CtC: Smash n' Grab

Eclipse targets the Crystal Group Expo! ... so does Madison Perry.

Date: 2016-07-31
Pose Count: 59
Mint Chip 2016-07-31 22:04:33 50067
The Crystal Group's expo is in full swing - and Sunday evening viewing is about to end. However, while friday and Saturday passed without incident, Sunday will not do the same. Eclipse has plans for more than just a quick snatch of one gem or two, though - while some of the gems are suspected to have magical power, all are valuable, and a certain high-ranking Eclipse director from the Easter divison likes shiny gems.

So when the expected attempt on the jewels comes, it comes from multiple directions. But first, faceless youma in the shape of young girls with berets pull small crystals from their pockets, hurling them through the windows where they explode like Dark Energy flashbangs - and the surge of power puts all of the viewers, and the mundane guards, out in one fell swoop.

Then the real work can begin, as Hannah's partner for the day, Puella Magi Atsuko, slams through the front door with her foot. It was unlocked, of course, but Atsuko doesn't care. "C'mon, White-san! It's like a bonus round, grab everything you can before someone tries to stop us."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-07-31 22:10:20 50068
Hannah slowly uncovers her ears. Flashbangs /suck/ for someone with sensitive ears! She laughs, shaking her head. She might not at all like Easter in general, but she'll never turn down helping a good old Puella Magi. Particularly ones on /her/ side.

"Got it! Man, I /LOVE/ a good smash and grab. No politics, no annoying justice speeches. Just good old theft and punching anyone stupid enough to try to stop us in the face."

Knuckles get cracked. Meanwhile, Boris is up on the roof, doing a Wide Area Search on behalf of his owner. Just in case people try to come stop them!

Miss White has been around too much to think that this /won't/ attract people. She's busily hauling jewels into her Suit Jacket of Holding. Alexander Anderson would be proud.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-31 22:15:38 50070
There's no sign at all of Hagane, this time. She seems to be absent.

And Boris may be keeping busy on the roof, but that doesn't mean Ms White is alone. There's a little gray kitten perched on her shoulder, the cutest little thing that has ever been seen, with her forepaws clapped over her ears as she rides out the flashbang's noise.

~~"Munyaaa.... why does it have to be so loud?"~~

Finally, Hikari leaps down off White's shoulder to saunter along the cases of gems, looking for ones that resonate to her magical senses.

Some may like to just grab everything in sight. Some have discriminating taste.
Sora Hisakata 2016-07-31 22:16:09 50071
Dark energy flashbangs aren't the only dark energy sense disrupting thing here tonight. Shiniko's presence is around by thick, heavy dark energy shadows rolling in while she giggles. Like a fog, they make it hard to see far, though any source of light helps, shining through the darkness bright and clear.

"Theft, vandalism, copyright infringment and reckless endangerment~" Shiniko rattles off the list of sins covered so far, "If you would be a dear and surrender peacefully, miss White and company, the punishment will be light. If you add resisting arrest to the list, well, we're going to have some fun, aren't we?"
Kukai Souma 2016-07-31 22:20:32 50072
When the alert had gone out over HeartNET about the Crystal Group, Kukai had taken it as an opportunity. His first response had been to check his bank account, and his second response had been to call Nagihiko and ask if he'd like to go see the pretty crystals. They'd both shown up on the first day, which was a lot of fun and the crystals were lovely and it was sort of a date and the event ended well.

Unfortunately the next day Kukai had practice, and he was also a little too cheap to try going to the event by himself. So for the final day he had been spending his time in the mall at the base of the Tower, just wandering around, looking at sporting goods, looking at people, and trying to feel for magic. When the little youma suddenly revealed themselves and attacked the display, Kukai was some ways away from the display, keeping himself entertained. It was almost impossible not to feel.

Kukai flipped open his phone and accessed HeartNet. "Attack on Crystal Group display now, send backup!" Then the phone went away and Kukai was running for a back alley through the shops. "Daichi, Chara Transform!" The little Chara nodded and hopped up, flying into and merging with Kukai, a bright light shining through the unoccupied hallway, and a few seconds later Sky Jack blasted out of the hallway in midair, gaining height and streaking towards the display.
Homura Akemi 2016-07-31 22:25:15 50073
    CEO of Salamander and disgustingly rich teenager, Homura Akemi, came to the Gem Expo and dragged Madoka along with. Considering their relative lack of jewelry in spite of being able to get whatever they want, one might be surprised to actually see them here. On the other hand, considering aforementioned disgusting richness, maybe not?

    Homura framed it as a date, at least publically, and if nothing happened that's probably all it'd be. Yet she also knows that certain gems have great importance in the magical world, and she also knows that Eclipse is going after at least one such magical gem, so it wouldn't surprise her if someone were to try their luck here. All of this would've been mentioned to Madoka along the way. Fortunately, Homura's previous job before Salamander was security.

    So now Homura is here, with her partner, and unhenshined. Flashbangs go off. She's used to that. A rival Puella appears. She's used to that too, and at least it confirms some of her suspicions.

    Hannah is here as an enemy. Homura's not so used to that.

    The black-haired girl turns around, the warm gaze that she reveals to Madoka turns into something stoney and cold. Well, it's not completely emotionless. Maybe just a bit disappointed.

    Arm stretched forward, palm pointing ahead. Purple orb appears in her hand, flying out, stopping, then flying back where it came and splashing lavender magic all over the time-stopping girl. As the wave of power washes over her, her henshin is revealed, and her long beautiful hair blows back from the impact, curling and framing her face.

    She is without a doubt one of the prettiest things one should ever learn to fear.

    She stands on top of an unbroken jewelry case, not really caring if this sets off any alarms or not. "I'll spare you the justice speech then. I always felt that actions speak louder anyways."
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-31 22:28:04 50074
Reiko Touyama keeps up with the Virtue HeartNET, so she's come to watch and wait for things like jewel thieves. She has a bluebird on her shoulder. This is Biv, who's been able to come out and about since the secret is out to Momo anyways. Reiko Touyama has spent the better day reading plaquecards about gems and has a notepad. She's been taking notes. (And doodling in the margins.)

The event is winding down now and she yawns. "Nrg... nothing bad today. Learned a lot though!" she says as she closes her notebook.

"...Reiko-chan. Somethings going on!" Biv says as she senses the levying of dark energy flashbangs across the exhibit. Reiko blinks as her Chroma Prism also reacts.. and HeartNET lights up on her rainbow-colored Virtue phone as she blinks!?


"Chroma Prism Orange, Transform!" calls out Reiko as she makes a mad dash for the otherside of the exhibit as she flashes into a bolt of orange energy flying down the hall on tiny fairy wings as she arrives via flung open door.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" she calls out.


So much for 'No Justice Speeches'.

Biv is still on her shoulder. She's never been in a situation like this! She puts her wings in front of her eyes. Ohhh Nooooo.

She levies her Chroma Wand down at the Puella Magi as her eyes trace over to Miss White with another frown.
Madoka Akemi 2016-07-31 22:33:36 50075
    Madoka is here at the jewel show! Though she does have a pink sapphire at home that might actually fit in with those sitting in the jewel cases Madoka isn't exactly gaga over sparkly rocks. The things in life she keenly adores tend to be softer.

    "Hmm," Madoka sounds as she leans over a jewel case, looking in at an extraordinarily dark and vivid amethyst, tilting her head and looking over to Homura, then the gem, and then back to Homura. She closes her eyes and smiles, "Your eyes are much prettier than these could ever be, Homura-chan~!" she says in a sugar sweet voice.

    Yep. Softer, cuddlier, and full of emotion- people are Madoka's favorite! ...and maybe stuffed animals too. And pretty dresses. ...ok so jewels can accent pretty dresses nicely but not so much if they completely overshadow them!

    The real reason why she's here is because Homura had some experience with magical gems a while back and had invited her along, just in case. She's just starting to relax, knowing the weekend event is about to close up shop, when the windows shatter before pulses of dark energy begin going off, eliciting a cry of surprise from the pink-haired Puella.

    When her ears finally stop ringing and the black haze from her eyes goes away the robbery is already in full swing, and what else does she see after the black but White. Miss White, that is. Oh jeeze, this is going to be awkward, isn't it? "Miss White, what are you doing here? This is-" Shiniko lets loose her list of crimes and Madoka nods up to her, "Yes, that!"

    A slightly apologetic look is given to Homura, followed by a delay as Madoka watches her girlfriends transformation, momentarily forgetting to do anything else. Look, it's not like the knocked out innocent people are being shot at and attacked, she can afford a few moments delay to squee, especially when she isn't quite ready to open fire herself just yet.

    But she does have to prepare to fire, just in case. Her Soul Gem flashes from a ring into an egg shape in her hand, and out from behind her back a pair of wide angelic wings sprout, sending a burst of wind away from her and lifting her slightly off the ground before wrapping around her fully, folding in and hiding her before exploding into a burst of magical feathers, revealing her in her Puella Magi form as she sets gently back down to the ground on her toes, followed by her heels.

    For now her bow isn't out yet, and she steps forward towards Miss White, "I don't want to fight you, but I can't let you just get away with doing bad things like this!"
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-31 22:35:12 50076
It had been another lazy afternoon for Jiaying, spending her time out and about in the sun, away from being cramped indoors and dealing with dusty books, bored ghosts and an angry ghost she's still trying to work with. As such, she's in the area when the flashbangs go off. She had been rather close by when those went off so she shares the complaint with Hannah, though as she hadn't been expecting them in the slightest she's more than a little disoriented. She's sure she's gotten something more than a loud bang because it looks like Shiniko's here and trying to stop the badguys and that's just super confusing.

Still, after picking herself up out of her stupor, she shakes her head, glances around quickly and sets her satchel down after retrieving a mixed bag of charms. A little touch of illusion on the bag so no one grabs it and dropping her own illusion with much less fanfare than the others reminding her once more that if she's going to keep doing this she really should come up with something to say. Well, there is that, "Wo zai zhe li bang zhe!" Though she deflates a bit as it sounds heroic to her and probably not many others. Still, she releases her ghost, which intermingles with the mist she releases from all of her illusions, gaining a shadowy form before mimicking her actions right behind her, a twisted after image almost.

