Tasty tasty ice cream

Milkshakes and conversation in the Crown with Naru and Lacrima and Seth.

Date: 2016-09-19
Pose Count: 30
Naru Osaka 2016-09-19 22:15:27 55455
After school on beautiful autumn day in Tokyo, where the weather is determined to remind everyone that summer hasn't yet been vanquished on the calendar. It's warm and sunny, and generally gorgeous out, which is why people are settled inside. Clearly.

Naru has settled at a table, with school books sitting closed on the table top, and her sketchbook sitting open. A plate of fries and an ice cream smoothie are FAR more interesting than homework, as she doodles on a sketch.
Seth Locke 2016-09-19 22:27:58 55456
A beautiful day indeed, so why waste it? This is the line of thought that brought Seth out, to see and explore new grounds on the city he now lives in.

After some time exploring, his attention falls on The Crown. He looks about, people coming in and out, and their age groups, and the fact this is a popular hangout makes him come inside to take in the mood of the place.
Lacrima 2016-09-19 22:34:46 55457
Lacrima walks on into the Crown. She passes Seth, without knowing so, as there seems to be a usual after school rush. She takes one look around, opens her mouth slowly and closes it. She didn't /mean/ to come in here. It was some strange... reflex... of some sort. Maybe it had to do with thinking back to the days she used to have with friends a little under a year ago here.

When she could smile. or laugh. or enjoy things. She's about to turn and leave when a familar face passes by her vision mid turn and she stops. Ah. Naru...

She decides to walk over to Naru and have a seat. She doesn't particularly ask if it's okay. Not at first.

"Hello, Naru-chan." then there's a soft pause.

"...Ah. Mind if. I. Sit down?" she asks. She's already sitting down.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-19 22:40:55 55458
Naru glances up as someone comes to join her table and she smiles to Lacrima. Even with the after the fact question about if she minds. "I don't mind at all, glad to see you."

She sets her pencil down, reaching for a fry instead. "How are you doing?" She pauses and then grins. "It's not even raining, and we've met. A rarity, to be certian."

Now that Naru is not focused on her drawing, she spots an only faintly familiar face, but familiar enough from the barbeque for her to wave at Seth.
Seth Locke 2016-09-19 22:51:48 55459
The glancing about from the american boy allows him to catch a glimpse of a wave, at which point his head turns to the source. Now, he's seen that face before, at the barbeque he was brought to - more like 'suckered', since he was meant to be a 'plus one', but Jiaying said she had to make a detour, so he ended up going in alone, not knowing a soul -, and the other girl is already a familiar face.

He approaches, polite smile. "From that frat house barbeque party, right...?"
Lacrima 2016-09-19 23:02:34 55460
Lacrima softly head tilts at Naru. "I am.. acceptable. I suppose." she says in her usual deadpan. A pause.

She looks to Seth and gives a soft little hand motion of a wave, slowly, before she turns back to Naru. "I see you brought Alexis to the BBQ." she says softly. "Does... 'he know'?" she asks. It's a vauge 'does he know of the magic stuff?' but it's asked in the vaugest way possible, because. Normies around.

"I apologize if my prescene was... disconcerting. I... Jiaying-chan told me there was this BBQ going on. I didn't know much beyond that." she says silently.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-19 23:06:26 55461
"I did." Naru nods to Lacrima on the topic of bringing Alex to the barbeque and then she nods again. "And he does, yeah. Still sometimes wrapping his head around it all, but he knows."

Naru looks up to Seth as he comes nearer and her smile is warm, complete with a soft laugh. "Technically, that's really just the nickname for the apartment, no frats involved. But yes. You were one of the people I'd hoped to meet, but didn't manage to. Please, join us, if you wish." Naru gestures to the table where she and Lacrima are already settled.

