Riventon's back. Lacrima has news for him: someone got into the server. Fate has news for him: she's back.

Date: 2017-01-11
Pose Count: 19
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 03:27:25 66968
It's the first Monday after Takashi returned to Tokyo from his little peruvian outing. After making an appearance at school, his next stop was to duck through a Door and return to the headquarters for UMBRA - while he'd left it in Lacrima's perhaps surprisingly capable hands, it was important for him to go there and see everything himself. And moreso than his empty-feeling house, the labs of UMBRA felt like home.

And Lacrima had said she had important things to go over with him. It was something in her voice that made him worry - while she was generally somewhat monotone sometimes he could pick up little inflections.
Lacrima 2017-01-11 03:42:57 66973
Lacrima has a deadpan, usually that hides emotion- but worry and anxiety are things that come /easy/ to her. They breed the things her body likes. Capable is a good word to describle 'flailing around for a tech's number before realizing you can pull the plug on a server'. She hoped that... Riventon-sama wasn't using that server for remote worksite related affairs.

Since, Riventon did not call immediatly after, she assumed not.

She'd wanted to wait, because- well. She was afraid of a tap at that point. Lacrima watched Red October, you see, once before.

Lacrima /had/ spent the rest of the time trying to find out who hacked the server and planted the virus. Survelliance showed that no one inserted any media.

Anything beyond that- well. Lacrima was not a computer tech. She could rule out people. It wasn't Miss White. For one.

Everything seems fine. Save for the server that's been moved into a isolated lab.

Riventon-sama is here. He gets directed to the room.

"Riventon-sama." she says.

"There was a breach." she says. She motions to the server. "A virus. Of some sort." she says. That's the most she has. Rivenon will need to turn the server on for himself. Luckily- the isolated lab means no outside connections. It should be safe to turn it on here if he chooses to do so.
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 03:42:59 66974
Takashi nods as Lacrima calls him out. "Lacrima-san." he says, though with a little more familiarity than formality, especially compared to the dour girl. And then his more chipper mood takes a nosedive and his face goes from smile to snarl in miliseconds.

The face he makes is a lot more angry, because - this is a personal indignity. An insult. Far different than someone trying to fight him on the battlefield or stop a plan.

"You isolated it. Good job, Lacrima." No honorifics, but not out of hostility, but appreciation. Takashi, on the other hand, is more than a bit of a computer tech, though a lot of his expertise comes from higher tech than mere servers. All the same he starts setting it up so he can start working on it. "Anything else out of the ordinary? I guess you don't know who did it because there's not a corpse in here?" Oh yes, there's a special sort of hostility in his voice now.
Lacrima 2017-01-11 03:47:30 66976
Lacrima shakes her head. "I've been going over entry and access into the facility since this was discovered. No one came or went that wasn't supposed to be here or expected. No one out of the ordinary went into the servers room. And no one went close to the server or put anything into it or on it, according to surveliance."

"You may want to check yourself, however, to be sure. I've done my best and. I've recently. Become distracted. With a problem. Personal." she says.

'Turning one of your friends who trust into a vampire' counts as a personal problem!

"As far as that, I have no idea why that server or who or how. Just that. I unplugged it when I was made aware."
Fate Testarossa 2017-01-11 03:57:27 66979
    Precia Testarossa's instructions had been very clear. There was nothing vague in the grand mage's words or tone that said there was much choice in the matter.
    Return to Takashi Agera and pass him a message.
    It has been some time since the Mid-Childan girl was here last, at UMBRA's headquarters; or even anywhere tangentially related to Eclipse. And yet here she is now; door opening to reveal a familiar silhouetted figure. It would be an imposing sight, were she not so small, yet she arrives, adjusting the black gloves on her hands with a small tug, before adjusting the collar of an immaculate black suit. Black was always her favorite color. The rest of the suit just covers everything up.
    She is silent in the doorway for a long moment, scarlet eyes tiredly regarding Takashi and Lacrima, mentally steeling herself for this sudden and perhaps unexpected return.
    <BAD TIME?> Bardiche buzzes, tone low and mechanical, her faithful and stalward Device speaking up for her.
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 04:09:54 66985
Takashi looks over at Lacrima. "I'll check myself. Pass it through a filter and have Axion help me." The device currently in standby mode as stud earrings makes a small confirmatory tone. "But you did good, reacting quick. Must be a pretty sophisticated attack to have gotten right in like that. Somebody wants a really sophisticated punching." he grumbles.

