Nightmares, Security and Donuts

Sayaka holds a meeting with members of WPS, determined to learn more about a potential dangers of a soulgem in the hands of Madison Perry. Donuts are shared, and Sayaka snags an official position at WPS!

Date: 2016-11-27
Pose Count: 32
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-27 22:49:56 61701
    It's likely that WPS had already heard of the escape of the criminal Madison Perry, perhaps even of the dangerous magical artefact she now carries with her. However, Sayaka still had questions and right now it seemed that WPS might be the best place to turn.

    Which was why she had requested this meeting with WPS. Although she never formally became a member, it still felt like a place where she could belong, especially with recent events. Perhaps today they could fix all of that..

    She's likely the first to enter the meeting room, an open, airy room with glass windows looking outwards. Probably one of the rooms that was damaged when Sky Jack went on his crazy rampage.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-27 23:04:00 61704
Miss White shows up not ten minutes later, her hands laden with goodies! Namely, some DarkBucks coffee and box of donuts. Have to have meeting fuel, after all! Kicking a chair around, she flops down into it with a grin, legs straddling the back of the chair.

"Sayaka! Been a while kiddo! You look great, you look great! Coffee?"

The repairs thankfully have gone well, and for the most part the building looks fine. Minus one taped up window in this office. Hannah thought it 'added character'. Only the best, or least favored, get to use this particular office room.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-27 23:11:23 61705
Haruna Kurosawa comes in, minus Corvus. Smash cut to Corvus in front of a fax machine waiting boredly for this one fax that should come any moment now! Yup.. annnnyyy moment.

She beams and skips over and offers a hug to Sayaka. "Saya-chan~" she sings out. "Hi! How are you?" she asks as she walks back to the table and has a seat on one of the spinny chairs. She spins once and stops herself as to not make herself terribly sick later.

"What's up?" she asks. "Did something happen?" she asks a little worriedly.
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-27 23:25:28 61709
    Well, Sayaka didnt think to bring goodies for a change, even though her mom's baked goodies are pretty popular. Perhaps she's just too focused on the mission at hand to think of treats right now. All the same, she is pleasantly surprised to see the donuts and darkbucks coffee that Miss White brings with her.

    She grins and waves nods to both White and Haruna as they enter. "thanks for the treats! Good to see y'all too! Although I wonder where Miko-chan is?" Perhaps she's just late. "How's you folks been? I've been pretty busy, what with all the news of Madison Perry's escape and her recent acquiring of a certain grief seed..I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm here today."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-27 23:37:47 61713
Hannah, as Haruna settles in, slides over a cup of coffee as well! A wink to the Pretty Cure, and then it's all Sayaka's turn.

A grin comes to her face. "She's probably stuck in her lab again! She is such a hard worker!" A quick laugh, then a pause. "Yeah, I heard. Good on her. She's way too hard-headed for my liking. Won't even do contract work. Annoying, but anyone who's going to put their boot into ex-TSAB forces is my best buddy. A grief seed, huh? Tell us more, Saya-chan."

A pause. "Speaking of contract work...ya head position's still open. I miss having a sane Puella Magi around to do the job. What do you think, Haruna? Could our bluenette here handle it?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-27 23:49:21 61715
Haruna Kurosawa sips coffee and purses her lips at Hannah then back at Sayaka as she listens. "Madison Perry. I think I've heard that name before..." she says as she taps her bottom lip. "OH!"

She says. "Right... there was.. reports. On the Virtue HeartNET about it..." she mutters. "Wasn't she involved with that whole flower thing about... a yearish... ago?" she asks.

She purses her lips and shoots Hannah a concerned look before looking back at Sayaka.

"What grief seed?" she asks.
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-27 23:57:22 61719
    Sayaka takes a moment to let the others settle in. She too, reaches for some donuts, and some nice warm coffee, even though she's been having her share of sleeping problems lately. Still, the sweet donuts and warm rich drink make her feel a bit more relaxed as she settles down into the seats and grins, resisting the urge to spin aroudn til she gets dizzy.

    "Woah, these chairs are super comfy! I could get used to this! I'm sorry I havent checked in with you guys in a while, but I really would like to become a more permanent member. Seeing as our interests coinincide. Besides, with someone on your side, perhaps we can improve upon your public appearance, hm?"

    Sayaka does frown slightly though, when Hannah seems to approve of Madison's actions. "Madison is dangerous, and serious trouble. I wouldn't take her lightly. From the information I've gathered, she sounds really powerful, took down multiple magical girls with little effort, in a short amount of time."

