Relationship Advice

Takashi seeks some from Miss White. This whole cross-side dating thing is hard.

Date: 2017-01-05
Pose Count: 12
Takashi Agera 2017-01-05 01:52:31 66100
Takashi Agera hops out of the Dusk Zone near Hannah's apartment door - looking a little tired. It's about the time Ami and he would normally be going to sleep, and in fact, Ami is. And he hopes she stays that way, so she doesn't complain about him leaving her with a fairly large contingent of youma-girl guards in his absence. Or leaving without telling him.

But that makes it evening in Tokyo, and that makes it a prime time for Takashi to bring some concerns to one of the few humans on the planet he trusts, and probably the only one that can understand his situation to any degree.

And that's why this evening there's a knock at Hannah Sharpe's apartment door, coupled by a curious call of 'White-saaaan.' from a drowsy Takashi.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-05 02:02:01 66107
It's evening! And Hannah is back home. Tests are well studied for, there's no pressing things to be done at Work, and so she gets to spend an easy day at her apartment on I-U grounds. Boris is on the couch, watching his Russian Soaps he enjoys so much. Every now and then, there's a woof, then a big laugh that should come from the lungs of someone much larger. Familiar cheating, yo!

Of course, part of 'relaxing' is Hannah working out. Her apartment is as impeccably clean (minus the husky fur) and organized as anyone who's known her expects. Near the part where she keeps her computer, there's a small 'gym' setup. Just a single exercise machine and a hung weighted bag for when she's feeling extra tomboy-ish. This evening is one such as those. It's a sportswear evening, as Hannah kicks and punches the bag relentlessly, occasionally stopping to devour some iced tea and wipe herself off.

After one final hard kick, she lets out a sigh, and feels even her energy somewhat start to flag. The burn feels good, especially in her arm and legs. But she's still human right now, and needs a second.

Right when there's a knock. A drowsy voice, a familiar one.

One brow squints. "...Couldn't be. BORIS! DOOR!"

With a wuff, the husky-familiar teeth-opens the door to admit a single Takashi. A cold breeze runs through the apartment, and Hannah shivers despite herself. "Get in here! It's cold! ...That you Ta-kun? Yeesh, at least text! Let me at least throw on some perfume or something!"

She grumbles, walks to the bathroom, and spritzes herself a few times. Then she's back towards the couch. One hand has her leaning on it. She didn't even bother putting on the cyborg arm.

"You sound like you need coffee. Want me to put on a pot?"
Takashi Agera 2017-01-05 02:08:30 66111
Takashi looks at Boris, and then into the apartment, before he answers. "Look, you spend your days sleeping to hide from the oppressive Peruvian sun, and Tokyo's cold starts to feel really good." He steps inside, looking... a bit chastized? "Sorry, I should've warned you. But it was kinda... spur of the moment, maybe even a little bit panic." He admits. "Didn't think anyone else would 'get' it."

He nods as he walks in, finally. "A little coffee would be nice. We're usually asleep about this time." He begins looking around Hannah's immaculate apartment, almost unsure of where to sit, and settles for leaning down to pet Boris, instead. "Keeping her in the right amount of trouble, Boris-san?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-05 02:18:55 66116
Boris laughs. It's partly a woof-laugh, but the Familiar is all doggie grins! Takashi is even spared a face-lick! As the young man is led into the apartment? He makes pawing motions. Oh yes. There are paws and belly-scritches demanded as tribute, Takashi Agera. But you're safe for now!

"So Black Kitten is visiting! Da, is good! White Kitten was worried."

Hannah sighs. "Was it that obvious? Welcome back to a not sweltering sun, Ta-kun."

She becomes a bit less casual when he mentions 'panic' and 'getting it'. Her sightless gaze narrows in concern, then relaxes. She walks over to the sound of his voice, finds a shoulder, and then pretty much just shoves him vaguely towards the nice comfy couch.

"Sit down. Relax. You know where the bathroom is if you need a shower or a towel. Tv's all yours!" Right on a side table as always.

Boris woofs! "Da! White Kitten tried weaponizing Grief Cubes. Lots of burnt hair."

Hannah blushes. "It saved a barber's visit anyway." Huff.

Hannah has the coffee ready post-haste, and there's a cup offered to Takashi. She plops down on the couch, and smiles.

"Not that I don't like you visiting. Seriously, come over more. You're a friend." An arm around the poor guy if he'll allow it.

"But you seem like you just might need Big Sis Hannah-chan if you're here in a serious operation like that. Lemme guess. The cause has a bright shock of blue hair?"
Takashi Agera 2017-01-05 02:32:33 66125
Takashi tilts his head. "Black... kitten?" he asks, confused utterly and scritching Boris behind the ears before he looks to Hannah.

"I think the afforementioned bluenette would be upset if I made too much use of modern comforts." he jests. "What, a small condensed energy source of unknown provenance and Hannah Sharpe tried to weaponize it? I am shocked. Utterly." And there's Takashi's grin for the first time.

