Welcome Back, Amu-chan!

Amu Hinamori just got off the plane from studying abroad and heads straight to the Game Center Crown for a milkshake. She runs into Reiko Touyama and Hoshi Kogane while they're there!

Date: 2016-09-29
Pose Count: 27
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 08:13:29 56148
Amu Hinamori was... not in the best shape. Her clothes were a bit ruffled, her hair was a tad messy. But hey, she had bright pink hair, if anyone can pull it off, she can. Also, she had bags under her eyes. She had spent the last few days packing and leaving ominous voice mails to all of her friends. Not telling them what was up, but that SOMETHING was up.

She had hoped to see them here, alas, the guardians were nowhere to be seen. It was late. Frankly, if it wasn't for her cool attitude, her parents probably would have just made her come help them unpack. Instead she'd just kind of glared and said she needed to unpack after AN HOUR in security and then six. Hours. On a plane. It wasn't even that long a trip! Most of that was spent waiting for a moose to get off the track! What was a moose doing on the track? She had been about ten minutes away from getting off the plane and moving it herself.

But that was then, this was now. She stepped into the place as if she owned it, glancing around for a moment before making her way up the steps towards the food section. "Strawberry ice cream smoothie." Yes she knew it was technically a milk shake but they called it that and she actually DID follow the rules. She took it and then leaned back against the bar, before sitting down, sipping her drink. Outside she had her cool character out. But inside... well...

Where were her friends? :'( From the little box on her hip, three pairs of eyes popped out, scanning the area before her three guardian characters flew up and over her shoulders, stretching out. "Ugh, finally!" Ran said, before they started doing little stretching exercises.
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 08:23:02 56149
Horray! Reiko Touyama is out of the hospital, all after her friends restored the color orange to the world. She was feeling, generally fine now. The grogginess of the 'grey sleep' having faded off recently. So where is she?

WELL! She's here with Hoshi Kogane! Prism Keeper Yellow, and a very good friend! She wanted to get a milkshake. The first thing she wanted was such a thing!

"Come on Hosssshiii." she says as she skips into the Crown. It's a little on the late side. But that's okay. Grandpa is kinda used to her 'midnight adventures' by now. She turns back to Hoshi. "Right...um..."

"I know I might had said it already once but... thank you for. That." she says quietly. "Also. I'm /super jealous/ you guys had this awesome adventure and I was asleep for it all." she says quietly with a 'koi' smirk.

Following her is a tiny orange vibrant koi- a magical construct that no one else besides magical folk or those inclined towards it, can see. It seems content and happy and spins up and around Amu from top to bottom. Then it pauses. Righhhht in front of Amu's face. It squints. Then it's eyes open in surprise and then it darts back toward's Reiko. It begins tapping her on the shoulder. "Huh?" she asks. She looks up- and.. is that...

Amu-chan! Amu-chan is back!?

"Hoshi-chan! Look who's back!" she says as she jogs ovr.

"Amu!" she says with a big wide smile! "You're back!"

She looks back to Hoshi with a beaming smile! Well. There's worse things to first encounter when getting out of the hospital.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 08:26:21 56150
Hoshi is followed around by floating yellow five-pointed stars, one of which pops into existence as soon as Hoshi sees Amu, wearing one of Amu's trademark Cool and Spicy outfits. That one also holds an egg for some reason. She follows along cheerfully, allowing Reiko to be the boundless ball of energy that Hoshi has so missed. "Hello Hinamori-san."
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 08:30:22 56151
Amu Hinamori blinked and glanced over. "Toghrrk--" She coughed and hacked a little bit. Trying to speak with shake halfway down your throat was not the easiest. She swallowed and pounded her chest a little bit, before smiling. "Touyama-chan, Kogane-chan, long time no see!" Well, that explains the magical fish. She had thought something was in the shakes for a second there.

Ran's eyes lit up and she proceeded to chase the little koi around. Why? She'd been stuck on a boring plane for hours. She was going to ride it!

She gave the girls a smile. "What brings you out this late? I was afraid I'd be the only one." She gestured to the seats by her before taking another sip of her shake.
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 08:38:23 56152
Reiko Touyama grins over to Hoshi. Indeed! She's energized! She's a powederkeg! ready to bloooow~

She head tilts at Amu. She slides into the seat and smiles, gripping the sides of her it with her hand.

Koi gets chased by Ran. This ends up a fish chase going around the edges of the Crown most likely. Sometimes the koi turns around and blows a raspberry.