    She nods to Haruna, "Unfortunately, I have no formal connections to Virtue, although I was a bit wary when I discovered that Kukai was a member of the Guardians and the same crazy lunatic who tried to blow up WPS. So, now I'm not so sure if I'd be allowed to join, given my connections with WPS."

    Saya nods to Haruna, "Yeah..The white flower, a super powerful Puella Magi whom she was working for. Apparently the White Flower sicced a bunch of youma on the city and tried to destroy everyone. I guess I was too wound up in trying to save Kyouko from the Dark Kingdom's influence at the time, and I wasnt even a magical girl yet to get involved. However.."

    She takes a deep breath, sipping some more coffee. "After she..Witched out, it seems that Homura held onto her grief seed for a long time, not using it or disposing it, just keeping it as a little trinket, until Madison came back and stole it.."

    She pauses as what Hannah said earlier finally hits her. "Woah, wait..? You serious? I could...Totally do security!" her eyes sparkle excitedly. She's never had a real job, her wealthy parents always gave her a good allowance, but Saya's always felt a need to prove herself, and perhaps this would give her a good opportunity to feel like something bigger.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-28 00:07:12 61722
Haruna Kurosawa frowns. "I was more or less about to be asked to leave because I wouldn't stop associating with Hannah." she says quietly. "So I saved them the trouble and quit." she says a little sourly.

"I don't need to be a part of thier group to do good." she says. "WPS isn't exactly a diamond." she smiles. Her favorite phrase. "But I think we're a lot better than other things out there." she says.

She taps her lip. "Yeah I could see it. Security. I mean. and coming with us. To nab things." she says. "Before others can get them." she says.

"Yeah I remember now." she says to Sayaka. "I was there when that White Flower appeared over the city." she says. She purses her lips. "I wasn't involved with that a lot. I had other things happening. Like Phantom." she mutters a bit softly as she sighs.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-28 00:27:48 61727
Yoink! Donut get. She slowly crams it down her gullet as she listens to Sayaka, head tilted slightly. Slowly, a frown comes to her mouth though.

"Mmm. I could use some good P.R. At least enough to stop idiots like Kukai from wrecking the place."

She doesn't comment at first about Madison, instead gazing back at Gull. She can feel it on her, and she returns Haruna's with a nod.

Arms cross as she finishes off her food. "Alright. Thanks for bringing all this to our attention, Sayaka. I much as I love a little chaos...letting that White Flower have the potential to rehatch isn't good for anybody. Someone that destructive is just going to impact our business. And Madison isn't interested in employment. So unless she suddenly has a change of heart?" Arms stretch out, and she smirks.

"Congratulations, Puella Magi Sayaka Miki, our new head of Security! You're hired. Your first task is to keep eyes on Madison. We need to see /how/ powerful she is, and what she's going to do with that grief seed. Then we figure out where she's weak. Worst case scenario, we wait and kick her in the teeth if she really is a threat to us and Tokyo. Best case, we let our heroes like the Senshi cause her grief, then we grab that seed when she isn't looking."

A laugh. "I really like the teeth-kicking idea better though."

Suddenly, an arm around Haruna. "WPS, a better, safer world through magical superiority! You do enough good here, Gull."

Back to Sayaka. "Okay, so the usual spiel: fight whoever you want, even me if you have to. If it's someone else in Eclipse, I don't want to know about it and it wasn't on my orders. Don't get yourself or any civilians killed. Always have each other's backs, and never betray each other. Loyalty is number one. Got it?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 00:34:57 61731
    Sayaka smirks, "Well at the very least, I heard that you and Sky Jack made up? It's a start at least. I guess I dunno much about Virtue, and from all I've heard, i'm not sure I would want to join, buut..It's probably a wealth of information."

    She smiles, and nods to Haruna, "I know, WPS has a bad history, but with someone like me on your side it might help improve things, give you a better view on things, who knows?"

    She beams when Hannah gives her the job. "Wow, for real? Thanks! I promise, I wont let you down. That was gonna be my next move, to gather information on Madison, although there's something I wanted to know.." Saya glances back and forth between the two, "I need to know more about these..Magical devices. Madison is a device user. What can a device user do with a grief seed? I dunno much about these devices, except that they're some sorta ancient magical artefacts?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-28 00:38:22 61732
Haruna Kurosawa says. "Also don't threaten to kill the boss' girlfriend." she insists.

