Fox-chan and White-san

Miss White meets Takashi's familiar! They hit it off quite well.

Date: 2015-07-28
Pose Count: 15
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 02:35:40 5725
School's out, but one Hannah Sharpe and her fluffy Familiar, the siberian husky Boris, have taken over the rooftop of the High School area. She's appropriated a few punching bags of various sizes from the gym. Sure, she could use the gym itself, but the day's beautiful and the rooftop just lets the sun in so gently.

Add a nice cool breeze, and she gets the place all to herself to concentrate on getting stronger. Dressed in the top of her school uniform and a pair of shorts, her shouts and movements echo across the long, empty bespiked architecture.

Boris, sitting on one of the benches, gives a woof and a mental prod as Hannah's kick sends the larger punching bag wobbling a bit.

"White Kitten is looking good! Very strong strike, very merciless! Should have been in KGB!" Comes the russian voice of the Familiar.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 02:53:50 5729
Ayana has gotten used to the roof of Infinity being mostly empty, so when she leaps down onto it from a distance, she's surprised to find herself not alone.

Luckily, concerned for just that occurence, the familiar has made certain o arrive behind the stairwell, which at least for the moment means she's out of sight. It also means, however, that what she senses can be sensed in return: something magical is nearby.

Ayana blinks in surprise, and immediately hides her ears and tails. But rather than shifting her clothes entirely, she simply emerges in the way-too-short dress and shorts combo, fur-lined white jacket, leather boots and tall stockings. Curious, she pokes her nose around the corner, then arches her brows at the sight of Hannah and Boris. She emerges fully and strolls towards the pair, walking light and ready for a fight, but also not actively provoking one. But it's not Hannah that has her attention: it's Boris whom she speaks to as she asks, "Is this a fight in the making, or are you actually tame enough to resist chasing a fox on sight?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 03:05:11 5731
Ayana's emergence gets a woof from Boris, and Hannah turns around. Her fists clench as the girl speaks, and Boris mentally gives her the picture.

Time to use the usual act. Boris bounds over to Hannah, giving a low growl.

One eye of Hannah's closes. Boris is too used to being a guide dog, an actual dog, to respond. The Familiar is one heck of an actor, especially when it was your life for twenty-odd-years.

And so he plays the part of a well disciplined service animal.

"If you are talking about Boris here, he is not a hunting dog. He's my partner." There's a little emphasis on the word 'partner'.

"And besides, do you see any foxes around here?" She responds, one eye closing. That spark of magic hits her. Is this a magical girl, or...

A single hand waves from Hannah before she strokes Boris. The dog calms down.

"Hannah Sharpe, Captain of Infinity High's Kickboxing Club! Who are you? I do not recognize your voice. New around here?" Comes the woman, voice easy going, and a definite southern belle accent in her voice. Definitely a foreigner! She never quite lets her guard down, one hand sneaking into her pocket towards her Device, still in coin form.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 03:15:05 5734
Ayana takes a step back as the dog growls, but her attention remains on him, even when Hannah responds. She frows a little as he behaves more dog than familiar, but continues to ignore Hannah almmost entirely ... until she inroduces herself. The introduction draws Ayana's attention sharply to Hannah, and she considers the woman thoughtfully. "Hannah Sharpe," she repeats the name quietly. "Hannah-sama. You are the woman who Takashi-senpai spoke of."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 03:28:55 5736
The name is uttered, and she freezes. Then her name is being spoken of with a level of respect she's never heard. It visibly takes her by surprise, her look one torn between disbelief, suspicion, and a little bit of fluster. She's blushing a little.

Combined with that magic spark she's starting to get an idea of the situation.

She reaches into her pocket, and the gold coin that is Raging Tempest is flicked repeatedly up into the air, caught, and flicked again deftly.

"...Hey, I appreciate respect. Really, it is refreshing. But drop the absurd honorific. I am not yet someone worthy of a title like that."

One hand folds behind her.

"But still. So you know Takashi-kun, huh? I hate to be rude, kiddo, but I am going to have to ask you just how you know Takashi. And who you No."

Her mouth forms a neutral line as she catches Raging Tempest. Magic flows around the Device, ready to be activated.

"What are you?"
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 03:32:16 5738
Ayana considers the question for a moment, then glances at Boris once again. "Your familiar should be able to answer this question for you," Ayana replies. Then she takes a risk, and allows her ears and tail to become visible once more, all bushy and black fur. "If he cannot do so, Hannah-senpai, then I do not think I should be talking to you."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 03:43:06 5741
Hannah is silent, as is Boris. The pair look to one another, and a smirk comes to Hannah's face. There's not one, but /two/ sets of voices laughing. One American, the other Russian.

