Friends Don't Kneecap Friends

Kunzite has a challenge for Alexis: find a way to get through Kunzite's shields. The problem, of course, is that Alexis has *no known magical abilities whatsoever*. Makoto helps! Zoisite helps, and sometimes even in ways that don't deserve quotation marks!

Date: 2016-12-10
Pose Count: 59
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-10 19:12:07 63153
The roof of the building that Mamoru Chiba lives in is, most of the time, more or less a garden extension of the apartment -- witness Nephrite's telescope setup and the chairs accompanying it. It being December and having snowed, though, the more delicate plants have been bundled into warmer quarters to keep them out of the recent storm. Which leaves a fair-sized open patch of rooftop. There are rails around the edge to dissuade accidental falls, and there's what amounts to a storage shed (secured down against the high winds that sudden magical storms tend to generate) holding useful tools and equipment and supplies out of the weather ... but there's still open space. Where no-one is going to ask questions, and nothing is going to need repairs that they can't handle in-house.

Sometimes, that kind of thing is useful.

Out of deference to things like 'reasonable concerns about heights,' when Kazuo calls Alexis up to the roof, the part of that open space they're standing in is well away from the edge. "So," he says, matter-of-fact. "You're concerned about Naru. And you're concerned about what you can do in fights that involve magic. That's correct, yes?"
Stahlritter 2016-12-10 19:40:46 63154
It's perhaps incredibly surprising for Alex that KUNZITE of all people actually called him to come over.

Remind him to check the other for pod-peopleness.

Either way, this all leads him to standing upon the rooftop, hands stuck in the pockets of his trademark leather jacket and red scarf idly whipping behind hsi shoulder with the occasional breezes of winter wind. His nose is - unsurprisingly - bearing a bandaid slapped over it again, too, but as a bit of a more unfamiliar addition, there's a messenger bag hanging just above his waist-level there.

And so, he stares at Kunzite, after this question. A few seconds so, at least, the blank state of it broken only by a few slow blinks.

"...I guess that's one way to put it," he allows, with a slow sideward tip of his head. "That obvious, neh?"
Makoto Kino 2016-12-10 19:50:59 63155
There is a tall girl in a yellow tracksuit poking around the plants that have not been moved inside, with the air of a concerned gardener checking for signs of cold-weather damage. Occupied as she is, her presence might have been coincidental to whatever prompted Kunzite to call Alexis here... but as the two of them are speaking, she dusts off her hands and starts wandering across the roof to where they're standing.

"Well," she says with a friendly and somewhat lopsided smile, "once you know that magic stuff is out there trying to eat people and someone you know is mixed up in it, it's a pretty reasonable concern."

A beat, and her smile turns vaguely sheepish. "I don't think we've actually met before now. I'm Makoto. Hi."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-10 20:00:21 63156
Kazuo's added a black wool coat to his usual outfit, as it is. It is almost certain that someone else acquired it for him, since it actually displays a certain amount of style, while Kazuo's shown every sign of being the kind of person who just has a closet's worth of identical near-anonymous outfits. "Makoto, this is Alexis Raskoph, yes," he says. "Alexis, Makoto Kino. I thought she might be interested, or have advice for you, or perhaps both."

He glances from her to Alexis again. "You have a habit of ending up in fights because you believe it's necessary. I understand that there have been at least two already that have involved magic. Besides, you get along with Naru, and that was her initial reaction. I set Naru to physical training initially, building up strength and stamina, but you have that covered already to some degree. So it's a different kind of experience you need, I think." The last is ... not quite a question; perhaps an invitation for Alexis to say something. Or possibly, knowing Alexis's tendencies toward explaining anything, not.
Stahlritter 2016-12-10 20:20:02 63157
"If you could call either one fights on my part, really," Alex insists with a wrinkle of his nose. It might be less of a visible gesture on his part because of the bandaid, but it's there. "Unless you guys have some magic-fightin'-trainin'-room, I dunno how..." He starts to go on there, but his line of thought gets interrupted by the arrival of one (1) Makoto -- whom he looks over, briefly, just to take proper count of her, and then lifts one gloved hand up from his pocket in sort of greeting. "Yo."