Naru frowns a little as she turns back to Lacrima. "I didn't find your presence disconcerting, I was glad to see you there."
Seth Locke 2016-09-19 23:18:15 55462
"Just a nickname?", Seth asks neutrally, as he shifts his weight to sit at the table. "With those sets of rules, it really did sound like a frat party to me..." Queue in the laugh reel here. "Sorry I had to leave as soon as I arrived, though... My kid sister called in for help, so big brother rushed to the rescue." As he sits at the table, he introduces himself, "I'm Seth Katsumoto Locke. Pleased to meet you."
Lacrima 2016-09-19 23:25:17 55463
Lacrima looks to Seth. "We met in the park the other day." pause. "It isn't raining today." she says.

She looks back at Naru. "I apologize I left earlier than intended. I... was feeling... overwhelmed." she says. A term she uses for 'feeling like she might lose control of herself and do something regretable'. "And.. when I am not in a ... situation, and my head is clear enough." A fight. combat. "I do my best to remove myself from the situation.

A pause. "Alexis has been repeating 'it isn't like that!' when we've met the last few times." another pause. "- but it does seem 'it is like that.'." she says matter of factly.

She's obviously referencing the dating thing.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-19 23:32:36 55464
"Just a nickname. Fraternities aren't much of a thing in Japan." Naru considers. "At least not really like what I see in movies about America. Then again, thats in movies, so I don't know how true they are."

Naru shakes her head to both of them. "It's alright to have to leave early, it was intended to be a thing that was drop in and leave when you needed to."

Naru nods to Lacrima and there's a little smile. "I'm sorry that you got overwhelmed, but I'm glad you were feeling confident enough to remove yourself." She turns her attention to Seth and ohs softly. "Hopefully it wasn't anything serious. Good to actually meet you, Seth. I'm Naru Osaka."

Naru glances back to Lacrima and there's a smile. "Remember how you said that you were surprised when your girlfriend was interested? Alex was equally surprised. So it wasn't like that at the time, but it is now."
Seth Locke 2016-09-19 23:47:19 55465
"Well, lost in Tokyo, and all that...", Seth shrugs. "Understandable, when you're talking about the city with the largest populational density in the world. Complete 'terra incognita'." The last bit said in perfect Latin. "But yes, real life and fiction would be two different things." He looks between the two. "So, I'm guessing this Alex is someone's boyfriend here...?" Yes. Completely out of the loop.
Lacrima 2016-09-19 23:58:20 55466
Lacrima purses her lips a bit in thought and nods. "He seemed. Unsure. When we were talking about it last. I told him that... things can change in an instant, and then you're just left with regret." she says. "Well. Something along those lines."

She looks to Seth. "Yes, Naru's Boyfriend. I do not have a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend." she says in her deadpan. "She puts up with my... issues." she says. "So I...."

"...Like. Her." she says. Look, something being unable to feel love sucks so hard.

A flash of weird recognition passes by her eyes.

"Ah.. that was.. Latin." she says softly.

A pause. "I have an odd relationship with Europeon langauges." she says softly. "Much sounds familar. I can understand some of it. But the only one I'm fluent in is Spanish." she says softly.

She looks back to Naru. "I hope Alexis doesn't breakdown from the... things he's learning." she says. "It can be difficult. At first. Firsthand." a pause.

"Have the inital experiences been pleasent?" once again. Vaugely. Never mentioning the word 'magic'. Nope.

"I just remember my first exposure..." a pause. "I didn't really last a day until I broke down into... something." she says curtly and with that same deadpan.

She looks back at Seth a moment as she then looks over to Naru's fries and milkshake. "A moment." she says softly as she slides up and escapes over to the counter.

She returns s few moments later with a chocolate fudge milkshake.. or ice cream smoothie. Either/Or.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 00:04:06 55467
"Alex is my boyfriend, yes. It's a new thing, and he got to meet all /sorts/ of new people at the barbeque." Naru looks a touch sheepish at the attempting breaking of her beau.

"He's coping pretty well." Naru assures Lacrima. "There may have been some tequila involved in the coping at the barbeque, but that was a lot of people in a very short period of time." She nods. "So far, it's been good. I also remember my first exposure, and I'm glad Alex isn't getting that."

