Curse vs Curse vs Colors

Whoever wins, we lose. Unless colors win. Then we're probably okay.

Date: 2016-07-10
Pose Count: 15
Taiko Tsume 2016-07-10 03:34:51 48203
    Today is the day of the Seishou vs. Infinity soccer match! The field is full of middle school students running around the field, kicking a black and white ball over the grass. The stands are full of parents and siblings cheering on the players, while the less mature students tend to boo them. The coaches are standing by the sidelines, watching the game and chatting. There's a ref here, whistle hanging from his mouth at all times.

    One thing that the more normal people don't seem to notice, but magical people would pick out right away, is the sudden appearance of a strange white figure in the sky. The air grows slightly colder, which is probably a welcome feeling in this heat, especially with all of the physical activity, but something about this cold breeze is wrong. Cursed, even.

    Mou Fubuki floats in the sky glowering down at the coaches. Particularly, she's glaring at Infinity's coach, frowning, seething hatefully. Snowflakes gather around her hand, and she bounces them delicately from finger to finger while she considers what, precisely, she should do to the poor man who knows nothing of her rage. What exactly did he do to earn the ire of such a formidable creature?

    "I really hate running laps. Maybe if Araki-sensei just stops showing up to school I won't have to bother with them."

    Well, that is one petty yuki-onna. Well, when one has power and goes uncontested, they tend to not really have reasonable... limits.

    It's a little strange, however, how a light amount of snow starts to fall in the middle of the summer. Even stranger, none of the muggles seem to notice it.
Misa Sakagami 2016-07-10 03:44:02 48204
     Seishou. The school of a great many people, both magical girl, villain, and otherwise! At such an unassuming place, you'd never assume it to be an epiccenter for magic! And yet, it seemed to be. And there she was, Maeko. Visiting it as she frequently did, hanging around it and seeing what chaos she could cause among those who go to school there.

     Today what drew her was slightly different though. There was a curse in the school. She could feel it, and more importantly... it wasn't /hers/. And on top of that, it seemed to be playing with /her/ toys. The air was growing cold. Snow was beginning to fall. And there... were... dolls beginning to appear among the crowd.

     Each of them was placing a small tag to create a circle around the center of the field, affixing them to benches, to the ground, hidden in various places. And with each placed tag, the presence of the stadium was beginning to grow more unpleasant. The people are becoming more vicious in their 'encouragement' for the teams, coaches are beginning to grow more harsh. And ... everyone seems to be growing a bit more sluggish, as the final tag is placed, and energy begins to flow out of those caught within the circle.

     Finally, a blink later, and Maeko is there, floating in the air behind Fubuki, a dark mist surrounding and pouring off of her as her glare can likely be -felt- by the Yuki-Onna. "You are playing with *my* toys. Because of this violation of ownership... you will be joining them."

            Well. That is one possessive Doll.
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-10 03:54:58 48207
Reiko Touyama is sitting on a bench and drawing the going ons of the soccer match. Drawing events in motion is always difficult, but that's why she's doing it! She's looking up... down. Moving her pencil across the paper and it begins to snow, and she begins drawing the ....... snow......

Into the sketch of the soccer match....


She suddenly looks up as this fact finally smacks her right in the face. This is also represented by a koi popping up next to her face and smacking the side of her face with a fin. Smack!

"Wha!?" she calls out as she looks around. No one else seems to notice the oddity, but she does. That's strange.

One of her koi appears and points skyward. She looks upwards and---

"huh...." at first it's curious.

Then Maeko appears and her eyes go /wide/ and there's energy being drained and people not acting like normal and it's pretty much suddenly Curse Chaos.

"Chroma Prism Orange, Transform!" she calls out, lifting that orange prism as it lets her go through her transformation accompied by koi whipping around her and tying a bow in her hair--- and unfurling a pretty orange and white-trimmed dress-- and her Chroma Crystal turns into a Chroma Wand.

She lifts herself up and off the ground toward's the two at a rapid pace, her wings fluttering at a fast clip.