"That being said, though..." He looks over back to Kazuo. "... You already have something in mind, don't you?"
Makoto Kino 2016-12-10 20:33:17 63158
Makoto lifts a hand briefly in an answering not-quite-a-wave, then glances over toward Kunzite and cracks a quick, teasing grin. "When does he not have something in mind?"

It seems that's a rhetorical question, because her eyes swing quickly back to Alexis. "Training space isn't really a problem," she adds brightly. "I mean, there are some options. But..." Her shoulder lifts in a little shrug and she looks to Kunzite again, one hand lifting slightly in his direction - his show, right now.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-10 20:44:08 63159
"I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on that," Kazuo says to Makoto. "But that wasn't precisely what I'd had in mind for right now; we don't have Asclepius on hand, and for safety's sake we'd want that, at the very least. Still. I thought it might interest you to see how he approached the problem under more controlled conditions."

He turns and walks a little away from the other two -- not far; three meters, maybe. Then he turns back toward them, and changes as he does. A crackle of something almost like lightning crawling across his body, leaving the uniform in its wake in place of the black coat; the momentary gleam of something gemlike at his forehead.

And yes, Alexis, as ever, there is a cape.

Kunzite lifts both hands, and with the gesture he draws darkness up from the rooftop; it flows up around him, forming a sphere of shadow that ultimately lifts an inch or two off the surface beneath him. He seats himself on the air within it -- it's less casual than Zoisite's trick, and without the sense that he might flit away at any moment. Only as if he were sufficiently immovable that neither gravity nor lack of substance can do anything about it.

"For right now, Alexis," he says, "your task is to figure out what you can about how this works, and see if you can find a way to get through it."
Stahlritter 2016-12-10 22:03:49 63160
Alex instinctively brings his arm up to shield his eye, as if he might be expecting a bright flash of light all of a sudden from the way of Kunzite.

When there isn't any, though, he consequently lowers his arm again, to blink his eyes rapidly towards the man. And then at the... sphere of shadow. The best descriptor that he can probably come up with for it, too, in all fairness.

Not that that really explains much of *anything* for him.

"What the hell is that?" HE asks before the challenge is issued -- urging another rapid blink of the eyes from him, thus. "... If that stuff is something that disintegrates me when I touch it..."
Makoto Kino 2016-12-10 22:29:44 63163
The transformation clearly comes as no particular surprise to Makoto, though her eyebrows lift a little as Kunzite explains what the object of the exercise is. Well then.

She glances around a moment, eyes briefly settling on the lawn chairs over by Nephrite's telescope before, it seems, she elects to remain standing. "That might be a good reason not to try poking it with your bare hands," she replies helpfully to Alexis's comment, crossing her arms loosely in front of her as she watches with the eyes of an interested observer to see what is is going to do.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-10 22:40:15 63165
"Different people who wield magic," Kunzite says, "use different aspects of it, and in different ways. This is one of the primary ways mine manifests, and one of my standard uses for it." Which is an accurate answer that ... still, in practical terms, tells Alexis exactly nothing.

When Alexis voices wariness of disintegration, though, Kunzite gives a slow, deliberate smile. And actually does say nothing.
Stahlritter 2016-12-10 22:56:21 63169
"That might very well be," mumbles Alex his agremeent to Makoto while he steps his way over towards one of the lawn chairs nearby, of all things. "In a real fight anyway, I expect. But..." One hand settles onto the top of the chair. "I'll play along with that mindset either way, even if he won't respond like it."

And right at that last word, he steps forward and gives a pointed shove to the top of hte chair -- not actually properly tossing it, but still sending it flying forward with enough force that when it hits the floor, it bounces further forward again -- and towards Kunzite and the sphere surrounding him.
Makoto Kino 2016-12-10 23:10:36 63175
"Ooh." There's some honest approval in Makoto's expression - though she also takes a careful step back when the lawn chair goes flying. "Straight to throwing furniture. Not bad."