"Do you know why you understand spanish, Lacrima?" Naru asks and then grins. "I can muddle a bit of english, and I embarass myself in french and german, but I could get a coffee and ask for the bathroom in France and Austria. And that was about it."
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 00:21:18 55468
"Ah, okay", Seth replies. He hears the exchange going on between the two girls, looking over the menu. "If anyone needs help with languages, I can be a tutor, by the way." Once he decides on something, he asks, "Coping? He had a bad news in his life? Those are never good..." He looks at Naru, "Lacrima...? Is that some nickname I dunno about?" Because Lacrima has never introduced herself as such, but as Norie - no last name.
Lacrima 2016-09-20 00:36:29 55469
Lacrima looks to Seth. Ah. "It is a name. Of sorts. You could say that, 'Norie', is the nickname nowadays, however, and that, 'Lacrima' is my actual name." she says softly. She says. "You can use either... interchangably, really. For me." she says softly.

She looks back to Naru. "Yes, I do." she says. "But.. it would be hard to explain. Here." she says softly.

She leaves it at that, since she can't really explain 'because magical empathic shadow of the first weilder of the power' in a way that makes sense in vaugeness.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 00:43:30 55470
"I would /love/ help on German.. do you speak German, Seth?" Naru perks up and grins. "That would be soo cool, and I could surprise Alex."

Naru looks a touch embarassed as she realizes that she's mixing up names. "Most of my friends have nicknames, and I eternally forget that it gets confusing for everyone else. Sorry about that, Seth. I always think of Norie as Lacrima, and clearly it's stuck."

Naru considers Seth's other question as she sips her milkshake and nods. "Not bad news, per se, but startling, and not entirely mine to share, so I do apologize for the rudeness in bringing it up in front of you."
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 01:02:41 55471
Seth Locke looks at Norie, factoring in what he knows. Pale skin... Emotionally absent... A fancy nickname. Okay, so he concludes. "I think I know what the condition you told the the other day you have is, Norie." He pauses for a couple of seconds. "It's called 'gothic mode', Norie. One of these days, I'm catching you wearing black from head to toe."

He looks back to Naru, and nods. <<I do speak German>>, so much so he is speaking it right there and then. <<And French, too.>> And again, language shift. He nods afterwards, back to Japanese. "In regards to the startling news, I understand. Believe me, I do." The reinforcement of that affirmation comes with a twitch of his mood, if for only a second.

Breaking that off, he puts on a cheerful tone. "So! What's good here?"
Lacrima 2016-09-20 01:17:42 55472
Lacrima head tilts. "I'm not really... keen on. Full black. Purples. More likely." she says quietly. "Well..Purple with a Black Trim." she says. "I prefer purple it reminds me... of.. something..." she says quietly.

She can't quite figure out what.

She says. "The Milkshakes, or 'Ice Cream Smoothies' are excellent here." she pauses. "I need to be going now. Thank you for your time..talking... time-- whatever." she says as she picks up the milkshake in the to go cup and off the door she goes unless someone stops her!
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 01:21:11 55473
Naru oohs softly and nods to Seth as he illustrates his german speaking skills, with something she mostly understands even. "Okay, I.. have no idea where I'll find time for more studying, but I totally want to try." She mmms and then gestures a touch. "I'm fond of the ice cream smoothies. Lychee is my favourite flavour here."

Naru waves to Lacrima as she takes her milkshake and heads off. "See you later! Take care."
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 01:30:12 55474
"Well, don't overextend yourself", Seth recommends. "Give more priority to your future, than just doing this for someone's sake." He raises his hand in a wave to Lacrima, "Later, Lacri-chan!", returning to the conversation at hand. "I guess I'll have one, then. Just a minute." He gets up to make and bring his order back to the table.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 01:34:23 55475
"I think I'm long past 'don't overextend' and somewhat into 'I should consider cloning', but somehow it all gets done and I even sleep most nights." Naru grins brightly as Seth returns with his own milkshake.

