Weapons of Minor Destruction

Madison Perry attempts to rob an.. optomitrist's office? Whatever the reason, Guardian Hino and Hakuomaru aren't about to let her get away with it, at least not easily.

Date: 2016-08-27
Pose Count: 27
Madison Perry 2016-08-27 22:07:31 52778
    It's just any old Saturday evening at a small indoor shopping mall in the upscale, residential area of Tokyo. Nothing in particular to distinguish it, and nothing in particular to make anyone think this place would be a target for anything other than some rushing locals trying to fit in some last-minute shopping before things close.

    However, as ordinary and quiet as it seems, there appears to be something here that somebody wants.. badly enough to steal it. Because a few minutes after 6pm, local time, there's a sudden crash from a store at one end of the mall. This is followed quickly by the sound of a scream, then people hurrying in the opposite direction, many with phones out and glancing over their shoulders.

    The store in question appears to be an optrician's office, of all things- an eye doctor. The big plate glass window in front, formerly displaying a nice array of eye glasses, lays in shattered glistening shards on the ground. The reason for this becomes apparent as one looks through what remains of that window.

    A young blonde woman stands inside the store, confronting a clerk who cowers behind the service counter. She is wearing a distinct, ankle-length dark red and black coat which those in the magical-know would recognize as a Barrier Jacket.. and she has a pair of long, curved knives, one held loosely in either hand.

    It is with one of these that she is currently menacing the clerk. "I said show me where the laser is. Y'know, the one you use for eye surgery? I want it."

    The clerk is stammering, "B-but it's a large machine, there's no way to move it without-"

    "Show me where it is!" The pretty blonde yells, causing the clerk to flinch, then smiles sweetly. "I'll take care of the rest."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-27 22:14:36 52780
Hinote Kagari was not particularly happy because his hair was gray now and his clothes were gray and he was miserable because of it. HOWEVER, he wanted to make the best of it so he went to the mall, primarily- to obtain a pair of really expensive sunglasses that cost as much as a small scooter.

He's almost do this particular optrician's office when there's a commotion and he blinks. He peeks past the windows.


With a quick slide into what is defintitly a janitor's closet--- "To Protect Justice, I am Guardian Hino."

He then uncermoniously reopens the door as Guardian Hino, cape draped over him as he walks over to the room entrance and draws his sword with a smooth motion as he levies it toward's Perry.

"If you can't /see/ what you're looking for, then you better /lookout/, because /eye/ won't put up with this behavior, Perry." he says.

"Whatever you're here for. You're not getting it." he spits.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-27 22:19:56 52782
Yuzuki Amemori is out enjoying a night of shopping, having been taking the effort to look for helmets, leathers, a new purse and some headphones. Her shopping list is a touch eclectic. She's having an issue figuring out if some of the things she's looking at are grey, or are supposed to be orange and it's starting to really get on her nerves.

Her shopping is interrupted by a scream. Assuming it wasn't anything serious at first, she makes her way through the mall and keeps her eyes out. It's about then that she realizes there was a crash- then there's a guy declaring himself a guardian.

She uses the time to get closer to get a look at who's fighting what before joining in right away. That way she knows what side's which! Though she's sure the guardian guy is a good guy. Right?
Madison Perry 2016-08-27 22:27:15 52784
    At the sound of a familiar voice behind her, Madison slowly turns.. her self-confident grin slowly changing into something a bit.. nastier as she lays eyes on Guardian Hino. "Seriously? Are you stalkin' me, kid? I know it must be hard to get a date, lookin' like that.." She trails off, narrowing her eyes. "Wait a sec, weren't you more... orange, last time?"

    After a moment, she shakes her head, blonde hair flipping behind her. "Nevermind. All I know is, whether you're lookin' for victory or a date, you won't find either here. But I'll enjoy getting to pay you back for those burns you gave me during the escape."

    Blue eyes narrow. She's vaugely aware of some people watching, but as Yuzuki has not henshined or otherwise interfered yet, she pays her no mind. Instead, she suddenly dashes towards Hino, swinging both of her long knives around in quick, agile arcs, slashing for his neck and midsection simultaneously from opposite directions.

    As she does, she calls out behind her, "Don't go nowhere, hun!" This to the clerk. "I'll be lookin' for that laser soon as I take care of this!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-27 22:37:37 52785
Guardian Hino already has his sword drawn, thankfully, as he listens to Madison talk and take account of her actions and words and-- hey wait a minute! "I'm really sorry, but I don't particularly find knife weilding psychopaths attractive." he says. "Maybe it's just something about thier personality. I don't know!" he says.