There's a moment's pause while her gaze tracks back to where the chair came from. "...Just so you know," she adds, tone still conversational but expression more serious as she looks toward Alexis again, "if the telescope gets messed up, I'm pretty sure Neph will kill you. So, um, careful about that if you're thinking of throwing any more chairs around."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-10 23:14:19 63177
The chair clatters against the surface of the roof, bounces forward again, strikes the sphere --

-- and drops straight down to clatter again and lie still.

No disintegration. No melting. No frost and no tiny icicles. No flare of light or of lightning. No drama at all -- except that the instant it touched the darkness, it lost all its velocity. Became subject to gravity as if it had just been dropped.

In the wake of the noise, Kunzite inclines his head gravely to Makoto from his perch within the bubble of darkness. Apparently, he thinks that was a good warning.
Stahlritter 2016-12-10 23:30:28 63181
"--I see," says Alex then, a few seconds after the chair has clattered down, him now dropping down onto one knee with a slight turn that brings more of one side towards the direction of Kunzite-- for whatever reason.

"When you said 'consuming and reusing energy', this is how it manifests. And kinetic energy counts for it too--"

For someone so infamous for skipping school regularly, Alex apparently still has a basic understanding of physics. Who'da thought.

"...And judging from the fact that it appears as a thing like that, I'm gonna guess you won't even need to consciously direct it."

A small, nervous smile forms over the german's lips.

"THat's a seriously scary ability."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-10 23:41:56 63185
Alex's quote brings another inclination of Kunzite's head, steady and approving. "You asked why I wear a cape," he says. "I can use it as an alternate focus -- not as strong or as versatile as a full-fledged invocation, but not requiring preparation time, either." He pauses, and shrugs one shoulder a moment later. "Between Endymion's and mine ... well. A tradition is anything that's happened twice."

There's one more pause, a briefer one. "Before you ask, Mamoru would be deeply upset if I went around absorbing energy from humans, these days. And no, I wouldn't be able to hide it from him. So that's not something you presently need to be too concerned about."
Zoisite 2016-12-10 23:53:47 63189
There's a soft, amused chuckle from somewhere nearby- not near enough to Kunzite to be in any danger of getting hit, but relatively nearby all the same. The rest of Zoisite appears following his chuckle, perched midair as if it takes precisely zero effort, one leg crossed over the other as if he were seated in a chair.

"In the worst-case scenario I could probably catch a chair, so don't worry too much," he offers.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 00:02:14 63192
"Still, that thing basically makes you untouchable, don't it?" Alex says, the smile receding then when he hears the voice of one Zoisite, and his attention is drawn to him in breif surprise -- but, not htat particularly large. Perhaps he's getting at least somewhat used to sudden appearances on the part of the Shitennou crew.

"...If that thing was smaller..." He murmurs then, in his audible speculation, once his gaze has returned to Kunzite. "...Maybe it might be different."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 00:04:47 63194
It's the sound more than appearance that prompts Kunzite's attention to turn Zoisite's way, so that when he reaches full visibility, Kunzite is already smiling toward him. It's a small thing, of course. Restrained. But it's actually there, and it lingers when he turns his attention back to Alexis. All he says then is, "Explain."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 00:21:18 63200
Zoisite watches with evident amusement- he is especially glad to see that Alexis doesn't react poorly to him just appearing. After all, even people who know him startle at that, on occasion. And that's when they're not attempting to hit Kunzite with chairs.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 00:33:01 63203
"If that thing consumes any and all energy before it even gets to touching range of your body, there's not much anyone can do that requires touching you physically," Alex goes on further upon Kunzite's single-word request of explanation.

He bites his lip, and then rises up from the crouch, with his brows crunching down into a thoughtful frown. "...Although..." His eyes move from down-to-up along the form of Kunzite, and... he just starts walking, then. Slow, casual steps towards the man.

