Portent Meetings

Hinote Kagari introduces Odila Fairune to Runealy Waldia-- exactly the person Odila is here to kill. Well. Oops?

Date: 2016-07-16
Pose Count: 30
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-16 23:28:55 48987
Hinote Kagari wasn't in school uniform because it was Saturday, it was a half-day and sometimes he even likes to skirt the rules a little. Besides. He slept like a rock after last night and had a nice scar still from 'being stabbed with more knives'. He didn't want to get into a stuffy uniform.

So thusly, he was in that black button down shirt and blue jeans and was standing around outside school with Runealy as he rubs his face a bit. He's speaking in hushed whispers. Not too loudly. "So 'Madison Perry' got free, if you hadn't read the Virtue Network post yet. You remember her? From the White Flower?" he asks. "Well. She still has a deathwish out for you it seems because it's literarly the first thing she mentioned." he says. "I'm thinking I might just glue myself into your general vincinity for the next week at this rate." he grimaces. Slightly joking tone. Slightly not.

"I'm just worried, you know?" he says with a sigh as he looks around a bit.

"It's like every week. Some new threat is out for us at this rate."

He just looks around. "At least the school is safe enough." he says with a exapserated sigh.

He purses his lips. "Now. Where is that damn vending machine again." he says more loudly. "I keep forgetting where it is. Still used to Seishou..." he mutters.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-16 23:34:33 48988
Rune has been worried through most of the day. She knows Madison Perry, and confirmation of that individual's name makes her tense. "I remember her. She came really close to killing me, you know... and I thought I had..." Her voice wavers, faltering for a few seconds to find the words. "I thought I killed her, near the rooftops later on. Dropped a lot of debris on her, never saw her come out. Not sure how to feel about that... glad I didn't kill someone, but now she's back and... there's no way she wouldn't have a grudge over that."

She paces along with Hinote, trying to look around for the same thing he is now that she knows he wants the vending machine's goods. "I'm worried too. It's not even 'new threats' in some cases, but more like old ones showing up again, or coming here when they hadn't been. Someone in league with demons, which means demons are here too. /Plus/ Madison Perry... what worries me is if they figure that out, and team up against us. But for right now..."

She begins digging around for money, "If you're wanting something to eat or drink, it's on me. Think you have it coming if you're going to be sticking close like this..."
Odila Fairune 2016-07-16 23:39:24 48989
    It seems that Odila is almost always in her school uniform, even on her day off from school. However, she had good reason to be in uniform. A weekend study session, followed by an audition for a part in an upcoming performance in the ballet club had left her quite exhausted by the time she steps out of the front doors of the school.

    Odila is also searching for a vending machine, when she hears familiar chatter coming from nearby..At least one voice sounds familiar and she hastens her steps to intercept the two. Fortunately, she doesnt catch most of their conversation as they're still too far away.

    The vending machine is just around the corner when she too, pauses to dig around her school satchel for some spare change. "Ugh, my throat is so dry...Need water.." She murmurs aloud..
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-16 23:46:52 48990
Hinote Kagari smiles at Runealy. "Just a coke." he says waiting for Runealy to insert the change, and he'll press the button. Press. He'll reach down to grab the red and white-twirled can. (Because Coke cans are ubitquitous as heck) and then looks up and...

"Oh..." he says. "Oh! Hey Odila-san, over here." he says as he hears the voice.

He pauses. "Right. Odila-san..." he says motioning over to Runealy. "This is my friend, Runealy. Runealy, this is Odila. She's a transfer from another country, so she's new here." he says softly.

"Odila-san, how are you doing? Did you get in contact with the Dance Club?" he asks softly.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-16 23:49:26 48991
Rune blinks as she spots Odila, not directly recognizing her... but being curious about this newcomer all the same. She starts to offer a faint handwave Odila's way, while her other hand is feeding coins in to the machine for Hinote. "Ah, hi. Y..." She gets cut off as Hinote /does/ know who Odila is, and this causes a few surprised blinks.

