It's Personal

Shira decides to go for a more direct assault against those who protect Runealy. This time, she targets Fate Testarossa!

Date: 2016-07-10
Pose Count: 36
Shira 2016-07-10 22:42:52 48237
It's a chilly night out in Mitakihara's downtown area. The moon is high in the sky, and the streets are filled with people out seeking entertainment on the weekend, from salarymen and women, all the way down to teenagers blatantly ignoring curfews.

It's also a prime time for magical girl activity. Something that Nightshade Serpent is banking on. While she's been able to lure out the Princess several times, there's simply been too many to finish off all at once. No, she needs someone to use to even the odds.

Thus, for the third night in a row, she's sent some of the Obsidian Pact's youma out on the prowl. They're nothing: spider-like creatures the size of dogs that have already drained two people tonight.

Shira has no way to directly call out the Mage she's targeting, only knowing she's been spotted in this area before. So, she simply waits to see if the blonde might stumble upon her little trap.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-10 22:50:23 48239
    Fate isn't unaware that someone might be out to get her, making her a bit paranoid. The fact that she's spent more time learning magical combat tactics than she has learning actual school subjects does mean that she's always watching her back in some form or another. She was just expecting her hunters to be more... Eclipse based, or Precia based. She isn't expecting that she'd be attacked over a Waldia-related issue.

    Which means she really isn't expecting spider youma from the Obsidian Pact to have anything to do with her. Wide Area Search might give away her position too, so she hasn't been using that to check ahead. She is... about as ambushable now as she ever will be.

    She walks down the streets at night, out of henshin and in a black hoodie, eating a bit of blue cotton candy. Yummy yummy cotton candy.
Shira 2016-07-10 22:57:12 48241
Sometimes, pure dumb luck can make you a winner, and that just might be the case for Shira tonight. She doesn't know Fate outside of henshin, and so when the blonde gets near an alleyway?

Shira mentally waves the spiders to add one more victim to the pile. The first spider crawls up the side of the alleyway wall. The second is hidden in a dumpster.

And it's the third that waves it's slightly glowing abdomen to try to wrap up Fate in clinging silk made of dark energy! It'll try to roughly yank her deeper and deeper into the alleyway that Shira is peering down on from the rooftops. In her hand, the blue-cloaked, armored young woman spins one of her knives idly. A blunt little sigh.

Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-10 23:04:50 48242
    The golden triangle on the back of Fate's hand pings, warning her of danger just half a second before dark silk wraps around her arm and yanks her rudely into an alleyway, forcing her to drop her cotton candy into a puddle on the ground, where it begins to dissolve.

    Fate's wine-red eyes are wide, but the quiet little girl doesn't scream. Instead, Bardiche activates. A golden glow surrounds the small ten year old girl, washing out all but her silhouette in magical light. Black ribbons adorn her hair, black leotard with pink skirt replaces her casual hoodie, and black cape flies out from behind her.

    The golden icon on her hand expands into an axe-like Intelligent Device, which transforms into a glowing magical scythe.

    "Let me go!" demands Fate, slicing through the dark energy silk and digging her heels in to avoid getting dragged.
Shira 2016-07-10 23:16:44 48245
As Fate transforms, chaos ensues. First, that scythe-mode Device slashes through the magical silk that's already tied up her legs! But the creature is tenacious! It sprays once again!

And of course there's the one on the wall, leaping down to try to bowl Fate over to help out its sibling. The third one waits, giving Fate just enough time to react to the other two!

But Shira doesn't expect them to last against Fate. They were just decoys, as at the last second that final spider tries to blast down her Device wielding arm, just as Shira leaps down. A graceful, silent flip, and paralytic poisoned daggers are aimed at the back of Fate's knees. She'll try to creep up on the girl even as she fights those spiders, aiming to draw her in from behind, one hand gripping tightly around her stomach with the other trying to put a knife to her throat.