"Just for the record," he says. "In a real fight I wouldn't just come up to you like this."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 00:41:49 63209
"Agreed," Kunzite says. "This is an intellectual challenge, not a physical one. Physical challenges, for you, I suspect would better be in someone else's domain; I prefer not to fight bare-handed if I have an alternative." He glances toward Makoto this time, whether she's fallen quiet or not, and there's the faintest note of amusement around the edge of his expression, as if there were a private shared joke or two somewhere in there.

His attention shifts back to Alex as the young man approaches, though there are hints in the orientation of his body that he's remaining aware of Zoisite as well. Interested, perhaps, in what's about to follow that 'although.'
Zoisite 2016-12-11 00:43:53 63210
Zoisite inclines his head slightly, as if listening intently to what Alex is saying. Honestly, he is, and his eyebrows go up. "'Although'...?" The strawberry-blond repeats, tone questioning, asking the boy to elaborate further.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 00:51:45 63213
Rather than providing further elaboration, Alex continues his steps right up until he's standing just by the edge of the sphere surrounding Kunzite. And there? He lifts a single hand up -- slowly. In a small, careful little motion of directing his flat-open palm to the edge of the shadow -- as if though to gently place it against it. And then? Press.

You know. Just to see what happens.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 00:57:36 63215
An actual physical sphere, unanchored and weightless, would drift from its position under even that smal pressure. This one ... does not: the flesh of Alex's hand flattens against it, as if he were pushing fruitlessly against a solid wall.

With the exception, of course, that a solid wall has a temperature of its own, and this one ... well. Given that Alex is losing heat to it and none is being returned, for those first instants, it feels cold. Then Kunzite makes a small gesture from where he sits within it, fingertips barely flicked in Alex's direction, and that sensation shifts: human-temperature, the warmth of his own palm being reflected back to him.
Zoisite 2016-12-11 01:00:12 63218
Well, if nothing else, Alexis's response is novel, even amusing. Zoisite rests his chin on his palm, arm supported against his leg. He chuckles again, eyebrows quirking up at Alex's current situation. What will he do now? If nothing else, Naru's boyfriend is certainly entertaining to watch.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 01:10:26 63220
"Yare yare..."

Alex does perhaps end up drawing his hand away from the sphere before Kunzite really has a chance to change the temperature, and thus he's brought to waving his hand up-to-down to help speed the blood flow through it. "That would have been too easy, wouldn't it have? I thought, maybe the thing isn't so absolute that it won't let things pass through if they're moving at minimal force required for motion."

"That obviously isn't the case, so..." He takes a small step backwards, then, and just lifts both of his hands upwards and rolls his shoulders in a shrug.

"Thus there isn't much of anything I can do in this environment or with the things I have on me."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 01:14:20 63222
The glance that Kunzite gives aside to Zoisite is momentary at best, and it's a good question what Alexis might make of it -- if anything, since there's no change in the man's features. Alexis is, however, apparently not getting off the hook so easily. "Explain what you'd try if you had more resources at your disposal."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 01:17:40 63223
Zoisite's eyes twinkle with contained amusement, and he flashes a smile at Kunzite. Clearly, this whole debacle makes fine entertainment. Watching Alex figure out his way around this made for a wonderful distraction from finals. After all, since he's not aiming to be a medical doctor like Mamoru... well, his grades don't need to be as high as his Prince's, and that means he can afford the study break to clear his head.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 01:22:57 63226
"Were Naru here, then... Hm..." Murmurs Alex.

"I do not know the extents of the limitations on her power, but perhaps I would ask her...

He turns along the pivot of one foot, just so that he's facing Kunzite only sideway, and his back arches forward with the slight push of his hips while he brings the arm of Kunzite-facing side up to point at him. Someone's been watching and reading too much Jojo, perhaps. "...To draw a canister of tear gas."

