Butterflies and Carrier Pigeons

Nephrite and Kunzite discuss the immediate aftermath of Sailor Earth's appearance, what can and can't be read in the stars, and MAYBE YOU SHOULD TELL PEOPLE WHEN YOU'RE VANISHING FOR THREE DAYS KUNZITE ahem

Date: 2016-11-16
Pose Count: 12
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-16 03:04:17 60703
Sunday: Sailor Earth.

Monday: Kunzite went from acting unnerving (did he ever actually get out of uniform at all Sunday night? or Monday morning?) to absent, with Kyouko taking time off from work to fill the requisite paranoid-sentry niche in his absence. Zoisite continued his trend from the day before, of being made out of grumpy.

Tuesday: Kunzite still gone. Kyouko still present. Zoisite still a grump. Makoto, fortunately, visiting.

Wednesday evening: when darkness falls and makes the roof worth going to, Kunzite is waiting by the stairs. (He'd probably call himself Kazuo; jeans, check, white shirt, check, lack of immediate ability to throw an energy blade at anyone's face, check. But the odds that Nephrite's about to think of him by that name are probably still pretty low.)
Nephrite 2016-11-16 03:14:19 60704
Nephrite has been more or less living on the roof these days, even ditching school as early as he thinks he can get away with to nap before the stars are out, and so while oddities are noticed, he has little time to do much investigating. When Kunzite (Kazuo, whatever) is at the stairs, somehow knowing already (as though he is not that predictable to Kunzite, who always notes the others' movements) that Nephrite would be heading for the roof at around this time, it's the first time he's had a chance to actually converse.

"Hey." He's already got a hoodie on, and he's carrying a thermos of coffee. "Looks like you're no longer hibernating. Have you emerged a beautiful butterfly?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-16 03:22:22 60705
Gray eyes narrow slightly, which is more of a reaction than he was showing late Sunday. "Yes. I left the wings in my other coat."

(It is entirely possible that the closest thing to a coat Kunzite presently owns is That Ugly Hoodie. And given that Mamoru has more or less taken it into permanent custody, 'owns' is a loose term.)

He turns to accompany Nephrite up to the open-air one of his lairs. "Kyouko do all right while I was gone? I didn't notice any new warning tape."
Nephrite 2016-11-16 03:37:29 60706
Nephrite grins. "I am going to imagine you with butterfly wings now. Thanks for that.

He snorts as he leads the way up the stairs. "Well she didn't eat all our food. That's still my job. But nah, she's good. She's a nice addition."
The open-air version of Nephrite's lair currently has a few extra folding chairs clustered near his telescope. He plops down in his own usual seat, setting his notebook of star charts on the little table beside it. He pops the extra cup off the top of the thermos and holds it questioningly--he'll share his coffee, but Kunzite will have to deal with the amount of cream, brown sugar, and whisky mixed in.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-16 03:47:20 60707
One of the advantages of having hair that pale is that Nephrite can see the shake of Kunzite's head in answer even while Nephrite's eyes are still adjusting to the change in light levels. "Good," he says. And then, "Thanks, but no. I'm in good enough shape at this point not to worry about accidentally dropping a Puella's borrowed arrow-storm on us, but adding alcohol to the mix would be pushing it. I picked up some of that -- individual's energy for a few minutes. It's unstable enough to cause problems."

He tilts his head back, then, looking up at the sky. At the stars, fixed and wandering alike. He spends a few moments watching them in silence before he adds, "Tell me you're getting somewhere more useful than I did."
Nephrite 2016-11-16 03:58:23 60708
The growl of frustration that emerges from Nephrite's throat is answer enough, but he clarifies. "The sky is vague as shit about the whole thing. There's a vaguely ominous meteor shower, but meteor showers are clear as mud to read.

He pours himself some coffee, recaps the thermos, and sets it on the floor by his feet. "What I can tell you is the lack of information on her says enough. Someone half as important as she claims she is would leave a mark in the stars."

Nephrite settles back with his hands wrapped around his cup. "So you're better, right? Unstable energy sounds bad. I mean, if it's even giving you trouble."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-16 04:13:46 60709
There's a little twist at the corner of Kunzite's mouth, though it likely goes unseen. (By anyone but the stars. The stars are always watching. That's far more reassuring now than it was a year ago.) "Still more useful," he says. "So. Victim, liar, or madwoman." Later tonight, Mamoru will add a less obvious option to that list -- but in the end, the one he'll have in mind falls under 'victim' anyhow.

There's a brief nod to the actual question. Better, right. "Yes. It's destructive, but I could hold on to it for a few minutes without too much damage." Definition of 'too much,' as always, needing work. "We should all be careful, though. It's a complicated thing. Mostly it's wild, but there's something unpleasant mixed in. Long-term exposure to it could cause us some trouble. Especially in combination with her mind-control talent. If she turns up when one of us is alone? We leave. Get help and then come back. Don't try to take her on solo."

That may be as much a reminder for himself as for Nephrite.
Nephrite 2016-11-16 04:34:31 60710
Nephrite eyes him skeptically. Hiding away for multiple days isn't exactly something Kunzite normally does over something that wouldn't cause much damage. "Trouble. Right. Okay. So just walking up and punching her a few times is probably not the best option."

He rolls the cup around in his fingers. "Well if nothing else, she's done a good job of freaking some people out. Mako was spitting mad. I'm not sure how Mamoru's handling it now."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-16 04:38:24 60711
"Besides. Tempting as it might be, walking up and punching her a few times would be like taking a present away from your girlfriend." Makoto has dibs on the punching. Claimed and clear. Though granted, she'd probably forgive Nephrite, especially if he assured her he only did it in her name.

Mamoru, on the other hand. "Don't know yet. I'll look for him in a few minutes. Given that Naru and Usagi both tracked me down, the answer is probably 'poorly.'"

At least, if nothing else, Kunzite has started granting that people who are not Mamoru have personal names.
Nephrite 2016-11-16 04:50:09 60712
"She has reserved the right to get the first punch in, it's true." Nephrite chuckles. "Although she acknowledges Mamoru might not agree to punching from anyone at this point in time. As soon as we're sure punching is allowed, I will be happy to hold her flowers while she has at it."

If Kunzite does not know how Mamoru is doing, that is probably also bad. "Well let me know if I need to kidnap him and force him to have fun as a distraction."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-16 04:56:47 60713
"You're waiting for someone to tell you?" Kunzite glances aside at Nephrite, finally looking back down from the skies. "... no, that's right. The studying. He bites when you interrupt the studying." It is, at least, a generic 'you.'

An exhale, and Kunzite pushes himself back up out of his chair, presumably to go and track down the student in question. "He's working based on the possibility that she's a victim. We can deal with that if we have to. For a while, at least. But if the stars are silent about that, too..."

He doesn't bother to finish the sentence. Only starts on his way back inside.
Nephrite 2016-11-16 05:13:40 60714
"Yeah, the studying. Do you know how long it took me to drag him out for a bit to eat the other day? And then Faux Earth ruined that. But if you think he's being more than his usual studious self, I can bypass the bitiness." Nephrite grins.

He groans at the mention of the stars and their silence. "I'll add that to the list of questions the celestial bodies probably won't answer." Kunzite moving to leave is his signal to get to work, and he's already fiddling with his telescope before Kunzite has even reached the door. "But finding out if our prince is still internally combusting, that one's all you." He doesn't look up as Kunzite leaves, his head still bowed over his work, but his last comment is shouted. "And maybe he can remind you to leave a note or send a text or carrier pigeon next time you're incapacitated."