She pulls her hood up just in case though, there's lots of cameras around and the tail can be mistaken for other things right? She stumbles towards the gathering crowd of assorted factions and once more deflates a bit. Maybe she shouldn't get involved, this has gotten big. But, that moment passes and she begins trying to assess who's doing what with the gems and stopping them and all the other good stuff.
Mint Chip 2016-07-31 22:50:14 50078
"You got it, White-san! Let's grab and go!" Atsuko says, punching through a case with a fist that glows with a tealgreen power, reaching in for the gem and cramming it into a literal loot sack. As in, the word 'loot' is written on the side of the sack.

Homura happens to alight on the next case before Atsuko can put her fist through it, too, and she looks up at her, tilting her head a bit, her voice patronizing. "Look, kid. Two things you don't want to get between me and. One, my current objective for my sponsors. Two, the TV." She moves as though about to punch Homura, but instead out of nowhere she cartwheels upwhere, yelling out FLASH KICK! at the top of her lungs, and a surge of energy follows her foot outwards as she defies gravity and also sense.

"GOD THAT'S SO MUCH MORE FUN!" she shouts before shifting. She doesn't have any past with Madoka, and she's willing to strike her far easier than Miss White might - along with the excuse to go streaking across the room, shouting "BURN KNUCKLE" in a bad accent with her fist flaring headed for Madoka's face.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-07-31 22:54:40 50079
Yup, Miss White knows that energy! As Shiniko appears? She offers a little wave and a grin. Is she actually happy to see the Shadow Witch? Kinda! She likes her, even with her newfound Justice obsession. It's kinda cute, really.

The little kitty on her shoulders gets a long little scritch before she hops down!

"Remember, shinier is better!"

Back to Shiniko! "Hey, hey, hey! Copyright laws are convoluted, outdated, and nonsensical, and YOU KNOW IT Shini-chan!" Point dramatically!

"Also, do you really think I'm just going to stop because of a few threats?" Helpfully, the young woman kicks the air, sending a wave of emerald green at Shiniko...and most importantly, trying to clear that dark fog for the sake of her two companions.

"...Homura?" Hannah sounds honestly surprised. A brow rises at the long haired Puella. There's a deep sigh. If she's here now...Miss White mentally crosses her fingers that Madoka isn't here too.

"Huh. I didn't take you for the vigilante type. You really /have/ changed a lot." Her voice is more thoughtful than judging. Somehow, she can't help but feel things might just be better for the dark haired one these days.

"Still, at least you're not spouting..."


"Damnit. Been a while, Koi-chan." A long wave. "Sure is a lot of you here. Oh well! That just means things won't be boring! C'MON YOU PUNKS, SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!"

Oh yeah, this got awkward real fast. Even knowing what she knows, and the plans she has, fighting Madoka is just a liiittle bit...well, she's going to feel bad about this later. The winds definitely pulled out of her sails, and she runs her hand over her face, for a moment the fight gone out of her.

"Madoka, are you /REALLY/ sure you want to do this? One chance kiddo. Go home. No offense, but I don't think your heart's cut out for this kind of thing." There's the slightest of pleading in her voice.

But this is still Miss White, though.

"...Then again? I /AM/ kinda curious if you've gotten any stronger since the last time I saw you fight. Been having an effect on Homura. It's pretty impressive. But what about you, huh?"

The woman snaps her fingers, and a Barrier rips into existance. No need to put the mundanes at risk.

Once more she gets into a fighting stance, and the air in the room solidifies around her. Her Device lights up in her hand. "Initiating battle protocols, Mistress. Razor Barrier...Divine Winds...Tornado Strength..." A wall of wind appears around the White-suited woman, spinning around cuttingly, even as similar gusts of wind wrap around her fists and legs. Someone's been practicing her buff spells.

"Don't hold back! Let's have some fun at least!"

The arrival of a certain illusionist fox doesn't help!

"Moths to a flame..." She mutters. Atsuko is flashing off for Mado-Homu Part One, and thus Miss White targets Mad-Homu Part Two: Hairflip Edition.

Riding a massive burst of wind from her enhanced, buffed speed, the young woman is doing her best to rush up into Homura's personal space. Large, sweeping kicks are combined with the slicing winds she's using just to make being up close worse for anyone near her. One of the nearby stands gets shredded to sawdust, even as green lashing kicks are aimed at Homura's arms and legs.

"Let's see if you've gotten soft, Homura!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-31 23:03:35 50080
The cute little grey kitty ignores the banter, for now. It's a cat. Just being there is sufficient banter.

Hikari would frown, if cats did so, though. Because Atsuko and Homura are right in the way of the tray of gems she wants to get to.

She still thinks Hannah's smash-and-grab attitude is a little questionable. But when Mikoto needs the resources for her research, well, that's part of a Guardian Beast's job.

She leaps up and onto Atsuko's back! Scrambling up the puella's costume until she's high enough to leap off, landing ever so briefly on Homura's shoulder before leaping off again.

This time, her landing is a little harder, crashing through the glass cover on her selected case. With a flicker of magic, she briefly takes human form, long enough to sweep the case's contents into a sack!
Sora Hisakata 2016-07-31 23:03:49 50081
"Outdated or not, you broke the law there, and don't pretend like that's the only thing I accused you off, miss White!" She staggers back a little as she's hit by surprise magic out of nowhere. She really should've seen that coming, but she didn't.

Rather than directly target Miss White and co, Shiniko first goes after the youma. She projects shadow constructs, stern old ladies holding what look like sharpened rules, dark flames lit on their foreheads. Each of those constructs, really just extensions of Shiniko's self, go after a different one of the child-like youma, to swat them across the face with those rulers. At contact, more of that extremely cold fire ignites.

Shiniko takes the opportunity to study the others present, and she notices Sky Jack, so she heads over his way. "Heya~ I'm kind of busy with JUSTICE right now, but after that, mind if I beat you up~?"
Reiko Touyama 2016-07-31 23:08:24 50082
Prism Keeper Orange blinks at Puella Magi Atsuko. Wait you're that...." girl who throws Hadoukens.

She shakes her head off and frowns at Miss White. "Oh! I'm doing being soft!" and then koi appears next to her head. It has tiny boxing gloves on it's fin and it makes an awkward forward punching motion.

Then with a flick she sends it careening for Miss White's face like a dart of orange energy!

It'll still explode into orang eenergy like all of her koi. This one just feels more punchy than usual.

Wait did that Witch that's helping them just threaten Kukai?

""Wha!? H--hey we're all on the same side here!" she says to Shiniko... right?

She still huffs and summons up another array of koi and sends them careening off into robo-youma.

"Sky Jack if she tries anything funny you lemme know!" she offers.
Homura Akemi 2016-07-31 23:12:23 50083
    "Are they pretty? I wouldn't know. I haven't been able to take my eyes off you all evening," says Homura back to Madoka, but then Things Happen.
    Homura's cold frowning stare turns down at the fighting Puella. She flips her hair. Her gorgeous obsidian locks of lovely hair. Because of course she does. "I'm older than you, 'kid'."

    Homura's no fool. She put herself out in the open. She knows she'll be attacked. She's the tank. It's her thing. The sudden shift into a cartwheel, however, does catch her off guard.

    She's knocked backwards, flipping through the air and landing into the jewelry case with a crash of glass. Her knee drops just inches away from some delicate stone that just avoided being broken. The glass cutting through her black diamond-lined hose draws just a little bit of blood. She doesn't even flinch.

    In the short time it takes for Hannah's followup attack to happen, Homura's ready with her shield, raising it up as a curved wall of purple flashes with the impact of each punch and kick, Homura bracing and absorbing the shock from each hit. A purple-eyed glance turns towards Madoka, giving her a telepathic warning that might be too late.

    At the mention of growing soft, Homura smiles just the tiniest bit. "Always pushing the boundaries, aren't you? I missed that about you."

    Then the Puella on her knees pushes upwards, jumping high, seeming hovering in the air above the showroom-turned-battlefield. "Sadly I don't have any anti-hero banter for today..."

    She reaches out to the side, and her hand closes around a black bow appearing in a flash of purple.

    "... but I've always fought..."

    She knocks back an unseen arrow, and that arrow becomes seen, becoming a bright blazing violet bolt of energy.

    "... with all of my heart!"

    Arrow released, splitting into a spray of smaller purple bolts, peppering Hannah, Atsuko, and possibly the cat if she happens to get caught in the crossfire.
Kukai Souma 2016-07-31 23:14:48 50084
Sky Jack arrives at the scene just in time to see the rest of the group bantering and beginning their fights. His mind quickly goes into overdrive, putting the players into their teams - here's Orange and Jiaying and Madoka and Homura over there, there's the cute sea blue fighting is magic girl, Hannah, and the bouncing catgirl - Mikoto? - on the other, and then Shiniko, off on her own who knows what the hell she's doing team. "OK you chumps! Backup is coming and you won't get away with the gems, so drop 'em and get outta here!"

With Atsuko squaring off with Homura, Jack decides it's time for him to have another shot at Hannah. Before he can go, though, Shiniko speaks. "Hey! You! ...Yeah if we're both in good shape after this I might decide it's time to burn some of that blackness off you. If you're fighting the youma, though, focus on that." He waves at Orange. "It's a long story, but we have something we need to settle ourselves."

With that out of the way, he follows up Orange's koi with a well-aimed soccer ball, launched at Miss White. "HELLO AGAIN! REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU BLEW ME UP? I'M BACK!" More soccer balls, spitting with electricity, soar through the air at her!
Madison Perry 2016-07-31 23:16:23 50085
    Only seconds after Miss White's barrier goes up, locking out the mundanes and locking in the collatoral damage, she'll feel something pierce it, like an arrow shooting down out of the sky.

    A moment after that, one of the remaining windows of the building explodes inwards in a shower of glass shards, which fall to the floor sparkling momentarily as brightly as any of the gems within cases- one final chance to shine in their moment of destruction. Poetic as it is, one must apologize to the windows of this building- there were plenty broken already, there was really no reason to break one more.

