Asking for help

Jiaying catches Kukai and listens to Sora, asking him for help with healing.

Date: 2016-08-16
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Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 19:50:41 51263
Jiaying Maki is frustrated, still kind of hurt and in general looking like she's just ready for school to start again so she can have an excuse to not focus on other problems! Still, a walk through the park on a cloudy day is doing wonders for her. She's got her usual satchel over her shoulder, slung over one shoulder instead of across them, holding a rice ball in one hand and her phone in the other.

Being just after lunch, the park has plenty of kids and others about, enjoying the summer break, the slightly cooler weather and fresh air. Jia bites into the rice ball, makes a frustrated sound, shakes her phone and stuffs it into her satchel seeing as how the blouse and skirt she's wearing is lacking in pockets. Simple and comfy though!
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 20:00:33 51265
King Penguin Park in the summer is lovely. Blooming flowers (of the non-Xenian varieties) everywhere, shady trees, a babbling stream of water around the shrine in the middle and running through the park, people all over, vendors selling little trinkets and snacks and items - it's a symbol of nature and man living together in harmony. Kukai Souma loves this park, which is why he's jogging through it again today - roadwork sucks, but if you've got to jog to build your stamina, best to jog somewhere you want to be. The fact that the weather has cooled off some helps too, leading Kukai to wear a simple, heavy tshirt and long shorts down to his calves, and loose, low socks in his running shoes. Daichi is jogging as well, in midair, just over top of Kukai's shoulder, happy to be outside and running around as always.

It's also fun to people watch. Pretty girls, interesting clothes, curious people - wait. That girl in the blouse and skirt, isn't that... Kukai slows down and stops, looking over at her, then turns, moving towards her. "Hey! Hello! Ah.... Hey." He grins at her, then reaches behind his head and blushes, scratching. "um. So I know your face? But I have completely blanked on your name. But hello!"
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 20:05:15 51267
Jiaying Maki looks surprised to run into Kukai, mostly because his name had come up recently. Also because the last time she ran into him, it had been with Sora and that turned into a less than pleasant incident. Didn't end as bad as she'd have thought though. She has her own little helpers out with her today, or at least one that's briefly visible, hiding in her shadow, a movement that seems briefly darker than a shadow should be. Other than that, it's about the strangest thing about her!

His greeting though, that's the one that gets a confused look from Jia. "You remembered my name last time! I was with Sora?" The fact that he's forgotten this time around really does kind of throw her off right away. Then again, she's terrible with names sometimes too. There's almost a faint echo of what sounds like Chinese, but one can't be sure they really heard it, right? Right up until Jia responds in Chinese to whatever the statement had been. She then taps her foot on the ground and- makes an improvised shooing motion with the same action? "Jiaying?"
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 20:18:35 51269
Kukai sees... something, hiding behind Jiaying, and can't help trying to see it more clearly, but it's gone before he can even get his eyes focused. "Yeah! I remember you and Sora the other day but she's sort of overpowering, you know. And.. well, I'm sorry. I'll remember from now on." He bows his head in apology, grinning at her.

Then she speaks in Chinese and he arches an eyebrow, cocking his head. "I'm sorry, what? Oh! Jiaying, yes! Hi." He laughs. "I'm sorry. Uh..." He looks behind her again. "Doooo... you have... company?" Daichi is hovering around to one side to see if he can see what's going on as well.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 20:24:24 51270
Jiaying Maki runs her fingers through her hair and says a bit deflated, "I know she can be, but you'd think you'd remember the girl she was kissing and whose name you used last time-" She stops short of what else she was going to say and shrugs, eliciting a faint wince. "She's actually who told me to find you, funny enough. Apparently she thinks you can help with healing- which if she's suggesting it. Well it's that or I go with Norie and while you don't like her, I don't like who she works for."

The question about her company gets her to glance over her shoulder. She kicks at her shadow and says something sharply in Chinese. The head and shoulders of a ghost appear out of it, wave to Kukai and says something else in Chinese (Ni hao, easy enough) and disappears again. "Meifeng. Why?"
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 20:32:49 51273
That bit about the 'girl she was kissing' makes Kukai deflate in embarrassment. "I'm sorry! I really am!" He bows his head again, contrite. "I have a bad memory sometimes, ok! I haven't had my mind on anything lately, and it's just..." He looks really upset now - forgetting her name apparently upset him quite a bit.

