Dogs are better than Nobility.

Daisuke Hansuke chases a dog. Meets Nephrite. They talk about dogs, nobility, pizza, luigi, bowser and various other topics. Spoiler: Daisuke never catches the dog.

Date: 2016-07-09
Pose Count: 16
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-09 22:29:49 48156
"HE'RE PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY!" yells Daisuke Hansuke as he races down the side of the road. Just ahead of him is a running dog. "Come on!" he yells. "Come on come on come on!" he calls out as he suddenly takes a deep breath and has to come to stop because... well.

This dude is /not/ athletic.

He looks up and frantically looks left and right. Dammit. He lost the dog! He begins walking forward as he grumbles. "Damn...." he mutters.

"Wish I could talk to dogs." he mutters as he stands on his tiptoes to try to look over the small sidewalk bussiness to no avail.

"Great." he says sarcastically.
Nephrite 2016-07-09 22:37:42 48159
Nephrite is lost in his own thoughts as he strides down the street. Between fighting evil alien plants, babysitting a prince who was allergic to evil alien plants, and watching the sky for evidence of an asteroid carrying evil alien plants, he really hasn't had much time to just walk around outside.

Something darts past his leg. Was that a dog?

And now somebody is shouting for it. Nephrite edges closer through the crowd. "Hey, was that your dog? I think it just went that way. It was going pretty fast, though." The brunette blinks at the guy. "Hey, we've met, right? It's Daisuke, isn't it?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-09 23:07:44 48162
Daisuke Hansuke speaks. "Not mine. But. Might be hurt. Maybe. I mean. Look at it run. Something hurt like that doesn't run so god damn fast." he mutters. "Unless it's afraid. But. I think it wants to play." he says in his panting.

Then he pauses with a blink and actually looks up at familar!voice.

"Oh...Nephrite." he says as he places a hand to his chest a moment and takes a deep breath. "Hello." he says.

"Yeah. We have. At Mamoru's place." he says as he brushes his school uniform jacket off a bit. He finally composes himself and gives a little respectful bow as he looks back up. All smiles again. "I've been meaning.. to speak to you all." he says. Probably meaning 'The Shittenou'. "But that's easier said that done. And crisis after crisis hasn't been helping. Can't be everywhere at once. As much as I'd like to." he mutters. He looks around a bit and gets out of the middle of the sidewalk over near a building motioning for Nephrite to follow along.

"First off..." he says. "I'm glad you're all okay. Mamoru was... pretty adamant about saving you all. I'm glad it happened. I apologize I couldn't be a part of that, but...."

"Well I 'woke up' at a really bad time." he says.
Nephrite 2016-07-09 23:21:56 48165
Nephrite's brow crinkles at the suggestion the dog might be hurt. "Poor thing. Wonder where the owners are?"

He follows Daisuke, hands in the pockets of his own school uniform. "Hey, no apologies necessary. That situation worked itself out. Anyway, how do I say this?" Nephrite gives him a sheepish grin. "I am like 90% sure that somebody explained to me how you're related to us, and I was absolutely not paying attention at the time. So to save me from embarrassing myself with my idiocy any further, how about we treat this like a proper introduction? You can tell me about this poorly-timed awakening of yours, and I can tell you how I'm totally not evil anymore."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-09 23:54:37 48169
Daisuke Hansuke shakes his head. "The dog should be fine. But I just wish I could check for sure." he says as he grumbles.

He laughs and shakes his head. "I'm Daisuke Hansuke. But um..."

"Asclepius. That's the 'other' name." he says. "I used to be the royal doctor for the 'Earth Court'. I dunno how much you remember. I don't actually remember a whole lot about Eons ago as someone else myself." he smirks.

"Anyways. I 'woke up' into this whole mess right when Kunzite et 'all was starting to make grabs for Mamoru. So this new slightly familar face, mainly me, shows up- and the timing is just super suspicious so no one practically really trusted me for a while." he shakes his head. "And I had all sorts of panic attacks at first and it was god awful." he says.

"Things are better now though." he says.
Nephrite 2016-07-10 00:15:04 48171
The sheepish smile just continues to make itself at home on Nephrite's face. "I remember even less than most, I think. It's a long story that involves a jar of marbles. But royal doctor, that's awesome. On the scale of usefulness, that probably beats out court astrologer by a mile."