    Unfortunately, breaking things for no reason is sort of Madison Perry's modus operandi.

    She hovers just inside the broken window, her distinctive Barrier Jacket, black and dark red and ankle-length, equipped, and the two long, curved daggers which are the weapon-form of her device held loosely in either hand. She still wears a white bandage wrapped around her left forearm, but if she's feeling any pain from the injury sustained during her escape, it's not apparent.

    She's also holding one of those blank-faced youma that had been outside in one hand, it's head lolling loosely like the doll it resembles. It's scornfully tossed to the floor.

    The other thing she's wearing is a rather bright, manic grin, her blue eyes sparkling as she looks down at the chaos unfolding in front of her. "Hey, hey, hey!" She calls, to no one in particular. "Somebody was pullin' a gem heist and I didn't get an invite? Stealing treasure is a pirate's bread and butter, y'know? Talk about inconsiderate!"

    She laughs. "I was gonna hit this place anyway.. how could I not? Come to find somebody's beaten me to it. Ah well. Guess there's enough to go around."
Madoka Akemi 2016-07-31 23:29:06 50086
    "I don't," Madoka replies to Miss White with a shake of her head, one gloved hand held up by her chest. "But if you're not going to stop and go home yourself you're not giving me much of a choice. You can't just hurt people and take their things because you want them, it isn't right. I don't know what you stand to gain from this, but unless you can prove to me it's worth the harm your causing I'm not going to stand by and do nothing."

    The teal haired Puella Magi charges Homura and Madoka expects her to be able to handle herself pretty easily, focusing on her conversation with Miss White, not quite ready to pull out her weapon just yet even as the barrier snaps into place and Hannah begins powering herself up herself for a real fight. Unfortunately this is a pretty big error on her part as Atsuko suddenly shifts targets and comes rushing in at her with a fist of blazing teal and she literally doesn't even see it coming before it hits her in the jaw, head twisting around as the magically empowered blow hits her. She tilts backwards off her heels by the force of the blow, but more than that she's launched backwards, flipping over before hitting the ground and skidding across the floor before crashing into an information booth and sending a spray of brochures into the air.

    Too bad for Atsuko she didn't hit a wall; that could have been a combo!

    She's down for a perhaps surprising amount of time, hidden by the trashed booth, but that's because she's very discreetly using her Puella magic to do some quick healing, and unfortunately she's not Sayaka so it's not instant. It isn't that she's completely blasted by one punch, as righteous as it was- it's that she doesn't think Homura would appreciate her missing a tooth and conserving magic is still an issue while Witches are gone, even if Wraiths let it be less-so. She does give Homura a half-hearted telepathic, 'Ow,' so her partner knows she wasn't knocked clean out.
Jiaying Maki 2016-07-31 23:32:12 50088
Jiaying Maki is really not a great illusionist! Her disguise is flimsy on the best of days, though getting better. One might even notice her bag is still sitting there after she got any respectable distance away from it. It should be fine, there isn't anything too important and most people can't hurt eachother with sealing tags or anything. Right? She does like that bag though!

There's a bunch of people, a lot of chaos and apparently people on the wrong sides of things. This is very confusing and she's going to be sitting a few people down for a convenient chart with who's fighting who and why or something. For now though, there's a burglary going on and magical people are doing it which means she can try to help keep the gems in place, then worry about it later!

About the the only thing she for sure recognizes are the koi, which means at least she has an idea of at least one person and since she's sure Shiniko's working with them, she'll deal with that later since if she's helping that means maybe- Or not. Nevermind, what with the threat to beat up a random guy after. "You know people are worried about you Shiniko, stop it and let us help! Don't beat that guy up!" That guy in question? He's given a curious look, so are the others present. This would be so much easier without ringing in her ears. A sound of frustration later and with mist pouring off of her and surrounding the ghost in the grey-green that marks her magic, she sends it ahead of her, dragging her shadow with it seemingly though that effect stops quickly, though she has far less of that illusory fog around her than usual now. Since the others are distracted with kicking soccer balls or dealing with that wind, which she has no intentions of getting close to personally, she was about to send the ghost forward, extending her control over it further than she's really tested before, but instead there's breaking glass, which she quickly shields her head from, resulting in a few long scrapes and one piece stuck in her arm, getting a pained yelp, as before mimicked by the ghost, though it turns back to look at her at that moment of weakness. The mist thickens and she hops the counter, placing her closer to the - wait, pirate? - closer to the pirate, which is met with, "There's enough going on now, it would be appreciated if you could come back later!" Huh, that sounded better in her head. Oh well, the ghost suddenly lunges forward, not mimicking her movements and attempts to swing high at the pirate with sharp looking claws wreathed in energy, what with her proclaiming herself a badguy! That's easier to figure out mentally. She hopes. While her ghost is fighting, she moves around to the side and joins in the attack, a leaping kick that turns smoothly into a low sweep when she lands short! She's been practicing! Also she's really relieved at least one bad guy was polite enough to announce themselves as such.
Mint Chip 2016-07-31 23:41:27 50089
Atsuko makes a surprised yelp from the cat, but then rapidly puts up a shield against Homura's incoming attack - and it's a literal energy shield, kite-shaped and everything - though it's obvious it's taking some effort to hold the blasts back. The attacks thrown around finish off the rest of the roboyouma and blank-faced girls, leaving only Hannah and Atsuko in this particular fight.

"Sorry, but you gotta work harder than that to eliminate a champion!" Atusko says with a smile. Her teeth might even glint. And to Madison, she laughs. "Hey, you want in, you get a share." she says, pointing. "But you gotta help thin out the herd here."

She brings her hand back and gathers a large swarm of energy in them, thrusting her hands forward and sending flaming tealgreen fireballs in rapid succession at every one of her enemies she can see. "Come on now, put up a real fight or go home! This is the big leagues! Bring your A game! PICK A TOP TIER!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-07-31 23:45:15 50090
"I know what I said, Witch!" She wasn't exactly /denying/ them after all.

Pause. "Why hold back now? That guy is a GRADE A JERK! He attacked my building! He's just as much of an evil punk as I am!" Sorry Sky Jack, Miss White is not against turning her sometimes-employee against you.


She actually lets out a little shriek of surprise. "Fish are not supposed to be boxers, Fish-chan! That's just against the natural order of the universe!" Grrr! Koisplosions tear off some of the barrier on her, slackening the attack on Homura!

/Dangit/ Homura! The compliment has her grinning for just a moment. "Barriers, Homura, are there to be seen, glared at, then leapt over to the next horizon, the next discovery, the next power and amazing ability you can find! Don't you EVER stop striving to do that, Homura!" Is she giving her opponent a pep talk? Kinda!

But then Homura's leaping up, and battering her down with a burst of black bow magic!

"...Oh hey, you really /have/ been rubbing off on Homura, Madoka."

ARROWS! Her barrier takes most of the blast, but she has to pause a moment to reform it. One of her cuffs is now all cut off. One of the bolts gets chomped on like the attack dog that Hannah can. Crunch crunch crunch. Spit.


And then, suddenly, Sky Jack again. She's getting pounded by Electri-balls! The first few get deflected by hard kicks, leapt over, until she takes one on the knee. It gets kicked right back at Sky Jack!

"Awww, stuff it! You've got a girl over there that wants your throat more than I do, you obnoxious, loud /JERK/!" Pot, kettle Hannah.

A glance. Hey, isn't that...

"YO! Haven't we met? You're that girl with the White Flower, right? The one that got caught by the TSAB?"

Pause. Slowly, Miss White gives her best CEO smile.

"Yeah, that sucks, getting the take just yanked out from under you. But hey! You look pretty strong. What's your name again? We could use some help against these guys! I'll even make sure you get paid, maybe help you meet some people. I know some guys who know guys. C'mon, it'll be fun!" Wink, as she adds on to Atsuko's offer.

There's a deep, deep sigh from Hannah to Madoka. "...I /KNEW/ you'd say that. Just don't do anything stupid!"

Homura gets a look that says 'Your Girlfriend Is A Stubborn Idiot'.

For the moment, Miss White takes the time to concentrate. Keeping her defenses up, her magic gathers around Madison and Atsuko! Similar speed-boosting winds will appear at their feet!

Is that...a ghost and a magical girl fighting together? Miss White doesn't think about it too much. This is all getting way too complicated, too fast. She'll give you a convenient chart later, Ji!

A glance around with her Device shows that it's just them left. This isn't good. Well, time to go all out.

"Hey, Atsu-chan. We'd better get the rest of the loot before too many more show up. I'll make a...distraction."

Miss White leaps up into the air, magical winds arresting her and she hovers in mid air. Her suit jacket swats dramatically as she closes her eyes and concentrates. Most of her defenses fade, as she starts to gather in magic into her hand. The air in the building starts to kick up, being drawn into an increasingly large sphere in Hannah's left hand! No attacks from her, she's concentrating on building up a big attack!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-07-31 23:47:44 50091
Hikari finishes sweeping the contents of the case into her sack, and moves on to the next, taking that one as well. The next case along the row doesn't seem to appeal to her, as she tucks the bag away somewhere and returns to her kitten form to sneaksneaksneak along to find one that does.

Except, well, FISH.

She lets White handle the banter while she sneak-kitty-sneaks up on Orange. Because FISH.

And then... POUNCE. The kitten leaps up, bounces off a platform made out of a silver Belkan-style spell-glyph, and then lands on Orange-chan's shoulder long enough to snap a koi out of the air!
Homura Akemi 2016-07-31 23:50:33 50092
    Homura barely seems to notice when another magical girl bursts through the windows. She mentally takes note, but she's got a well-honed poker face. She does only the slightest of double takes when she notices just who it is.

    Madison Perry.

    Immediately the thought of any gems leaves her mind, and she stops considering her duties as a magical girl defending possibly magical gems, and starts considering her duties as the Warden who guards Hana Shiori.

