Rainy Day Mood

Norie and Jiaying have a talk about how they're supposed to be monsters. What horrible fate awaits Norie's brother?

Date: 2016-07-09
Pose Count: 25
Lacrima 2016-07-09 22:10:08 48153
It's raining out right at the moment, in this moment at time. Norie Okana is currently... well Norie, umbrella held in hand as she sits on a bench. She holds a hand out as the water beads across her fingers and drips off. She doesn't seem too concerned about being wet or anything.

Jiaying has been searching around the internet for research about Norie her condition and other things and apparently she wants to share that information.

Norie chose the botanical gardens today, but the rain seemingly has made that a bad idea. Still, she sits and waits with her umbrella.

A couple walks by with an umbrella. She gives them a dour look.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-09 22:18:40 48154
Jiaying Maki is actually quite enjoying the rain. She's created a little charm to keep the rain off for the most part, but it wasn't fully working so she's also using an umbrella as well! Mostly because it's cute mind you. She's running a little bit late and when she does finally show up, she looks slightly harried. If Norie's good at seeing through weak disguises, she'd notice Jia's disguise isn't nearly as good as it usually is.

She makes her way over to Norie, settles down next to her and props the umbrella up in a way that they don't bump together. "Hey." She offers, not really sure where to start with that sort of thing. It's kind of an awkward conversation starter after all.
Lacrima 2016-07-09 22:37:25 48158
Norie Okana blinks a bit at Jiaying. She head tilts and purses her lips. The umbrella is doing a good job of casting shade over her. She looks more at home and natural in the darkness there. Maybe it's helping her right now.

Maybe she just likes the rain now.

"Hello." she says deadpan. "You learned some things?" she asks as he wrenches her grip around the handle of her umbrella.

Then a pause.

"Something seems off about you." she says learning forward with a suspicious look, as if wondering if this is really Jiaying suddenly.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-09 22:50:46 48160
Jiaying Maki offers a shrug as she glances around left, right, behind her, then left again before touching both hands to her umbrella. She does something with her hands, then sticks it to the bench where it stays there without moving. Resting her hands back on the bench, she looks over to Norie and asks, "What do you mean different? You've seen this before... sort of." As an after thought, she sighs and puts her hand around the base of the umbrella in case she needs to make it look like she actually is holding it. This is probably a clue mind you.

She sticks her tongue out, sighs and says, "I'm hurt, my tag is torn so I'm trying to learn to hide without it and I didn't find anything particularly..." she shrugs and decides to start with the bad news first, or as she sees it. "You're worrying your family... They want to help. Either way you may want to be careful as well."
Lacrima 2016-07-09 23:09:44 48163
Norie Okana purses her lips. "Oh, your disguise is broken .. okay. That's why." she says matter of factly. "I understand that. I used to have 'wardrobe' malfunctions all the time when I'd starve myself... eyes just randomly turn purple and then have to run because that was the first sign it was failing due to energy usage." she says.

She blinks a bit, she head tilts. "Huh?" she asks softly. "What are you talking about?" she asks as she purses her lips.

"..Wait. You didn't talk to my family, did you!?" she panics. "Don't do that! Don't do that ever again!" she says, jumping to conclusions it seems in a panicy state.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-09 23:17:07 48164
Jiaying Maki holds her hands up and says, "No, I didn't talk to them. I read between the lines and took a guess based on a couple of posts." Hey let's address the worst part first since she was sure this wasn't going to be a happy subject no matter what she does. Then she rests her hands on her lap and adds, "I found the town it's from and some myths there too. Drumming her fingers a bit, she holds her breath while considering. "The guy you're dreaming about doesn't really show on normal records. He does show up as a long lived lord named Vados." She holds a finger up as she thinks, then sticks her tongue out and pulls her phone out where she's transferred her notes.