Shiniko is still kind of fresh in her head.

She grins a bit cheekily at that before she head tilts. "Devices are kinda tools a magical girl called a 'mage' uses. Intelligent Devices talk and have personality and kinda like tiny sentient people in a device." she says.

"They're not ALL ancient but some are very old." she insists.

"But anyways, Hannah can probably tell you more. I only know cuz I had to learn for reasons." she says.

She head tilts. "However. I don't think a device user can do a lot with a grief seed? I mean...." she says. "I mean. They're only really useful for Puella and also making more Witches." she says.

"Unless that's changed recently, ugh."

"Stupid white rat."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-28 01:03:40 61745
Shrug. "I don't care how you get the information. That's up to you. Just don't go oweing anyone favors that'll look bad. Lasting thing we need is Virtue trying to call in debts." Hannah gives a scowl like she' bit into a rotten peach.

Then she nods to Haruna. Gull-killing and threatening is in the fine print, subject to boots to the rear.

Hannah still smirks, though. Raising a palm, Raging Tempest projects a small wind-magical screen showing a magical diagram of a grief seed. "You know pretty much everything. I've made some progress in that area, myself. You see, a mage possesses something called a Linker Core. It's our source of magic, not too different from a Puella's soul gem." The screen poofs, and Hannah puts her hands on her chest, then gently holds her hands out in front of her. With a brief glow, a round emerald-green sphere floats out of her chest. Noticably, it's shocked through with veins of twisting, shivering blackness.

She lets out a breath, and it recedes back into her chest. One finger rises. "Unlike a soul gem, you can alter it, have it stolen, even have it cut up into bits, and it'll regrow over time. I used that principle in order to inject a few grief seeds with melted portions of my linker core. It let me make use of ones I prepared."

A pause. "But the results were...unstable." Understatement of the year.

"So any more research into /that/ is on ice for now until we figure out something less potentially lethal to the user. I'd love to be able to manipulate a grief seed's growth, and the creation of artificial ones has been ever a thorny path. So they're currency for now. Chances are, Madison is hoping to see that thing's grief seed hatch so it can cause more destruction."
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 01:15:51 61749
    "Yeah..." Sayaka nods slowly as she hungrily nibbles on a jam-filled donut, "That's why this has me stumped. What would a device user want with a grief seed, especially when she's already super powerful? And...There's something else..Apparently, while Madoka and Homura were fighting Madison, trying to get the grief seed back, the seed....Talked to them.."

    She smirks at Hannah's warning about owing debts and shakes her head, " No worries there, I hate owing people debts if I can help it.."

    Hannah goes into a long explanation of devices and linker cores, and Saya's frown deepends. This could be worse than she thought, "Hmm, I dunno much about how it works but..If a grief seed is already the remains of a defeated witch, can it truly rehatch..? Or, perhaps Madison is trying to find a way to ressurect the white Flower..With her device, perhaps?" she shudders, "I dont like it. Whatever she is planning, but I guess I just need to do more research first."

    Watching the holographic image when its shocked with twisting blackness does cause her to shiver a little. It's kinda creepy, the implications, "You..Do you still have any more of those artificial grief seeds? After what they did to Kyouko, that's a dangerous thing to have hanging around."

    Her gaze darkens further when Hannah suggests manipulating a grief seed further, "You DO realize that a grief seed is all that is left of Puella Magi when they die? That by manipulating and experimenting on them, you're basically torturing a Puella magi's soul? Even if they are a witch and corrupted at that point.."

    Even so, not even Sayaka knows all there is to know about grief seeds. Dont Puella absorb that energy into themselves? "Perhaps a meeting with Kyubey is in order as well..I'm not sure if a grief seed can even hatch twice, but if it's talking, and that powerful..."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-28 01:30:36 61754
Haruna Kurosawa just sort of blankly stares. "Unstable is the understatement of the year." she says. Hannah and everyone else can think it, Haruna actually says it. "Also that...form was creepy. Wedding dress non-withstanding~" she sings out.

But then she looks at Sayaka and frowns. "Yeah that's not...pleasent. I'm sure." she says quietly.

"To end up in such a fate." she says.

She sighs and just shakes her head. "Yeah let's meet with the white rat sometimes soon." she says.

"I have a few knuckles with his name on it anyways coming up." she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-28 01:32:41 61756
"Don't underestimate a Device User. I wouldn't doubt that such a resurrection is possible. It just requires the right kind of knowledge. Madison isn't an earth-born person I don't think. So she's likely to have access to knowledge and upkeep on Devices we don't. ...In fact, steal anything you can from her if you can get away with it. We're scavengers at heart, we earth-based mages."