"Refresh my memory if you've already said, what school do you go to?" Naru asks, conversationally.
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 01:50:48 55476
"Oh, I never said it", Seth replies. "But I'm with Infinity Academy. My classes start next week, since I just came to Japan and the overseas arrangements were just completed." He shrugs, "Still, I got pushed back two years because of the program differences, cultural things..." He shrugs again. "I was going to college next year, so now I have to go and call people the same age as me 'sempai'. Lucky me."

"And, on the note of cloning", Seth replies, shifting the subject, and bringing out the most cultured tone he can muster, "that would most likely be forbidden by law, due to implications of violation of a person's individuality."
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 01:56:51 55477
"So how old are you then?" Naru pauses to think about that. "I would think that school elsewhere is different than here. We seem to do everything differently." She smiles easily and nods. "I know a lot of people at Infinity. Good school at least."

Naru laughs softly and shakes her head. "I'm sure it violates an ethics board or two, but it does seem handy as often as not. Although then I'd be concerned my clone was having more fun than I was, so I'd want to do everything anyhow."
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 02:10:57 55478
Seth Locke says, "Me? I'm seventeen", Seth replies. "I was on the 12th, got pushed back to 10th." He shrugs, "I guess there be some differences, yes... but did I really have to be delayed for an urgent goal in my life because of them?" He notices he used the word 'urgent' there, then backs down in introspection, like he just faced his worst fear. He sighs, then starts to go for his ice cream. "It is a good school. Good people, those you've met?""
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 02:23:30 55479
"I expect university will still be there when you get there." Naru quirks her head and then smiles. "I'm almost sixteen and in grade nine, so seventeen and grade ten doesn't sound so weird to me." She points out as she noshes on more french fries, remembering them only barely before they're too cold to be edible.

"Some very good people, yeah." Naru nods with a smile. "Mamoru whose apartment the barbeque was at, and most of his housemates all go to Infinity."
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 02:34:36 55480
"Really?" Surprise touches Seth's face. "Then all the more a reason why I should've stayed at that party. I would've met a few of the students already."

He takes a spoon full of ice cream again, sighing. "Yes, I suppose university will still be there. The world keeps on spinning, after all", he replies in a cryptic tone.
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 02:37:08 55481
"I'm sure you'll meet them again. At school if nowhere else." Naru points out with a little gesture of the last fry.

"the world does generally keep on spinning, unless y'know, any of the promised apocolypses actually happen." Naru grins. "So far so good, at least. So what do you do for fun, Seth?"
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 02:52:59 55482
"The words you're looking for would be 'extinction level event'", Seth replies. "It wouldn't be the end, per se, but it would signify a period of change that would radically alter the balance of the global ecossystems, and adaptation into the newer echological niches. If you can survive, you're good. If you don't... Well, maybe you'll get a better shot in the Afterlife."

"As for fun...?", Seth chuckles, "Well, I like reading, in my spare time... Listening to music, too...."
Naru Osaka 2016-09-20 02:56:52 55483
"I think you underestimate the potential for apocolypse, but I'm willing to accept that either one would probably impact both of our aspirations towards university, yes." Naru laughs softly and shakes her head. "I'm willing to err on the side of optimism, generally."

"Reading.. music.. both good choices, not that I've much time for either, but I can respect those as hobbies." Naru nods easily as she sips from her milkshake. Her bag goes bing, and she reaches to pull her phone out of a side pocket and glance at it. A few quick taps and she looks up apologetically. "I need to get going. It was good to finally meet you Seth."
Seth Locke 2016-09-20 03:06:15 55484
"You think so?", Seth seems spiked by this conversation. "Well, what do /you/ think would be apocalypse?"

But, Naru needs to go, and Seth sighs. "And, that will be a question for another day." He remarks, "Which I won't forget, by the way, so keep it in mind." He raises his hand in a wave to her. "Likewise, Naru-chan. Take care."