Botanical Boredem

Cure Gull, Sayaka Miki and Naomi Yomada talk about things in the gardens when everyone else behaves for a very bored night.

Date: 2016-10-24
Pose Count: 14
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-10-24 02:48:04 58638
Bobbing up and down in the sky and sort of lazily flying over the botanical gardens late at night is Cure Gull. She's on /patrol/. Mainly. She's trying to root out someone, anyone, she can punch repeatedly.

She's kind of antsy yeah. Between ... Hannah's problems with Eclipse, the Coffee Shop being stressful to setup, and then you know, School- she needs to just get back to basics and say----

Punch some muggers!

Except everyone is behaving tonight so that isn't happening either. Bank robberies? No...

Shoplifting?.. Look. She'll settle for like. Jaywalking. Or littering right now. No? No. Argh!

She lazes down into a bright teal seafoam green spiral down into the botanical garden-- obvious enough to magical folks, to land down onto the grass somewhere near benches going around the pond.

"Ugh this night sucks. Something interesting happpppppeennnnn." she whines as she falls down to her butt.

Corvus lands on a nearby bush, seagull form "Somedays are just quiet." he says.

"Argh." she mutters.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-24 03:00:07 58641
The night finds Naomi out and about. Her style of patrol may be a touch different from that of Cure Gull. Where Gull is out flying around, Naomi is just out walking. Scratch that. Just out SKIPPING. She has Lilac on her head as she goes, just holding on. On top of this she's in her school outfit.

Quietly she moves along through the city streets. She stops occasionally to look at different things. Is she window shopping? Yup! Talk about priorities! She just keeps going. Its so nice to be a little more carefree. At least that is how she is presenting herself.

In reality its all a game. If there is going to be trouble, it won't appear in front of a bunch of magical girls. Nope. Always with the normal people. So bring on the disguises. Oh and yeah she has plenty on her mind.
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-24 03:06:25 58643
    Well, isn't this a coincidence! Looks like Sayaka is also out on patrol tonight! Much like Cure Gull, she isnt having any luck finding any trouble, although her focus is primarily wraiths, as per usual. Her last unfortunate encounter with a wraith does not seem to have prevented her from looking for more of the creepy critters, however the botanical gardens looks pretty clean tonight.

    With a sigh, she decides to take a quiet tour around all the pretty flowers. Between spending significanly less time with Kyouko, still reeling over the last wraith attack and the usual school stress, Sayaka's not in the best of spirits tonight and would really like to punch the living daylight out of something herself!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-10-24 03:12:15 58646
Cure Gull is staring up at the night sky and the stars and grumbles. "It'll be winter soon. No beach weather. Bleh." she goes. "Maybe I outta move to uh... what's that place. In America?"

"Florida?" asks. Corvus. "Yeah!" says Gull. "I hear they have a superhero named /Florida Man/ that does all these stupid things! It'll be great!" she says.

" it because you do stupid things too?" asks Corvus.

"HEY!" shouts Cure Gull as she shoots up to an upright position with her arms crossed.

Oh. Over there. Is that Sayaka over there prancing by? She didn't see her before.

"Hey! Sayaka-chan!" she calls out.

Naomi is apparently by stores. Gull and Sayaka are in the botanical gardens. There's a big wall surrounding it.

Corvus decides to roll his eyes and takes up into the sky to get a birdseye view of thing and /he/ sees Naomi. He spirals downward and lands on a nearby bench. "Yo." waves Corvus at Naomi. "Gull is over in the gardens. We're patrolling." he insists.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-24 03:24:45 58648
Naomi is caught off guard by the Corvus' appearance. She is almost trigger happpy. Her hand is immediately at her pocket which is where she keeps her prechan mirror. As soon as she realizes it's Corvus she gives a smile. "Oh Hey Corvus. Oh? Okay. I guess they are finding as much fun tonight as I am!"

A few minutes later, she is walking into the botannical gardens and walking around. "Hiya Sayaka!" She states as she walks up behind her. Hows the hunting going?" She asks curiously as Lilac lifts off and goes flying over to hang out with Corvus.