A raised brow. "Of course I do. I put it on ice, I didn't throw away valuable and dangerous research. Just imagine if, say, Madoka or somebody like that got a hold of one and used it. This isn't like illegal waste, can't just dump it in Tokyo bay."

Hannah, very much /not/ an environmentalist.

Tch. "You're splitting hairs, Sayaka. There's nothing there to torture in the first place, and remember that I'm doing this so we can keep Puella Magi fed and alive without needing to resort to hunting Witches in the first place. I can't exactly stay north of the moral grey zone if I want to get results for you guys. Besides, most Witches are grown off of Familiars anyway. I have a pretty efficient system going, so don't get your back up, Sword of Justice." A smile, and then a poke in the knee with a foot.

Teeth grind. "That little white bastard doesn't get within a foot of this builidng unless it's to get used in an experiment or turned into a rug!" She barks. A sucked in breath.

"And you shouldn't trust him, even if he isn't lying. Ask, but he's a two-faced punk that spits half-truths whenever he breathes. And don't get him near me, don't think I could resist the urge to throw him off a rooftop!"

A look to Haruna. Blush. "...H...hey it was a work in progress, and maybe I got a little over-excited about the first breakthrough in forever!" Huff. Huff!
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 01:39:10 61759
    "Hmmm..." She ponders their words, weighing the cons and pros of 'keeping 'em on ice'. Perhaps they can understand them more by researching artificial grief seeds. Heck, maybe they can even help Puella if they can become stable, and if there is ever a shortage, like there was at one time, but..

    "Well, I guess only time will see. And, of course that's why I'm here, to be your conscience.." she grins, "Geez, that sounds a lot cheesier when I say it out loud. But, I'm sure you know what I mean. I think.."

    She nods to Haruna, "Yeah, I guess a meeting with Kyubey is in order too. Maybe he can answer questions for all of us. Mostly I'm just worried that a grief seed isnt just the dried up remains of a soulgem..If the White Flower's grief seed was capable of speech, but.."

    Sayaka sighs, "Thing is, Madoka already tried to talk sense into this grief seed and..It apparently just taunted them. And then there are those dreams, which apparently a number of magical girls have been experiencing."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 01:43:31 61761
"Someone say something about dreams? Because I had this really great one last night, about me and Ikuto and - wait, never mind, that's none of your business." Mikoto chuckles lightly as she closes the door behind her, lab coat swaying a bit in the breeze.

"Sorry I'm late, experiment took a liiiiiitle bit longer than I expected before I got recordable results. Things got a bit... mmm. Well, this particular project is going to take longer than I expected."

She shrugs and walks over to take a seat. "You save any donuts for me?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-28 01:56:03 61765
Haruna Kurosawa head tilts. "Dreams?" she asks. "I've heard about it. I haven't... had any." she says. "Yet." she says. "But..." she purses her lips and taps her bottom lip. Then her eyes trace over and she beams. "Hey Miko-chan~" she sings. "Long time no see, wassup?" she asks.

She looks back over to Hannah and grins a bit with a wry and coy smile. "Still. It's better to worry about that when we know more because I'd rather not have more awfulness." she mutters.

She sighs a bit and leans back a bit-- after sliding the donut box Miko's way as she sips her coffee again.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-28 02:13:35 61768
A hand goes to the back of Hannah's head. "Yeah. I've been having dreams too. It was...nngh." Reminded her of those times with Mamoru. A hand-wave. "But I'm pretty useless when it comes to that kind of stuff."

Sayaka gets a nod. "Good. The more people to reign me in when I get...too excited over a project...the better." A talking grief seed. Hannah's already rubbing her tmeples in annoyance.

Mikoto gets a wave and a wink. "You know the rules. Embarassing dreams are for tuesday staff meetings!" Reach, a clap on the back! "Hey Miko. What kind of project is on the deck?"

Haruna gets a thumbs up. "Yeah, yeah, I'll be careful. You don't give me enough credit, Gully-gull!" Careful is /definitely/ Hannah's middle name. On opposite day.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-11-28 02:24:27 61771
Haruna looks down at her form. "Ohp. Corvus got his fax finally."

Smash cut to Corvus in his human form being showered in malfunctioning fax machine paper.

