Looks Like A Big One

WPS heads to the beach! Fishing ensues! This is ... not entirely as planned. (Partial scene.)

Date: 2016-09-30
Pose Count: 12
Hannah Sharpe 2016-09-30 01:29:54 56224
It's a warm, sunny dad out on the beach that Hannah's found for the small gathering. Mostly untouched by large crowds of beachgoers, a few rocks and a small cliff to jump from if one's feeling adventurous, and waves that are just rough enough that one could do a little surfing if they were up to it! And of course, Hannah has plenty of fishing poles, bait, snackas, towels, and other useful things all laid out.

She might head an evil corporation, but she knows how to be a good host.

Currently Hannah's dredged out a small folding table with which to cut bait. And later probably fish! She whistles as she works, in a pair of swimming shorts and a blue bikini top. She even has a straw fishing hat on! As people begin to arrive, she looks up and grins when Boris barks!

"Yoooooooo! Hey people!" She yells warmly, waving a hand exaggeratedly before going back to slicing up bait. Calamari is her bait of choice today!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-09-30 01:40:27 56229
As far as Eclipse is concerned, Mikoto is still on vacation, enjoying some time off from her rather insanely intensive research schedule. She's been taking the past week or so to get back into the swing of things at school, make sure her (normally impressive, but suffering the past term) grades were up to snuff, and working out ways to deter truant officers from trying to drag Hikari off to class.

An invitation to go fishing, therefore, is exactly what she needs to brush off the rust and add a few XP to her Slack skill slot. And it's Hannah, so there's bound to be something fun happening.

So she turns up, fishing pole slung over her shoulder, dressed in cargo shorts and sneakers and a sporty black t-shirt.

"Hey, Hannah, good to see you again. How's life treating you?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-09-30 01:41:01 56230
    Sayaka cant say no to an awesome beach party, and it's been a while since she's hung out with members of the WPS. What better way to enjoy and relax than catch up on the last few rays of sun before the colder season sets in? She is dressed herself in a dark blue one-piece sporty swimsuit, worn underneath black hotpants and comfy sandles on her feet. Fortunately, being a pretty sporty person, Sayaka has actually fished before and carries her own fishing pole with her as she joins Hannah.

    "Miss White! Good to see you again.." she grins, "Love the idea of a fishing party.." She peers around at the table and grabs some bait for her fishing pole, glancing around to see who else has come. Glancing around she sees Mikoto next, and smiles, "Miko-chan! Been a w hile.."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-09-30 02:04:37 56238
Griiiin! "Heeeey Miko! Glad you came, it's been a while! Haven't been getting rusty on vacation I hope?" She teases, then winks. Bait gets nearly scraped up into a container for easy access by the two intrepid fisherfolk!

And then there's Sayaka too! "Saya-chan! Looking good! Grab a sandwich and something to drink, aaaalmost done here!"

Then, she laughs. "Same old same old! Trying to solve problems by cutting open eldritch abominations and understandin the nature of magical girls!" Pause.

"...You know, that really /does/ sound evil when I say it out loud." Shrug.

She grabs a beer, some bait, and it's off towards the sand! She hauls back, and casts her line! Zrrrrrrrt sploink!

Boris is already over to Miko and Saya, jumping up and giving face-licks! Husky tail wag wag wags!

"How've you guys been?"

Beneath the waves, something evil stirrs, slowly wakening from the presence of three magical girls. And it smells delicious bait as beady eyes open.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-09-30 02:11:47 56242
Mikoto waves cheerily as she approaches the others. "Hey, Saya, hey, Hannah. Great to see you both again. How's it going?"

She sets down her pole and takes a seat at Hannah's table, eyeing the collected bait. "Me? Rusty? That's what I'm looking to avoid, you know. That's the whole point of taking a vacation." She eventually picks something out, unstrings a hook, and starts affixing one to the other.

"What've you lot been up to?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-09-30 02:17:12 56244
"Oh my god. I'm /late/." says Haruna Kurosawa as she charges down the road to the beach out of breath. Also, Corvus is with her on her shoulder in bird form. Corvus is wearing a bucket hat with a hook in it and he has a tiny fishing rod. It is usually not a good idea to ask where magical mascots get tinier versions of things.

It's a mystery.

Haruna Kurosawa pants. "Hi Guys! Hi Hannah-chan! Sorry I'm super late!" she says with a wide nervous smile. Nope. Not hiding anything.

Most certainly not an earned wish. Nope. Not talking about that to Hannah.

"Anything biting yet?" she asks. Pause. "I've..never. Been fishing." she admits meekly.
Sayaka Miki 2016-09-30 02:32:43 56251
    Sayaka smiles, grabbing a sandwich as she flings her pole in the water waiting for a bite to catch it. "I've tried to stay in shape over summer, although it's been prettySlow..But hopefully things will get fun soon, now that school's back." the way she says 'slow' implies she's talking about youma hunting. "But there was something I really wanted to talk to you aboutLater, maybe." she smiles at mikoto, "what kinda research have you been up to lately?" Finally Haruna arrives and she smiles, "Haruna-chan! How you been? No bites yet. I gues fishing is a game of patience.."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-09-30 02:49:36 56253
Hannah throws up a fist! "And that's exactly what I want to hear out of my favorite non-evil researcher!" Ta-kun's obviously her favorite evil researcher! The young woman chuckles.

