Laws of the Flow of Dark Energy.

Lacrima and Riventon talk about Dark Energy, Kunzite, Weird Gem Magic and Feelings.

Date: 2016-09-25
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Lacrima 2016-09-25 21:18:28 55899
Lacrima has been working on her own.. project. You really couldn't call it 'science', it was more, trying to understand some magic she found. Those gems and stones from the manor. Kunzite said that... the thing... powering them was dead. Mostly dead. So she was able to infer some things she had written down on a whiteboard.

'Power Source Dead'

'Gems and Stones still containing this power are probably not 'that power'. Stored human energy?'

'Need New Power Source.' then underneath that a list of possiblities: 'Me?' 'Some sort of central gem battery?' 'Powerful Non-sentient creature, contained for purpose?' then finally '???'

Ugh, she's giving herself a headache and her work is super sloppy and she isn't even a scientist persay and it's showing- anything she's learned it's been through reading through Eclipse Databanks. Well the ones she can access. There's something there, at least. Not like she won't have hundreds of years to 'get good'.

She decides to walk off because A: She'd not checked in on Riven-sama after being Escalated, and B: Something about her bracelet.

She makes a short walk to his lab and well. She just walks in. He invited her in before. Also, probably one of the few people in Eclipse who can survive the athomsphere without external help.

"Riventon-san." she says, her tone deadpan- as always- and mostly polite because of it.

"It's nice to see you walking around again." instead of pushing yourself around on a chair- unsaid. "Are you... okay?" she asks. There's a soft inflection in her tone that she means less 'physically' and more 'emotionally and spirtually', but it's hard to pick up.

"Putting myself back together after being hit with... one of those... is unpleasent." she asides.
Takashi Agera 2016-09-25 21:40:25 55904
Riventon turns as she walks into his lab. He doesn't really have to guess who'd be walking in - at this point, it's only Lacrima who could survive the environment, other than himself. He's up and around and the various things out on the table indicate he's been okay for a while, and working for a while.

"Lacrima-san. I think I'm as okay as I've ever been. It just put some things into perspective, that's for sure. Made me realize I've been slacking off for reasons that don't make any sense." He smiles.

"It's good to see you moving around, too. I've wanted to speak with you for a while. I think it's time I look at upgrading your bracelet. I have a lot of data from you, and in a way, that business with the colors helped me look at it from a new angle."

"Anything going on I can help you with, first?"
Lacrima 2016-09-25 21:55:58 55906
Lacrima head tilts and nods. "I always have a ... quirk. After that. I guess it's... a side effect of rebuilding oneself. This time the quirk was 'eating weird food combinations'. I highly do not suggest you try mayonaise frosted brownies." a pause. "Ever. Then the usual. Confusion about things. Nothing new." she says.

She head tilts. "Help me? Well. I've been. Studying those gems. From the manor. I wrote the report about. I spoke to... Kunzite. About them. Who was willing to share information about them." she says. "He said that the 'power source', some sort of.. powerful dark demi-god thing is dead and that's why they won't work as is." she says.

"That seems. Correct. They respond to me, but. Not very well." she taps her chin. "I am not strong enough, I imagine. To get anything out of them. Like weak batteries trying to power a toy, it only 'puts' a little. That sounds about right..." she says tapping her bttom lip.

It's easier for her to simplify things like that.

She looks up. "Ah..." she says as she looks down to the braclet and taps something underneath it to take it off. She winces a bit when it's removed. She's gotten used to the flow control there.

It feels weird without it.

She offers it forward.

"The braclet has helped me a lot." she says. "Keep some things under control. Not always. But. Long enough for me to. Remove myself from mundane situations that would had triggered... things." she says.
Takashi Agera 2016-09-25 23:55:11 55917
Despite trying to be stoic and scientific-looking, the 'mayonaise frosted brownies' bit causes Riventon to make the appropriate truly disturbed face at Lacrima. "I don't think I ever will." he confirms.

"Right, the gems. More magic than tech, but there's a lot more in common than a lot of magic-people like to think about. Input in, input out." Riventon taps the report Lacrima wrote, sitting on his desk in its own little section amongst the disorganized chaos.

"Then we need to get you a power source. I'll look into it and try to make sure it doesn't explode or something." he says, extremly seriously. It's a very real concern when working with strange, potentially demonic, magic. "I might want to involve some others."

Riventon takes the bracewlet in his hand and suddenly it begins to shift, coming apart into dozens, then hundreds of little slivers, each peice a sort of channel for magical energy. "I think I might be directing it too harshly. Instead of telling it what to do, magically speaking, I should just make it easier for it to do the things that we want. It's an important distinction, one I learned when working with the colors."
Lacrima 2016-09-26 00:15:35 55921
Lacrima head tilts. "Right. It needs an 'input'." she says. "I need to think on it some more." she says. She head tilts. "Well, a desire to eat odd food is much better than... well other things I've felt recuperating from such a thing." she says as she head tilts.

She watches with intrest as the bracelet is taken from her and splits apart into various pieces, and she purses her lips. "Ah...." she says.

Then a pause.

"What is the distinction?" she says.

"What if it doesn't want to do the things we want?..." a pause.

"I'm confused now." she says, deadpan. "I mean. You made it. It should already... want to do.. what we want?" she asks with confusion.
Takashi Agera 2016-09-26 00:35:08 55925
Riventon nods. "Based on your notes and all, we need to be careful what that input is. Like, it might eat up more than we want to give it, so lets be careful."

"The distinction is simple. Much like with people, it's often easier to convince the energy it wants the same thing you do, than it is to force it. Essentially, to make it your ally rather than your servant."