"Oh? Neat." Curiosity gives way to a slight smile for Odila. "Dancing? That's pretty good. I haven't had much time for it lately, but always did like it. Is it a big adjustment, learning Tokyo's dancing compared to what you have back home?"
Odila Fairune 2016-07-16 23:57:14 48992
    Odila pauses behind the young man..When he turns around, she instantly recognizes him, and a faint smile creeps up on her face. "Kagari-san.." She bows slightly, a little too formally, "Good to see you again.." Her voice is soft, her movements, stiff, shy even. But there is a faint sparkle in her eye as well.

    "Yes, actually. I just returned from an audition with the dance club..They haven't given the results yet, but everyone seemed pretty impressed by my performance. I dont find out the results until next week though. How are you..?"

    Then, she notices the pink-haired girl. Pink hair...? Could she be..? But there are a few other girls in school with pink hair that match the general description of Princess Runealy. However, when Hinote introduces her as THE Runealy Waldia, her breath catches in her throat; In fact, she ends up coughing a bit, fumbling anxiously with the vending machine to grab her water bottle and taking a moment to thirstily sip her water, before addressing Waldia.

    "Umm..W-Waldia-san?..It-it is a pleasure to meet you.." She bows again, stiffly, eyes carefully averting the pink-haired girl's face, hiding whatever expression she harbours there. The girl asks her friendly questions, but Odila just bites her lip, looking dumbfounded for some reason. "Er.." Another sip of water is taken, to cover up the awkward pause in conversation, and her slightly shaking hands. Dammit, she wasn't expecting this. Not now..
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 00:06:22 48993
Hinote Kagari smiles. "That's great, Odila. See, I told you , you'd do fine." he nods matter of factly. "Just remember that trick I mentioned. About 'stage fright'." he pauses. "You remember the one, right Runealy?" he asks. "In... out. Breathe easy." he says with a matter fact series of nods.

Then Odila is fumbling and coughing and stammering and he leans forward a bit. "Hey, everything okay?" he asks softly.

"Was school a little harrowing today?" he asks. "Saturdays can be trouble depending on who your teachers are. Some take it easy. Some try to cram the entire lesson in despite the half-day." he says.

He smiles. "No worries, right?" he asks.

He looks back to Runealy a little as he takes a sip of his coke.

"Hey... Runealy. Have you considered any clubs?" he asks a little.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 00:08:48 48994
Rune is immediately supportive, pleased by Odila's results. "If you know you did good, then look forward to it when they say so in a week!" She doesn't pick up on Odila's surprise, though. Rather, she's busy trying to see if she can figure out where Odila is from just based on speech and appearance.

In the end, nothing comes to mind; she's lacking vital clues that would even let her make any sort of accurate guess, and so Odila remains a mystery to the princess. Instead, she returns Odila's bow - albeit not as low - and answers, "Thanks, you too. If I had known there was a dance club here, I would have stopped by... think I could do that sometime, check out how you're doing?"

Then her gaze returns to Hinote. "Yeah, I remember it. But... no, I've never really thought about clubs. Maybe I should. Seen one or two in passing, just never really figured them out. Why, do you know much about them, Hinote?"
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 00:13:54 48995
    Right. Just take it easy. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out..Odila does just that, as she tries to relax, tries not to reveal her identity right here and now, and attack Runealy as she is, right now. But a quick glance back at Runealy, and Odila realizes there's no way she can be anyone other than THE Princess Runealy Waldia, daughter to the late Queen Lene, successor to the throne..And the one she must destroy if she is to liberate her people.

    But not yet..Not until she has learned all there is to learn about her. It would be foolish to strike now. Odila takes another long sip of her water, relaxing now, nodding to Hinote. "Yes, sorry, it was a long and exhausting day. I got up early this morning to attend a study session, followed by a rigorous warm-up and audition for an upcoming ballet recital with the dance club. I'm a little tired with the hot weather and all too, so.."

