SoJ: A Sticky Situation

Shiniko targets another victim. Amulet Heart, Hakuomaru, and Platinum Royale object to vigilante justice.

Date: 2016-10-11
Pose Count: 32
Sora Hisakata 2016-10-11 22:28:38 57392
Right after school is out, near one of the smaller parks in the vicinity of Infinity U, there's something wrong near the little pond. The one tree that hangs over it has, like most objects, a shadow. The problem is that its shadow behaves unlike how it should, it moves with the sun like all shadows do, but over the past couple hours the areas that should have left its shadow haven't.

As a result, the pond is half covered in shadow, and none of the mundane people have noticed. By now, however, the phenomenon is starting to spread to other trees in the area, and an old lady who walked into the shadow of one of the trees has found herself somewhat stuck. Her feet are in this special shadow, and it sticks to her shoes like glue.

No-one pays her any mind.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-11 22:47:13 57396
Amu Hinamori was walking around getting a delicious little treat, her right hand, still in a cast, was strapped to her side. It still had the occasional twinge, but nothing too serious. In a few weeks she could probably take the cast off. Assuming she didn't manage to make it worse.

Aaaaand then she sensed dark energy. "Amu, no. You're hurt," Ran said. "I wasn't going to!" she said defensively. She was already walking towards it, her Taiyoki in hand. "Amu! You can't, you'll get worse!" Miki said. "I'm just going to check it out. Call for back up if it's needed. It's not that strong, it'll be fine." "Amuuuu! The others will be mad, call Tadase-kun!" "They're probably busy. Listen, I'll be safe, I promise. I'm just going to see what it is!" She started lightly jogging towards the source of the dark energy.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-11 22:56:40 57400
Yuzuki Amemori is sitting out under a nearby tree, watching the water as something compiles on her computer. She hasn't noticed the shadow quite yet, purely because she's been focused on a new song and it's taking most of her brain processing power. When the song has finished, she pulls her headphones back on and runs through the same section of song 3-4 times, adjusting a few settings each time. The jogging girl is moving fast enough that it pulls her attention away though. Looking up, she sees the shadow for the first time. Her first thought? She takes a picture with her phone. Then the laptop is snapped shut and she locks it before standing to meander over that way as well.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-11 23:01:32 57401
As it happened, Tadase was on the way to see Amu. With flowers! Flowers in apology for what happened, for not being there, for not coming sooner... his grandmother had ended up in the hospital and... well, there was a lot of apology, a lot of self-dislike contained neatly within the boquet in his hand.

But... there were other things going on in Tokyo today than just the feelings in Tadase's head. Instinctively, he turned his head towards the feeling, in the same direction Amu is heading. But it's Kiseki who lends voice to Tadase's unconcious thought.

"Tadase, there's something strange happening. Or going to happen. It might be trouble." Tadase nods. He's already headed in that direction.

He doesn't transform, he just runs. If a fight is going to happen, he'll need a place to put those flowers out of the way, so jumping through the air towards this bad feeling is a little bit out.
Sora Hisakata 2016-10-11 23:06:30 57404
A girl climbs out of the pond, she's made out of pure shadow, with a single cold flame burning on her forehead. From behind her two more climb out. They all look identical, down to the wire, and without a doubt they look exactly like Sora Hisakata. "Hush now old lady." The first speaks up, walking towards the old woman, the second stays near the pond, "We know what you did." The last climbs up the tree that was first affected, and a flame lights in her hands, "Be happy, you'll be the first~"

Their voices sound exactly like Shiniko's. Without a doubt however, they're constructs granted something resembling a mind rather than people.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-11 23:11:25 57407
Amu Hinamori looks around and... sure enough... she's the first one on the scene. She quickly dives into an alley. "Amu, you promised!" Miki yelled. "We can't let someone get hurt! My heart, open!" There was a sigh, before Ran slowly melded with her.

