Nanami and Alcyone meet Hannah! Hannah mistakes them for a mage and familiar. AND THEN A ZOMBIE ATTACKED, no really.

Date: 2017-01-10
Pose Count: 14
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 20:03:08 66895
It's taken a bit of doing, and Nanami's more tired than when she started. One thing Kyouko didn't warn her about was all. those. steps. "Dear god," Nanami grumbles in English, fairly sprawling over the bench. Alcyone wags her tail loosely, headbutting Nanami's hand with affection evident. "You're the one making sure I don't crack my skull on the way down, Alsie, I don't see why you're so excited for it."

Alcyone's expression changes slightly, forehead developing a wrinkle and her chin dropping a bit. "...More walking is... good," she says after a long pause. "Good for you." The words are said haltingly, as she puts together the thought with great effort. "I'll... think more, and you walk more." Nanami makes a rude, dismissive sound, but it's so in line with what her physical therapist was telling her that the protest is more of a token than anything.

"I know, Alcyone, I know, I just... I'm tired, and those stairs didn't help."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 20:18:45 66896
~Five Minutes Ago~

An alleyway, an emerald barrier, and the Mage falls flat on his back. A figure kneels and clutches something round. Another flash.

"Bah. This guy's nothing special after all. What a pain." It gets dropped, reabsorbed into the young man's chest. A snap of the fingers, and then Miss White has ducked out into the crowds. The search, thus far, has been fruitless. So spying the Shrine, she shrugs. Hannah's technically Catholic, but it couldn't hurt, right?

Her cane taps away as Hannah whistles all the way up the stairs. For now her body cooperates, and it's no such a strain as it could be. She's still a very fit young woman. And stubborn. Walking right past the bench, she doesn't notice the pair of dog and woman. No, not yet.

"Oiiiiii! Miko-chan!? Where's the prayer area...thing?" She calls out, pausing right in the middle of the grounds. She straightens her suit. Clearly not used to Shinto Shrines.

Nor does she seem to realize the Miko isn't about, given she's not relying on Raging Tempest right now.
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 20:22:49 66897
Nanami looks at Alcyone, and the pair almost don't need to say anything to each other about the shared thought that it's a bit sad that the obviously-blind woman doesn't have a guide dog. The cane seems to serve well enough, but... a cane can't cuddle. "I don't think she's in. Alcyone would have told me if she smelled anyone, anyway," Nanami calls from her bench. Alcyone's 'boof' is a disguised laugh- not only is it accurate, it's far too literal to not be funny, especially not for a dog who is Nanami's quite-literal match in many areas.

"Glad to see I'm not the only one who's, well, disabled, around here." Something about Hannah's appearance makes Nanami want to switch to English, but-- not yet.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 20:31:49 66898
Her head slumps a little, she lets out a sigh. "Aww, man, really? I swear, that's exactly what this entire day has been! Must've used up all my good karma." She tries to smile a bit, and offers a wave. Tappa tappa tappa, right over to the bench.

"Alcyone?" A pause, and then, Nanami clarifies. Hannah's laugh is a bit sympathetic. "Ohhh, I get it now. Eh, at least you're open about it. May I?" she asks, hands hovering towards the sound of dog! Oh yes, she really wants to pet. But at least she asks. She /knows/, after all.

"Kasagami White! Nice to meetcha kiddo! So what breed is she?" Her smile softens though at that woof-laugh! She knows a woof laugh, after so much time with Boris.

A hand goes to her pocket, and she pokes her Device. A breif, gentle scan will try to settle on the pair. It's entirely possible they might pick up on it!
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 20:35:24 66899
Alcyone picks up on the scan, sitting up and staring hard at Hannah. The name doesn't escape Nanami's notice, either. "I'm not sure... She's a Newfoundland, and program-trained. Do you own any cats or something? She's giving you a really funny look--" Nanami is cut off, a bit, startled by Alcyone more or less flopping her not-inconsiderable weight (and metal balance handle) against her legs.

"Most sighted people can tell straight off- Alcyone has a mobility handle on her harness, and my right leg just... isn't right." The pun would work in English, Nanami comforts herself. She's glancing sideways at Hannah, the small hairs on the back of her neck standing up. "Those stairs were absolute hell with the bad leg, too."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 20:56:00 66900
Hannah's still all smiles. But the news she's getting stared at seems to further confirm something. The magical girl's attention seems to slip just a bit away from Nanami herself. There's no movement of the head. But she's listening way too hard at that dog.

