Patching things up

Jiaying and Nagina poke at the warehouse further. (Partial scene)

Date: 2016-09-10
Pose Count: 6
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-10 18:47:36 54432
Nagina Hasane was in the same warehouse as where the monsterbait attracted noise that harmed the wall: A spot where a leftover pallet was pushed against to make the damage less apparent. One who would enter the open area of the building, that doubles as an industrial building before acting as a warehouse before now acting as an abandoned building, they might spy one of the ground floor offices having all of its furniture and junk tossed out the door, with a few fresh looking curtains covering the overviewer's window. There also seemed to be some electricity, based on the light that was slipping through the little cracks of coverage.

To those with a sensitive nose... There was a hint of an attempt to freshen the air with some freshener spray, as well as some scented tags hanging about for others to view if close enough attention was paid. That still did not quite fix the dusty scent.. But with those most moderate of noses it helped out well enough. Nagina herself was nowhere to be seen. She had sent Jia a little message on Line/over the phone, asking if she wanted to join in setting the place up, that there was plenty of space to go about and it should be hidden enough. After all, who would want to go to some dusty old warehouse that is said to be haunted by urban legend, yet did not really signal out signs of having been touched in ages? A place to unwind and ease up!

Should Jia arrive, though, those vulpine ears might catch the occasional skitterings from the upper floors, something a bit too heavy to be a rat... An a bit too hummy? As if who/whatever it was, was feeling cheerful enough to hum in a very faint, soft tone!
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-10 18:53:49 54433
Jiaying Maki was more than a little surprised to recieve the message, but nothing else is happening at the moment and it's an excuse to get out ofthe house and away from drama in her personal life. She steps into the building, sneezing almost immediately at the mingled scent of dust and 'nice' chemicals. Sneezing again, she waves her hand in front of her face and sighs. Today she's wearing a water proofed coat, a simple t-shirt and a long skirt, all in dull colors so as to not stand out as much.

Stepping through the entryway and entering further, she tilts her head up at the sounds above and makes her way towards the stairs, trying to see if she can sneak up on the girl even with the sneezing and other things. So she creeps up the stairs slowly, trying to avoid creaking or anything else and as soon as she can see into the room, calls out loudly, "Hi!"
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-10 19:10:57 54434
There was some rummaging to go with the skittering. The amount of noise it created might be a touch comparable to a xenomorph in one of those old timey horror movies, with the mouth-in-mouth creatures! Yet what made the noises was far less terrifying, honest! The sound of the sneeze got a little eeping noise to echo from above. It might have been the distance in height and large open area that caused it, yet one might swear the eep was a touch.. Hissing? Ethereal, almost, with how quiet and distant it was at the least! Followed by intensified scurrying noises! Despite the efforts to be sneaky, something seemed to have let the creature notice Jia, based on the two yellow eyes with slitted pupils gazing towards the stairs from a shadowy corner where the day's rays did not quite reach. The sight of a Jia caused it to quickly scitter away, around a corner and into an office rather swiftly, allowing but a glimpse to be caught.

Should Jia follow, depending on how fast she went, she might even catch the full transformation through a window: The white, bipedal snake creature taking a deep breath, as if having practiced steadying an adrenaline surged heart, giving it a somewhat harmless looking posture as the scales seemed to almost liquefy in some odd out-of-this-world effect, sinking inwards whilst the snake moved straight up to reveal clothes 'surfacing' from the scales, a long, soft/loose/baggy looking top with long sleeves, covering the start of the skirt below around the waist, with (one might even say, stylish) boots covering the feet/parts of the lower legs. Auburn hair appearing with a white ribbon in it, keeping it together in a ponytail. One of the scales did not dissipate, though, revealing the top of a small snake's head acting as a singular scale by the wrist, revealing itself to be none other than Kuraken, based on the ribbon around its neck! And where there's a Kuraken there's a.. Nagina! Who seemed oblivious to the world during the transformation and a moment after, only then turning around to look to the door/window of the office. Should there be a Jia, there would be a little "Uhh... You showed me yours.. I showed you mine?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-10 19:26:58 54435
Jiaying Maki crouches down, settling on her haunches while watching those eyes. "A snake huh? Neat." She takes a few steps forward, trying to identify it, right up until it scurries away. So she darts after it. One almost gets the feeling it might be a chance for lunch. Or is that just because it's a snake being chased by a fox? "Hey wait!" she calls after it, pretty sure it's not natural, what with being white and in this place where the girl had been working.