Escalation, much?
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 01:32:25 63231
The hardest thing in the world right now, for Kunzite, may possibly be not to look over to catch Zoisite's reaction directly.

"That would work, eventually," he agrees instead. "In that I would have to harden the shield sufficiently to prevent any exchange of gases, and from there it would be a race to see which happened first: my running out of oxygen, my running out of energy to power the shield, or the tear gas dissipating. Since Naru could conceivably keep drawing tear gas..."

Granted, again, this is discounting his attacking or teleporting out. But those weren't in the parameters of the problem given.

"I can think offhand of three similar though less impressive potential solutions available to you on-site, and one more direct one, in addition to any more that I'm missing. Any thoughts?"
Zoisite 2016-12-11 01:32:53 63232
Zoisite lets out a bark of laughter, shaking his head. "That'd certainly be effective!" He says between chuckles. Still, Zoisite shakes his head, touching down lightly in a vague imitation of a ballerina going en pointe before dropping all the way, letting gravity resume.

"But you can't always rely on Naru-chan. We all have a certain amount of energy we can use safely, and Naru-chan is also unfortunately a target a lot of the time. She might be trapped, or drained, or otherwise unable to assist you." Zoisite takes a casual step around the roof, grabbing some of the remaining snow into a ball, supressing a wince at the coldness. "There's a bit of a reason beyond the obvious why Kunzite decided to drag you up here for this, you know."
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 01:46:03 63237
"He did say 'given more resources at my disposal'," Alex points out to Zoisite, with a sideward, wry look sent to his direction.

"But, I figured as much," he murmurs then, when he looks back to Kunzite, in turn. "I've figured your body is still human enough to require oxygen-- so with that, I figured the shield isn't absolute enough to not let *air* through. Or light or soundwaves, for that matter, but those are significantly harder to weaponize without more potent magic, I figure."

"That being said, though, even using gas would not be... well. Wouldn't really be *that* effective on a place like this, because winds tend to hit much harder this high up in addition to it being an open area, so it would probably fade away much quicker. I couldn't even use something more potent like... say, nerve gas, because it would likely spread to people in the city. The tear gas idea, as used here? That would just serve to distract, hopefully long enough to get away and find someone who would be much better employed in terms of magic to power through the shield."

So he didn't just throw that thought out there at random, as it turns out.

"Had the shield allowed me to actually get close enough to touch you enough to be able to *move* you, I'd consider pulling you with me into a pool of water, were one available, but... that's not going to happen.

The final words from Kunzite, however, especially the mention of means available on-site? Those bring a look upon Alex's face that can only be described as a mix of suprise and confusion. Zoisite's last comment certainly doesn't help it, and after giving the latter a look, he asks, of both, "What are you talking about?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 01:51:32 63238
"I am, in fact, effectively human," Kunzite agrees. "With some interruption, but my understanding from Mercury's analysis is that, regardless of its origins, my body is effectively indistinguishable at this point from the one I was born with."

He straightens and lets the shield vanish; his landing is not nearly as graceful as Zoisite's, solid instead. "Well thought out, for someone without the advantages of experience, detailed knowledge, or home ground. Zoisite? Care to explain your thoughts first?"
Zoisite 2016-12-11 01:51:59 63239
Zoisite grins, lobbing the snowball at Alex. "I know you've studied physics enough to know the answer to this. What, at a basic level, is heat? Why did puttting your hand on that make it cold?" Zoisite asks with a gesture toward Kunzite, expansively. He scoops up another handful of snow, rolling it into a ball to casually lob at Kunzite.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 01:59:09 63245
Alex doesn't so much try to dodge out of the way of the snowball, but he does snap his arm up into the way of it so that it splatters against his leather sleeve instead, and his nose gets wrinkled in mild irritation. "Heat's energy too, ain't it?" He asks, then. "That's why my hand got cold-- the shield drained warmth from my body. I can only assume that even if I somehow got into the area of the shield, it would likely end up draining all the body heat from me, and I'd die from my internal organs shutting down. What are you getting at?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 02:04:14 63247
Kunzite flicks his cape up in turn, ducking slightly to shield his head and neck. The snow strikes the fabric as if it, too, were a solid wall, sticking to it in a light splat all of its own. Stray fragments of the ball lose themselves in his hair, given that they match its color. He straightens again to eye Zoisite over it, but the attempt to give him a black glare is spoiled by the twitch at the corner of his mouth. Not a word; he's letting Zoisite finish first.
Zoisite 2016-12-11 02:13:39 63251
Zoisite smirks. "What I'm saying is that cold is something Kunzite here has a problem with, magically speaking. I'd consider using liquid nitrogen, if I could get my hands on it, or even finding someone whose powers are ice and cold-based, were I stuck powerless. He can't exactly shield against it. It's part of why we make such a good team," Zoisite offers, flicking his wrists to reveal hands full of fire. "My powers are fairly complimentary to his in a number of ways, and my combat tactics are as well. Speaking of..."

