At Least Don't Freak Out

Some linguistic trouble sparks a meeting between Jiaying and Nagisa, and Seth Locke.

Date: 2016-09-16
Pose Count: 23
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 14:52:44 54945
    It's a nice day to be out and about, and this means people to and fro. Of course, this also means people on coffee shops, restaurants... Even yellow truck Tako Cafes which have set up shop near theme parks. On this particular Tako Cafe, there are a few people moving about and sitting at the tables, gathered in casual conversation.
    On one of these tables, a young man sits alone; a coffee in front of him, as well as a set of takoyaki. He's reading a document of sorts, going over it extensively. There is disappointent on his face, even a bit of frustration. A sigh, and as he finishes reading it, lets it drop on the table.
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 14:58:48 54948
It's a wonderful day, the sky is blue and Jia's still in something of a poor mood. This means a number of things. She's been actively hunting down Shiniko's birds and taking out some of her frustration on those when she finds them and she spent the morning avoiding people. This also means she's hungrier than usual and she hurries her way towards the first source of food she can find, not at all worried that it's a truck or anything else. She's a fox and she's eaten proper Chinese food, this stuff can't scare her!

She's fidgeting in line while all, but whining as she has to wait. Her order is big. At least enough orders for three people. Then she orders one more, because skipping breakfast is never a good idea. Carrying her order around in the bag, she reaches in and fishes out the first of her yakitori and in short order devours it while looking for a seat. The guy's given a curious look as he looks about as annoyed as she does. Then more food. Where did the first stick go?
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-16 15:11:44 54951
Nagina Hasane was taking a little break from the heat of the day, or seemingly: Preparing for it. She couild be seen sitting at one of the outside tables they seemed to have set up, as the truck braced for a busier crowd most like. Yet, rather than having ordered food, the girl wearing a white shirt with a little pocket in it together with a black skirt that went to her knees, straw sunhat atop her head, sandals, a little anklet as well as a bracelet that seemed a touch.. Scaley.. Like an Ouroboros, yet with a white ribbon around its neck matching the ribbon the girl used to keep her hair in a pony tail.. Ah, yes! Rather than trusting the truck and ordered food, she was early and ordered a trustworthy, reliably untouched can of soda. Ice tea, if anyone had to guess what type.

She was not quite certain if she herself was seen, but at seeing Jia scurry by her head tilted. Then she just shrugged her shoulders, having beaten the rush she got to enjoy the sound of the can opening and a sip of the icy cool drink, watching the forming crowd, taking note of other notable people in the area and for but a moment, perhaps a moment too long, glancing at the documents of the downtrotten. By the time the girl reappeared, a little giggle could be heard from the chair resting against the outside of the truck, giving a little wave should she be spotted! If not, she would simply sip her drink and observe
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 15:14:43 54952
    "Two years...?", the young man mumbles under his breath. "Really, two years...?" If Jiaying is close and her hearing allows for it, she might notice it's not japanese; if she understands the language, she may realize it's english.
    After a couple of seconds in his mental drift, he looks around, noticing the girl eating while standing. He gestures for the girl to take a seat. "Take a seat", he replies - and yes, perfect Japanese. "No one should eat while standing in this heat."
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 15:23:39 54956
Jiaying Maki speaks maybe three words of English, but the language is funny sounding and she starts laughing. Was it German? Sounded kind of like that. Maybe the punchy guy could translate for her. Then again, he's punchy and angry and she'd rather not worry about that kind of thing. The offer to take a seat is given a curious look, but she does sit down at that, setting her bag down while working on her third stick of yakitori. It's just disappearing whenever someone looks away. This is all after Jia taps Nagina's shoulder and says playfully, "Come on, let's go sit down over there! You can translate right?"

Settling down, she looks at the guy curiously, then says in Japanese far worse than usual, like she's having fun, "You speak good." Which may be an attempt to get a reaction from either of them. Who knows.
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-16 15:33:38 54958
Nagina Hasane ended up watching for most of the beginning of that encounter, 'twould seem, not quite finding it her place to join in. Even when waved over.. Or.. Tapped, rather, she looked a touch uncertain! Translate? Hrmm.. Having heard the initial interaction, her best bet would be what school taught her. "Translate? Ahhh, I.. Can try?" Slowly getting up from her seat, taking her can with her before taking a seat by the other two, giving a nod in greeting to Seth <"Ahh, hello..!"> Seemed the accent still needed some work, what with l and r still being pronounced as the same letter.

