A Decision to Learn

Runealy needs to learn something important. What is this 'arcade' thing for?

Date: 2016-08-18
Pose Count: 15
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 03:12:51 51381
Rune has been to Game Center Crown before. She can tell you the basic layout, that there are distinct functions to both floors, and the general type of people who come in here. She can even tell one what the /second/ floor is for. On every visit she has made here prior, she has done her best to spend the absolute minimum of time possible on the first.

Today, having stepped out of her hired limo, she thanks the driver and then nods over to Hinote. "So... I was thinking on the time you took us to the library. You showed us through, helped us figure it out... turns out it's like one of our libraries back home, just with more room, more books, and more technology. Then you have this place. /This/,"

She sweeps a hand toward the arcade-slash-ice-cream-parlor that stands several feet away, "is what I want to figure out now. Lots of us come here... everyone seems to like it. The upstairs part is great, but the lower end is just really weird. So... if ice cream's on me afterward, I was wondering if you could run me through the part down here? I've already figured out the things here aren't 'giant cell phones', but that's as far as I got."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 03:27:47 51383
Hinote Kagari is very used to being driven around in a limo. Heck. Even before he met Runealy he was used to being driven around in a limo--- though not nearly as often. Chauffered driving is pretty great.

He steps out, dressed in his usual normal affair of black button down shirt and jeans. It looks fashionable, if not flashy.

It was nice to get out, and even if he didn't want to go out- well there's like 'all the people' out for Runealy right now--- it didn't feel right letting her go somewhere alone.

He walks into the Game Center Crown and blinks. "All this time and you didn't really explore down here, Runealy?" he asks. "Well no problem." he smiles.

He turns back to the games. "These are games." he says. "'Video Games'." he says. "You know the TV at home right?" he asks.

"These are like that. Except. They have things connected to them that let you control things on the screen to play a game." he says.

"I imagine they're very different than games in Waldia." he pauses. What games /does/ Waldia have. He imagines some... varient of Chess or Checkers in his head. Or Go. Games with a wooden board and stones or carved pieces flirt into his head at first. He doesn't ask out loud yet.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 03:35:27 51386
"I came in here once to see if there was any energy to take, or anyone to attack to get it..." Rune admits, clearly not proud of it. "Every other time I've been here after that, I went right for the upstairs area. Everything else had lots of lights and noise, like..." What to compare it to? She pauses for a moment before deciding, "Like a lot of the rest of Tokyo, but louder and it's all flashing really bright!"

Then she follows along through the interior, sticking very close to Hinote. "And sure, I know the TV. Even figured out how to use it, even if I have no idea how you're supposed to know what's on what number." Her references aren't quite right, but in all fairness the language back home doesn't have the concept of a 'TV channel' and likely won't develop it for another four to seven hundred years. References to a TV 'number' will have to suffice for now, thus.

"And yeah, these are way different. We play with boards and rules we either memorize or look up. Or we have other toys to use with it, or just imagine. What I'm seeing here looks way different, they're... they're /doing things/ even when nobody's touching them, it's like they play on their own?" She looks very confused on this point, gesturing to an unattended cabinet running its attract mode screen.
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 03:46:39 51389
Hinote Kagari perfectly understands what Runealy means by a 'TV Number'. He'll correct semantics later because anyone could understand that one and not find it silly or embarassing. He does listen as he crosses his arms a bit as he nods a bit.

"Well yeah. No electricity and toys and games are more simple than... the things we have here that flash or use batteries or have hundreds of moving or electronic parts." he says.

"Oh! Um. That's like a 'Demonstration Mode' of recordered gameplay. It's meant to attract people to them. It's why it's called an 'attract mode' too." he says with a soft nod. "It's not playing the game but it's showing a recording of someone who did play the game for the specifics of recording it." he smiles.

"Um. The Sailor V game is usually the most popular." he says.

"There's the Dance Dance Revolution Machine there. Where you kind of dance following the prompts on the screen." he says.

"There's crane games over there where you can win prizes-- kind of a game of skill trying to grab something with a claw." he says.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 04:04:05 51394
"Ohh..." Now things venture in to topics Rune can at least partially understand. Hinote is among those who introduced her to the idea of pre-recorded material, so this explanation draws another look at the screen and finally a nod. "Okay, I get it. So it can be a recording to advertise itself, and then be a game when someone goes up to it. Sailor V and dancing, though?"

She begins looking every which way, trying to identify those games even as Hinote discusses UFO catchers and skill cranes. "Prizes too? No wonder I see a lot of people here... that sounds neat!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 04:19:59 51395
Hinote Kagari smiles and begins to walk towards them, one hand in his pocket as he walks over. He peers into the machine and--- well there's plushies in there! Stuffed animals. Stuffed Senshi. Stuffed Tuxedo Kamen. Stuffed everything.

He leans back and hehs. "Heh. They're making Kamen plushies now." he smirks a bit as he laughs.

He smiles a bit and looks back. "Wanna give it a go, or wanna watch me go first?" he asks.

"Actually. I'll go first." he says as he inserts a coin into the machine. It springs to life. He places his hands on the joystick. "See. This controls the crane in there." he says as he moves it around a moment. "You only have so long to line it up though or else it'll try to grab when the time runs out anyways." he says.

He lines up quickly over a stuffed Sailor Moon. He presses the button next to the joystick and--- down goes the crane! it grabs by one of the stuffed Moon's odangos....!

And doesn't grip strong enough, coming back empty. "Whelp." he says.

"Not a winner this time." he says as he steps back.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 04:24:25 51396
"Well, they /should/," Rune is quick to defend the latest merchandising choices in who gets prizes produced of them. "And sure, I'll watch." She leans in super close at first, then quickly realizes this is probably getting in Hinote's way; a quick hop back puts her at a more reasonable distance to observe.

