Library research

Nagina, Jiaying and Norie stumble upon each other in the library at King Pengiun park. They find out about Nagina's pet snake, Kuraken, talk a touch about HP Lovecraft and ends with an open invite to ghost hunting

Date: 2016-08-11
Pose Count: 24
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 19:27:16 50929
Nagina Hasane could be found sitting in a little nook she herself found, sitting upon one of those supposedly more comfortable chairs. Beside her seemed to be a small pile of books ranging from encyclopedias on reptiles, pet healthcare books and some school books for the summer homework she got assigned. Clad in a dark purple hoodie and a similar coloured skirt with black stockings below, one might think her mad for wearing such a thing in the middle of a hot summers' day, if not suspicious! (True, assumedly the library had airconditioning, though that would not change the fact she would have to have gone through the blazing heat to get there!)

From the side it might be somewhat harder to discern what book she was reading, yet she seemed somewhat distracted, perhaps? She did not exactly have headphones on nor earphones in, yet she smiled gently to herself, occasionally turning her gaze down as if inspecting her phone.. Or something at the front pockets of the hoodie. From a distance, one observant enough might see her lips move, though, as if whispering to someone. Those even further observant might spot that the book had a few pictures of a variety of scaled creatures that one might see belonging to someone as a pet.. Were the library any more busy, she might not have spoken, yet as it was summer and a break from school, who would want to go to the library? Assumedly, at least, 'twould be rather peaceful and quiet upon one's entry.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 19:41:50 50930
Jiaying Maki would want to go to the library! She's looking for a couple of strange books even. She's wearing an elbow length sleeved button up blouse, amber in color and a charcoal grey pleated skirt. She's got her satchel held by the handles rather than carried across her shoulders and she's still moving stiffly. Setting the bag down right next to Nagina without noticing, she wanders off, talking to herself, or something else in Chinese. It sounds like she's reminding herself of what she's after though.

This only takes a few moments. The stack of books, it looks like she literally grabbed a handful, is a list of hauntings ranging from serious books detailing 'true' stories all the way to what could be best described as 'awful ghost bro shows supplements.'
Lacrima 2016-08-11 19:52:06 50931
Jiaying wanted to go the library. Since she had nothing better to do, and no appointments related to Riventon or Eclipse, so she went along. She'd decided to wear her usual nothing fancy-- white blouse with floral pattern- skirt- shoes. She's placed her own pile of books next to Jiaying's pile.

At the top is 'Twilight'. It's probably the only series Norie or Lacrima hasn't read because they let others opinons color her own sometimes.

She sits down and gets two pages in. Then immediatly places it back down to her right and grabs the next in the pile, 'Queen of Kings'. It seems others opinons were accurate.

"Remind me not to bother with that series again." she says quietly to Jiaying in her usual nearly emotionless deadpan.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 20:04:24 50932
Nagina Hasane heard someone approach.. Two someones...! Quickly killing her smile and moving a hand to her stomach to, rather carefully, brush something into her front pocket. Her head turned to the side, hearing the Chinese muttering before seeing it was Jiaying, only to spy her returning with books. The girl, all too proud of herself being observant, noticed just what types of books they were! Leading her to lean in and ask with a whisper.. It was a library after all... "Got a case that needs solving? Something you did not quite know? Oooor... Is this just pleasure reading for you~?" Not as if she were one to talk, mind you, considering her own little short stack. Still, the little jest let her reform her smile. Genuine, still, just a less idle one and instead a slightly more playful one.

Then she saw Norie's own little pile, smiling to her and giving a little wave. The girl wondered just what those books were, yet rather than trying to peek in too much, she simply spoke "That bad, huh..? Ahh.. I'm Hasane Nagina, also! Pleased to meet you!" Though her expression might not be as cheery as when talking to Jiaying, it was still an odd skittish type of cheery. Her head seemed to be glancing down to her front pocket again for a moment before the other could answer, keeping a hand inside of her hoodie at all times now in contrast to when the two entered the library.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 20:11:35 50933
Jiaying Maki takes the top book off of her stack and flips it open as she sits down. She literally just picked a random spot. Nagina's question catches her off guard though as she had been a bit distracted with something or other. Book set down, she looks to the new girl, rests her elbow on the table and her chin on her hand. "Norie, this is the girl I was telling you about that we ran into at the zoo. You smell like the reptile house you know." She already sort of gave up the game with the girl already, so she's not too concerned about it. Though there is the fact that it's a library and quiet and she just barely lowered her voice. Face palmed, she says, "I won't say anything if you don't."