She walks up to Gull and smiles, "Tonight stinks. Nothing is happening. OH!!! I got the pictures taken! Here!" She gets out her cell phone. Yes her real cell phone. Not the cure line. She flips through some pictures and shows them. "See. I think these will go well to Masuko-san."
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-24 03:35:43 58652
    Sayaka hasn't even bothered to pull out her sword tonight, not expecting anything threatenning to pop in anytime soon. It doesnt take her long to note the presence of two other familiar magical girls, and she is at least happy for the company. "Gull-chan! Naomi-chan! Heeey! It's been a long time!" she smiles faintly, "Are you folks out patrolling too? It's a pretty quiet night tonight..Dare I say..Boring, even?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-10-24 03:39:18 58653
Lilac and Corvus hang out. Corvus invites Lilac to Mascot Poker Night. This is exactly as silly as it sounds.

"Oh, yes it is /so boring/." she says. "I should had stayed in and just ate pizza. And watched TV. And sprawled on the couch with Boris-kun." she mutters.

She huffs and crosses her arms at Sayaka. "How are you doing Sayaka?" she asks softly.

She looks over to Naomi and peers and grins. "Nice! But-- remember to get them printed and then autograph 'em." she says. "I mean. As Cure Speak. Don't put 'Naomi Yomada' on there." she says.

"Then mail them in." she grins sheepishly. "Or just leave em at her windowsill over night. That's how I left mine. Personal delivery." she insists.

She looks back at Sayaka. She peers at Sayaka. "Oh. Sayaka. I have. An important question for you." she says as she pulls herself to her feet.

"I Remember that you had lots of time to think on your wish." she says. "Can you tell me... why you wished for what you wished for?" she asks. "You don't need to tell me. What it is-- just."

"I need a little... wish help. I guess." she says.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-24 03:53:46 58656
Naomi snickers bright. "I will do that. This is going to go well. I have a date with Oresky after all. I don't care if he brings an army with him. He is going down!" She then blinks and looks over to Sayaka. "Oh! Right i needed to ask you and may as well invite Kyouko-san along to for the party I am planning. About a week ago, I almost took out one of the Phantom Empire Generals. As I was purifying him, he got hit with something really dark. It corrupted everything I did to purify him. He got away." She frowns and kicks a rock.

"Anyway I'm going to call him out. There is no telling who he is going to bring with him. So, help may be needed. Especially if he brings Phantom with him. He specializes in ending Precures." She frowns a little at the thought.

She looks over to Gull-chan and smiles to her. "I will be sure to sign them as soon as I can. I'll need an address to go to. Then I will deliver them to her front door. Wait... What if I did that?"

Meanwhile, Lilac smiles and agrees to go to Mascot Poker Night. Bring on the silly night!
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-24 03:57:54 58658
    Sayaka yawns. Yup. Definitely wont be an action-packed night tonight. But she's at least glad to run into some company. Lilac and Corvus are given an amused smirk as they hang out, although she focuses primarily on the fellow humans here.

    "Hmm, guess we're in the sam boat then. But...That should be a good thing, shouldn't it? If it's a quiet night, that means no innocents are getting hurt..Although I guess that means no more grief cubes for me tonight either." she pauses, glancing thoughtfully at Gull, "Although that reminds me, I was hoping you could tell me more about these artificial grief seeds that Miss White was experimenting with a while back.."

    Although as another questions is reflected upon her, she pauses a moment, pondering how to respond. "Oh...Hmm, I guess, I really liked this guy and maybe deep down I just figured he might be so grateful he'd return the feeling.." she frowns at the memory. "But..In the end, I guess just doing a good deed for someone, and giving them a new lease on life and helping them fulfil their dream was the most rewarding thing I could think of to do.."

    When Naomi mentions Phantom Empires and parties in the same sentence, she arches a brow, scratching her head as she turns to peer at Naomi curiously, "Woah, wait, what? Phantom Empire? Who are they? I guess it's a while, you may have mentionned before..But I'm willing to help out however I can! Without any witches around, and with wraiths being less of a threat, I seem to have more time on my hands.." she half-smiles, "And what's this party about?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-10-24 04:11:38 58666
Cure Gull head tilts at Sayaka and smiles. "Oh!" she says. "Well. I can understand that." she says silently. She purses her lips in thought.

"Okay. So. Secret between me and you Sayaka." she says. "And Naomi. But Naomi knows. Because she's a Precure." she says.

"When we defeat the Phantom Empire's Terribads, or-- a similar force of darkness- we have chances for that purified misfortune-- well part of it- to become a Precard." she says.

