or something else?"
Lacrima 2016-07-04 05:43:53 47577
Lacrima pauses. "I mean. like...." she nrrrrgs and wrestles with this in her head. She has a hard time explaining concepts she just doesn't understand or can't grasp because she's this... thing.

"Look..." she says. "It's really hard for me to like.. feel... certain things. It's easier for me to feel.... sad or angry than it is for me to feel calm and content." she says. "I mean. I can't even... feel happy." she says softly. "I feel content at best, really." she says.

"I know when I /should/ feel happy... and I can remember how it feels. So I'm able to fake things." she says. "Usuaully for others benefits." she says. She looks down.

"I've never for someone before. I mean. I guess I 'love' my parents? But... I've never... '/loved/' someone special." she says. "I never really 'crushed' on anyone or anything so..."

She sighs a bit.

"Just...." there's that trailing 'just' again.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 05:51:28 47578
Jiaying Maki drums her fingers on the windowframe as she listens, as close to her usual nervous tic as she'll get in her current state. She nods quietly at the description initially, adding faintly, "Maybe that's... something th-- You seemed pleased yesterday when I said I wanted to spend time with you. I think you can feel it, you... maybe you don't recognize it?" Hey she's not completely dense! Or being hurt and lonely makes it easy to pick things up.

"You meant more like uh... anothe- Yeah I get what you mean." She looks down at her knees, lifting her legs to look at her bare feet and says, "I've had crushes before, but I never acted on them." she says that simply enough. It's the next part that takes her a moment to think it though. "I get too hung up on messing up to ever try. I bluff a lot." She should be saying she lies a lot, but still.
Lacrima 2016-07-04 05:58:14 47579
Lacrima folds her arms. "It's just. I think I have a girlfriend now...?" she says silently. "She's kissed me three times... she went to a dance ball with me... we snuggled on a roof..." she says. She says these with a neutral face and tone.

"Everytime she kisses me... I blush. I didn't blush for nearly ten months.. since this started. Even when I should had." she says. "It felt so odd! Because...I'm so cold feeling now!" she says with a suddenly heightend voice that sounds like it's heading for some sort of elation. It's odd, probably hearing this. Her tone is usually dour or angry sounding. "--and it was red!! Like a normal blush!" she says with wide eyes. But that tone and her normal neutral expression returns fairly quickly.

"When I think about that, and her, I feel this sinking feeling in my stomach. Like it's floaty and trying to escape." she says. "I dunno if that's love or some sort of negative reaction." she says.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 06:04:03 47580
Jiaying Maki manages to look confused again and asks, "You think you do? I would thin-... wait ten months? That's definitely probably. Is she the one you were feeding on?" Hey that's a lot of information all at once! And she's running it through her head and transalting it!

Still, at the description, she begins laughing and says, "See, see! I told you, told you that you could do the happy thing!" She points right at Lacrima and starts laughing right up until it gets a 'hrk' sound out of her and she about falls backwards. Right. She brushes herself off slowly to compose herself and starts to consider her next words when the last statement, about it being maybe a bad thing gets an immediate reaction, "It's the former Norie. It's a good thing. You're feeling good things." She slowly leans forward and looks up at the sky as she asks, "Were you thinking about actually making it official? That would be cute~"
Lacrima 2016-07-04 06:15:48 47581
Lacrima head tilts and just shrugs. "Offical...?" she asks confusedly. She bites her lip. She blinks. "I don't feel happy. I haven't felt happy for a long time." she says as she curls her arms up around herself as she sighs.

"She knows what I am... you know... what I do. What I did. And she doesn't seem to care..." she says. "She's some sort of like... Zodiac warrior?" she asks. She just sighs.

She head tilts and thinks.

"Are you all fox or are you like a human fox.. um...."

"I dunno what the politically correct term is..."

"...crossbreed?" she asks.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 06:20:26 47582
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and says, "You wer just showing happ-.. sounding? I don't know. You were clearly pleased there for a moment, but it doesn't seem to stick. Do you remember what that felt like?"

She was about to say something else, but then there's the mention of a Zodiac Warrior and her mind immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion, "Wait wait, she's not related to Seiya is she?" She doesn't explain that question, but hse's definitely off in nerd land for a brief moment.

The next question gets a confused sound out of her. "My dad's a normal person." She finally answers, figuring that's what she was after. Holding a finger up, she says, "I apparently take strongly after my mother, hair color aside. They tell me I did bad things to furniture as a tiny little one." She holds her hands down for emphasis on the size, then adds, "Why did I admit that again."
Lacrima 2016-07-04 06:30:57 47583
Lacrima blinks. "I was?" she asks. "I did feel kind of weird, but it goes away quick." she says softly as she crosses her arms softly. She sighs a bit and head tilts. "Huh? Seiya? I don't think so?" she says. "She's um, associated with Cancer- the crab." she says softly.

She gently head tilts. "So you mom is some sort of fox then?" she asks. "Or fox creature?" she asks softly as she bites her lip a bit, shrap canines protruding a bit.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 06:37:46 47584
Jiaying Maki nods quickly and says, "You were! And... uh." She finally folds and slowly spins and climbs back into her room before settling down on her futon and calling out, "Come on in. That's getting uncomfortable for me. Sorry..." She then drags her blanket over and wraps it around herself, gets comfy and asks, "Nah probably not related with the Deathmask thing then." She says that in a teasing tone, clearly trying to make sure it's understood she's teasing a touch.

At the sharp canine showing, she grins, her disguise dropped, she has a lot of sharp teeth actually! Might explain why she doesn't grin too often! "She is a hulixing. Chinese foxes. I was born in Taiwan, raised there too, but mom's from the mainland. I uh... don't-" She chews her lip quietly, debating on it, then she realizes it would be unfair to change subjects when Lacrima's been so honest and decides not to try and change the subject.

"What do you want to know?" She asks after that internal conflict
Lacrima 2016-07-04 06:47:28 47585
Lacrima steps in and has a seat down on the floor. She let's herself drop--- she seems to slow, mid fall, as if to seat herself carefully. She blinks. "Ah.. alright." she says softly. She sort of drags her knees up to her chin as she purses her lips again.

"Well like. How did you dad and mom meet?" she asks.

"I guess I'm just wondering what a human saw in a ... non-human." she says softly.

"Really...that's all..."

"...I can just go if I'm bothering you." she says softly.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-04 06:56:35 47586
Jiaying Maki starts to move to try and catch Lacrima when she stops on her own and she finds herself in pain in a silly pose. Smoothing her shirt off, she settles back in place, looks to the celing and murmurs, "Don't that beat all.." Tugging the covers tighter around herself, she says, "I.. don't know how they met. Mom said she had other plan for him originally, but she ended up falling for him. I miss her.." She scowls, but continues, "I don't know what she saw, you'd have to see that.. But I mean, I don't know if I count, but I'd be happ to give another gi-girl a chance."

Still, one might notice her tail curls around her waist and she starts to pet the fuzzy tip. "You're more human than I am, just... more deadpan and I'll do what I can to help and I bet she would too."
Lacrima 2016-07-04 07:08:42 47587
Lacrima frowns. "I'm not human." she says. "I fought that a lot, you know. Early on, but all it did was hasten my time between feedings." she says with that neutral tone. "Deadpan? I guess that's a good definition for how I feel most of the time." she says.

She head tilts.

She thinks. "So she was gonna do something else, but she fell for him. Okay." she says softly as she purses her lips and sighs. "I dunno. I tried to.. help her fight what she fights once?"

"And all I did was make things worse. They feed off dark energy and---I'm totally made of the stuff." she says gently.