"Ahh, I'm sure she just smells Boris! He's my service dog too! Poor thing's at the vet though."

Pffft. Ok, that one gets a chuckle. "That's horrible. I like you kid."

A sigh. "I sure can imagine. I'm in good shape and that's no morning stroll, I'll tell you that. Hey, look at it this way, you're getting your exercise in right?"

Suddenly, she's stepping back. She pauses, and only once she's sure that she's alone? Her grin turns predator. "I wonder though...your little friend there. She's not normal, is she?"
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 20:59:20 66901
"Well, that explains that," Nanami says lightly. "She's probably just confused about why you don't have your guide dog with you, since she gets on pretty okay with other dogs. What's he in for?" There's no way Nanami would let someone split her from Alcyone now, especially not now.

"Yeah, my good leg can use all the strengthening it can get, since I was in a chair before I got set up with Alsie." The step back gets Nanami and Alcyone bristling, and the question makes them both tense. "She's a service dog. Of course they're not normal." But her hand is going in her pocket, for the Weird Marble, and Alcyone is standing and bracing herself for Nanami to lean against.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 21:08:18 66903
A shrug. "Poor thing caught a cold. Still not used to the cold here." Can...dogs even get colds?

Cloth rustling, sounds of an angry dog, hands going into a pocket...there's this strange sense of fighting herself for just a moment. Miss White's laugh turns just a bit more predatory. "Ohhh, no no no I don't think so. Well, why don't we find out, huh, kid?" A coin is flicked into the air. "Raging Tempest, Set-up!" Beneath her feet, a magical circle flares as the Mid-Childan mage fully steps into her power. The coin lands, caught, mutated into a shining golden brass knuckle with spikes that might just be a bit worrisome. With a snap of her fingers, the entire area is enveloped in an emerald barrier, the world going oddly silent and still. Trees and other things move, but it's as if they're oddly seperate from reality.

"Still standing? I knew you were a Mage too. Sorry, but it's your unlucky day. I've been having a bit of a problem lately. And you're going to help me solve it. So why don't you hold still. This won't even pinch!" Miss White starts stalking forward.
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 21:14:26 66904
A wall of water shoots up around Nanami and Alcyone, the duo stepping out utterly unscathed. "I wouldn't call what I am a mage," Nanami says, her voice as frigid as the water. "But if you're going to start a fight..."

"We're going to end it," Alcyone finishes. The duo take a heavy step, practically stomping on the ground, and rushing, frigid, salty water launches at Hannah. "Here's a question for you though- are you also called Miss White?"

Alcyone growls a little, hackles going up, and even Nanami seems to have pause for a moment, her blood running frigid. There's... sounds coming from behind Hannah, and a shambling, disturbing person walking at Hannah. Or possibly them, but Hannah's between them and the... ashen, ill-seeming, shambling whatever.

"Behind you!" Nanami says. Either Hannah gets distracted by the shambing Whatever zombie-person, or... well, Hannah takes them out, hopefully.

"Give... give me..." the man's voice is warped, full of deep sorrow and pain, and rasping as if he's been screaming and crying. "Give me... the other half... of your soul!"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 21:31:09 66907
Miss White takes a single step back as that wall of water rushes upwards! And there's no Device in her hands either. There's a beep. It's the equivalent of a magitech roll of the eyes. Hannah is definitely being called an idiot here!

At first, she doesn't speak as that burst of water lashes out! Miss White stands her ground in a perfect kickboxer's pose. A single round-kick impacts the water! And then a burst of emerald wind diverts the flow hard, sending it crashing through a part of the Shrine!

Thank goodness she put up a Barrier. Frown. Flap flap at her now very damp suit-leg.

"Oh /GOD/ kid that's cold! Did it /really/ have to be freezing water at this time of year!? ...Nice shot though. You've got potential."

"Yeah, that's me! Miss White, CEO of WitchHunt..."

A shambling attack from behind, and the crying, screeching thing meets a sudden green shield! "Mistress, please pay attention."