    Finally, she forces herself to look at Runealy again, and while Odila's expression still seems...Nervous, somehow, she manages to gain some composure, relax a bit, and nodding. "Thank you..Where did you say you were from again?" she asks, in reference to her mentioning 'back home'.
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 00:17:11 48996
Hinote Kagari chuckles. "Not a whole lot of them, but Drama Club works with a lot of them. Like 'Art Club' does backgrounds for plays, 'Music Club' will help with music, 'Dance Club' when there's a musical. Stuff like that." he says. "But really, there's a club for a lot of subjects. It doesn't take much to get a club started. Just a group of like minded people who enjoy something together and wanna invite others." he says.

He brightens. "Dance Club might be good then for you , Runealy." he says with a smile.

"I'm practicing on weekdays for drama club." he says.

He looks to Odila. "I'm sorry. You'll get used to school days here fast though, no worries." he says with a smile. "It is a little warm." he says.

"But summer's always nice and we're not too far away from the beach either." he grins.

"Though the water's always ice cold no matter way." he mutters.

Oh, Odila's asking where Runealy is from. Hopefully. Runealy can manage that one.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 00:18:18 48997
Unaware that she's being sized up for assassination, Rune lies for an entirely different reason; most Earth people don't seem to understand the idea of another inhabited world where government is based on the royal family's overt ties to magical power. She has simply learned a plausible lie is better for around here, and it is offered: "England, over in Europe." A place she has never been to, and could not tell one much about. It is nonetheless her 'cover story home.'

Then to Hinote, "Maybe, but what other clubs are out there? I'm wondering if there's something new to try. Art, music, drama... what else, do you know? Or is it too big a list to just go over?"
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 00:26:33 48998
    Odila nods slowly. "Yes..I think your suggestions for keeping my cool worked well, Kagari-san..All that breathing. And imagining everyone in their underwear too.." She blushes a bit at that, as imagining some people in underwear was a bit...Weird. Well anyway..

    She just shrugs, "I-I just hope they will accept me. A lot of the dancers were really pretty.." And she by comparison looks like a drowned rat, all scruffy and not very pretty or attractive in any way. It's a wonder she has any sort of skill in the arts involving beauty and grace. Of course, no one here has yet seen her on stage, which is probably the only place where she really shines.

    Odila self-consciously rubs the big ugly scar on her nose as she speaks, wishing that she could find make-up thick enough to hide it but alas. Runealy mentions dance class and Odila's heart beats a bit more quickly. It'd be a good opportunity to spy on her, to determine her physical capabilities. But it'd make her even more nervous.

    "Oh, do you have a background in dance as well, Waldia-san?" Oh, and she mentions 'England', somewhere in Europe, which Odila should know about, since she's announced herself being from there as well. However, best to play it safe and not mention she's from the same country incase she is quizzed.

    "Oh, I see, you're also a long way from home then.."
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 00:38:39 48999
Hinote Kagari has never cared about looks. Or wealth. or beauty or lack thereof of anyone. It's one of the first important morals his father taught him. Afterall he, a wealthy actor, married a simple police seargent.

"I'm certain they will." he smiles. "If they reject you, lemme know. I can pull strings." he says. Of course. He's willing to use his own clout and wealth and good looks for others benefits.


Runealy uses England as a home country and part of him can't help but look between suddenly amused and horrifed. Hopefully, Odila doesn't ask any questions about Runealy thinks of the Southern Rail or anything.

Luckily, she doesn't.

"Well." he says at Runealy. "Art. Music. Drama. Chess. Anime. Manga. American Television Club. The TV Drama Club. Gardening Club. Flower Club. Kendo Club. Pottery Club. Horoscope Club. Really. I could go on and on and on and one." he chuckles. "There is a lot to list. You're better off looking at the Club Board, sometimes." he smiles at Runealy as he looks back to Odila.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 00:45:28 49000
"Yeah... a really, really long way from home." Rune lets it go with what is ultimately an understatement. That she /can't/ go home on any reliable schedule is left unsaid; the portal in the forests south of Tokyo is likely just a floating marble-sized blue ball right now, too small to send anything but rolled-up notes through to guards on the other side, or to hold very garbled-sounding conversations with those same individuals.