With a flash of light, Amulet Heart was on the scene. In a cast. Not the most intimidating of opponents. Still, she raced out of the alley and into the school yard, leaping over the fence and landing gracefully on the other side. "Hey!" she called out, the heart rod forming in her left, good hand. "I don't know what you're doing or who you are, but why don't you pick on someone your own size?" "Amu, you are practically exactly the same size as that woman," Miki said. "Shut up, Miki!"
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-11 23:43:18 57413
Yuzuki Amemori sets her case down nad sets it to the side, hopefully out of the way of things. She then ducks further out of sight and reaches out while calling out, "Grasp the cord of fate!" and yanking on it like it's a rip cord. She's having more and more fun just pulling. When she emerges from the convenient hiding place, she draws her sword and begins to walk towards the shadow creatures while calling out a challenge to them, "Hey! What have they done that you have to ruin a perfectly nice day huh?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-11 23:51:18 57417
The feeling only gets stronger for both of them as Tadase and Kiseki close in towards that slight, supernatural tug at the sides of their oddly shared minds. "Absolutely something bad." Tadase says. Kiseki's going to open his mouth to say something else, but instead he notes. "Ran, Miki, and Su are here, Tadase." Kiseki says as Tadase lays the flowers down under a tree out of the way. Tadase stops, turning and looking at Kiseki.

"She shouldn't be out here if she's injured." Tadase says, in a tone somewhere between grave and firm. Kiseki nods. "It'd be best if we took care of this so she can go home and rest." Kiseki nods again, though he comments. "Assuming you really think she wouldn't be so stubborn as to stay anyways." Tadase stops, shrugs. "Well either way she can't fight it alone."

    "My heart: UNLOCK!"

A flash of light and Tadase Hotori and Kiseki have become Platinum Royale, and after one really big jump, he lands in front of Amu, between her and the construct girls, scepter in his own hand. "Amulet Heart, you're hurt. This isn't your fight. Go home." he says, perhaps a little (or a lot) more stern and ordery than neccessary, but Tadase often finds it hard to keep his emotions in check when Amu is involved in any way. He levels his scepter at the group.

"I'm going to ask that you leave, too. I can't have anyone threatening innocents, and if you continue to do so, I'll act. Nothing this woman has done makes this okay."
Sora Hisakata 2016-10-11 23:59:06 57419
The three girls sigh in unison. "She killed her husband." "Swindled her father." "Abandoned her son." The accusations flow, and the woman is so in shock, so terrified, she can't even respond. For whatever reason, the crowd thins out, not noticing what's going on but at some subconscious level aware of their terror. "You would defend her?" The first asks, approaching Amulet Heart, coating her hand in cold flame and throwing a punch.

The second one waves towards Yuzuki, revealing handgun made out of shadow to be in her hand as she takes aim. "That would make you an accomplice to her crimes." A familiar refrain by now to anyone who knows what Shiniko has been up to. She fires, and a bullet of solid shadow flies towards the sword-bearing girl

The third remains in the tree, throwing the ball of shadow fire at Platinum Royale. "An accomplice shall pay the same price as the crimes they are aiding." And then in Unison, "Your lifes are forfeit."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 00:02:35 57420
Amulet Heart eeped. "Ohhhhh. Bustedddd," Miki said. "Tad-- I-I mean, Platinum. You know as well as I do that I can't just leve while there's some... whatever this thing is, threatening innocent people. Don't worry, I'll be careful and stay back." Oh she was going to get herself killed. "Heart rod!" She then flung the rod out. It flew out! Missing the woman who took a punch at her. She leaped back, jumping away from the punch as the rod came flying back. "What proof do you have? Why do you say she's done these horrible things?" She gave a cringe when she landed. "Amu, don't--" Su started. "I'm fine," she said quickly. Jumping around with broken bones. Not the smartest thing she'd done in a while. "If she's done these things, she needs to be punished. She needs to face the courts. Not vigilante justice!"
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 00:07:02 57421
Hakuomaru watches the shadow creature draw that pistol. Planting her sword in the ground, she slams her foot into the ground to create a barrier of earth while ducking to the side, in one smooth motion drawing her own flintlock and firing a firebolt back at the shadow thing. "Hey neat, I can do that too!" she says playfully, her voice only somewhat distorted by her menpo, which looks like a hockey mask today.

After the shot, she reholsters it and grabs her sword before running straight at the one with the gun, her more heavily armored side presented to the creature. "I don't know what you are, but I'm pretty sure you're just as bad as those crimes you're leveling!"
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-12 00:12:11 57423
The surge of dark fire is flung at Platinum Royale, which is the primary reason that he's defending himself for now, instead of immediately diving onto the girl who's attacking Amulet Heart. He has to shift on his heel and point the scepter at the incoming attack. "HOLY CROWN!" comes the familiar call, and the golden-bright crown springs into being, interposing it between himself and the attack.

