The Troubles of the Priestess of Ravens

After all that's gone on, Scorn needs a friend. She meets Hannah Sharpe by chance, who lends an ear and advice.

Date: 2015-07-17
Pose Count: 12
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-07-17 21:53:56 4860
Things have been troubling Scorn. Or rather, Haruna Kurosawa. Sure.. making a deal with what amounts to a demonic force to wish your sister back from the deal- but then find out he's lying and now you're... entwined with his being forever is always going to be on her mind. She hasn't really discussed this over with Desparia... or really, anyone else. It's frightening--- and she has so few friends... even a part of this weird... Eclipse group.

So she was searching around on the secret 13th floor of Infinity- the one that housed all sorts of weird labratories and dark evil magical darkness science- to find someone she considers a friend. That is. Miss White. But-- she called herself Hannah. Didn't she?

Procyon, some sort of raccoon spirit who appears to have been made of the same stuff corvus was- but much more cutely definded his perched on her shoulder.

"Pssssst Haruna." he whispers into her ear. "Who are you looking for." she blinks. "Miss White." she mumbles. "Why?.." "Because!" "Whyyyyyy?" "BECAUSE!"


"Because somethings been bothering me, okay!?" she yells in the corridor and stamps her foot down.

Then blushes because she just made a scene and there's heads peeking out of doors to see what the heck that yell was. It's bad enough she's shy. She just wants to curl up and die of embarassment right now.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-17 22:09:22 4863
In a school full of interdimensional, non-euclidian hallways, it's both at once difficult, and staggeringly easy for people to get around. Today, Hannah Sharpe is taking a shortcut. It's lunch break, and oddly enough, she finds the sandwiches that some of the youma that hang around in the Evil Magic section leave around are pretty good. Some are decent at cards too. Never bet with a youma.

Thus, after snatching some poor youma's lunch and some jerky for Boris, the girl is just about to head to the roof through a side-dimensional hallway with her lunch, before a voice calls out.

There's people staring. Hannah smiles, is led over by Boris, and she chuckles.

"You sound like you need an ear." She offers warmly. Boris woofs and tries to nuzzle Haruna's leg!

"AND PROBABLY DOES NOT NEED A BUNCH OF JERKS STARING AT HER!" Comes Hannah, fierce as always. She has quite the set of lungs on her too!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-07-17 22:15:31 4864
Oh! There she is! LET'S GO INTO PANIC MODE!

"Ah---H..Hannah... I was.. looking for you. That is true! It is a delight to see such a site!" she then covers her mouth and merfffs. Procyon shushes Haruna. "Come on. Niiice. And slow. Think of the words. We've been practing, come on."

"I mean...I was. Looking for you. There's something I need to talk about. And I'm scared."

Then she pauses. "Oh.. uh, how is your friend... doing... I mean. The one I-- um. Ao.. ? was her name? Was that it?" this is an incredibly embarassed girl.

Procyon stage whispers. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't know who you are yet because bulletin posts aren't videos."

"Oh! .. um. I .. uh. Scorn..." is all she says meekly.

"Where you going somewhere? Can I.. come along?" she asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-17 22:21:11 4866
Hannah looks a bit confused at first. "Do I..." She starts off, and then is silenced between Procyon and the girl's obvious panic. She's at a loss. Boris, thankfully, mentally prods her.

"Oh! Scorn-chan! Err, Kurosawa-san! Sorry, we never did meet like this, at least mutually. Scared? Come on, I know a very private place."

There's an arm at Haruna's, strong and a little forceful. Then Boris leads her off, and in moments, Hannah's punting open the door of the rooftop, filled with its strange and curious architecture. No Puella up here today, either!

Then she sits down, and offers a spare sandwich.

"Fears are better faced on a full stomach."

Then, she puts her full attention on the other girl.

"Ao-chan is fine now! No lasting damage, mind or body." From the sound of her voice, no grudge either. Haruna did what was right, and Hannah can respect that.

"Remind me to introduce you two. I think she would be a good influence. She knows what it is like to be painfully shy." No punches pulled for poor Scorn here.

"Now. What is troubling you? If someone is after you, you can be certain they will get a beating!" She jabs fists in the air!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-07-17 22:46:17 4868
Haruna Kurosawa accepts the sandwhich. She blinks down at it, and takes a bite. Also, Boris gets pets as he comes along. Procyon takes offense to this. "Why don't you /pet me/." he says jealously. "I'm totally cuter!" he insists. Haruna just a little bit of a bit lip, and places Procyon down on her lap to pet him. He feels awfully fluffy for some sort of weird shadowy projection spirit. "Oh yeah. Thaaaaat's the stuff." he says contentedly. He might be purring if he was a cat.

"Um.. I'm glad." she says, about Ao's condition. "Um.. this is. Procyon. He's one of the other spirits trapped in the tablets. Only... I don't actually have control over him... like I did Corvus. He's just here because the other spirits say I need a guide."

