Flowers in the Winter

Haruka and Hope talk about New Year's Eve.

Date: 2017-01-09
Pose Count: 11
Hope Kanata 2017-01-09 03:57:10 66655
Prince Hope Kanata has had time for things to process since New Years. He let things go because, Sakura needed help. And that was more important than 'being super embarassed'. It did, however, hit him MUCH later that night what Sakura said- which caused him to become a flustered mess and the two mascots said he looked like a beetroot! A /beet!/.

Still. He lets it sit for a week. A week later, it's still kind of making him wonder. What exactly /did/ Haruka tell Sakura?

He could ask Sakura. But to get the facts- well. He's gonna need to ask Haruka.

Thusly. Haruka has been texted asking if she would like to go out to the Botanical Gardens in downtown. He knows there is no flowers, but maybe Haruka can show him where certain ones will be when the spring comes- he laments. Besides. Sleeping flowers are still pretty, in thier own ways. Right?

He is waiting at the front of the gate, silently and politely. He smiles at the passing people and couples who have the same ideas. Even in the winter, this place seems to be a happy place.
Haruka Haruno 2017-01-09 04:01:44 66658
Haruka Haruno is bundled pretty well, for it being winter. She's not doing an imitation of Ami come back from South America, but she has a scarf, sweater, and gloves. The Princess Cure has also been avoiding discussing what Sakura mentioned to Kanata, and she turns red as she approaches the gardens, glad of her scarf to hide her face behind.

"Hello, Kanata-kun," she says. Contrary to Kanata's expectation of the gardens, there are a few winter-blooming varieties in evidence here, but not as many. They're nowhere near as spectacular as flowers that blossom any other time of year, but still present for people to enjoy.
Hope Kanata 2017-01-09 04:15:12 66665
Hope Kanata gets it's probably more embarassing for Haruka. This is why he's generally being careful about it- and taking her to a comfortable place- which is also flower filled. He smiles. "Hello Haruka-chan." he says softly. "This has been a better start to the new year, than the last one." he smiles.

It's truth. But he could also have moved to 'Hot Fire Death Volcano World' and it'd had been better than the crrent state of the Hope Kingdom. That's kind of a sad thing to think about so he doesn't anymore.

He walks through the gate and makes sure Haruka is beside him with a smile.

He looks forward. "Oh! There's some flowers in the winter here?" he asks.

"This planet is amazing sometimes." he says softly.

He says. "I understand there's a... school thing? Happening? That everyone is worried about?..." Exams. "Are you ready, too?" he asks with a smile.
Haruka Haruno 2017-01-09 04:21:01 66668
Haruka Haruno nods a little, walking through the gate and brushing flowers off. She is revealing small, hardy, winter blossoms, easy to miss in the snow.

"...Yes. I've been studying a good bit, and... honestly, these exams aren't nearly as difficult as the scholarship exams I took to get into Verone in the first place." Not that she's not worried, just... okay she's worried, but not as much as some students might be. "And yes, there are flowers that blossom in winter! They're not big or showy, but they exist."
Hope Kanata 2017-01-09 04:30:48 66671
Hope Kanata looks at the blossoms hat Haruka is brushing the snow off of. He does watch with genuine intrest. Maybe the Hope Kingdom doesn't have winter flowers? Or maybe just not where he's lived and been. He most likely has just never seen them because there was none in the Castle Garden and the snow covers everything else.

That is more likely for sure.

He gives a soft nod. "I wanted to. Talk to you. About New Years Eve." he says softly.

"Thank you for. Helping Sakura-chan." he says with a smile. "That wasn't an easy situation to handle, considering... what she was sad about." he says. "It does take, the tact and grace- of a princess to handle such things like you did." he smiles, perhaps a little proudly even.

"Even if my feet don't agree with that statement." he does offer a playful smile.
Haruka Haruno 2017-01-09 04:35:48 66673
Haruka Haruno turns bright red and shakes her head a little. "She was-- sad. And I have a little sister back home-- all I could think of was what would I want someone to be saying to Momoka in this situation?"