"HEY!" she calls out. "They are not your toys, Makeo-chan!" she sputters. "And making it snow in july!? How...."


She actually doesn't have an objection to snow. Maybe she can't figure out that's what's making people miserable and irratable.

"Well playing with the weather isn't good!" she says as she floats up in the air.

She's still assessing the situation because she doesn't know what the other girl's deal is yet-- though she knows it involves Maeko and that /can't/ be good.
Taiko Tsume 2016-07-10 04:13:01 48210
    Mou Fubuki witnesses a strange thing. She feels a curse, and it isn't hers. It's similar to what she felt from Lacrima, but... also very different.

    The tags are the first thing she notices. Then she sees the dolls setting them out. The sudden voice behind her startles her. She yelps, and then the yuki-onna turns around to face the cursed doll.

    "Are you a magical girl? Funny, I thought you'd be nicer. Or at least... stuffier."

    Then PK Orange speaks up, and Mou looks down at her, blue white hair floating in the air behind her. "See... that's more along the lines of what I expected."

    The energy drain doesn't bother her, nor does it particularly interfere with her plans. It does, however, annoy her. "Hmph. Getting everyone so worked up and agitated. Don't you realize that nothing really matters? It's pointless to get so angry. Here, let me show you."

    The wind kicks up. The snow increases, creating a soft, serene bed of white over the field. Serene, not like contentment or peace, but like the grave.

    Icy, ethereal hands reach up from the snow, reaching into the stands, clawing at the players, closing around the hearts of every non-magical person, taking away their cares and filling them with a bitter apathy. The two curses conflict, and the people below don't seem to know whether to be angry or dismissive, but they end up being somewhere in between.

    One of those ethereal hands reaches out for PK Orange's heart, trying to fill her with the same bitterness, but she's a magical girl and stands a good chance of easily dispersing it before it does something to her.

    Mou Fubuki frigidly regards Maeko with eyes that contain neither concern nor sympathy.

    "You're in my way."
Misa Sakagami 2016-07-10 04:22:05 48211
     Of course. She was here. Reiko. She really shouldn't have been surprised. Though for once, Maeko didn't /want/ to play with Reiko. She had more 'important' business. Maeko turns her gaze towards Reiko and lifts her hand in a wave with a cheerful smile. "Reiko-chaaaaan~. We're here on the same mission this time! To stop this woman! Don't worry. I'm putting everyone to sleep so they won't be scared by our fight." Maeko says cheerfully towards Reiko, as if they were /best friends/ or something like that.

     Mostly she's just hoping that Reiko will buy it and she won't have to deal with the orange prism keeper foiling the plan she'd formulated when she'd noticed that curse. "Come! Let is work together in the bonds of friendship to defeat this evil snow woman!" Maeko says, doing a Heroic Pose as she points towards Fubuki! ... And in her other hand comes the overssized cleaver that really ruins any appearance of being heroic that Maeko might have had.

     And then the Snow Woman speaks, and Maeko ... listens, looking towards her. "Yes. I am a magical girl!~" In that she's magical, and she's a girl. But definitely not a good girl! She lifts her hand, taking a deep breath as she twists it. "Nothing really matters? Pointless? Such a boring outlook!" Maeko calls out. And then... that serenity of the grave. Maeko gives a slow exhale. Hmm.

     Well. While she's grandstanding... in the middle of the creation of those snowy hands and conflicts with her curse... Maeko opts to go for the much less chivalrous approach. Once more, between blinks of attention, she seems to disappear. Only to appear in front of the snow woman, her cleaver lifted in a calm swing towards the center of her mass, hopefully taking her from surprise while she's distracted!

     "Passionate Embrace: Devouring Resentment!"

     The slash would, as always with Maeko's blade, simply ... pass through the woman if it strikes! Which might be disconcerting on its own. But even worse is that the slash is combined with a moderate energy drain. If successful, between both the draining of the stadium and the drain of Fubuki... Maeko would be positively /glowing/ with energy.