Shit. Someone's still watching. "Hey, you get out of here." he snaps at Yuzuki as he turns around to swing his sword out in a horizontal arc--- he catches the knife going for his throat- possibly deflecting it or blocking it but the one for the midsection hits home. Argh why does every fight nowadays end with him being a big fiery pincushion and also it hurts like hell. Wince. "Nrg..."

"Ignition!" he calls out--- flame rushing out toward's Madison from his palm. Which looks weird and grey mostly, but flame!
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-27 22:51:48 52787
Hakuomaru has heard enough by the end of that. She ducks around the corner when Madison focuses on the guardian guy person. The one throwing puns around. She's sure he's not as bad as her at least- he hasn't threatened some poor clerk! Puns aside, she's already stuck her nose into other things already, why stop now! Besides, he's trying to protect her. Something she thinks is rather funny! She ducks off to the side, a maintenance hallway more than likely and does the same as the guardian. Pulling the red cord around her neck, she says, "Grasp the cord of fate!" and finds herself surrounded by the red cord until it fades away, blown by some illusory wind. She steps out of the hallway.

She rounds the corner with her nodachi over one shoulder, raising the flintlock trimmed in green and firing without ceremony, though rather than a musket ball, it appears to be an earthen spike. Her past self would approve of taking advantage of a situation before announcing yourself. As she's setting the ornate weapon back on her belt, walking forward with a steady click of her heavy looking armor audible after the bang, she calls out, "I don't have any silly puns for yo-" then she notices he was stabbed. Dammit! "Look, puns or not, you're clearly up to no good and I'm going to put a stop to it!" The sword is hefted out, swung around until she's gripping it in her other hand and she begins to charge forward, sword trailing behind her. Weirdly enough, her armor's grey too. She's not complaining about that this time at least.
Madison Perry 2016-08-27 22:57:45 52788
    Madison gives a feral, predatory grin as at least one of her knives bites home, the other caught on Hino's sword as she snarls into his face, "A little payback for all the pain you caused me last time."

    She doesn't get to say any more though, because suddenly flames (weird gray ones, but flames nonetheless) are erupting from the Guardian's palm and heading straight towards her. She ducks away with a curse, spinning in the movement, a few strands of her pretty blonde hair charring in the process.

    About this time she becomes aware of another interloper.. blue eyes darting to the side at a hint of movement, just in time for the flintlock to fire.

    One of her knives snaps up with unnatural dexterity, and the earthen spike fired from the gun shatters against it, though the shards pepper her face, causing her to flinch and at least one drawing blood from her cheek.

    "Can't you people let a girl conduct a little business?" She hisses in exasperation. As this new annoyance charges at her, she slips to the side.

    Madison moves like a snake, her agility and grace almost hard to comprehend as she flashes around to the side. "Heartrazor!" She calls.

    <<Yes, Mistress.>> Her Device answers, the red gems on the hilt of both daggers glowing in time with the words.

    "Soulpierce!" She hurls the daggers up in the air.. and they suddenly flash into laser-like beams of dark red energy, one streaking towards Hino, the other Hakuomaru.
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-27 23:12:10 52790
Guardian Hino frowns. "Is that what we're calling robbing .... wait why the heck are you robbing an optitrician!? That makes like no sense." he says as he just deals with the discomfort of that wound. He gets ready to charge in when a shot from a flintlock and he 'huhs'?

Oh thank god some kind of backup this time.

He watches as he throws the daggers in the air and he raises his sword in a defensive posture just in time to take the hit--- he mostly blocks it. It still forces him against the ground.

With a quick little flip he's back to his feet as he looks toward's Hakumaru. "This girl's bad news. Criminal." pause. "Space Criminal. Explain later." he says.

Flame dances around his sword as he swings it outwards-- flame slicing forward.

Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-27 23:20:35 52792
Hakuomaru turns her shoulder into the knife, relying on her armor to deflect the blade to the side, though the little gasp of surprise as it finds purches and gouges both through the armor and her arm do little to stop her momentum. She'll have to learn to not just charge straight in, though to be fair she's going off of the memories of a guy who tended to do the same thing.