"You know. The cards that-- I and Naomi collect sometimes." she says. "That we use to change outfits and skills and stuff sometimes." she says.

"Anyways. Every Cure has a PreCard Decor." she says. "It's more or less a big ol' magical binder that we put our cards in." she says.

"When we fill it. We gain a wish." she says.

"I filled my binder fairly recently." she says. "So. I have a wish.".

"The wish isn't.. going anywhere." she says. "So I have time to think. Just."

"Like. The wish can backfire if it's very self serving or wrong." she says.

"Blue-sama says not to wish for things that'd solve all your problems-- or be personally greedy and stuff like that." she says.

"So. I'm just worried. Is all. That I'll screw it up and make problems." she admits.

She looks back to Naomi and shakes her head. "Oh god.. no!" she says.

"Us Precures have a rule. You watch Miyo-chan, you never meet her because she'll have a heart attack and also start demanding who you are and chase you around endlessly." she says.

"It's annoying. But she'll also do stupid things like jump into danger after you. She isn't magical or powered or anything." she says.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-24 04:24:37 58669
Naomi Yomada winces, "Well then. Guess I won't do that." She sighs and rubs the back of her head. "Okay, I will just let that idea go. I'll leave the pictures on the window sill instead."

She turns her attention to Sayaka and sighs. "The Phantom Empire is who Gull-chan and I fight with. There are three of them who enjoy causing trouble in this area. Namakelder, Who looks like a grasshopper. Hosshiwa who likes turning everything into sweets and fancies herself a lady. And then there is Oresky. He's the one I almost purified. He is the leader of the trio and likes to brag about how great he is. They are ruled by Queen Mirage who's taken over the Blue Sky Kingdom. They want to spread misfortune throughout the world and take over the Earth.

She frowns, "They have a guy named Phantom who hunts Precures. He has killed too many of us and he is very dangerous. I'm scared to face him to be honest. I've not met him but I really don't want to either."
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-24 04:48:01 58672
    "Hmmm..." Sayaka taps her chin thoughtfully. She never really understood how Precures worked, although Naomi did try to explain it to her before. It makes a bit more sense when Haruna explains it however, and she smiles a bit at the 'wish' part. "Oh wow...You get a wish? Well..Blue-chan is right. You shouldn't wish for something selfish or it could backfire on you. I guess..I was lucky."

    Sayaka sighs as she considers that, her expression changing from happiness to a bit of concern as she recalls the emotional roller coaster she was on when she first made her wish.

    "My wish was kinda...Selfish. And I really wanted Kyousuke-kun for myself, but it turned out that he fell in love with Hitomi-chan instead. However, I DID end up doing a selfless act either way, because I didnt really gain anything personally from it, except knowing that I made someone else happy. Soo..Maybe a wish you believe at first to be selfish is not necessarily as bad as you think it is. Although I dont see anything wrong with hoping for happiness for yourself. Just be careful and think of all the possibilities and consequences of that wish."

    She frowns softly at Naomi's mention of the Phantom and nods. "Alright, I'll do anything I can to help! Like I said, it's been pretty deadly quiet on the Puella front..You dont have to be scared anymore. We'll face him together!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-10-24 05:03:36 58675
Cure Gull frowns. "I'll be there too." she says to Naomi. "If Phantom decides to show up and take advantage--- well I have Phantom aggro anyways." she says. "I can distract him." she smirks.

She sighs a bit. "Yeah. I gotta. Just think on it some more. Ask some more people I trust." she says softly.

She slumps back to her butt as she sighs and lays back down to stare at the sky.

"My Coffee Shop'll be opening soon." she says. "Just in time for winter." she says.

"Which means hot drinks will have to be the opening line up." she insists. "And the warmer pastries." she says. "And maybe thinking about a panini press..." she says ponderingly.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-24 05:11:55 58676
Naomi Yomada looks at Gull. "Whats a Panini?" She asks with a look of curiosity. "Hot drinks though in the winter? That will be a good seller! I can't wait to try some coffees!" She beams happily. She probably shouldn't have that but whose going to stop her?

She turns to Sayaka and smiles, "Thank you so much. Its just going to be messy if it works. Calling out the bad guys is dangerous but its gotta be done. I think its safe to say we are sick of playing defense and waiting for these guys to show up and trap people in Mirrors to bring out terribads. We need to take some ground here." She smiles a little. "Gods I sound like someone in a war."