Continuing from there, "It's not a proper name according to some and there wasn't... any successors named? Rumor was that it was an alias. His last day was noted by a peasant where strange men from Italy burned his house down. It's uh... still there. It's old looking too?" She's the wrong kind of geek for Biggles jokes so she scrolls up and down making sure she didn't miss anything, then looks over at Norie to watch her reaction. Then adds a touch meekly, "I used translation software for most of it. My English is bad and my Xibanw-.. Spanish is worse!"
Lacrima 2016-07-09 23:30:46 48166
Norie Okana frowns some heavily as she purses her lips. Yeah that seemed to upset her a lot. She seems irritated now. "What did.. you even /read/?" she asks then as she frowns. She crosses her arms now, umbrella being held in her offhand now.

She listens to the explanation Jiaying gives. "...that name is familar. But. I think it's misplaced." she says. She says tapping her chin.

"Strange men speaking another language is familar. The necklace is itallian. I know they used it to do defeat him." she says. "Then probably burned down the manor." she frowns. "Like I said. I dunno what happened after. My dreams stop there. So that sounds like what happened after."

"...it's still there?" she asks. "....in Spain?" she frowns and hrmphs.

Plane Tickets are expensive and.... travel that far in the Dusk Zone would be dangerous, even for her. "Maybe...I can convience Riventon-san to finance a trip to Spain for me...." she says.

"...for science..."

A pause.

She frowns. "Well.. thanks anyways." she says softly. "If you didn't learn much you at least learned a little and filled at least one gap I was wondering about." she says.

"I really wish this was easier...."
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-09 23:49:49 48168
Jiaying Maki rubs the back of her head and says, "I'm going to keep looking and I have no idea who Riventon is, but... be careful. And I'll help any way I can." Afterwords, she sort of flips back through her phone and says, "Oh I looked up your uh, blood?" She sticks her tongue out and says, "Watch your searches on that, there's some not so fun pictures there."

She glances over and holds a hand up, then after a moment gently pats Norie's shoulder, not sure if any kind of contact is welcome currently. "Still, it's tagged to shadows. Shadow people? They leave goo behind when hit and it dissipates after a while. They're kind of hostile though so I don't know how close it is to you?"

She sighs and drops her hand to the side and offers a weak shrug, "I want to try and use the same tags I used on myself for so long on you so that you can hide easier. It might make it so you don't have to feed as much or something." Then she lets her breath out and glances over and adds, "I was reading forums which is about the best place to find the weird that isn't me trying to bind a ghost to my power and force them to talk and hope they happened to know. It was a Ryo Okana making the posts. Please don't do anything though, they're worried about you and wanted help."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 00:07:40 48170
Norie Okana purses her lips. "Um, I can try... tags I guess?" she asks. "I dunno how compatible other magic is with me." she says matter of factly. She seems skepitcal. She head tilts. "Shadow...people...what?" she asks.

"There's things like that in the Dusk Zone-- I mean lots of stuff like that." she shrugs. "Doesn't surprise me I'd be bleeding ichor like that since.. well... I feel more comfortable there then I do here. Except right now."

"The rain is nice." she admits, deadpan.

Then she hears the name involved with the posts. She frowns. "That's my brother." she says. "At least. Also his name." she frowns. "He's been avoiding me... broke a lot of promises this year because... because.... I dunno... just. Different now and...."

"...he was my first 'victim'. I drained him to.. like. near coma? He might remember somehow... I've always suspected that but..."

She trails off and seems to just frown heavily now.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 00:34:44 48173
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says, "I... want to try at least. I know my tag didn't work, but it's designed to make me look like me? Without the ears and uh, eyes?" She forgets about her teeth and other things, but those aren't as noticeable anyway. Fingers drumming against her lap again she offers a shrug and instead looks forward. "I love the rain, it makes everything smell nice. It's more noticeable like this too. So many people together can be overwhelming if you're new to it." She lifts her feet, out from under the umbrella and wriggles her toes briefly.

She glances over and says, "He's worried about you, I won't... go towards anything near that, but maybe it might help or. Well hurt. You're going to have to make that decision and I wish I could say more there."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 00:55:01 48177
Norie Okana shrugs. "I didn't used to like the rain. Just one of those things that changed I guess." she says softly as she sighs. "I dunno what good going to Spain will do. I feel like there's nothing there. But...."

"I feel drawn now." she says.

She shrugs. "I dunno." she says softly. Then she frowns at Jiaying.

