Nothing, Nevermind

Jiaying is not having a good time with her video game. Tsubasa is not having a good time with her fans. Seth is not having a good time period. (Partial scene)

Date: 2016-10-01
Pose Count: 10
Seth Locke 2016-10-01 18:37:13 56355
Getting used to the popular hangouts, Seth is at a table - the cornermost table -, with a smoothie in front of him, while in front of him is a top of the line tablet. He seems to be focused on the screen for now, on which he occasionally puts his finger and drags it across the full length.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-10-01 18:52:39 56356
There's the sound of squeeing fans outside, enthusiastic and excited, and then a bluenette in a Verone uniform quickly ducks into the crown, followed by confused questions outside, 'Where'd she go?' Tsubasa's single side-tail and tallness makes her quite noticeable, even if not sufficiently into j-pop to recognize the international star.

Tsubasa takes a look around for a good place to hide from the fans she's dodging, and ends up ending up heading up the stairs and claiming a chair one table away from Seth's, proceeding to open up a big newspaper and reading through.
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-01 18:58:12 56357
Jiaying Maki is already at the arcade, working her way through a fighting game for some practice. Wearing her usual hoodie and long skirt, she's added a large pair of headphones, looking like she's blocking out the word. They keep flixkering though, hinting at the illusion for anone watching. She misses the entrance, but the squeeing does get her to glance back, costing her a fight. She may kick the machine and dance around too.
Seth Locke 2016-10-01 19:19:08 56359
Whatever Seth is skimming through in his tablet, it leads him nowhere, something to which he sighs in frustration. Sliding the tablet a few inches away from him, he sips his smoothie with a focused look. That's when his eyes idly and momentarily fall on Tsubasa. No signs of recognition there - guess he's not that much into j-pop...
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-10-01 19:37:42 56360
Tsubasa shoots a faint smile at Seth before going back to the newspaper she's reading, which is placed a bit too blatantly in between herself and the window. It's not too obvious on the outside, but from in here it's easy to tell that newspaper is placed to prevent people outside the place to see her.

One of the employees comes over to ask what she wants, and Tsubasa orders a vanilla milkshake without even seeming to really care. What does draw her attention is the kicking of the machine downstairs, "Huh, someone's upset they lost?" She wonders out loud.
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-01 19:49:49 56361
Jiaying Maki turns back to her game, loading more yen into the machine and selecting her character again, maybe with a bit more aggravation than before. She definitely looks like she's the sort to be in a bad mood.

This one goes even worse and with some frustration, she leaves the machine behind and makes her way to the counter to ask for a shake, sliding more of her money away. Drumming her fingers on the counter, the headphones suddenly just blip out of existance and her illusion wavers briefly as she takes the shake and makes her way towards a table.
Seth Locke 2016-10-01 20:12:43 56363
Seth Locke looks towards the source of the sound. "Looks that way...", he replies to the blue-haired girl who let her wondering escape into the air. He looks back to her, and the position she's holding the newspaper. "Hiding from someone, I presume?", he dares to ask, returning the faint smile.

He looks back to the source of the sound - second loss, that can't be good -, and as Jia comes over to the second floor, he prepares to say something, but then... The headphones disappear, even if only for a moment, and he blinks in surprise, followed by a frown. "What...?"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-10-01 20:20:08 56365
Tsubasa nods mildly to that question, and doesn't bother elaborating whatsoever. Her milkshake arrives and she takes a quick sip. She glances towards Jiaying, raising an eyebrow at the flickering illusion, "Were you the one to kick a machine or was that someone else?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-01 20:29:48 56366
Jiaying Maki settles down at the table and takes a drink of her shake. Legs crossed, she looks at Seth and says, "What?" her eyes narrowed. She remembers him, she also remembers what he said at the barbecue.

Her head turns to Tsubasa at the question and she shrugs. "Maybe, who knows. Were you the one to bring swooning fans in?" She scowls and uses the shake's straw to spin the shake around on the table, distracting herself after.
Seth Locke 2016-10-01 20:42:36 56368
"N-Nothing", Seth replies. "Nevermind." But, whoever looks at him, can relize he's upset. He pulls his tablet back to him, sets it on standby mode, and looks between the two girls for a bit, as he sips his smoothie. Then, he replies, "Well, I do get the feeling things got a little hyper here, a little after you came along...", he points to Tsubasa.