            "It's no fun if my toys don't play..."
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-10 04:28:35 48212
Prism Keeper Orange frowns quite hard. "I'm not buying your dirty trick Maeko-chan, I know you're up to no good here." she says. "Besides, you're not my friend... Misa-chan is--- and you're just driving her around like a jerk!" she seethes.

Then she turns to the other woman. "AND YOU! YOU'RE NO BETTER!" she says. "I dunno who you are but I'm going to stop BOTH of yo------HRK....."

That's the sound of an etheral hand reaching directly into Orange and grabbing her heart. This causes her eyes to go wide and /almost/ glaze over for a moment... but not before she refocuses and attempts to drive it out--- pulling at the 'etheral' hand as her hands glow a little orange in the process--- trying to either pull it out via magical grabbing or purifying it away. Regardless--- either seems to work- which stops Orange from falling into the same state that everyone else down there is.

Yeah that was unpleasent.

"Enough! Both of you!" she calls out as she raises her hand skyward and swings it downward--- kois popping into existence along the arc from her palm as she then swings the wand forward. Two kois each swim frantically toward's both Maeko and Mou Fubuki- aiming to crash into them with purifiying orange light bursts if they make contact.


"I! will NOT allow it!" she says with determination.
Taiko Tsume 2016-07-10 04:39:40 48213
    Mou Fubuki doesn't get any energy from doing this. She's just a massive jerk. Which means that she doesn't quite have the boost that Maeko is getting. Then again, her curse is ancient and has a lot of power of its own. The slashing cleaver passes through her, giving Mou Fubuki a sickly feeling in her stomach and a strange pain in her chest, and she floats backwards to get away from the scary cleaving doll. Like everything else with Mou Fubuki, the energy that Maeko drains from her is also cold.

    "How dare you," she says, in a tone almost too emotionless to even sound offended. She raises her hand and spreads her fingers, facing her palm towards the cursed doll. "Foolish girl. You've brought a cleaver to a snow fight."

    Apparently this is now actually a koi fight, as two magical orange fish are suddenly flying towards the two cursed girls. PK Orange may not have bought Maeko's offer of allegiance, but Mou certainly believes it. "Trying to fool me by pretending to be enemies? It's a little late to play koi!"

    Mou Fubuki raises her other hand, extending the fingers towards the oncoming koi. Suddenly, a torrent of wind, hail,, and snow is released, attacking the koi and trying to bat it out of the sky without landing on Mou.

    Then she turns her attention to Maeko. A pale blue energy gathers in her hand. Snowflakes swirl around her fingers. Deep blue 'sparkles' of magic coalesce into a swirling and every growing mass of ice, water, and snow. Icicles form in slow orbit around the growing snowball that Mou is magically creating.

    "Winter's Closing Kiss."

    The ball of snow, water and ice launches at Maeko. The water is designed to splash and freezes moments after contact, the ice hits like a brick, and the orbiting icicles are just there to smash into the target after the main impact.
Misa Sakagami 2016-07-10 04:50:23 48214
     "This is, actually, the least dirty thing I've done. I'm dealing with a curse." Maeko responds cheerfully to Reiko at her call-out. "Still. I see you're still quite susceptible to my passion, Reiko." Maeko says with a laugh. She takes a deep breath, seeming to muse a moment on Reiko's words.

     "Fine. Since you asked so nicely..." Maeko snaps her fingers, and those dolls begin to get to work again, this time not acting to increase the curse, but instead to begin to... protect those down below? And that curse seems to be shifting, though it was still a curse, it was becoming less 'dark passion' and instead just 'passion'. Of course, there were only 5 or 6 dolls, so it was slow going on their work to counter the curse from Fubuki with just them -- especially since they were relatively weak as far as Youma go, being the tiny rabbit style doll-Youma.

     A koi flying towards Maeko though. The distraction of changing her curse and directing her dolls... was a bit, well. Dodging was somewhat out of the question, so instead, Maeko opts to block, lifting her blade to place it between the Koi and herself, using the flat to deflect the worst of the attack! ... For a brief moment, that cleaver seems to flicker, becoming less sinister looking, and instead looking more like an elegant silver sword -- but just for a moment.

