Memories Carved in Stone

Eilam and Jiaying meet in a graveyard, and discuss people Eilam used to know, and the way that information is more and more being retained.

Date: 2016-07-14
Pose Count: 17
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 15:31:46 48662
    One of the things about humans is that certain things are guaranteed to always be around. Life, death, medical jobs, entertainment. And as a result, graveyards were always going to be a thing. Thus was one such graveyard near the Hikawa shrine, one of many, many such around Tokyo, or even the area. The middle of the day as it was, it was relatively quiet. A funeral was going on at the far side of the graveyard, a quiet gathering of sorts. And more towards the center of the graveyard, where the older plots lay, one would find Eilam just quietly sitting in front of one such shrine.

    The inscription on the gravestone was long since weathered, not much trace of whoever was buried there. One of those things that were likely kept in records and records only, if the condition of it was any indicator. What was Eilam doing there as he sat? Just kind of staring off at nothing. Zombie or not, he was dressed today in one of his more full suits, jacket taken off and across his lap, expensive-looking clothing actually. Which would make one wonder why he was sitting on the stone-laden walkway as he was. About the most standout thing about him was that pastel rainbowey hair coloring he had now as compared to the pink, a somewhat impromptu decision to change up and try to be a bit brighter than he was sometimes.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 15:49:03 48663
Jiaying Maki is stalking the gravesites. She's got a notebook in hand like she's just writing down interesting information, but it's really just a cover. Sitting in her satchel is a strange looking stuffed rabbit, head hanging out and one could almost swear it's looking around from time to time. Being the weekend, Jia doesn't look happy to be out here, but there's something messing with ghosts and bodies and that's something she's sure she can handle without hurting herself further- It's the right thing to do anyway.

She's wearing a bucket hat, a plain grey blouse and a pair of cargo pants to go with her shoes. She's going for sensible. Also the hat hides her ears if she messes up again. She spots a color explosion and starts to ask herself something, then realizes who it is. She doesn't call out as she normally would and instead makes her way over and asks, "Yours?"
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 15:58:10 48664
    Eilam was distracted enough that it took him a moment after the sound of the voice to look up. "Hm? ...oh, no, no. Someone I knew. The last time I saw them was at their wedding in the 50's. I knew them for a year or two in the late 40's after the war." Which might seem strange coming from someone who looks as young as he does. But she knew about his curse, so perhaps it wouldn't seem /too/ strange. "I move around the world every few years to different places in different countries. I've had homes in most for most of my life, but... it is best to just keep moving so no one thinks too much of me not aging. The last time I stayed in Japan, before now, was... well, then."

    There was the subtle tiredness about him, as was wont with his less energetic days, but he also seemed sad. "She would have been just about ninety now. I had been looking for information on her, at the church, and other places. Turns out that her husband died young and... the family she had vanished in a car accident twenty something years ago. And here she is, forgotten, it seems, except by me." a pause, then a softer, "Like so many others. What are you doing here?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 16:08:57 48665
Jiaying Maki looks around and asks, "If it was that long ago, this is the first place I would have looked, just saying." Eilam might hear a distant voice yell something at her in Chinese, ancient Chinese at that causing her to swat her bag and she adds, "Why move around? Why not just dye your hair a differ-... different solid color and claim to be a son. That's the traditional route from what I've seen."

Rolling her shoulders stiffly she adds, "Besides, they're not forgotten yet. Bet they've got extended family too. Their memory is carved in the stone too right?" She gestures to the worn stone, swats her bag as that voice starts up again and replies sharply in more modern Chinese, "No one could forget a ghost that throws knives, stop it."
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 16:15:12 48666
    "Even if it was that long ago... to you, to me, it really does not seem that long. You have to understand, Jiaying, that for me... I have been around a long time. Long by any standards. I have seen a lot happen, to me seeming like it is going so quickly. Wars, conflicts, nations coming and going, disasters... generations. Even if I know in my head that it had been over sixty years... in my heart, I suppose, a part of me hoped to be able to find out where she was now and hug her again."

    There was a small sound that escaped Eilam, perhaps a labored breath of sorts, and then he turned to look towards her, "Is someone else here with you? Or are you talking to yourself? And no... she has no extended family either. I looked into that. She was an only child and at best she is someones cousin. Still... I remember, and that will hopefully be good enough for her."
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 16:19:57 48667
    "And as for why I do not just... dye my hair, people are not stupid. They figure out things. As time has moved on, people get more and more competent at keeping records and storing information. And now with Electroincs and... the internet and the digital age that we are in... it is only a matter of time before it hardly matters, I think."
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 16:37:09 48668
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and says, "Come on now, you're not the only long lived thing out there!" I mean, mom's old and dad's nowhere near as old, eh. She makes a dismissive gesture and says, "Got it got it got it, you're a long lived revenant, it's fine. But you of all people should know how easy it is to disappear, even in today's day and age. Changing IPs and computer parts is as good as a new identity if need be. Just make a show of getting other pink-hairs to look like family for photo ops and you're set." Hey she's only a bad liar for personal things! Or she's learning, either way.

She looks down at her bag and says, "Well, introduce yourself." And swats the thing again. The stuffed bunny head turns to face Eilam, then scrambles around inside and sticks an arm out in an obvious wave. The voice doesn't come from the bunny though and instead comes from somewhere behind it, "No thanks" it offers in that same ancient Chinese.
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 16:43:45 48669
    Eilam looks the stuffed animal over and just kind of stares only to try and follow the voice, then back towards it as if trying to put two and two together. No reason to push it, if the rabbit... thing did not wish to share. "Until just a few weeks ago, I did not know magic existed. I lived for hundreds of years with myself being the only thing that never changed. Even now... I only know one other? And it still feels strange. Well, one other who might turn out like me. Time will tell on that. Thank you for the concern, though."