"And... yes. My mother taught me a lot about it. We'd do that sometimes, when she or I weren't too busy with other things." Rune's answer on this point is said with visible hesitance, a very real quieting in tone and mood... though a tiny smile forms a moment later. "It was fun."

She lets Hinote distract her from this. "Wow, you're right! That /is/ a lot of clubs... yeah, I'll just have to check the list sometime. Which ones are you in, by the way? Drama I know, but the others...?"
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 00:51:41 49001
    Odila's not entirely sure if she trusts Hinote yet - given his rich and famous background. He's more or less nobility as far as she's concerned. However, he does seem pretty friendly. But, if he's friends with Runealy and a noble at that, it's likely he's one of her guardians as well. Odila keeps this in mind, even as she nods to his comforting words.

    "...Thank you, Kagari-san..But I'd like to win this audition fair and square, no string-pulling involved. I'm sure they will be able to recognize real talent when they see it. I just..Hope they can look past outward appearances.."

    Odila however, glances intently upon Runealy as she says this. "But you, Waldia-san..Are so beautiful, with your long pink hair, and your regal demeanor..I'll bet you were a princess in your past life..I'm sure you're a very graceful dancer as well. Perhaps you should join the dance club. Then I wont feel so nervous if there is someone else there that I know..Even if we did just meet." well, she sure is flattering her, isn't she? But Odila doesn't stop there, even.

    "So, what is England like?" she is careful not to mention that she's 'also from Europe', so that she doesn't have to go into explanations. Fortunately, Odila's read up enough on Italy to provide some sort of description of her made-up place of origin.
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 01:14:41 49002
Hinote Kagari nods at Odila. "Fair enough." he smiles. He just... he doesn't think some things are fair and if they're gonna reject Odila on looks...

He's probably going to be upset somewhere at some people regardless.

He purses his lips as he looks between Runealy and Odila.

She mentions 'you must had been a princess in your past life' and then he almost giggles a bit, but stiffles it behind his coke can and takes another sip.

"Drama and Kendo." he says softly. "Kendo is... wooden sword fighting. More or less. With practice blades." he says softly.

"Seishi is in Verone's. We're probably gonna need to compete against one another, eventually." he says. "All in good fun~" he smiles.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 01:19:36 49003
Rune blinks at Odila's praise, unsure whether to take talk of a 'previous life' literally or figuratively; the former is an unusual line of thought to her, and the latter might make more sense, referring to being a 'princess back home.' She's almost willing to confirm that guess, but it doesn't match up with what's known about England; claiming to be the princess of England would be a bit much. "Thank you, but... well, sure, I'll check the club out at least. And I'm glad you're saying you want to do this your way, that's really good. And England? Well, it's different."

She starts invoking basic summaries based on an extremely cursory study of English culture, filling it in with some truth of life in the Waldian capital region. "It's nice. We're a little behind on technology, so I'm still figuring some things out, but we get along well and have really good music and art. People watch out for each other. I'd like to go back home, but I've got to finish my studies here first..." She preempts that possible question.

Hinote offers some more thoughts on clubs, "Right... I think you mentioned kendo at one point. Glad you clarified that, though!" After all, the phrase 'kendo' is comprehensible to her; she is speaking the same language those here in Tokyo are. The notion that a sword-oriented activity would instead be undertaken with wooden 'blades' was worth explaining all the same. "If you do end up doing that, I'll show up to cheer you on, okay?"
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 01:25:26 49005
    Odila's eyes widen in admiration as Hinote mentions he's part of the kendo club. "Wow, Kendo. That...Sounds kind of dangerous, but maybe a bit fun too." she sighs wistfully, "I wish I could learn some sort of self-defense. I..."