At the last moment, at least in her mind, plants her foot into the ground and uses the momentum to do a wide, downward angled swing with the blade, hoping to use the reach and pure brute force to off-balance the- what was that, space criminal? "What? Is she after the space glasses too?" She ays to Hino after that swing as she comes around and stops in a defensive stance, left side forward, blade held at the ready. She's ignoring the pain for now.
Madison Perry 2016-08-27 23:25:58 52794
    As the two laser-like energy-blades smash into their targets, one with more effect than the other, Madison has flipped back atop the counter, her feet hovering above the ground. That's right- she's a Mid-Childan mage, which of course means she flies, though the low ceiling in the store is going to prevent her from really taking too much advantage of it.

    After striking, the two knives revert to their former form, spinning back around through the air towards her. She catches them deftly out of the air, whirling them around in her hand.. just in time to cross them into an 'x' and block the swing of Hakuomaru's blade. There's a ring of metal as she catches the longer steel on the two shorter, gritting her teeth as she holds for just a moment..

    And then Hino's slice of flame gutters towards her from the side and she's forced to dive away. It catches the edge of her coat, the material smoking and burning as she vanishes for a moment behind the counter...
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-27 23:44:47 52799
Guardian Hino looks to Hakuomaru. "Talk later. Fight now!" he says.

Madison Perry dips below the counter and he curses a bit as he makes a beeline toward's it. There's two toughts going through his mind:

'Perry's gonna try to take the Clerk Hostage'.

'Perry's making a move for whatever she came here for.'

'All of the Above'.

Regardless, he keeps his sword somewhere in front of him as he runs. Cape swishing behind him.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-27 23:49:22 52801
Hakuomaru doesn't know either of these two people or the tactics. She definitely doesn't know what a Mid-Childan mage is and she's only barely away of why she can spontaneously pop armor out of the aether. So she handles it the same way she handles the fact that she talks to her past self in her dreams now, by not focusing on it at all! She puts weight against those two blades for a moment, trying to keep her distracted, watching for an opening. As the flame washes towards the mage, Hakuomaru tries something!

Quickly planting her blade into the ground, the weight of the thing apparent when she does so, she stomps her foot hard into the ground and generates a pillar of earth behind the woman, trying to interrupt her attempt to hide! Whether it works or not, she's already trying to climb the counter to press the attack.

"Talk now, fight now! Why is she attacking a-" she frowns, what was she attacking? She should have checked that. "What's she doing here?" better.
Madison Perry 2016-08-27 23:53:14 52803
    Madison's roll over the counter is interrupted by the pillar of earth which suddenly breaks through the floor behind her, causing her to gracelessly fall off the back of the counter instead of land on her feet- but she still manages to disappear behind it.

    Guaridan Hino's instincts are good, and as he, and then Hakuomaru leap over as well- Madison had been going for the clerk, who cowers beneath the counter looking like he has no clue what is going on; probably because he doesn't.

    The two heroes manage to land between Madison and the clerk though, preventing her hostage-taking ambitions, and she curses again, switching directions without slowing down. She actually lifts off of the floor and, in a burst of speed, smashes through a door behind the counter and into the medical rooms behind the main showroom, where the doctor's have their offices and exam rooms. The door explodes into splinters as she smashes through it, but it seems that confronted with two strong opponents, she is in 'grab what you can and get out' mode.
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-28 00:10:06 52808
Guardian Hino manages to get between the clerk and Perry. Whatever Perry is after, it can't really be more important than a human life.

He frowns as he watches her smash through the door and he's in hot pursuit.

Like literarly, flames are dancing around him as he moves to chase. Not firing yet. But defintily getting ready, causing some flecks of splinters to burn to cinder along the way.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-28 00:13:43 52810
Hakuomaru pulls the second flintlock from her belt, trimmed in red rather than grin and lines up a shot as Madison plows through the door. The shot this time is a fiery dart! She doesn't place it back as neatly as she did the first flintlock, instead charging after her, weilding the big chunk of steel and wood like a club, her sword planted in the ground behind her to make up for the wildly reduced area to work with such a large sword.

The other flintlock is drawn midway to that door, even though the trim along the side seems dimmer than before, like it needs to recharge, it's still heavy enough. She follows the guardian through the door, calling out, "Just give it up!" As they round the door, she checks both for the space criminal and for any potential victims.
Madison Perry 2016-08-28 00:19:13 52811
    Guardian Hino's swift actions (not to mention Hakuomaru's) probably saved that poor clerk's life indeed, knowing Madison and her rather bloodthirsty ways. She can be heard crashing through doors even as the two pursue, the firey dart fired from Hakuomaru's other gun slamming into a doorframe just as she passes through, making her hiss and duck.