Hands still stuffed in his pockets, Nephrite leans against the wall. "Crap, dude, I'm sorry our drama got in the way of your awakening. That's not really something you want to be alone for. I'm glad to hear things are better for you now."

His red-brown eyes are downcast for a moment, but that grin determinedly stays where it is. "I bet I was in to see you a lot back then. I just have this feeling that doing myself injury was a thing that happened a lot. Are you still doing the doctor thing? Unless..." Nephrite glances back at where he last saw the dog, then back at Daisuke. "Don't tell me. You traded us in for dogs? Or did we scare you so thoroughly away from the practice in your past life that you vowed to stay the heck away from people this time?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-10 00:37:34 48174
Daisuke Hansuke shakes his head. "No, No it's fine. I just... well. It was tough, you know? You feel you awaken to help certain people... and then... people keep you from those people... or take them away. Or they're evil." he says. "No worries though." he says. "Like I said, it's better now." he says.

He blinks. "Huh?" he asks. "Oh! Um. No. Just. I wanna be a veternarian." he says sheepishly.

"I mean. I still. Heal. I still do that." he says.

"But I wanna be a vet rather than Well the rest of my family says 'real doctor' like being a vet is being a fake." he says with a little frown.

"It's confusing but I kinda do both though? I work the front of my dad's office." he says. "Doing the paperwork and inital checkin stuff." he says.

He purses his lips in a smirk though. "No, I think I pretty much saw all you guys a lot. Well a lot of most people a lot. Nobility in general. Not just you guys." he laughs.

He crosses his arms and shakes his head.
Nephrite 2016-07-10 00:49:32 48176
"You still heal." Nephrite immediately snickers. "You know, because dogs, and--ah, never mind."

He shrugs. "Can I make a joke about dogs being better than nobility anyway? I have no doubt that you saw a lot of us. What little I do remember of back then mostly involved rooftops. But hey, I know you've come through for a bunch of people on the healing front recently, so I guess you do handle both." Nephrite grins. "Like I said, more useful than court astrologer."

He lifts a hand to run it through his long hair. "So if you're Earth court, we should have you over more often. Now that the world isn't currently in the process of ending, it can be for stuff other than life-threatening situations. It might even be for pizza." He pauses. "You do like pizza, right? You're not vegan? I mean, I'm sure there is such a thing as vegan pizza."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-10 01:10:54 48179
Daisuke Hansuke crosses his arms. "Why would I be vegan?" he asks. "I like peace and helping people but I dunno if you'd call me anything more than that." he smiles.

He head tilts. "Rooftops make sense. I mean--- yeah. Astrologer." he says.

He laughs. "Dogs are good patients but I can't ask them what's wrong I need to figure that out for myself. I know someone who can talk to dogs and... someone who has this tiny ... catboy.. thing floating around that can talk to cats but-- I haven't seen either in a long time. I need to follow up somehow." he frowns.

He laughs. "Mamoru's invited me over so I try to come over. I've come over a few times but usually Makoto was coming over at the same time looking for you and-- well." he says.

"I prefer not to ruin romantic rooftop meetings with inanity and worry and talking about this."

"I've spoken to Kunzite a lot though." he says. "The most actually. I haven't.. seen much of Jadeite or Zoistite yet, I admit." he says. "But everyone's busy. It's just the nature of life. Gotta do what you gotta do, n' all that."

"Or maybe they're scared of my awesome Kart Racer skills." he quips.
Nephrite 2016-07-10 01:24:24 48181
"I thought maybe, animal-loving, maybe you're offended by meat." Nephrite shrugs. "Just wanted to make sure! What if I'd set a meatlovers in front of you and cows were like close friends to you? That would be a bad scene for everyone."

Nephrite chuckles. "For how little he talks, Kunzite seems to be the best one at actively maintaining relationships outside the group. Must be all that extra time he's got on his hands." Nephrite isn't bitter about having to go to school at all. Not one bit.

The mention of Makoto makes Nephrite's gaze soften. "Yeah, Mako and I kind of lose ourselves in each other when we're together. But I promise we're not making kissy faces at each other /all/ the time."

At the mention of Mario Kart, Nephrite perks up. "Skills, eh? Who do you play?" Very important information being exchanged over here.
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-10 01:40:18 48183
Daisuke Hansuke raises a finger. "Hey now, that isn't a complaint. She's definitly more higher priority." he insists with a warm smile.