She then looked at Jia, objecting "He seemed to talk Japanese just fine! There's not much need for translation!" Yet, despite that, she herself had settled down, keeping the can of drink in both her hands and taking a little sip to shush herself and let the others speak
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 15:45:51 54961
Seth Locke listens to Jiaying's compliment, and, for a couple of seconds, he keeps a straight face. He chuckles, replying to both girls, "I might." Proceeding, "But if you hold onto that sentence, you most certainly don't", he replies in casual observation to Jia. He looks at Nagina, "Not bad, keep it up." He sips his coffee, and collects the document he was reading, all to give the grils space for their own things. "I'm Seth. Seth Katsumoto Locke."
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 16:03:14 54965
Jiaying Maki drums her fingers on the table as she looks the yakitori over, then devours it, there's a content sound that escapes somewhere between kabob and gone. Resting her elbow on the table, chin in hand she says, "Wo jiao Maki Jiaying." Since she's pretty sure he was teasing her about her mangled Japanese, which was intentional! Really! She elbows Nagina subtly- then realizes that she probably doesn't speak Chinese. "Uh- Hi there." she says, her accent noticeable, but clear.

To Nagina she asks, "What brings you all the way out here? I would have thought you'd be doing the book nerd thing~" Teasing a friend this time. She doesn't introduce Nagina though, waiting to see if she introduces herself.
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-16 16:11:38 54967
Nagina Hasane processed the name for a few seconds, after a little nod to the compliment. Her auburn eyes wandered to the document for a second or two, then repeating a touch to herself in practice "Sefu.." Then taking another little sip of her drink. Then said eyes roamed towards Maki and the disappearance tricks she was practicing on the yakitori, letting her introduce herself, then taking her own turn "Hasane Nagina" Going the traditional route of surname before first name. The elbow got her head to tilt a touch, not entirely sure what to make of that..

Or of the tease! Giving a little pout "What do you mean, book nerd thing?! I was making my way to the zoo!" Paying a touch more attention to Jia now, than the oldest one at the table
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 16:22:53 54968
Seth Locke says, "emit "And that's chinese, I'll bet", Seth comments with a smile. "Pleased to meet you, Maki-san, Hasane-san." He grabs a paper napkin, produces a pen, and writes down the whole name. 'Seth' and 'Locke' come in katakana, naturally, but 'Katsumoto' is plain hiragana. He looks between the two girls, "So, you ladies enjoying the sunny day?""
Nagina Hasane 2016-09-16 16:26:13 54969
Nagina Hasane curiously looked at the napkin, the mixed herritage was figured by name, yet not quite appearance. After a little practice pronunciation, she nodded. Listened.. Watched.. Then heard beeping coming from a shirt pocket! Pulling out her phone, she soon rose to her feet, not quite deeming it worth to take the can with her, she spoke "Ahh, I gotta run! Seem to have lost track of time... Thank you for your time!" Giving a halfway bow, then scurrying off into the horizon! ... ... ... Or just around a corner!
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 16:26:53 54970
Jiaying Maki grins and snakes her hand into her bag to pull another stick of yakitori out, offering it to Nagina, "Hungry?" While her free hand pulls another stick free so she can go to work on being a fox in a henhouse. She should have gotten a drink.

