Wings of the Swan

Runealy and Fate's evening walk is interrupted by an attack. Something wants justice. Someone is behind the something...

Date: 2016-09-04
Pose Count: 25
Odila Fairune 2016-09-04 03:03:58 53728
    It's a chilly night in Mitakihara's downtown streets, and with fall just around the corner, the wind's starting to pick up, rustling the golden brown leaves on the trees. As people hurry home from late night shopping on a late weekend evening, a massive bird like figure looms from a nearby rooftop, spreading out its impressive black wingspan, seeming to swalllow what little light shines on the city below with its shadowy visage.

    Only a few people notice the creepy shadow blocking out the moon, before it utters a single beautiful and yet bone-chilling shriek - one that might easily be lost in the wind - and in the next moment, it swoops down on the crowds, unleashing bolts of lightning upon the startled shoppers below!
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-04 03:19:34 53730
While it may not be an absolute tendency, Rune has gotten better about making sure someone is with her around the city these days. Especially at night. She had the sense to bring along a jacket - a red silk design of notably archaic materials and design, albeit with little bits of gold lining laid about it. Fancy for its time, and still distinct in modern Tokyo.

She's walking along with Fate, pointing things out in the city skyline. Various lights and buildings, for example. "It's still kind of weird to me, how things are so bright at this hour. Even after a year, I just don't get how people do that. Then again... I guess you're more used to it, and can even fly around some of this if you want."

Her gaze slowly tilts back to Fate. "What's that like, anyway? Being able to /fly/ on your own?" Rune can make impressive leaps, and 'glide' to a limited extent, but Fate has genuine free-ranging flight which is quite different. "Whenever I fly, someone has to carry me or I ride something of theirs, or so on. It's neat, but not the same as what I bet it's like to be able to really control where you're going, on your own? And..."

Her question gets cut off as she notices flashes of lightning in the distance. "Wait a minute. Isn't lightning supposed to /start/ at the clouds? That looks a little too low to the ground, doesn't it?" This strikes her as suspicious, tone lowering in concern.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-04 03:37:41 53735
    Fate may not be here with Arf, but she hasn't come out alone. She's wearing a black hoodie, oversized for her and draping around her loosely, but the actual hood is down, bunched up around her neck. Her blonde twintails flop about as she walks, and her wine-red eyes look up to Runealy as she talks.

    "Some of those lights are so people don't fly into buildings by accident, so there's always going to be at least a little bit of light in a city," she points out. Granted those lights are more for planes, but Fate would be crazy not to note them when flying.

    "Well, some of it might be similar. I think it's fun. When I fly, I feel like I can go anywhere without boundaries, and a lot of the world's dangers can't reach me. It feels a little lonely sometimes, but that isn't always bad. I also get to go really fast, and flying right next to a tall tower, with all of the lights passing by you and the wind whipping through your hair, is really cool."

    Then lightning is striking, and Fate knows that she didn't cause it. She frowns at the horizon, scrunching her tiny eyebrows. "You're right. It should." The golden icon on the back of her hand pings, and Fate repeats what Bardiche tells her. "It's magic for sure."

    One henshin later, and Fate's in her barrier jacket, feet slowly lifting from the ground. "We should go." Since Runealy can't fly as well as Fate, the small mage extends a hand to her. "Um... I can give you a lift?"
Odila Fairune 2016-09-04 03:45:14 53737
    The screams in the shopping plaza intensify as the lightning bolts increase in frequency and with greater fury. This is indeed an unnatural storm, and as the bird flies higher in the sky over the city, it's hard to miss the source of this mayhem.

    Its shadowy wings beat hard as it hovers in place, looking this way and that with its blazing red eyes, seeming to be searching for someone..

    Arching back its long slender neck, the shadowy swan continues to spew out more lightning, setting a couple of lamp posts on fire, crumbling a pillar, exploding a car. People start fleeing by the dozens, and yet the swan continues its assault.
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-04 03:50:11 53740
Noticing that kind of 'error' in the weather is a rare moment of insight from Rune; she often seems to lack information others would find obvious or they pick up on details before she would. On the other hand, her lack of context for some things means Fate's explanation is more confusing than it should be. "Weird. People in Tokyo don't seem to really understand that people with magic protect them from monsters, but they still set up lights so those people won't crash into towers?" This may not quite be what Fate meant.

"Still, you're right. We should get moving. Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Jeweled headwear appears in hand, "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to the other hand, which brings it to Rune's forehead, "Transform!" A flash of red light appears, then fades from her.

