Workout time at Seishou!

With Infinity's gym trashed, Hannah and friends have P.E. at Seishou! A new friend is made in the form of one Rurako Doji.

Date: 2015-05-27
Pose Count: 13
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 14:06:43 823
It's a strange feeling, using another school's facilities, nevermind going to one of their classes. Ever since the incident with the 'structural integrity' issues of Infinity's gym, various schools have seen an influx of the charter school's students. Today, there's five additional classmates for Seishou, three girls and one boy. Dressed in Infinity's P.E. uniform, Hannah arrives just a bit late, the tall student being led around by the combination of a very large siberian husky and a scrawny, almost sickly looking brunette.

With little choice in the matter as familiar and best friend tug her along, there's a few brief explainations and slips given to the teacher. The Brunette, Ao, coughs a bit and wheezes unhealthily, earning a squeeze of the shoulder from her friend and various looks from non-Infinity students. Handing her Boris' reins, the dog leads Ao over to the bleachers to sit, the dog curling up protectively around the girl's feet.

Hannah, for her part, is at least physically fit. When the teacher calls for initial push-ups, she goes into her set effortlessly!

And isn't afraid to talk while doing so.

"My, my! This teacher is so much...mmph!...nicer than Infinity's!" She comments at random to those near her. From her height, and well-trained muscles, she might come off as the fitness type, perhaps much to some student's annoyance.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-27 14:11:46 824
First pushups, then crunches, and finaly a few laps around the Gym. Having not said a word, even to her own classmates, much less the newcommers, Rurako Doji keeps the quiet stoic demeanor she is known for. taking a jog at first, she begins to jog faster, until she is in a controled sprint for head of the class, because, what's the point of doing anything if you don't aim to do well at it?
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 14:24:12 825
Hannah, never one to do anything less than her best, is right next to Rurako! At least at the start. Between being unfamiliar with the track and nearly bumping into a few students from it (saved thanks to a few yells from Ao!) and not exactly being the fastest in the world, Rurako overtakes her quickly. She ends up fifth in the run, though hardly seems to break a sweat. This girl is more your endurance runner than made for speed.

One of Infinity High's other students very nearly meets her however! Falling just a leg behind, the young man huffs and puffs in exhaustion as Hannah walks up to pat him on the back.

"Not bad, Kentaro-kun! You were so close!"

Then, with some help from her mental link with Boris, she'll make her way over to Rurako.

"Are you in the track club, perhaps? Not many give Kentaro a match, much less beat him." Hannah sounds impressed.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-27 14:27:36 826
Rurako Doji turns to face the blind girl and pushes her glasses up further onto her nose. "No, Kendo club." She says and offers a hand. "Seishou Kendo Taicho, Doji Rurako." AShe says with a crisp introduction. "It's good to work on one's endurance, especiallly since our rivals will find any hole in our defense." She says, granted, her current Kendo team is lacking, but as the new captain, she plans on changing that, and giving the other schools a run for their money.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 14:40:36 827
The hand, of course, goes unnoticed at first. Hannah's smile is warm and friendly, voice even and serene.

"Ah! What a vibrant sport! Doji-san, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Oh my...I have not been keeping up too much with kendo recently, but has Seishou not had a..." How to put this politely?

"Run of bad luck?" Smile! After a moment though, Ao's voice pipes up.

"Hannah! Think like back home!"

Hannah starts a bit, and gently finds Rurako's hand to shake. A little fumbling at first, then a nice firm grip.

"Hannah Sharpe, President of Infinity High's Kickboxing Club! Mmm, well, I can say that a certain level of defense is always necessary. I am not certain how well it translates to kendo, but I find having a knowledge of the opponent beforehand or simply having studied a number of styles helps." Then she shrugs.

"I tend towards the offensive, however, so I may be blowing air out of my nose." She ends slightly apologetically. The coach whistles, and then it's post-run stretches!

"Still, you sound like you have spirit enough. Confidence, a bit of brazen youthful invicibility, and /practice/ are key to any sport like ours. The trick is keeping everyone else motivated."
Rurako Doji 2015-05-27 14:49:52 828
"Our last captain was... lacking, so I took the spot from him." Rurako states in an almost deadpan voice, the norm for her, and she probably became captain at the end of a Kendo stick. She begins her streaches once the whistle is blown. "All martial arts have their roots in basic combat, the greatest division between them is on how combat is deployed, Kenjutsu, or Kendo, is the art of fencing with a katana, while iaijutsu is the art of quickly dispatching a foe with a Katana. Unamred combat styles rely more or body finess and conditioning then a tool, but the mental state and philosophy is the same, unless you go into Ninjitsu, but that is a whole other realm, and not very sportsman like." She states, still in that dead pan voice, her breathing never changing as she streaches, PE for her is just a formality, one more semester of this and then she gets to use her Kendo club credits instead. "I wouldent call it Brazen, determination is more of the word I would use, Sharpe-san."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 15:03:33 829
Hannah can't help but be a bit entranced, here, at Rurako's depth of knowledge on the subject. Is that a slight blush and a goofy grin? Ao, up in the stands, does a lovely facepalm at her best friend.