     It also fed purifying magic straight into Maeko, so it wasn't the best of defenses -- even if it mitigated some of the effects on the cursed doll-woman. Deep within Maeko, however, a pair of chains cracked and shattered... and Maeko gives a groan of pain from the impact. "Mm. Perhaps that will be the last time I do anything nice for you." Maeko comments. Nevermind that she totally deserves it.

     "Either way... thank you, Reiko-chan! That's an excellent boost!" Maeko calls out, her non-cleaver-bearing hand lifting towards Fubuki to draw in energy, pink and purple blend in a partially-purified shield to reduce the effects of the oncoming snowball! The water and snowball are mostly blocked, however those icicles manage to circle around the shield and strike Maeko directly, leaving her with several holes in her porcelain flesh and the hand that held the shield up frozen. She takes a slow breath. "It's a good thing I got your energy before." Maeko says, her wounds sealing right before their eyes. "This cold is much less unpleasant."

     In fact, the dark mist that was around Maeko seemed to have taken on a bit of a white, frozen edge. "And it cools my passion just enough..." Maeko's lips curve into a calm smile, her eyes half-lidding as darkness gathers around her hand.

            "Passion's Embrace: Fiery Rage!"

     Black fires are sent flying towards Fubuki, circling and moving in an almost homing-looking fashion, bobbing and weaving! However... they were just a feint and a distraction, and instead curve away from Fubuki at the last moment, attempting to fly towards Prism Keeper Orange and create a ring of fire around her to limit her movement! THough it could easily be mistaken as a fiery shield to protect her.

     The real attack was that Maeko once more disappears, using her short-range teleportation in the distraction to attempt to get behind Fubuki! And... thrust her hand towards the small of her back. Attempting to grab at the essence of her curse. "I'll be taking this. Curse Rending!"

     And then... she attempts to /rip/ out Fubuki's curse! As expected, if successful, this would be an /incredibly/ painful feeling, as if ones very being is being torn asunder! Ultimately, however, Maeko isn't strong enough to tear out such an ancient curse in one go, even if successful!
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-10 04:59:58 48215
Prism Keeper Orange watches her purifiying magic touch the blade and for just a flash it becomes something else. She blinks once and then purses her lips as she frowns. She looks livid. "Give her back, Maeko-chan. I'm not giving up. I'm not giving up on her OR you!" she yells.

The koi heading toward's Mou Fubuki get blasts aside and pop into those purifiying sparkles far away from thier intended target.

She raises her wand and is about to try a more direct application of color energy when flame encircles her and she has to back up and frowns quite hard.

"Damn...." she says.

She has to dive downwards to try to get out of the encircling flame- feeling singed and burned along the way by magical fire as she tries to spin up and around.


"Why are you even hurting these people!? All they wanted to do was to play a game!" she yells.

Then she fires off a few bursts of color energy from the wand, but she's a little further away now and she isn't the most accurate shot.
Taiko Tsume 2016-07-10 05:22:13 48216
    So... letting this opponent drain her energy means that her attacks are less effective? That's something that Mou Fubuki will have to consider when fighting in the future. She highly doubts that this will be her last battle, in any case.

    Fire comes out at her, and Fubuki tries to float higher into the sky in order to dodge them. She moves with all the finely-honed agility of a glacier, which certainly isn't enough to avoid homing shots. Mou watches as the fireballs come at her, and she raises a solid shield of ice to block them... only to notice that the fire isn't coming after her at all? What's this? Where are they going? Where did the doll go?!

    Mou feels the doll's cursed hand at her back, and the yuki-onna gasps as her very Curse is touched. Grabbed, even! As Maeko rips the curse out of Mou Fubuki, the doll can hear wordless whispers from a time long gone.

    The noise itself makes no sense, but it conveys a sense of endless rage. Of a hatred and revenge, against people long dead, against their descendants, against the family line of the one who---

    She might even see a vision. A vision of days of old, of a witch on a mountaintop, speaking arcane unknowable words. A storm churns overhead. Winds that eradicate heat, and clouds containing endless hail.