    Slowly Eilam raises and with the aid of the stave he had next to himself, works upright. And then he stepped forward up onto the weathered old shrine, leaning in to press a kiss onto the stone before stepping back and turning his attention once again on Jiaying. He doesn't press the issue of identity either, instead asking, "What has you here, cute fox?" Resorting to the teasing name since no one else was really around, and why not, it amused him.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 17:00:38 48670
Jiaying Maki watches the two of them for a moment before sighing and stuffing the rabbit back into her bag and mutters to herself. You can't take some ghosts anywhere. "Wait, how did you not know about magic until recently? Were you intentionally keeping your eyes closed or something? I mean- It's not that hard to stumble across here and you lived here clearly."

She then shakes her head, rolls her shoulders and gestures around the graveyard, "Heard there was either a Kasha or Nekomata around, I Wanted to see if the rumors were true since they can be kind of disruptive and weird." Then she scowls and says, "I'm not really sure though, neither of us have seen or smelled anything Grandpa."
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 17:05:37 48671
    "I just have not. I never really thought about my own condition as magic, it just kind of... it's how I was. How I am. And I never really saw anything in my life to hint towards magic? Maybe I just had not been... directly exposed, because now that I was put in a situation where I had to acknowledge it, I'm seeing more things?" then a pause, "...did you call me grandpa, or..." Eilam kind of :/'d at her, "I mean, while I am certainly old, that is just strange." Though that did make him wonder if he had any grandchildren... or children. He didn't think he did, but there was always the chance?

    Though it also did make him wonder... just how much magical stuff had he missed in the past simply by not knowing about it?
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 17:20:23 48672
Jiaying Maki crosses her arms and says, "You keep calling me cute fox even after admitting you're pushing over a hundred. I think it's accurate!" and kind of strange really! Not that she's got room to talk with her family heritage. "I bet you saw all sorts of magic and just tried to explain and rationalize it away.

Standing on her toes to get a better look around, she asks, "You haven't seen any cats, particularly strange acting cats around here right? Maybe lingering around graves for a while or anything? I want to meet one and see if they can be talked to normally or if they're like angry ghosts and-" she stops, sighs and says, "Well. I want to see what they're like."
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 17:26:06 48673
    "Over three, actually." he says with a cough, "Maybe four. I... honestly do not know. My earliest memories that are founded with events going on around me were the late 1700's, but I know I was alive before that for a while. Just... do not know how long. Had a bit of a hard time adjusting to... uh, this." Though on subject of the cat thing, Eilam looked towards where he had saw a cat, not that it was there anymore, "There was a tabby over there? I do not know if it is... strange, though. It was kind of just laying there as I walked by. If me calling you cute bothers you, I will not do it anymore, okay? I mostly tease others to keep the mood light. Sort of like with Reiko. She enjoys it, so no harm. My age, though... it is easier to just treat me as if I am as old as I look. After all, that is the life that I live. I mean, if I tried to act my age, what would I do with myself? Lay in a coffin? I guess there are others... my age? So strange thinking that, but what do they do if not... live?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 17:31:52 48674
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says flatly, "Mom kept going to school and exploring." She looks to where the cat had been and crouches down, looking around, under and past the grave before standing to take a look at the thing itself. Standing up straight after, she brushes herself off and glances around, then pulls a small charm out, touches her fingers to it, something she didn't used to do while disguised and burns the spell she wants into the paper. She puts her hands together and murmurs a prayer asking for patience with her antics, then hides the tag nearby. She'll check it later to see if it's burned at all. Kind of a crude way of checking for supernatural antics maybe?
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 17:36:58 48675
    Eilam nodded and said, "I would like to meet your mother at some point, if you do not mind? It sounds like I could learn a bit for her. I guess if one is more able-bodied they could do a lot with their life. I... am less so than I wish, but nothing to be done about that, I imagine. Unless somehow magic can 'cure' me." He didn't sound hopeful so much as making a joke at his expense. He did watch, however, as Jiaying did her thing with the tag and made a mental note to try and look into lore on such later to try and see how much of that was real or not.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 17:43:19 48676
Jiaying Maki improvises as she goes and mostly works on the logic that she's seen it before, maybe it'll work. She's not super reliable about magical theory yet, but she is learning. She makes a couple more copies of the same charm and hides them as she goes, offering a brief little prayer to each like she expects maybe the ghosts are lingering until she's back to Eilam. The question about her mother gets wholly and fully ignored to the point where she won't even look at him about it. "I don't know about a cure that isn't just dying sadly. Maybe find a way to speak with Enma and find out why he doesn't want you."
Eilam Hisakawa 2016-07-14 17:52:19 48677
    "...still so strange thinking there really are gods and... an afterlife and such, after so long just not believing in such." Eilam doesn't press the mother thing, if she didn't respond, maybe she didn't on purpose. He had his own things he wouldn't like to talk about, why try and force others? "Are you hungry? I could get you something to eat. I am probably going to get something myself soon. I... enjoy being melancholy less on an empty stomach."
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-14 18:30:56 48679
Jiaying Maki glances over at the mention of food and says, "That probably isn't a bad idea really." She hits her heel on the ground a few times to adjust her shoes, then gestures towards the entrance to the grave yard and says, "Let's go. I'll have to check on these later this evening or tomorrow for tampering or damage."