I Need to Know Ta-kun!

Takashi visits Hannah in the hospital. Troubles are shared, and Hannah searches for clues on how to get into Sunset Tower's good graces.

Date: 2016-08-03
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Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-03 19:28:40 50387
Hannah's still in the hospital! This is what happens when you get in a massive fight and overuse Cartridges, people.

Really those things should come with health warnings.

If there's one good thing that's come from the other day's long talk with Haruna, it's an utter, deep, final realization of a. just how much some of her fellow employees bother her and b. a final, glaring desire to do something about it. She has the pieces, for the most part, but is missing the most crucial one to get her plans in motion. Access.

Thus, the still-injured Hannah has gotten permission to be wheeled over to a window to feel the sun on her face. She stretches occasionally, the tv on in the single bed room for 'Repeat Critical Patients', but otherwise looks incredably anxious and bored. Her fingers tap on the metal of the wheelchair in pure annoyance.

"Ugh, Boris! How long again!?"

"White kitten is impatient. All in time." Hannah slumps, and throws a piece of jerky at Boris. He snaps it up. Nom nom nom!
Takashi Agera 2016-08-03 19:42:13 50388
Takashi's been to visit Hannah in the hospital before, and vice-versa. And he knows hospital staff often ask annoying questions like 'what's your relationship to the patient' and 'let me see if it's a good time to visit' and 'can you wait right here while I call upstairs?'.

Forget that. That's inconvinent. Why bother with that when you could just like... not. And that's why Takashi just walks through the door. Not in the door, but through it, coming out of the Dusk Zone just in front of it. There's only a momentary surge of Dark Energy there - Takashi was careful to leak only the bare minimum for movement out into the hospital - and then he's taking steps forward.

"I heard you got yourself into trouble again, White-san." he says, half amused, but unable to keep a tinge of worry out of his voice. Somewhat un ta-kun like. "Did you decide it'd be more of a challenge to handle this with another missing limb or something?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-03 19:52:25 50389
"Says the guy using Dark Magic Radiation to skip dealing with awkward questions." Pause.

"Though given some of those nurses..." Shrug. Slowly, Hannah manages a smile. That worry is...well, her heart basically freezes in pure shock for a moment. Wheel wheel wheel. She scoffs.

"I shall have you know I'm firmly attached to my limbs now, thank you. New limbs are expensive and annoying to get." Shudder. OH yeah, she remembers.

Her gaze softens a bit. Sigh. "Well, see, I was Handling one of our Puella, a gem heist, Homura, Madoka, and a bunch of other magical types showed up."

Blush. "I kinda had a magical swearing match with Madoka in Super Pinkball Mode. And I will contend it would've been a draw if she hadn't had people taking the blows." Arms cross. That may or may not be true, but Hannah's choosing to believe it regardless. Never admit weakness.

"So how've you been lately, Ta-kun? I mean aside from stuck in the lab eternally." A stuck out tongue. Teeease.

"And, uh, say. Have you noticed anything weird about our new Puella compatriots?"
Takashi Agera 2016-08-03 22:36:40 50390
Takashi smirks. "Yeah, but like I keep trying to explain to people and failing, what's abnormal for other people isn't for me. Jeeze. I mean, you probably shouldn't jaunt through the Dusk Zone, but for me? There are areas of Tokyo where the air's less safe."

"Hey, one of these nurses is my ex-girlfriend, and that's bad enough." he says with a laugh. "And I think one of the doctors may be my current girlfriend's mother..." he muses.

"Anyways, that's kinda to be expected. Try to get some work done, in comes the party pooper parade of pink." he grumbles, leaning against the door. Then he tilts his head, curious. "Super Pinkball Mode? Another henshin?"

"I'm sure you'd have won if they didn't cheat and gang up on you. I know what that's like... and then they strut around like peacocks because they won despite bringing half a dozen magical hobos."

"I've been... okay." he says, his eyes turning and looking away. He doesn't elaborate. It's just clear thats a very bad lie, and usually, Takashi is better at lying.

"Anyways, those Puella. Something wierd is going on with them. But even I don't have access to whatever the hell that equipment under Sunset Tower is. And I'm not sure I want to. It involves Kyubey - who is far less cute than Nyubey I'll tell you - and I've got plenty of my own problems to sort out."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-03 22:54:30 50391
"...No kidding? I knew that place was bad, but..." Shudder. She marks that off her vacation spot list.