There's a brief moment, and Zoisite is behind Alexis, fire vanishing from his hands. "As much as I'm trying to offer solutions outside of 'resort to asking magical-types around you for help'... In a situation where there's someone dangerous and you've figured out their powerset, it'll be unavoidable unless you happen to sprout powers of your own, or a weapon that can go up against something like that. Considering how I tend to move, I would have been perfectly capable of getting close to him." And, of course, Zoisite demonstrates, hovering high enough to make up for the foot of difference in heights and brush the snow out of Kunzite's hair.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 02:28:20 63257
"I guess I could see tha--" Alex starts saying, only for Zoisite to suddenly DISAPPEAR. It takes about half a second to realize what exactly happened, and he instinctively whips himself around to face him, with a backward bounce sending him a few feet away further. Sure, he's not in any actual danger from HIM, surely, but... this is someone who has been sneaked up on a few times too many for him to trust that kind of thing by sheer reflex alone.

And then Zoisite is within Kunzite's bubble.

And so the sigh that he lets out? That is one that speaks of some mild measure of defeat, while he drops himself down onto a crouch again. "... Of course. Teleporting... Right..."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 02:36:24 63260
"'Asking Zoisite' was the more direct route, yes," Kunzite agrees, lowering that cape and resting a hand on Zoisite's shoulder instead. Not heavily enough to weigh him back down any. "Apart from that -- there were other methods of interfering with the oxygen supply available. More time-consuming, not necessarily options to use during actual combat, but then, teleportation needs enough concentration it's often difficult to use during combat, itself." He nods toward the shed that shelters the garden supplies. "There's plastic sheeting in there, and leftover spray paint from when we were dealing with the trellises. And there are enough plants up here that we needed a way to water them during the dry seasons; it would be better if it were cold enough out for the water to freeze, but you could still have encased the shield in water without needing a pond for the purpose. Water would have been particularly good, in fact, since the water tension would have encouraged it to follow the curve of the shield rather than falling straight down."
Makoto Kino 2016-12-11 02:39:58 63263
"Honestly," Makoto speaks up from where she's been observing at a relatively safe distance, "asking for backup is just as likely to be true even if you do develop magic of your own. I mean--" her head tips toward Kunzite in his bubble (now plus Zoisite) and shrugs a little; "I don't have much that works on that either, most of the time."

Propping a hand against her hip, she ambles a few steps nearer. "Which does mean you might wanna get out of the habit of thinking of 'tear gas' as a go-to option," she points out mildly. "You'd probably do more damage to people on your side than you'd do to him, if any were around. Or at least tie them up making sure no bystanders get caught in it, I am just saying."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 02:57:04 63267
Zoisite nods. "Not many of us work in isolation," he admits with a wry grin. "And while your powers might not work all that well against either of us, a solid punch or five from you when I can't teleport or stop it would certainly cause me some serious problems." Not that he admits that closing on melee range with him would be tantamount to an invitation for a stab in the kidneys- after all, his combat strength partly relies on the element of surprise.