"I'm going to go handle the uh. Situation. A very papery situation and then I might need to punch a fax machine youma maybe it sounds like. Or hire a repairman. Probably the repairman."

She gives Hannah a quick peck on the cheek and says.

"Oh. Right. Mikoto. Sayaka's new security lead~ So congrulate her~" she sings.

AND OUT THE DOOR she goes~
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 02:25:57 61772
Mikoto smiles and takes a donut (vanilla frosting-filled. Her favorite.) and takes a bite while she listens to the others, chewing thoughtfully. "Good to see you too, Gull-chan. You've been pretty busy of late yourself."

She starts to mull over what Hannah has to say, then blinks as Haruna speaks up about a fax. "Err," she starts to say, then the girl is headed out. And Sayaka is in charge of security?

"Well, er, congratulations, Saya-chan. Good luck with the new job."
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 02:33:14 61775
    Sayaka smiles, "Miko-chan! Help yourself! Lots left still!" she nods to the others, "Yeah, I got a new job here, and..We were just talking about the White Flower's grief seed, how it's in the possession of Madison Perry who has been causing trouble around town again. I'm concerned about what she plans to do with it, and I'm not sure how or why a grief seed can even talk.."

    Then Haruna has to leave and she nods and waves, "See you later!" glancing back at the others, she sighs, "Well, the dream I've been having, and a few others like Naru and..I forget who else, but..Basically it's about the White Flower, I think. Before she became a Puella Magi, when she first made her wish with Kyubey. How she wanted to be herself and not what everyone else wanted her to be. It's like that grief seed is trying to tell us something, Or...I dunno.."

    Finally, a smile is given to Miko, "Thanks! I cant wait to work here full time! I'll do my best for sure! Wont be anymore crazy kids blasting through the windows on my watch!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-11-28 02:44:46 61781
Hannah's hand slowly goes up. "Don't die due to paper cuts. See ya, Haruna."

Sayaka of course explains, but Hannah gives several helpful nods in approval. "I need someone competent to replace Homura, and Sayaka has the...well, maybe not the cunning, but the expertise. And someone a little more gung-ho fits this place anyway. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you do, Sayaka. Go talk to Kitomi down at IT, he'll get you access to the sub-space portions of the building."

Hannah frowns as her phone goes off, and she peers at it. "Bah, board meeting. Gotta jet guys. Miko." She walks up, squeezing the other girl's shoulders. "Grab me for lunch some time. I want to run over some ideas with you." With that, she's off.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 03:40:15 61795
Mikoto shrugs, and lets out a little sigh as Haruna and Hannah run off within moments of one another. "Well, that was quick," she finally says.

"So, the White Flower again... damn. I remember her... and Madison's on the loose?" She shakes her head, now definitely at least a little worried. "This is not good news, Saya-chan."
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 03:43:59 61796
    Seems the meeting is just about over, and Sayaka smiles and waves to people as they pile out. However, it seems that Mikoto caught just the tail end of it. "Hmm, seems that way, cant say I ever met the White Flower, or Madison, although I think I briefly saw her when she broke out of jail..What about you, Miko-chan?"

    She smirks, "Do you have much experience with her? Kyuouko cautionned me against confronting her on my own, saying she was too dangerous and a little unhinged. But, after I experienced that nightmare, I kinda felt..I dunno, sorry, for the White Flower? I wonder if it's too late for her soul to be redeemed? It kinda makes me wonder about myself, if I'll ever revert to a witch and lose hope?"

    Sayaka draws a deep breath, "Gotta sa, there have been several times when I waas close to losing hope. Even now, when it seems things are pretty uncertain between me and someone I cared a lot about. I wonder, do intelligent devices work in a similar way? Do they falter if your faith in yourself falters?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 03:54:44 61798
Mikoto mmms softly, chewing on another bite of donut. Ever the polite one, she finishes the bite and swallows before answering, rather than talk with her mouth full.

"Mmm. Madison's just plain vicious. She likes hurting people, as much as she does killing them. She's powerful, skilled, and pretty stubborn. I'd hesitate to take her on alone myself, if I didn't have total surprise and an hour or so to prepare the ground for the fight."

"As for Hana herself..." She sighs and shrugs again. "I honestly don't know. She seemed... I don't know. Afraid, at the end. That she'd gone into all this because she was terrified of what would happen when, well... witch."