"He doesn't want to help me. He's /scared/ of me. He avoids my room unless mom and dad send him to get me. He calls me... weird and freaky. He never used to do that. We were supposed to go camping in the spring and he left without me... behind my back...." she says softly.

"/He's/ /Scared/." she spits.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 01:01:33 48178
Jiaying Maki shrugs lightly and says, "Well.. still." she looks at a bit of a loss for words. "What do you feel drawn by, the idea of something maybe being there or the curiousity? I'm familiar with the latter and maybe you should use internet maps or something." She considers quietly for a moment and adds, "Maybe he can be..." She shrugs and looks down at her feet, at a loss for words. "Is there anything I can try to help with?" She asks eventually, trying to think of anything she can.
Lacrima 2016-07-10 01:12:06 48180
Norie Okana purses her lips. "No... No I can handle this myself. It's been a while coming anyways." she in some sort of tone that suggests she doesn't need to think about what she's going to do because she already knows what she's going to do.

She purses her lips. "I don't know. I'll try internet first. If that sates me. Maybe I actually will bother my friend for plane tickets." she says. "And go in person." she head tilts.

"...anything on the necklace?..." she asks.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 01:31:31 48182
Jiaying Maki looks at Norie, noes the look and asks softly, "Don't... he doesn't understand. He noted nightmares." She sighs and starts looking down at her feet again, feeling suddenly very guilty. "We can spar or something, take it out on me. I can... probably tolerate more bruises and scrapes." And cuts, she rolls her shoulders at that, feeling those thin itchy scratches from smashing those creepy dolls.

"I didn't find anything on the necklace. Things about hauntings and the like. No creator, no nothing else. If... you go to Spain, maybe I can find." She scowls, trying to think of the term and shivers as she realizes what she was considering. "I'd have to go for what I wanted to try. I won't even try any other way."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 01:42:53 48184
Norie Okana looks back to Jiaying. "Oh. I'm not fighting him. Or hurting him." she insists. "Let me handle my own problems related to this. Thank you." she insists. Well that's still super omnious.

"Spar? Fight? I dunno. Wouldn't that hurt you?" she asks. Doesn't even think about hurting herself. She regrew an arm. She suddenly cares less about her wellbeing.

"What did you want to try?" she asks softly.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 01:45:40 48185
Jiaying Maki taps her foot on the ground and shakes her head and says, "Just... think it through Norie, don't do anything that gets you hurt." Which she thinks includes anything sinister towards the brother really. She looks at the umbrella and rolls it around on it's base, watching the umbrella spin a touch. "Please?"

As to the next question, she says, "Sparring should be fine as long as you or I don't go too serious." She shivers at remembering what caused the bandages currently and adds, "For both of our sake I think it's best if we don't go too far." She doesn't know if anyone else saw it, but something had spooked her there. For the last question, she says flatly, "I'm friendly with ghosts and spirits. I don't have to be."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 01:55:41 48187
Norie Okana frowns. "I said. Don't. worry." more direct. More agitated.

She takes a soft breath and closes her eyes and reopens them. Anger. Anger. If she wants to channel anger she needs to control anger so right now she does her best to shove it deep deep down inside herself. Maybe she can use it later.

"I'm more worried about you. I could regrow an arm. I don't think you can." she says flatly.

She head tilts. "'Your friendly, but you don't have to be'. I don't understand." she says flatly.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 02:04:50 48188
Jiaying Maki holds her hands up and says, "Fine, fine." and dropping it for now. One can almost see her making a mental note to keep an eye on things just in case though. She's fiendly and dense, but this one has her worried. She stretches her arm out after, looking at the hints of bandages showing and idly moves to scratch her right arm just below the bandage. "I can't. I don't heal too much faster, I don't have magic that really helps others. I might be able to learn it, but I'm struggling to learn without a teacher as it is. This. All of this is forcing me to actually take it seriously for once though. They're not ghosts and minor monsters." She pokes her umbrella to nudge it just a touch further to the side after.

It takes a few moments of thought before she says, "You feel bad when you hurt others that you like. You don't want to be a monster, right?" She makes a twirling motion with her fingers, creating a little shadowy figure above her finger that raises it's arms in a typical 'rawr' pose. She spins it a few times until it turns into a fox in a growling pose. "We're not kitsune and I don't want to be. I don't think the myths are fair though."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 02:36:27 48191
Norie Okana frowns. "I used to feel bad. I don't anymore." she shrugs. "I dunno. I guess...."