"A personal problem? Do you need help?" Takashi asks, even as he's building some sort of electronic device in the air, carving it out of generated Dark Energy with an artisans' flair. "If you fill me in I'll see if I can assist. If you want the assist."

Then Fate's device announces herself, and the response first comes from Takashi's Device. <BARDICHE. AND YOUR MASTER.> It's hard to determine tone from a device but it seems somewhat wary. Takashi turns around to see Fate. "No, it's a fine time to see you again, Fate." Takashi seems happy to see her but likewise somewhat wary.
Lacrima 2017-01-11 04:13:45 66986
Lacrima shakes her head. "Nothing I can't deal with in time, Riven-sama." she says softly. "I just need. To take my time." she says softly.

She watches Riventon get to work as she goes about setting things up when there's a voice of another device and she turns around to. Someone else she doesn't know.

"Ah... hello?" she asks.

"Who are you?" she asks.

"Is this someone you know Riventon-sama?" she asks with that weird deadpan tone and a bored blink.
Fate Testarossa 2017-01-11 04:28:12 66988
    A soft glimmer of golden light, and an acknowledging, wordless, ping is Bardiche's response. The black axe was never the best conversationalist; always preferring action over words, and this is why Riventon's Device does not get a more detailed vocalization. But she's in through the door now, quietly shutting it behind her. "I'm back." The girl almost as taciturn as her Device, eyes half-lidded for a beat. Though Takashi may seem happy to see her once again, Fate's response, to both, is cool and measured, if he had ever seen even the slightest hint of vibrance from her, when away from Precia in the past, it is seemingly gone now.
    "Fate Testarossa." That is her introduction to Lacrima, kept simple and brief, tone soft. "I'm going to be resuming work, now." There. She has stated her purpose, but there is something else. "... Mother had something she wanted me to pass on to you."
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 04:34:01 66989
Takashi nods. "Well, you've been doing a lot for me, so I'll make sure I don't press too much onto you for a little bit so you can work it out. I'd offer vacation but the sort of work we do, the people we are - doesn't really lend itself, right?" he says to Lacrima before he turns to face Fate.

"This is Fate-ch.. Fate-san." Takashi corrects himself. It's been a while since Fate up and left, and this is all a bit odd. Nanoha and Rune aren't the only ones with a soft spot for Fate. But hearing her announce she's coming back is good - and her current attitude isn't. "You don't seem happy about it." he notes astutely, but doesn't push the issue.

He's also known not to insult her mother in front of Fate. "What does Testarossa Senior want with me?" he asks, starting there. Maybe it'll answer some of his other questions.
Lacrima 2017-01-11 04:41:28 66994
Lacrima taps her bottom lip. "Fate... Testarossa..." she says searching her thoughts. "Oh! It's the. Name that was. On my locker... when I got it.." she says softly. "That's.. who you are. Ah."

"I was under the impression something had happened and you weren't coming back? I didn't throw anything out. It's. In a box. Somewhere. In here..." she says.

"I don't know where." she says.

"I am... Lacrima." she says softly.

