Not A Foo Dog

Jiaying meets Ariel! And, uh, Lucky. One of these goes better than the others for some reason.

Date: 2016-08-05
Pose Count: 19
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 19:29:08 50586
Jiaying Maki is escaping her apartment more and more. It keeps her mind off of recent failures and she's totally not trying to find local hauntings by listening into rumors and playground stories, not at all! It's early afternoon, cloudy and hot, but not as hot as it has been, which is even better for the fox girl. She's currently dressed with the usual, that is a long skirt and a sleeveless hoodie which currently has the hood up and sporting two little bumps that she'll insist are just her hair being weird. She's being lazy. Again.

She's currently on her phone, having forgotten her original plan of walking around the park in lieu of reading a book by the looks of it. Though she does stop from time to time to send a text message to someone or multiple someones. At least it's not super crowded yet!
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 19:42:42 50587
    Ariel has been busy of late! Perhaps not as active in the secret world of magical heroism as some of her friends, but she has a reason! It is a very good reason. See, being 'the strange little foriegn girl' has led to something of a need to better acclimate, and her focus has been mostly on school.
    At least until that stopped being an option, with school out, now. Still, there are assignments to handle while on break, and more of the city to explore. For now though, exploration is on hold. She's settled on a park bench, scribbling away in a notebook, rummaging through another textbook in some clear self-study. What might be a little odd is that, despite the season being out, she's still in her Seishou school uniform. Or maybe it's the absolutely gigantic dog curled up around her feet as she quietly works.
    Strange foriegn girls are going to be strange foriegn girls, after all.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 19:47:44 50590
Jiaying Maki is well familiar with being the strange foreign girl! She's a strange foreign girl after all! Leaning back against the bench, she yelps and flails for a moment, jerking forward like she was burnt. Looking around to see who saw such a glorious display, she quickly gets to her feet and hurries along. She's not paying attention, which is why she misses the great big dog. She's worried about normal dogs, let alone those bigger than her. She gets fairly close without noticing the dog, whether it growls at her or not and she stands there transfixed. Does she run? They're usually faster, but she has tricks for that by now. Maybe she can keep walking and it will ignore her.

This goes on for a few seconds, though it feels longer when she spots the girl in the school uniform, which is strange. "Uh... hi?" she offers, hping maybe the girl has a leash on the dog, that'll work. Get her attention so she can hold the leash, yes!
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 19:57:10 50592
    That yelp is all it takes. Both the girl and her hound glance up in unison. She stares silently with golden eyes, halting and going still enough to almost be mistaken for a statue. The dog merely cracks one black eye open lazily with a silent, but curiously intent stare, lifting head enough to just sniff at the air in Jiaying's direction. His ears prick up.
    Thing is, he is... Huge. Massive is more of a proper discriptor- as he looks big enough to be ridden by a small child without issue at all. And he's not on a leash. Ariel tilts her head slightly, but then manners overcome curiosity very fast, pale lips tugging into a warm smile. "Hello!" She pipes back, chipperly, completely oblivious to the other girl's worries. "Did you want to pet him?" Apparently even mistaking the reason why Jiaying greeted her in the first place.
    The hound on the other hand is still staring, though he issues a big lazy 'Wurf', and lowers his head.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 20:01:04 50593
Jiaying Maki hops back at the bark from the dog, gone totally white at this point. Both hands up she says, "No no it's okay, I uh-" She slowly steps away from the dog, not breaking eye contact, trying to make it obvious she's backing away. "I'm allergic to dogs!" Yes that's a good excuse, perfectly good. Those two little bumps in her hood twitch. Maybe she can get her ghosts to distract the thing. She looks over her shoulder at her shadow, then checks her pockets, quickly patting them down before clutching the charm she wanted in hand.

"He sure looks frinedly though, y-yes!" She sounds totally convincing too. She glances left, then right and takes another step back. "He's quiet too, that's rare." she's trying not to say that he's huge out loud. Normal sized dogs are bad enough!
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 20:16:20 50595
    Now that. That just makes Ariel's head tilt further. It's almost bird-like, the way she turns to better look at Jiaying with one eye. But that hound is just STARING. She looks pretty fairly confused for a moment, golden eyes flicking from this new girl, to the big dog at her feet, and back.
    "Oh..." Allergic. That's one way to put it, but she seems to take it at face value, rather than question it. "I'm sorry to hear that."
    So no petting. But the motion under that hoodie now gets the attention of both girl and dog, Ariel's head shifting to a new angle as her brow knots. One finger comes up- but pauses before she can address the new object of her curiosity. That would probably be rude anyway. So she moves right on; closing her books and reaching down to run fingers through the massive lump of shaggy fur beneath her. "Oh, he is! Lucky is usually very good with people. It is because he's mostly pretty docile and um... Laid back?"
    Her Japanese isn't perfect. It's accented obviously, and actually archaic in manner; but about as polite and formal as anyone can get. "Um. I'm sorry but... Is everything alright? Are you well? You seem a bit..." She wants to say 'skittish', but opts not to,
    Lucky remains stone silent.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 20:23:13 50597
Is really trying not to be suspicious, but really, it's a giant dog! How do they even get that big? That's just not right. Is that natural? Is it a foo dog? Another half step back, though the odd way of being looked at gets her to stop. She glances around, then grips the charm in her pocket and sends a flare of magic through it. There's the echo of laughter from behind her, then the brief moment of movement as something escapes from the charm and hides in her shadow.