"Honestly, if you got the physical drop on me and I couldn't teleport away, odds are very good I would be in for a bad time. My specialty is certainly not physical combat."
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 03:07:39 63270
"In my defense," Alex says sheepishly to Makoto, the tone extending to the look he sends towards her, too. "I did make a point of that too when I listed the flaws in that whole idea. A lot of things that I could rely on are... situational. Very situational. Both on where I am and who is there."

He considers Kunzite's words, too, and his lips purse. "...If the heat is drawn away by the orb, then the water would freeze on contact too, wouldn't it?" He points out. "But... I somehow doubt it would be able to form a thick enough layer you couldn't just break through it, magic or not."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 03:15:45 63273
"The challenge was 'find a way to get through the shield,' not 'find a way to counter me.'" Kunzite's eyes gleam; his hand remains on Zoisite's shoulder. The shield itself is gone now, leaving the both of them clearly visible. "And you did find one. That did not necessarily depend on magic, since you might conceivably have had other sources." Homura counts as another potential source, for instance. Not that he's mentioning that now. "So: successful in more than one way; that there were other methods available is a point of interest, but ultimately, none of us put everything together. We learn, that's all. Both about what we can do, and about new ways to apply it --" that book Kunzite has been reading about theoretical physics has not been for fun -- "and about what other people can do, and how we can work best with them."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 03:32:08 63274
Zoisite nods, dropping to lean against Kunzite with a crooked smile. "Yeah. It's more of a thinking exercise than it is like a test in school, with only one right answer." He shrugs offhandedly, as if it somehow doesn't matter to him. "I think his idea was more teaching you to think about this kind of thing in the first place-- that certain peoples' powers have weaknesses that can be exploited."
Makoto Kino 2016-12-11 03:44:46 63275
Makoto dips her head to Alexis in a little nod of acknowledgement at his words, smiling a little. "Lots of things are like that," she agrees. "Situational. It's good if you can get into the habit of thinking about this stuff."

Her eyes flick towards Kunzite and Zoisite as she's speaking, but she can't keep looking at either of them for very long and still say that last sentence with a straight face. By the time she's finished she's looking away across the roof at nothing in particular, and looking wryly amused at herself.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 03:49:02 63276
"The idea of 'everyone has a weakness', is something that I already picked up on in the streets," Alex points out with a wry smile. "That it extends to superpowers kind of felt expected, honestly. Although..." He sends a look to Kunzite. "... Just because my parents are filthy rich doesn't mean I have access to military hardware, you know. So... No. I don't exactly expect to be able to go up against *anything* on my own. Outside of some incredibly fortunate circumstances, anyway."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 03:50:45 63277
Zoisite smirks. "But you know people with access to school science labs, and I'm sure in a pinch, after-hours, nobody would care about you going into a school lab. Hell, if you led someone there you'd provide yourself with a huge situational advantage and unconventional weaponry." Not like Zoisite commonly thinks about that at all. Nope. Of course not.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 03:53:16 63278
Kunzite makes a noncommittal noise. "I'm not concerned," he says to Alexis then, "about your being able to go up against things on your own. I'm interested in giving you a sufficient breadth of knowledge, of practical experience under reasonably controlled conditions, that when you do have the opportunity to make a difference, you'll be able to recognize both the opportunity and what to do with it. The more tools you have in your kit, the more likely you'll have the right one at the right time."
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 04:12:45 63279
"Situational," murmurs Alex with a quiet sigh after Zoisite. "But it's not like I haven't considered something like that too." He stretches his arms up over himself there, then, in an idle bit of motion -- just to help ward the chill of the winter air a bit.

To Kunzite? He doesn't say anything, first. He just considers the man, first, before saying simply, "I know."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 04:17:11 63280
Zoisite snorts a little. "That's good. You've got practice." Though he's considering terrorizing Alexis under the name of practice, with a wicked gleam in his eyes. He snickers at Makoto, guessing what she's thinking.