    Does she know? Is that why she's here? A paranoid thought, but one she has to consider. She has only fought this girl once, but she remembers enough to consider her dangerous.

    "You should have stayed in your cell, Madison Perry."

    Madoka is knocked into a pile, and Homura's eyes are instantly in that direction. The telepathic message reassures her, and Homura decides to draw attention away from Madoka to give her time to get back on her feet.

    To Hannah, from her position in the air, she grins. "I won't, and I still have faith that somehow we'll find an answer to everything. The only thing that's changed is the means."

    In response to the look she's given, Homura's grin gets just a little bit wider, and maybe a bit impish. The gleam in her violet eyes seems to imply just a bit of pride.

    Fireballs come out from Atsuki, and Homura immediately drops from the air, foot tapping on the ground, then leaping back several times in a zig zag to avoid further shots. She's not using timestop to do so, making her a bit slow, since her magic is on a budget. Yet tracking multiple targets is something she's used to.

    Her dodge-hopping brings her between Atsuki and the pile that Madoka fell into, and it's pretty clear that no one is getting to Madoka except through Homura. Hannah is charging for something, Madison is being here, a familiar is stealing gems, and worst of all Atsuki committed the grievous sin of making Madoka suffer.

    Four targets. Four RPGS appear around Homura. She picks up and fires each one... except that Hannah, Hikari, and Madison are ignored and all four are fired at Atsuki.
Sora Hisakata 2016-07-31 23:51:07 50093
"Deal." Shiniko offers Sky Jack, and then gets back to focusing on the matter of justice, just in time to get hit in the face with a fireball. Just is the attack with which she responds, just ice cold fireballs to return the favour to the fighting girl.

"Miss White, if you keep doing things like this, there will be consequences~" She giggles, a wrong, malicious, evil giggle. There's no doubt that those consequences will be designed to hurt, to twist the knife, and to pour salt into the wound after that. "Just a warning~"

Then, her shadow projections, every last one of them, start running towards Miss White, frozen fire-inducing rulers raised and ready to hit the CEO of WPS with.
Reiko Touyama 2016-08-01 00:00:05 50094
Prism Keeper Orange huffs! "Haven't you ever heard of Siamese Fighting Fish!? Fish can fight!" she insists as she raises her Chroma Wand triumphantly.

She huffs and get's ready to fire off another round of fish when a firey tealgreen fireball flies her way. She 'woahs!' and dodges to the right as avoids fireballs as she frowns and hrmphs!

"I'm going to----"

Then a kitten lands on her left shoulder and bats one of the koi near her!----which immediatly pops into a magic sparkle.

Biv, on her right shoulder begins freaking out, the bluejay crying out. "C--ca--cacaca-CAT!" she screams.

Orange has the wince because ow, bird yelling in her ear and cat in the other. She bats the cat off her shoulder with her Chroma wand as she summons up another array of magical koi and sends them streaking off at the Teal-green Puella magi and Miss White as she huffs.

"Naughty Cat, my koi aren't even delicious. Taste like soap!"
Kukai Souma 2016-08-01 00:09:29 50095
Sky Jack sees the fireballs Atsuko is sending at everyone, wheeling back and forth on his hovering board, trying to stay away from them. This does mean the soccer ball Hannah punted at him zips past his side close enough to zot him one good time. He lets out a yelp and backs away just enough to get a good look at Madison. This may be a mistake. Blonde, red and black long coat - if Shiniko is looking his way she probably recognizes that slightly infatuated look. "WHY do all the villain girls got to be so damn pretty!"

Jack breaks off his assault on Hannah to change targets, sending several electric soccer balls at Madison, trying to get his mind back in the fight game. "Come on! I'll take you all on! None of you can hit me!" That wide, almost arrogant grin is on Jack's face, punting his charged balls faster than a normal human could move, trying to keep Madison and Hannah both distracted!
Madison Perry 2016-08-01 00:10:58 50096
    Madison hasn't even moved from where she's hovering just inside the freshly-broken window, surveying the chaos beneath her with a cockeyed grin which seems to convey quite a bit of enjoyment and approval. Being in prison was boring. This sort of mayhem is exactly what she was missing.

    Suddenly, Miss White is yelling at her. Hearing the mention of the 'White Flower', her eyes narrow and her head snaps around.. only to have an eyebrow arch at the offer which is extended to her. "Listen up, kid," She shouts back, over the din. "I don't take orders from you, and I ain't lookin' for a job. That said.."

    Her eyes skate over Homura, pausing for just a moment- a significant moment, before moving on. Does she remember the dark-haired Puella, or is it something more? She's too far away to hear Homura's 'advice' over the din of combat.

    Suddenly, there's a pair of figures, one of whom is ghostly, swinging at her. One of her daggers, long and curved and almost big enough to be considered a short sword, flashes up to intercept the blow, clanging against energy-clad claws.

    "Don't you know it's polite to give some warning, sugar?" She snaps, before that low sweep from the real Jiaying hits her ankles.. and although it stings, the fact that she's hovering means she doesn't actually trip, just sort of gets knocked back a little hissing.

    "Hardly fair." Then she notices the speed-boost winds gathered around her feet, and glances towards Hannah.. not saying anything at the moment, though, since business is at hand. "Heartrazor! Speed boost!" She snarls, and her Intelligent Device responds in crisp, almost deadpan tones, <<Yes, Mistress.>>

    Her body sparkles with a faint reddish glow, and suddenly she moves like a viper, her own speed boost magic combined with Hannah's wind-buff enhancing her already graceful agility beyond it's normal capacity.

    She twists away from both Jiyaying and her ghost, a red flash in front of their eyes, daggers whirling like sawblades as she seeks to bury one in each of them before they even have a chance to react.

    The movement means that Sky Jack's charged soccer balls miss her, although one comes dangerously close enough for her eyes to dart in his direction, narrowing, although she's not in a position to retaliate at the moment.
Madoka Akemi 2016-08-01 00:16:13 50097
    Madoka is just finishing up fixing her tooth, the big energy-enveloped-fist shaped bruise on her face will have to wait for later, and standing up to reveal herself from the pile of info booth debris when out of nowhere(again!!) a ball of teal energy is careening in toward her. Reflexively she crosses her arms in front of herself and leans forward, the magic battering into her and sending her sliding back for not insubstantial chip damage.

    But that's not the worst part. The worst part is the taunting that comes after, telling her to step up her game when she hasn't even started fighting yet. That's rubbing salt in the wound, that's uncalled for and really gets under her skin, that's-- that's trash talk. Memories of what her mother taught her when spectating at the Kickboxing Championship come back to her. Hannah and Atsuko are both egging her on, telling her to show them what she's got? Well...

    Uncrossing her arms, which seem to be sizzling just a little bit, Madoka stands up tall as she can at her five foot stature. "You bit off more than you can chew this time, scrub!" she calls out in heavily Japanese accented English, eyebrows lowering to a sharp angle just above her eyes. Suddenly large sparks of pink magic flash around her and her feet lift back off the ground, a pair of translucent magic wings unfurling from her back. But this time, unlike her previous henshin, they're more than mere visual constructs. Her hair extends out to incredible length and in a sudden flash of light her dress is replaced with a long, multilayered white one.

    Suddenly the entire area is bathed in an feeling of ease and wellbeing, hope radiating out from her in an aura and giving all present the feeling that everything is going to turn out just fine. ...even the thieves.

    But Madoka still isn't done, oh no. The challenge was laid down and she intends to meet it head on. "Why settle for my A game when I can go straight to my SSS Game!?" she calls out, gloved hand reaching above her head where pink magic sparks and distorts before forming into a magical bow not unlike her usual one, save for the fact it's as big as she is.

    She grips it in her hand and magical wind, possibly Hannah's, whips around her, fluttering her hair and dress as she draws back the bowstring. As she does a large symbol of circles and lines begins for form behind her in thin pink magic, a large magical arrow shimmering into existence on her bow and crackling with energy. She takes aim and fires, the powerful bolt streaking through the air towards Miss White.

    But not at Miss White directly, no. Instead it goes straight for that attack she's charging in an attempt to destabilize and disrupt it, though(potential!) ensuing explosion might be rather worrysome; sorry Hannah!

    From the symbol an enormous, ridiculous number of smaller magical arrows begin to fire, swarming the area, pelting Atsuko, Miss White, and Madison, who seems to have thrown in with them. These aren't so much deadly as they are numerous, impacting with blunt magical force rather than penetrating, but perhaps most annoyingly of all is that every single stolen jewel or container has an arrow heading it's way as well in an attempt to scatter them about the area and make the job of picking them back up an enormous pain in the neck if undefended.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-01 00:34:24 50098
Jiaying Maki responds to that taunting, you know with the rude thing by stepping in closer and trying to shoulder check the pirate! It's called the lost fist for a reason and being unpredictable and fluid is part of that! Still, she's a touch off balance and stumbles past the pirate, only just getting out of the way of that dagger strike by pure bad luck! Well, not really, she's got a rather nasty gouge across her back, something that causes her to cry out and stumble further, actually falling to her knees. She stands back up as quickly as she can, ignoring the slice and the disturbing warmth starting to trail down her back. She looks angry now, bristling. There's a few moments where where she has her hands in a gesture more reminiscent of trying to claw someone than someone who has been practicing martial arts. That brief moment passes though as all of that anger and frustration is quickly buried, though there's a look of surprise on her features as the ghost that had been stabbed seems just as angered as she had been and she wonders briefly if it has broken free, which would be bad. It reaches up with those energy bound arms and tries to grab the pirate's arm, claws first, that mist taking on a more grey tone than green right up until her flash of anger passes.

The ghost loses coherency and slumps to the ground at that, then suddenly stands back up straight as Jia takes up a pained defensive stance, pulling out a pair of protective wards and holding them before her, ready to act even as more of that mist that usually surrounds her, begins forming, making her movements harder to read. Her ghostly partner also loses some of it's visibility and obviously strength, moving to strike the woman again, trying to keep her attention split so that it's harder to focus just on the young nuwu, especially now that it's probably obvious how to make it go away. She's looking a bit pale already at that.
Mint Chip 2016-08-01 00:51:20 50100
Atsuko shifts into a ready pose, fists clenched s Madoka's gathering power - but she was wholy unprepared for what was coming. "Don't worry White-san, we can take them!" she says. This is, of course, before Madoka shows the extent of her powers.