"Oh! I won an Art Contest!..."

"And um. Then. Stuff happened. After. You saw the Color Orange dissapear, right? That's what happens when... our Chroma Prisms shatter." she nods.

"Hoshi and my friends went and had a new one created." she beams. "So I'm back to normal!

"Hoshi, what do you want? I want... Chocolate... wait. No. Strawberry. Feeling like..."

Her eyes drift off just dreamily a bit. "Pink." she says.

She coughs and shakes this off a moment. "Does Tadase-kun know you're back yet? or any of the other Guardians? Are you gonna surprise them!?" she asks.

She eyes the fish chase. "I wonder if she'll catch it..." she says. "...I'm kinda afraid to see what starts to happen if it goes on for too much longer." pause.

She grins at Hoshi's Stars. "They're glad to see you back too." she says.

"Hoshi was the big star recently!" she insists. "Along with Momo-chan."

She looks back to Hoshi, waiting to see what kind of Milkshake she wants, if anything at all!
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 08:42:51 56153
Hoshi doesn't wait to pick, "Banana." Of course it's the yellow one. She doesn't really interrupt the talk about recent events, seeming content to listen and lean back in her chair. The same cannot be said for her stars. As Ran chases one of the Koi, one of them pops into existence wearing a pair of running boots and a sports jersey and starts chasing Ran. Another one wears a chef's hat and starts to look for Su. "I'm here because Reiko deserves a lot of attention and fun after what she went through, and dad is off somewhere in Europe for some kind of charity thingy so I didn't want to be home anyway."
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 08:46:16 56154
Amu Hinamori grinned, smiling to the little girl. Ah, to be that age again. She took another sip of her drink and let the child go on her rant. "Hmmm? Oh, no, they don't know yet. I'm surprising them." She flicked her hair back. "I only found out we were coming back about a week ago." And it took EVERY OUNCE OF HER WILLPOWER NOT TO SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS! and call them. Ohhhh, how she wanted to call them. Heck she wanted to run to their homes and bug them, but it was too late for that. Not that her cool and calm demeanor would show that. In fact, she looked completely calm as if she wasn't totally boiling and bubbling on the inside, raring to go find her friends.

Ran pretended to trip, oh no! Fell over, on her face... then... LUNGED! Miki just snickered and drew the scene. Especially if the running star caught her. Su was of course floating about, looking as calm as usual. She wave a little wave to the chef star. "hello! Croisant?" She offered a tiny mini one. Don't... don't ask.

"Don't tell them, okay? And... what do you mean, break? What happened? Are you okay?" She looked concerned. The child looked fine, but a broken color sounded bad. The color orange disappearing? That sounded even worse.
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 08:57:48 56155
Reiko Touyama grins. "I can keep it a secret." she says softly. She smiles She looks to Hoshi. "Well, you deserve a milkshake and lots of thanks! All I did was sit there having...nightmares or something." she admits.

She looks over to Amu. "I'm okay now. But. Like. Remember. We protect color? That's kinda. Literal. Our Chroma Prisms are the source of it. So. When one shatters... the color dissapears."

She nods matter of factly. "Hoshi and some others had to go to /another world/ to fix it!" she beams.

"I'm fine now. Mostly. Mostly fine." she insists.

She orders milkshakes. They come. Bannana and a Strawberry. She begins sipping. "Hey uh. Amu-chan? After you settle in and meet your friends n' stuff. Can you ping me on the phone in a few days?" she asks. "I have uh. Questions. About things."

"And stuff."

Hoshi tends to know 'things and stuff' tends to me 'boy issues' when Reiko uses those words, by now.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 09:01:41 56156
"I won't tell any of them, especially not Hotori-san." Hoshi promises with a little wink, and then she leans back again, while her star attempts to eat the offered croisant with a firm and happy nod and a satisfied grin. It then produces a big yellow cake and offerts it to Su in exchange. It, unfortunately, tastes like soap.

The chasing star does pounce onto Ran, seeming eager to get into some kind of wrassling action, but letting go quickly if Ran doesn't seem up for that. It's a polite enough star. "Things and stuff, huh, Reiko? Who's the lucky boy?" Hoshi teases.
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 09:05:23 56157
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times. "I meant what happened to you, not what happened to the color. Losing someone like you would be a lot worse, in my opinion." She said with a shrug. She sipped her drink again. "Really? Another world? A shame I missed that. I'm happy you made it back okay. It's great having friends you can depend on, isn't it?"