The question about Devices makes her look down, her free hand picking at the little amulet she wears. Sayaka would certainly recognize Carnwennan's storage mode, there. "It... varies, really. In my experience they try to encourage you... sort of like Tuxedo boy does for Sailor Moon. Although less in the romance department."
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 04:02:49 61800
    "Yeah..It's complicated, when your wish doesnt turn out quite the way you expected it too." She murmurs as she nibbles on another donut (5th one?!). "I mean, I wish I had a little voice that could encourage me and tell me what's the right thing to do, and Kyubey hardely counts. He's kinda like the devil's advocate."

    Sayaka grimaces at the image. "But its too bad they cant encourage you in the romance department. I mean my romantic life is kinda a mess right now." she bites her lip thoughtfully, "Where do you...Get these intelligent devices from, anyway?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 04:12:23 61801
Mikoto chuckles. Rather grimly, actually. "A mess? Saya-chan, I haven't seen my boyfriend in -months-, because he's being held hostage by a rival corporation and used to gather the energy of childrens' dreams. Sometimes I wonder if he's even still ALIVE. Every so often I go down and look over at their building and think how easy it would be to just ... level it. Teleport them into space. Things like that. I could kill every single one of them in a few minutes, if I wanted to."

She takes another donut and looks at it, turning it left and right in her hand... then tears it in half. "But that would kill the innocent along with the guilty. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people, who are just in there for a paycheck, with little or nothing to do with the horrible things that their employers are doing. I will not do that."

She hurls one half of the donut at the wall behind Hannah's chair. "I've tried to get in there a dozen times, hoping to just see him, if I could... if I could talk to him for just a minute..."

With a snarled Belkan obscenity, she hurls the other half of the donut after the first, leaving a second smear of jelly sliding down Hannah's office wall. "And I got exactly frelling nowhere."
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 04:42:39 61809
    "Geez..." She frowns, and shakes her head. "Heh, I guess that makes my problems seem like child's play. I cant say I know much about Easter Corp., except that they have something to do with..Hearts Eggs? Oh yeah, that's why that crazy Sky Jack kid attacked us, because he thought Miss White was harboring heart's eggs.."

    Sayaka grimaces at the memory, but then she remembers something else. "Hmm, wait a minute, I think I know this one..Ikuto, wasn't it?" she frowns a bit, shaking her head as she thinks, "I remember him. He was the first magical person I met. Ran into him and his cat Yoru in an ice cream parlor. He introduced me to the world of magic..."

    She bites her lip, "Havent seen him in a long time now that I think of it. I...Dont know what could have happened. Perhaps they wiped his memory..?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 04:52:27 61811
"Yeah, that's the one," Mikoto answers, nodding. "Last I saw him he was like... some sort of robot or something. Didn't act like he recognized anyone, not even his own sister." She sighs and kicks at the desk, fortunately not very hard.

"I've spent hours and weeks trying to figure out a way to get to him. Came up with dozens of ideas. Gamed them out a hundred times each. And every single one ends with dozens of innocents dead... or him dead. Or me." She shakes her head and pushes her seat back, standing up. "Why do you think I spend so much time buried in my lab? I need to think about something else."
Sayaka Miki 2016-11-28 05:06:03 61814
    Sayaka nods slowly, "Hmmm...And yet, we live in a magical world where just about anything's possible. I suppose you havent seen Yoru around much either, huh? He was our best chance of finding Ikuto."

    She smirks, "Of course, we could always just sneak in there and infiltrate the place in a subtle way. Information gathering, y'know? And what about the Guardians? Arent they egg bearers like Ikuto? Perhaps they could help..Or Virtue."

    Of course, after everything she's heard about Virtue...Maybe not..? "Well then, why dont we plan to infiltrate the building some time? Do a little information gathering? He was a nice guy and i'd like to pay him back for his help, even if he was kinda..Cold at times.."

    However, peering out the window, she realizes just how much time has been spent here. It's late, and she needs to go to school tomorrow. Her parents will ground her if she's late getting back yet again, "Hey, you got my number, just text me if you wanna try something sometime..Take care, okay?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-11-28 05:09:27 61815
Mikoto sighs softly. "No, Yoru wandered off a few weeks ago. I think he got bored or something, went looking for Ikuto. Or Utau. Or something." She sighs again. "Haven't seen him since. And the Guardians are no help. All they care about is stopping him. They think he's pure evil. I'd sooner ask Madison for help than I would them."

She leans against the desk for a minute, then pushes herself off and shrugs. "I should get back to the lab before I talk myself into doing something stupid. Catch you tomorrow, Saya-chan."