The rockets come in, and the first is Hadouken'd away - the second is dodged, but before the third rocket can be dodged, instead, Atsuko has to dodge blasts from Shiniko - and this means that after ducking and weaving from those, Homura's next rocket hits against her block, and the fourth follows right after, sending a smoking, screaming Atsuko flying across the room and into - and through - a display case.

As she staggers back to her feet, Puella magic closing the wounds, a careful observer will note the way her body shows insides but doesn't bleed.

And now she's looking at the spectacle of Madokami. "I musta hit my head harder than I thought." she mumbles groggily. But then, magical Koi! She's back and moving fast, dodging, but the explosive Koi pop near her and do a little bit more damage than perhaps theyh ought.

And that's when those pummeling arrows start to rain down. The arrows don't get Atsuko's loot sack - because she's crouched over it, letting out grunts of pain, taking the arrows. But she's about had it - even exterior hardware can only take so much, and she's no Sayaka.

    Elsewhere, an older businessman with an obscured face, but with stern features likely born of a life spent scowling and unsatisfied, looks over at a small screen showing the battle, sat on top of a control pad. "Looks like you just can't get it done as a Puella Magi, Atsuko. Maybe you need some help from your other side." he says, laughing lowly, reaching down and toggling a knob. Through the glass, the strange structure in front of him hums, and one of the peices of it begins to dim from bright teal to a much darker color.

Atsuko looks up. "You a guys are tougher th..." she's cut off mid-word as her pupils go away, leaving only a moment of bare, green eyes before a surge of negative energy bursts out from her, knocking people nearby away. She staggers to her feet, like a zombie, and that energy collects around her before twisting, changing, making a dark green aura that seems to randomly coalsce into signs and sigils. Those who've been in a labrynth will know those sigils as Witch Runes. Completly blank-eyed, now, and radiating negative energy and the same feelings as a labrynth or witch, Atsuko laughs in a way that's distinctly wrong before charging forward, straight for Madokami, launching blasts of mixed witch-and-negative energy out of her hand at her like softballs, her words no longer coherient.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-01 00:58:19 50101
There's no words to Homura. Only the most subtle of nods, and a look of pride towards her former employee. It's exactly what Hannah wanted to hear.

Oh hey. Those are /rocket launchers/. Miss White can't exactly dodge right now, and she curls up slightly waiting for the blast. It doesn't come. Squint.

Oh, hey, all those missiles are going for Atsuki.


Shiniko gets a laugh. "Consequences are for those without POWER and MONEY! And I've got both. Feel free to throw those 'Consequences' at me once I'm done with everything." Huff.

OH GOD OLD PEOPLE! Miss White looks briefly frightened, as old memories of that one catholic school come rushing back!

Reiko and the kitty going at it is just /adorable/! There's little animal lover sparkles in Hannah's eyes for amoment!

Those charged balls slam into Hannah, shoving her further and further from the center of the room! Lots of her suit jacket is torn up!

"Awww, c'mon, don't be that way! I can make things worth your while!" Another grin to Madison.

She's also getting pelted by Evil Old Ladies! Her jacket's now on cold-fire! Miss White is not having a fun time.

Madoka gets serious, and the pure /feeling/ and information fed to her by her Device around Madokami has Miss White laughing loudly as she just soaks it all in. Even as that arrow forms, Miss White looks utterly delighted to be faced with such a thing.

"THAT'S THE SPIRIT, MADOKA!" She encourages.

Even as that burst comes for her, slashing into her jacket, and warring with her own magical wind, Hannah doesn't give up. She gathers in more power, kicking the air to deflect several of those blutn blasts even as her barrier jacket is being torn up. Bruises start to appear on her body from weather such a fierce Madokami blow. She might even be worried if it weren't for that calming wave from Madoka. No, she's just excited.

"The only thing that can change this filthy world is POWER! And you're soaking in it, Madoka Kaname! It's yours, to change the fate of everything! There's nothing more beautiful than the power to change, create, DESTROY even something like the very threads of Fate that cause nothing but suffering!"

Another long, long laugh.

She rises higher and higher, her Device screaming warnings. She's taken too many hits, but Hannah doesn't care. Madoka has made a challenge, and she'll rise to it. Using her body to weather those blows, even on the edge of consciousness, she finally raises that ball that's grown to be around bowling ball size. Madoka's strikes are already causing it to destabilize, blowing up in her hand. There's the smell of magical destruction and burning.

Miss White grins, and two portions of her Device make a click-click. Two Cartridges are loaded, and used. Then again. And again. Blood's already leaking down her nose and natural arm from the combination of nearly undefended blows, and her own self pushing her magic to its absolute limits.

"And with a display like that, Madoka, I won't give you less than my best. Cartridge Load!"

The ball of magic grow four times its size, and then she slams it down along with herself towards the ground.

"Fall from the Heavens! TEMPEST OF ANNIHILATION!"

No, Miss White isn't thinking straight as she gives her allies a ping through her Device to get the heck down, just before the results of Madokami's arrows and her own magic explode into a rush of magical winds that lashes out from where Hannah fell, and all throughout the building as she pumps every last bit of her magic, the pain that Madoka's shoved at her, even trying to use some of Madoka's explosions to lash out at everything.

Unless someone gets a bright idea, there'll be a massive tornado trying to suck in what was scattered by Madoka towards the impact crater.

The one radiating around Miss White, who's more limply floating and generally looking like one heck of a mess after eating much of her own, and Madoka's power at once along with the many others who struck at her today.

At least it might prove a good distraction for Atsu and Madison!

Or so she thinks, until just as she lets off that huge burst, and something horrific happens before her very senses. That burst of Witch-like energy knocks Miss White to the ground, her own magic lingering but sent off course by the unexpected emergence of the half-witch Puella. Miss White lands, gasping, coughing up blood as she looks on in pure, naked horror.

"But...what...what the hell...!? ATSU!" Even Hannah can't hide her worry and horror. Madokami's presence keeps her from passing out in shock, but even that can only do so much. Boris is soon down with her, protective.

Her gaze fixes just as much on Madoka. Her Device weakly pings, trying to take in readings.

Teeth grind as realization dawns. She has a fairly good idea who's behind this. Her wind magics strengthen, wildly, now a background hazard for the foolish.

"White kitten, should be getting you..."

"No, Boris. Just...nnngh. Keep me alive. We need the data here." The darker part of her soul is smiling. This could be a breakthrough.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-08-01 01:07:39 50102
No fair!

Fish that taste like SOAP? That's just not right. Hikari looks up at Orange-chan with pleading, cute little kitty-cat eyes. (She doesn't do puppydog eyes. That's Arf's thing.) She bats at another koi, only to see it pop much like the first. Then she licks Orange's ear.

And then there's a WITCH. Hikari's tail goes straight up, as does much of her fur. That's just Not Right. She outright yowls, loud and definitely displeased, arching her back and digging claws into Orange's shoulder as she GLARES at the witch that was ... well, on the same side as her, for the moment, just a minute ago.

And as wind and witch-blast consume the room, she flips to human form and tackles the girl under her, pushing her down behind the displays and hopefully out of the path of the blast. "Stay down, chibi, I don't like where this is going."
Homura Akemi 2016-08-01 01:13:01 50103
    Homura doesn't see the transformation into Madokami, but she feels that aura of hope, and she knows what it means.

    There is a momentary lapse in concentration as she tries to convince herself not to turn around and admire. If her internal struggle was known, one might either be impressed by her mental discipline or egging her on like the shippers they are.

    At one point she does have to glance back though, because Madoka did get launched across the room, and her gaze sharpens as she notices the bruise. Immediately her attention snaps forward, just in time to see Atsuko's... transformation?

    Her eyes are immediately wide. This is getting serious faster than she expected. "What is that? Is she becoming a---" She stops herself from saying 'A Witch', but the Witch runes that appear point a huge metaphorical flashing arrow to exactly what she's thinking.

    <<Madoka-chan... be ready! If we can't stop her...>>

    That laughter is wrong. She's charging for Madokami. Homura's already in a position to intercept, but the sudden assault means that there's very little time to collaborate or plan.

    <<Dammit. You know what to do! I'll cover!>>

    Homura's shield is up, flaring purple. She's standing right between Atsuki and Madokami already. The softballs of dark energy fly towards her, and immediately Homura notices the increase in power... the form of it draining more of her energy with each absorption. She might last if she popped a Grief Seed, but she can't just do that unless it's a real emergency.

    Which this might very well be.

    For now, Homura decides to be the tough girl, and block the shots with her body instead of her magic. Each dark energy blast knocks into her, battering her back, bruising her, taking small evil nibbles at her soul. Is there a broken bone? Nevermind, Homura doesn't want to know.

    When Atsuko charges close enough to be in melee range, Homura grits her teeth. Suddenly, her movements are impossibly fast, and time itself seems to stop with each impact. She punches, kicks, and from the force of her hands and feet it's clear that she hasn't gotten out of shape at all. It's a dangerous move, because one slip-up means that she could be grabbed, but if she can just buy time for Madoka to do something...

    The force of Atsuki's despair, this close to Homura, is combatting hard with Madoka's aura of hope, but it's not enough to defeat the hope that Madoka's already given her.

    Hannah's attack also comes for Madoka, and with such a large AoE Homura has no choice but to expend magic. Purple flares around her, and she backpedals closer to her beloved. Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object as Homura's Soul begins to blacken.
Kukai Souma 2016-08-01 01:19:18 50104
Wind. Hurricane, gale-force, magically induced wind, drawing at everything within range, threatening to consume everything and everyone - gems, rubble, mahou - in a blender of broken glass and crushing rubble. It calls to Sky Jack, in a way - he always loved storms.