    Odila blushes shyly, looking away, "I always get teased and bullied in school, even here, in my new classes. Sometimes it's a little scary, like the other day when I walked home from school, and some kids started taunting me. It was really scary and I thought they were gonna get violent. Fortunately, the bus came on time.."

    She sighs, "I guess..People like to pick on me because I'm not very pretty, and because I'm scrawny, I cant really defend myself.." well, not in this form anyways..

    Finally she looks back to Runealy thoughtfully, "Oh, it sounds like a really ancient and romantic place. I love places with a lot of deep history. I'm also struggling a bit in English class. My English is not very good. Perhaps you could help me some time?"
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 01:30:00 49006
Hinote Kagari smiles. "Eh, it's a wooden sword. Not sharp. The worst is, you get bonked on the head if you're not paying attention." he says. He smiles a bit between the two. "It's really good practice for.. uh."

He can't say 'for actually being a swordfighter'. "Balance. And what not. When I'm on stage." he insists.

Then Odila goes on about prettiness and he frowns a bit. "Odila-san." he says softly. "People like that are calous and shallow. Thier words are beneath you. Don't pay them anymind." he insists. "You are who you want to be, and not what others want of you."

He looks back to Runealy and smiles. "I visited once." he says. "Beautiful place." he says softly between the two. "I'm from around here. Of course, however." he says brushing the back of his head. "So not very intresting."
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 01:36:25 49007
Rune is caught off guard by several things. Odila's troubles are the first of them, drawing wide-eyed concern. "What? Why would they do th..." She cuts off, redirecting the sentence: "...that's terrible." It's something she has only modest experience with; some students did mess with the alien princess shortly after her arrival in Tokyo, as she made an easy target, but the /overall/ trend has been mostly free of the problems Odila speaks of being a long-term thing. Growing up popular and admired for being the princess will do that. So while complete understanding is missing, there is some sympathy on display all the same.

Then Odila inadvertently calls her out on a problem; the princess' own English is incredibly patchwork and a 'work in progress' that she has several years of lag-time behind Tokyo natives on. "I... can... try? But you might be better off with people who are better at tutoring," Rune offers, eager to redirect this away from her own lack of talent in the language lest her fraudulence be exposed.

She does however pick up on some of what Hinote has to say. His inferrence about visiting 'England' is met with a smile and "Glad you liked it. We'll go again some day, you know." She does however have a point of difference with him on Odila's situation. "Though, I think she's more worried about them getting violent. Big difference between that and 'just words'... wish I knew what to do about it."
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 01:46:23 49008
    Odila smiles faintly at Hinote's words of encouragement, and nods slowly. "Yes..I suppose you are right. They are just shallow people whose words mean nothing..Even so, sometimes it really hurts, but I guess I just have to develop a thicker skin, right? Some day, I will show them that I am more than an ugly duckling. Perhaps proving myself in this dance club will be the first step."

    She nods to Runealy, "But yes, I would still like to learn how to defend myself better. It's scary being in a strange country on your own, without family, without friends. But it would be nice to be able to protect myself somehow..I'd love to see your kendo some day, Kagari-san..Perhaps you could teach me a thing or two about self-defense, too?"

    As for Runealy, she smiles a little, nodding again as she mentions that she's not the best teacher. Or..Is it simply that she's not truly from England to begin with? "Yes, alright. Perhaps I will find someone else then..But I wonder if I can find other English natives in this school?"
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 01:58:49 49009
Hinote Kagari frowns and rubs the back of his head. "Can't do much about it hurting." he admits. "Except know that what a bunch of jerks think about you shouldn't matter." he says. "Not thick skin. Just don't let them get to ya too much. That's how they win." he nods.

He looks over to Runealy and frowns and looks to Odila. "And if anyone of them even touches you, you go straight to Tsukasa-sensei and tell him. He'll do something about it." he says sternly.