He huhs, rubbing his head. "...Healing? I'm not much of a healer. Amu's the main healer I know, or Sailor Moon. Possibly Asclepius, or maybe Dr. Shelby..." He nods. "I'll do what I can to help, sure. Just don't worry about Norie. What do you need?"

He blinks as the ghost girl pops up from over her shoulder, then aaahs and nods. "<Ni hao.> Oh. I just didn't know. I mean I wear my magic on my shoulder, literally." He nods to Daichi, who waves and grins. "You've always been more mysterious. Not in a bad way, though!"
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 20:43:49 51274
Jiaying Maki manages to laugh at the reaction her admitting to kissing another girl gets. She glances around, then lifts her arm slowly and patpats his head if he allows it. "She was upset about my... not going to the hospital or a vet or even the place Norie had mentioned before recommending you." She taps her chin and says lightly, "Considering her views of you, that means she's actually really worried so- here I am." The last comment gets a scowl from her and she says, "That was rude and not really how I meant it. Sorry."

She doesn't dislike Kukai, though she did have a bad habit of being a bit too honest a lot. Like the fact that she just kind of openly admits to being odd. Like with the ghost. Before she could continue, the ghost calls from her shadow, quite a bit more audible, in a distant sort of way, "Ni hui shuo zhongwen ma!" sounding surprised and pleased. Taking another breath, Jia says, "I don't know if she thought you could heal, or if you knew healers- sounds like the other. Uh... so I'm here to ask for help." There's not any biting back pride there. More just an awkwardness of asking someone who forgot your name for a favor right off.

"I don't wear my magi- I do wear my magic, but not in the way you do. She's along for the ride today. I haven't brought the other out of the charm yet."
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 20:59:21 51277
Kukai blushes a bit when she pats his head, but then stands back up slowly, smiling at her. "Well.. I'm not sure why you came to me, but yes, if you need healing, we'll find someone to heal you. Now... I'm not going to ask why you need healing - that's between you and whomever - but the point now becomes finding someone who can do the task. Unfortunately the first person I'd think of upped and moved to Europe, and the second is happily ensconced off doing her own thing. The third, however..." He waves off the rude comment. "No, no, it's all right. I didn't worry anything about it, really."

Daichi maybe squeaks, just a bit, when the ghost speaks, and Kukai grins weakly. "Can you tell me what she said? I don't know Chinese any more than hello. Sorry. And.. I know healers, yeah, lots of people - really, I think knowing people is as good as having their powers yourself. So yeah. I'll start looking for someone who can help, right away."

He nods, then aaahs. "OK. That's cool, then! Well, I'm sure I'll see it eventually. Probably."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 21:11:28 51279
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says, "Sora seemed to think you knew people." There's a beat and then, "She really is sweet when she's not... trying to mask whatever it is that's wrong." She looks briefly embarassed after. "I mean, we talk a lot, but I know something else is happening." Not sure why she's saying that. Oh well. She listens patiently and asks, "Do you know the priestess? I- huh." She looks briefly embarassed after teasing Kukai about it and muttering, "I've forgotten her name or which name she was using at the time. Oops. Anyway! Uh, I had considered asking Hannah, but apparently that would go to the same place as- anyway!" she's in a weird place right now!

The request for a translation and the lack of an answer gets a frustrated and rather long string of Chinese that fades away as the ghost fades out of sight again. Fully, beyond the slight discoloration of her shadow. "She thought you spoke Chinese and was excited. She's not learning Japanese very quickly." The last statement gets a confused look from her and she adds, "See what, my magic?"
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 21:17:32 51280
That first statement elicits a chuckle from Kukai. "Well yeah, I do know people." He looks at her, then nods. "I think... her family doesn't treat her right. So it's good to know someone is. And... yeah, I think something's going on."

He blinks, then scratches the back of his head, thinking. "Priestess? Not offhand, no. And it's ok. Everybody forgets from time to time." He's gracious about it as he can be, trying not to grin. "And yeah, Hannah, Norie, all those people, all linked together in the same bad-guy vibe. So..."