Ran's ruse seemed to have failed. However, it got in a wrestling match! Rawrrrr! she wiggled about, before trying to pile drive the poor star in an over dramatic flash of wrestling might! Just like on tv! Su of course too a bite of the cake before doing an anime sweat drop. She put the rest away for... later. Yes. That was it.

She blinked a few times. "Oh? We can talk about if now if you--" She paused then and nodded. "Ahhhhh, boys. Don't worry, any questions you've got just feel free to ask me."

Miki smirked. "Talk about the blind leading the blind." "Shut up, Miki!" Amu said grouchily.
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 09:23:08 56159
Reiko Touyama ughs. "All our constructs taste like soap. Like I know two... fox girls and they try eating my koi and they taste like soap they say." she says. "Must be the... purifying.. cleanliness." she insists.

She frowns. "Well. I fell into a coma. Us Prism Keepers call it 'The Grey Sleep'. We just kinda... turn into a vegtable. And have.. dreams and nightmares and feel close but far away at the same time." she mutters.

Oh. then the two are ganging up on her. Pfffbbbt! "Well... you know, how.. Haru had to leave. Right?" she says bashfully.

"There's that... Eilam-kun.. person." she mutters.

"I mean. I like him! But.. it's odd because. Stuff I need to keep secret. Sorry." she says with a smile.

She head tilts. "How was studying abroad?" she asks Amu.

She looks back to Hoshi and just kind of smiles weakly.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 09:25:35 56160
Hoshi doesn't interrupt any further, sipping her milkshake with a very amused look on her face. The girl, if she's got any romantic interests at all, has never let them show even to her closest friends. It seems she's more like to live that aspect of life through her friends.

The chef-star seems a little disappointed to see Su not want any more of it, and vanishes into a sad little puff of yellow. The sportsy star is pile driven, but responds by trying to grab a hold of ran and swap places so it's on top.
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 09:30:54 56162
Amu Hinamori blinks a few times, crossing her arms. "I see. I'm very sorry you had to go through that. Now, Eilam? Hmmm... And I suppose you have to hide your powers from him." She gives a nod. "But... something like this isn't something you can hide forever. Now, in the beginning of a relationship, it's normal to keep secrets from each other. A few things. But... if you want it to develop you'll, eventually, have to tell him everything." Miki perks up. "So, you think you should tell the person you're dating everything?" "Yes." M: "Does that mean you'll be telling Tadase about Chad?"

Amu froze and paled. "E-err, that's not really--" "Or how about Mike?" "I-I didn't--" Su: "Oh, or that cute bell boy?" "T-that was--" Miki:"Let's not forget that guy at the fast food restaurant." "N-none of those are relevant to this discussion!" Amu said, her cheeks burning bright red. Okay so she had a tendency to crush on cute guys who were nice to her SHE WASN'T ON TRIAL HERE! "Do you want fries with that?" Miki asked with a chuckle. "Anyway," Amu said quickly. "My suggestion is that you get to know this person. If you feel you can truly trust him, that he won't let you done... then eventually you'll have to tell him." She then smiled. "But... you're still young. Very young. There's no need for you to worry about progressing a relationship to that level at your age. Maybe in a few years. For now it's okay, and probably safer for both of you to keep this from him."

She then coughed. "Studying abroad was... interesting. I met quite a few interesting people." "And a lot of cute boys," Miki offered. "GAHHHH!" Amu blushed and covered her face. "My studies went well but I am very happy to be home. Why can't you be more like Ran?" Meanwhile, Ran was in the middle of being pinned, wiggling about before trying to grab the salf saker. So not regulation legal. Su was all noooooo! And brought out the cake, proceeding to, with difficulty, eat more of it.
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 09:35:20 56163
Reiko Touyama head tilts. "No, he knows. About the Magic stuff." she says. "I mean. I kinda. Transformed. And saved him. One day. From a Shade..." she says quietly. She says. "Just. I need to keep. His secret." she says with a nod.

She grins over to Hoshi. "I bet Hoshi is too busy dreaming of what she's gonna wear to her coronation as Prime Minister to worry about boys~" she says teasingly. Yes. She's trying to tease Yellow, this will go good.

Another koi pops up next to her as it begins to apparently take notes as Amu's charas name off all these things. It has a tiny reporter hat on. It says. 'Press' with a little card tucked into it.

She shoots the koi a glare. She knows what it's up to. It sort of 'eeks!' in expression and pops away into orange sparkles, as she turns back to the conversation.

