Of Candy and Fire

Zoisite explains to Nephrite why Mamoru is very grounded. Also Italy.

Date: 2017-01-07
Pose Count: 12
Nephrite 2017-01-08 00:04:50 66435
What Nephrite knows is this: it was New Year's Day. An after-party not-party. A bunny on his shoulder. A prince vanishing into Jadeite's study for a private chat with Lacrima. Followed by Something. A big enough something for Zoisite to appear out of hiding, for Kunzite to abruptly follow them in. And then nothing, for the rest of the day. Nothing since then either, other than loaded glances and heavy silences.

If there is one thing Nephrite cannot abide, it's heavy silences. And there are only so many hours of the day that he can fill it with the Ninja Turtles soundtrack.

But if there is one person in the apartment who knows the secrets of unspoken words, it's the blond currently lounging on one of the couches. When Nephrite finds him, he leans against the doorframe, arms crossed. "So. Exactly how mad are we at our liege right now, and what did he do this time?"
Zoisite 2017-01-08 00:10:00 66438
"He let Lacrima use him as a 'food' source and had me watch. I don't know how pissed you want to be about that, but I'm pretty pissed." Playing babysitter to an energy-vampire that wasn't Kunzite had him very annoyed- enough that he was making himself scarce, pointedly, anytime Mamoru showed up.

The only reason he had stayed to oversee the debacle was because it was a slightly better option than letting Lacrima feed off of his prince unchecked. "I imagine Kunzite is also upset." Though Kunzite was somewhat more likely to say that outright than Zoisite was. Honestly, Zoisite is tempted to go to Italy for a while, try and find where he was originally from. He isn't saying anything on the matter yet, but... it's a definite Thought in his head.
Nephrite 2017-01-08 00:26:08 66442
Nephrite's mouth goes from "oh" to "ohhhhhh" as Zoisite speaks. And then he brings both his hands up to his face. "He did not. Wait, what am I saying? Of course he did." He does not insult Zoi by asking a question so silly as "why didn't you stop him?" Because they both know stopping Mamoru from doing what he wants is more or less futile. For them, anyway. Kunzite is more likely to have better results. Better to be part of his plans than risk him doing it in secret. Better to be there to catch him if he falls.

Kunzite could not have been happy about this at all either, though angry is not the word Neph would use to describe him recently.

He drops his hands with a sigh, leaving them swinging at his sides. "So he's definitely grounded, then." His dark eyes scrutinize the blond. "That couldn't have been an easy thing to sit by and watch happen."
Zoisite 2017-01-08 00:32:51 66445
"Grounded enough that I'm considering going to Italy for a little while," Zoisite mutters, spinning a bit of hair around his finger. "Since our esteemed, wise prince seems to think that's where I'm originally from." The sarcasm in his tone is practically a physical thing, sitting next to him and taking up space on the couch. While there's a small internal wince at mentioning this to Nephrite, he pre-empts the first problem with it almost at once.

"And I'm not getting you another suit while I'm over there, unless you go there to get it tailored."
Nephrite 2017-01-08 00:42:34 66448
Nephrite kicks off the wall and crosses the room. Thank goodness this living room is arranged with a crowd in mind; he doesn't have to share the couch with the Sarcasm. He plops down on the other one.

The question is already on the tip of his tongue before Zoi shoots it down. "Dammit. I know, the tailoring thing. Just--they're good suits, okay?" He sits back, huffing. "Italy, huh? It couldn't hurt, right?" His own jar of history rises, unbidden, in his mind, and he winces. "I mean there are worse places to go and clear your head. Worst case scenario, you eat a lot of gelato."
Zoisite 2017-01-08 00:54:37 66452
Zoisite nods. "Ironically, it was our prince, in all his infinite wisdom, who pointed out I'm probably Italian." The Sarcasm is alive and well on the couch with Zoi, thank you very much. Zoisite nods. "And there is a bit of Italy bordering France. I'll probably go to Milan before Rome." Zoi smiles vaguely at Nephrite, knowing very well that he blocked Neph's question before he could even ask. He's a jerk like that, especially when pissy.

"Worst case is that I find out who I'm related to and it brings up traumatic memories while nobody is there to help me deal with it, but..." Zoisite is not that fragile. As if to back that statement, his eyes gain a hard, flinty look. "I mean, I already have suspicions about that kind of thing from the way I act now, so I at least won't be surprised by it if that's the case."
Nephrite 2017-01-08 01:09:02 66457
Nephrite snorts. "That's just part of the package deal. He'll drive you crazy, but he'll also try to give you everything you could ever need."

His smile doesn't fade entirely at Zoisite's comment. They are both entirely too much alike when it comes to making a joke when they would rather scream. But he lifts his foot across the gap between them and baps Zoisite's with his toe. "That's not gonna happen. You call us, right? With a phone or just a whole bunch of internal screaming. I can be there, or Jade. You're going to another country, not another planet."
Zoisite 2017-01-08 01:13:15 66458
Zoisite swats at Nephrite's leg in a vauge way, grumbling. "Yeah, I'll call," he mutters. Though the odds of anyone getting there before there's an accidental fire are... well... low. "Either that or I'll just come back early."

Of course Zoisite and Nephrite share that- covering the urge to scream with humor. "Odds are good I'll just be surrounded by beautiful people and architecture and ancient history and not find anything, though."
Nephrite 2017-01-08 01:24:44 66462
"There are worse things." Nephrite smirks. "You could discover that you once got drunk and created a youma that eats memories, and then left that youma to wander across the Canadian tundra. For example."

Probably there are worse things than that too. But beautiful people and architecture sounds nicer. "If you won't visit Brioni for me, at least pick me up some of those Rossana candies when you go?"
Zoisite 2017-01-08 01:32:35 66466
Zoisite snorts. "True. Though I make no promises about potentially poor life choices while I'm there." Because honestly, given what he can infer from the way he acts, they are the sort that might make him lose his temper, potentially very poorly.

"Of course. I'm bringing everyone candies, aside from our Prince of Infinite Intelligence. I'll reconsider that if he apologizes, but." But. It'll take a serious apology for that, and part of the idea of going to Italy is Zoisite giving himself time to cool down in temper.
Nephrite 2017-01-08 01:50:35 66471
"Hey, if you film it then you can turn almost anything from a poor life choice to a work of art." Also Nephrite wants all the dirt. Especially if fire is involved.

Nephrite snickers. "Poor grounded princeling. No candies for him." He sits back, leaning his chin on his hand. "Let me know when you're going, huh? I can probably land you a seat in business class. And I know this sweet hotel, it's just down the street from Brioni..."
Zoisite 2017-01-08 01:52:53 66473
Zoisite snort-laughs at Nephrite's comment about poor grounded princelings. "I'll probably be heading out in the next couple days- if nothing else, I can blow off steam that way. Thanks for the offer." And yes, he will take Nephrite up on that, mostly because cattle-class is not his style, at all, ever. God only knows he'd get sat next to a crying baby.

"Well, if I find them and there's fire, you'll be the first to see it."