"...Oh dear /God/ kiddo I feel so sorry for you! Knowing Takashi-san? And as a Familiar!? That is a bloody riot!"

Boris lets out a howling laugh.

"Dah, is best joke all year! Little fox is either luckiest or most unlucky little prowler in world!" Belts out the dog-Familiar, finally dropping the act.

She walks over, a hand out, led over by Boris. The woman's clearly looking for a shake.

"Oh come on! I felt your magic the moment you walked in here. Just gotta be certain. Lots of unscrupulous types in the magic business, far worse than me. So. Am I right in guessing then that you belong to our dear Lab Partner? Got a name, my friend?"

Boris, meanwhile, flashes and soon there's a hulking bald russian guy in a suit there.

"Tricky little fox is welcome! Will be good little Familiar for White-san, yes?"
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 03:55:27 5744
Ayana lets out a sigh of tension that may not have been entirely obvious. She tilts her head as the pair start laughing, and then her ears flick back against her head. "Why are you laughing?" she asks flatly, eyes shifting between the pair. "Why do you laugh at Taka-kun?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 04:15:06 5750
Soon enough, Hannah kneeling down, smiling.

"You will learn in time, little fox. Takashi-kun is an...interesting individual. And a worthy partner. So try to calm down a little, okay?"

Boris is still snickering to himself.

"So what are here for anyway? Trying to check out your master's beautiful and athletic, ambitious partner!?" Grins the woman, spinning around with a teasing voice. She'll then, with some help from Boris, aim for the ears! Scritches!
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 04:18:18 5752
"I was coming home from my assignment," Ayana replies. Her ears return to their normal restfulness: alertly twitching here and there to pick up noises, but not actively pointed anywhere in particular. "I did not expect to find anyone on the roof, but here we are," she says, glancing towards Boris. "I suppose I should introduce myself. Takashi-senpai has named me Ayana Moriko."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 04:23:11 5753
Hannah offers a bow.

"Pleasure to meet you, Moriko-san! What a cute little Familiar! So what was it? Stealing a magical artifact? Tracking our enemies? Hunting for Witches?" A raised brow here.

Then a shrug. "Either way, I'm glad. That guy sometimes seems way too lonely. I think he could really use someone who understands him like you will. Boris here..." Cue a doggie form Boris getting an ear scritch.

"Certainly has made a difference in my life. So make sure you do the same for him, okay?" Her voice is warm now, like a sempai!
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 04:25:13 5755
"Friends are a weakness," Ayana replies with a soft sigh. "Hannah-senpai, he is very lonely, but he is okay with this. And now he has me, and I believe I make him less lonely. I do not know if I should reveal his plans for me with you; however, he did say that you wished to very soon go and retrieve a Lost Logia, and that you wanted his help. I will also be helping with this. And please, you may call me Ayana."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 04:28:55 5756
She ponders, and then smirks. "You're right. That guy...always keeping everything to himself! Really, really rude! That's why I've never asked him out, you know? The jerk." She scuffs her foot.

"I swear he will never get a girlfriend that way. Oh well. You keep him company, okay, Ayana?" She offers a thumbs up.

She oh's! "Will you now? Alright, great! Yeah, I almost have the source pinpointed. Going to try to make a grab in a day or two after with my guest. Just try to prove yourself useful, okay? I do not like carrying around dead weight without profit. Got it?" She smirks a little here, wide.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-07-28 04:31:42 5758
Ayana narrows her eyes faintly at the accusation, but she doesn't argue. "I will do my best, Hannah-senpai," she replies quietly. "I will make Takashi-senpai very proud of me. And of himself for making me." She pauses a moment, then tilts her head faintly. "I do not think ..." she starts to say, then trails off. Another frown, then she says, "Nevermind. Since we will be working together, perhaps Boris and I could spend some time together, later. Our ability to synergize in battle may be important. Especially as we both draw on your magic and Takashi-senpai's magic, to work our own."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-07-28 04:37:06 5760
Hannah sighs a bit. "Lighten up, Ayana. Sometimes the best way to help someone is to be honest and blunt. Really smart people can sometimes be /really/ dense. Just a tip."

Boris pipes up here.

"Da! Would be fun playing around with little fox! Will chase and practice magic! Just like was tiny puppy!" Comes Boris, woofing and tail wagging!

Then Hannah's motioning to the punching bags.

"To new friends! Now mind giving me a hand? Come on, once we get these put away, I will buy you ice cream! Come on!" Then she's hauling one of those big ones towards a non-euclidian space hallway in Infinity. She knows /those/ pathways well.