She looks to Takashi and nods a bit a little matter of factly to his reply. She isn't going to say anymore on her personal issue. Most certainly not now that someone else is here she doesn't know.
Fate Testarossa 2017-01-11 04:49:53 67000
    No pleasantries, no 'nice to meet you'. None of the small, simple, social pleasantries except where needed as formality; it is as though a wall anew has been constructed between Fate and the world. A new doom-driven focus returned to the girl. Mother made it very clear.
    No more distractions.
    Friends are a distraction. 'Co-workers' less so if kept professional. Yet eventually she does relent somewhat. The new wall isn't quite... Perfect. Not when Takashi speaks again. She looks up; the briefest flare of guilt in scarlet eyes at the memory of watching Precia Testrarossa smash him through a floor.
    "It's not you. I'm fine." She says, hoping to quash that line of conversation, and fast. Her personal happiness is not what is important. She chooses a different thread to pursue if only for the brief distraction. "Thank you." That is to Lacrima. She can look for her personal affects later. "I'll need a new locker."
    But she can't very well hold off the moment much longer. Not when asked more directly. What could Precia Testarossa want with Takashi Agera? It is an answer that Fate can't give while looking him in the eye, turning her head in hopes of finding something infinitely more interesting on the nearest wall. She fails.
    "Mother expects your cooperation in full. Or she will pull your funding. For good."
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 04:54:41 67003
"Right, she used to work with us." Not for us, it's an important distinction in words. For a couple of reasons. "I didn't expect to see her back. This is somewhat of a shock. Last I'd heard she'd broken ties with all of us, including the cre... including her mother."

"...We cam get you a new space, yeah. Lot of the human support staff has been... reassigned. I trust my youma more." And his youma can't be reassigned without his input when he upsets someone high in Eclipse. Like Precia.

"Tch!" Takashi makes a clicking noise of dissaproval with his tounge, and pulls any form of slouch out of his stance, rising to his rather abnormal full height. Fists clench and there's the slightest hint of purple sneaking into the tips of his hair. "She can try." That's a more reflexive, emotional response than logical. And he stops to think about it. His father's on the council, but could he redirect Precia's wrath? The way Eclipse is arranged at the very top is intentionally obtuse, and Takashi has no idea. She certainly showed an ability to make his life difficult at the least, though.

"Not like she hasn't had my cooperation. Jewel Seeds just haven't made appearances." A total lie. But lying was easy for Takashi, even though he'd been doing so little of it around Ami. It was just like slipping into a comfortable old t-shirt. "What does she want more than that? I wasn't aware she had any goals or desires beyond the Seeds."
Lacrima 2017-01-11 05:00:47 67008
Lacrima would most likely move to the nearest terminal and type the word 'Jewel Seed' to see what came up- and either she'd find out what they were or her clearance would be too low to read it. However, due to the nature of the lab- there isn't such a connected terminal. So of course, she comes with the expectant question.

"What is a Jewel Seed?" she asks.

She look over to the computer Takashi is working on. "Do you know what was accessed yet?" she asks curiously.

"If someone touched my Dusk Zone Creature Studies I will be fairly cross." she says matter of factly.

She looks back to Fate and head tilts. And then back to Takashi. She remembers hearing about. Something. In rumors. In Sunset Tower. Riventon /upset/ someone high up and that caused a lot of trouble.

Is this that incident? She keeps fairly quiet on the issue otherwise it seems. Not wanting to interupt further so she can absorb the information like some sort of dark energy sponge.
Fate Testarossa 2017-01-11 05:16:07 67013
    <LOST LOGIA.> It is Bardiche that answers Lacrima.
    Fate however seems to have nothing to say on the matter of past decisions. Severing ties like that was not quite her decision to make; and now here she is again. Fate tenses; knowing she's brought terrible news and laid it out with the delicacy of a brick flung through a window. Takashi rising to his full height brings a tension to the much smaller girl, the act caught from the corner of her gaze, still not looking back from that spot on the wall for a moment longer.
    "She wants all of them." Added for clarification, 21 in total of which Precia herself has five, Fate has one, another lodged into Arf's collar. "She wants results, faster." Is all she simply replies.
    "I'll help, here, with what I can- when you need me. But that will be my focus going forward."
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 05:20:36 67017
Takashi turns to Lacrima. "It's a shining little jewel small enough to fit into your hand that carries great power. They're not from Earth but they ended up here, apparently. I've used them in the past, the power rush is incredible. But apparently Fate's Mother thinks she's entitled to all of them." Ooops, some of that hostility got out into words.