He takes the coffee in his hands and takes a drink of it. It's obvious from the look on his face this is more necessity than desire, when it comes to coffee. And then the Hannah arm isn't shrugged off.

"I'm not sure. We had a talk on New Year's eve. Guess it was New year's day, here time? That's not important." Takashi stops himself from rambling around the actual point. "Something she said stuck with me, though. Well, a few somethings." He leans back and sighs. "I don't understand how you and Gull-chan make it work so well."

There's a long period of staring into his coffee before he clarifies one point. "She said things - like that being with me made things harder than not. It made me wonder if I'm wasting my time, slowing myself and my goals down for her sake for something that's not going to happen."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-05 02:46:50 66132
Hannah's hands go up! She mouths to Ta-kun! 'Don't get it either, just roll with it!'. Boris just looks happy for all the scritches!

The young woman laughs, and shoots a wink. "Now there's the Takashi I know! Deep breath. You'll /both/ be good I think." Sure, she has her worries over the pair of Blue and Black, but part of her thinks they'll eventually mold into one coherent team. It's just going to take a bit.

Relaxing against him like a proper proto-family member, she considers the situation. Long silence, and she sighs. "Haruna and I work because of...well, we started off very different people, but then she shed that thin shell to be her real self. Basically we went through a lot of stuff together, and we forged a bond. Also I slipped a clause that said 'anything I did that she didn't like she could punch me for' into her employment contract. So basically we both fight out our problems physically, get exhausted, and then work out the emotional stuff directly and honestly."

A rub of her vaguely sweaty hair. She's kind enough to lean away towards a towel to do it. "And, now, I don't know Miss Blue Princess /too/ well, but I can guess a few things from that statement. She's probably emotionally delicate...maybe even socially awkard. Wallflower type. I'm not good with those, so grain of salt here. But I think that you're looking too short term. You're both stupidly smart. You both seem to have drive, though it's probably in different things. Yet I think you're both lacking the 'bridge' that you two need. Something that you both are equally interested in...or maybe just something you emotionally believe in that can connect you two as people. I got lucky this time on the dating round, Ta-kun. Gull wasn't the first. I've had a crash and burn or three. So what I'm saying is, examine yourself honestly, examine her honestly, and come to her openly. You two, I think, need to know what that raw connection is that attracts you both in the first place." Arm lifts, she turns around, and then she reaches to poke Takashi's nose!

"And only Takashi and Ami can answer that. Sorry. No easy answers here, my friend."
Takashi Agera 2017-01-05 02:55:05 66136
Takashi listens - actually listens - to what Hannah says before he speaks. Listens to all of it. "I don't think the punching clause would work for us. Primarily because we don't have one and she's not above doing it occasionally, anyways." Takashi rubs his shoulder a bit subconsciously.

"Apparently I'm not too good at them either. Wallflower types. She's not anything like Madoka-chan - and believe me in like almost every case that's a good thing. But it doesn't really... feel like she wants to be close, and that's hard. It feels like a rejection. I don't do well with rejection." he admits.

"I'm putting a lot of things on hold for her. Slowing a lot of things down. Being careful with her friends. Not punching Mamoru.

He leans back a bit. "I think... I'm worried it's going to turn out to be a waste, because of some of the things she said. I mean. She's outright told me she's not in it for me now, but for some me she thinks I could be. That seems wrong, in a way, doesn't it?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-05 03:06:52 66142
Tsk tsk tsk. "Should've wrote one into the girlfriend contract~" Teases Hannah lightly, only to swat the poor guy on the back. Whump! She means to sting, not actually hurt him. Friendship swat, and to show she's mostly kidding.

"Who does, Takashi? Answer! Nobody. My previous girlfriend is lucky I don't know her current apartment number or it'd be smoking rubble right now. Word of advice. Lost a strong ex, change apartment. Good plan." Wink! Cough. "Anyway. That's a big problem I think. She wants to turn you into her ideal. I like to think I know a thing about you, Ta-kun. You won't be anybody else's ideal but your own. You might shoot for the proverbial stars, crash land in a nuclear explosion devouring a small country, but eh, you'll do well even at rock bottom. And then you'll claw right back up to greatness! Why do you think I consider you part of the family?" A smug grin.

"Listen. That's partially wrong. She wants to help you improve in her own way, and that's good, but she isn't compromising. She needs to compromise too. She needs to love your flaws...yeah, you have them, shut up!...just as much as the potential she sees. Guess what. Tables need to be turned too. You two need to love each other's flaws, each other's greatness, and need to come to some kind of /compromise/ on both. It. Will. Hurt. Takashi. Both of you. Hard. If you both manage to recognize that fact, recognize the pain, and then /confide/ honestly in each other that very pain?"