Then she's aiming to punch the thing in a nice right hook! She might just get it in, too! "I hate zombie mov..." She winds up for the second, and...she freezes. Suddenly, the young mahou falls to her knees, clutching her chest.
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 21:42:38 66908
Nanami's eyes go flinty. "I can't help it- apparently our powers are based around Alcyone being a Newfoundland. You know, from the northeast coast of Canada?" She lapses into English in her irritation. The zombie-movie reject continues shambling, grabbing for the fallen Mage. Nanami would be worried, but.

But her better nature is overridden by the fact that she was told not to trust this woman, and then nearly got attacked by her. "Give me your twin soul!!!" The words hit... not exactly a memory, but a nerve. Nanami has a moment to think that this must be what a tuning fork feels like.

"That's what we are!" Alcyone says with a start, looking at Nanami, then to Hannah and the zombie-dude. "I think... he must have been one."

Nanami nods, walking forward in a very set, measured way. Pools of water mark their trail, and the curious (and slightly insane) who might taste them would find them salty. Images run through Nanami's mind, images of being sandwiched between frigid sea and snow. "Twinsoul... Bracing!" It's not just Nanami who says it, Alcyone joining her handler's voice. Casually, Nanami walks up to Hannah and the Halfsouled, prying his hands off of her and putting them on Alcyone's harness-handle. There's an icy puddle there, too, and the water jets up sharply, though not with as much pressure as the wall of water did. It's still freaking cold, though.

The zombie collapses as the water surges upward, then vanishes entirely. Nanami takes a moment, and then glares at Hannah. "What's your problem, other than being an ass?" Nanami hopes Hannah understands English. It's so much more satisfying to be bitey and acerbic in English.

Alcyone steps away from Hannah, giving Nanami room in case Hannah tries anything stupid. They're both tired from that, but Nanami is willing to let Alcyone beat the crap out of Hannah with sheer weight if she has to.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 21:55:30 66910
By the end, Hannah's shield fades, and she's /drenched/! Also smoking just a bit. The pain in her chest resides, and she's shakily using the big dog to shove herself up. She's gasping, and her barrier jacket flickers for just a moment.

"Twin soul...huh? Yeesh. Never heard of you! Ah, don't give me that look, you friend there could've been mistaken for a Familiar by any magical girl off the street!" Complains Miss White in between gasps. Finally, she gets yanked off. Stumble.

Thankfully, her ENglish is still perfect. It's the language of the Sharpe household. "Eh, guilty as charged. And my problem you don't need to know about. I just need Mages, that's all. And you're not a mage. Sooo...grats kiddo, you're off the hook! Normally I'd love to fight you anyway, but let's just say my health hasn't been the greatest."

A frustrated, annoyed scowl. A snap of the fingers, and that barrier fades.
Nanami Hamakawa 2017-01-10 22:01:14 66911
"I ought to give you a nice flying lesson anyway," Nanami says, grip tightening on the handle in her left hand. Alcyone shakes her head a little.

"Let's... just go home, okay?" The dog's voice is pleading as she hangs her head. She brightens as Nanami heaves a sigh, reading the sigh for the signal it is. "And... if your Boris does have kennel cough, I hope he feels better. We can get colds. Kind of."

Nanami heads for the stairs, glaring over her shoulder. "If I catch you, you will get to learn what it feels like to slam into a fire hydrant and bust it open," Nanami promises, still in English, her voice a snarl. "And I won't just be around with Alcyone, either. She's named for one of the Pleadies, after all." It's not a lie, but the implication that there will be seven humans and seven dogs, all like Nanami and Alcyone, is untrue. While Nanami is okay with leaving, she's not planning on going home. She thinks she might want to talk to some people, even if it does mean more walking.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-10 22:05:36 66912
"You're welcome to come t...nnngh...damnit!"

She actually wobbles on her feet. But she does give the dog a nod. "Thanks fuzzy. He'll be fine. No way I'd let my best friend suffer, you know?" Her voice here is honestly warm.

But then she laughs. The young woman sounds oddly excited by the sudden threat. "Man, you've got guts Miss Twinsoul! ALRIGHT! You want to stop me, go for it! Just don't bite off more than you can chew!" She shouts back, grrrr'ing openly.

Then, she flops onto the bench.

"...This has really not been my day." Five minutes later, it starts raining.

"Not. My. Day."