    Then, the purifying energy hits the snow woman, and it's enough to jumpstart the cursed high schooler. The purifying energy rips through her, forcing her awake but also causing every fiber of her being to scream in protest. The ripped out curse weakens her, but the color energy counteracts the drain just enough.

    Mou Fubuki breaks free, lurching forward as wind suddenly picks up behind her, tearing her out of Maeko's grasp. The yuki-onna turns around, shocked and livid. Her hair is maybe not quite as blue, her aura maybe not quite as cold. The curse has been weakened, for sure, but not destroyed. In fact, almost in retaliation, it comes back immediately, draining the host of the curse, draining the yuki-onna herself, to unleash one last outburst of cold fury.

    A flash freeze passes over all of the soccer field, freezing the normals where they sit, stand, or play. Gale force winds pick up. Snow falls, so thick that it's difficult to see for more than ten or so meters. Beyond the veil of white, the cursed snow woman screams indignantly.

    "Because they all deserve it! They deserve to be buried in snow, for today, tomorrow, forever!"

    Her answer to Reiko comes from beyond the white abyss, and with the raging of the blizzard it's hard to tell where exactly it came from. If either doll or prism keeper could see her now, they'd see a limp yuki-onna hanging in the air, as if from a cord.
Misa Sakagami 2016-07-10 05:33:09 48217
     "Not giving up on me? Hm. Well. I should hope not, if you gave up on me, I would be heartbroken, Reiko-chan!" Maeko says, mock-pouting at Reiko. Nevermind that being given up on /would/ actually hurt a little. Still. "I really can't give her back though. She's too far gone for me to just release her now. She would barely be able to live on her own." A lie. In fact, after that purifying burst, her grip on Misa was slipping ever-so-slightly.

     Luckily for Reiko, those fires weren't aimed to harm her, and beyond mild singes and possibly light burns, the black fires just orbit around Reiko! And even give some heat that ... likely inspires the passion of anger, while warding off the cold! "I already told you, Reiko. I'm claiming her as mine. She belongs to me now." Even if it was just a fragment.

     "Just like you! You can be friends~." And her shield, just like Fubuki was right now! And then... well. All hell breaks loose, really. The Yuki-Onna, understandably, did not really seem to appreciate having her curse grabbed, torn away, and weakened!

     And Maeko felt... very familliar feelings from thise curse. Icy cold it may be, it burned with the passions of hatred, anger, fury, resentment, those things that fueled the Forsaken Doll. A witch on the mountainside, a destroyer of all warmth and heat. And in this cold...

     Maeko felt comfortable, if only to a mild degree. Maeko shifts her hand a bit, a wicked grin coming to her lips. "Such passion hidden deep within, buried under that cold. Oh... you feel so wonderful, dear cursed one. I will have to come back for you later..." But with that incoming flash freeze, that falling snow, and that flash freeze. Sadly, her dolls were caught within, and they are frozen with the mortals. The magic slips that had been placed over the stadium tear, unleashing a brief torrent of dark energy that raises up to the sky harmlessly. At least... compared to the blizzard currently occuring.

     "REIKO, THOSE FIRES WILL PROTECT YOU BRIEFLY. SHE'S WEAKENED. YOU NEED TO USE YOUR POWERS TO STOP THIS! I AM A CURSE MYSELF, I CAN'T PROVIDE THE POSITIVE ENERGY TO END THIS!" Maeko calls out. And then, well. She opts to leave Reiko to take care of the Yuki-Onna, to take the chance of that blizzard to make her escape with her prize -- before she gets even more damaged than she already was. Still. Maeko's passionate curse was gone now, so less should be hindering Reiko from using positive energy.
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-10 05:49:18 48219
Prism Keeper Orange yells out. "I DON'T BELONG TO YOU MAEKO-CHAN AND YOU KNOW IT!" she screams out. She goes to try to jet forward when---- horror happens and there's a sudden pickup of a blizzard and Prism Keeper Orange has to fight with all her might in the wind, tiny fairy butterfly wings fluttering furiously to keep herself from being blown away.