Looking at the Katakana, she asks, "Why the mixed names?" while she tries to sneak a look at the paperwork thing. Nagina hopping up to run around the corner gets a curious look. Then she shrugs and eats the offered Yakitori too.
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 16:40:29 54972
"Nice meeting you, Hasane-san", he nods to her as she leaves. He looks back to Jia, to whom he proceeds to explain. "Well, I have mixed heritage. American father, Japanese mother." He grabs a stick of his own takoyaki, continuing, "There's really no direct hiragana translation for american names, and back in the United States you can have more than one surname legalized in marriage, so when I write it in full, it has to be in both dialects." And he munches the sweet.
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 16:49:17 54974
Jiaying Maki looks confused and asks, "Why not just-" she shrugs, her name is a mishmash, but she'd never considered taking her mother's family name as well. What a weird concept. Another stick of chicken devoured, she shrugs and points the empty stick at him. "So what's a Gao zhong nian ji san doing ranting at his papers anyway?"
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 17:08:52 54978
Seth Locke looks at Jia, "Hey, not my thing, using both names. But I can take a wild guess." He shrugs, "And besides, in presentations it's full name; in less formal matters, it's just 'Locke'." Then, he looks at Jia curiously, "I'm sorry, could you translate that? Unfortunately, I don't speak Chinese."
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 17:20:12 54981
Jiaying Maki checks her phone as an alarm goes off. She pokes at it a few times, shakes it then sends a text to Nagina, "Hey you, we're going to a barbecue in a little while, you'll want to meet some people for your idea!" Which means she also needs to run home and grab the dumplings she had cooked up earlier. She had kind of gotten ahead of herself and forgot the time in her hunting of birds.

Sure they're shadow birds, but still. Looking to Seth she grins and says, "You never answered my question, why should I answer yours~?" Another bite of chicken, then she asks, "Are you new in the city?"
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 17:29:47 54985
"I didn't answer your question, because there was something there lost in translation", he replies. "And I like to make sure I know what I'm answering, so that no awkward moments pop up." He takes a bite at the takoyaki again. "Guilty as charged", he replies. "Been here for about a week, now."
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 17:31:01 54986
Jiaying Maki tilts her head curiously and says, "How is asking what you're ranting about a bad translation~? Have you seen anything odd in the city since you've been here? I hear some people reporting strange things about orange for example." Hey, if he noticed it then she can throw him an invite or something. It's easier that way right?
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 17:52:58 54996
"Because", he explains, "I don't understand what 'Gao zhong nian ji san' means, therefore I asked for clarification." He shrugs, "But that's just me." He grabs the document, and waves it. "I was ranting because this document holds me back by two years in high school due to, and I quote, 'cultural and scholastic discrepancies'." He sets it down and takes a gulp out of the coffee, all to keep his cool.
    Then, on the change of subject, he frowns. "Erm... Orange...?" He seems confused, "I mean, there was a kid playing in the park some 20 minutes ago, who was wearing an orange t-shirt, but aside from that..."
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 17:57:41 54998
Jiaying Maki grins at the question for clarification, "Would you prefer 11th Grader?" what, she was guessing. She hefts her bag up and says, "There's a barbecue going on if you'd like to go to that, there's going to be a lot of weird happening though and if you didn't notice anything strange, you may not enjoy yourself too much. Does weird things to people sometimes you know?" She taps the side of her head and slips from the table, her form going fuzzy around the edges as she bangs her knee into the table and mutters in Chinese. "Let me know either way, it would do you good to meet others right?"
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 18:10:05 55001
    "11th grader? No, I'd prefer 12th grader, which is what I was on the other side of the Pacific. Now, I'm pushed back to 10th." He's not happy about it. "Oh, so much fun!, all the rumors. Can't wait to start hearing them." Yes, not happy at all.
    "Hey, I can do wierd", he replies casually with a bit of a smirk. "You'd be surprised." That last sentence sounds... Not-so-casual.
Jiaying Maki 2016-09-16 18:12:02 55002
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and says, "Just don't do anything creepy or something and you'll do fine. Or at the very least don't freak out at the weird things happening, because that would be silly." She hands a piece of paper with where to go, then adds, "Tenth grade?" Sounding a touch incredulous. "Huh. Bad luck." She keeps any opinions or guesses to herself for now.
Seth Locke 2016-09-16 18:23:39 55006
"Yes, I had that look on my face too, when I read the official reply on equivalence", Seth says with a sigh. "Quite frankly, it's gonna be burning in me for the whole day, so I hope people there can wheather it." He frowns to Jiaying, "Define 'creepy'."