"You should probably not talk about the cute boys to Tadase-kun." she insists.


Sparkle, sparkle...

She blinks herself back to reality and peers at Hoshi. She says. "That's two.. I owe Kunzite now I think. He kept us safe... when we were saving Ayana-chan. And then.. he kept you guys safe from... one of those.... 'Shadows'?" she ughs.

"Shadows. We didn't.. even flesh that out. In the story. I drew a few concepts for... 'season 2' and...." she mutters. "...Grey Kingdom musta used them anyways."
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 09:59:25 56164
It's not the Koi Reiko or Amu have to worry about keeping track of this. It's quite obvious to people who know her that the look on Hoshi's face is the look she has when she's committing details to memory. It probably doesn't help any that she's keeping a running tally on her fingers.

Alas, bringing back the cake is not enough to summon the chef star once more. It's poofed, and poofed it shall remain for the time being. When Ran reaches for the Salt Shaker, a star with a hat that says in big letters 'Wrassling Judge' carefully pulls it out of reach, blows a whistle and shakes his head in disapproval.
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 10:00:34 56165
Amu Hinamori blushed bright red. Then thought about Tadase. "Oh Tadase-kun," she said dreamily, getting that smile on her face. That day dreaming smile. She then eeped a moment later and snapped back to reality. "O-oh! right, I mean, yes. Ahem. His secret?" She blinked a few times and then sighed. "In that case... Touyama-chan... my answer is different. Does this secret put you or him in danger?" She got into super serious big sister mode.

"There are going to be times when people will ask you to keep secrets for them. But there are also times where those secrets put you, or them, in danger. At times like that, you need to find someone you can trust." She nodded sagely. "As soon as you can. Preferably an adult. Now, the fact you're worried about it... well, that makes me suspect that this is one of those secrets. Now, you don't have to tell me. But if you think he or you is in trouble, you can tell me. And I will do everything I can to help and not let him know that you told me, okay?" She gave her a little smile, giving off that big sister vibe now.

"And I know it might hurt and you feel you're betraying them. But sometimes, in order to be a real friend, you have to do what they need, not what they want. Even if it means they'll be mad at you. Okay?" It's a good thing it wasn't like, she had five boys she liked. Amu would have NEVER been able to help with that.

Ran frowned. But then slowly fire formed in her eyes. "RAHHHH!" And managed to stand up, lifting the star over her head... then her legs buckled and she went down, swirls for eyes.

"Wait, what's this about prime minister?"
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 10:09:37 56166
Reiko Touyama eyes Hoshi. Well. This is going to end in either potential disaster or potential hilarity. Either/or. Maybe she'll be lucky to witness it later.

She says. "Nono. It isn't some sort of terrible secret. Just he asked me to keep it to myself. It's really kind of personal to him, but it isn't dangerous."

Reiko begins wondering if he should cut 'liking older bishy guys' off at '200 years old' again.

"Oh! Hoshi's going to be Prime Minister when she grows up." she says this like it's a fact. Not 'RUN for Prime Minster', 'BE Prime Minister.'.

"Just you watch!" she nods matter of factly and very curtly.

Then she sips her shake. Siiiiiip.

"Ugh, okay so I might aswell tell the secret because I feel you're not gonna leave me alone about it." she says. "BUT keep it between us two okay?" she says quietly.

"Well. The secret is that he's two hundred years old and can't die." a pause. "That's seriously it." she says with a soft nod.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 10:20:21 56167
Hoshi smiles a little when the conversation continues, clearly amused. When it switches to her own future, she corrects Reiko slightly, "I'm going to be the first female Prime Minister." Because you know, just becoming Prime Minister wasn't ambitious enough.

A new star pops up next to her head, this one wearing formalwear and reaching out to Miki as though the artistic girl is a foreign dignitary. The wrassling judge star floats next to Ran and starts counting down from three, producing a new numbered sign for each step.
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 10:22:26 56168
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times. Then a few more times. Theeeeeen a few more times. "He's... two... hundred years. And you're... dating. Him." Okay. Okay okay okay. She can deal with this. She took a slow, deep breath. "I think he might be a little too old for you." Just a little! She took another sip of her drink. Yup. Totally nailed it.

At the midway point between two and one, Ran managed to get a shoudler off the mat, before reaching over and trying to flip and throw the star. At Miki.