"Cease struggling, or die here." Comes her monotone voice.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-10 23:25:38 48248
    Fate grits her teeth and keeps slashing at the dark silk that keeps getting launched at her. She can cut it quickly, but they can spit it out quickly too. She doesn't call for help, but Bardiche does, sending out a signal for anyone friendly nearby who might be able to help. The thought that these youma might be a distraction does cross Fate's mind, but the realization doesn't help. They really do take a lot of her focus.


    A yellow bubble briefly appears around Fate, cutting all of the silk threads at once and repelling the attackers for just a bit, the second one bouncing off of her shield. When the bubble drops, the third one comes, but Fate is ready for it, dropping her scythe in an arc that would cut the spider in half if it doesn't dodge or have thick magical armor.

    All of that happening at once is a bit much for Fate, and she's stabbed in the back of the knees. Her legs go tingly numb, and she nearly collapses to her knees, just in time to find a dagger to her throat.

    She does, for the moment, stop. Her eyes are wide and terrified. She whispers, "What do you want?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-10 23:37:54 48252
Mikoto is out shopping, as her little warehouse lair had run out of soda (among other vital materials) earlier that day. She's walking along towards Uncle John's car, to head back with the rather large load of groceries, when...

    (<Activity detected, Meister.>)

"Show me, Carnwennan," she murmurs, and the Device projects a diagram onto her vision. "Mid-style magic... not enough data for a match. Right."

She walks on more quickly, dropping the groceries in the car and sending John Reese back to the warehouse - he's good with mundane thugs, but anything potent enough to involve a full Mage is going to require a matching counter.

A minute later, in a nearby alleyway, a Belkan spell-glyph forms on the ground, rotating around her, then rising up over her body to leave her dressed in Hagane's familiar blue suit - this time augmented with a few frills, since she's here to fight, not do WPS business. Armored plates protect her hips and elbows, and gold epaulettes adorn her shoulders, while the suit's waistcoat gleams like polished steel.

With a grim little smile, she lifts off from the alleyway to soar off in the direction of the fight.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-10 23:39:32 48253
Rune isn't aware of Shira and Fate just yet, though she has some idea Fate is in this general area; the princess has been taking care to occasionally check in with her friends given there's a known-assassin(?) after them.

And so she got curious to see what Fate might have found around this part of the city. It's pretty far from home, far enough that Rune had to take a private limo to get here quickly. The driver isn't terribly fond of these night-time drives on little notice, but he DOES like the money and always agrees to the tasks as a result.

Once they've arrived in the general area, she thanks the driver and steps away. When they're out of ear-shot and the limo has left, she nods over to Hinote. "I really should figure out more about this place soon, but... ...hey!?" She sees a spider-monster go sailing from some distance away. "What was that?! Hinote, let's check it out! Summoning Princess' Tiara!"

With her transformation done in short order, Rune is in full magical dress and wand in hand as she sprints toward what she saw. A glance skyward takes note of Hagane, wondering what might be at-hand now...
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-10 23:47:17 48254
Hinote Kagari has come off with Runealy on a trip. There's a few reasons for this. First and foremost is for the same reason Runealy is checking on friends. There's an /assasian/ about and she's out for the Princess. Secondly, well he wants to spend some time with a friend and he seems super introspective today.

Maybe some talking with Odila spurred his thoughts a little about some things. He purses his lips.

"Eh?" he asks over to Runealy. He smiles. "Well just ask me. I can always tour with you guys. Fate isn't from around here either, right? So just treat me like a super convient and accessible tour guide." he winks.

He's about to talk to Runealy about the girl he met the other day when a Spider monster does this awesome bouncy ball impression some distance away.

"Right, coming...."

"To Protect Justice, I am Guardian Hino!" he calls out-- his braclet's already on-- he's taken to wearing it full time now- really considering the dangers in recent times.