"I think the last club we need is a ninjutsu club! Then we would all be missing our lunch money, financial reports, and getting shoved into lockers." Comes the woman with a laugh.

"But you have a point. If you ever need to brush up on fighting without a big stick in your hands..." A wink and a giddy little chuckle. Hands go behind her back, and she stretches, looking slightly cat-like.

Then she's sitting down in the bleachers after stretches are done.

"I guess there is a thin line between the two. Still, I wish you luck in reforming your club. Do what I did if you do not have one already: find the tech-savvy one in your club and get a website. Oh, and social media. Does wonders for attendance and making sure your members are not slacking off."

"What is Seishou like, Rurako-san?"
Rurako Doji 2015-05-27 15:12:58 830
Rurako Doji remains standing and places her hands on her hips as she gives a glance over the Gym, making sure none of the underclassmen are getting bullied. "That... is actualy a common misconception, Ninjas were a result of tyrancy, since they were not allowed to be formaly trained in the ways of bushido, the shogunates first mistake, the opressed did whatt they good for freedom. At least, those in the iga prefecture had that motive, not the true art of ninjitsu is foiled with inaccuracies and things akin to rogues and pirates." She says with a frown. "Such history lost." She adds as she looks to Hannah. "It's like any school, there are cliques, and clubs, and we go to class, and things like that. It's a good mix of people, from the high class to the low class, from the well mannered pupil to the thuggish bullie, and everything in between."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 15:26:02 831
Cue Hannah learning something! "R...really? I always thought they were assassins!"

Legs crossed, she smiles. "You really know a lot about swordsmanship and its history. I admit, I am impressed. Though keep talking like that, and people will think you are the reincarnation of some great warrior from the past! Rurako Musashi-chan~" Teases Hannah, reaching over to poke Rurako on the side of the head. Ao and Boris soon walk-slash-pad over. Boris pointedly sits himself in front of Rurako, tail wagging. Woof!

"Boris! Do not be demanding." Chides Hannah, before there's an arm around her neck. Oomph! The two best friends give a one armed hug.

"Such just like any school! It sounds lively. Well, Infinity is short on the delinquents...erm, minus my club members...but I suppose that is the way of a charter school. The rest is pretty much the same though!" Pause.

"...Though the lack of a gps audio map here makes things diffi...ack!" Ao starts to give her taller friend a noogie.

"Don't brag, Hannah-chan! Ignore her, she gets /too/ full of school pride sometimes. Karina Ao, nice to meet you, Rurako-san was it? And that lump of fur over there's Boris." Wag wag wag.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-27 15:36:23 832
Rurako Doji catches the poking finger between two of her's "Not without my permission Sharpe-san, and please, Doji-san will do." She says, polite as you please, but respecting formalities. Though she does give Boris a pat on the head. Looking at the other two she tilts her head. "Besides..." She stops when a huge upperclassman walks over. "Oi, Doji, why you talkin to the enemy." He intones, and Rurako turns. "Well, it looks like you left your manners at home today, Big Mouth-sempai, what's the matter, decide to skip picking on a freashman and come right to the beating?" She asks, and those that can see it, the light shines off her glasses perfectly to give her an ominous look. "I'd walk away, before you get hurt." She says as the upperclassman grunts and walks away, before Rurako turns to the group again. "Gomen and pardons, I can't abide such disprespect twoards our school's guests, and I do hope that the feeling is mutual, were I at you school, ne?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 16:03:06 837
Hannah blushes a little as her finger is caught! "Ah...forgive me, I can get a little too friendly sometimes! Still getting used to Japan." Whack! There's a bag swatted at the girl from Ao. Ao frowns at her, as useless as it is!

Boris just rolls his doggy eyes, and then woofs happily at being petted.

And then, a bully. Hannah stands up, keeping between the sound of the big upperclassman's voice and Ao. Boris, for his part, starts to growl angrily.

Hannah gives a swift nod as Rurako manages to ward him off. There's a grin on Hannah's face.

"It is alright. Any school gets those types." A shrug. Even Infinity has one or two, though tey're less pronounced.

Then she throws a jab at the air. "Anyone who disturbs the peace of Infinity has to deal with me and the kickboxing club! No two-bit delinquents can beat us, we have /REAL/ delinquents!" She's far too proud of that than she has any right to be.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-27 16:06:57 838
Rurako Doji gives a nod. "Ah, while that might discourage some, nothing is more discouraging then a bamboo lathed stick against someone." She says, and then the bell rings and she clears her throat. "Ah, I have history next, it was nice meeting you Sharpe-san, Ao-san, Boris-kun. Sharpe-san, should you wish, here is my cell phone number." She says as she gives a slight bow after giving said number to Hannah and turns to take her way to the changing room.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-27 16:14:51 840
Hannah returns with her own number on a card! Always be prepared! Ao and Hannah give waves as she heads off!

"Take care, Rurako-san! It was nice meeting you!" Comes Hannah, chorused by Ao. Boris comes in with a woof woof for the tenor!

Taking her elbow, Hannah is led off by Ao! Time to get changed and head back to Infinity!