To Norie, she was about to comment, but she saw the first book on the stack, hesitates as she's about to comment on it, then sighs in relief as it's put aside. "Do you think that book's as bad in English as it was in Chinese? It was stilted and the main character was boring."
Lacrima 2016-08-11 20:20:50 50934
Norie Okana looks over to Nagina and her eyes narrow a bit. Norie doesn't quite come off as the most friendliest of sorts. Maybe she used to. When she was human. But not right now. "Lacrima." she corrects Jiaying. Norie is a girl who ran away and hasn't been seen since. Norie may be fine in private, but...

Not seemingly in public.

"It wasn't very good." she says as she reads her book.

"Nagina." she says quietly.

"Are you resarching something too?" she asks in that deadpan still as she reads at seemingly the same time.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 20:32:44 50935
Nagina Hasane pauses... Ever so slightly headtilts... Feeling a little bit ignored when her comment was, indeed, ignored. Still, 'twould seem the fox was wiser... Or at least more intelligent.. Than the previous encounter's care-free-seeming-nature might have let on to Nagina. A little pout crossed her lips, yet rather than complain or defend herself.. She silently acknowledged to herself she was busted, only to have it confirmed? Either way.. The girl's own words seemed well picked enough, she thought, not quite certain why it would earn such a reaction! Whatever the process might have been, the result was her retreating that little bit more for a moment or two to let it all process.

The correction of names between Jiaying and Norie..? Or was it Lacrima? Seemingly Lacrima.. The girl's name rang some bells, albeit moreso in a sense of trying to recall the term. She could have sworn she heard it somewhere.. Perhaps on a passing TV show, or her parents going on about fine wines. Either way, she felt a little tone was set by the purple haired one, giving a little bow of her head in polite greeting once she heard her name repeated. Assuming the question was aimed at her or both of them, she regrew a faint little smile "I suppose you could say such, in my case.." Turning a page on her book with one hand, the other occasionally curling and uncurling her finger hidden in the pocket, though occasionally making it rise and lower ever so slightly in doing so, all the whilst observing the book and looking at pictures of small snakes and cute little lizards such as geckos
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 20:43:54 50936
Jiaying Maki glances at Norie and whispers, "Wait wasn't it Maria? What did I say?" She's a bit distracted, probably spent too much time indoors lately. Or talking to other strange foxes at a shrine while being weird herself. She then turns back to Nagina and adds, "I don't think she's researching, I bet she's just looking at the pictures~" Teasing in tone, she leans back to Lacrima and murmurs, "Remind me to change your phone contact too by the way."

Looking through the book, flipping back to the index, she answers Nagina's question from earlier, "Researching, reading for fun. Did you know most of these hauntings are fake? Or caused by other things like bored students? It's kind of funny." Is she actually denying the supernatural or being honest? Who knows.
Lacrima 2016-08-11 20:51:14 50937
Norie Okana looks over to Nagina and blinks. "Pictures...?" she asks as she tries to look over to see what Nagina is looking at. "What are you two talking about?" she asks curiously. Pause. Reptile house. That's a teasing tone.

"Oh, are you in love with a snake monster?" she asks very curtly and plainly- deadpan without judgement in her voice.

Yeah that's what she assumed- toward's Nagina.

She looks back to Jiaying. "Lacrima. For now." she says flatly. "I still haven't decided if I'm even taking a new name." she says matter of factly.