There's a transformation--- Hinote's the Guardian Knight now, and he chases after Runealy as he catches up as he grips the hilt of his sword and draws it- cape swaying after him.
Shira 2016-07-10 23:57:41 48255
WHUMP! Those spiders slam into the bubble around Fate. As if the call for magical help wasn't enough, two go flying back into the streets while the third leaps up atop the nearby building. They all let out loud skrees!

And almost instantly, the three magical heroes that run in are noticed by various spider youma! They're not that smart, so there's little variation in tactics: Runealy and Hino both are met with blasts of sticky magical silk, trying to wrap the pair up! The one attacking Rune again tries to use this opportunity to leap upon and crush her! Hinote is mostly being treated to a good old tug of war towards very sharp looking incisors.

As for the flying Belkan knight? There's a sudden blast of silk from the darkness on the rooftops, aiming to tug her and slam her into a nearby building!

Down below, Shira pulls Fate behind a dumpster, the pair just barely peeking out enough to watch the action. Shira visibly tenses at the sound of the Princes arriving.

"Scream, and die. Drop your weapon, now. Quietly." She orders to Fate.

"You will do everything that I say, and if you do, I'll let you live." It seems Shira has herself a hostage.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-11 00:07:27 48260
    Fate's friends come, but she can't notice them. She can't even look in their direction, as Shira is currently forcing her to hold very, very still.

    Bardiche is dropped, golden yellow blade shining in the alleyway. Fate considers her options as she's dragged behind the dumpster. Is there anything she could do to escape? If even the smallest hint of a magical circle is spotted, Shira's dagger could slit her throat before the spell was even finished casting.

    In the distance, Arf is rushing to Fate's side, but there is some distance yet to go. As for Fate, she doesn't scream, or move without Shira's say. She is cooperating for the moment.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-11 00:18:32 48264
Rune glances back to Hino, but only to get the basic idea of where he is relative to her... and he's quickly coming up beside her, in fact; good to know! She's still not aware of Fate's situation, and won't be just yet as... spiders.

Boot-wings light up with their silver glow, launching her up and aside from the sticky blast sent her way. "Ch!" A tense shout as she realizes how close they came, descending with a pair of wand-orb blasts as she goes. These are aimed for direct hits, intending to make contact before exploding into emerald sparkles; they're not the 'spray shot' she sometimes uses. As she lands, she's beset by a pouncing attempt... and this one works, tackling her to the floor with a hurt cry! The beast atop her is blurry due to pain-strained vision, but she sees it well enough to face the spider...

...And the gems on her tiara light up to spray a stream of tiny green sparkles at it. A weak attack, but one she can manage even with her arms pinned by something too close to point her wand at.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-11 00:22:24 48266
A blast of silken webbing lashes out at the flying Hagane, and a deeper but still mechanical tone responds: <Protection.> A simple shield flashes into being, deflecting the strike.

It's enough to tell her where the bad guys are, however, and Carnwennan's rapier form gleams softly in the moonlight as it's drawn. "Time to make a mess," the girl mutters, as she swoops down to impale the spider-youma on her blade and get a better look at the situation on the ground.
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-11 00:27:08 48268
Guardian Hino is beset by spiders and-- whoops-- before he knows it, he's ensnared. Well. This isn't pleasent. At least he still has his feet on the ground. He's trying to fight-- and this slows his path forward towards sharp incissors.

If there's one thing Hinote knows about the internet, is that there's lots and lots of memes about lighting spiders on fire and thier house on fire because of, well. /spiders/. He wonders how true that is as he clenches his fists, now--- they light up in flame.

"BLAZE!" yells Hino as fire erupts up and around him-- burning himself free as he then regrips his sword more properly, as he looks between the Spider that was pulling him in.. and the one currently pinning Runealy down. He grits his teeth and points it at the one pinning Runealy down-- though ten to one, he's leaving himself open to the one that tried to pull him in too now.