"Or like water - you can pump it somewhere, or merely change how it flows naturally. Does that make sense?" Riventon asks, even as small, raindrop sized orbs of negative energy float up and begin to make small adjustments to the bits and peices that make up her bracelet.
Lacrima 2016-09-26 01:16:37 55930
Lacrima head tilts as she looks as Riventon works on the device. Is it really that complicated? What's he doing it to it. There's clearly more to this 'research' and 'science' thing than she thought. At least she can make observations others can actually parse.

"Ah, so you're talking... changing how it flows. Rather than just pump it somwhere." she says.

She still doesn't quite get it, but she think she does...

It does raise questions in the back of her head though. Is her power trying to fight her? That'd be silly. Wouldn't it...?

Wouldn't it?

No, she just doesn't want to think about that right now.

"Sailor Moon was yelling at you that night. She seems .. unstable. At times." she says softly. "Yelling like that. I remmeber yelling like that." she says. "When I was less in control." she says.
Takashi Agera 2016-09-26 01:50:59 55934
Riventon continues tinkering with the device. "It probably won't feel dramatic, but it should work better. And every time I make little adjustments we get a little closer to your goal. Controlling it expertly, instead of letting it guide you." Riventon notes.

"Well, emotions are power, right? So just like anything else, the same way you've seen me - tapping into emotions like that can be a source of great strength, even as it seems like someone's out of control."

"When you yelled like that, did you feel more... able to fight?"
Lacrima 2016-09-26 02:41:25 55939
Lacrima continues to watch Riventon work. She doesn't understand what he's doing. Well. she knows what he's /doing/, but not how or why or what. Magic is weird. Magic is super weird. Still, she politely waits as Riventon asked her a question. She purses her lips and has to think.

"Well when I was yelling like that, the night that you had that big machine out..." she says.

"I got angry at.. Kunzite was it? That night? Kunzite and called out something and then bolts of energy rained down from the sky. I couldn't do that before I got angry enough I suppose." she says.

"So...? Maybe...?" she says silently.

"I dunno if I was angry or.. upset or... anything..." she says with a little concern.

"Sailor Moon slapped me once. I drained someone unsuspecting on a street corner. Because I need to drain people to survive. This someone turned out to be.... um. Mamoru?-- and she got upset and slapped me over it. Then I got unreasonably angry..."

"I dunno.. Kunzite says he has something for you about me. I dunno why he seems to 'care' about me. But he's mostly been talking to me? He asks another friend of mine how I'm doing."

"He says that the fact I want to 'keep control' is a good thing." she says.

"Why are some of these heroes so weird?" she asks.
Takashi Agera 2016-09-26 03:13:23 55940
Riventon nods. "All that energy runs from emotions. Really, emotions are magic. Robots can't use it. It's why the Robogoons have to stop in for dark energy recharges. The Dusk Zone is full of it, but I have a theory that points to it coming from our negative emotions. And I'm sure you noticed how everything there defaults to 'super-mega-hostile' to anyone not from there."5r
"Kunzite cares because he's trying to remember what it's like to be human, I think - so he natively tries to care, especially when things remind him of the way he used to be. But that's... just a thought, again. Doesn't mean I have any proof."

"I do know he used to be more negative energy than either of us, like a puppet of the stuff. And now he's not. And I couldn't help but think there's something there he might want back that makes him try to help."

"Anyways..." Riventon holds out his hand and the bracelet reforms its werarable shape. "Try this. You might notice immediately. You might not. Your magic's still different, but I'm learning about it. All the forms of magic are so different. The way the senshi fight, the way devices work, the way color becomes energy... all unique, and yet, all similar."
Lacrima 2016-09-26 03:56:20 55941
Lacrima listens a bit as she purses her lips as she head tilts. "Kunzite wasn't... human?" she asks curiously. A puppet of negative energy. Is she like that too? She squints a bit. No.. no one's pulling her strings. Except herself. Right?

She head tilts. "It's possible he misses some things about it. I'm not sure I'd miss much myself, if I were to suddenly become 'normal' again." she admits.

She takes the braclet and puts it back on with that same click as before, as she let's it do it's normal 'start' routine of glowing a moment then not glowing.

She holds her hand out and--- no immediatly change in feeling.

"Nothing immediate. I'll see how it settles over the next few days of use." she says.

She head tilts. "I should. Get back to work." she says. "In the other room..." a pause.

"Do you need anything, Riventon-san?" she asks politely. "Any help with anything?" she asks.
Takashi Agera 2016-09-26 04:08:46 55942
Riventon shrugs. "I don't know the full details. I do know the first time I fought him he was one-hundred percent not from concentrate Dark Energy." he says, picking up a Grief Seed from the table and balancing it on his pointer finger a bit nonchalantly.

"I both know what you mean and I don't. I never was 'normal' but I don't think I'd like to be. Without that sort of power available to me... just another face in the crowd... it's not for me."

"Mmm. I don't yet. But I might soon. Not for Eclipse, for some personal work with a new project of mine. A whole new creation unlike anything else! But I want to keep the lid down on some things, and if she gets seen with you it's not a terribly quick leap of logic to make the rest of her connections known."

Riventon smiles. "But I'm sure I'll let you in on it soon enough. In the meantime keep your phone handy."
Lacrima 2016-09-26 04:12:03 55943
Lacrima head tilts. "Well, your 'normal' is different than my 'normal' to be sure." she says quietly. "Different experiences. What... did... that book I've been reading call it. A Baseline? A different 'what's normal' for everyone and thing?" she says. "I think that's the word."

"Um... right then." she says quietly. Something new? This should be very intresting. She nods. "I'll get back to work then before I head home." she says as she begins to make her way out, unless she's stopped, of course.