Despite the giant wave of arrows coming from Madokami, he sees the green and purple fire burning through the arrows towards her, and an idea pops into his head. A stupid, crazy, awesome idea. Instead of turning and fleeing the storm, he zips up into the air, pops his goggles down, and shoots towards the tornado!

Dodging through the flying rubble and sharp pieces, flicking from side to side to dodge them, he rides near the storm, angling his trajectory enough to stay out of it, letting it pull him along and around in a circle, picking up speed. Once around the massive grey wall, barely keeping himself on his board, seeing Homura engaging in melee with Atsuko. Twice, almost ready, praying that Hannah doesn't try to knock him out of his ride.

And then the third time around he jerks, jumping away from the storm, angling himself towards Atsuko's back, and spins, kicking his skateboard up into his hands and swinging it, giving it just a little bit more force, the wide, blunt end of the board aiming towards Atsuko's exposed back!

Impact or no, Kukai has his teeth gritted. He's moving very fast, and this is going to hurt very much when he hits the wall.
Madison Perry 2016-08-01 01:21:15 50105
    Madison grunts as she feels her daggers hit flesh- although not to the extend she'd hoped, Jiaying slashed instead of impaled and the ghost... well, it looks angry, but not much else. She slides to a halt, spinning in mid-air, her daggers whirling in her hands back to ready positions. The ghost makes a move to grab her, but suddenly seems to collapse.

    She quirks a brow, watching as the pained Jiaying seems to attempt to regroup.. but seems to decide this is a perfect moment to get back at that kid with the soccerballs. Or she would have, if Madokami hadn't decided to rain arrows from the sky. The first one coming at her strikes her shoulder, causing her to spin and hiss in pain.

    Before more can strike, Heartrazor calls out <<Barrier!>> without need for instruction, a circle of dark red light inscribed with runes appearing rotating in the air above her. It absorbs the arrowstorm, though Madison crouches under it and the barrier cracks and shatters moments before the storm ends- making it through, barely.

    By this time, Jiaying is clouded in mist and the ghost is attacking her again. Madison dodges to the side, then twirls both daggers upright. "Heartrazor!" <<Yes, Mistress! Falcon Slash!>> Then she hurls the daggers, and in mid-air they transform into streaks of red light, arrowing in and blasting towards her targets like lasers- Jiaying, and also Sky Jack, because he threw balls at her.

    But then Hannah does.. something. "Holy crap." Madison mutters, the alert from Miss White giving her just enough time to duck back out through the window she broke in through and remain on the other side of the wall until the tempest clears.

    Although she assuredly knows what a Witch labyrinth feels like, she is too far from Atsuko to get a good sense what is going on, especially with Madokami there cancelling the feeling out.
Reiko Touyama 2016-08-01 01:26:57 50106
Prism Keeper Orange frowns when a cat-girl tries to slam her down and she huffs. "Hey....! I'm not just some kid, you jerk!" she says as she gets out of the girl's grasp. She frowns as she summons up her koi shield--- weathering the inital blast, and thanks to Madokami right there--- she doesn't have to deal with the horrible dispear either!

She frowns as she drops it and scowls a bit. She doesn't know what's going on here but it looks horrible and wrong.

"Ugh.. what's happening!?" she asks as she levies her wand down toward's Miss White-- and fires off a beam of bright orange light from the tip of her Chroma Wand.
Sora Hisakata 2016-08-01 01:28:01 50107
Shiniko's response to the Puella Magi's strangeness is to pour salt in the wound, without knowing what that may be doing. "What, can't take the heat? Then don't draw it. If you're not able to fight, then either flee or die." And to add to that point, she's sending a big wave of extremely cold fire going to Atsuko.
Madoka Akemi 2016-08-01 01:44:06 50108
    It isn't all that much of a surprise to Madoka that Hannah cheers her on even as they struggle against one another. The woman seems to respect strength and power almost above all else, and making a show of strength is exactly what Madoka is doing right now.

    The attack Hannah was charging seems to be disrupted, but to Madoka's quiet horror the ante is upped even further as Miss White uses those cartridges and very obviously hurts herself badly in the process, "White-san! What are you- that's too much for something like this!" This, after all, isn't a battle over the fate of the world, right? But maybe this is just what Hannah Sharpe does when you test her strength and give her no choice but to burn herself out or be seen as dim by comparison; it's a lesson Madoka will try to remember.

    It's one she'd be forced to remember due to the severe beating she'd take if not for the disruption of the ridiculous monster windstorm she's cooking up by the arrows, Atsuko's sudden shift, and Homura's timely interference. It's still far more than enough to accomplish the actual primary mission objective though- those gems can be sucked in to the center of the whirlwind completely disregarding the arrows sent their way. The wind that does reach her still sends her hair swinging wildly to the side from it's swirling nature even if it doesn't end up physically harming her.

    Really she'd be terrifically impressed and worried about continuing this if things didn't take a sudden shift to the horrific by Atsuko's change. Madoka has no idea what actually just happened, but the Puella Magi just started acting very, very oddly, and those Witch Runes are instantly recognizable, even if they're unreadable. She lets out a cry of, "No!" her pink eyes wide with shock, hand held out towards the girl, only to recoil as the blasts are sent her way.

    Luckily Homura is already there to intercept. Madoka will have to thank her later, because right now it's time for action. She flies forward, "Whatever they're doing to you, don't give in! Remember your Wish, your hopes and dreams!" Whatever is going on Eclipse must be behind this, Madoka is sure. The fact that they're suddenly employing Puella Magi makes a whole lot more sense in light of this new, horrible development.

    As Homura gets up in Atsuko's face she calls out telepathically, <<Be careful, she isn't normal!>> That's obvious, but the next part is so shockingly abnormal it might be overlooked at first, <<Dark energy and Witch magic, those shouldn't be together at all!>>

    As she draws nearer that very mix of despair, witch magic, and negative energy is enough to make even her cringe, though the feeling of hope from within her doesn't falter and break so much as give and bend. "Atsu!" Ok, she doesn't know the girls actual name and goes by what Miss White shouted; that doesn't make calling out to her personally very easy! "Remember your fighting spirit! Embrace the purity of honest combat!" A shake of her head that sends the extraordinarily long locks of her pink hare waving, "Take control back for yourself," she shouts in a more angry and feisty than comforting way, "don't let your sponsors be your Masters..!"

    And then, all or nothing, she tilts forward and dives down from above, reaching out a gloved hand and trying to press it to the top of Atsuko's head, though any actual physical contact will do, and as she does so reaches out with mind and soul to try and find the Puella Magi, the girl that's buried inside whatever kind of fresh monstrosity she's become, that she's been made into.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-01 01:51:14 50109
Jiaying Maki catches that red laser against the charm and lets her arm roll to the side, deflecting the laser with it and burning the charm which gets a quick shake of her hand and an annoyed sound. A new charm is drawn and sucking her breath in, she takes that as an opening and lunges in with her right hand, but halfway through side steps and does a spinning backhand enhanced with what looks like some condensed magic. at the same time that her ghost, recently re-solidified does the opposite, coming in with a wide swing and changing it into a straight jab, enhanced claws out and aimed for Madison's middle. Connecting or not, she stumbles forward past and starts to turn, her back showing quite a bit of red at this point. The spirit is now attempting to stay in Madison's blindspots. This is all forgotten though as she sees the arrows coming and ducks out of the way out of reaction, laying there tight against the ground, arms over her head once more. She doesn't get the proper warning, but there's enough bad things floating around that she quickly scrambles back to her feet after and stagger-runs towards anything solid that she can find and crouches down behind it, with drawing the ghost with a faint pop before re-summoning it nearby in a protective stance. The zombie looking thing though, that has her wondering if it actually is something undead. She hasn't really tried with Norie because that's not polite, but seeing as how this is all sorts of bad, she reaches behind her and presses her hand against her back, wincing at the pain and the wet mess. She carefully works her shoulders, then she begins to focus, hoping she's out of the way for long enough to try something new which involves trying to at least stop the bleeding and maybe the pain. There's a green glow about her wound now and it's at least stopped bleeding.

The worst part handled, she starts to push herself back to her feet to try and rejoin the fight.
Mint Chip 2016-08-01 02:09:30 50110
Atsuko? moves around the battlefield towards Madokami, like sensing her energy is the reverse of her own, snarling and hurling those orbs, even though they're impacting Homura and not their target. Homura moves quickly enough to interpose, though, and when Atsuko moives to try to pummel her in return, her fists flare with multicolored, sickeningly toxic energy. She doesn't seem to worry about getting hit like Homura does anymore, each strike leaving bruises and injuries but seemingly not slowing down the witchmad Puella.

What does slow her down is Shiniko's wave of ice-cold fire - she takes it head on and tries to power throguh it, but cold is cold, and her movements begin to slow. And it's about this time that Sky Jack comes flying in with brutalizing force, slamming down into her with a loud crack. She's driven down to one knee and still trying to rise.

Madokami tries to reach out, to connect to her - and at least for a moment, it seems to slow down her rampage - or it could be the cumulative toll the damage has taken on her body. And there, in the combined, roiling winds of Hannah's power and her own combined foul energies, her body begins to give way - to fleck away slowly like paint chipping off a wall. There's a howl of anger, there, and she seems to push past Madoka, but her body isn't in much shape to fight - and yet she tries, gathering energy in her hands, glaring up at the Puella of Hope like she could possibly bring it down.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-01 02:12:43 50111
A gasping, suffering Hannah grins a bloody-toothed grin.

"Nah, kiddo. It's exactly what you asked me for."

Miss White's tempest lingers ridiculously long, enough so that Sky Jack gets a good ride towards Atsuko!

Orange tries to kick a woman while she's down! Thankfully Boris is there, and he takes it right in the chest. He gets struck, goes tumbling back, and then gets back up. He stomps over in front of Hannah, crossing his arms. Big, Russian Bald Man muscles flex, and there's an emerald green sparkle in the air.

"Orange Kitten is very rude!" Comes his scathing remarks.