Someone new arrives. Not a foe it appears! He makes a note of it, but can't worry too hard about greeting right now.
Shira 2016-07-11 00:41:14 48271
The spiders don't last all that long against the onslaught of the magical people present. The first spider gets hit by Rune with her explosive orbs, blasting it apart! That one that leaps her gets a spray of sparkles to the face, only for Hino to leap in and slash at it! It's torn to pieces between the pair!

That remaining spider makes as if to leap up, but instead skitters away on a mental order from Shira. Up above, Hagane does a plunging attack on her own spidery trouble! WHUMP! That rapier pierces right through, leaving only that final spider in the alleyway remaining.

It's here that she forcefully shoves Fate to where the group can see. She makes sure that they can see the knife to Fate's throat. That spider lingers near as a bodyguard.

"Drop your weapons. Princess. This girl's life is in your hands. Surrender yourself to me, and I'll let her go. Try to fight me or if your allies do the same, I'll cut her throat right here. What will you do?"
Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-11 00:52:33 48273
    Fate is relatively helpless, and also relatively small. Small enough to be carried around like that in any case, especially by a magical girl. She's not showing any fear, but she is being very very cautious and very still.

    So... this is the deal? Trading Fate, for Runealy? Is that what's going on here?

    Arf lands on the edge of a nearby roof, looking down at the situation below. There's a telepathic conversation between the two, but neither are making any immediate moves, and Arf is remaining hidden.

    Plans are being formed, odds are being calculated, but Fate can't communicate them right now, and for the moment all she can do is be pushed around by Shira. She cringes at Runealy apologetically, smiling awkwardly and showing teeth.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-11 00:55:04 48274
Rune picks herself up with a "Thanks!" to Hino, and a nod over to Hagane; whatever misgivings the princess has right now seem to be diminished, and each additional encounter has been reinforcing this... it's looking less and less like the rapier-fighter is an active enemy.

She's about to fire on the remaining spider, when... "...Fate! There you... ah!?"

Dagger to Fate's throat. "Wh..." ...the 'Nightshade Serpent.'

Everything makes sense now. Then there's that demand to disarm, and a chill runs through Rune. Eyes wide, she's shaking a little as she thinks on this.

If she doesn't, it strikes her as very likely that Shira will kill Fate on the spot out of spite. After all, as far as the princess knows this is one of the people who helped the 'demon with three flaming claws' infiltrate Waldia Castle and kill her mother. Going from that, to killing Fate, seems entirely plausible!

Yet if she does disarm... at the bare minimum this invites an attack. It might go worse than that. Shira is effectively asking her to pick between two outcomes: Let Fate die, or take a risk that puts her world's survival in serious doubt.

Her worried eyes look to Fate, making eye contact with that odd smile, and...

...She crouches to put her wand down on the concrete. She does not look down to do this; Rune has every expectation that she will be attacked the instant she finishes this gesture, and starts to rise once the wand has been released accordingly. She just can't bring herself to 'write off Fate' for the 'greater good', though.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-11 00:58:16 48278
High above, Hagane steps back from the roof's edge, leaving a search-drone to observe things below while she decides on an optimum moment to intervene. Around her head, a nearly-invisible halo of the familiar Flickers forms, swirling and awaiting her command to intervene.

Her smile fades as she notes the knife at Fate's throat, and dips firmly into a frown as she hears the threat. She nods with approval as Runealy responds, and she focuses for a moment on the growing Flicker-swarm.

Shards of light, nearly invisible in the darkness, flow downwards, streaming along from the heights, behind the assailant and hopefully out of her sight. All she needs is one moment with the blade far enough away from Fate's skin to catch it in a Hook Bind....

~<Get ready,>~ she sends to the young Mage. ~<When I give the word...>~
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-11 01:11:38 48281
Guardian Hino turns to that spider that had ensnared him earlier---but--- it's moving away? What-- why--- then it becomes clear. Because there's that assasian. With Fate. He grits his teeth. She asks Runealy to 'drop it' and she does.