He nods to Odila. "We can practice sure. I can show you what I know. Which I admit. Isn't a lot. But learning how to swing a big stick around can't hurt." he smirks with a wink.

He looks to Runealy and Odila and taps his chin....

"I can try language tutoring. I know some other languages even." he insists. "Dad was...insistent I learn a little of everything." he mutters.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 02:04:33 49010
There may be some modest clues to pick up on Rune's lie. Her last name certainly stands out as an obvious one, but Odila might notice that Runealy's speech uses some archaic words that are perfectly understandable to Tokyo natives yet nonetheless feel a little odd for someone her age, in the modern era, to be saying.

"No idea where you would find instructors, but they have to be out there. For both English, and..." Rune struggles with this next part, surprised anyone would need it, "'self-defense'." It's just not something that she thinks about a lot. Mundane defense was provided by guards back home. Most people lacked a motive to give her trouble anyway, and hypothetically if something had gotten out of hand... she was one of two people in the capital who could transform into a much more powerful guise, complete with royal dress and magic wand. The notion that someone would even need to resort to this is thus very novel to her, in a scary way.

Hinote jars her from it with a more obvious solution; go to those in charge, in addition to having a stick to wave around. She decides to go along with that, nodding in support and then asking him something else as well: "What languages do you know, anyway?"
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 02:11:46 49011
    "Oh...I suppose.." She draws a deep breath. "I mean, I guess it's easy for people who are pretty or popular. Sometimes it's hard to just ignore what they say though, but I'll try. I guess that really is the only way I dont let them win." She smiles and nods in agreement to Kagari. Ah, but if it were only so simple.

    She arches a brow at the name Tsukasa, however, shaking her head. "Oh, is that your sensei? The one who taught you Kendo? I guess..Nothing really bad has happened yet, just some laughing and name-calling, so I was lucky, but you never know I suppose."

    His offer to practice draws another small smile from Odila, "Thank you, I'd really appreciate it. I mean, I wouldn't carry a stick around to school. But I guess, if I ever have to walk alone at night..It would make me feel a bit better, knowing how to use it properly."

    Odila then chuckles a bit at a thought, "You know, I thought that people as beautiful and glamorous as you two wouldn't understand, but maybe I was wrong. You seem like nice people."

    Glancing back to Runealy, she ponders the question that is thrown back at her. "Um..Well, I guess I know Italian since that's where I'm from. Although I picked up Japanese rather quickly. I've only been in Japan for a few years, but we moved around a lot so I never really got to put down my roots..Until recently, when my parents died, of course."
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 02:25:30 49012
Hinote Kagari Shakes his head. "No, it's the name of the school's headmaster. The guy in charge of it all." he says. "Approachable, friendly." he says softly. "Like I told you before." he smiles a bit. "During the tour."

He sticks his hands into his pockets after tossing out his empty soda can into the nearby recycling bin. He walks back and purses his lips at the two of them.

"I speak some german and some french, spanish, english and of course, japanese." he smiles. "Not anything else though. Dad only taught me what he thought would be useful." he admits sheepishly. "Since I used to travel around a lot with him when I was younger."
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 02:28:13 49013
There may be some modest clues to pick up on Rune's lie. Her last name certainly stands out as an obvious one, but Odila might notice that Runealy's speech uses some archaic words that are perfectly understandable to Tokyo natives yet nonetheless feel a little odd for someone her age, in the modern era, to be saying.

"No idea where you would find instructors, but they have to be out there. For both English, and..." Rune struggles with this next part, surprised anyone would need it, "'self-defense'." It's just not something that she thinks about a lot. Mundane defense was provided by guards back home. Most people lacked a motive to give her trouble anyway, and hypothetically if something had gotten out of hand... she was one of two people in the capital who could transform into a much more powerful guise, complete with royal dress and magic wand. The notion that someone would even need to resort to this is thus very novel to her, in a scary way. Enough so that she overlooks Odila not quite getting who Tsukasa is.