Now in full magical garb, the princess reaches up to take Fate's hand. "Sorry this kind of flight won't be much fun." She nods over at the ongoing storm, having no hands free to gesture to it outright, "But it sounds like the rest of the time, it's amazing. We'll have to..." She's interrupted by an explosion in the distance, " about this later," Rune concludes.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-04 04:02:03 53744
    "Normal people can sometimes fly, but they need airplanes to do it," explains Fate. Which probably doesn't help at all, and with Things Happening she can't really elaborate. "Okay. Later."

    Fate takes Runealy's hand, holds on tight, and the first thing that the princess might notice is that Fate is really fast. Granted, she probably already knew that, but it's a bit different when you are actually experiencing that speed. The wind whips past, pulling Fate's hair straight back. The ground falls away from them almost immediately, and rooftops race underneath them as Fate moves towards the storm. No matter what happens, Fate does not let go, and even if her grip broke she knows that she could catch Runealy.

    Fate doesn't waste time or play around, and she tries not to fly too close to anything that Runealy might find scary (assuming that rapid flight isn't scary in of itself). With her speed, it doesn't take her long to reach the thunderstorm, and see the winged figure flying among it. She finds a rooftop to set Runealy down, and then looks up at the enemy.

    "What is that up there? Is that causing this?"
Odila Fairune 2016-09-04 04:10:37 53747
    People continue to scream and utter chaos continues to enfold below. The storm continues to build in intensity and anger, and the black shadow swan continues to dance on thunder clouds as if this were all second nature. If it werent so deadly, it might even be beautiful.

    The swan utters another truly haunting yet terrifying shriek from its long throat, about to spew out more thunderbolts, when the two magical girls make their way towards the storm. It's hard to ignore girls in flashy costumes, flying towards you while everyone else is running away from you.

    But it is Runealy, more than Fate, that captures the attention of the creature.

    "YOU...!" it shrieks in a voice that sounds part swan, part human...Part monstrous in a hissing, guttural sort of way. And with little more explanation, it rushes towards Princess Runealy, openning its mouth to unleash another powerful bolt of lightning, aimed directly at the princess!
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-04 04:25:45 53748
"...Oh, right. Airplanes," Rune at least basically knows what they are; one sees enough of them flying over Tokyo on any given day. Dangling in Fate's grip probably looks very unwieldy, as the wind kicks her around a bit less 'elegantly' than it would for Fate. She takes the 'ride' fairly well, apparently having some experience with this. In fact, Rune is even starting to aim her wand at the swan when Fate ends up setting her down on a rooftop. "Thanks. Looks like that's our problem, after all!" Once again she resumes trying to aim at the attacking creature, and...

...It recognizes her? This is interesting, because the princess does NOT recognize it at all. That's odd enough that it interrupts any chance she had of getting the first shot in. That honor goes to the swan instead.

"Hn!?" Eyes wide as sparks gather, her boot wings light up and launch her into the air over the lightning... but it's a narrow hit, with a bit of it clipping one of her feet; a pained cry and sudden twitch in the leg is an obvious result, she felt that!

"Fate, careful! I'll try to keep it on me, but...!" There's no time for further elaboration. She's descending back to the rooftop at a rapid fall, but is sharing air-space with a foe that absolutely towers over her. Rune's wand launches its green orb-tip at the swan, aiming for a direct hit! Whatever it does end up impacting with, be it foe or terrain, will be subject to the gem exploding (albeit with emerald sparkles rather than smoke and flame) on impact, as another jewel immediately grows on the wand to replace it.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-04 04:38:00 53751
    Fate is watching the creature's eyes, and it seems to notice Runealy more than it does Fate. Well, Fate does try not to be recognized, but... evil things that recognize Runealy tend to be Especially Bad News.

    "Rune-chan!" cries out Fate, as the monstrous swan flings lightning right at her. Seeing that the princess is still standing from that reassures her a little, but hearing Runealy say that she'll keep it's attention...

    Her eyes widen, then narrow. She nods. It's a good plan, if Runealy can keep it up. Fate's device becomes a glowing golden scythe as the tiny mage flies low, trying to get under the swan, and then she bolts straight up! She swings her scythe, and a crescent of electrical energy flies from it at the horrible yet strangely graceful bird.

    <Arc Saber>

    Whether or not Fate's first attack hits, she continues flying straight up, swinging her scythe at the monster as she passes by.
Odila Fairune 2016-09-06 02:41:48 53968
    Sparkling green orbs burst out, striking the swam. It lurches to the side, but its wing gets nicked, enough to send it off-course, crashing against the rooftop with an annoyed screech. At the very least, it's slowed its movement, if only temporarily.