Hino looks down at his longsword and grits his teeth as he looks back up to the girl keeping Fate hostage. He drops his sword with a clatter to the ground because he doesn't want to exacerbate this.

It's not like he can't throw fire without it-- but he's formulating rash plans.

He's readying himself to jump in front of the Princess. He's trying to figure out if he can do anything about Fate-- which doesn't seem possible. That dumpsters in the way. That spider's in the way.

"Let her go." he says. "I'll depower and take her place. But let her go." he calls out. His tone is as calm as he can manage at the moment- theres a little agitation there.
Shira 2016-07-11 01:17:28 48283
Shira can't help but smile as Runealy does exactly as asked. She doesn't see Hagane's flicker shots, too busy focusing on those up ahead. Nor does she notice Arf up on the roof! Instead, she focuses on Runealy and Hinote.

"I don't need you. If I can have the Princess, then this all stops. The rest of you are just a means to my vengeance."

She turns back to the Princess. "Step forward, Princess. I'll let the girl go as soon as you're beside me."

It's here, just before the handoff that Shira makes a crucial mistake: should Runealy get close, the masked woman will start to let go of Fate, eager to simply grab Runealy. She's fast. Obscenely fast. But for Fate, someone also specializing in such things, she might be able to use that to her advantage.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-11 01:30:48 48285
    Arf looks across the way at Hagane, and asks Fate, <Should we wait for her plan?>

    <We have our own, but we shouldn't ignore her either.>

    To Hagane, Fate transmits, <We're about to move. You'll know when to act.>

    Runealy moves closer. Fate shoots her a very particular look. A smile, and even a confident one, that the Nightshade Serpent can't see. As Shira's grip on Fate loosens, the young Midchildian mage sees a perfect opportunity. Fate's tiny arms move up into an open space between Shira's arm and Fate, pushing her away suddenly and forcefully. This won't be enough to break free completely, but that's not the intent. The intent is to get that knife just a few centimeters further away from Fate's neck, just long enough for Arf to do her part.

    The real plan happens when a glowing orange magical circle appears at Shira's feet. Orange chains fly out of the circle and at Shira, trying to wrap around her and bind her and forcefully pull her arms away from Fate. If Arf is really lucky, she might be able to force Shira to stay still, but if Shira is especially fast that might be a lost cause.

    One of those orange chains wraps around one of Fate's now-numb legs, yanking the tiny alien from Shira's grip from below. It's not the most graceful escape, but with Fate's speed she's able to duck low and lay herself out flat, flying mere centimeters above the ground and picking up Bardiche along the way.

    "It was a solid plan," compliments Fate, "But you let your guard down."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-11 01:35:31 48288
Hagane nods curtly as she receives Fate's message, and smiles a thin little smile at last.

    (<Hook Bind.>) The moment the orange spell-glyph flares to life, a stream of Flickers connect to each other, latching onto Shira's blade and yanking it (and the hand that holds it) away from Fate's neck.

As Fate herself is yanked away, a second stream of Flickers slams into the ground surrounding the villainess, pockmarking the pavement with little explosions just beyond Arf's spell-circle.

While the explosions are going on, capturing all attention, Hagane drops from the rooftop to land with a soft thud behind Shira and put her own blade up to the witch's back, pushing forward just enough for the tip to prick skin and be felt.

"Really, my dear, you should think these things through more carefully. I would advise you to surrender... Her Highness may be feeling merciful. I'm not."
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-11 01:35:44 48289
"Don't," Rune near-whispers to Hino. She has no higher plan in asking him to not do that; she's just upset at the prospect of someone else getting hurt when she's doing this specifically to avoid someone being harmed.

So when Shira demands she approach, Rune hesitates for only a moment before walking up. She knows full well this is a tremendous risk, one that is likely to end in serious injury or possibly death in a few moments; it's all going to depend on how well certain things resolve in an instant.