A thumbs up. "I think you two will be an amazing couple. You're way too different, need to make a common mold together. It won't be easy, but get over yourselves, and you both might just make it."
Takashi Agera 2017-01-05 03:26:31 66150
Takashi slaps Hannah back - another friendly swat - but hers still hit home more. After all, he's not putting any of his cheating into it.

"Oh, believe me, if anything happens I'm going to have to swap houses or something, not to mention move a lot of Doors. I haven't taken her through any, but I wouldn't put her intelligence to notice where I've come from or anything down." He grumps a bit at the idea. "I guess you're right, though - worst case scenario I can put myself back together. I do have a timetable measured in years."

"I hope you're right. I don't think she sees my greatness, though. I think she sees a project, a problem to be fixed, something she can resolve. I don't think she wants to see me on top of the world, and that's... probably something we'll have to talk about. Once we get back here." Then he pauses. "Oh. I found some stuff and there's too much of it to scan myself for useful info. I'll probably have to foist it off on a couple people. You willing to go over some Eclipse documents older than either of us? Who knows what might be in there. This is back when Dark Energy was cutting edge unknown stuff."

"We'll be back this weekend."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-05 03:42:12 66154
Swat! Hannah chuckles. Takashi definitely has the edge on science and smarts! But Hannah can at least lay claim to a good back and stubborn demeanor!

"Not underestimating your girlfriend. Good! That's a first step. Hey, you two might just make it!" Smug wink.

She then deflates a bit. Hannah nods. It's the nod of someone listening. Her ruffle to Takashi's hair is rather gentle for her. She might even be trying to be considerate.

"Yeah, that seems to be the rub Ta-kun. You want to be at the top. Utterly. Me too." Squint. "Can't wait 'til we push and shove for that position. Best man-or-woman win." It's good natured, the inevitable draw, and no regrets for it. Just what must be done.

"For now though, you need to make that clear. And she needs to make her objective clear. No dancing around. No half truths. Takashi, honesty doesn't suit you, but you need to be without reservation. And she needs to do the same. She's probably just like you. So if it makes you feel any better, I'll bet you two are going on weird parralels of thought right now." She can't laugh. Hannah just looks worried.

"So what I'm getting at, is you both need to stop dancing around each other, drop the pretenses, and get down to brass tacks. Otherwise you're both finished. Do that, you'll both painfully come out as an unbreakable piece of iron of a couple. Fail, you'll both be each other's greatest regrets." A deep sigh. "Or maybe I'm reading the situation wrong. But that's what I think Ta-kun."

Pause. "Dark Energy research history lesson? Did the heat break your brain or something? Fill me up! I'll start organizing. Better be. I missed you...heck, I missed the Bluebie too." Shrug. A shove.

"Now get going. She's probably missing you and too proud to admit it."
Takashi Agera 2017-01-05 03:52:21 66160
Takashi finishes the coffee, and is stuck in deep thought. The first response is the least serious. "Well, if I have to shove you off the top of the cliff I might have some sort of net for you when you hit the ground. That's more than I can say for anyone else." he adds with a wink.

"Well, I don't know if you're right or wrong - but I came here for your advice, and that's what I got, so thank you very much. I know you and Gull aren't much like us, but you're the closest thing I've got. I tried doing what all HER freinds were doing and she slapped me so I figured I'd better look elsewhere." He is still smiling about that, though. He clearly doesn't carry too much regret.

"When it comes to the actual fun stuff, the research? I think I'll have enough for you, me, Lacrima, and Ami all to work through. I don't expect her to spend much time on it till after her exams. For a genius she worries a lot about them."

"I hope not. The point of sneaking out when I was nearly asleep is that she wouldn't notice I was gone." he adds, and then gets up and hugs Hannah before heading for the door. "One way or the other though, thank you. Not many people I can show up at their door this late without one of us trying to punch the other."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-05 04:01:35 66164
There's a single hand gesture. Devil horns in hand, Hannah nods. "What a gentleman! Should I give you a top hat to go with it?" Wink. "Yeah, yeah, won't be a net, but I'll make sure your body is conveniently unidentifiable and there's this weird gust of wind surely explained by the local new channel." Smirk. May the best person win indeed!

Shrug. "They're good friends, don't forget, but they're /GOOD/ friends. Biased. So you're wrong no matter what, hate to say it Ta-kun. Don't think too hard about it."

Hands clap. "Sounds like her! Worry wart and all. Load me up, I'll do my share, and then some! Don't you think WPS is inferior or anything!" Fleeeex. No, this isn't computing power or even brain power. But dangit Hannah wants to make a statement out of that recently maligned pride! Multiple poses later, Boris trips her back on the couch with a vague 'Aaaaah!'.

She peers. "Fuzzy jerk!"

Cough. A shove to his back. "Get back to her. If you get caught, I'll punch you exra when you're officially back. You're friend and family Ta-kun. Even if I end up rock bottom?" A smile.

"Whatever I consider a door is always open. Now go away so I can get a shower, huh? You need sleep." A light ribbing, and then she's off to the bathroom.