    Fate attacks next, but the electrical energy seems to do little to the shadowy creature that seems to be made of shadows and electricity. Its red eyes blaze furiously as it turns its long neck to focus upon her.

    A swing of Fate's scythe comes next, and it connects with something that passes as solid matter, striking further at the creature's wing, sending it tumbling further to the ground.

    Openning its mouth, it unleashes another massive ball of chain lightning, releasing multiple forks of blood red electricity that arcs out in every which direction, although clearly aimed primarily at Runealy, and secondly at Fate.
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-06 03:07:29 53975
"What IS that thing!? It sounded like it knows us!" Rune comments aloud once the swan is battered away and struck down. However, it's not out of the fight yet. She discovers this a split-second too late, as lightning arcs her way. Rune encases herself in a red energy-bubble shield, but by the time she does so part of the electrical blast is already inside where it forms.

This essentially results in two 'partial hits' rather than one fully sustained one. She shudders and cries out as the first half of the lightning rattles within her shield, which causes her to drop her guard momentarily after. This allows some of the remainder to get through as well, striking her such that Rune falls over backwards on the rooftop lip. This means she falls onto the roof proper, giving herself a second to stand up. "Agh... so it's able to split its attacks?" That appears to be the reasonable conclusion, she saw some of it arc toward Fate too.

The princess vaults off the roof after that, heading toward a nearby window. Her tiara lights up to fire a rapid stream of tiny green projectiles at it, blasting it open for her to land inside the building and use its walls as cover. Once there, she leans out to aim at the swan-beast and unleash a pair of thin red beams at it! They're not quite as powerful as one of her wand orbs, but she's shaky on her feet at the moment and going with something lower-intensity helps. Part of her vision wanders skyward too, trying to keep up with what Fate might be doing...
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-06 03:21:12 53977
    "I've never seen anything like this!" shouts Fate to Rune. "... but I think it's mad at you!"

    Arc Saber does nothing, and Fate notices. "Oh no!" It's not as if she was putting her all into that one attack, but a lot of her attacks are electrical! Seeing her electrical magic doing nothing means that she's suddenly limited in options...

    ...but she still has a few.

    Before she has time to use them, blood red electricity is arcing out at her! She may not be the primary focus of the monster's attack, but lighting is hard to dodge. Bardiche autocasts a spell, throwing up a yellow spherical shield around Fate which the red lightning smashes into... and then shatters, throwing Fate tumbling backwards through the air and sending a current through her barrier jacket, tufts of smoke rising from her cape and leotard. Fate grits her teeth, bearing the pain.

    Fate's tumbling comes to a stop, and her device transforms. The glowing electrical blade vanishes, and the head of her device turns to make an axehead. It's solid metal, so at least it should do something.

    Runealy's hit doesn't go unnoticed. "Rune-chan!" Fortunately the princess still seems to be fighting, so Fate replies to her comment instead. "It does! I don't think my magic works on it!"

    Fate dives at the creature, raising her axe over her head before bringing it down on the winged monster.
Odila Fairune 2016-09-06 03:29:38 53980
    The swan doesnt talk much, not since the first time, although it's obvious by now perhaps that its primary target is Princess Runealy. When Runealy assaults it with red energy beams, the swan sweeps its wing around to protect itself.

    Even so, the wing - already damaged, crackles and fizzles from the attack. Not enough to completely destroy it, but it doesnt look like this creature will be flying anytime soon with those wounds.

    Oddly enough, the swan does not seem to possess any blood, as only fizzled smoke seems to seep from its wounds. If its body is solid, it is not any normal, mortal creature.

    With another haunting screech, it leaps through the window after Runealy, darting out of the way of Fate's next attack. It may be wounded, but it's still quite agile, and fast, and as it lunges at Runealy, it extends a set of razor sharp claws, attempting to slash at her!
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-06 03:35:35 53982
"Mad at US," Rune quickly corrects; "It's going after you too!" As evidenced by what just happened. "And if yours don't work, then...?" Her voice trails, pondering this. One has to think fast in the middle of a fight, but what /can/ Fate do? 'Swinging Bardiche as a regular weapon' seems to be one solution, but... a flash of insight hits her. "Fate, come here! If it's able to hit both of us anyway, splitting up is no good! Maybe if we shield against it together?"