She can hear voices on the wind.

'Because they all deserve to be buried'

'Reiko, you need to stop this.'

She grits her teeth. She really doesn't want to play along with Maeko's game but sadly-- she's entirely right.

This storm is out of control and WILL bury everyone and she's exhausting from flight just keeping herself in place as much as possible.


"Dammit..." the girl swears.

"PRISM AEGIS POWER!" she calls out pointing her wand where the Snow Woman last was. ORANGE OUTBURST!" she then calls out-- a bright brilliant beam of color energy flying through the air as she tries to smash it into what she hopes, is the cause of this devestating magical storm!
Taiko Tsume 2016-07-10 06:00:18 48220
    The pure color of Orange rips through the blizzard, tearing through solid white as if it were cutting through a sheet. The storm is raging, certainly, and most importantly blinding. There's just no telling where the yuki-onna is right now. The beam of orange reaches the center of the storm, hitting something solid and magical that turns into tiny icy sparkles.

    The effect is not immediate, but it does eventually come. Winds die down. Ice melts and then vanishes as if it was never there. Temperatures warm, the hot summer sun beating away the unnatural storm. The blizzard, it seems, is gone.

    So too is the snow woman.

    There's no sign of her defeat. There's no sign of a corpse or dust or anything else that would remain after a defeated youma. There's no sign of her anywhere, and there's no feeling of her curse, either. The blizzard was apparently a distraction or cover. An overdramatic smoke bomb for a cursed being who knew that she had lost her first real fight.

    *    *    *

    Elsewhere, in Seishou's girl's locker room, an Infinity High student named Taiko Tsume hides, huddled under a wet towel and dripping with water. She's shivering. She put up a strong front, she thinks, but in the end this was by no means a victory.

    Taiko spends a long time considering the tiny grudge that spawned this fight, and weighs it against the pain she's currently in. Maybe, she decides, not every little fight is really worth the trouble. Would she have lost her powers then and there, if that doll had truly stopped her?


    Taiko shakes her head. There's no point in worrying about what could have happened. Her anger only builds inside of her. How dare they make her feel fear? She'll show them. She'll show them all.
Misa Sakagami 2016-07-10 06:06:14 48221
     Similarly to the Snow Woman, as the blizzard clears, Maeko is long gone. Retreated to whatever dark place she hides in with her prize... and plenty of wounds to focus on healing.

     Still. That was probably her first definitive victory. She'd had fun playing. She'd drained some people and left them hurting, but almost always had been sent fleeing prematurely by some purifying attack or being overwhelmed by others. And on top of that, she'd stolen a fragment of a true curse -- not that tiny remanent left in the girl she'd torn the curse out of before, but a fragment of a /true/ curse. Who's power she could already feel coursing through her.

     "...Heheheh... one more step towards my revenge. This will make it so I can search wider and for longer..."

     The anger, the vengeful feelings, the hatred. This new power worked excellently with her own powers, even if it was icy cold to her fiery passion. And it fueled the darkness that raged in the Doll's heart.

     Still... that purification... deep down inside of Maeko... Misa's bonds had grown weaker, her eyes had been opened more, and that other person nearby inside of Maeko...

            Who was she? Why was she so sad seeming?
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-10 06:13:49 48222
Prism Keeper Orange weathers the storm... did she miss? She can't get another off fast... and she's burning so much energy just trying to not be blown away. Then... it all dies down slowly-- and she's able to let up and she's panting so hard.

She looks around frantically, for any sign of the Foresaken Doll AND the Snow Woman.

Nowhere to be seen. She frowns concernedly.

"....I'm sorry Misa. Maybe next time." she says to herself as she sulks and shakes her head. "I wonder who that other girl was though...." she frowns as she looks around again. She outta. Go. Before people see the flying orange girl in the sky-- aiming to head towards the old lilac tree on the far edge of the field. Yeah. There's a good place to reflect on this right now.