Burn herself out, indeed. By now, winds have stopped, and she's all but leaning against Boris for support. Her mind feels the equivalent of black spots in the eyes. But there's something here, after she's left all that she is out on the field, that makes her angry. A possession. Someone taking away, controlling, just like that damn sword did to Hannah. She can't help it. Hucking out a glob of blood, she looks to the gathered magical girls, and then over to Atsuko. Boris helps Hannah up, and just as Atsuko's trying to gather energy and attack Madoka? This could literally kill the woman. She's disintegrating. Something small flicks into Hannah's hand, her Familiar forces a teleportation spell. She's behind Atsuko. A Grief Seed is pressed hopefully against her ally. Two weak arms try to grip her from behind. Consciousness on the edge, she tries for one more Cartridge Load, which makes her bleed horrifically. Someone will need a hospital soon. She's trying to restore her charge, /and/ teleport her away.

And she has WORDS for said charge.

"Atsu-chan. What the heck are you doing? Want to know what I'm seeing right now?"

Her hand, battered by clashing with Madokami and her own recklessnes, as well as everyone involved, points towards the part-witch part-puella.

"You're attacking wildly! Your spacing is awful! Do you even rush-down, you NOOB!? Quit whiffing your wake-up game! C'mon, your super meter is full! GET A COMBO IN!"

A shake of the head.

"Pathetic. What are you, Atsuko?"

Miss White's blind gaze is sharp and without mercy.

And then, the most damning of all. "...A casul!?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-08-01 02:19:37 50112
Hikari returns to feline form as Orange protects herself, the kitten falling to the floor behind the display. The little grey kitten scampers down to the far end of the row, getting well away from all the fighting magical people.

She isn't here to win a fight. She's here to get the goodies Mikoto needs and get away with them. And so far she's got a fair load of goodies. Down here at the far end, though, there's some opportunity...

Hikari switches back to human form under the display, and starts ripping out the bottoms of them with her claws. As the jewels tumble to the floor around her, she sweeps them into her bag with a sly little grin. So many shinies!
Homura Akemi 2016-08-01 02:27:46 50113
    <<It's not something you see very often, and it isn't natural.>> Homura admits, telepathically. <<... but I've seen Riventon use something like Witch Magic, along with his usual Dark Energy. This is the kind of thing that Eclipse is more than capable of.>>

    Homura still isn't sure what's going on here. This isn't like any kind of Witching Out she's ever seen before. This is some weird Eclipse experimental BS, as far as she knows. Involuntarily, her eyes flash towards Miss White... but part of her knows that Hannah wouldn't be that crazy. There's a big difference between reckless behavior and outright suicide.

    Homura can't take another hit. This she is sure of. Not without purifying first. Yet Atsuko is going for Madoka, and Homura can't allow that. She lurches forward and--- ow!

    Homura clutches her chest. Yup. That was a broken bone. A rib no less. That's going to be fun. If she were still human she'd be worried about the condition of her heart, but... well... liches like her only have one vital organ. She might not have Sayaka's rapid regeneration ability, but there is one thing she can do that is usually Sayaka's trick: Block out the pain.

    As a result of that, and already accumulated damage, she is neither graceful nor delicate. She recognizes what Hannah is trying to do, what the attempt being made is, and for once tonight she decides to help in her own way. A single step forward. A raised flat hand. A solid chop coming right at Atsuko from behind, intending to knock her out in one blow. It's a bit more heavy handed and sloppy than she'd like, but a passed out Puella is easier to deal with than a Witching one, and it's all she can do to protect Madoka right now.
Reiko Touyama 2016-08-01 02:35:38 50115
Prism Keeper Orange twitches. "I AM NOT A CAT!" she calls out.

"THANK GOD SHE ISN'T A CAT!" calls out Biv from Reiko's shoulder. Oh god, is /this/ what the Prism Keepers do!? So horrifying! No wonder Roy always insists he goes instead of her.

She huffs and frowns at the bald...russian....man....

Well this is really strange and weird. Not that it wasn't already. She frowns and fires off another beam, though this time launched at the teal green, zombie!puella?.

"Wait, you don't even know what this is?" she calls out, since even Hannah seems confused.
Madison Perry 2016-08-01 02:36:16 50116
    Madison doesn't even bother to come back in through the window after escaping through it to shelter from Hannah's massive tornado attack. In the aftermath, she peeks back around the corner of the window, surveying the destruction and the continuing combat.. and noticing Jiaying is gathering herself for further combat as well.

    The blonde girl tsks to herself softly. "This ain't even worth it right now." Big melees aren't really her thing- a good one-on-one, or even two-on-one fight she can handle, hell she can even enjoy, but there's just too many vaiables at work here.. plus it looks like a lot of loot is already spoken for.

    Oh well.. it wasn't a total waste of time. She had gained some interesting leads to follow up on in the future.. and seen a few interesting faces as well. Things to look into another time. There was no rush.

    So quietly, without any parting snark or anything, she just turns and flies away, out of the barrier and back into the sky. She'd follow up on those leads a little later when things weren't quite so.. hectic.
Kukai Souma 2016-08-01 02:43:56 50117
It's a sign of Sky Jack's extraordinary luck that even when he flings himself madly in one direction or another something tends to catch him. In this case he'd sent himself through the now-destroyed wall of the display building into the also-wrecked nearby clothing store. Racks of shirts and shorts and skirts and other various clothes are laid out in a line along the path he had made deaccelerating before he finally stands up, aching all over but not majorly hurt. "Ooooof..."

He rubs the back of his head, still hearing the fight inside the other building before suddenly hissing in pain, a crimson streak appearing over his shoulder, as if from a laser-guided throwing knife. Apparently Madison had left him a parting gift. "Dammit...." He eyes the red for a moment worriedly, then summons his board to his hand ... in two pieces. Hitting Puella at top speed with it tends to break it. "Dammit!"

So instead, he runs back over to the door, looking inside to see what's still going on. The thing that comes right to his eye, though? Hikari. "Hey! The cat's trying to get away with the gems!" It takes him a moment to charge up a soccer ball for her...
Madoka Akemi 2016-08-01 02:55:01 50118
    Madoka makes the physical contact she needs to connect with Atsuko, eyes widening slightly as an incredibly perplexed and confused look plays out on the features of her face. "Wha.. what did they do to you?!" Atsuko's body begins to chip, flake, and slough apart. Madoka pulls her hand away as she continues to try and advance on her, eyes suddenly going to Hannah as the woman starts taunting her partner in an attempt to get her to snap out of the despair that's so obviously emanating from her. "It's not like that, Miss White! She isn't normal, not at all!"

    When Homura takes those powerful hits she clenches her teeth and winces in sympathetic pain that the dark haired Puella can block out but the pink-haired one most certainly can not. "Homura-chan..!" She knows she'll be okay- she knows it'd take a lot more than that to kill her, but seeing Homura get injured is never easy. Being injured isn't enough to stop her though, and Madoka watches as Homura goes to club her in the back. Normally she imagines that would work, but what is Atsuko right now? "Be careful! That's... I don't think that's her real body!" She sounds unsure and confused about the second part, but potential for continuing danger is real.

    Hannah goes to teleport them away, but Madoka has something she needs to test. Normally this isn't something she'd do, especially with so many people around, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. With everything else headed Atsuko's way Madoka makes an 'attack' of her own, dropping down and leaning forward again like when she touched the top of her head and reversing her previous backing off. A white gloved hand reaches down not to her head, but to her chest, fingers carefully curling around the teal(?) heart shaped gem at the Puella's chest before retreating as fast as she can. Wings spread as she lifts into the air and yanks, trying to literally rip the Soul Gem off of her as Hannah tries to teleport her away.

    It's Miss White and Atsuko who came to steal gems, but it might be Madokami who steals the most precious one of all from the thieves.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-01 02:58:25 50119
Jiaying Maki wasn't super feeling the fight anymore even if she kind of is. There's some pain and frustration that she wants to vent out. But any movement makes the slice across her shoulders feel like it's about to open again. She pushes herself to her feet and starts to stagger towards the opening she can see, trailing mist behind her, all of her magic focused on obscuring herself so she can go collapse outside. Well, she doesn't collapse, but she does use her illusions, poor as they are to hide her injury and her not so human features. She crouches down to try and gather herself beyond that, really not feeling too great.
Mint Chip 2016-08-01 03:13:57 50120
Atsuko, or the thing where Atsuko used to be seems to exist, is still fighting, still drawing up energy. It might only be able to feel rage, but Hannah's words are stoking that rage. And the angrier she gets, the more the dark energy pressures against the witch energy - while similar, the two don't seem to be mixing well at all. It's clumsy, like oil and water.

And the mixture isn't -right- anymore, if it ever was. She keeps flaking away even as she keeps trying to attack and


Down comes Homura's shield hand. It's enough to make Atusko's eyes dim again, and prevents her from fighting away as Madoka reaches out and grabs her Gem. She reaches back for it, but her hand is blasted by Orange's surge of energy, and she pulls it back, hissing in pain.

But Atsuko does manage to find Miss White's hand, though - gem or not - and is at least able to hold herself together until the teleport completes.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-01 03:17:45 50121
Hannah gasps, and frowns at Reiko.

"Trust me...*hack*...wish I did, kiddo." Cough splatter. Miss White isn't going to last much longer.

It's Madoka that utterly gets Hannah's attention. There's pure, utter horror in her voice.

"What are you doing, Madoka!?" Tears and blood flow without pause as she ends her spells, inwardly praying for them all.

As her spell ends, she passes out from the sheer power of her horrified scream.

"Let's go!" She offers simply, before passing out utterly as Boris, herself, and her compatriot is sucked away by her teleport spell.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-08-01 03:23:11 50122
Back in the other end, outside the fight, Hikari finishes sweeping up her shinies. She's got a nice big sack of them now. She pops up long enough to wave to the folk still present. "Hey, Orange! Next time bring better-tasting fish!"

Then she's in kitten form again, and racing for the exit. Scamper, kitten, scamper!
Homura Akemi 2016-08-01 03:26:28 50123
    Homura watches, and... Madoka's grabbing a Soul Gem? Geeze Madoka you can't just do that! Well, at least she isn't going to do anything drastic with it, like throw it off of a bridge. Not that Madoka would ever do anything bad like that. She's a good girl! Well... maybe she'd do something bad if Junko told her it was a good idea, but why would Junko ever do that?