    When they finally catch up to her, Madison is in some kind of operating room next to a piece of medical equipment the size of a small cabinet, with a device on the end of an arm. She's attaching some kind of small, mechincal-looking device to it which pulses with red light.

    She spins around as they enter, her knives coming up, a sneer touching her face. "How about we just call this one even, huh? I'll just get out of your way, and ya'll can go about your business.."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-28 00:36:13 52818
Guardian Hino frowns and raises his sword a bit... "I dunno why you need that thing." he says. "But I don't intend to find out---" he says as he charges in--- trying to stab his sword forward into Madison.... his sword lighting on fire- charging all that flame he'd gathered into the strike...

"Fire Blazer!" he calls out as he tries to slice hard and fast.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-28 00:41:49 52822
Hakuomaru is in a small room, in a lot of armor, with two unwieldy weapons and a bigger one behind her. She suddenly wonders why the original Hakuomaru didn't have a dagger or fan or something on him. Maybe he did and just doesn't remember- Still, with Hino is doing some kind of big attack and she really doesn't want to accidentally interrupt that, get in the way or any other number of things that could happen.

Instead she tries something else, taking the time to slip to the side. Grey armor might be good for something afterall! And she tries to either pull the device free, or guessing by the way she's raising one of the flintlocks, she might just try bashing it to prevent whatever it is from doing... whatever it is trying to do.

She doesn't respond to the taunt until she tries this, at which point she asks, "Why would we want to call it even- it's not over yet!"
Madison Perry 2016-08-28 00:46:45 52824
    Madison lets out a curse as Hino charges straight at her (and by extension, the machine she's apparently trying to steal), stabbing his flaming sword out towards her. Surprisingly though, she doesn't use her speed to escape- instead, she puts herself in the way. Her dagger flashes up to block the attack, but isn't strong enough to fully deflect it, and she lets out a cry of pain as she firey blade cuts into her upper arm- but misses the machine.

    "You're really racking up quite a debt.." She grits at Hino as she pushes his blade away, whirling to see Hakuomaru going for the device she attached to the medical machine. "No, stop!" She snaps, "I haven't-" Hakuomaru bashes the device, and it beeps.. and then suddenly both the littl device and the big medical machine both vanish in a flash of light, leaving the room empty.

    "Set a destination yet. Dammit." Madison sighs. "Now I'm gonna have to look all over town to figure out where it landed."

    A moment later, she shrugs. "Oh well. Love to stay and chat, but looks like I no longer have a reason to be here." Plus her sliced arm is leaking blood all over her charred jacket sleeve.

    "Next time," She tells Hino, "You'll get what I owe you.. with interest." And then she's turning to dash back out through the broken door, to leap through the smashed window and head for the mall exit.
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-28 00:53:35 52827
Guardian Hino watches as some things go bad for Madison, he gets a little smug. He's allowed. "Good." he says. "I hope it's at the top of Fiji." he insists.

She runs. Hinote chases, but not very long before he curses.

"Dammit." he says. "She got away. Again." he says as he looks around a moment. Then back to Hakuomaru as he reseathes his longsword.

"Hey. Thanks for the help." he says. "I'm Guardian Hino. I'm a Guardian Knight of Waldia. You can just call me 'Hino' though." he says with a sigh as he brushes a hand through his normally orange hair.

"Dammit. This color situation sucks." he mutters.

"...you supposed to be orange too?" he asks.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-28 01:01:21 52830
Hakuomaru says dryly, "Don't care" when Madison tries to stop her from breaking the thinger. That's a technical term right? She's a science nerd, it works. Though when it blinks out of existence, she's a touch dumbfounded. Not that it lasts that long, but it makes her wild swing with the flintlock turned club more likely to miss the fleeing mage. "Oh come now, there's plenty of reason to stick around! I've got such wonderful new things to show off!"

And she's gone. Hakuomaru is most certainly not going to catch the zippy mage, so instead she calls out one last thing, "Heeeey, any time you want to try again!" Then she stops- why is she taunting the mage? Sure instinct says getting them to come to you is easier, but her sword's all the way out there, her guns aren't recharged, the grey guy's wounded. Was it herself, or something Hakuamaru would have done?