She looks back toward's her book as she thinks a little on things. "... I wonder if Cleopatra was actually a vampire..." she says quietly.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 21:05:10 50938
Nagina Hasane looked somewhat confused at all the hush hush whispering, but did not quite pry. Hearing the teasing comment she gave a little internal cough in reply. A hint of red appeared on her cheeks, wondering as to whether or not she should tell. Sure, she found out both seem to have something 'out of the ordinary' going on, yet that did not mean she knew what would be strange to them or no... Wait, love? Well... She wouldn't quite call it a monster, but.. She tried to regain a hint of compuser, speaking in a hushed tone "I'll have you know.. I'm a proud snake owner! And.. Well... Was thinkingofgettinganewpet... I mean..!" As if to put emphasis on her words, she picked up the book and held it out, pointing to a little picture ( )"Tell me that doesn't look adorable...!" Careful not to raise her voice, though that did not mean she was not adament about her words.

As for the comment on the researching bit, she blinked at the answer she got, at the trivia "I.. Would have guessed as such, though surely some are real? I can't tell you which is which, but surely..?" She asked, all the while not quite finding it in her to comment on the whole name changing subject, not quite daring to pry. After all, she kind of enjoyed the little peace here and now, a friendly chatter... She missed this.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 21:13:01 50939
Jiaying Maki looks at the snake curiously and says, "I ate a snake once, or a snake spirit? It wouldn't go away and kept attacking things. They taste kind of like chicken with crunch." She taps her finger against her chin and adds in a murmur, "I miss chicken feet done traditionally. Don't miss some of the traditional egg methods though." Trip down memory lane finished, she shakes her head and says, "It's cute, sure?" The question from Norie and Nagina's response get a soft giggle from her and she leans forward, "Wait really? Like big and scaly? Wasn't there a Gojira monster like that? Or is it like those..." she stops, trying to remember the phrase for it. "It's like Zhulong, you know, person head, snake body? He's more of a dragon, but if you see the art?"

"Oh some are real. But these books don't get enough of them right. It used to annoy me when I went looking- That or someone beat me to them. But then, if the books are up to date ,that means they should be there too right?" She looks to Norie over her shoulder and sighs. "Lacrima it is. I prefer Yanlei, it sounds less... I don't know."
Lacrima 2016-08-11 21:24:17 50940
Norie Okana looks over to Nagina's book and she looks softly as she purses her lips. "It's cute, I guess." she says softly. Deadpan still. She says softly. "How many snakes do you own? I only have one thing like a pet..." Jiaying has never seen Norie with a pet as long as she's been staying over. "...but it's unconventional of sorts.". Nyubey is defintily uconventional.

She looks to Jiaying softly and blinks once. "Lacrima is what it named me. I prefer that name for now. What's 'Yanlei'? Is it a translation? That's close enough I guess if it is." she shrugs softly.

Things like 'Gojira's' and Jiaying's chinese monsters don't ring many bells with her as she closes her book softly as she places it into a pile seperate from the Twilight she put over to her right somewhere earlier. She does add:

"Not everything is always the same. So not everything is going to be 'right' all the time." she says.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 21:27:28 50941
Nagina Hasane for a moment looked horrified at the mental image Jia managed to instill into her! Even going as far as to slightly turn and face her front away a touch, as if protecting something in front of her from Jia. Silent little whispers below her breath coo'ed a "Don't worry.. She didin't mean you.." Before she focused her head back at the others as the teasing continued, pouting "Kuraken isn't a love interest!" Speaking slightly louder than she wanted. A moment of silence.. Then another moment of restraint, speaking more quietly again "And.. She's not monster.." The question of how many she owned, she simply spoke "One!" Pause... "So far. And oh? You're a pet owner?" Cue lack of forgoing the name for the sake of not butchering it. "How is it unconventional? If.. I might ask, that is...!"

These names mentioned seemed to have her accent in the way, so she'd attempt to prevent pronouncing them entirely, instead focusing on the ghost bit, asking "Was looking for the ghosts never scary? I mean.. Not saying all would be harmful, but.. For someone like me who can't exactly touch them or easily see them.. There is something somewhat frightening to that." All the whilst giving a little agreeing nod to Lacrima, whilst she herself set her book down to continue browsing.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 21:34:06 50942
Jiaying Maki looks over her shoulder at Norie and murmurs, "You know, I'm starting to see why people thought I was... weird for talking to Meifeng." It's still said in a teasing tone and mostly seems to be a joke about herself more than at Nagina's expense. For the most part. Then she scowls, finger up like she's about to argue a point with Norie before just letting it drop for now. "What pet? Have you been sneaking a pet around?"