"Also, I'm not a jerk!" he says contently.

"...he really is nicer." she admits. "Even though he dissapears for hours at a time to... go hide car keys from people in Tokyo..."

"Tricksters gotta Trick." he insists.

"Um... I guess. Um. When I was, doing those horrible things... I was having a vision of the future a lot. And it was grey... and raining feathers."

"That's the world Corvus wanted to make." insists Procyon.

"Um.. but.. even after... Corvus is put away. In the tablet. Sealed. I'm still kind of having that vision."

Procyon blinks and has to turn around and look up at Haruna. "Wait, what? Why.. why didn't you mention this!?" he asks worriedly. Procyon changes from jokey trickster to serious spirit tablet being pretty quick.

"Yeah...I know. I .. didn't want. To worry you... Procyon." Procyon pffffbts and throws his arms up in the air in defeat. "WELL I'M WORRIED NOW!" and then he suddenly poofs away in a sudden spark of grey flame. Haruna blinks. Procyon rematerialzes after three seconds of awkward silence. "Ok. Okay. I'm calm now. This is why I told you to stay here. I really don't /like/ these people here--- no offense meant, White." he says. "Because I still think they're gonna use you like a tool. But I'm pretty sure they're not going to let a valuable tool just be stolen. Right? Right."

She looks down. "What the vision means is... something still happens to me and Corvus still gets free..." she says meekly. "I'm scared. I don't... wanna deal with --- like that guy who tried to take me away at the ball." Procyon adds. "Also, Scorn's abilities aren't going to do much good defense against guys like that. Darkness fighting Darkness never really ends well-- and you don't even have Corvus leaking out anymore to give you the boost you were using before to fight like, ten people at once." he asides.

Haruna just sort of sits quietly. "I'm really afraid. I don't want to be taken away... I don't want Corvus free. I don't.. want to deal with.. that rhyming asshole again..." she says through a scared tone.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-17 23:03:56 4870
Boris looks up at his pets, and then they're stolen away. The big fluffy husky walks over to Hannah, and is soon in a sea of pets. Then Boris /peers/ at Procyon. Peeeers! Pet thief! There's a big doggie tongue raspberrying at him!

"It is a pleasure, Mister Procyon. Ah, well...any improvement over the last one is /great/!" Miss White did /not/ like that bird. At all.

She's now gripping her house keys protectively, it should be noted.

But the girl follows the exchange about the dreams.

"Hey, we do not exactly have a bunch of shining diamonds working here. I am not perfect either, you know? But still. No way are we letting you just get stolen. But we need details, information."

Whoever that man was is still a mystery, after all.

"Did any of the higher ups tell you anything about the man that tried to kidnap you, Scorn-chan?" She asks.

Arms reach, and wrap around Scorn's shoulders if she'll let her.

"And probably well within reason. But, if we know in advance, we can /do/ something about this. We can protect you. So try to calm down and think. Any details from your dreams, or anything you can tell us Procyon would help." She ponders.

"...If Corvus was providing the boost itself, is there any way to bind him and make him subserviant to Scorn-chan? Or have his powers directly given to her? We need to at least help you get stronger. And we need people ready to fight against anyone who comes after you. Ones that are not of that element."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-07-17 23:43:06 4874
Procyon answers. "Well that's kind of how it already is. Haruna's heart here is all coiled up in feathers and deception powered by a tablet that has a jerk trapped in it. She could undo that seal, and let Corvus back out like before. But that would be /one incredibly pissed off spirit/- he'd have control over what Scorn can, and can't do. It's why he only gave Scorn the really nasty attacky stuff, but left out all the helpful stuff, and I really hate to admit it, Corvus is really super powerful- and the only reason he didn't cut the link with Scorn and let her die, I'm betting, is because it would had been a real pain to find a new host. It's...well... I'm not... really going to talk about that. In front of Haruna..." he says carefully.

Haruna frowns. "No.. I. get it. Really. It's because I always feel like my hearts a void..."

Procyon just remains quiet..."Yeah."

Haruna says. "I did speak to Desparia about it.. but. She wasn't intimately familar about it. She says she's encountered The Dark Kingdom before, and that it matches up with what the jerk said- but she didn't know much more than that. Desparia.. has been really nice to me."

She looks down. "I'm sorry.. that. I'm not really good. At this future telling stuff. I just. Have visions if I concentrate really hard. Nothing specific. Very... Vauge things." Procyon nods. "Things constantly change, you can really only get a vauge picture of what's to come. Not say that like... 'You'll wear a blue shirt on thursday'." he insists. "But that 'lots of people will wear blue on thursday.' I dunno if that makes sense." he says.