So he answers Lacrima's question, turning back to the equiment that's now plugged into the server. And the anger on Takashi's face just grows to a level where the air around him starts to fog up with spare Dark Energy. "Your nature explorations and mine into the nature of people. The Null and Neoheart research. That's personal. Now I'm downright offended."

At the business with Precia, Takashi actively snarls. "I'll be lodging a complaint. I'm not under her direct authority. This was a trade of value - your assistance for mine - and now she's trying to hold me up. It's downright uncouth." He turns to let some of his anger off by working with the server, but it doesn't seem to be helping. "Shoulda avoided Earth's technology wherever possible." he grumbles to himself.

"Look, if she can make the damned things show up faster I'd get them to her faster, but until them we're stuck on their timetable, just like we are with the wreckage of the Artha."
Lacrima 2017-01-11 05:25:29 67018
Lacrima is learning new words! Jewel Seeds. Artha Wreckage. She'll probably be file info requsitions tonight at some point. Then she frowns. "I am unhappy." she says softly. She is not nearly as unhappy as Takashi is because she can /feel/ that and /see it/ a little.

It's not her place to tell him to 'calm down' however. This is his labs. He can be upset if he wants to.

She takes a deep breath. "We could just not accept your help. Then we owe her nothing." she says flatly.

"But help is always desired. The heroes use 'friendship'..." she says flatly.

"and 'Teamwork' is just 'Weaponized Friendship'." she spits out as she mutters to herself.
Fate Testarossa 2017-01-11 05:46:18 67020
    She had come in looking cool and composed. But on sliding that tidbit of bad news across Takashi's proverbial desk, that state has deteriorated. Fate tenses; it takes a good force of willpower to not flinch when he seethes with hostility, even if it's not directed at her. She steels herself with a slow breath, once again, at least partially. "She wasn't... Pleased with that answer." Stated with firsthand knowledge.
    "You could." She supposes to Lacrima. But I can't." That she doesn't explain, opting for now to make a temporary retreat. Maybe later she can try again. When her head isn't swimming in pain and Takashi is calm again. "My hands are tied."
    It's on that note that she slowly opens the door again. "I'll be back later." Announced as she starts to turn, stopping just long enough to peek over her shoulder. "Sorry."
    She'll wait for things to calm down. Then maybe she can stop by with... Donuts or cake or something.
    Who doesn't like cake?
Takashi Agera 2017-01-11 06:05:17 67022
Takashi shrugs. "I'll keep to the current agreement for now, but we'll see if that lasts. And that does still mean I expect your assistance. There's not enough information to hunt the jewel seeds all the time anyways, and I don't know where you've been, but you probably need some refreshers in combat." It's not meant to be insulting, but Takashi hasn't seen any of Fate's combat energy anywhere in the city.

"It's nice not to be outnumbered... but I've not come to expect it. Help is appreciated. Threats aren't."

"Well, I'm not pleased with her demands so now we're both upset." He claps sarcastically. "I'll deal with it after I deal with this." Takashi points a finger at the server like it's the machine's fault. Once Fate leaves, he turns to Lacrima.

"The nerve of some people." Then he sighs. "Don't make any bones about it till I can send complaints up the chain. Last time I avoided the red tape they got onery. But with Fate around that'll make things interesting. We've got a new girl assigned to us too, so that'll make four." He sighs. "I do not have time for this breakin, but I can't exactly put it aside." More grumbling. "Thank you for your loyalty, Lacrima-san."
Lacrima 2017-01-11 06:08:14 67023
Lacrima shakes her head. "You don't keep help by breaking promises." she says. "It doesn't take an idiot with a magical wand or device or tool to figure that one out." she says softly. "Out of everyone I've met, you've helped me the most. And understand. This....."

She's getting schmultzy. She can feel it.

"Nevermind. I should get back to work on my other project with the crystals." she says softly. "If you need help or questions. You'll know where I am."

She says softly. Out the door she goes!