"Yeah. But stotic isn't the same thing as unfriendly or unpersonable." he insists. He smiles a little about it. "Most of the memories I do remember have to do with Kunzite making sure everyone was okay, or would be okay. I know how much he cares." he insists.

"Well Luigi of course." he insists. "It's the handling, you know?" he says. "Everyone underestimates the second fiddle, you know." he says with a pointed matter of fact nod. "Though I really only used to play online matches..." he rubs the back of his head.

"In between MMO Raids usually." he pause. "Healer. You know. Like you expected anything else." he smirks.
Nephrite 2016-07-10 02:20:44 48190
A joke dies on Nephrite's lips. He can save any teasing at Kunzite's expense for when Kunzite is present to appreciate it. Anyway, Daisuke seems too earnest for Nephrite's brand of humor. "He does care," he says with a nod. "That's how he keeps all of us functioning."

He smirks. "Nah man, it's all about Bowser. I go for the heavyweights. He's a big dinosaur with spikes, what's not to love? Sounds like we gotta pit our skills against each other to really settle this."

Nephrite contemplates. "I haven't really played a lot of games. I wouldn't know where to start."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-10 02:43:42 48192
Daisuke Hansuke smirks. "I dunno." he says.

"I think I've had enough of big stupid monstorus jerks for a bit- so Bowser isn't my style. But. Luigi can beat him any day. We'll settle that soon enough" he says. leerily.

"But- like. We gotta like..." he purses his lips. "Take a break. I hope we get a break. I swear to god. I am going to blow a gasket if like. Space Godzilla and his Space Goblins come down and we have to have some sort of protracted battle with them." he says in a manner that suggests he belives something like that can happen.

He raises a brow. "Just Mario Kart. Huh. What about Smash Bros?" he asks.

"Any of that?" he asks.

"I play Star Fox. Versatile." he insists.

"Or Princess Peach." he says. "No strong reason for her. Just because." he grins.

He crosses his arms and leans forward. "Right. By the way. You need help or healing or an exit, call me. I'm good at two things. Healing. and Rapid Teleportation." he insists.

"Those two skills synergize well enough." he says.
Nephrite 2016-07-10 03:20:31 48198
Nephrite sags against the wall. "A break! What is that? Is that where you go more than two days without anybody trying to blow you up or kidnap your girlfriend or break your balcony?" He shakes his head at Daisuke. "Space Godzilla needs to freaking chill. Take a vacation. Get a message. I'll pay."

He grins again. "Smash Bros I know. All that Mario stuff. The rest... well, maybe we'll have to make a day of trying some of them out. For all I know, I have played some of those."

He nods at Daisuke's offer. "I can teleport, but probably not as quickly as you. And the healing thing is super-useful, so I'm sure we'll have to call on you again for that. But likewise--I'm also good at two things. Reading the stars and punching. So if you need help with either of those, hit me up. Admittedly, those tend not to synergize quite as well."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-07-10 03:46:43 48206
Daisuke Hansuke nods. "Yeah I know you guys can, but yeah I'm a little quicker." he says. "That isn't a dig or anything. Just an apparent truth. I dunno if it's something I can teach because I just kind of...."

"Do it?..." he shrugs.

He laughs a bit about Space Godzilla. "Yeah, well. I think we'll get a break /somehow/." he insists.

He sighs and places two fingers to his head. "I don't like fighting." he admits. "So punching will be useful to me." he smirks. "Since I have about the strength of a really al dente wet noodle." he insists.

Something brushes past his leg. Barking. He suddenly blinks and turns to the left. It's /the dog/.

"OH!. CRAP! I COMPLETELY FORGOT!" he calls out. "Um.. Look I'll drop by later but maybe I can catch up to it now, okay!?" he says wide-eyed. He waits as long as he can for a response before he's now re-running down the street after the dog! He can sprint really fast at least.
Nephrite 2016-07-10 04:03:50 48208
Nephrite grins. "Wet noodle. Noted. If I ever find myself in a fight with you, I'll be sure to keep you behind me where you can't get squished."

Aaaaaand then Daisuke is running after a dog again. "Alright dude, pizza and Mario Kart at our place! Bring all your blue shells, 'cause you're gonna need them!" Nephrite throws a wave that Daisuke probably cannot see as he runs off after his quarry.