Head tilted to the side, she says, "Are you a snake or girl naturally? Because this is technically mine." She spins on one foot, looking human, you know, except when she bumps her foot into the ground and goes fuzzy around the edges with a yelp of surprise. Muttering as she catches herself, she asks, "So you're really going to try and convert this place into... a clubhouse?" She hesitates, tapping her chin, "That is the right word, right?"

She glances around the room, poking from corner to corner, "We need a vacuum before anything else I think."
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-10 19:54:05 54436
Nagina Hasane would have trusted Jia to be ok with things, though she did not quite imagine to be busted like this! She merely attempted the henshin for some heavier lifting.. And other stuff! Though after another little breath to ease her nerves.. And properly answer... Were she not distracted with a soft snickering, at the foot bump, waiting with the answer until the laughter has ended "Girl, naturally. Though, been learning to control the actual transformation. It's getting better!" Giving a rather swift little nod before answering "Something of the sorts! A clubhouse for a club we could start to make life a bit easier.. Or just a home away from home where we can do our things in peace, you could even practice your.. Thinger! You know, the martial art thing!" Seemed she was at a loss of names for specifics.. Aside from one reference one might expect she had looked up/studied on before today to ensure she know /something/ "I mean, there's plenty of space, and you could try and get/place a Mu Yan Jong"

There was a pause, waiting for some kind of note of approval... Her lips curling into a smile brighter.. Brighter.. Briiiighter..GODS THAT'S BLINDING! This had to approval, right? Jia being in on the idea, what with constructive suggestions? Seems Nagina had eased up around Jia, on top of everything. Reasoning for unleashing some of the silly, of course! Moving over to get out of that upper office, looking down at the area "Mhnm! Gonna need some dusters at the least, air it up a bit which our friend from the day before helped us with oh so kindly, and I already finished one room, come, come!" Slipping past Jia, she went down the stairs. Still slow, after all, they were a bit old and though seemingly stable, it was still up high! Yet once on the ground floor, she moved into the lower office where the light came from, beckoning Jia over. The room seemed rather warm, humid. True, that was a part of summer in general, yet this seemed more.. Regulated. The reason becoming apparent, what with two glass terrariums filled with sand, a spot of water and some sunbathing rocks with bright, heated lamps over them. Seemed the girl had decided to move pets in, as well. After all... Should she invite someone over to her home for whatever reason, it might not leave the best impression to have walls of glass and snakes there. Now it'll be walls of walls and books!
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-10 20:15:32 54437
Jiaying Maki pats herself down to make sure nothing is out of order with her illusion, then smiles to Nagina while asking, "So the snake thing is different than mine. What do you do to change? I haven't actually seen that sort of thing really." What, hers is an illusion, a bad one. One that's easily interrupted even.

As for the mention of it being a club house, she nods and grins, "A practice hall would be nice I guess, it would need to be warded, maybe by more than a few of us. With... more than a few of us in mind. You don't want my wards, it would keep a lot of us out." Well, at least two of them, three if she were to tell Ayana about it.

The mention of getting a Mu Yan Jong set up gets a very confused look, then it dawns and she says, "Oh! Well- we could set one of those up easily, you don't even need that much space. Mats and safey stuff would be more important there I think."

She steps along behind Nagina after she sneaks past her, looking around the downstairs area. "You're going to want to ease some of the others into the snake thing-" she comments, pointing at the terrariums, "Because I like them" she pauses, "As pets." Beat, then cough, "I like them, but I don't know if anyone is afraid of them." Stretching out carefully, she looks at the walls, then around the room. "I may be able to even talk a few people into helping out in a few ways actually."