"School, obviously. Oh, and helping our Naru so she gets nibbled on less. Seriously, poor thing is like fruit snacks on wheels to youma! I really gotta scan her some time. Great running partner despite being little miss noodly arms!"

"Haruna!" Pardon her while she abandons rod and just runs to Haruna! That look gets missed, for obvious reasons and because she wants to hug-gull the heck out of her! Grab! Heft! Spin around and around, and a smooch!

"You came. I'd hate to share a beautiful day out in the sun and the sounds of the ocean without you."

Pause. Then she blushes, and turns away. AHEM!

"Nah, not yet! Been pretty slo...." A glance back to Sayaka.

A grin. "Yeah. Go for it! You know my ear's always ready for you. Huh? Well, things have been rough with Witch research for obvious reasons. So I've been studying up on things more close to home." One hand flicks R.T. in her coin form in the air, before she's pocketed.

"Been working on a few ways to increase my Linker Core's throughput. That way every time I do any kind of decent magic, I won't wake up with sore shoulders and feel like my legs are on fire thanks to the overload on my body. Oh, and trying to whip up some kinda scholarship program so I can expand WitchHunter Arms' R&D division."

Yoink! "Heeeey, got one!" Then, Hannah's eyes goggle as she's physically being pulled towards the ocean!

"H...holy snap, do swordfish even /live/ in Japan!?" That's gotta be the answer here, as Hannah valiantly struggles! Sliiiiiiiide!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-09-30 02:53:51 56254
Mikoto blinks. Naru has been working out with Hannah? This bears interesting possibilities! "Give her time, she'll improve. Maybe she'll even be able to fight off a youma next time." After all, if Reece could do it with a tire iron and a handgun...

She offers Sayaka a smile and a wave. "Things will warm up soon enough, I'm sure. Just give it time." She finishes setting up her line, and makes a cast from the table, flinging it well out onto the water where a little red and white float lets the bait hang in the water.

Haruna gets another of her smiles and a quick wave - her hand swiftly returning to her pole. "Long time no see, green. Pull up a seat, have a sandwich, annoy some fish."

Her eyes narrow as she focuses for a moment on Hannah's line, then turns her attention to her own.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-09-30 02:56:26 56257
Haruna Kurosawa grins, she spins and smooches Hannah back~ "Hannah-chan!~ I'd never miss it~" she insists.

"Oh. Naru-chan! She... helped me defeat a terribad." a pause. "Like. I dunno what's up? But she's able to... take art? and pull it out? Like she drew.. then pulled out, this big pie cutter and sliced one of the pastry sticks the thing was using as giant weapons in two!" she says.

Then Hannah's line gets tugged. She blinks. "Wah? That looks like a big one!" she says as she watches with wide eyes.

Corvus flys out to a bouy and tosses his tiny rod's line out into the ocean. Plink.

"Let's see what it is! I bet it'll be delicious!" a pause. "We.. are. eating these? Right?" shifty eyes.
Sayaka Miki 2016-09-30 02:58:15 56259
"heh.." sayaka smirks, glancing sidelong at the two lovebirds as she tries to half-focus on her fishing. They're kinda cute together! She arches a brow when Hannah mentions witch research, wanting to pry further, but of course they're supposed to be having fun. Maybe next time..

    "So, Naru's some kinda trouble magnet, I hear?" she chuckles, "I know how that was, before I became a magical girl. It sucked not having powers but being aware of the dangerous world around me."

    Then suddenly Hannah gets a bite! "Wow, looks like a big one! Don't let it get away!" she grins, pausing in her own fishing to see what she'll bring up!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-09-30 03:13:53 56263
Hannah's smile weakens somewhat. "Honestly? I'm doing it so she can run the heck away. Hate to say it, but I don't think she has much potential in that area. Probably for the best, too. Sweet kid, hate to see her get caught up in the kinds of messes we get into, you know?"

Eeeee, 'runa-smooch! Happy Hannah grin!

But then she focuses. "....No kidding? Oh hoh hoh hooooh! Man, someone's been holding back! I'mma have to have a chat with Naru soon!"

Why does Hannah sound giddy all of a sudden?

Hannah winks, and points to a nearby bag on the table! "I've got a gas grill, cleaning and fillet knives!" Her Dad would be so proud right now if he'd come along!

"You little....not...getting...away...FROM GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL HANNAH-CHAN! RAAAAAAH!"

Just as she's tugged to the edge of the water, the thing on the other end of the line leaps out from the briney depths! It's a massive, scaled, almost leviathan-like creature about the size of a whale! It's eyes are way too small, and those jaws way too big and serrated! It also seems to vaguely fly on puffs of Dark Energy.

Hannah's jaw just kinda drops. Really, she should be used to crap like this.

"....That's not a sword fish, kids." Someone might want to smack her and tell her to henshin.