Hinote jars her from it with a more obvious solution; go to those in charge, in addition to having a stick to wave around. She decides to go along with that, nodding in support and then asking him something else as well: "What ones do you kn--" He's more than happy to list them. "That's a lot!" She looks quite impressed, and about ready to ask for a demonstration...

...Then Odila says something that brings Rune's more casual questions to an immediate and complete stop. She abruptly looks over to Odila, staring with a much more 'quiet' demeanor. "I'm... really sorry to hear that. It's the worst, and having to figure out what you're doing after that..."

A few headshakes follow. "Listen, if you ever need to talk to someone or need a hand with that, let me know. I've been there." That some elements may very well have implied - or outright stated - that Rune was effectively somewhat to blame for what happened to Odila's family is lost on the princess; she simply has no idea about any of it, nevermind that this could perhaps come across as utter hypocrisy as a result.
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 02:35:25 49014
    Odila blushes as she realizes her mistake, "Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot his name already..I guess I have a terrible memor!" she nods, "Right, I'll let him know next time." Her eyes widen as Hinote lists off the many languages that he knows. "Wow, it must have been so exciting to travel to all those different countries! Which was your favorite place to visit?"

    When Runealy apologizes, she just stares back at her quietly for a long moment, before shrugging, "Thanks, but I'll be fine. I have my guardian to take care of me. He's...A friend of my parents, and he's been good to me, even if he is very busy and doesnt spend a lot of time at home. Plus, I've inherited enough money to get by, so I'm not really that poor anymore."

    Odila shrugs, trying not to make a big deal of it all. "My guardian takes good care of me and he's pretty well-off too. But I'm a big girl now and I can take care of myself, so I shouldn't try and rely on other people..Anyways, I'm kinda used to being alone.."

    She decides against going into any more detail about her parents' death, instead focusing on Runealy's reaction to her words, studying her thoughtfully for a moment or two. "But thanks for your consideration.
Hinote Kagari 2016-07-17 02:50:06 49015
Hinote Kagari does seem a little somber at the topic of discussion of dead loved ones so he's respectfully remaining silent. Even considering that 'Nightshade Serpent' that's about that might have something to do with Runealy's parent's deaths.

He says. "I'll be happy to help anyway I can regardless. Wether that's 'self defense' or language learning." he says softly.

He looks down at his watch and then back up. "Howwwwever. That will need to wait for another time. The day is starting to wane and me and Runealy should be home before dark." for obvious reasons that should be so to Runealy--- no need to be out after dark unessacrily considering.

He smiles and bows at Odila. "It was nice meeting again Odila. Remember. If you need help, call me." he says as he waits for final plesantries to be exchanged before he motions for Runealy to follow. It's time to go home, apparently.
Runealy Waldia 2016-07-17 02:57:30 49016
"Well... that's good at least," Rune opts to not pry further on Odila's circumstances. Hinote has raised a good point; they should be going before it gets too late into the day and becomes outright nightfall or close to it. "Same here, and glad we got to meet. See you later!" A quick wave, then she moves to join Hinote on the way out.

She has a quick aside to him, "New friend of yours? She seems nice, just hope her problems get sorted out soon..."
Odila Fairune 2016-07-17 02:58:04 49017
    Odila nods, finding herself yawning as well. Yes, it's been a long day, and she's pretty tired herself. She'd like nothing better than to go home and sleep. However, it's been pretty informative as well. She's learned a lot about these two, and it will be useful for next time she meets them on the battle field.

    She does arch a brow when Hinote says they have to leave together..Are they..Living together? They must be close then..Partners, or..He is her guardian, perhaps? Whatever the case, it is something Odila will have to investigate next time!

    "Yes, thank you. It has been a pleasure to meet you both. Good night!" and she bows respectfully to the pair of them, before she goes her own way..