"Well, just don't take anybody Dusk Zone Diving without some kind of enviro-suit." Not that she'd need to tell him that.

Squint. "I'm starting to think you enjoy people in the medical profession maybe a little too much. Anyway, uhh. How is it with Smartyblues? Or is that a question better left unasked?" Her look is fairly sympathetic here, and yet one practically anticipating 'nuclear bomb awaits'.

A hand runs through her hair. "Pretty much. Don't underestimate her. I say that, all hubris aside." Pause. Huff. "You're right though! Would've had her. Still, shouldn't have taken that much. Gotta keep moving foward. Which is being very much hampered by being in here." Scowl.

A deep sigh. Oh yeah, she catches that. "'Alright, is it. Whatever. You know if you need to vent, it's not leaving these ears unless someone digs out my brain." Both eyes narrow. They're narrowing, and blatantly accusatory. Big Hannah Sis /knows/!

"Yeah, see, that's the thing that freaked me out. I can deal with the others. But my little Puella friend? ...It was horrible, Takashi. She went berserk, started letting out a Witch's aura. And then when the others ganged up on her...hell, just take this."

There's a data card offered his way, containing some of the data she collected.

A deep sigh. "Takashi. I want to know what they're doing. I /need/ to know. The whole thing. If you know anybody with influence, that can get me in on what's going on...I'm willing to negotiate. I'll keep you out of it, of course. But this could advance my own research...decades, if not more than that." Her voice is suddenly measured. An odd thing for the woman.

Getting knowledge from them, after all, isn't her only plan.
Takashi Agera 2016-08-03 23:33:33 50393
"Hey, I've already taken someone there - and the Dusk Zone wasn't what got her in trouble." It also wasn't, specifically, what got Takashi in trouble - but it helped.

"I don't know how it is." Takashi says, plucking at some fibers on his shirt. Which are apparently very interesting as he mumbles. "She and I are very alike but we're also still very different. In mindset, especially." he says, sighing.

"Yeah, Kaname-san decided I was in need of being an arrow pincoushin once, and I don't take her presence in a fight for granted anymore.

"Hey, I cam here to talk about your busted up self and problems, not mine." he says, lifting away from the door and walking over to put an index finger against Hannah's forehead, pushing slightly. "So let's not make this about me."

Then he listens - more and more intently - to the things Hannah is saying. It, at least, has him intrigued - which might not be a good thing. He sure seems less horrified than she does. "I wonder what they ARE doing doing there..." he muses.

"Ah, you're as interested as I am!" he says, then pauses. "That's dangerous, though. They've gone to really great lengths to keep this thing compartmentalized. I think only the real board members really get what's going on here. I've talked with some folks downstairs and everyone seems to actually be on a need-to-know basis, so you'd have to work to put the puzzle together."

"...But I can tell you they've been really interested in gems lately. Lotta orders to snag them or locate them. Dunno what good that'll do you. I also know those Easter folks are involved heavily, so maybe they have a plan."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-03 23:48:12 50395
It seems it's Takashi's turn to lend ears! Namely as she's forehead'd back down! Sigh. Flump. Boris hops up into her lap, and she's forced to spill it!

"Gems, huh? Yeah, that's what we were after. So they need a bunch of gems..."

Both hands go up. "I'm noticed. I did a little poking, but nope. Nothing. Easter, you say?" Cringe. No, not her favorite company in the world. Especially after what she did for them and the Professor.

She smiles, finally. "That's a lot of help, Ta-kun. A bit of direction is amazing after all of that. It really blindsided me just what was...possible, you know? I'd never even considered it. I'm not afraid of things being dangerous. It's a rush! And only dangerous things ever seem to get results. What's the worth in something if there's no risk, right?"
Takashi Agera 2016-08-03 23:56:44 50397
Takashi muses for a moment. After a pause, he says something with a smile. "Well, historically speaking, the most difficult work has always been the most rewarding, right?"