Though mentioning New Year's Eve gets her focusing hard on the flowers for another reason entirely. "But... some of the other stuff Sakura-chan was saying was... she's ten. I mean, that's not much younger than me, but she definitely goes on... uh... tangents sometimes, it seems like. And... really, what she said is what fairytale princes and princesses do, so I can't... blame her."

Except that she really is a fairytale princess if Sakura is asking about that, isn't she. Oh god in heaven.
Hope Kanata 2017-01-09 04:50:08 66675
Hope Kanata nods a bit. "Still. I don't think I'd not handle it aswell. Given. I do not even know, if my own parents are alive, or dead." he offers softly. "It is my hope they are just in... cages like everyone else. As much as it pains me. But the other option. Is. Well. Much worse. We.. you. Can save them. In that state. Not so much. The other." he says.

Haruka seems to immediatly catch onto what Kanata wants to talk about. The immediate deflection makes this more suspicious to him. It's not that. He doesn't belive what she's saying. But.... he... doesn't belive. What she's saying. It's really hard to understand this, but it's the truth.

"Ah. So that is what you talked to her about? Fairy tale princes and princesses?" she asks softly. "We're you.. reading your book to her?" he asks softly. Haruka's favorite book, afterall.

"I can see how she might be confused then." he says softly.

Yes, even if he doesn't belive it, he isn't so cruel as to call her out on it. This does mean he'll probably never know what she actually spoke to Sakura about. Going under her nose and asking Sakura now would just be...

Well it'd be being a jerk! That's what Pafu would call him. A royal jerk.

A warm smile. "Mamoru-san seems to really like roses." he says. "I'd never seen so many in one place that night." he says.
Haruka Haruno 2017-01-09 04:54:18 66676
Haruka shakes her head vigorously. "I just told her I like you!! She met me while I was transformed, and heard I was a princess, and that you were a prince, and ran with it!" It's... well... It's the truth.

"Yeah, I noticed that, too..." She's not sure what that's about, but she's not going to ask. "And... I think it was the power of his dream, mixed with that of the people with and around him that... made the Rose key show up there. I got... basically run over by an impression of that," she says.

"...It might explain why I have a cape, too."
Hope Kanata 2017-01-09 04:58:28 66679
Hope Kanata nods. "I was wondering about that." he says. "Why one of the keys would appear there. It makes sense, if there's countless others there visiting all the time." he says. "It makes me wonder if we should seek similar places." he says. "But surely, it can't be that easy."

He grins. "I'm going to admit. I am kind of jealous you get a cape and I don't." he says. "And I'm a Prince. You'd think it comes with the title." he says innocently.
Haruka Haruno 2017-01-09 05:00:43 66680
Haruka Haruno shrugs again, smiling back. "You would think, but I guess you'd be wrong. I think I just got it because Mamoru-san and his people do."

"...But yeah... I've been there before and the Key never showed up, and then I dream about the place for a while and it does? It can't just be that... predictable, or I'd have Keys falling out of my eardrums."
Hope Kanata 2017-01-09 05:16:31 66686
Hope Kanata smiles. "Still." he says. "I'm glad you've met people in your ordeals." he says. "Who have been kind and helpful."

"It's hard. To do this alone." he says. "Very hard. Very trying." he says.

"But don't worry. We'll find the other Precure soon, too eventually." he says softly. "I know. 'Other' Precure exist and---"

"It's rude of me to think of them as 'others'." she says. "But.. I am lacking a better term right now. But. It isn't thier destiny to save the Hope Kingdom. And defeat DysDark." he says softly. "It's the destiny of the Grand Princesses.".

"I'm very happy you think---no. I'm very glad you are a Princess right now. Because. That's just one step closer. To Becoming the Grand Princess." he says as encouringly as he can.