Yet as she draws near... things change. Rapidly. "Huh!?" Runealy stares in momentary shock to what just unfolded, but does not decide to tempt fate by delaying herself too long after Fate and the others make their moves.

Instead, her tiara gems light up again to make a short spray of a few emerald-sparkles at Shira before Runealy leaps backward to get back to her wand and kneel down to pick it up! "Go for it!" A general shout to anyone, though Hino is right next to her and will hear it most clearly.
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-11 01:50:20 48294
Guardian Hino gets even more agigtated when Runealy tells him not too because. Well. That's one of the saviors of Waldia right there. There's a debt there. Can't just...let her.. get hurt or die. At the same time, he doesn't want to let his friend sacrafice herself for the same reason he was just going to do it--- and for a moment he's about to do something really stupid as he wrings his right hand.

Then spiraling orange chains wrap up and around Nightshade Serpent and this gives him a chance--- Runealy doesn't even need to ask him because he was already going to do something very stupid. It's just... less stupid now.

"Burning Ignition!" he calls out as he throws his palm up--- a bright brillaint orange swath of flame erupts from his hand as he tries to just cover 'Nightshade Serpent' in as much fire as he can manage on short notice.
Shira 2016-07-11 02:03:57 48297
The plan goes perfectly. First, that shove gets Shira's blade /just/ far enough away for Arf's chains to further yank away at her arm! Then Fate is being dragged away. Beneath that mask, eyes widen, then grow hatefully cold.

Shira drops the blade as Flicker cut off her ability to run after Fate. There's a blade in her back. Slowly, she frowns.

"...Once again I've underestimated you Royalists. You're all filthy murderers, but you're smart. Surrender?"

"I won't surrender, or die, until I've seen the Waldia bloodline turned to ash for their crimes."

The spray of emerald sparkles slams into Shira, causing her armor to sizzle and bits of her cloak to tatter. She keeps her eyes on the true danger: that blast of fire coming her way, and the Mage with her blade at her back.

Shira sucks in her breath as flame comes for her, and then lets go with all of her anger and hatred. A horrific poisonous aura bursts from her body, immediately rotting away a good five feet of ground all around her, turning nearby bricks to dust, metal to rusty jagged struts, and starting to eat away at anyone who stays inside of it. A quick duck as she uses the distraction, and she's aiming a hard kick for Hagane's chest, then rushes for Hinote.

The burst of fire from Hinote slams into her wall of poison, only to start chewing away at even the flames, rendered into toxic mist that fills the lungs and blackens the throat.

Precise knife strikes aim to slash up Hinote's sword arm, followed by another hard kick.

Then she's off towards the rooftops.

"I see that using tricks won't work. Next time, Princess, I'm coming for you directly. No amount of duped fools from this world will save you!" The ninja-like woman seems ready to run now that her plan's failed!
Fate T. Waldia 2016-07-11 02:09:11 48301
    "You keep talking about crimes. What crimes are you even referring to? You don't expect us to feel guilty over destroying a few demons, do you?" asks Fate. This line of reasoning is purely coming from their own interpretation of events, and generally not knowing what's going on. Fate raises her scythe to charge in, but she falters, the paralysis still affecting her legs and lower body. It's starting to hurt, all over, suddenly.

    Arf detects Fate's pain, and jumps down into the alleyway to catch the young girl in her arm. Familiar holds Mage, neither attacking because Fate has taken too much on already.

    It's probably a good thing too, because not attacking means that she isn't caught up in that decay wave that Nightshade Serpent uses.

    Fate stutters out, "V... Vale-chan..."

    Arf hears it, nods, and leaps to the roof. The familiar apologizes to the others. "I'm sorry about this, but we need to flee. Be careful! She's crafty!"