But then there's a hand on Hannah's shoulder. "But be careful. It's one thing to go after some chump on a skyscraper who's low on the totem pole and who's been sticking his nose in your business, but don't go making enemies in Upper Management unless you have to - and unless you're sure that you can handle it." he says. He doesn't, of course, say Hannah couldn't because that's silly.

"They didn't get in control of things by pushing paper, that's not how we work." he warns.

"I don't know why they need them, and it seems like it's specific ones. But Nyubey doesn't know, either. I've got a lot of work, but funnily enough, it was sorta shut down by Kyouko Sakura deciding my lab hadn't been broken into or out of in long enough and came in and messed it up, and took the Grief Seeds I was working with." He rolls his eyes.

"And Ami asked me not to retaliate. I guess you're in love with a girl when you're willing to look like a chump because she asked you to." he grumbles.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-04 00:05:24 50398
Hannah leans into the hand. It's steadying. And despite all their differences, it's one of a true friend. A breath, and she seems to calm a little.

For a moment anyway. She holds in a grunt, but her arm /does/ tighten in pain. Someone /definitely/ overdid the cartridges.

"Yeah. Yeah, I know. Don't worry, I'll be careful. I have no intention of getting my face kicked to the ground just when I'm making real progress in the world." Still, it's a good injection of caution into the girl. She'll have to plan very well.

Kyouko. Lab. Destruction. Three things that unsurprisingly go with the redhead, and Hannah rubs her forehead in annoyance.

"She's always been so hot headed. Why did...you know what? Nevermind. I'm not certain I want to know. And if you're not going after her, then I don't have reason to whine."

Hannah laughs. It's her turn to comfort Takashi with a weak punch to the shoulder. Well, weak for Hannah anyway.

"Chump? Or 'negotiating better positions with valuable love clients'?"

Pause. Those came out without too much thought.

"...Let's forget I just said that. I blame the pain meds. Point being, having stared my own death in the face from an Evil Psycho Wench with Awful Hair with more power than she deserved, that still doesn't compare to when Haruna looks sad or dissappointed at me."

Ahem! "Women scorned, et cetera. You'll have to learn the awful art of compromising, but not compromising who you are, if that makes sense."
Takashi Agera 2016-08-04 00:10:51 50400
"Mmm. Just, you know, most of my hidey-holes are kinda well known by the big E, so you'll end up making me invent something if it all goes pear-shaped and you need a place to lay low." Because Takashi doesn't expect Eclipse could actually KILL Hannah Sharpe before she got wise enough to duck away - if Walpurgisnacht couldn't, what really could - and the fact that he'd help her isn't up in the air, either.

"I don't know. Maybe she doesn't like me. Maybe she thought I had something of use to her. I didn't exactly get a good explanation." Takashi says, and begins a very bad impression of Kyouko, complete with breaking off an invisible pocky stick in his mouth. "I ain't so good with words, ya know?"

Takashi should probably stick to science.

"You make it sound... I don't know if that's worse, better, or just strange. I would chalk it up to the meds, but I've been around you too long for that to work." he says with a smirk. He can't really punch Hannah in the shoulder, but he can poke her with a finger in it.

"Man, you should see the Ice Glare." he says with a laugh. But then, to the rest of Hannah's comment. "Yeah, that's the hard part, when she says she likes me but she hates the thing that makes me more than just another face in the crowd..."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-04 00:30:08 50404
"I have no idea what you're going on about, Ta-kun." Yup, she's trying to play dumb. Horribly. With a big, big smile on her face.

If Hannah didn't know Takashi cared for his pride, he'd be getting one heck of a hug right now.

Ahem. "Yeeeeah, don't quit your day job Mister Tall Dark and Science. It's Kyouko. Maybe she just felt like it."

Impressions /or/ social acument arent' things Hannah would put up as the young man's strong points. Poooke. Ow!

"Such awful accusations, you're going to make me /faint/!"

Cough, anyway! Hannah looks thoughtful. "That's a pretty big sticking point. Frankly, I'm amazed you two have held it together this long. Not gonna lie, Ta-kun, I have no clue how you two are going to come to terms with that little sticking point. I'm crossing my fingers for you, but..."

Nnngh. She lets out a stretch, and a yawn.