The book she's been thumbing through is set aside and she gets a tourist trap type book next, offering the comment, "I should actually leave a haunting at one of these for a day or two. Would be funny." Then Nagina says something about Kuraken. Looking extremely confused, she leans back to Norie and asks, "What does Kuraken mean?" Nagina's given a curious look and asks, "So not a monster. Or not the version of monster you're thinking of? Or something else entirely?"
Lacrima 2016-08-11 21:45:48 50943
Norie Okana shakes her head at Jiaying and looks back to Nagina. She has no idea how 'in the know' Nagina is on magical stuff, but she still speaks plainly because she finds mundanes just go 'lol you play too many games' or something anyways. "Unconventional that it's a dark matter copy of an already unconventional creature that goes around granting wishes to girls in exchange for fighting creatures called 'Witches'." she says flatly.

She looks to Jiaying. "I don't bring him 'home' with me. He's technically not 'my pet' but I treat him as such and he seems to like it." she says flatly.

She looks to Jiaying. "Sounds like a name?" she says quizzically to her as she looks back to Nagina.

"If you say so." she says deadpan, sounding like another tease, but at the same time, honestly. Like she means it.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 21:57:48 50944
Nagina Hasane coould not find any justified comment about weirdness. After all, she just spoke to her pet snake, herself.. Though /if/ she was heard it could also have been considered her talking to herself. She might have said a touch too much, yet at the same time putting all the cards on the tbale might be healthy as well. She took a few moments in thought, for now.

Nagina was still new to the magical stuff scene! Not entirely certain how the science part might work.. Yet her brain wired for science had surrendered to the thought that it could not explain all, instead leading her to be (mostly) gullible. Giving the occasional nod, indicating she was listening to the other and the somewhat.. Curious.. Situation described to her, finding it hard to get a mental image.

At the resurfacing of the topic, she had made up her mind, saying quietly "Ah.. I'll show you, ok? But please.. Don't tell anyone or be surprised.." Not that she felt too much of a need to state that, she figured there was no harm in it. After all, Jia seemed experienced, and Lacrima not easily impressed. She slowly pulled her hand out of her front pocket, revealing a tiny snake with a white belly, grayish brown scales on top and darker brown stripes together with a soft looking white little ribbon around the neck ( ). One hand served to keep it out of sight from the rest of the library, whilst the other held the little snake, which at such exposure seemed to quickly go into 'hiding'. Not by fleeing, but rather by slithering over to her wrist, coiling around it and biting its own tail somewhat like an ouroboros, closing its eyes as if to pretend to be a bracelet "Meet Kuraken, my precious little Eryx Elegans~" Finishing her words, via a little pat to its head with her thumb.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 22:04:04 50945
Jiaying Maki crosses her legs and settles there in the chair, flipping page by page, kind of scanning over the details. At Norie's explanation, she looks over her shoulder and replies, "Wait, grants wishes to fight witches? Why don't we ever see any of them fighting with Shiniko then? I think he's scamming or they are." Or she really doesn't know, but that's actually probably the case and the way she says it, indicates she's still not serious. "Does Meifeng count as a pet? Don't tell her I said that, she likes to stick things to the ceiling-"

Back to Nagina, she scoots her chair over and looks at the snake. "Does it talk back?" Is she sniffing it as she asks that? Probably. Then there's a finger raised and she slowly starts to move it to pet the snake. Or at least see if it does anything when she tries. "What's Kuraken mean then?" she asks Nagina, adding, "In Chinese or Japanese. It's not Japanese right?"
Lacrima 2016-08-11 22:18:53 50946
Norie Okana nods. "Not those kind of witches. There's 'creatures' that are also called 'witches' that are more like lovecraftian abominations like the kind you'd find in the Dusk Zone." she says frankly. She looks to Nagina and her snake.

"That's really cute." she says softly. It sounds like she means it, again, but it's deadpan. Not the way you expect someone to say 'that's cute' to respond.

She looks to Jiaying and shrugs softly. She doesn't seem to know the answer to her question one way or another.