When she sees he has something, Rune cheers this development. "You got it! It's coming up, up, come on... ...ohh!" There it went.

"I don't know, you're a winner as far as I'm concerned." That's not quite what Hinote meant in this case, but it's what came to Rune's mind when he makes that remark. "Getting a doll out of a game box wouldn't have changed it all that much, really."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 04:37:12 51399
Hinote Kagari gets out of the way for Runealy to try and then she also lays on the compliments which ends with a blush and rubbing the back of his head. "W-well." he says. "It still would had been nice to have the doll." he says with a curt matter of fact nod.

"Why don't you give it a try now?" he says softly.

"It may be a good idea to pick out what you're going to try to go for, then try to go for it." he says.

"Also. Don't get too attached to winning. I've seen people blow mooooonths of allowance before just trying to get the one toy they want." he says with a little giggle.

"...not that it matters here." he says matter of factly.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 04:45:53 51401
"Me? Well... okay." Rune steps up, sifting through her things to find the right money to play. "Honestly, you made a pretty good start, so I'll try for the same thing you did. But... months? Seriously?"

She's looking aside to Hinote upon realizing that. "It sounds like you could just buy the actual prize outright for way less. And if I spent 'months' of our funding trying to win a doll... well."

She runs the numbers in her head real quick, and realizes aloud: "Dad would probably cut me off from any funds for a long, long time. He'd probably insist you and Gao and Vale show up at the portal to get your pay in person, slipped through it, and that I'd be reinstated once I showed I wasn't going to destroy our budget."

Then she finally activates the game. Jerky, imprecise movements follow... she's obviously not used to this kind of thing. Nonetheless, the basic idea /does/ work out; the crane descends, grabbing the Sailor Moon toy's boot. "Got it!" Rune sounds excited at first...

...And then it slips free of the crane just inches later. "Ohh... ...well, now I see why you say people could go crazy trying to win." The game releases empty air, and she shrugs. "That was still kind of neat."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 05:02:34 51403
Hinote Kagari grins. "Some people say the games are rigged just to get your money. In reality-- it's just a game of luck and skill and people can't deal with losing sometimes." he says as he sighs a bit. "The same with games like this. People'll spend a lot of money keeping thier initals on a high score chart." he says.

"I like video games. But. Not that much." he says with a laugh. He smirks a bit, before settling down and looking a little curious.

"Do you write your father?" he asks softly. "If so, is he doing well?" he asks a little with a soft sigh.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 05:07:52 51405
"Well, 'luck' would be kind of 'rigged' in a way, right?" Rune doesn't seem too scandalized about this. "So long as you know it's for fun and aren't tossing away months of money, I'm not seeing the harm. Sounds like there /could/ be some harm though if someone got really swept up in it, prizes or high scoring initial lists or whatever... I'll just have to be careful."

As for the other topic? "Sure, I do! And at least once a month he'll set a time that he'll be there, and we can talk. Usually the portal's so tiny that all we can do /is/ talk, or put really tiny things through. You saw how it is!" The first glimpse she offered of Hinote's 'new world' was through what may as well have been a hazy, marble-sized window, after all.

"He's busy, but he always makes it to that once-a-month talk. Always. It's kind of garbled like when a phone isn't working right, but we figure it out in the end."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 05:19:38 51408
Hinote Kagari nods. "Good.... that's good." he says a little relived. "I'm sure it's hard to talk through that thing. I wish there was someway to make it bigger so you could at least see one another when you talk." he mutters.

"Maybe something to ask Virtue about?" he asks curiously as he rubs the side of his head. "Maybe at least something to allow clearer talking..." he shakes his head.

"Cuz I can't help with that." he chuckles.

He sighs a bit and walks over to one of the video games. It appears to be a beat 'em up themed around fantasy with knights. It appears and older cabinet. "I used to play this one a lot!" he says with a laugh.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 05:23:37 51409
"Sure, but I don't know if they'll find out any more than I have... and I'm one of the ones it responds to." Rune realizes this might be a bit vague, and adds: "At least, the seal on it responded to me. I was able to remove that. Took a pretty big effort, but it vanished in the end. Not strong enough to build a new seal, though. That's going to be the real problem."

She takes up a quick jog to follow Hinote, leaning in close to check out the next game he picks out. "I... ...yeah, I can see why! Now you're kind of living it though, aren't you? Or at least halfway. I know it's probably not as fun," fighting monsters rarely is, "and Tokyo's not like home, but... I'd say you're winning at that 'game' too, really."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-18 05:36:23 51412
Hinote Kagari smirks a bit and laughs as he shakes his head a bit at Runealy. "I am!" he says. "And--- well I didn't exactly expect it to be all roses and flowerly speeches you know." he says. "It's hard work." he insists with a grin as he crosses his arms.

"Though I admit being stabbed by a crazy snake lady isn't exactly on my top list of best experiences." he says a little wryly.

"I'll always do and give you my best Runealy. Just remember that." he grins.
Runealy Waldia 2016-08-18 05:47:31 51415
"You've put in that work and then some, but... let's not worry about 'stabbing' and all of that right now. Right now, doing your best is here." Rune points at the ground with a finger, nodding to Hinote. "Here and by the dancing machine and the claw machine and wherever else... and upstairs too, I said I'd cover ice cream or whatever you want up there, and that's definitely still happening!"

She might have lost at the crane game, and made precious little direct progress with the other formats so far... but even the attempt seems to have been pleasing to her, eyes brighter than when she started in here full of confusion and restrained fear.