Instead of holding it like a shield, he launches it at the one in the tree, a large surge of positive energy, shield turned weapon, so he can turn and try to help Amu - wether or not he can one-hundred-percent determine that she needs the help, really. He's making another jump of his own, wielding that scepter like a mace, trying to bring it down to the legs of the shadow girl.

"This is a country of law and order! At no point has the words of three spooky girls been an acceptable substitute for justice. You're not here to deliver anything but cruelness and hostility."
Sora Hisakata 2016-10-12 00:20:55 57425
"Vigilante justice is the only form of justice that's left." Number one answers after getting a rod to the face, backing away while now missing an eye and half her forehead. It doesn't grow back, at least not quickly, but it doesn't appear to be a major hindrance either. The other hand lights up with that evil frozen fire and rushes out to punch.

Number two gets her neck shot out, and her head tips over to rest on her shoulder. "We wouldn't need to be this bad if there was anything good left in this city." She answers, and somehow it seems to be a continuation of number one as much as an answer to Hakuomaru.

Number three loses an arm as it tries to dodge Platinum Royale's attack. It responds with more of that cold fire, but this time it's attached to a boomeranh that flies in an ark. "The laws of this land are designed to preserve order, true." It concedes, but adds right away. "The corrupt order of man is no substitute for Justice, and there's only injustice to be found in the laws that guard it."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 00:27:41 57428
Amulet Heart panted lightly as her rod came back to her hand. She gripped it in her hand a moment later. Before taking a deep breath. "AMu! Don't!" Miki shrieked. Se cringed. Just a few fractures, it'd be fine. Two rods formed, one in each hand. She threw them. It sent a jolt of pain through her arm, stunning her for a moment. Fortunately, the rods through out, one aimed at the one attacking platinum.

But she was a little slow, the punch of frozen fire hitting her in the chest, sending her toppling back with a shriek, as the second heart rob came back, aimed at the creature's waist.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 00:39:00 57431
Hakuomaru shakes her head and grimaces, the thing is kind of unpleasant to look at like that. Her mask hides that though! Score one for armor. "Vigilante justice is rarely a good thing critter! How do you know she did those things? Are you just guessing? Pretending to know? Going on a news story? You're just as guilty." She lunges forward at the word guilty to try and skewer the shadow creature, intending to stick it, then twist and drag. It's a measured strike though and while she is open to retaliation, she isn't off balance and would have time to try and catch it on her armor
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-12 00:48:24 57433
Tadase turns back to the girls. "Vigilante Justice just isn't justice at all. Justice only works when it's applied evenly, fairly, to those who deserve it. And I'd rather let a hundred of the guilty go free than punish one innocent."

But before Tadase can continue, one of them is attacking Amulet Heart again - and before he can respond to that, he takes a boomerang to his back - made of dark energy, the impact driving him forward and to a knee and halting his advance on the creature attacking Amu, gritting his teeth and pushing air out of them as the black smoke rolls off the damaged part of his back.

He points his scepter at the one that attacked him as an orb of energy gathers on the tip. "But when you make me fight in not just my own self defense, but in the defense of others, you might get judged yourself!"

    "HOLY SHOT!"

And the orb of positive, purifying energy shurges towards the third one like a rock from a slingshot - Tadase doesn't even wait to make sure it hits before he's back trying to aid Amu again - the pain in his back from putting her above self-preservation doesn't even seem to delay his choice being made again.
Sora Hisakata 2016-10-12 00:58:05 57436
The first goes down under the rods of Amulet Heart, collapsing into shadowy goo that spreads over the ground, leaks into the pond. It doesn't go away, but unlike certain other times, it doesn't light up in fire. No, the flames collapse into the oily substance, and it just spreads. The second suffers the same fate from Hakuomaru's blade, and the third falls to the Holy Shot.


No, if only things were so easy. "She sees all." Another girl like the others climbs out of the pond, "Knows all" says a fifth, "Judges all." Finishes a sixth. And then, they fling themselves at their opponents, lighting their fists on that cold, biting fire. There's no order to their fighting, just savagery.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 01:01:53 57439
Amulet Heart was panting with exertion, but smiling. They'd won, they'd finally won. IT was all good and-- And then more of them popped up. "Amu! Switch with me!" Miki yelled. There was a moment'ss indecision, then Amulet Spade was there. It hurt, but she formed the brush and twisted it once. "Colorful canvas!" she yelled.