Any further immediate conversation is cut off by the swan hurling itself up very high, without flight, to get into the building with her!

Eyes wide, the princess ducks the claw swipe. Her tiara gems light up again, trying to sweep the swan's face with a burst of tiny emerald-sparkles. They won't do much damage even if they do hit, but Runealy is trying to get even a tiny opening to hurl herself over the swan with a boosted leap, out the window and toward where she last saw Fate; Rune definitely wants to link up with her at this point.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-06 03:44:57 53984
    Shielding it is certainly something that Fate can do! The small blonde mage sees the swan go in after Runealy, chasing after the agile creature with Fate's own considerable speed, but not having many options to actually attack with.

    The creature is between her and Runealy, though Runealy is attempting to change that. Fate hovers outside the window, and when she tries to leap over the creature Fate rushes in to meet her, and get between the princess and the monster.

    Fate swings Bardiche at the swan creature again, and while her device isn't Belkan it's still solid and magical. Afterwards, she lifts up a hand, pointing her palm at the creature, and the same golden sphere from before appears around herself and Rune, providing a shield for them both.
Odila Fairune 2016-09-06 03:54:09 53987
    At these close quarters, the swan doesnt need to rely on flight as much. At the very least, its wings, albeit wounded, allow it to glide without incident into the floor that Runealy is on, and it continues to advance upon her, slashing with its deadly claws.

    However, the burst of emerald sparkles catches it by surprise and it stumbles back a bit, momentarily disoriented by the attack. It's enough of a distraction for Fate's next bardiche assault to slice into it, dealing decent damage to its body.

    It shrieks at Fate, swiping a massive clawed wing at her and continues to rush at Runealy, openning its mouth to unleash another blast of red lightning, this time directed purely at Runealy. Seems it's determined to ignore Fate mostly, for now.

    "I will.....Destroy you, Princess!" It shrieks with fury, although its voice now seems to match that of a girl, more than a monster, oddly enough, "Make you pay..For your sins!!" Even as it speaks, it limps a bit now, its movements a bit slower. The combined attacks are slowly wearing it down.
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-06 04:17:44 53995
"Thanks," Rune gasps to Fate upon landing behind her. It feels wrong to be using Fate as a shield like this, but this thing seems fast enough to keep up with them to varying degrees and able to attack in multiple directions... nothing else makes sense here, as far as the princess can tell.

She starts to poke around Fate, hoping to line up a shot on the swan... but lightning arcs around instead to interrupt this, causing her to fall to the ground in a heap with a hurt cry! She rolls back behind Fate, puzzled. "Kill me? For... for what? I know I've done a lot, but I've never met you before!" She picks herself back up, making a hop to try to aim right over Fate's shield with another thin red beam at the swan. She doesn't get very high, both on purpose and because she lands with a wince and obvious limp afterward...
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-06 04:35:11 54002
    The wing clashes against the shield, but this time it holds. Fate looks over her shoulder with worried eyes, hearing Runealy's hurt cry and seeing her limp. This isn't good! Runealy's taken most of the damage in this fight, and as fast as she is Fate can't really keep up with literal lightning. This is going to require some creative tactics, she thinks.

    Either that or retreat, but if they do that won't it just hurt people?

    "Why do you want to kill Rune-chan?" demands the little girl.

    She considers her options. She could grab Runealy and run, but see previous note about retreating. She could grab Runealy and fly overhead, knowing that the creature can't fly as well as it used to, but that lightning means they'll never be out of its range.

    Of course, there's one thing she can do, but how effective it is depends on whether or not the creature can bypass lightning entirely.

    ansi(hy,<Lightning Bind>)

    Golden rings of electrical mana appear around the swan's joints, becoming soild and trying to hold the creature still.
Odila Fairune 2016-09-06 05:01:36 54005
    Runealy's bolt ring true and clear, blasting the swan square in the chest. It's not quite enough for a finishing blow, but it's enough to severely weaken it. It lets out a pained shriek, and is about to retaliate when Fate's magical rings bind it to the spot. "Justice!" it snarls simply, but refuses to say more, continuing to struggle against the bonds.

    It opens its mouth to unleash another bolt of lightning at the pair, but for some reason it weakens and falters instead..In facts its entire shape seems to become somewhat transparent, blinking in and out as if it might just vanish..And then just as quickly, it explodes in a burst of feathers with another large shriek..