    Anyways that's a silly line of thought.

    Atsuko is acting... inhuman. While it's true that Homura doesn't consider herself a human, she still mostly acts like one in a lot of ways. Atsuko is... way too far gone.

    It's funny, she thinks, how analytical Homura gets when she's pushing pain away.

    The teleport happens, and Homura does nothing to stop it. She only spares one glance to Hannah while saying, "I'm sorry. Take care of her."

    Then they disappear, the heavily damaged world of the barrier being replaced by the... relatively undamaged real world that they came from. She notices the cat leaving with the goods, and she thinks to reach into her shield and start firing something assault rifley and automatic but... this is the real world. There are People around. Also Homura isn't in any position for further conflict. Even that last hit was pushing her beyond reasonable limits.

    Instead, Homura walks over to Madoka, leans her forehead against her shoulder and mumbles, "I wanna go home."

    Purple eyes flicker towards the stolen Soul Gem, and then up to Madoka. "What happened? Nothing about that was normal. What did you..."

    She trails off, glancing to the people around her, and then back to Madoka. "... should we talk about it later?"
Reiko Touyama 2016-08-01 03:38:17 50125
Prism Keeper Orange frowns as the two run away. And Hikari calls her out and she huffs. "My fish are not for eating I swear!" she calls out as she huffs and flutters tiredly after and over to Madoka and Homura. "Wow!"

"Are you two okay?" she asks as she blinks. "What happened? /No one/ seemed to be expecting it." she mutters as she scratches the side of her head as she sighs a bit.

Madoka Akemi 2016-08-01 03:47:47 50127
    Madoka hovers in the air and turns the teal gem over in her hand, a look of worry and concern replaced suddenly by a large frown. "This isn't a Soul Gem at all," she states plainly, pink eyes shifting from the thing in her palm over to Homura. "Whatever this is, and whatever that," a motion towards where Hannah, Borris, and 'Atsuko' teleported away from, "was, it wasn't actually her. I could feel her, but she was very far off." A small shake of her head and she says, "That's why," as if answering an unspoken question. A moment later she adds, "She isn't here, either," eyes turning back to the gem.

    She floats back down and in a burst of sparkles her henshin disappears; or at least the second one does, returning her to her usual Puella Magi dress, the aura of Hope flowing out from her fading away. Her arm goes gently around Homura and rubs her back as she leans in, using a feather light touch so as not to aggravate any of her injuries whether or not she can feel them. "I don't know what this gem is- I think it is magical, but I really can't say. I think maybe we should take it to Virtue; they might be able to get some answers out of it."

    Speaking of Virtue, the only magical people around left seems to be Reiko and Sky Jack, and Madoka looks between them, "Are you two alright?" Sky Jack in particular gets a thankful, worried look, "Thanks for earlier, you really took one for the team didn't you?" A small smile. She gives a sort of half smile to Reiko, "I'm not too bad off, but mostly because Homura-chan took the worst of it for me."

    Then a look to the people around them, the ones subjected to the dark energy flashbangs. "I- I'm not sure. I don't know how long it's going to take them to wake up."

    Finally something important occurs to her and she quickly fishes her cell phone out of her pocket, and quickly fires off a text to Miss White's business phone number.

    TXT from Madoka Kaname: The thing I took wasn't a Soul Gem at all. I don't think that was her real body either.

    TXT from Madoka Kaname: I don't know what you've gotten into Hannah-chan, but please be very careful. Whatever it is... it's very not good.
Homura Akemi 2016-08-01 04:29:44 50132
    Homura glances past Madoka's shoulder and at PK Orange. She's frowning, and kind of easing up on the 'kill the pain' technique, just enough so that she can start sensing where she's hurt and what she needs to be careful of to not make it worse. She listens to Madoka's explanation, and the more she hears the more she frowns.

    "Virtue would know people who could look into it. I could take it to the senshi, or... well, we could hand it off to either of you two." She glances to Orange and Sky Jack, lifting her head a bit just to do so.

    She stands up a bit more straight, but not really backing away because being held and back rubbed is nice, looking up at Madoka. "If that's not her real body, and if that's not really a Soul Gem, then is she really even a Puella Magi? What we felt, it really was like a Witch... but... she acted like a Familiar."

    She raises a hand to rub her chin, thinking things out. "If that's the case, if Eclipse is using something like that, then it might explain why they weren't too worried about Grief Seeds. Yet it also brings up the question of... why would Kyubey do something like this?"

    Homura looks over to where Hannah, Boris, and Atsuko just vanished. "If they were Puella Magi, then they should have made a Wish. If they made a Wish, then karmic powers should have forced them to become Puella Magi. These are nearly immutable laws, breakable only by a Wish from someone with really high karmic potential. They aren't options. Did Kyubey and Eclipse alter the process somehow, making something different than what we are?"

    She tilts her head, considering. Her eyes flicker towards the cell phone, not really wanting to be a busybody but happening to be at the right angle to see what's being sent. Then she looks down at her own Soul Gem. It's... pretty black. Almost scary, even. She produces a Grief Cube from her shield and presses it against the gem. It's not enough to purify it completely, but it will give her some breathing room and stop it from getting much worse.
Reiko Touyama 2016-08-01 04:35:20 50133
Prism Keeper Orange looks between Homura and Madoka and then gives a 'salute!'. A tiny koi next to her, army helmet, stern look, appears and also salutes. It's Sgt. Fins.

"You can count on me to take something to Virtue!" she says sternly, tiny wings still fluttering.

Biv also nods matter of factly, though she's quiet. She doesn't know what a Puella Magi is. Biv is the most sheltered mascot ever.

She frowns a bit and shakes her head. "I dunno what they were after here but it was probably some sort of magical gems." she frowns. "Supposedly." she taps her chin thoughtfully as her eyes search across the ceiling. Nope. Nothing connects for her.
Madoka Akemi 2016-08-01 04:47:44 50134
    Madoka turns her phone towards Homura so she can better read the text messages she sent to Hannah, not having intended to keep it from her in the first place. "A Familiar?" Her head tilts a little and thinks about that, only to widen her eyes a little as she connects the dots between the Familiar born Witch they fought and how it reacted to her and how Atsuko did as well. "You're right! My aura didn't calm her at all, it upset her! It's almost like... once she started freaking out the part of her that was really her was gone." She bites her bottom lip a little, "That makes a little bit of sense with what I felt when I tried to connect with her, too."

    A soft frown touches her lips and she sighs, "Whatever Eclipse is up to it's awful. They're messing with things they really shouldn't, even if Kyubey is working alongside them." A short pause, "If he is. We were told he was by that imposter, so maybe not?" More questions than answers as usual.

    "She is definitely a Puella Magi," Madoka notes. "I was able to feel her presence, just not directly. If she wasn't I don't think I could feel anything at all- like with this." She holds up the heart shaped teal gem and shakes it gently for emphasis.

    After another moment of consideration she extends her arm out towards Reiko, offering the gem to her "In that case, I'll trust this to you. I'm not sure who specifically would be able to study, but I'm sure someone in Virtue can. When you give it to them make sure they know it was being treated like a Soul Gem but isn't one, and that the body of the Puella Magi it belonged to turned out to be..." what's the word..? "Some kind of fake construct?" Her head shakes, "If they have more questions I'll be happy to answer."

    Her eyes go down to Homura's hand as she retrieves the Grief Cube. Her eyes widen and Homura would be able to feel her flinch as she sees the color of her Soul Gem. The hand on her back rubs again and then pulls her closer- protectively so. "...maybe we should go home after all." Another peak to the Too Dark Soul Gem, and then to her partners wounds. "...would you like me to carry you back? I promise I'll be careful."
Homura Akemi 2016-08-01 05:05:19 50136
    "Yes, I think that's pretty clear. Unfortunately there's no telling what it was since nobody seemed to get what they wanted." Homura glances to the exit. "Well, except for that cat." She frowns about that. She's not super happy.

    The fake Soul Gem is handed off to Reiko, and Homura looks at the younger magical girl directly. "Sailor Mercury would probably be the best person to take it to. I don't know of anyone else in Virtue who would be able to study it. She'll understand if you explain what happened, and if she has questions then she has my number."

    Madoka offers to carry Homura home, and right now that's very, very tempting. Not only would it let Homura focus on healing herself, but getting held by Madoka... Not to mention that she trusts Madoka to be more careful than some random bus driver.

    "I'd like that..." she mumbles. "I mean... I could probably be fine purifying myself here, and healing might take a while, but I don't want to be here like this when the normals start waking up."

    She briefly considers going to Mamoru for healing, but it's a lot less critical now that she has a regular means to restore her Soul Gem.

    "So... what we saw was some kind of fake body, but the real person is elsewhere. Where could they possibly be...? That isn't a nullheart gem or something, is it?" No... Riventon wasn't that involved in it. Well, he could have lied about that, but even if he was lying it seemed like he'd... go about it different. "... that's not right. Well, we'll have to see."
Reiko Touyama 2016-08-01 05:11:12 50137
Prism Keeper Orange pulls out the notebook she was using to take notes about the gems earlier and writes that down. "'Bring used like a soul gem. But it isn't. Puella Magi turned out to be some sort of 'construct' or 'fake body'." she closes the book and slips it back into her helpful magical subspace pocket that just links back to her backpack.

She takes the gem carefully and holds it into her hand protectivly. Then Sgt. Fins hovers over her hand, a tiny tiny orange cork-gun rifle appears in his right fin and hovers over the clenched hand.

Yup. It'll be safe.

"Yeah, that's who I was thinking of!" she beams at Homura. "I mean to give it to." she says quietly.

She purses her lips. "Right. Yeah. People are gonna start waking up, I better go um..."

"If you two will be okay... let's go Biv!" she says to the bluejay on her shoulder as she begins to make a beeline to the door. She'll be going straiiight to Seiyou. Have to get this thing somewhere safe that isn't in her hand out in the open!