Magical sparkly rainbows shot everywhere, spilling across the area and, attempting, to stun and lock the creatures up. However, after she did it, she let out a gasp of pain, squinting her eyes closed and falling to her knees, dropping the brush and grasping her fractured arm. "A-ahhhhh..." Oh, right. Maybe a two handed weapon wasn't the best choice. "P-Platinum, get the woman out of here. I-I'll get out after!"
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 01:18:21 57444
Hakuomaru spins her sword back and plants it in the ground and leans forward to look into the water. "What were those?" She asks no one in particular, taking steps towards the water, right up until the things start to ease out of the water. She grabs her sword once more and jumps through the air before landing, her blade swung in a wide arc to try and cut down as many as she can reach, relying on the size and reach to help!

"You two need to get out, get out, I"ll help!" She looks back to Amulet Heart, then runs towards them, to place herself between the creatures from the water and them!
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-12 01:22:48 57446
Platinum Royale grimaces at the idea of not helping Amulet now, but he can't argue the point. If the creatures were after the woman, the best thing to do would be to get her out of the way! It seemed like Amulet (now Spade) had the right idea, and Platinum Royale's attack joins her own.

"ROYAL SEAL!" From the scepter a surge of golden ribbon erupts, following Amu and Hakuomaru's attacks, seeking to ensare and bind any surviving youma. "Please keep her safe." Royale implores to Hakumaru. He rushes over to the woman.

If possible, he'll grab her and pull her bodily away from the shadows, trying to put distance between the creepy girl youma and her.
Sora Hisakata 2016-10-12 01:35:39 57448
"We are familiars." The new first answers as it and its fellows are locked in place by Amulet Spade and Platinum Royale. "Shadows of Justice." The second adds, and the third finishes their introduction, "And her Judgment is prepared." Then, in unison. "Are you ready?" Then Hakuomaru's swipe cuts them in twain. They fall like others did, goo that spills, and covers the ground. From a distance, indistuingishable from shadow, aside from being cast by nothing.

This time, however... no new ones seem to come.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 01:38:05 57450
Amulet Spade takes a slow, deep breath and looks around, clutching her arm as she searches for any sign of those things. "Is.... is it over? Did we win?" She then turned towards Tadase. Even if the fight was won, there was still one more fight to win.

Tadase was going to be pissed. No, beyond pissed. Mega pissed. Ultra pissed. They'd have to create new words to describej ust how pissed he'd be. She gave him her cutest smile. It said 'I know I screwed up and please don't yell at me too bad?'
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 01:44:01 57451
Hakuomaru pulls a piece of cloth from her belt and wipes the blade down, not wanting to leave any of the shadow creature lingering on the blade after that display. Looking at anything left behind on the cloth, she throws it up into the air and shoots it with her flame flintlock, a burst of fire to incinerate it away. The creeping darkness lingering on the ground gets a scowl though. "A temporary victory I'm sure." She offers to the question.

Turning to face Amulet Spade, she asks, "Are you okay?" Noting the clutching of her arm. She occasionally glances back over her shoulder at the shadows, waiting for a sneak attack that may or may not come.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-12 01:53:41 57455
It was a good thing the woman was out of it - like usual, she wouldn't remember much, and just confuse it all for a strange dream, or a mugging, or something similar. The way the human mind dealt with magic was always interesting, and if Tadase was a studying type, he'd probably do it. But instead he's just happy he can let her down without any lasting mental effects. He hopes.

And it's not long at all after getting her safely out that he returns to Amu's side, nodding to Hakumaru politely before trying to gently take Amu's injured arm in his. "You really can't exert yourself like this when you're hurt, Amulet." he chastises. "Thank you for helping us... I don't think we know your name? Or at least, I don't." he says to Hakumaru as he gently holds Amu's arm, as though afraid she might try to strain it again.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 01:57:28 57457
Amulet Spade urks when when he grabs her arm, taking a sharp intake of breath. She stared wide eyed, then quickly relaxed. Right, it was Tadase. She gave a meek smile. "I-I didn't over extend myself that much. Besides, it's just a few fractures, not a full break. And I still have one good arm, too! I mean, I was pretty lucky." She definitely was. She was lucky she'd only gotten a fractured arm. Granted, now there were rumors about her punching out a car at school. Because she's Amu.

She stared up at the prince, her cheeks going a little red. "I uhhh... I'm sorry I made you worry. I was just... the only one here. Then there were three of them. I couldn't just leave you to be out numbered, could I? What kind of friend does that?" Let alone a girlfriend.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 02:06:43 57460
Hakuomaru reaches up and adjusts her mask, then after some fiddling, removes it and hooks it on her belt where it takes on the appearance of a normal menpo. Which means it looks more demonic. "I'm Hakuomaru, or at least like this that is." She looks down, checking her armor for black splotches, suddenly regretting burning the rag until after she'd done this.