    The familiar starts leaping away with her master in tow. She's in quite a hurry.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-11 02:20:24 48303
"Murderer!? You're the one who...!" Rune's voice trails off, hissing with anger. Now that Fate is free, the princess wants to pursue their foe. Only Fate's current harm seems to halt this urge, and... when Arf has Fate in hand, Rune decides that's good enough. "Go! It's fine!"

'Next time', Shira said. It's something Rune couldn't immediately deal with, not with the 'poison wall' forcing her to back off...

...But now that Shira is heading for the Tokyo skyline, Runealy tries to pursue. She does not want there to be a 'next time', she wants to deal with Shira here and now!

"Then come for me directly right now! I'm not letting you get away with any of this! Not what you did to Fate, or mom!" Runealy is screaming as hard as she can, letting pain and fury run unchecked as her boot-wings light up to hurtle her from ledge to ledge as she springs from one wall to the other, a sort of 'triangle jump' to bring her upward in pursuit of Shira. Her wand spits out thin red rays as she goes, hoping to tag the Serpent with these shots... Rune has no idea whether she'll be able to overtake Shira, after all.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-11 02:20:59 48304
Hagane had planned to simply thrust her blade forward, piercing Shira's kidney, and leaving her with internal bleeding and massive pain to deal with.

The flame and emerald blast impacting the would-be assassin might well be what stayed her hand, just long enough for the poison-wave attack to be released.

    (<Argentschild>), Carnwennan's voice intones as a Belkan spell-glyph shines underfoot, and a dome of steely silver light starts to form -

    - to be interrupted by a hard kick, catching Hagane in the gut and knocking her back into a wall. The shield fades away almost instantly, and it takes her a painful moment to catch her breath.

It's entirely possible that it's a moment too many. She sends the remaining swarm of Flickers after the retreating killer, the spy-drone she left on the rooftop lifting off to track Shira's escape.

Fate might well be a very mature young lady. A very powerful mage and a skilled fighter. Mikoto knows she is all of that. But she's still so very young. Even from her own lofty vantage of sixteen, Fate's position is clear in her mind. And to use a child as a hostage is ... far from acceptable.

"I'd tell you to get a life, but you're not going to have the opportunity to try."
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-11 02:26:09 48306
Guardian Hino dropped his sword, but he still fired off his flame with said hand--- he grins, just a little as his flame washes across the Serpent assasian. He wants to press the attack, but before he can move to pick his longsword up off the ground, she's already down upon him.

Crap, she moves too fast. His arm gets slashed-- pretty badly, too--- before there's that rush of toxic fumes.

He nods to Arf as best he can because--- Yeah he's coughing now and doing his best to try to seek through it, but he does see Runealy take off. He grits his teeth and leaps up the side of the alley onto one of the buildings and makes of running along the edge. He can't do that nifty triangle jump, he can only try to keep up going a different route.

Mainly, he doesn't want the assasian to try to double back right now directly into Runealy.
Shira 2016-07-11 02:32:28 48308
"That Princess and her parents killed my own, and a lot more people than that." Is Shira's blunt answer to Fate. She doesn't stop Arf from hauling off the injured Fate. She has other things to worry about.

Rune blasts off after her! Shira looks back, and scowls. "...What are you talking about? It wasn't..." she starts to explain, only for blasts of both Hagane's and Rune's blasts come for her. She orders the spider to leap, blocking Runealy's rays at the cost of its own life. As Shira flickers from wall to wall, she dodges a majority of those blasts, only to take one to the face! She lands in a roll onto a rooftop, mask shattering to reveal a single eye and green hair.

"Nngh. We'll have our fight. But at a place of my choosing."

Rune is fast with her flying, but Shira is faster. She makes it all the way up to a water tower, runs up its side with a knife digging in as she splits metal. Then, she gathers a ball of poison, and drops it inside just as the flood of water heads for Rune and Hagane!