"It's /you/. I believe that you can do it, Takashi. That you and her can at least come to some sort of understanding on the whole thing. Maybe she'll even come to accept that part of you that...well, you were born with it. You'd not be /you/ if it got torn out or something. And as much as you annoy me and frustrate me, I'd be damn pissed if someone stopped Ta-kun from being Ta-kun. So don't change too much, okay? I think all you can do is show her everything that you are, the good and the bad, and hopefully she comes around. Not like she's exactly perfect either, right?"
Takashi Agera 2016-08-04 00:57:52 50407
Takashi laughs. "Hey, I just wanted you to understand how she sounded at that point and time. I'm not that far off. Anyways, it just bugs me that I would have someone come in and bother my stuff again. Maybe the new HQ is bad juju or something."

"Hannah-chan, if you ever fainted, it would be because you overexerted your..." he stops. Maybe that's a sore point right now. "Anyways, pretty sure you're too tough for that."

"Yeah. I dunno what I'm going to do. Some part of me wonders if I should just resign myself to enjoying it while it lasts, or something, but I know in the long run that wouldn't actually make me happy."

"I seriously considered flooding her with dark energy or something, but then her friends might fix her and she'd just be more upset on the other side." The fact that he says with without any sarcasam or humor may indicate just how far gone he might be.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-04 01:15:05 50410
"I'd make some joke about having a priest bless it, but that might be a bad idea. Something or someone might explode. Kyouko's a wildcard. Don't try to make it sound like anything it isn't." Advises the mage, nodding sagely.

"/HEY/! I only fainted after I teleported the idiot Puella away. Not a second after." A nurse peeks in. "Keep your voice down, Miss Sharpe."

Hannah makes annoying talking hand motions as the nurse leaves.

"That's better." The savage Hanners is mollified. She continues on though, by putting her hands on her hips and looking at Takashi with a serious frown.

"Don't. Just like you said, it won't make you happy, and you deserve the best. Settling for second best isn't at all like you, Ta-kun. So if I even hear a whiff of you doing something that stupid, I'll beat some sense right back into that skull of yours!"


Only once she's sure she's gotten the point across, does she continue. "Yeah, reeeal bad idea. I have a feeling that'd just result in Ta-kun Lab Accident Number Three. That's tempting fate right there. Maybe show her something she considers 'good' being done with Dark Energy! Give her evidence. She's like you, she overthinks stuff, so if she has solid evidence, maybe she won't consider you this evil-good mixed drink wrapped up in a science shell and see you for who you really are."
Takashi Agera 2016-08-04 01:40:25 50412
"I don't think any self-respecting priest wants to be anywhere near either of us." Takashi says with a laugh. "We got enough problems, anyways. Best not to draw any more attention."

"Yeah, keep it down." he says, sticking his tounge out as the nurse leaves. That goes into a full on akanbe at her back.

"Sure, sure. I won't settle. It would go against everything I ever knew to settle for second place. I'm not even really happy in first, because I could probably be better than that. The greatest." No exaggeration there, either.

"Yeah, well, I guess I've beaten the 'saved your life' horse enough I should find some other way to help out. Though I admit it's tempting to cheat with that instead of waiting for the right moment. Damn, this is what I get for dating a genius." he says. "Anybody else I'd be sure of not figuring it out."

"Oh well. Just have to do things the hard way." he says with a laugh.

"We really need to talk more. Especially with things continuing to be so strange..."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-08-04 02:02:11 50414
"Good point. Last thing I need is attracting trouble from on high." As if she hasn't been tempting /that/ all along.

Hannah can't help it. She /giggles/ at Takashi. He seems so much more /human/ as of late, and she loves it inside.

Two thumbs up. "That's what I wanted to hear! Good. I've got a good feeling this time, Ta-kun. Yeah, that particular horse is pretty much glue right now. So don't lean on it too much."

A shake of the head. "That's the problem with geniuses, they see more than you ever expect, and they /don't/ see what you need them to. Vexing, really." Is she being sincere, or teasing Takashi? Probably both.

A nod of agreement. "We both need more talk, and more down time. It's bad for you after a point. Speaking of down time, I'm way too loopy, so get out of here before I start confessing my deepest, darkest secrets." Reeeach, and she throws an arm around for a squeeze-hug.

"Don't be a stranger, Ta-kun."