She kind of looks down though when Shiniko is brought up. She gives a loud resounding sigh and that deadpan, neutral expression goes to something like misery really quickly.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 22:27:44 50947
Nagina Hasane was a touch confused about who Shiniko might be, going as far out of her way as to ask ".. Who is Shiniko? And Meifeng? If.. It's not a bad topic, of course!" Seemingly not surprised about the fighting part for some reason.. All whilst keeping a careful eye on her snake, especially so when Jia gives it a little pat after the sniffing which.. Earned a response in the form of Kuraken slightly shivering, trembling a little to the touch as if it was a touch ticklish to it "Huh? Ah... It's based on western mythos.. Thought it a cute contrast, between giant ship eating squid and a tiny little adorable snake...~" Seems that the topic of the little one brought a warm, happy smile to the girl's face as she listened to the talk of witches. "I don't quite think I would want to encounter those witches then, personally.. Though it seems there are a lot of things that go bump in the night around these places, huh?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 22:34:04 50948
Jiaying Maki looks back to Norie and says, "So witches that aren't witches. What's a Lovecraftian? Are they like the wraith things?" Hey, she knows that Nagina's in on it, well sort of. She makes a mental note and continues to gently pet the snake, then scoots her chair back to her stack of books, throwing the tourist-y book on the stack of books she's internally dubbed worthless. Next up is an old looking back. This one she actually takes a moment to skim the table of contents, figuring the old book might be marginally more useful. "Ship eating squid? I wonder if that kind of squid would taste good. I kind of like squid, it's chewy." She probably kind of likes a lot of foods really.

Looking over hre shoulder at Norie she asks, "Did something else happen with Shiniko?" Hey suddenly she's not joking around in the back of class. "I know you were worried about her- what's changed?"
Lacrima 2016-08-11 22:51:21 50950
Norie Okana frowns. "Lovecraft was an author that wrote a lot of horror stories." she says. "Known for creating things like 'Cthulu Mythos'." she says frankly. "Most of his stories involve 'creatures that induce madness' and 'undescribable horrors'." she says. She looks to Nagina. "If you encountered one, it'd probably try to make you commit suicide. That's they're usual MO." she insists.

She looks to Jiaying and head tilts. Then frowns a bit. "I don't wanna talk about it." she says. She also wants to follow that up with 'Can you please visit Sora soon?' but that might be enough to make Jiaying wonder, so she'll ask her later at her home.

For now she gathers her books up. "I am going to go check these out." she says more sharply as she gets up and walks over to the counter.
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 22:57:50 50951
Nagina Hasane gave a gentle little shrug to the third question, musing idle "That would be one big calamari... And Lovecraftian is.. Hrmm... Insanity based horror I think it was? Though I don't really get to read such books.." Only to nod as she merely ended up confirming what was just said, taking a few more moments before responding to Lacrima "Well.. All the more reason why I would not want to encounter them, then.. Though, if I do.. Is there anything to protect myself? Or anything to be done...? Juuuust want to make certain.." Yet, after she spoke she found the gravity of the other topic, staying out of it entirely, instead merely giving a nod to Lacrima aside from pulling out her phone and raising it for a moment "If you want, you could add me on Line! The ID's Naginaga ." Then, whatever might follow, she looked at jia "So... Study time, then? Or did you finish all your books already?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-11 23:10:03 50953
Jiaying Maki looks at Norie quietly, confused at the answer she received. "You're going to need to-" She frowns and remembers a few things, like subtlety. Shaking her head and trying to change the subject a touch, she says, "I have no idea what a Chooloo is. Wonder if that's where Cthonic got it's name from though." With a huff, she flips through the book a few pages and says, "Hey Norie, do you want to go ghost hunting again with me later? Nagina you're welcome too." There's a message whispered to Norie, "Won't try to have you do anything to it this time."
Nagina Hasane 2016-08-11 23:15:09 50954
Nagina Hasane blinked "Ghost hunting?" She asked, pondering.. The offer was definitely curious... Letting the topic slide without debate or arguing. Still, she had to inquire "Is it at night? If so, I might have to pass. I, ah.. Need to study as well as be awake enough to study when I study. If not, I'm.. Intrigued. Just poke me on Line with a time~!"