Almost Grazing Happiness

Noire Okana takes Natsumi Matsumoto to her secret nighttime safe hiding spot in the church.

Date: 2016-07-15
Pose Count: 15
Lacrima 2016-07-15 04:23:42 48821
Norie Okana has texts Natsumi to come join her in the church in Pikaraghoka, not too far from school, after dark. Why on Earth would she be asking Natsumi such a thing? It seems odd, doesn't it? Still. Norie is there by the door when Natsumi arrives and she looks around and grabs Natsumi's hand and ushers her inside past the doors and closes them as she takes a deep breath.

"Hello Natsumi-chan." she says softly. Her usual same deadpan tone. "I wanted to show you this place. This is where I go when I wanna be alone and think..." she says softly as she walks down the central aisle...

"I feel... comfortable here..?" she asks. "Surprisngly..." she says softly.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 04:25:45 48822
Natsumi Matsumoto blinks as Norie grasps her wrist, pulling her inside. She briefly considers the fact that there might be ghosts or zombies inside, but Norie totally wouldn't take her in some place like that right? Her horoscope didn't mention anything about abject terror with a loved one for that day anyway.

She looks around, blinking a little. "You come here? I've never really felt comfortable in churches myself... I get told I'm a heathen a lot.".
Lacrima 2016-07-15 04:32:00 48824
Norie Okana says. "No one's here when I come here." she says softly. "Sometimes others come in and talk to me..." she says softly as she doesn't let go of Natsumi's hand. She stops and frowns and turns to face Natsumi.. "Don't let anyone tell you that." she says.

She pauses a bit... then gently wraps her arms aroudn Natsumi in a hug. "I wanted to thank you... for coming to the dance with me..." she says. "I had... fun." she says.

"I don't have much reason to feel like that. Like I'm enjoying myself. But I enjoyed myself that night." she says.

"When I was talking about you with a friend... they said my voice....sounded happy?" she asks. "Usually. It's like this. Just...flat. But she said when I was talking about you...I sounded....excited..." she says softly.

"I wasn't even aware." she says, looking down a bit, perhaps ashamed.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 04:38:33 48826
Natsumi Matsumoto lifts her arms, gently wrapping them around Norie in return and leaning her head forward, towards Norie's own. Her forehead touches against Norie's and she begins to speak.

"I enjoyed myself too, and you know something Norie? I think you're my stars. You mean so much to me, and I hope you know that. I don't know if I sound excited when I talk about you, but I know that I feel ecstatic.".

A warm smile creeps across her face and she shifts a little to pull back and look Norie right in the eye. "You're a very important person to me, Norie. I'm glad I can make you happy. If anyone deserves happiness, it's you.".
Lacrima 2016-07-15 04:50:05 48831
Norie Okana blinks once at Natsumi and in her minds eye, there's tiny shoulder fox whispering into her ear. 'Kiss herrrrrr~'. Nrg, Ayana did suggest that. Kiss her first. See how it feels. Natsumi's kissed her the last few times afterall. So she does so-- it's a quick lean forward- a gentle peck to the lips. She doesn't hold it long, she merely just leans back and has that blush again. Her lips are still cool to the touch.

"You're important to me too, Natsumi. I just hope I don't cause you more trouble then I'm worth...." she says silently.

"...can't even help you with your endeavors, all I do is attract those things you fight." she says.

She shakes her head and gently just rests her forehead back to Natsumi's own. She just.. wants to stay right here right now.

"..felt good to start dancing again..." she finally says.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 04:56:18 48835
Natsumi Matsumoto 's cheeks burn red as Norie pecks her lips, slipping a hand from around the other girl to touch it to her own lips as if she's holding the remnants of the kiss there. She holds it a moment longer before returning the arm to its former position.

"I'd love to dance with you again, and it doesn't matter if you can't help me. Sometimes I can't even help me.". Her tone is warm, loving, and caring as her words carry on through the short space between her and Norie.

"But I'll be there for you, of course. If you want me to."
Lacrima 2016-07-15 05:07:46 48837
Norie Okana almost wants to smile. She wishes she could. She tries, but.. all she gets is that bemused look. She feels almost ashamed at this as she gently places her hand back around Natsumi's and leads her down to a pew, to sit down on the bench and softly motions to sit next down to her.