"Oh I've got bad luck with dogs, allergies aside sadly! They tend to bark and bite and that's just- I'm glad he's laid back, very yes." Her own accent hints that she's an out of towner! She's a text book Japanese user as well, though she's picked up a more relaxed and less formal manner of speaking having spent the last few months with the Japanese students and all.

"Oh I'm fine, I'm fine. Just uh... Just got out of the hospital! Had stitches put in, feeling uh- iffy?" She's a really bad liar. Who feels woozy from stitches? Oh and she avoids hospitals. And vets.
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 20:55:47 50600
    How suspicious! Or at least it would be if Ariel were inclined to such feelings as suspicion. No it's more a bewildered curiosity that holds Ariel's attention. But the giggling echo of laughter doesn't go unnoticed. Ariel sits up straight like a bolt, golden eyes trying to peek behind Maki- and Lucky is up in an instant as well, ears perked.
    Now that gets a growl. Very low and slight- more protective of Ariel, than anything else, but she stills it with a hand on the hound's scruffy fur.
    "Oh. Stitches." She murmurs, brow knotting. "... Are you sure?" Now even she is skeptical. But then she shakes her head. "Well. Lucky won't bite, I can promise that much. Um. Well unless he's given good reason to."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 21:02:27 50602
Jiaying Maki has nothing behind her at all! Well nothing immediately visible. Whatever it was is gone now, maybe? There is a brief hint of chill right around Jia, but she seems just as scared of them as- well she seems more frightend of them.

The hound standing up gets her to back up a couple of more steps, "Nonono, easy easy. I really am hurt, don't look at me like that!" Is she talking to Ariel or the dog. Either way she looks quite frightened now that the dog is standing and even growling. "I don't know why they think they have a reason to around me alright!" Well she does, but Ariel doesn't and, 'fox ears' gets funnier looks too. Not that she's great at hiding those either.
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 21:10:09 50603
    "L-look at you like what?" Ariel nearly squeaks. The heights of utter confusion have been reached. In fact, now she's looking a little distressed herself. Though the growling has stopped with her hand on his neck, Lucky's reaction seemed to be a defensive one- protective even, despite the fact that the hound's eyes speak volumes of 'I know what you are, I can smell you'.
    A snort... And he lowers back downm curling around Ariel's legs again. But it's too late. The dawning realization has settled in.
    "... You don't really like dogs, do you?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 21:12:54 50605
Jiaying Maki flattens her ears, the movement rather noticeable as she says, "They scare me a lot actually." Well at least she's honest about it. Stepping from foot to foot, she slowly lowers her hands and puts them in her pocket, trying not to watch the dog too much. "Kind of tired of being bitten honestly. Even the little ones usually chase me."

"I'm friendly though! I even used to try to bribe them with jerky." There's a murmur of, "I could've eaten that jerky instead too, ung-" she stops, taps her foot against the ground and she continues, "He really won't bite?" She's not taking a step closer until she's got some kind of verification. Even then!
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 21:30:28 50607
    And that does it. The actual admission. She's scared. Ariel should have seen that. But she didn't. Fear is such a wholly new experience for her, as it is. But if Jiaying is clearly no threat as she tries to present herself, Lucky gives another low 'wurf', and lowers his head, resting chin on his paws. The best Ariel can do is offer a wan smile.
    "I see. He won't bite though, really, if you're friendly. He only does it if he ah. Thinks someone is going to hurt me."
    That should hopefully settle the issue, but she does cover her mouth with one hand to stifle a giggle. "I don't think you need to worry about bribing him, either."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 21:36:52 50608
Jiaying Maki very carefully takes one step closer, then another, watching the dog intently the whole time. She stops with plenty of space between her and the dog to react. "I uh- If you're sure." She definitely smells afraid of the dog. She takes a step to the side, away from his head and says, "I'm Jiaying, I uh-uh, he's big." She's a master of the obvious.