    But rather than be destroyed, the bundle of black feathers trail away from the binding, as if carried off on a breeze, but it is tight and controlled, flying in a trail towards a specific rooftop nearby where a female figure in red and black waits. The feathers the reform and coalesce upon the girl's back to become a pair of black feathered wings.
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-06 05:12:39 54011
Fate can /do/ that!? Runealy may well have seen the Bind before, but it has slipped her memory and she's impressed. "That's brilliant! We can finish it now, Fate!" Wand twirled, she begins tracing a circle in the air with gold energy-lines. "Wardliiight..." A long chant, as the circle starts to take the shape of an energy dome.

"Epi-- wha!?" She's interrupted by the swan bursting out, shielding her face with an arm in light of this. "Did we get it? ...No," She follows the movement, facing up to the roof. With the distance involved, Runealy raises her voice to call out: "Who are you!?"
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-06 05:20:21 54014
    "Um... I can... but I wasn't sure that it would work. Usually Arf-chan handles that kind of thing," explains Fate. Then the monster is exploding into feathers, and Fate reinforces her shield, not knowing what to expect.

    The feathers fly past her, past Rune and off to a distant rooftop. The golden hemisphere fades away from Fate, and she turns around, walking up next to Rune to see what she's looking at.

    "Was she... controlling that thing?" asks Fate, rhetorically. She tightens her grip on Bardiche and keeps an eye on the strange figure. If it attacks them again, she wants to be ready.
Odila Fairune 2016-09-06 05:33:36 54016
    The girl narrows her eyes, pointing a clawed finger at the Princess. "That's not important really, is it? Even if I told you my name, you would not know who I am..I'm just another face in the crowd, one of many whose life was destroyed because of your selfishness..But now, I'm no longer powerless, and next time we meet, you will be sorry!"

    Her voice is full of rage and pain as she accuses Runealy, her wings trembling with fury. Yet, she doesn't move to strike. Actually, she looks pretty tired and weak. Summoning up that construct took alot out of her, and even her arm looks pretty badly wounded and bleeding from the battle.

    The girl turns away, sweeping her wings about her like a cloak. "Consider this fair warning. Now that I've located you, I will come back for you Princess. The next time, I will show you no mercy!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-09-06 05:39:30 54017
"Selfish...? What are you talking about?" Rune's eyes raise in confusion, trying to piece together what this new threat refers to. A few possibilities come to mind, but none of them would be a match for what's really going on here. "I asked because I /do/ want to know, so...!" She's trying to appraise the situation. Is this worth pushing a fight right now?

Maybe. Maybe not. She knows she's hurting. Their opponent appears to be likewise. Fate... seems to be 'mostly okay', but the line between 'okay' and 'not' can be crossed in an instant.

The decision to chase or not is thus pretty easy in the end. Pursuing while limping just isn't a good idea, not with so many unknowns; does this mysterious foe have people waiting to help her if they chase? Is it a trick to lure them into some trap she has set up? Could something blindside Fate, or herself, and force the other into a really bad situation?

'Possibly' is what her mind comes up with for most of those questions. And the possibility is enough to scare her out of it. She speaks to her friend with tiny gasps in voice, clearly shaken, "No mercy... we should probably get going, then. Fate, are you okay?"
Fate T. Waldia 2016-09-06 05:53:55 54020
    Another enemy, and with similarly few explanations and answers. Fate looks up at Runealy, and then at the distant figure. Fate knows that Rune has had to make some hard choices, but she isn't a bad person. What could be so terrible that they'd want to end the world over it?

    "Stop! Won't you at least tell us what this is about? What's the point of lashing out if no one understands you?" Fate calls out, pleading to the other girl, probably in futility.

    Chasing is out of the question, as far as Fate is concerned. Not when Runealy has that limp! If Fate splits off from Rune to follow this new girl, then what will happen if the other assassin finds her like this? What if that's the point of all this, to separate the two of them?

    Fate doesn't know if it's bait or not, but she decides that it's not worth the risk. Runealy seems to have the same idea.

    Fate looks herself over, and then up to Runealy. "I'm mostly okay. My barrier jacket took most of the damage, but we should get you home soon!"
Odila Fairune 2016-09-06 06:19:35 54023
    She grits her teeth, clutching at her bleeding arm. No, she's not ready to take them both on right now. Besides this was merely a test run, to see what they're capable of. "Princess Runealy. You are the ruler of Waldia and caretaker of its people, and yet you spend your time, gallavanting around this foreign planet!? You disgust me!"

    With a final snarl, she turns and flies off into the night, "Til we meet again, Princess! Next time you wont be so lucky!"