"I'm glad for that." she says softly. "I'm glad you don't judge me for what I do Natsumi-chan." she says softly as she gently moves her hands back to Natsumi's to squeeze them tightly.

"I was so worried..." she says. "That that voice in my head was going to come back.. and tell me that it wouldn't work..." she says. "With you... but it hasn't said anything. I don't think it cares." she says softly.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 05:16:55 48838
Natsumi Matsumoto settles beside Norie, nodding her head. "Maybe there's something about this that makes it where it just can't see what is going on?". She looks at Norie, tilting her head for a moment.

"The voice that talks to me, that being a big crab in the sky, hasn't said anything either but I know it doesn't care. You aren't a Starless, so it doesn't mind much at all I think. Maybe it does and it just wants happiness for me.".

She scoots just a little closer, shoulder to shoulder with Norie. "I'm happy as long as I can make you feel happy.".
Lacrima 2016-07-15 05:26:39 48839
Norie Okana shakes her head. "No...I was Lacrima at the ball. It'd had known then what was going on if it didn't already." she says softly. "It's... the voice is.. me? but not? It's really hard to explain." she says softly as she just sticks close to Natsumi...yeah. Close. that's what makes her feel comfortable right now.

"You make me feel as close to happy as I can get Natsumi-chan..." she says softly. "I think... that's enough." she says softly. "To make me feel like I have some ground..." she says quietly.

"That at least I'm normal enough for someone..." she says.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 05:32:32 48840
Natsumi Matsumoto starts to laugh, the sound ringing out and becoming slightly frightening in the mostly empty church. She manages to stifle it, but her eyes are filled with mirth.

She starts to shake her head, the glint still in her eye. "I'm not laughing at you, but that was funny Norie. Normal? I'm not normal. I doubt very much than anyone is really normal. I've heard about so many other magical people. We're just two peas that couldn't find the right pod, that's all. To borrow a saying of my American friend.".
Lacrima 2016-07-15 05:46:12 48841
Norie Okana hears the laugh and head tilts a bi as she gently purses her lips. " a loaded term..." she says softly. "I know. When I say normal. Most of the time. I mean. 'human'." she says softly as she closes her eyes a bit.

She shakes her head. "I guess your right in the end." she says as she squeezes her hand.

"Um... could we.. go back to your place tonight? Away from the city?" she asks softly. "I Just..."

"I don't wanna go back home right now." she says softly. "I'd rather sleep over at your house again..." she says softly. "Slumber party." she insists.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 05:53:29 48842
Natsumi Matsumoto smiles warmly at Norie and starts to nod, reaching for her hand and tugging on it as she rises. "Let's do it. My mom is overnight at the observatory and actually might not be home for a few days. It'll be a totally awesome slumber party.".
Lacrima 2016-07-15 06:03:23 48843
Norie Okana gently holds close to Natsumi and closes her eyes a bit. "Thank you." she says. "I just...." she grits her teeth.

"We'll talk about it tonight..." she says softly. "I don't wanna talk about it here." she says. "I just don't wanna go home..." she says softly, as she closes her eyes and leans against Natsumi softly.

"..brothers been posting online. Calling me a witch... a vampire. Or.. that he's afraid I'm one. He was..."

"My first victim.. he doesn't remember? But he does. I think it was just a disturbing too real dream from his prespective..." She says softly.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-07-15 06:05:30 48844
Natsumi Matsumoto lays an arm around Norie's shoulder as she leads her to the door. "Well, don't worry about something like that at my house. There's nobody there that'll ever call you anything but maybe my girlfriend.".

She blushes a little at that, but tightens her arm around Norie. "And other nice things like that.".
Lacrima 2016-07-15 06:25:04 48845
Norie Okana softly manages that bemused look, and says, almost teasingly. "Then let's go so you can start calling me other nice things like that." she says as she softly begins to stand up...

"Thank you.. Natsumi-chan. For coming with me here. I wanted to show you where you might find me...if I feel I need to hide..." she says softly as she gently offers to take Natsumi-chan's hand so they can start to leave.