Proycon thinks on the matter. "Nrg, this would be a lot easier... if.. we could find Priestesses for the other tablets. But.. the other spirits. Really aren't intrested. I mean. We /let/ ourselves be sealed. No one shoved us into our prisons by force. I mean. Except for Corvus." he asides. "I'd be willing to contract with a Priestess. But only if it's what she really wanted in her heart. I may be kind of a tricky thing like Corvus, but I'm not a jerk. Then, that person would be able to help Haruna a /lot/."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-18 00:16:19 4877
Wince. "Oookay, leaving the stupid bird trapped then. Yeah. No dieing!" Point! That's aimed at the both of them!

Hannah ponders. "Alright. So we need to investigate this Dark Kingdom. Hmm. I will talk to Hat Guy, he always seems well informed on magical matters. He was there after all."

And then she talks about the visions. Hannah rubs a temple that's swiftly filled with a headache.

"Alright. So not, pun intended, set in stone. Well, we have an idea of what we have to do."

Hannah rubs her chin thoughtfully, nomming on sandwich.

"Agreed, Procyon-san. So what do we look for in a priestess? A certain personality? If I can get some readings from you, maybe I can come up with a device to help search for that person with the potential to contract you. Fill me, raccoon boy, who fits the bill?" Looks like the ball's in the trickster spirit's court!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-07-18 00:43:56 4882
Haruna Kurosawa blushes. "Yeah I.. came to you because... you're... the closest person I even have to a friend." she says meekly. "At all. I'd really like to meet Ao someday... and apologize to her, too." she says.

Procyon thinks. "In theory. Really anyone who's heart isn't already bound to something. Oh, and a girl. Boys don't really.. work. For this. They're different. Like trying to put Size C batteries into a remote that takes like Size AAA. But... really. Someone like me is going to get the best, most powerful result. That is, somebody who thinks they're very smart. Very Sneaky. And likes playing pranks. Gods..I'm so /shameless/ about it." he says as he fans himself and falls over in Scorn's lap.

"There's no rush for that. It's really going to be a 1 in a million chance that I find anybody. I'd wanna shadow them around for a day anyways."

Haruna just gives a soft laugh. "I kinda hope you don't. Because then you'd have to stop hanging out with me." she says, picking up the spirit. "And I think you're the only thing stopping me from doing silly things at the moment."

Haruna then looks at Hannah and then seems to change the topic. "Um... can you tell me more about... um. Riventon. Was his name. He said that.. you were his partner. He's been the one... giving me weekly tests." she asks quietly. Very quietly. Procyon gets this sidelong grin. "I'mmmmmma gonna go dissapear before I do something silly and maybe hurt feelings. So Imma gonna go hide keys." then he dissapears!

Haruna blinks. Then blushes a bit.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-18 01:02:41 4886
Slowly, Hannah's grinning.

"And honestly? You should get out more, Haruna-chan! Open up that shell of yours. I mean, you have plenty of reason to be shy, but..." She waves a hand.

"Point being, I think you can be a lot more happier than you are. And I want to be your friend. Nothing to do with Eclipse. So how about you, me, and Ao have dinner tonight at my place?" Offers the woman.

Procyon has her thinking though. "Ugh, so we need an annoying trickster, huh? Well, if I find anyone who infuriates me like that, you will be the first to know. Still! Remind me to get some readings. There /has/ to be a scientific way of solving this!" She's been around Riventon too much.

And then it's time even for Hannah to be a bit bashful. She looks away, not sure what to say.

"Good idea, fuzzbutt."

Ahem! "He is a ruthless, intelligent, prideful man that is far above my own abilities in magical science. I respect him a lot. And, despite it all, he actually cares. Admittedly in a weird way, but he cares. careful, but, he can be really useful and a good friend /if/ you handle him right."

"Also he is my partner. So try not to end up killing him if you can?" Best. Partner. Ever.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-07-18 01:26:25 4891
Haruna Kurosawa blushes. "I guess that makes sense. He's usually all bussiness, on the testing I have to go to." she says. "I just... think he's... uh. Handsome. n' stuff...." she pauses. "Like... that guy in the tophat-- who helped me twice... Yea." she says. She stands up.

"Dinner sounds good. If your friend won't mind. I just don't. Want to scare her. Considering." she says.

"I need to. Go meet with Desparia now." she says as she stands up. "Thanks for... talking to me Hannah. I.. feel a little safer now." she says with a small half smile. Also, she's petting Boris before she leaves.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-18 01:33:03 4893
Hannah rubs the back of her head.

"Yeah, that sounds like him! Handsome, huh?" Smirk!

"Wellll, maybe you should ask them out on a date!" Takashi, or Tuxedo? Either way, Hannah is /definitely/ teasing the girl!

Then she just laughs.

"You two will make up, and become friends. I promise!"

Then Hannah stands up, arms crossed.

"Take care, okay? And never fear to call if you need an ear. You are a good girl, Haruna-chan, and an ambitious one! Always remember you have friends and allies!" She calls out as the girl heads off.