"What do you mean can't die? Has he tried?" ... She realized a second later she said that out loud and kind of paled.
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 10:32:18 56169
Reiko Touyama blinks and /blushes/ "We're /not/ dating! It's just... we like each other? and we know it? But we dunno what to make of it yet." she says quietly. "But he visited me in the hospital when I was in a coma and when I came out." she says.

"He was sad because... his condition doesn't grant him.. 'power'? So he couldn't protect me from..."

She just trails off. Better not to think of Griselda right now.

She huffs a bit and crosses her arms. "Well I could be like 50 and he'd still be too old, so nyah!" she huffs.

She then looks over to Hoshi and grins. "See!" she beams. "She's gonna do it. I know she can." she insists.

Sippp. More strawberry.

"I'm glad you are back, Amu-chan." she smiles.

"Oh! I'll have to. Show you some of my new art pieces sometimes. I don't. Have them on me. Of course." she says.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 10:39:26 56170
"That's called dating, Rei-chan~" Hoshi responds with an amused tone, and then hides her face in drinking more of her milkshake. Bonus, it helps keep down the giggling. The rest of it all isn't getting a response from her. Aside from the star that pops up, with a beard that reaches down to the floor and a cane it's clearly leaning on.

It's shambling towards one of the Koi, while making kissy faces. At the same time, the wrassling star is flying straight for Miki, just as the diplomat or political star is going through some elaborate miming that seems to indicate some kind of formal request.
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 10:41:26 56171
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times before letting out a sigh of relief. "O-oh. Good. Errr, maybe... look into someone closer to your age? I mean, or, errr, if he's willing to wait until you're older and an adult, I don't see any advice." Miki pipes up. "As if you've never had a crush on an older guy." Her face turned scarlet. "T-that's not exactly relevant!" "Ikuta..." "Shush!" "Sailor moon's boyfriend, what was his name again?" "I said shut it!" "that cute barista." "I will--" And then miki gets hit by the star and falls to the table, KO!

"Well, that works. Aaaaanyway. I'd... wait a few. Many. Years, Touyama-chan. For both of your safety." She sipped her drink, almost gone. "I'm happy to be back. I look forward to seeing what you made!"
Reiko Touyama 2016-09-29 10:50:30 56172
Reiko Touyama crosses her arms and hrmphs! "Lots of girls like slightly older boys!" she insists. Says the card carrying member of Makoto Kino's 'Older Boys Are the Best' Club.

She hrmphs! Okay, she's not really upset. Her koi speak volumes, also, it runs away from the smoochy star. No kisses for fishes.

Her Strawberry Shake seems completed. She sighs. "I should. Go home." she says. "And hug Grandpa lots." a pause.

"My stupid parents couldn't even visit me in the hospital." she mutters. Yeah she sounds upset about that.

"I'll um. See you around Amu! I promise I won't let anyone else know you're back!" she grins.

"Hoshi-chan~ Catch up back at my place if you want~ I bet Grandpa is making Noodle Kaboodle again." she insists.

And then she's out the door!
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 10:53:22 56173
"Seeya, Rei-chan~" Hoshi watches Reiko leave and sighs a little, then after another sip of her milkshake she adds, "His name is Tuxedo Kamen." Just for the sake of completeness, and then she leans back to sip more of her milkshake, seemingly relaxed. Her stars remain in the air for the moment, "I should probably go home too, it's getting late and I don't want to get yelled at..."
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 10:57:13 56174
Amu Hinamori nods and then glances at the clock. She finishes the last of her shake, then tosses it in the trash from across the room. She did it super smooth, too... but internally she was all 'WOO HOO! YEAH! I DID IT!' She then smiled to the girl before getting up. "Yeah, it's getting pretty late. Reiko left pretty quick, so I couldn't offer. Want me to walk you home?" She holds her hand out. Of course, who would give the kid trouble with cool and spicy salsa ranch Amu on the case? And maybe she'd see her friends if she stayed out later. Or Tadase-kun... leh sigh.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-09-29 11:01:11 56175
"You could, but it's quite far. The estate isn't too close." Yes she lives in an estate, she gets out of her seat and finishes off her milkshake, then as she passes the trashcan deposits it within carefully. "I was planning on calling to let them know where to pick me up, but we can walk to the spot I was thinking of telling them I wanted to be picked up?"
Amu Hinamori 2016-09-29 11:05:37 56176
Amu Hinamori nodded and walked besides the girl. "Sure. I could use a stretch of my legs, anyway." Ran, meanwhile, was getting to her feet and then charging the star. One final battle, for the title! Miki, meanwhile, retreated into her egg and into Amu's little egg holder.