"Though sometimes 'hit it harder' is a valid strategy. I'm pretty sure a sledgehammer to the knees would be, at least, an inconvenience, for example."
Makoto Kino 2016-12-11 04:23:17 63281
Makoto promptly sticks her tongue out at Zoisite. "Yeah well." It'd be grumbling, except she's laughing quietly to herself. "Just because I do it doesn't mean I want to encourage anybody else. Especially not someone who doesn't have magic to help keep them from going squish."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 04:26:43 63282
Kunzite inclines his head to Alex at those two words, and answers with two of his own, as if he expected Alex to be able to complete the quotation by rote. "Victorious warriors."

He glances aside to Zoisite at that later comment, and almost smiles. "Kindly don't practice that one on me," he says. "Or else the rest of you are going to have to carry groceries; I'm not sure even Endymion and Asclepius put together can mend a shattered kneecap that quickly."

... Makoto's comment wins the remaining fraction of that smile. That's three in less than an hour, and two of them didn't even involve menacing. Maybe he is a pod person.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 04:43:41 63283
Apparently Alex is not aware of the quote Kunzite half-starts. Shame on him.

And he DOES look ever-so-suspicious about the Kunzite-smile too. Because KUNZITE SMILES.

"I dunno," he says on the subject of shattered kneecaps then, while he spins himself around towards the general direction of the door leading back inside. "Remember how my hand was a month back?"
Zoisite 2016-12-11 04:45:47 63284
"Did I ever say I was going to? I like your kneecaps too much for that," And, well, Kunzite's everything else, too. But he's not about to say that out loud, in front of Alex.

"It'd still be a drain on his resources," Zoisite says, shrugging. "And it's not the kind of thing you do to a friend, regardless."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 04:57:55 63286
"I remember the baseball bat incident," Kunzite affirms to Alex; he doesn't so much draw Zoisite after as provide a mild and gentle indication that they might perhaps accompany Alex back inside, where he's less likely to start shivering. Though Makoto is given precedence, of course; and equally of course, so is Zoisite. "I also remember Mamoru explaining to you then that bones were difficult. Knees are additionally difficult; there are complications based on the structure of the body on top of the complications from having to puzzle out which splinter came from which bone. Less ability to call on your own resources. Much higher likelihood of connective tissue complications."

He'd probably go further, but he glances at Makoto again and belatedly realizes that perhaps stopping a couple of sentences back might have been a good idea.
Makoto Kino 2016-12-11 05:11:45 63289
Makoto is indeed grimacing a little as she starts to trail along in the direction of the way back inside, following the gentle nonverbal prompting. "Of course you know things like that," she says, sighing in resignation. "Of course you do. We could've stopped at 'friends don't kneecap friends' and left it at that, couldn't we?"

Probably not, in this company.
Stahlritter 2016-12-11 05:23:01 63292
"I've known some people who that saying would most certainly not have applied to," Alex notes over his shoulder, but it is perhaps not at all a reassuring thing. "Also my hand was not *that* bad."

It absolutely was, let's be honest here, since Alex isn't being so.

"Also, I'm *starving*. I don't know about you guys."
Zoisite 2016-12-11 05:25:12 63293
"I know this stuff, too," Zoisite sing-songs, perhaps a bit too merrily for Makoto's peace of mind. It's a casual reminder that while he is firmly on her side, he is not nice by standard definitions, especially to those who might draw his ire.

He happily follows Kunzite's lead, though he lets Kunzite go ahead of him, smiling fondly. "Grab something, then. I need to eat too, probably," he murmurs thoughtfully. He's not hungry yet, but he probably will be soon
Kazuo Takeba 2016-12-11 05:31:07 63294
"I apologize for stranding you without civilized company," Kunzite says gravely to Makoto, as the company reaches the door and descends the stairs. "By way of apology -- if you're hungry as well, is there anything you're particularly in the mood for? It seems the least we can do."