"I guess I'm just not done changing." she says matter of factly. "But it's made feeding really easier." she says softly. "When I don't care about who I take and why." she says a little coldly.

She head tilts. "I've been looking to learn more myself. But there's only so much I can learn." she says matter of factly. "By myself." she says.

She head tilts. "But isn't being some sort of fox person your fate?" she asks. "I found it isn't worth fighting fate." she says.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 02:45:00 48193
Jiaying Maki rests her hands on the bench and says, "It helps to learn at least." though it may come back to bite her in the long run. She gets kind of a curious thought and says, "Hey, it took three weirdos burning a house down to kill whoever came before you. I bet he learned to control it?" Hey maybe there is a way to provide hope. That's what she's hoping for anyway.

The comment about feeding being easier makes her frown a touch and says, "I still want to see if you can maybe syphon off the angry dead... Most of those you can tell very quickly if you're going to be able to get them to leave peacefully or if I have to do. I don't like the other options." Glancing over, she adds, "So let's learn. Maybe learning to control it will make it easier to- control... it. Ugh."

"Fate is a concept that's lower than dogs. It is a way of coping rather than improving." Then she stops and realizes Norie probably missed her point earlier and kind of looks deflated. "I want to be a good person so I am one. If I can be given chances and my mother can be given chances, so should everyone else."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 02:55:22 48194
Norie Okana frowns. "We can try but I don't think it's going to work. When you're ready to have me try, let me know." she says matter of factly. "Same with the... 'tags' or any 'tags'..." she says.

She head tilts and frowns. "I don't know about that." she says. "Part of me thinks I didn't just 'randomly' stumble onto a pretty necklace in an antique shop that did this to me." she says. "But maybe part of me thinks I'm just the most unluckiest girl in the world." she says coldly.

"Or maybe luckiest girl. Depending how you look at it." she says.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 03:00:28 48195
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says, "I'd lean towards luck, good or bad it's just luck." She picks her umbrella up and holds it up just a touch, spinning it around between her fingers. "I don't know why you grabbed that necklace. Fate just means you're stuck with what it wants rather than what you want. I'd fight it kicking and screaming every step of the way. Or in my case doing what needs to be done to help others since I can."

She pokes at the umbrella and there's that grey-green glow around the handle as it hovers there briefly before starting to get blown away, making the fox scramble for it. "G-gah! If I can help you, I will find a way."
Lacrima 2016-07-10 03:06:55 48196
Norie Okana frowns. "I fought it. All it did was that I energy starved myself and became a danger to everyone around me in a manner I couldn't control." she says with a stern hard breath. "I can control myself now." she says. "Still need to eat." she says.

She frowns. "It was pretty." she says. "That's why I grabbed it. I'd saved for months to buy something for myself.... something special." she mutters. "What an idiot. I'd been better off spending it on candy bars." she hrmphs.

She sighs and begins to stand. "I'm leaving Jiaying. When you're ready to have me try something. Let me know. I'm....." there's hesitance. "Willing to try." she says through her teeth.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-10 03:22:44 48200
Jiaying Maki shakes her umbrella a few times and glances over at Norie as she says, "You can feed without fighting the darker aspects. I eat meat, I don't prey on someone's pets an- I don't hurt them unecessarily and I don't overdo it. Maybe... we can find something that you can use that won't. I don't know."

With a shrug she says, "Maybe there was more to it. It wasn't a 'good' magical thing, it might have had more to it. We're both p- by nature we're both predators right?"

Still, with something of a sad shrug, she says, "Call me if you want to do something later or anything like that. I'll try my best" as she turns to head the other way.
Lacrima 2016-07-10 03:24:40 48201
Norie Okana merely stops and frowns a bit and shakes her head.

"I don't think you get it." she says with a sigh. "Regardless." she says. "I will." she says with a frown.

"/Predators/." she says with ice in her voice. "Sure." she says. "That." she says.

And off she walks away in the rain in the other direction.