"Next time, you die, Runealy Waldia." With that burst of poisoned water, she dissappears, tatters of her cloak left in the wake of her speed.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-11 02:42:31 48310
Rune doesn't get to overhear those remarks to Fate; she's just not close enough to Shira. Instead, she just continues chasing until their foe gives her a compelling reason to stop; another 'poison wall', albeit aquatic in form this time.

It's enough to make her stay on the roof, giving Shira several seconds to get out. The princess debates finding another route to continue the pursuit, but her mother's voice - memories of it, rather - reminds her of a basic demon trick, one well documented and passed from queen to princess as part of their typical training: A brief fight, followed by fleeing to an ambush point. In other words, don't keep chasing. Not right now.

The decision hurts. She abruptly swings her wand behind-back, where it sticks to the dress' ribbon. Tears stream, but Rune turns to face Hinote: "You did great, but... ...let's go home."

These same water-blurred eyes look up to Hagane after that to add, "And thank you. Fate means a lot to me..."

She begins to pace away from the rooftop edge, intending to begin hopping down to street level.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-11 02:47:38 48312
Hagane rises back to the rooftop to follow the fleeing villain, above the stream of water, but when Shira vanishes, she just sighs. "Tell me we got enough to trace her, partner?"

    (<"Negative, Meister. I am sorry.">)

Well. "Damn." She shakes her head and drops next to Runealy. "She's a good kid," she says, nodding to the princess. "At least she got out alright."

She produces a handkerchief from somewhere, offering it to Runealy. "We should let somoene know about that stuff she dumped in the water."
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-11 02:54:25 48313
Guardian Hino is glad when Runealy stops pursuit. He takes a deep breath. "Yes. Home." he says as he takes a deep breath because he's still coughing and running after Runealy didn't help at all. He looks down at his arm and frowns. "Gonna need more than a little neosporin for this anyways." he says, looking at the large cut there.

He follows along for now. He grabbed his sword earlier so he doesn't need to go back for it. He isn't sure if it reappears when he re-henshins at least.

He coughs again. "Some garbage in my throat. I'll handle that back at home too." he says.

He'd ask if Runealy is going to be okay but he knows the answer to that already. "We need to talk about what we're gonna do about this." he says.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-11 02:59:20 48315
Once adrenaline fades, Rune finally calms down enough to notice aloud: "You're hurt," Some of the strikes Hino took she had known about, but the ones showing more visible effects on him now were ones she had missed in all the chaos. She's not happy about this, and walks closer with a hand glowing in gold-white light to offer what tiny bits of healing she can. She's not on Vale's level, but she's offering a 'patch job' at least so that going home won't hurt quite as badly. The other hand takes what Hagane offers... then hands it back. "Thank you, but this is fine... ...and the water spilled /out/, so they'll notice when they repair it, right?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-11 03:02:18 48316
Hagane shrugs and tucks the handkerchief away, since Runealy doesn't need it. She isn't a healer, so there's little she can do for Hino right now. So she'll stand by and let the princess take care of it.

<(Hey,)> she sends in Fate's direction. <(You two get clear okay?)>

She looks down at the pooling water with a frown. "They might not even be able to detect it," she says, and holds Carnwennan's blade out over the pooling water.

"Scan this stuff, partner. See if we can ID what she added to the water, and safe disposal. Probably ought to just burn it away."

    (<"Affirmative, Meister. Scanning....">)
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-11 03:11:32 48318
Guardian Hino holds out his arm appreciativly. "Thank you." he says. "She got in close and decided to slice me. I haven't keeled over yet so I don't think I'm poisoned." he says. He'll let Runealy's magic works as he looks over to Hagane.

"Yeah, take care of that, if you can. I can let someone know something's wrong." he says softly.

He frowns a little. "I think it's clear none of us should be out alone anymore." he says softly. "But we'll talk about that later." he says.

"Should probably touch base with anyone else that was in Waldia with us." he says not using names in case there's any snoopy assasians nearby.

"Wonder if they've seen or been attacked like this. Though, they'd probably had answered Vale's posting by now..."