To Amulet's comment about there being three, she begins laughing, a cheerful one! "Only three, it wasn't even a fair fight!" Beat, "But a fair fight's for suckers anyway. That's what Hakuomaru sa-... uh. That."
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-12 02:11:06 57462
Tadase shakes his head. "You didn't need to leave, but you could've stayed back instead of straining yourself. It's just a fracture now but I'd never forgive myself if you broke your arm just because you thought I couldn't carry a little extra weight on your behalf. Plus..." he nods to Hakuomaru "...I had help!" And then he smiles and looks up at Amu.

"Really, all you needed to do is support me from the sidelines until you get better. With you by my side I'm pretty sure I could've taken thirty."

"Maybe we should take you and see if Kamen-sempai can help you with that wound if you're so intent on not letting it heal. I was coming to visit but I wasn't expecting to meet up like this..."

He turns and bows to Hakumaru - in full ruffle henshin no less. If you listen close you can hear Kiseki scream. "Thank you again, so very much, for your invaluable assistance." he says, quite formally. Then he smiles informally. "Well, good versus evil is never a fair fight, they just don't understand which direction the disadvantage is in."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 02:14:03 57463
Amulet Spade blinked and then stared up at her prince, giving a dreamlike smile. Oh my gosh he was so dreamy. So smooth. So regal. "My prince," she said softly, her eyes little hearts. And then eeped.

"Huh?" She looked to the other woman. "O-oh, right. Ummm, hi." She completely missed what she said. "Thank you for your assistance. It was very much appreciated!" Then her eyes wandered back to Tadase. Oh my gosh he was so cute and sexy and amazing and he was royal, through and through and he was caring about her and bowing now and just eeeeeee! She was totally wiggling in excitement. Having him fawn over her made getting crushed by a three story tall dog worth it!
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 02:24:37 57464
Hakuomaru looks between the two, back and forth. She snrks and asks Platinum, "Should I maybe leave you two alone? She looks like she's about to squee and I don't know if I can keep a straight face around for that." It's after that touch of teasing that she continues, "I keep stumbling into these fights, go from weird dreams to freaky monsters and Hakuomaru thinks it's glorious. It's really weird having your past self giving you crap."

A quick shake of her head again, this time with a goofy smile. She slips her mask from her belt and attaches it back in place, the thing now looking like a mirrored mask. "I need to get back to work on some music. Will you two be alright?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-12 02:30:30 57468
Tadase has the good sense to at least blush a little at Hakuomaru's remarks, rather than just revel in the likely nuclear-scale blushing Amu is about to do herself. "I think we'll be fine as long as she doesn't give me a heart attack by throwing her injured self into danger like a maniac." he says.

"Past self? That's... interesting. I've got a few other friends with some past histories they're working with, though I think theirs may be a little older." he says with a grin. "I think we'll be okay. But if you'd like, I wouldn't mind having you drop by the Seiyou Academy's Royal Garden sometime so I can thank you more properly - big greenhouse on the Seiyou campus, can't miss it."

He turns back to Amu and wonders if he should prepare to save her arm from her own stubborness - he's already let go ever so slightly.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-12 02:37:11 57470
Amulet Spade blushed and squirmed a little. "W-what? No, I'm fine. Really." Her henshin ended and Miki shook her head. "She's not fine. Her arm really, really hurts after that stunt she pulled. We told her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen to us!"

Amu's face went red. "I'm fine, really. I just... got a little over board. Tadase-kun, you know I can't just... not jump in when people need us. I agreed to all this, I can't just watch while other people get hurt if I can do something," she said, obviously trying to defend herself from, well, the scolding she knows she deserves.

"And I am not going to sqwee!" she finally shrieked, her face red and oh so stubborn.
Yuzuki Amemori 2016-10-12 02:43:10 57474
Hakuomaru rolls her shoulders as she wanders off, her own henshin dropping away, leaving her pale hair and Infinity uniform visible. Over her shoulder as the last vestiges of her armor fade away, she says, "I'll stop by at some point. Should be an interesting trip." Beat, "I'd have to find the school first though. Don't think I've been there." Spade's reaction gets another snrk from the older girl, "Fine fine, gushing is just as accurate."