She totally zones out for a few seconds when she goes over all of this mentally. Sliding both of those improvised clubs into their place on her belt, she grins to Hino and says, "Hi! I'm Hakuomaru, a uh, samurai? We're not dueling." She says the last part as a teasing joke, maybe she's heard that debate too often.

What's that wet sensation on her arm-oh! She starts picking at the hole in her armor, murmuring to herself, "This better repair when I drop this form, I'm no armorsmith and I don't want to try it sleepwalki-" Oh yeah, guy, wounded guy. "Are you okay Hino?" Orange? "Huh? Or-oh! Yes yes, the armor plates are supposed to be orange! It's brand new too!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-28 01:12:00 52836
Guardian Hino shakes his head. "I'll be fine." he says. He's a little torn up. Bleeding. "I have a friend that handles the healing." he says softly. He frowns.

"The orange dissapeared because there's these girls who protect color annnnd the orange one's in a coma. So. No orange." he says flatly.

"That's according to what I know at least." he says. Hey being in Virtue has it's rewards. Such as. 'Knowing what the hell is going on to some degree'.

"Samurai?" he asks.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-28 01:15:44 52841
Hakuomaru leans to the side- looking at where he was stabbed and asks, "Are you sure, that looked like it was deep and-you know, not good." She rolls her injured shoulder a few times and picks at the plates, trying to get a look at the wound beneath. "Wait wait wait, you guys can heal? What's it cost? I was planning on just blaming this on a trip while jogging."

The explanation for the event gets a curious look from her. "The grey one with a lightning umbrella broke the orange one's crystal thing." Exactly! She leans back and asks, "Should we maybe find somewhere else to have a chat? I've got a big sword stuck in the ground and we are standing in a crime scene."

Distraction first though- "Oh, we're supposed to be going to a tree thing to help the orange one in the next few days by the way. Yes, samurai. Reincarnated even- you should try having a weird dead guy talking to you about being you while asking you about being you. It's trippy."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-28 01:21:10 52843
Guardian Hino blinks a bit softly. "Can't say it's the first I've heard about reincarnation and all that." he says softly as he shakes his head. "I'm sure others will be handle the orange situation I have.. well."

"That girl there is one of the threats to my friend, Princess Runealy Waldia. She intends to try to kill her, because she put her in jail for a bit. I'm not going to let that happen." he frowns more sternly.

"Most of time is spent making sure she's okay and that's my priority right now." he admits.

"I know of another samurai though. Like that. Akashimaru."

He shakes his head. "I'm sorry, my healing is in house. One of the other Guardians, Guardian Vale, handles it." he says softly.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-28 01:27:06 52845
Hakuomaru nods slowly and says, "Well, I want to help, but I'm doing it with a bunch of people who I don't actually know. I just want my armor back-" she frowns, then adds, "And to help the girl of course. Shouldn't joke when that kind of thing's at hand right?"

The backstory gets slow nods from her. "I have no idea who any of those names or people are, but I heard the screams and thought I could help!"

The mention of a familiar name gets a grin from her, "Oh I know hi-...her." She taps the side of her head and says, "Really, past life memories are great until they're not."

Finally, the mention of the healing being in house gets a shrug. "If this kind of thing keeps happening, you should wheel them out for favors from the other groups."
Hinote Kagari 2016-08-28 01:36:36 52850
Guardian Hino nods. "That isn't up to me. It's up to Vale." he says.

He nods a bit. "Oh? Well. We owe her a lot." he says softly. "That being The Guardians and The Princess." he says softly.

"You should both think about contacting Virtue. They're a group of people trying to do good. No offical structure. Just a way to keep in touch and in contact with one another."

"Also, they have healing and all that accessible." he says softly.

"I should get home now though, yes." he says as he turns and begins to leave. "Are /you/ going to be okay?" he asks.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-08-28 01:39:30 52852
Hakuomaru shrugs and says, "True true, it's their call. Just saying, we get hurt a lot right?" Well she's died before doing this thing- back then that is. "Akashimaru? What did she d- you'll probably have to tell me later. What's Virtue" beat, "I mean the group, not the term."

Still, she turns on her heel and looks out the door, waving to the person behind the counter, assuming he's still there. "Maybe. I'll talk to Akashimaru and O-Yasu about it." She smacks her arm, eyes watering in her show of bravado, "I'll be fine!" it really is just a flesh wound. But she did just smack a flesh wound.