"You sound like you're from out of country too, where are you from?" She doesn't look Chinese, but just in case she asks, "Ni hui shuo zhongwen ma?" just in case. She's definitely more comfortable with Chinese too. She's still keeping her distance from the dog though!
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 21:47:21 50611
    Every step closer Jiaying takes, Lucky keeps an eye on her, but now he's back to his previously lazy default state from before. "I'm very sure." Ariel confirms again, folding hands together on her lap. Lucky doesn't react, he lounges, though that nose does twitch as he scents the approaching girl more, now.
    "I am not from here, no." She also admits to that, when it comes up, but then the stream of Chinese hits her. Ariel gives something of a funny look; the kind of poilite nod and smile that clearly says she has no idea what Jiaying just siad, except without actually nodding; just smiling; albeit awkwardly.
    "Aheh heh... I'm sorry? My mother didn't teach me that language before I um. Arrived." Nope, that went clean over her head. But yes. He is big. VERY BIG. "Mm. He usually gets me where I need to go pretty fast." Which proves that she does in fact ride him like a mount. Or gets dragged around, anyway. "You don't have to be afraid of him, though."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 21:58:38 50615
Jiaying Maki eventually makes it to the bench. She's dragging her feet by that point. It's only then that she realizes she doesn't smell dog. She looks suddenly very confused. Looking at the giant thing, she carefully sits down far away from it and asks, "What is he actually?" Well, it could mean species right? The lack of understanding of Chinese was kind of expected and she doesn't look too upset, but it was worth a shot.

"You ride him? That must be kind of nice actually." She lets out her breath slowly and asks, "What's your name by the way? Did I miss it? I- I wouldn't be surprised if I did miss it after uh, that. Yes." She watches the giant thing for a moment longer, then slowly reaches out to try poking it lightly, to see if it's solid since she's now having doubts with it's scent. She doesn't think too much that they smell similar because that's a big one!

"I did mention my name right?" She's got her breathing under control, though her voice is still clearly pitched up in the hint of fear there.
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 22:11:23 50616
    No dog smell in the least, really. It's an earthy smell, sure; but he smells more like the park around him than an actual dog would. That and his behemoth size probably make fore a very strange combination. But there's plenty of room on the bench, by the time the other girl finally arrives. But to actually ask what Lucky is... Gets that funny look from Ariel again. There's a mild fidget, and she tucks an errant lock of silvery hair behind an ear as she looks down to the dog- and he looks up at her almost questioningly.
    Well she doesn't want to lie. Lying is, bad after all; at least so she has been taught. So it takes her a beat to formulate a response that isn't a DIRECT falsehood.
    "Well. Lucky is... Lucky." She settles on that. Because 'a star' might make her seem insane, as much as fox ears would. "I found him when I was very little, and he was in bad shape after ah... A long fall. So I took care of him, and now that he's big, he takes care of me." There. That's true in every way, and she nods, seemingly satisfied with her answer. "And yes, I ride him." That's also true. And it clearly makes sense to find him quite solid to poke- though that makes one handleg twitch, shifting slightly to scratch at where he gets prodded.
    "I'm Ariel, by the way." There! That's her introduction. "And I don't think you mentioned your name~."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 22:21:34 50618
Jiaying Maki hesitates as she watches the dog quietly. "He's not a foo dog is he?" Well, it's a big dog looking thing, but not. Sure it doesn't look like a foo dog, but it's close enough. "I totally said my name- I think. I'm Jiaying."

The scratching gets her to jump back away from the quasi-dog. This causes her to yelp, again not quite human sounding and she reaches back to hold her shoulder. Then she drops her hand and offers a pained smile to cover this all up.

Oh, those two points are visible, as is the brief hint of a green tailtip. This will teach her to go out without a disguise. Especially after she teased Ayana about it-sort of.

"It's nice to meet you too." She offers after some thought though, watching both curiously. "It's always need meeting new people out here isn't it? And there's so much strangeness about, it's always a new day." she sounds like she's trying to convince herself it's not a dog now.
Ariel Theodore 2016-08-05 22:47:06 50622
    "A foo dog?" The term seems to be unfamiliar to Ariel. Though Lucky is arguably large enough to be one, he certainly does not match the statuesque depiction of guardian lions, but then her question is answered in the same moment. She shakes her head. "No, I don't... Think he is?" She looks to Lucky again, and he seems to almost shrug, with his eyes.
    But when Jiaying startles and scootches back, he simply looks up at her for a long, lazy, moment. A 'ruff', and... He rolls onto his side. Lazy is seriously the key word here, but then when the hoodie comes a bit out of place- and even tailtip... Well that gets Ariel tilting her head again. "Ummm."
    Politeness first, Ariel, She mentally chides herself.
    "Oh, yes! Nice to meet you too! ... Yes, people here have been um... Interesting." That's a good word for it. "I didn't know very many people back home, so everyone and everything is still kind of very new to me."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-05 23:01:08 50623
Jiaying Maki sits on the edge of the bench, half-on half-off while watching the dog. She reaches up and tugs at the hood, pulling it down a bit tighter. There's a hint of magic, some kind of mist around her that makes the tail look and then disappear. She caught it, but she's not sure if Ariel did. She looks annoyed at herself, looking at where it was though. "I knew a lot of people back home myself!" well, she knew a lot of things that were sentient, people were a bit rarer. "Are you enjoying it here too Ariel?" she stops, running it through her head and tries the name a few times, trying to make sure she's pronouncing it right, which ultimately ends with her overpronouncing the l, but she's trying at least!