He awws. "Well, tell her I'm sorry I got her excited later. And yeah. I mean it'll happen eventually. I'll keep the hype down." He pulls out his phone, thinking for a minute. "I think maybe the best thing I can do would be to post a note on HeartNET about finding a healer, then maybe make some personal calls to a few people. Do you want them to contact me or call you directly?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 21:25:21 51282
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says, "Clearly, I meant- I guess I meant that. I don't know." The comment about Sora's family not treating her right gets a curious look. She gets the run around from everyone else, maybe she should go poking around non-standard sources! "What makes you say that? Have you heard something?" Which means she clearly hasn't.

"At least in one of those, she tries. Tried to feed her a ghost. The other one I'm controlling right now." There's a shout of Chinese and she amends, "I mean the only one I'm controlling even a little."

Jia shrugs at the apology, "She'll get over it. It might encourage her to stop being lazy about learning Japanese." There's yet another outburst and she replies sharply before muttering, "Or myself and English." The question about direct contact gets a confused look, then she says, "HeartNET? What's that? Uh- Either of those is fine. You have my number from the first time we met unless you lost it~."
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 21:39:07 51284
Kukai rubs his chin, then nods. "When I first met Sora, she took me to her house, and said that she was basically left alone to do whatever she wanted as long as she did what her family wanted. I looked up at that giant house and thought 'that must be kinda lonely'. Then her cousin or whatever, Ayana? She popped up and was kinda mean to Sora, and it made me also think 'if that's her family around her age, she must not be having the best time.' So.. yeah." He shrugs again.

He chuckles a little. "The one you're helping direct and take advice from, huh? I get the idea. Sort of like how I control Daichi - I don't, we're just in the same sort of area most of time." He nods. "Hey, I only know a little English. I'm bad at writing it, but I'm a little better at speaking it. Maybe we can work together sometimes?"

Kukai grins. "Let me keep some secrets. And yeaa...aaah. Yeah. I've got your number here..." He flicks through his phone, then nods, waving it. "Got it. Right, I'll see if I can direct some people towards you. Now. This is for you, right? Not for Sora?" He looks at Jiaying for a moment.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 21:45:29 51286
Jiaying Maki looks confused, "Ayana was mean to her? Was Sora mean to her first? They're- they're not related really. Ayana's dating her cousin. That's part of what I've been trying to get to the bottom of. Both insist the other instigates all of it, but I've seen both." The note about her being home alone a lot, then the sudden memory that... oh yeah, he's kind of an ex. "She does seem lonely, that was the first thing I ever noticed. Did you ever notice anything, anything happening? Anything weird that is?"

She holds her hands up and says, "I can choose to control her if I want to, but that's not a nice thing to do. She was just lonely and needed a friend. When we moved, I found a way to bring her with me. She's a friend! The other ghost though, I've got her a bit more... tightly bound. She's still violent and only talks maybe once a week which means she's still probably angry so- I'm going to wait before loosening the restraints. She /does/ like fighting though. She's even good if told to fight independent of me!"

Finally though, she nods. "It's best if you don't name drop if you want secrets, it gives me something to look for! But, I won't push too hard right now. Curiousity isn't always good for fo-girls. Kids. People."
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 21:59:49 51288
Kukai hmms again, then nods. "Well, Ayana seems like she makes trouble for everybody. She..." He sighs. "The one time Sora and I got together, I walked her home, then Ayana pops up and convinces Sora she'll get her in trouble for walking with me unless she kissed me. So she kisses me, and Ayana gets a picture of it, and I imagine she's still blackmailing her with it, so ever since then I've been pretty sure to avoid Ayana whenever I can. So..." He shrugs. "But yeah. With a social group like that, I imagine she is pretty lonely. As for weird? I mean, she's got a little magic, but I don't know anything more than that."

He nods and then smiles. "That's a nice thing to do for a friend, even a ghost friend. And your other one.. maybe if you let her work off some of that aggression she'd feel better. Does she like sports?" He hmms, then chuckles. "Well just keep it to yourself. And curiousity is... faux-girls?" He eyes Jiaying for a moment. "Iiii .... know there's a few other faux-girls running around, but that's a close community. You might want to find them on your own, if that's... you know, something you need to do."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 22:10:14 51290
Jiaying Maki nods, then sighs after some thought. "Huh- I don't know what to say then. I've got my own problems with Ayana." Mostly regional fox things! And maybe some frustration after the other day. The mention of blackmail gets a scowl though- "I don't think I can use my usual tricks to do anything. I'm sure I'd set the wards off at the house even if I didn't pull the ghosts free no matter what they say." There's a moment's thought and she adds quickly, "I uh, don't know if she'll ever give you the chance, but did you ever apologize to her? I'm trying to- trying to help patch things up with her and others and I want to get her to apologize for last time if I could. She keeps going too far you know?" She then hrks and mutters, "Ignore that. I'm doing it again, meddling too much."

She quickly changes the subject when the quesiton about her other ghost comes up. "Well she was haunting the library basement and liked throwing books around at people that talked too much- she also liked stacking books and shushing people. Not sure how she died. I know how Meifeng died, but I won't show that off, it's not pleasant and it's not nice to her." She looks over her shoulder at her shadow, making sure she's not doing anything weird. The mention of faux-girls gets a new sound of her, one of confusion. "What?! I didn't say faux! I didn't say anything like faux or fox or anything!"
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 22:20:59 51292
Kukai then waves it off with a hand. "I think a lot of people have problems with her. I don't think she's evil, just... kinda mean." He nods at that scowl, too. "It's not the sort of thing that I think tricks would help with. I just think she's a butt. So don't get yourself into trouble over it."

Kukai sighs. "No, I never did. I mean.. I don't think I did. It's a long story, and I don't think she'd ever forgive me. Maybe I can try at some point, though. It's something to think about. And it's ok. I mean, I forgive her - she didn't do anything I know of - but ..." He arches an eyebrow again, then grins. "It's fine, it's fine. We're all meddling a little. You're trying to help, which is good."

He hmms, then nods a bit. "Oh jeez. You can.. show that? That's terrifying. I... whoof." He shakes his head, then blinks at Jiaying's sudden confused, surprised reaction. "I... well!" He knows she did, but he thought it was faux, not fox - that's on her. His eyes narrow for a moment, then he shrugs and grins, adding it to that 'vet' comment earlier. "Ok. Sure, that's fine. I believe you."
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 22:28:57 51294
Jiaying Maki runs her fingers through her hair and brushes the slowly growing longer again strands behind her ear, "I think she lashes out, but she's always been nice." There's a pause and she asks, "Do you mean Ayana isn't evil? I don't either, but I wonder if she isn't poking and prodding as much as Sora is." Noting that she's a butt gets a laugh, "I do not think she's lower than a dog, but I don't plan on getting in trouble. I might have a way to check for that sort of blackmail thing though." The first of which is just maybe asking. Easier that way.

Not that she'll try that right now. She wants proof. Still, she shakes her head and says, "I think she will forgive you eventually. She really does try when I'm around, but it seems like she has to really try, you know?" She looks embarassed while adding at the compliment, "I think it's good, but I don't know if it's right to meddle even if they are your girlfriend. It's weird. I feel kind of guilty."

"They can show what the cause of death if it was visible, but no I can't recreate it. The library ghost, I can't figure it out, but she's taken on a different form too. Meifeng won't show it off and I won't force it though. What's there to believe? I'm not like that I swear!"
Kukai Souma 2016-08-16 22:41:01 51298
There's a sigh from Kukai and he nods. "Yeah. I'm not sure if she's always been nice, but... I suppose so. As for Ayana? Yeah. I don't think she helps. And... ok." He nods, then smiles. "It'd be nice to be around her and not feel like the tempurature was lowering everywhere. And honestly, if we didn't meddle in some stuff, they'd never have any help, so... feel guilty, but keep going." He winks.

He rubs his head, then waves. "Ok, ok. So..." He looks around. "I'll have anyone who thinks they can help call you, ok? I'm gonna take off, I'm getting kinda hungry and for once my brothers are fixing dinner. It was good seeing you again." He looks at her from one side, turning slightly as he prepares to leave.
Jiaying Maki 2016-08-16 22:45:13 51299
Jiaying Maki mimics the sigh, "I know she has a mean streak, but she doesn't let it show as much around me and I think she really tries- and I like seeing her smile." Ayana, well she's shrugged off after yesterday. "I'll- We'll see what we can do about that."

The mention of food gets a sympathy rumble from the fox girl's stomach and she says, "I missed lunch, I shouldn't do that. I already have to eat a l-I mean it's not healthy right?"